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11-15-2012, 08:40 PM
Lexi Tells All Intro
You see, I wasn't always like this. I was born Alexandra Jean, in a middle class neighborhood. My parents are regular hard working middle class professionals, dads a dentist, mom is his receptionist. I attended a catholic school, I graduated with honors. I moved in with my high school sweetheart.
Only ever been with just the one man. Yep, that’s right. One notch on the bedpost. Until I caught him cheating.
Now when I say I caught him, I mean I literally caught him. Bare ass naked, balls deep caught him. There he was screwing away, sweating, grunting like a crippled pig on top of one of the girls from the coffee shop down the street.
She was pretty in her own kinda way. Blonde hair, mid-size tits, big ass. But she did possess that one attribute that many men find so appealing... an empty head. The look on her face when I walked in was absolutely priceless, kind of a cross between deer in the head lights and bimbo in a horror movie when she realizes Freddie Kruger has her cornered. She was still protesting that Mike had told her we were broken up and that it wasn't her fault even as I was throwing her shit at her as she ran down the hallway.
Then it was Mike's turn. He sputtered, he protested, he laughed, and then he got mean. I for my part started out crazy mad, then went to crying and culminated with blind rage...right about the same time he got mean.
She wasn't the first it seems. Or the tenth. You see according to Mike he had screwed around on me at least 100 times in the five years we had been together. He hadn’t dumped me he said because he felt guilty that he had taken my virginity and that he didn’t figure that I could get along without him. He said that he needed more variety than I could give him and that I should be grateful that he tolerated my sexual short comings. The other girls were how he coped he said.
Now he did in fact take my virginity. I was fifteen at the time and he was a ripe old man at the age of seventeen. We met in the hallway at my high school, me the naive grade nine girl talking to his cousin at our lockers. Him the horny grade eleven jock who happened to come along and spot the blossoming young brunette talking to his suddenly favorite relative. He slid up to us and right then and there introduced himself and offered to show me around. I should have run the other direction screaming in retrospect, but I didn’t. Young, awkward and shy I fell for it hook line and sinker.
Fast forward three weeks and we had been pretty much inseparable since that day in the hall. We walked to school together, we had lunch together, and we walked home from school together. That’s where trouble started, for you see my parents were away at work till 6 pm and we got home from school at 330. Two and a half hours and a house to ourselves. What do you think happened...?
It started out innocent enough, the first serious kiss of my life, then a little over the clothes fondling, progressing into under the clothes explorations. Now don't get me wrong I was right there with him all the way, I was getting nearly as much enjoyment out of those awkward fumbling as he was..although to tell you the truth not quite.. I remember one particular make out session when I was feeling particularly brave and reached inside his track pants only to come away with my hand coated in a thick viscous substance...Ok he was getting more out of it than I was.
Now every girl has her own idea of what losing her virginity should be like..at the prom, soft music, candles, maybe rose petals on the bed.
Here's what I got.. One particular October day Mike and I were on my parents sofa as usual tongues sliding in and out of one another’s mouth when I felt his hand on my thigh under my kilt. I have to admit I kinda was liking it. Slowly the hand slid up my thigh, hot against my skin. My breath quickened as that magical hand reached the crotch of my now sopping panties and began to lightly stroke my pussy for me. My head began to spin and I couldn't seem to control my own body as I arched up against that magical hand. His fingers were brushing the entrance to my vagina and I was filled with a mixture of desire and fear, wanting him to push up into me with that finger and dreading the idea of it hurting. It didn’t.
In and out his finger went and around and around my head seem to spin, as I was barely conscious of his other hand hiking up my catholic school kilt. With my eyes closed, my breath coming rapidly, Mike pulled the crotch of my panties to one side and thrust his seventeen year old prick into me. A mixture of shock and some small amount of pain was rapidly replaced by wanton abandon as he buried his member to the hilt in me in a single thrust. Rapidly withdrawing he again rammed home while covering my mouth with his own. He was everywhere at once, in my pussy, his tongue in my mouth, his breath coming in rapid gasps as he pounded away on my tender vagina. And then it was done. With a combination gasp and groan he plunged into me as deeply as he could and stayed there. I could feel his member throbbing against my vaginal walls and I suddenly realized he had just blown his load in me.
Muttering an "I love you so much" he pulled his goo covered cock from me and looked around for something to clean himself. I jumped from the couch and ran for the washroom, thoughts of shame and guilt spinning through my mind. In the bathroom I cleaned up the mixture of my blood and Mike's load from my thighs and was amazed at the resultant mess. My pussy throbbed and yet I couldn’t help but be somehow amazed and ashamed that I was now a woman. Then it hit me...we hadn't used protection...what if I was pregnant. Oh god my parents are gonna kill me.
When I came out of the bathroom, Mike was on the couch smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat...until he saw the look of worry and guilt on my face. I shrilled at him about the lack of protection and how we may have just gotten me pregnant; he coolly replied that everything would be ok and that if I was that we would take care of it. When he took me into his arms and whispered that everything was going to be ok, I really needed to believe it...hey I was a fifteen year old girl ok, we aren’t known for being the brightest creatures. I should have run the other way then...
And now here he was telling me I should be grateful... well now he's gone and after much weeping, leaning on my girlfriends and deep thought I have decided that revenge is a bitch and it was time to even the score. He says I should be grateful that he cheated a hundred times and didn’t dump me, well I say fuck you Joe and turnabout is fair play.
So there you have it that’s my story and now you know why I will be looking to fuck 100 men in the next year... to show myself that Mike was wrong, that I am not lucky that he kept me around, that other men do find me attractive, that turnaround is actually fair play. Just for me, a little cock therapy.
And oh yeah Mike read on and see what you threw away...Read on and weep.

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Thanks for the new addition

Brigit Astar
11-15-2012, 09:25 PM
This is a well-written story, but the paragraphs need to be seperated. It's hard on the eyes to read it the way it is.

11-16-2012, 04:54 AM
Actually B, I think this is one of your best "developed" story. Really nice story line. Very believeable. Nice going girl!!!!!!

11-16-2012, 08:47 AM
I liked it. Hope she explores a different types of sex with each new partner. Thanx.