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Brigit Astar
11-11-2012, 04:18 PM
When Diana arrived at her apartment, she noticed that her husband was still gone. She let out a sigh of exasperation, went into the bedroom, showered and douched, and waited for her husband.

She knew the routine. He would come in, tipsy from too much drink, and horny. He would top her, give her a dozen strokes, shoot his wad, and then roll off her and go to sleep.

She was tempted to refuse him this time, but she was still horny and needed another fuck.

He finally arrived, and the same old process was gone through.

As he pumped her pussy with his short thin cock, she couldn't help but compare him with the landlord. The truth was, there was no comparison. Mr. Clemson's prick was long thick and stiff and his balls were big and full, and he had spurted what seemed an endless amount of semen deep in her cunt. Her husband, on the other hand, was small, and when he spurted his load, it consisted of a meager load of thin watery cum.

She lay there, after her husband had rolled off her and gone to sleep, thinking of the landlord...

Three days after Mr. Clemson had fucked her, she received a phone call from him. Her husband had gone out on another of his “job-hunts,” although Diana knew of what it consisted: He would end up at some bar with some of his buddies, the job-hunting forgotten.

The landlord had some unexpected news for her. It concerned employment for her husband.

“I never talk business over the phone,” he said. “Why don't you come to my suite and we'll get down to business.”

Diana knew exactly what he meant, so there was no need to ask questions. She told him to give her a half hour and she would be there.

She undressed and thought for a moment what to wear. She decided to dispense with both panties and bra. She slid on a pair of tight shorts which outlined her curvy hips and big upthrust ass, and a tight strapless halter which showed the form and outline of her cantaloupe-sized breasts—especially the rubbery erect nipples. She quickly brushed her ginger hair and applied make-up. Then she was ready. She left the apartment and headed for the landlord's suite.

She knocked on his door and he opened it almost immediately. He was dressed in a tight house-robe. She glanced down at his crotch. She saw clearly that he had a hard-on. His big stiff prick poked at the robe.

She felt juice began to swirl in her pussy as it began emitting hot fluid. Her breasts began growing warm and swelling. Her nipples perked up. She felt a fizzy tingling in her tummy.

He had two drinks setting on the coffee table and he invited her to sit on the sofa. He sat beside her, handed her one of the drinks, and she gulped it. The whiskey almost burned her throat and tummy but it gave her a warm glow at the same time. She relaxed and waited for him to spell out the deal.

“I have a proposition to make to you,” he said as he gulped his drink. “I'm willing to offer your husband a job.” He grimaced as he took another swig. “These drinks need freshening,” he spoke as he stood and took her drink and his to the kitchen. He added some more whiskey to her drink and some ice to both, and returned with the drinks. He handed her one and sat back down on the sofa, moving closer to her till he was actually touching her.

“Here's the deal,” he began. “I'm not offering your husband a job because I feel sorry for him. I'm offering him work because I need someone to be sort of a caretaker for this complex.”

She gulped her drink, feeling more excited by the minute. Her husband was being offered a job! If this would only work out, most of their financial problems would be solved.

“Although I'll only pay him minimum wage,” Mr. Clemson said, “you all will be able to live in your apartment rent-and-utility-free. So what do you say?” He finished off his drink, and she followed suit. He went back into the kitchen and mixed drinks. His dick throbbed and ached, stretched out to its full length, stiffness and thickness. He was going to fuck her but good.

He returned with the drinks, and she said, “I think I can speak for my husband, and he'll accept the job offer.” She noticed his hard throbbing prick straining and poking against his robe. She was hot as a firecracker herself. She breathed hard and spoke huskily.

“If he doesn't accept it, he's a fool,” Mr. Clemson said. “You can't beat a deal like the one I'm offering you .”

“I know, and I want to thank you for it.”

He held up a hand. “Don't think I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I'm a businessman and I'm in it for the money.”

He looked down at her halter, moving up and down, matching the hard breathing of her breasts. His dick jerked. He figured there was no need to waste any more time.

He moved his hand over and slid it under her halter and rubbed her big hot throbbing breast. He scraped his thumb over the rubbery erect nipple, and she gasped and thrust her titties out to give him free access and to show him that he had full access to her tits.

He raked her halter up and went down on one of her tits. He licked and sucked the swollen orb, and then moved to the other one. He flicked his tongue on the nipples as he sucked the nubs with his lips and mouth.

She clasped his head and rubbed her big breasts on his licking sucking mouth. She panted and gasped at the feeling of his wet warm mouth licking and sucking her tits.

He unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down. He noted with delight that she wasn't wearing panties. She was ready for this, he thought with satisfaction.

He slid his middle finger down her slit and slipped it in. She breathed out hotly and raggedly and thrust her cunt up. He tugged at her shorts, pulling them down and off, and then he slid his middle finger between her legs. He slipped it into the hot juicy slit and jammed it on in.

She gasped and spread her legs and thrust her pussy up, and he began finger-fucking her, digging his long finger up and down her pussy.

He grasped the back of her head and pulled it down toward his crotch, and at the same time he hunched his dick up.

She got the message. She opened her lips and went down on him, swirling her tongue over his shaft as her lips and gums sucked on the head of his prick.

She was so frigging hot! She hunched her cunt on his middle finger as she squeezed one of her hot swollen tits and sucked down on his big hard prick.

She found she enjoyed licking and sucking his dick. It was hard as a rock and yet velvety smooth, hot and throbbing and yet pliant and rubbery.

He clutched the back of her head and drove more of his prick into her licking sucking mouth. She knew he wanted her to deep-throat him but she was afraid she simply wouldn't be able to suck every inch. He was huge—long and thick.

He solved her dilemma by suddenly thrusting more of his dick into her mouth down to her throat. It was either choke or suck for her. She chose to suck. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and relaxed her throat muscles. He shoved the remaining inch of his cock down to her gullet. And then he proceeded to fuck her mouth.

She was truly deep-throating him now, and he knew he couldn't last much longer—not with her sucking every inch of his prick and his pumping it all down to her throat. But he wasn't concerned. He was sure he could get it up again after he squirted his load down her gullet.

He cried out in pure lust as he felt the hot cum spew up out of his fat balls and squirt up his shaft. He gasped as he pissed a hot stream of semen down her throat. She gulped and swallowed all his thick creamy cum.

He groaned as he emptied his balls into her mouth and down her gullet.

“Goddamn, suck it all! he cried. “Suck every drop of it.”

She drained him dry, but he already felt his balls filling up again.

He rested for a moment, catching his breath and letting his balls fill back up. Then he slid his half-flaccid dick out of her mouth. He turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees. Her big smooth rump stuck up and he suddenly realized he wanted to screw that big ass.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and moved his crotch upon her butt.

He realized he needed to wet his cock, so he slid his now-stiff prick up her pussy. She moaned and spread her legs wider and thrust her ass up. She figured he was going to fuck her cunt. How wrong she was.

He gave her a few strokes up her pussy, bathing his dick in her pearly juice, and then he pulled out. She groaned with disappointment.

He wrapped one arm tightly around her waist and with the other guided his cock to her rump. He pointed the head of his prick between her butt-cheeks, and for the first time, she gained recognition of what he planned to do.

She tried to jerk away, but he held her too tightly. He pushed his crotch forward and moaned with delight as he felt the head of his dick enter her asshole.

“No, oh no,” she gasped. “Not there. It'll never fit.”

“It'll fit,” he said gruffly. “As soon as I get my cock up your big sweet tight hot ass, it'll fit, don't you worry about that.”

She strained and gritted her teeth as she felt more of his dick slide up her butt.

“Oh god, it hurts, it burns!” she cried.

“It'll only burn for a minute, then it'll start feeling so good, you won't want me to ever stop.”

She prayed he was right.

He grunted with lust as he dug more of his dick up her ass.

“Damn, you're so fucking tight!” he exclaimed “It's all I can do to get my cock in you.”

She grunted but not with lust. It hurt too much to feel good about it.

He continued to stuff his hard prick up her channel, and she gave in to the inevitable. He held her too tightly for her to break away, and he was intent to cram every inch of his dick in her. She figured she might as well try to relax and make the best of it.

He reached a hand down and began rubbing her pussy, stroking her clit with his middle finger. At the same time he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it good and hard.

She gasped with the feeling. It was offsetting the pain she felt from his cock digging up her butt.

By this time he had half his prick stuffed up her ass. Her channel gripped his dick like a vise. Never before had he had his prick in anything as tight and hot.

He felt her butt loosen up and he crammed more of his cock in. He didn't stop till he had every inch stuffed up her rump.

He rested for a moment, and then he began sliding his dick up and down. She was so frigging tight! He cried aloud at the feeling of her super-tight hot butt squeezing his prick.

The pain that Diana had first felt was turning into pleasure-pain, and then into pleasure alone. He was now buggerfucking her with strong full thrusts. His cock was beginning to feel wonderful to her.

She spread her legs wider and thrust her rump up and he began frigging her ass, pumping every inch up and down.

“Oh god, it's starting to feel good!” she cried. “Oh, ah, yes, so good.”

He continued to rub her clit and squeeze one of her breasts as he stuffed every inch of his prick up her ass.

“Screw me!” she gasped. “Screw my ass good! Pump it deep in my ass!”

He complied with her request. He began pumping his cock balls deep into her butt. She used her ass muscles to squeeze his dick, and he almost screamed with the feeling.

He couldn't last long—not with her squeezing his prick as he stuffed it deep in her butt. He gave out a cry of pleasure-pain as he felt the cum gush up his shaft to spurt up her ass.

He squirted gob after gob of sperm deep in her butt. She twirled her rump and sucked on his cum, drawing it all deep in her core.

“Ah, what an ass!” he groaned. “What a sweet hot tight-fucking ass!”

He fell across her back, causing her to fall down on the sofa. They lay there for a while, breathing hard and just savoring the buggerfuck they had shared.

His dick finally deflated and he slid it out and got off her.

He was now all business. And she was beginning to be too, for she had begun to learn from him. Pleasure was pleasure and business was business, and they both had their place.

He closed his robe and tied it down and she dressed in her shorts and halter. She still felt the cum he had spurted up her ass swirling around. The feeling turned her on.

They said goodbye to each other and Diana left his suite...

Although Diana's husband wasn't too keen in the brains department, he knew he couldn't find much of a better deal than his landlord was offering. He accepted the position of caretaker of the apartment.

He was happy because he now had a good job and a rent-free apartment. Diana and the landlord were certainly happy because while her husband worked, they were free to fuck.

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Nice Brigit -- I now have a raging hard on and nothing to do with it. Damn!!!!!!!

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I always enjoy your stories. Thanx.

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Thank you both for reading my story and commenting on it. It quite literally makes my day when someone reads one of my stories and comments about it.

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Thank you for reading my story and for commenting.

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