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40201 As the car door opens you swing you swivel round on the back seat careful not to let the fur wrap open to reveal the extent of flesh that your black, tight fitting, evening gown reveals.
The doorman smirks as your legs extend out, you knew the slit up the side was too large, he must have caught sight of the black lace barely covering your freshly trimmed puss
The thin straps struggle to hold in the swell of your cleavage as you duck slightly to get out of the car. A hand catches your arm and helps you, steadying you on the pin sharp stilettos your wearing. You glance sideways, knowing but wanting to check. You smile when you see that its me.

"You look stunning, he's already here. Are you sure your ready to do this?"

You nod, your mouth feels dry as your mind races with thoughts of what lies ahead. You are certain this time. You have been planning this for months, avoiding a similar occasion a few months hoping things would improve. Now your certain this is the only way.

I let go as you boldly climb the stone steps. Your pleased you grabbed the fur wrap, it feels soft against your shoulders, bare cleavage and trim stomach. Unfortunately it doesn't help to protect you from the chill in the air but it does hide the bullets that are sticking out, clearly visible through your dress. You wish you had found a bra but nothing would be hidden the dress is far too revealing, besides it would ruin the effect.

The large Oak doors of the mansion swing open as you stand on the top steps, this place always makes you uneasy, its as though it knows. You can hear the murmurings as you enter. Some of the older women glance disapprovingly, their husbands, partners, friends can't help but admire. You see there are a few other younger girls dressed in similar attire but nothing quite as elegant and revealing. You have done yourself proud.

To the left you see your husband. He was surrounded by his usual cronies and the eye candy that followed them. I wonder how personal the assistance really is. You know that your husband gets plenty of attention from Candy. Seeing here there strengthens you, the apprehension subsides a little more. This evening will be life changing. One of the parasites, drawn to him only by his wealth, mutters something in his ear, he turns. You know that look of shock, yes it was shock, on his face as he sees you by the door is worth everything that was to come. He turns and walks with his cronies into the dining hall as the dinner is announced. Your not worthy to sit with him and are cast to the lower tables with the rest of the women.

The meal is nothing special but the wine certainly helps relieve the anxiety. Over dinner you get talking to one of the older women, in her late 50s. She looks amazing wearing a very elegant gown that shows off an amazing figure, you hope you look that good in 20 or so years time. You reveal that your husband is the newly elected ring master and she is shocked to find that you haven't been inducted. She gives a reassuring smile as you carefully turn on your chair preparing to get to your feet to relieve a very full bladder.

The alcohol means your a little less inhibited than when you arrived, you show off a lot of your inner thigh to one of the ring men passing your table as you rise. He smiles knowingly. You feel the tension returning, differently this time, its mixed with excitement. It s feeling you haven't had since your wedding day. The thought of your wedding night comes flooding back, you hope that tonight will be more memorable. It should certainly last longer.

Walking back to your table the meal is drawing to a close servants are clearing away dishes, serving coffee, there's a buzz in the air. The men at the front of the hall are all busying themselves, it seems they're deciding something on each table. As you return to your seat you catch several other more mature ladies looking enviously at you. You think its because of your dress but when you sit back down your realise that a number of ladies would love to have the experience awaiting you tonight. To think you've turned it down once already.

The speeches finally end, its a good job the coffee's strong, the wine really has had an effect. You feel very light headed, it must have been good stuff, you think to yourself. The men all leave together, in a regimented fashion. Its as though they have rehearsed the moment many times before. You notice your husband leaving another way with a couple of his closest parasites. The woman next to you speaks in hushed tones, she tells you a little about what will happen next. Your husband will know nothing about the remaining events of the evening. He is going to a ceremony but to your surprise it will not be the orgy that he is expecting. It will be painful, a lesson, the ring do not agree with his behaviours and the additional company he keeps. He broke the code telling you about the rituals. You remember my words, "he will regret the torment". Two days will pass before either of you see each other. He thinks your on your way home to sit alone and wait as you have done so many times before for him to return from the ring. Tonight will be different.

The woman's hand squeezes yours, reassuringly. You realise that this is it. This is the moment. You forget about your husband, Candy, the parasites. Guilt rushes over you, do you actually want this. After years of torment, you have a real chance to get your own back. Your vows are important, they mean something to you.

"Its time", I put my hand on your shoulder, I gently push my hand under your arm, brushing the outer edge of your breast. You shudder. With the old ladies help you struggle to your feet. You try and shake the fuzziness from your head. " You'll be fine" she says as I help you away from your chair. Towards the main entrance you see the ladies gathering, collecting their coats and wraps. Some smile, knowingly.

"I don't think I can do this", you mutter, wanting to protest more but something inside is telling you to let go, to relax. Its battling with the fear that is growing in the pit of your stomach. We walk away from the group towards another set of doors leading to an oak panelled corridor. "I will leave you now." I whisper. You protest as I turn and walk back the way we came.

You turn to run after me but you really cannot run in those shoes. I'm gone. Your alone. You hear the Oak door shut firmly, followed by what sounds like a locking sound. Panic grips you, you totter towards the door, nearly twisting your ankle the process. Grabbing the handle your try to pull or push it open, it is locked. Panic turns to fear. You wish you had never agree to this.

Behind you is the sound of the other door opening. As it does you can groans and screams of ecstasy. It stirs a deep lust in you, a feeling you've never had before. You try to rationalise this feeling. Its very strong, the sounds are almost magnetic drawing you towards them. You try to fight the feelings but you realise that your turning round. "I'm married, I can't do this" you shout in your head. The lust draws you forward, towards the sounds. You can feel your legs tingling. There's a strong feeling in your groin. You realise you've never felt this wet before without touching yourself and certainly never from the few moments in the marital bed.

Again you wonder what is happening, just as you approached the main door at the start of the evening, the door in front of you slowly opens in time with every step you take towards it. The sounds getting louder, you can feel your pulse thumping in your ears, your heart is pounding. Is it fear, is it excitement.

You stop, "what am I doing" you ask yourself. Its too late. The door is open enough for you to see into the candle lit room. There are bodies moving away to the sides of the room. In the middle you see a figure helped away. You realise that it is one of the other women at your table. A strong smell of perfumes, hit your nostrils but you can smell something else, something carnal. As stare into the dimly lit room you can see the woman is naked, she is glistening in the torch light, her body is wet in patches. As she leaves you realise its your time. You swallow hard. Your mouth is dry but there is a growing dampness elsewhere. "I can't do this" the voice in your head says.

As you start to turn to go back to the locked door two strong hands grab you under each arm. Two hooded men, completely naked apart from a small almost tribal looking garment covering their genitals, grab you, lifting you off your feet. You try to speak but your mouth is now too dry. Your carried forward, you realise that one of the straps on your dress has snapped, your breast is loose, your nipple hardening as you approach the doorway. The lust is taking over the fear.

As you are forced through the door, you gasp. All the men from dinner line the wall, all wearing the same hoods, loin clothes, all standing with hands behind their backs. You can already see that some are pleased to see you. The fear, the internal battle, subsides. Again you can feel the lust coursing through your body. As soon as your through the doorway, the two men put you on your feet and step back. The door closes. You instinctively fold your arms to hide your modesty.

"There's no need to be shy" I call out from the balcony above. "You have made a very strong impression from the moment you arrived. Seeing more of you just satisfies all our curiosity. Look around, you can see how many of us are more than happy with the beauty that is before us." At that point I turn on some lights and all the men drop pull the cord holding the material in front of their groins. At almost the same time a room full of men bare their manhood in front of you. Most are semi-erect, some fully. Again the voice insides starts to protest but the lust between your legs is too great. You admire the array of trophies that surround you.

There is movement to the left and right of the room and a dozen of the men move to form a line standing facing you. "These are the endowed, you can see why". You let out a little cry, overwhelmed at the size of them. None of them are erect yet all of them are already twice, maybe three times the size of your husband. The voice inside starts to protest again, the fear grows but this time out of concern for your physical state. The size of them, they could rip you, very easily cause you tear. You shudder at the thought.

The shock of seeing the girth of these men in front of you had distracted you from the additions that had been placed behind them. Again in military the 12 divided to form two equal lines either side of a variety of wooden objects. You realise there is a Medieval rack, stocks, harness suspended from a frame, you can't take it all in. Again the fuzziness starts to overwhelm your mind, you can smell that strong smell again, the pounding in your ears, then nothing.

Its as though is was a dream. Had you really been to the room? No you were that desperate for sex that you had the most amazing dream you can remember. You can still feel the sensations of many hands exploring every part of your body. It feels good to have your breasts squeezed and moulded in appreciation, tongues licking your nipples rapidly, your clit being sucked hard.

"I need to get my fingers down there", you think to yourself. You move your right arm. You can't. You force your eyes open. You squeal, "its real, Oh my..." you can't say anything else a hard stiff cock is thrust into your mouth. You ignore the protesting voice in your head and savour the salty taste of the little jewels that are left in your mouth. You can't help but moan. The feeling of the hard muscular ridges against your soft lips, the sensation of the pulse in the shaft against your tongue. You suck harder, flicking your tongue against the snakes eye. The pressure of each thrust is getting harder. The depth is getting further. You have never been fucked like this before, not even between your legs. The pressure is so great you have to open your throat. He slides down, deeply. Instinctively your body reacts, you gag, you have to spit, too much saliva. Your cross with yourself. The sensations are ruined, "I must control that" the voice commands in our head.

Your head is still fuzzy, not quite with it. You can feel the hands and tongues all over you. As another cock pushes past your lips, you open invitingly. The sensations are amazing. Suddenly you flinch, pain in your groin or is it pleasure. You move your legs slightly and realise that along with your arms, they're strapped. You feel the pain and pleasure going deeper into you. Its as though your stomach is being touched from inside. The feelings are intense, too much. A cock in your mouth, your tits being pulled, nipples being sucked and pulled, your clit being rubbed hard and now another cock pushing hard into your pussy. You give in, you can't hold out any longer, wave after wave of pleasure pulses through your body. You start to shudder and tremble. "Please stop" you scream out. No one hears you all you can do is mumble.

The pleasure, the ecstasy, the lust, you want more. You need more.

You feel a wet splash hit your face, then another and another. You lick your lips and taste something new. In all your married you had never had oral sex, let alone experienced the taste of cum. More splashes this time on your upper legs and your lower stomach. You open your eyes only to get a stinging sensation as another load ejaculates into your face. You can feel the lust building again. As instinctively as you gagged on the hard cock thrusting in your throat. As instinctively as you closing your eye as the cum landed you open your mouth wide to receive several loads of thick, sticky warm cum. You let it settle in your throat, savouring this unique flavour. It tingles on your tongue. You swallow hard, lick your lips and smile.

You feel disappointed when you can feel the restraints being loosened. "How are you feeling?", I ask from the balcony above, "I can tell you enjoyed that." You nod, confused that its all over so soon. A few hands grab your arms and help you to your feet. You dress lies ripped on the rack. Your shoes disguarded. You wonder what your going to wear home as you start to stagger toward the door. "Not so fast", a firm voice growls. More hands grab your arms and legs lifting you up carrying you the frame. Your legs are strapped into the bottom restraints and the whole thing is turned upside down. Your arms are grabbed and forced into restraints above your head, now near the floor. Your long hair starts to cover your face, you shake it away as you realise that you are being spun round and round.

Totally disorientated you start to feel the familiar sensations of hands against your flesh, everywhere. Your legs are splayed your arms held wide apart. You can do nothing but give in. More licking and sucking. Your clit starts to feel raw. Now your other hole is being explored, rimming round and round, tongue at first then a finger, then two. That hurts the first of many cocks stretches your anus. The frame is moved again. A cock thrust into your mouth. You can feel cocks rubbing against cheeks, another enters your ass and another in your cunt. You cannot explain the sensations as each is thrust in and out. There is such a mix of pleasure and pain. You try to focus on not gagging again as thrust after thrust force the cock down your throat. Eventually you are beaten. You groan and cry out as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm passes through your body. Your mouth is filled with cum and you respond by cumming again. You feel the warm sticky sensation of cum dripping out of your ass and cunt. Again you orgasm for a third time. Shaking uncontrollably you realise you are now complete. This is pleasure beyond pleasure. Youwant more of this carnal lust. You smash the feeling of guilt that passes through your mind, why should you bother about your husband any more. You have purpose and can pleasure and be pleasured in ways you had never imagined.

"More please" you gasp.

Your gently carried from the frame and placed on a soft rug. No more restraints. You open your eyes to see what seems to be hundreds of men standing round you, massaging their cocks, bringing themselves to explode over you. Carnal instinct drives your fingers to your pussy lips now tender from the workout they have had already. You part them slowly, rubbing your clit, feeling the mix of sticky cum and pussy juice between your fingers. You bring one hand to your mouth to taste the cocktail and moisten your fingers to explore deep inside yourself. You move quicker and quicker as load after load begins to land on your face, your tits, your legs.

You see one of the endowed, you reach up and grab the huge member, not even three hands could hold all of it. "In me" you command, "I want it in me! Now!" You shock yourself, you have become almost feral, a lusting creature who cannot be satisfied.
You grab your knees to your chest and reach down to spread yourself as wide as possible. Clenching your teeth you feel the onslaught begin. Your surprised that there is no pain to start, almost proud that you have taken suck a wide girth without problem.

"That's a quarter you have in you, well done", I congratulate you from the balcony.

You turn a shade whiter as the blood drains with the realisation that you can already feel the tip of his cock pushing your inner depth. You swallow hard, preparing yourself. The pain starts.

"You say stop, it stops", I call down. "You are in control".

You have a determination now to take it all. This is something to experience, to savour. Thrust after thrust takes the huge member deeper into your cunt. You feel it stretch upwards further and further with each push. Determination kicks in, the pain is forgotten, you push back down. Deeper and deeper it sinks. The pleasure starts to overwhelm again. You fight it back, you want it all inside you. Again you look around and find another endowed, you grab hold. Hard as if to find moral support. You start jerking it off, and take it into your mouth. Lifting your head with your hands it distracts you from the pushes inside. You reach round the endowed backside and pull him deeper into your mouth. Proudly you realise you have taken most of him down into your throat. There are gasps from around the room. You work it deeper and deeper into you feel as though they will meet in somewhere in the middle of you and then you surrender.

The orgasm hits hard. Wave after wave pass over you. You taken one to the hilt in your cunt. No one has ever done that. As it pulls away another wave of pleasure passes over you. The onslaught of sperm begins as all twelve surround you and celebrate your greatness. You are iced covered with gushing cum from head to toe, trembling and shaking. You lick it off your lips, savouring the taste. You use your hands to rub the rest into your skin.

Smiling you hear the applause and cheers surround you as drift into dreamland again......

This is my first attempt, constructive criticism welcome

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