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Brigit Astar
11-04-2012, 10:12 PM
Ray Popeson was having a small get-together at his house. He and his wife, Donna, and Red Busch were in attendance.

They smoked some dynamite weed and listened to some good music.

Suddenly their little get-together was interrupted by two friends of theirs who informed Ray of a connection they knew of who had some good weed. Ray was all for going, but Donna begged off. She wasn't in the mood for taking a trip to try to score a hit.

After the two friends left (after smoking some of the dynamite pot Red had) Ray and Donna got into a discussion of why she didn't want to accompany Ray on his trip.

Red sat there, getting off on the music, and listening half-heartedly to their argument.

It ended with Ray going off half-pissed that Donna wouldn't accompany him. He also didn't like the idea of leaving his wife alone with Red. But he didn't see any way out of the dilemma, so he simply left.

Red was more than happy to be alone with Donna. She had long turned him on. She was pretty with shoulder-length light brown hair and deep gray eyes and full pink lips. She liked to dress provocatively in shorts and a halter, which showed off her near-perfect body.

Her body was a killer. She had big breasts the size and shape of coconuts with rubbery erect nipples. Her hips were curvy and shapely, and her legs were full and sleek. Her ass was big, smooth and upthrust.

She liked showing off her body, which to Red was simply irresistible.

He had long wanted to make it with her, and tonight seemed as good a night as any to try.

He walked over to Donna sitting on the sofa, and said, “I have some pink cheer, if you'd like to do some.”

He knew pink cheer was one of Donna's favorite drugs. It was a form of synthetic mescaline. But the pink cheer he had had an added ingredient she knew nothing about.

“Pink cheer? Really?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Red replied. “I'd been saving it for a special occasion, but what the heck. This is a special occasion, don't you think?”

“It's as good as any,” Donna replied.

He took a small packet out of his pocket and opened it. There was a pink powder contained in the packet.

“Go ahead and snort what you want,” he said. “I've already snorted some.”

Donna snorted most of the powder.

That should be enough to get you off,” Red said. “You'll be tripping your brains out in about fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you for the pink cheer,” Donna said politely.

“No, thank you,” Red replied. “I've wanted to trip with you for a long time.”

Red took it upon himself to put some good music on, dim the lights, and light some scented candles and incense.

None of this was lost on Donna, who had a half-notion of what he was after.

But Red was so ugly, she thought. He had blotched pale skin, muddy-looking eyes, and long scraggly red hair; and he was pudgy to boot. He was just about the most unattractive male she had ever seen.

It didn't take long for the pink cheer to take effect. Donna's body began to feel numb and sensitive at the same time, and the colors around her were brightened to an almost painful degree. But there was another feeling that she wasn't familiar with in the pink cheer she had taken.

What Donna didn't know was that the drug was laced with a sexual stimulant. Heat began between her legs, and an aching void pervaded her pussy. The feeling went up to her breasts which began to grow warm, tingly, and started to swell. The numbing sensitive feeling all over her body increased dramatically.

Red already was going through the effects which had struck Donna, but with him it was different, in that the feeling was centered mainly in his cock and balls. His dick hardened and throbbed and he felt his balls swell as they filled with thick creamy cum.

Donna noticed his hard-on poking at his pants, and a hot flash shot through her pussy all the way up to her breasts.

Donna wasn't aware of how her body had responded to the pink cheer, but Red had noticed. She sprawled on the couch, her arms by her side and her legs spread. The room's colors were almost too much to bear, the music matched her mood, and the incense that wafted throughout the room filled her nostrils with a spring rain sort of feeling.

She breathed hard. The heat emitting from her pussy was accompanied by a throbbing aching void that begged to be filled. Her breasts were swollen, hot and throbbing.

She couldn't keep her eyes off Red's hard-on. She saw his stiff prick thudding and straining against his pants.

Red figured now was as good a time as any to make his move. It was clear from observing Donna that she was hot and ready.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing dick and balls. His cock was a good eight inches long and thick. His balls were fat and full.

Donna stared at his prick, mesmerized by it as it thudded up and down in its hardness.

She was tempted to reach out and touch it, but her inhibitions were still somewhat in control.

Red solved her dilemma by taking her hand and placing it on his cock. She automatically gripped it and began stroking it up and down.

Red hissed with the feeling, and then he slid a hand under her halter and cupped one of her hot swollen throbbing breasts.

She gasped and stroked his dick harder.

Gone were the feelings of his ugliness. All she had in mind was the dynamite feeling at his massaging of her titty, and the feel of his big thick hot throbbing prick as she stroked it.

She felt hot moistness swirling in her throbbing pussy. She needed to be fucked in the worst way. And Red's long thick stiff cock was there, hers for the taking.

Red raked her halter up and went down on her tits, going from one breast to the other, sucking the nubs as he flicked the nipples with his tongue. He noted with satisfaction that she wasn't wearing a bra.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” Donna exclaimed. “Suck my titties. Suck them, bite them.”

Red obliged her. He chomped down on the nubs as he sucked the nipples with his lips and swirled his tongue over them.

Donna clasped his head and thrust her breasts up to his licking sucking mouth. He feasted on the big hot swollen orbs.

He unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down. The fact that she wore no panties added fuel to his lust.

He moved off the sofa and knelt between her legs. He pulled off her shorts and lifted her legs up and threw them over his shoulders and tugged her body down.. Her lovely pussy was spread before his eyes. The trimmed frizzy light brown pubic hair half-covered her glistening slit.

With a groan of pure lust, he buried his face on her cunt. He rubbed it up and down on her pussy, and she grasped his head and thrust her body up, mashing her cunt on his rubbing mouth.

He breathed hotly on the slit, and then he slid his tongue into it, jamming it on in.

“Ah, yes, oh god, Red, lick me, eat my pussy up,” she moaned.

He dug every inch of his tongue into her cunt, and then began tongue-fucking her. He jabbed his tongue up and down her channel, rasping it over her clit. Her pussy tasted sweet—like musky cinnamon.

“Oh god, your tongue feels like a cock!” she exclaimed. “Ah, it's so long and thick. It feels so fucking good.”

What both Donna and Red were unaware of was that there was a witness to their actions.

Donna's husband was in the kitchen, peeking around the doorway, as he watched his wife being tongue-fucked by Red.

Ray had driven halfway to his destination before he realized he had left his wallet with money in it at his house. There was nothing for it but to turn around and go back and get the wallet.

When he arrived back at his house he noticed that Red's car was still parked outside. He felt a twinge of alarm and worry that Red was still there.

He quietly entered the kitchen and he heard sounds of grunting and panting and gasping coming from the living room. He slipped over to the doorway and peeked around the corner into the living room. What he saw shocked him.

Ray's first thought was how could his wife stand letting such an ugly dude as Red lick her. His second thought was a spasm of anger at Red for even thinking much less doing what he was doing in Ray's house. His next thought was one of jealousy, for he could clearly see how long and thick Red's tongue was, and the size of his dick which jutted out in its eight-inch hardness and thickness. Red had Ray beat by a mile in all departments—except his looks.

But then another feeling began to steal over Ray. He was being turned on by watching his wife being tongue-fucked by another man. A long-buried sexual fantasy of Ray's was being enacted before his eyes. In the back of his mind he had wanted this, he had wanted to watch as his wife was with another man. And now his buried fantasy was coming true.

He felt his prick stirring, growing hard and throbbing.

Watching Donna being licked by an ugly man such as Red and her enjoying it was turning him on.

That his wife was enjoying it there could be no doubt, as she had her legs spread and drawn back and was hunching up to meet Red's mouth. She had her head stretched back, her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth agape, as she mouthed words of lust.

Ray's dick grew harder and thudded as he heard his wife gasp and pant, “Oh, ah, eat me, Red, eat my pussy up.”

Ray unzipped his pants and pulled out his prick. It was short and thin but hard as a rock. He stroked it as he watched Red and Donna.

He felt himself on the verge of cuming so he eased off and continued to watch his wife and Red. His prick throbbed, his balls tingled, and his heart thumped and his mouth was dry as he watched Red jam his long thick tongue back and forth in Donna's cunt.

Then another one of Ray's buried fantasies came to reality as he watched Red move up on Donna's body, between her outstretched legs, and guided his cock toward her pussy.

Ray's prick jerked as he watched his wife grasp Red's dick and wrap her arms and legs around him and thrust her body up to give him full free access to her cunt.

Red grunted as his prick made contact with Donna's pussy and he pushed his crotch forward, digging his cock into her cunt.

She hunched and thrashed as Red dug his dick into her pussy.

As with Ray's fantasies, one of Red's was coming true. He was screwing Donna. At long last, he was stuffing her hot snug moist cunt with his prick. He cried out in lust: “Fuck, Donna, fuck! Ah yes, I'm fucking your sweet pussy, I'm cramming my cock deep in your cunt, fucking you good and deep. Ah, you don't know how long I've wanted to fuck you!”

He jammed every inch of his prick into her cunt, and then withdrew most of it out, and then rammed it in to the hilt.

“Oh Jesus, oh hot cum!” Donna panted. “Pump the meat to me. Oh god, you've got the longest, thickest, stiffest cock! Oh god, you're making me cum!”

She humped her body up and jerked as she went through the throes of an orgasm and hot pussy juice was emitted from her clit.

Red continued to screw her fully and deeply as she gasped and panted and thrashed, caught up completely in her climax.

All this time, Ray was caught up in a battle to control his raging throbbing dick from cuming. He was so tempted to keep jerking his prick till he squirted cum, but he knew if he did that most of the pleasure would be drained out of his body. He won the battle. With great difficulty, he kept his hand off his cock and therefore kept from cuming.

He watched, fascinated, as Red's long thick stiff dick pumped Donna's pussy.

Again, he was assailed by an attack of jealousy. Red's prick put Ray's to shame. The only trepidation he felt was that his wife would not be satisfied with him any longer, but would prefer Red.

Red felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls and he knew he was on the verge of cuming. Trying to stop it was like trying to stop a flood.

He couldn't hold it back. He cried aloud in passionate lust as the semen gushed up from his balls, up his shaft, to spew into Donna's cunt.

“Oh, ah, squirt it deep, Red!” she gasped. “Fill me up with cum!”

Red groaned as he spurted gob after gob of juice deep in her core. Her pussy sucked on his dick, drawing in every drop of his thick creamy cum.

Ray stuck his prick back in his pants, zipped up, and quietly left the house...