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10-14-2006, 02:23 AM
Watch Me
by moonshadow

Mmmmm, that was quite the visual. Watching you on my computer stroking your dick for me. Seeing your hand pump slowly up and down. Knowing you are doing for me made my nipples hard.

I'm cold and lonely waiting on a chair for you to cum and take me... one hand is rubbing my nipple and the other hand is... slowly and ever so lightly making circles around my clit, feeling it get hard thinking of you baby... I slide my finger into the wetness... slowly pushing it in and pulling it out, my head is thrown back, lost in the ecstasy of the touching.

My nipples are so hard baby I'm pulling and pinching them, my clit is hard and I'm so wet I slide another finger into myself, thinking of you wishing you were here. I hear a noise and look to find you standing there, I can see by the bulge in your pants you have been watching for awhile.

I stand up and my robe falls off my shoulders to the floor and I walk towards you, my eyes never leaving yours, I'm barely breathing knowing what you are going to do to me... I reach you and I massage your crotch feeling your dick jump.

Slowly I unzip your pants and reach in to touch your hard dick, your hand is wound in my hair and you are kissing my neck. my breast are crushed against your chest, I start rubbing myself on your dick... back and forth the head of your dick rubs across my clit, oh baby I can feel it building in me, I am so close to cumming now, you let me go and hold me at arms length and then push me back to the chair and make me sit down.

You slowly kneel in front of me, you open my thighs wide, pulling apart my swollen lips, I can feel the cool air rush to meet my hot flesh, you take your thumb and rub it across my swollen clit, making me gasp.

You lower your mouth to my clit and flick you tongue lightly across it, I'm breathing so fast now... just when I'm about to cum you pull your mouth away and shake your head, taking my hands and making me stand you take my place in the chair, you urge me forward till I'm straddling you legs.

You are touching and kneading my breasts. I position my hips over your dick and slowly you let me lower myself onto your dick. First just the tip... then inch by inch I lower myself, you are so hard baby, it feels like I'm being split in half. When I'm completely filled with your dick, you suck on my nipples, not letting me move, holding my ass so that I'm pinned to you.

You torture me by holding me there, you know I'm ready to cum. Then slowly you let me move up... and down... mmmmmm to feel your had dick sliding in and out of me.

You reach down and touch my clit and as I come to rest at the base of your dick, I throw my head back moaning as you trace circles on my clit and baby I'm so close now I'm trembling, the feeling starts at my feet and my head quickly rushing to meet where you are touching.

I feel like I'm exploding into a million pieces as I cry out your name, as I'm cum. Slowly I pull myself off your still hard dick and drop to my knees in front of you, wrapping my hand around the shaft that is wet with my juices.

While gently cupping your balls I lick the head of your dick tasting me on you. I open my lips and take you in my wet mouth, as you tangle your hands in my hair and I pull you in till you feel the back of my throat close on your dick... sucking harder... faster... deeper, up... and down... mmmmmm.

Baby I love to suck your dick, you are so close I can feel your balls tighten in my hands. i want you to cum in my mouth so that I can taste your cum, deeper... and deeper... you shove my head down... mmmmmmmm I'm almost cumming just giving you head, I suck harder and harder till your hands tighten in my hair and hold my head down, I can feel you cum splash against the back of my throat.

I enjoy swallowing it all, letting none slip out of my mouth. I rest my head on your leg, your one hand still tangled in my hair as you recover. So we stand up and you zip your pants and put my robe back on me, you touch the side of my face and then kiss me, whispering that you will be back again when I least expect it.

10-18-2006, 06:41 PM
Thank you...I appreciate you all viewing this