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10-24-2005, 09:36 AM
Dreams Come True
By Jaylek 55 <jaylek55@hotmail.com>

"Harder, faster!" I yelled. "Slam that cock up my ass!"

"Gladly!" Joseph said, slamming his cock further into my ass. God, did it
feel good. The harder he fucked me, the harder I got.

"You are such a sex pig. Milk my cock. Make me cum up your ass!" he lustily
said. With those words, I quickly grabbed my cock and jerked it like no

"Make me cum, baby! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" And with those words, Joseph slammed
into me with one final thrust, sending his cum into the deepest bowels of
my ass.

"ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!" His cock shot with the same ferocity he screamed
with, triggering my own orgasm.

"FUCK!" I yelled, sending ropes of cum flying onto our chests and faces.

While our orgasms died, Joseph dropped onto me, cementing our chests
together with cum. I then licked my cum off his face and then kissed him
sharing my "love" with him.

"That was great, baby. I don't know what I do without you. Never, ever
leave me!" Joseph said.

I looked at him incredulously. "Me!? Leave you!? Don't make me laugh! I'd
never give you up." I pulled him closer to me and kissed him again. "Now
why don't you take that snake you call a cock out of my ass, so we can go
take a shower. After three fucks, we're starting to turn."

"Anything for you, baby." He kissed me again and took his cock out my ass
with a resounding 'plop'. I suddenly felt so empty, like a part of my body
had been cut off. I hated not having Joseph's cock up my ass.

"Come on, Max!" he said walking ever so sexily towards the bathroom. 'That
ass is so beautiful! I'm so very lucky.'

It wasn't always like this. Let me begin from the beginning. A year ago I
came to Upstate New York to attend college. I'm originally from Ohio and
boy did it show. When a junior of the college met me at the airport, he
literally busted out laughing! I was baffled as to why he was laughing, so
I simply laughed along like a dummy. After five minutes passed and
passerbys started staring, I stopped laughing and asked, "What are we
laughing about?"

Gasping for breath, he said, "You! Just look at that outfit you're wearing!
Where did you get it? JcPiggy's!" John, as I later found out his name was,
just collapsed again into laughter.

What's wrong with my outfit? I saw nothing wrong with my worn overalls over
an old shirt, boots, and a fedora. I then looked at what he was wearing. A
pair of blue jeans and a cardigan. It was then that I realized the reason
he was laughing. I became very angry. "Okay! You just keep laughing!" I
said angrily. "I can find my own way to the university! Thanks for
nothing!" and I just started walking towards Baggage Claim.

It was in Baggage Claim were I met the man of my dreams. I was waiting for
my stuff to come around the belt when I saw a suitcase that looked like one
of mine. As I went for it, so did someone else. We ended up hitting our
shoulders together when we both reached for it. When I looked over, there
he stood a six-foot hunk with the greenest eyes I had ever seen. His shirt
was molded over his cut chest, showcasing every ripple. I was in such shock
that I didn't even feel a person push me down. The last thing I saw was his
face, then darkness.

"Max! Max Avery! Max! Wake up, pal!" I slowly open my eyes to see the man
of my dreams looking at me with a worried expression on his face. 'What a
beautiful face! I'd love to lick it.' His face was in a word, perfect! Even
the stubble on his face looked perfect.

"Max! Are you okay?" 'He spoke! What a lovely voice! He says me name with
such passion. "Max!"' I was delirious.

"Yeah." I managed to say. I tried to move only to have Hunk restrain me
with a hand.

"No, don't move! You hurt yourself when you fell down. You may have a
concussion. An ambulance has been called. Just lay still." He said.

'As long as I get to stare at you while I wait.' I thought to myself. 'Stop
it! You're playing yourself if you think he'd even bother with someone like
you!' So instead of staring at Hunk, I decided to look around only to see
the laughing junior standing behind Hunk. He saw me staring at him and
proceeded to move closer.

"Sorry about before. What I did was just plain wrong. Please forgive me."

"Sure. No Problem." 'Retard!'

"By the way, my name is John Therson. I was to be your junior escort to the
University, but after what happened earlier... If you'd like someone else,
I'll understand."

"It's only for a couple of more days. We'll work out our differences by
then." 'Then I won't have to see you ever again.' I smiled weakly.

About five minutes passed when the ambulance finally came. They prepped me
for the ride while asking me questions. Finally, they put me into the
ambulance and asked if I had any family who'd like to ride along. Before I
could reply, John volunteered.

"But what about my luggage? Who is going to take care of that?"

John quickly answered, "That's been taken of. One of the other juniors is
taking your stuff back to my dorm room. Don't worry about it."

It was then that I felt a hand on my leg. When I looked up, it was Hunk who
then spoke to say, "Hope everything's alright. Good luck!" I smiled and
then he added, "See you around." And he disappeared through the closing
doors. 'Oh well! There goes the love of my life. Damn it!'

After I was checked out and given a clean bill of health, John called a
friend of his so we could get a ride back to the University. During the
ride back, John took the time to explain everything he was supposed to
before the accident. Unfortunately, all I could think of was Hunk. Who was
he? Would I ever see him again? Why didn't I say something to him? But the
answer was plain as day, I was scared. What was I to do if I ever saw him

"Are you paying attention, Max?" John inquired.

"Yes. Of course I am."

When we got to the University, all of the activities for incoming freshman
were done for the day. John was clearly disappointed, I however was
not. All I wanted to do was get my things and go to sleep. So John led me
to his room where I picked up my stuff and received my room assignment. I
got directions from him and went on my way.

I found my room with no problem. When I entered I noticed that the room was
a double but no one else was assigned to the room. 'Good. I really don't
feel like going through introductions right now.' I quickly unpacked and
found some sheets to cover the mattress with so I could get some sleep.

However, there was another problem, I couldn't sleep. My body was tired but
my mind was always interrupted by thoughts of Hunk. 'Would I ever see that
god among men? Would he even be interested in me?' The answer to that was
no, he wouldn't! My self-esteem was so low, I simply didn't think that I'd
ever have someone special in my life. Especially since I was gay. It was
then that I heard Roger's voice, my best friend from back home, say "You
have a lot to offer anyone and everyone. You are a great guy with a great
body! Just look at those abs and that cock! I'd kill to have abs like
yours! Better yet, I'd kill for cock like yours!" Roger, always had
something nice to say.

Roger was my childhood best friend. We grew up together, staying at each
other houses, hanging out, and studying together. It wasn't until our
senior year of high school that I found out he was gay. I had already made
that revelation after a six-month relationship with my ex-girlfriend,
Maggie. It was one of those instances where I was the problem.

Anyway, back to Roger. It was on a Friday after school. Roger had decided
to stay over at my house for the weekend, while his parents were away. We
had just gotten back from school when my father asked me to feed the
horses. Which meant that I had to get fresh hay from the haystacks on the
top floor of the barn.

"Do I have to?" I whined.

"Yes, you do. Just because Roger is over doesn't mean that you get to skip
chores. Now haul you ass over to the barn!"

"Yes, sir." I quickly agreed. I knew better than to argue with my
dad. Besides if I had brought down the haystacks yesterday I wouldn't be
doing it now. 'Live and learn!'

"Come on Roger. We can talk while I get my chores done."

We headed over to the barn horsing around all the way there. Once we got to
the barn, I quickly climbed up and started throwing down the haystacks. I
had become so involved in my work, I had started to get hot so I took off
my shirt and threw it down. A little while later, I heard a soft moan. At
first I thought it was my imagination, but then I remembered that Roger was
in the barn also. I looked down to the barn floor only to find the
haystacks in all sorts of positions on the floor, but no Roger. Deciding
that I had thrown down enough, I slid down the ladder. Before I could call
out his name, I heard another moan coming from one of the empty stalls. I
quietly walked over to the stall I figured the moan came only to hear
loader moan confirm my direction. I reached the stall and looked through
door. Talk about being surprised! He was sitting on a stool with his pants
down to his ankles and his shirt pulled up around his neck. His right hand
was on his cock while his left hand had my shirt in front of his face. He
was smelling my shirt! I couldn't believe that he was actually getting off
on my scent! I was so turned on that my cock sprang to full attention. It
became so hard that I had to unzip my pants and release it from its
confinement. Having a 9-inch cock is no fun especially when you're wearing
tight jeans and very horny!

I grabbed my cock and started to jerk at the same pace as Roger. Meanwhile,
he dropped my shirt only to quickly grab a nipple and squeeze it. The moan
that he elicited was heavenly and contagious because I too moaned. It was
then that Roger's eyes snapped open with horror.

"Max! Oh, God! I didn't think..." Before he could even finish his sentence,
his cock finished it for him. He exploded sending cum flying up into the
air, and onto his chest, and face. Watching him explode only added to my
excitement. I closed my eyes and speeded up my strokes. It was then that I
felt Roger's hand on mine. I opened my eyes only to see him on his knees in
front of me with his cum still all over his face.

"Let me take care of that for you buddy." Without a word I let him take my
cock into his hot mouth. With one gulp he throated my entire
9-inches. Seeing my best friend deep-throat my cock just sent over the

"I gonna cum!" Roger just sucked harder when he heard my words. By then it
too late to go back. I exploded it his mouth with such force that he gagged
letting my cock slip out. I quickly grabbed my cock and jerked it like I
hadn't jerked off in a month sending cum flying up towards my chest and
face. In the midst of my orgasm, I heard Roger moan again and felt spurts
of cum hit my balls and cock.

After cumming for what felt like an eternity, I fell down onto my knees in
front of Roger. I grabbed his cock and squeezed the last bit of cum out of
his cock. Once his cock stopped leaking, he grabbed my head and frenched
me. We frenched like lovers who hadn't seen each other in months. God, did
it feel good! We broke our kiss and I was the first to speak.

"Wow! I never knew that I could feel this way!"

"Neither did I. I dreamed about sucking your cock, but I never thought it
would happen. You are so hot! Thank you!"

"Thank me!? I just had the greatest orgasm ever and you're thanking me!? It
should be the other way around."

We both became silent and just stared at each other. It was then that it
hit me, Roger had dreamed about sucking 'my' cock! When did this happen?
Since when was he gay? Before I could say anything, Roger answered my

"I never told you this but I guess this is as good as an explanation as
you'll ever get. About a month ago, when I was over for the weekend, I saw
you jerking off in the middle of the night. At first, I just wanted to turn
away but your cock mesmerized me. That long, thick monster was just so
tempting, I even considered coming over to your bed to get a closer look."

"Why didn't you?" I asked.

"Why? Well for starters, I had no idea how you would have taken me watching
you jerk off. Secondly, I was confused. I mean, I had never considered
myself to be 'gay', but here I was thinking about touching another guy's
cock. I just didn't know what was going on with me." He finished sadly.

"I remember that night. I needed to jerk off after having this really hot
dream. As matter of fact, the dream was about us going skinny-dipping at
the lake. I dreamed that we both got nude and jerked off together. It was
then that I awoke with a rock-hard cock leaking pre-cum all over my
abs. And with you in the room, I had to jerk off." I said smiling.

"So you were confused like me?"

"No, not really. By that time, I had already come to terms about my
'gayness'. After all, that was the reason I broke up with Maggie. I was
more interested in muscles and cocks than breasts and pussies. But it
wasn't until that weekend that I saw you sexually." I confessed.

"I had no idea that you were gay. I just thought you broke up with Maggie
because she wouldn't put out."

"No, that was never a problem with Maggie. After we had dated for three
months, we had sex for the first time. Sex with Maggie was exciting for a
while. Over the next few months, I noticed that I couldn't perform without
the proper stimulation, like watching a football game or a wrestling
match. It really was hard for me to come to terms with my feelings, but
Maggie was there to help."

"You mean she knows that you are gay!"

"Yep! She knew a week before I told her. She said she noticed how I would
look at the players during a game, but completely ignored the
cheerleaders. I was amazed at how she took it, but she wasn't at all

"What exactly did she say?"

"She said that she didn't understand why I would want cock and not a pussy,
but everyone has their own tastes. She was just happy that I was honest
with her about myself. Besides, she was tired of how I would squeeze her
nipples during sex."

Roger and I broke out laughing. It was then that we noticed that we were
still nude and covered in dry cum.

"Take the rest of your clothes off." I told Roger while I took off the rest
of mine. After we were totally nude, I walked out of the stall and fetched
the hose. Using the hose, we washed cum off ourselves and used our shirts
as towels. It was then that Roger came up to me and kissed my pecs.

"You have the greatest body I have ever seen. No wonder I love fantasizing
about it." He said smiling.

"Thanks, Roger. That means a lot to me. I never saw myself as being

"You're kidding me right! Every single girl at school wants to get into
your pants and you don't think that you're good looking. Give me a break!"

"I always ignored them. I just thought they all wanted to see my
cock. After that little incident in the locker room, everyone in school
knew that I had a monster of a cock. Besides, I was kind of embarrassed
about it."

"You should be proud of that cock! I envy you for having such a beautiful
cock! I wish I were that big. You'll get anyone and everyone with that
body." He said adamantly.

"You're not so bad yourself." With that we shared another kiss.

After that we both headed back to the front of the barn and Roger helped me
finish my chores. That entire weekend, we jerked and sucked each other. As
for anal sex, we were both kind of scared, so we agreed that we'd leave
that for our future lovers.

'I wish you were here, Roger. I could really use some advice right now.' It
was then that I finally was able to fall asleep.

The next morning, I awoke to knocking on my door. I got out of bed so fast
I later regretted it. The fall from yesterday gave me such a headache that
moving fast only made my head hurt worse. I got my bearings and slowly made
my way to the door. I opened the door only to find John standing there. 'Oh

"Morning! Did you have breakfast yet?"

"No, not yet. You just woke me up."

"That's great. I still feel guilty about yesterday, so how about I take you
out for breakfast? My treat."

"Sure. Sounds like a plan. Let me wash up and change. Give me fifteen
minutes." 'Sucker!'

"No problem. I'll just wait here." He said pointing to the other bed that
occupied the room.

I grabbed my toiletries and a change of clothes and went into the small
bathroom the room had. 'Now I know what a sardine must feel like.' I did my
business and got dressed quickly.

"I'm ready. Let's go." I said while watching his face. I wore a pair of
jeans and a flannel shirt. 'If you laugh, I am going to deck you.' He just
looked at me and smiled.

"Great. Let's go." 'Thought so!'

On our way to an IHOP, he showed me the campus. He pointed out and named
the several dorms, as well as, named all of the important buildings. When
we got to IHOP, we were seated in less than five minutes, which is record
for them in my book. While I was looking over the menu, he was busy
checking out the waitresses.

"Check her out. She has real nice rack on her. Look at that ass. Mm, mm,
mm! Maybe I can get her number." 'Dream on retard. You won't get her number
with that attitude.' "Which one do you prefer, the blonde or the

'Neither if they don't have a cock up that skirt.' "I prefer the
brunette. She has nice eyes."

"Nice eyes! What about that rack of melons she has in that outfit? What
about that ass? Come on buddy, be honest."

'Alright, I'll bite.' "Well, I don't like sounding like a pervert, but that
ass is really nice." 'There, satisfied?'

"I thought so. I knew you were an ass man once I saw you." 'Yeah, manly

The brunette was the one who took our order and brought our food, while
John flirted with her. 'How can she put up with him? If I were her, I would
have slapped him a long time ago.'

After she left, John immediately got quite. When I looked up at him, he was
staring right back at me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"What are you gay?"

I just stared at him. 'How did he know? Did I do or say something to the

"No! How dare you ask such a question!" I said angrily, but low enough as
not to draw attention.

"I ask it because our waitress was flirting with you and you just ignored

'Great! Like I need this.' I quickly thought of an explanation.

"I ignored her because I have a girlfriend back in Ohio. I'd like to keep
faithful to her while I attend school. Is that all right with you? Or
should I call my girlfriend and tell her our relationship if off because
some junior just told me to dump her for a waitress!" I said very
angrily. 'Good, that should shut him up.'

Immediately he started apologizing. "I'm so sorry. I just thought
that... oh hell, I don't think. Please forgive me. I seem to get myself
into trouble with you every time I'm near you."

"Apology accepted. But please let this be the last time that you put your
foot in your mouth." 'Yep, he's a retard.'

"I promise."

With those words, we just proceeded to eat our meal. After we had finished
and John had excused himself to use the restroom, our waitress came over to

"Is there anything else you need?"

"No thanks. I would just like the check."

She pulled out her pad and marked everything up. Once she was finished, she
looked up at me.

"Has anyone told you how handsome you look? And your eyes are a beautiful
shade of blue."

She had no idea that flattery would get her nowhere with me. 'I better let
her down gently.'

"Listen you're a nice looking woman, but I'm already seeing
someone. Sorry. Thanks for the compliment anyway."

Amazingly enough she took it well. "Well, I tried. How about your friend?
Is he available?"

"He isn't really a friend, so I haven't any idea as to his status right
now. But I could ask for you."

"I'd really appreciate it. Here's my name and number." Ripping a piece of
paper from her pad.

"I'll give him this to him as soon as he comes back."


While waiting for John, I glanced out the window only to see Hunk walking
towards IHOP with his arm around a girl. 'Damn it! Damn it! Why do I have
such bad luck!'

When they came in, Hunk looked around and happened to see me. He then waved
to me. I waved back. A waitress came over to seat them and seated them
across from me. 'If I can't have him at least I can marvel at him from
afar.' Instead of sitting down, Hunk headed over to me with his girl in

"Hey! How are you feeling today?" 'Angels are so real!'

"Hi! I'm okay. I still have a little bit of a headache though."

"We didn't get a chance to properly introduce each other. My name is Joseph
O'Henry and this is my friend, Julia O'Hara." 'So she isn't a
girlfriend. Good, now I won't have to kill her.'

"Nice to meet you both."

"So you're the guy Joey helped out yesterday." Julia said.

"Yeah. I don't what I would have done with out Joseph here. Thank you

"No problem. You needed help. It was the right thing to do. I was glad I
could help."

'If you were so glad then why don't you dump the chick and come back with
me to my dorm room.' "It was nice of you."

"Well I think we've taken enough of your time. See you around." Joseph

"Nice to meet you, Max. Feel better."

"Thank you. I will."

With that they took their seats and began talking. While I remained with my
naughty thoughts of Joseph. 'Joseph. Joey. What a perfect name!' John then
returned and we got up to leave. As we walked away from IHOP, I couldn't
help but look back to see Joseph one last time. As I looked back, I saw
Joseph staring at me. When I waved, he quickly hid his face in a
menu. 'Weird.'

The rest of the day was boring. One orientation after another, it was so
monotonous. After everything was over, I headed back to the dorm. As I
entered the dorm, I was handed a piece of paper. Since there were a lot of
new incoming freshmen entering the school, those students who didn't have a
roommate were to inform their resident assistant(s). No one student was to
have a double room to himself/herself. 'Great! Now I have to have a
roommate. Probably end up being some ugly invalid. Somebody please shoot

I did as the paper said and was told by the RA to be prepared to move in
case I was given another room. So I headed back to "my" room and packed
what little I had unpacked. I waited about half-an-hour when the RA knocked
and said that I was moved one floor up. 'Life sucks!'

I got in the elevator with my stuff and was on my way up. When the doors
opened, there stood Joseph talking to Julia.

"Hi, guys could you help me out?" I asked.

Julia looked at Joseph and laughed. Joseph looked at me and blanched.

"Max! How long have you been there?"

"Just a second. Could you help me move my stuff to my new room?"

Julia stopped laughing and spoke, "Sure, he... I mean we can help you."

They both got in the elevator and grabbed a suitcase. I told them the
room's number and led me there. When I got into the room, I was appalled to
see that this room was smaller than the one downstairs but was still a

"They've got to be kidding me. This room is smaller than the one

"I don't understand why they do this. Most of the rooms on this floor are
singles. Why they would make this room a double is beyond me." Julia

"I can't stay here. Who do I talk to in order to get a better room."

"Normally you would talk to your RA, but since it is not even the first
week of school, that's not possible. You're gonna have to have to put up
with this room for a couple of weeks."

"Great! First, John insults me in front of an entire airport. Second, I get
run over by an impatient flyer. Third, I get a concussion. Fourth, I get
this room! What else could possibly go wrong." I yelled.

Then the fifth thing walked through the door, my new roommate. He was an
acne-scarred, short, nerdy looking fellow. I nearly screamed. Instead I
excused myself, saying that I needed air. 'Why me?'

I walked down the hall towards an open window. A nice breeze came through
and helped me calm down. 'Why did I even bother come to this college? I
mean I could have stayed home and helped dad run the farm, but no! I had to
get an education. Can you say dumb ass!' It was then that I noticed a
person standing next to me. I looked over to see Julia.

"It's not so bad. I had to share a room that small before, but now I have
my own room. Just give it some time. You'll get used to it."

"Easy for you to say. You have friends here. I have no one."

"Joseph is your friend and any friend of Joey is a friend of mine. At least
that's what Joey and I thought."

Julia's words stung, but then again I had deserved that. 'Why am I such

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean that. I had no idea that you and Joseph
considered me as a friend." I replied pitifully. After a couple of seconds
of silence I added, "Thanks!"

Before Julia could say anything, Joseph came running up to us.

"Everything's been taken of. You're going to come live with me." He said
with a smile.

"What are you talking about, Joey?" asked Julia.

"I have plenty of room at my place so I figured Max could stay with
me. It's definitely better than this dump."

After he said that, Julia grabbed him and said, "Excuse us." She led him
some distance away and began arguing to him. He then started arguing back
at her. After about a minute, they both started towards me. Julia spoke

"Before you agree to move in with Joey, he has something to tell you." She
looked at Joseph and nodded. Joseph then looked at me.

"I sleep in the nude. So if nudity bothers you then forget about my
offer. But if it doesn't bother you then you're more than welcome to come
live with me."

Those first five little words were all I needed to make up my mind. 'See
Joseph in the nude! Why would I pass that up!?' Immediately, I voiced my

"YES! I mean, yes. I'd be more than happy to accept your offer."

Julia and Joseph looked at each other and Julia started laughing. Joseph
looked at me and said, "Let's go get your stuff and take it to my place."

If I didn't have better self-control I would have run to that room, but
showing restraint, I walked in pace with Joseph. We grabbed my stuff out of
the dorm room and got on the elevator. Joseph told me that Julia had some
stuff to take of and that he'd pick her up later. So without further ado,
we headed for his place.

Once we got of the dorm building, he led the way to his car. As he walked
in front of me, I watched his buns and thighs move under the thin material
of his jeans. 'His jeans look like they were painted on! God, I'm in

Finally reaching his car or more appropriately jeep (he had a Jeep
Cherokee), he put down my bags and opened the back door. He then had to
bend over to pick up my bags again, giving me a show. 'What an ass!" I
threw in the bags I was carrying in with the others and headed for the
passenger-side door. As I got in, I mistakenly put my hand on his thigh.
When I realized what I had done, I quickly removed my hand. I blushed.

"Sorry about that."

He just looked at me and smiled.

"That's okay. It didn't hurt a bit." And started laughing. I too started
laughing, but something wasn't right. His last statement sounded more like
a proposition than a joke. 'Weird.'

As he drove us towards his apartment, he spoke about his family and
himself. As it turns out, his parents are wealthy. His father is a plastic
surgeon while his mother is a neurosurgeon. Both worked hard and achieved
their dreams. As for Joseph, his parents gave him a 2 million-dollar trust
fund as a graduation present and now he lives off of it. After he told me
about himself and his family, he asked about mine.

"Well compared to yours, I'm what you'd call a 'hick'." He and I
laughed. Before I could start my family history, we had reached our

The apartment complex was a beautiful glass hi-rise. I whistled as a looked
up at it.

"Yeah, it is kind of foreboding, but it's home. My parents own the
building, so I don't have to pay rent."

We got my bags and proceeded into the building. Inside the lobby, there was
a large circular desk with a guard behind it. The guard greeted Joseph with
a smile.

"Max Avery, this is William Monts. He's head of security for this
building. No one gets past this desk without his permission. Isn't that
right, Will?"

"Yes, that is correct. No one gets past me." His deep voice and tone of his
last statement, sent shivers up my spine. 'Boy, I'd never want to get on
his bad side.'

Joseph then proceeded to tell William about my moving in. William nodded
and let us through.

"Is he always that 'dark'?" I asked Joseph once we were out of earshot.

"Nah! He just likes making first impressions. Once you get to know him,
you'll see that he's a really cool guy."

On our way up to the 35th floor, I studied Joseph. He was about an inch
taller than my six-feet and had a better build. He had a wide chest that
tapered to a 36-inch waist while I had a semi-wide chest and a 36-inch
waist. His ass looked almost as bubbly as mine. 'What I'd give to bite
those curvaceous mounds!' My further studying of my 'god' was cut short
when I heard the elevator doors slid open.

"Our floor!" Joseph said smiling. 'He's so cute!'

As we walked headed towards 'our' apartment, Joseph began telling me about
the building. Forty floors of paradise. The 30th floor housed an immense
private gym available to the residents and their guests. The 39th and 40th
was a penthouse that Joseph's parents used whenever they wanted to get
'away'. The rest of the apartment complex was full of different kinds of
apartments, which catered to different tastes. The apartment complex could
only be described by one word: amazing.

Finally we reached our destination and Joseph proceeded to open the door. I
entered to find an amazing apartment. There was everything: a huge kitchen
with all of the furnishings, a huge living room, two bedrooms, and a huge
master bathroom complete with jacuzzi. 'I'm in heaven!'

"So what do you think? Is it too much? I could always get a different
apartment if you don't think this is appropriate." He asked with concern.

"Too much? Not appropriate! You must be kidding! This place is perfect! I
mean my bedroom back home wasn't even half the size of the guestroom. This
place is fantastic. Thank you so much."

I turned around and hugged him. He smelled so good up close. He returned
the hug, but all to quickly pushed me away. I let go only to see him run
towards the bathroom. 'I guess he had to go bad.'

I grabbed my bags and took them over to the guestroom, which was now, my
room and began to unpack. As I headed over to the dresser, I heard a sound
that sounded like a moan. I quickly placed put my ear against the wall only
to hear the toilet flush and the faucet go on. 'Weird.'

About two minutes later, I heard the door to the bathroom open and Joseph's
footsteps come towards my room. When I turned around, he stood standing in
the middle of the room's entrance with a weird look on his face. Before I
could ask if anything was wrong, he spoke.

"I need to pick up Julia. We'll planning on getting some Chinese for
dinner. Is that all right with you?"

"Sure. Let me just give you some money for my share."

He simply nodded his agreement and waited in the doorway. As I got my
wallet out, I quickly glanced over to him only to become very
surprised. The outline of his cock was visible through his jeans. 'Holy
Mother of God! It's huge!' Judging by the outline, his cock was at least 10
inches and very thick. And it wasn't even fully hard! I must have shown my
surprise because as quickly as I had noticed he turned around. I quickly
calmed myself and walked towards him with my money.

"He's a twenty. Get me anything with chicken."

He quickly turned around, grabbed my money, and headed for the front door
with out even saying a word. Once he had left, I started to think about
what had just happened. The hasty retreat to the bathroom after I gave him
a hug. The sound I heard coming from the bathroom which sounded like a
moan. His cock being slightly engorged. And lastly the numerous other
little things that Joseph had done whenever I was around. 'Was Joseph gay?
More importantly, was he attracted to me? Impossible! Why would he waste
his time on me when he could have anyone of the either sex? I was nothing
compared to the many of people available to him. Why me?'

Waiting for Joseph to return felt like an eternity. I had unpacked every
article of clothes I had and still no Joseph. I checked the television for
something worth while, but found nothing. With nothing to do, I decided to
give the apartment a second look around. I started in the kitchen and ended
with the bathroom, leaving Joseph's room for last.

'Here we go.' I entered his room only to find a room similar to mine but
slightly larger. He had a large king-size bed covered in dark, but tasteful
sheets. On one of his night tables was a picture of a man and
woman. 'Probably his parents.' Next to that picture was another picture of
Julia and Joseph. 'They look like a nice couple. But Joseph called Julia a
"friend". Hmmm.'

Before I could finish my 'inspection', I heard the front door being
opened. I quickly dashed out of his room and into mine. Thank god our rooms
were directly across from each other. I then heard two voices talking and
the ruffling of bags. Calming myself, I headed out of my room towards the
living room.

Joseph and Julia were busy unpacking containers of Chinese food onto a
kitchen counter. I strolled casually over to them.

"Hey guys!"

They both turned around at the sound of my voice and said hi. But as soon
as Joseph made eye contact, he quickly found something else to do. Julia
noticed this and elbowed him.

"Hey, Max. How's your head?" Julia asked.

"It's feeling better. Thanks for asking. So what did you guys get for me?"

"Since Joseph said you asked for a chicken dish, we were at a loss as to
what you would like. The Chinese place has a lot of chicken dishes, so we
decided to get an assortment. So if you don't like one thing, there are
others to chose from." She finished by pointing at the all of the different
sized containers.

"Sounds good to me. Let's eat. I'm starved."

Julia and I proceeded to mix and match different dishes while Joseph went
to his room. When he was out of earshot, I drilled Julia for answers.

"Julia, is there something wrong with Joseph? I mean, he's acting like I
did something wrong. Did he tell you anything?"

She looked at me seriously, as if contemplating something. Suddenly, her
face broke out into a grin.

"You really don't know, do you? Are you blind?"

"Blind about what?" I asked, but then all of my previous suspicions came
flooding back into my mind.

"Joseph is gay and he likes me." I voiced out loud.

"No, not like. Love! He loves you! Since the first time he saw you, he's
thought about you and only you. He wants you! Why do you think he let you
move in? He's ready to pledge his heart and soul to you, if he knew how
you'd react. He still thinks you're straight, but I know better."

'This can't be true! Not me! I don't deserve a hunk like him!' But here was
Julia, probably Joseph's closest friend, confirming everything that I
thought couldn't possibly be true. Suddenly, I heard Joseph's voice coming
from behind me.

"I hope you guys aren't eating all of the food."

"Why shouldn't we? You left, remember. We called dibs." Julia said without
taking her eyes off me. It was as if I could hear her thoughts. 'I told you
nothing!' I slowly shook my head in agreement.

As he entered the kitchen, I quickly turned away with my food and headed
towards the couch in front of the TV.

"I wonder if there's anything worthwhile on tonight."

Julia quickly added while following me, "Me too. Last night there was
absolutely nothing to see. Why don't you check HBO and ShowTime?"

I flicked on the TV and started searching for anything worth
viewing. Stopping at HBO, I nearly dropped the remote. They were playing
"The Birdcage" with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. Before I could change
the channel, Julia quickly grabbed the remote out of my hand.

"Perfect! I love this movie! It so funny!" She said overly enthusiastic.

Joseph finished getting his food and sat down next to me. We all sat in
silence, except when the movie made us laugh. Julia found the houseboy to
be extremely funny because whenever he spoke or did something.

"He's so funny! But he's just your typical gay stereotype. I know for a
fact that not all gay people are like that."

I completely lost the color in my face. I quickly turned to glare at her,
only to find that Joseph beat me to it. For the rest of the movie not a
single word was spoken.

Once the movie finished, Julia excused herself and headed to the
bathroom. Joseph shut the TV off and headed for the kitchen with the dirty
dishes. I got up and followed so I could help with the clean up. We cleaned
the kitchen up in silently and quickly. Julia joined us only to tell Joseph
that she was going to take a cab home.

"Nonsense! I'll drive you back to the campus." He told her.

"No, Joey. It's late as it is and besides I'll be fine. I'll give you a
call tomorrow. Good night." And with those words she was out the door.

Joseph advanced towards the door, as if to stop her, but instead just
turned around and looked at me. He opened his mouth to say something only
to close it. 'What does he want to say to me? Does he want to confess his
love? Or does he want to tell me off like I think he wants to?' Joseph's
voice quickly brought me back to reality.

"I'm gonna go shower and go to bed. The bathroom's all yours after that."
With that he turned around and headed towards his room.

Once he was in the bathroom, I contemplated the night's events. 'Joseph
loves me, but thinks I'm straight. He let me move in because he wants to be
near me. But I can't accept all of this because I'm insecure about
myself. Having no self-esteem really sucks!'

Mentally flogging myself, I headed to my room so I could get my toiletries
and remove my clothes. I like having only to take of one article of
clothing before showering. Completely nude, except for a pair of
boxer-briefs, I looked at myself in a full-length mirror on the closet
door. 'A six-foot tall country boy is what turns on this hunk. How? Why? To
me, he has so much more to offer. Those eyes, that chest, and most
importantly that cock!'

It was then that I realized I had a steel-like erection. I had been so busy
the last two days that I hadn't even jerked off once. 'How did I survive
this long?' At home, jerking off had been a daily ritual practiced at least
twice a day. After Roger and I discovered each other, we always made
excuses to be alone together so that we could jerk or suck each other.
'God, I miss Roger's hot mouth!' But then I realized that I could have
something a lot better, namely in the form of Joseph O'Henry. 'If he really
is hot for me, just like I am hot for him, then this could become a great
relationship based on love and hot sex. But if he isn't hot for me, then I
could wreck up a potentially good friendship. What am I going to do?'

Instead of getting a mental response, I got a physical response. My cock
began to throb and radiate heat. I was so horny that I was leaking pre-cum
right through my underwear. I quickly freed my cock. It felt like it would
explode if I didn't do something, so I flogged it. In seconds it did
explode, shooting cum all over the mirror and floor. My orgasm was so
strong, the cum that hit the mirror simply bounced right back towards me,
covering my body in man-juice. Boy, did it feel good! And I had Joseph to
thank for it.

Using my underwear, I cleaned up the mess I had made on the mirror and on
the floor. Using my hand, I cleaned myself. When I squeezed my cock for
any leftovers, it began to harden again. 'Oh no you don't! The next load
that comes out of you will be in Joseph's mouth! That I swear.' Of course,
I hadn't a clue as to how I was going to accomplish that.

Suddenly I realized I couldn't hear the shower anymore. I quickly grabbed
my towel and covered myself just when Joseph walked into his room. I
expected to see some O'Henry flesh, only to see a robe covered
back. 'Damn!'

Fighting the rising waves of horniness, I grabbed my stuff and dashed
towards the bathroom. Only when the door was closed and locked, did I
release the waves and let my cock stiffen. 'He makes me so horny! I need
him! I need his body over mine, under mine, and in mine!' Finally, I had
made the decision to go after Joseph. There was however one little thing
left, how?

Jumping in the shower, I turned on the cold water. Once the cold water hit
me, I lost my breath, as well as, my erection.

"Joseph, you better be worth this!" I silently cursed.

Turning up the hot water, I proceeded to clean every part of my body
including my ass. 'If anything happens, I'd like to be ready.' Only when I
felt I was clean, did I leave the shower.

Putting on a new pair of underwear, I grabbed my soiled ones and put them
in the clothes hamper. 'I hope he doesn't notice.' I grabbed my stuff and
proceeded to my room. All of the apartment's lights were off, except for
the light coming from Joseph's room. I quickly entered my room and dropped
off my stuff. As I turned around to say goodnight, Joseph opened his
door. He stood there in nothing but boxers. I nearly lost it! His chest was
magnificent! A ripped eight-pack topped by to slabs of pecs. I was heaven!

"Goodnight, Max. See you in the morning."

Before I could stammer a response, he turned around and headed back into
his room. 'Dumb, dumb, dumb! You should've said something!' The confidence
I had gained disappeared. Angry with myself, I jumped into bed and fell

I dreamt of Joseph and I finally getting it on, but every time I released
his cock from his pants, I would wake up only to go back to sleep and
repeat the dream. It seemed that my mind was on summer hiatus.

After waking up for the fifth time, I decided to get something to
eat. 'Maybe after I have some of the leftovers, I'll be able to sleep.'
Quietly, I got up and headed for the door. Before I could cross over the
threshold and into the hallway, I was stopped by a noise. I stilled myself
and listened. Then as silently as before, the sound returned. This time
however, I recognized it. It was a moan! The same kind of moan I heard
earlier today. 'What was Joseph doing? Was he in pain or pleasure?'
Creeping over to his door, I placed my ear on the door and listened. Every
four to five minutes, a moan would tickle my ear. 'I have to see what he's

Curiosity having reared its ugly head allowed me to push open the door. I
entered to find Joseph laying on his bed in full naked glory! Both of his
hands were wrapped around the largest cock I had ever seen. It was almost a
foot long and as thick as my wrist. His cock stood pointing straight up to
the ceiling, like a lightening rod pointing straight to the heavens. His
hands moved over his cock like a lost lover, ravenous and hungry. Silently
I wished that my hands were the ones caressing that behemoth cock. So
anxious to touch him, I didn't realize my own cock was rock solid. It
strained against its containment wishing to be free. Quickly but quietly, I
slipped off my underwear that was marinated with pre-cum and sweat.

Still oblivious to my presence, Joseph began to flog his cock harder. 'I
can't watch any longer! I have to do something!' I moved closer to the bed
while he continued his onslaught on his cock. With boldness I never knew I
had, I jumped on top of him, pinning his arms beneath my thighs and his
cock erect against my back. His eyes flew open and shock crossed his face,
but before he could say anything, I reached back and caressed his cock.

"Oh, God!" He said.

"I've wanted to touch you ever since I first saw you, but I was afraid that
you didn't like me. Julia told me the truth this evening, but I couldn't
believe that you could like me, let alone love me. I've always thought the
worst of myself, but tonight I realized that I'm okay. No better yet, I'm
hot! Roger was right all that time. God bless him!" Finished with my
confession, Joseph simply gazed at me and spoke.

"I've wanted you since I bumped into you, but I too had no idea if you
liked me. Every time I saw you, I had to control myself from raping you
where you stood. You don't know how many times I've jerked off to your
face. I love you!"

With tears in my eyes, I fell forward and kissed him, long and hard. Our
tongues darted into each other's mouths like barracudas to fish. As we
kissed, he freed his arms out from underneath me, to caress me. He sent
shivers up and down my spine when his hand passed over my ass. His other
hand found my cock and used the pre-cum pool around it to jack it. I
quickly broke our kiss, grabbed his hand, and looked into his eyes.

"I want you so bad!" I hungrily said.

"I want you to fuck me, Max! Fuck me long and hard!" He said looking back
at me. "I usually top and I've never been fucked, but tonight I need your
cock and cum to quench the fire that's in my ass. Fuck me, please!"

"But I've never done this before. I may hurt you."

"You won't hurt me. Just use some KY and we'll be fine." He reached over
and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly from the night table. "Here lube us up
and hurry!"

Lubing us up, I forced his legs up towards his chest and readied myself for
my first experience of anal sex. I placed the tip of my cock on his asshole
and pushed. Joseph winced but said for me to push harder. I placed more
force and the head penetrated his asshole. I stopped and looked at
Joseph. His eyes were shut and he was breathing heavily.

"Are you alright, Joseph? If you're in pain, I'll stop. Okay?"

"NO!" He yelled. "Keep going! Fuck me!"

"Okay, you asked for it!" With that I pushed harder, penetrating the inner
anal ring. Once my cock's head was through, I slammed the rest of my cock
to the hilt. Joseph screamed, but I ignored him and slammed in and out of
his ass like a piston. In less than a second, I was lost in lust as was

"Ugh! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Joseph growled.

And fuck him I did in all sorts of positions until finally we reached our

"FUCKING A!" I said slamming into his ass with one final thrust. My cock
erupted like a volcano, sending multiple shots of cum deep into his
bowels. Joseph's cock erupted at the same time without even a touch,
sending ropes of cum flying all over the place.


Collapsing down next to Joseph, I turned his head towards me and kissed
him. He shuddered once last time as he shook off the last of his orgasm.

"That was fantastic! You are one hell of a lover, Max!"

"Thanks. I could fuck that ass till the day I die. I love you, Joseph." I
kissed him again. "Next time, I want your cock up my ass. I want to know
what it feels like."

Joseph looked at me. "Are you sure about that? I mean, I have a very large
cock. My former lover always had a hard time taking it."

"Don't worry about me. Just use some KY and fuck me like I did you. Even if
you rip me open, I'll still love you." I smiled.

"I'll take you up on that offer."

With that we cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning
I awoke to find Joseph sucking my morning hard-on. 'He knows how to suck a
cock really well. He's such a dream come true.'

"Why don't we share? You have my cock I should have yours. It only fair,
don't you think?"

Joseph temporarily let go of my cock so he could talk. "Of course we should
share! There is more than enough cock to go around anyway."

Joseph moved and placed his cock in front of my face. Rock solid it looked
more like a thick pipe than a cock. 'How am I going to get that in my
mouth?' As if reading my thoughts, Joseph responded.

"Just lick it. It's too big for you to throat anyway."


Taking a hold of it, I let my tongue dance over its head. His pre-cum
tasted sweet, not bitter. I wanted more. Opening my mouth as wide as I
could, I dove down onto his cock. Amazingly, I was able to throat 3-inches
before being stopped by my gag reflex. Content with only what could throat,
I used my mouth to massage his cock. From Joseph, I heard muffled moans of
pleasure. His moans only succeeded in making me hornier and hungrier.
Using every single trick I had learned experimenting with Roger, I sucked,
licked, and jerked his cock to orgasm.

Disengaging himself from my cock, he alerted me of his pending
rupture. "I'm going to cum, baby!"

But those words were lost on me. I just kept my mouth firmly attached to
his cock and sucked! With a grunt, Joseph exploded sending waves of cum
down my throat. I swallowed what had to be a gallon of cum. So sweet and
thick, I couldn't think of a better breakfast.

"Holy crap! No one has ever done that! I mean no one has ever throated my
cock or taken my load without gagging. You really do love me! Now, let me
show you my love."

Without another word, Joseph deep-throated my cock. I watched as he
swallowed my 9-inches down to my pubic hairs. His throat and mouth massaged
my cock with such lusty abandon, I nearly fainted with pleasure. But before
I could lose consciousness, my cock exploded. Joseph sucked my cock like
there was no tomorrow, not letting go until every last drop of cum was

Once he let my cock go I quickly moved to kiss him. Our mouths and bodies
filled with the love for each other. It was bliss!

"Do you think you can get that monster cock hard again?" I asked.

Smiling at me, he said, "I think it's possible, if I have the right kind of
stimulation. But first, I think we should get cleaned up. Inside and

"Agreed! Let's go, I want your cock up my ass ASAP."

Taking turns at the toilet, we emptied our bowels and bladders. I entered
the shower, while Joseph left, saying he needed something. I was washing
myself when I felt his hand on my ass.

"Your ass is gorgeous. I getting horny just touching it."

"That's exactly the reaction I was looking for!" I turned and kissed him.

When I asked why he had left, he showed me an enema bag.

"I want us to be clean. Especially you!"

The next half-hour was spent filling the enema bag and our asses with water
and soap. Before this day, I had never felt so clean. 'I like getting an
enema. I could get used to this.' Once we were clean, Joseph got on his
knees and rimmed me. His tongue darted at my asshole, pistoning my pleasure
to new levels. His finger then found his way in and out like a small
cock. Joseph then inserted two then three fingers, stretching my hole for
his massive cock.

"Oh! Ugh!" I moaned. "I can't take it anymore. Stop teasing me and give me
your cock! Fuck me!"

Lying against the shower wall, I spread my legs and bent over. Joseph
righted himself and lubricated his cock. "I'll definitely give it to you. I
just hope you can take it."

Placing his cock's head at my asshole, he pushed. Thank god for lube! His
cock's massive head pushed my anal rings to their limits. I tried to relax
but my mind and ass refused. Unconsciously, I tried to squeeze out the
huge invader. Joseph tried to coax me into relaxing, but my body refused to
listen to any sweet words. So instead of giving up, he changed his tactic.

Using one hand, he reached around to my cock. His other hand reached around
to my nipples. Then simultaneously he squeezed and thrust forward. The
overwhelming pleasure from his ministrations distracted me so much; Joseph
succeeded in getting half of his member up my rectum. I hadn't even
realized it until he flexed his cock. The sensations that followed left me
mumbling and drooling for more. I was so turned on that I pushed back into
Joseph sending the last half deep into my bowels.

"Damn it, Max! You got my entire cock up your ass! And it's so tight!"

I moaned in response and slowly started to move myself forward and
backwards so I could get fucked. Joseph took the hint and took over. He
plowed my ass without mercy, while I was lost in ecstasy.

Concentrating on the cock that raped me, I became oblivious of my
surroundings. The only thing that I sensed was Joseph's behemoth cock
slamming into me every second. My body became a transmitter for the
pleasure I felt, while his cock was the deejay.

Suddenly I became aware of my cock exploding all over my chest. It jerked
with a life of its own, splashing cum everywhere. At the same time I felt
Joseph's cock slam into me one last time.

"UGH! SHIT!" Joseph screamed while his cock shot cum bullets deep within my

Weak from our sexual workout, he collapsed on top of me. Suddenly I
realized that I some how had laid on the floor so Joseph could fuck me
easier. 'But how? I don't remember!' Before I could voice my question,
Joseph kissed me, sending my thoughts spiraling down into oblivion. I
didn't have a care in the world.


Ever since that day, we've been inseparable. Especially my ass and his
cock. I just love having that huge snake up my ass all the time. Of course
we do switch from time to time, he too likes the feel of a nice hard cock
up his ass.

As for Julia, she loved the fact that we finally got together. She was
astounded to find out that I actually took Joseph's thick 11-inches up my

As for John, he went out with the IHOP waitress and has been seeing her
ever since. They're thinking about marriage. Now he can bother someone
else. Isn't love grand!

Parent-wise, Joseph's folks knew he was gay and were happy to see that
their son found the love-of-his-life. They gladly accepted me into the
family. When I told my folks, my mom cried and my dad nodded. They both
secretly knew Roger and I shared each other, but thought it was a
phase. They hoped that I would find a decent woman and get married. Life
just doesn't go according to plan.

As for Roger, he met someone at his college, just as special as
Joseph. That story will be told some other time.


Author's Note:

This was my first attempt at an erotic story, so it is a little
rough. Comments are welcomed, especially if you'd like to hear about
Roger's story.

Dreams Come True 2
Roger's Story
By Jaylek 55 <jaylek55@hotmail.com>

"He's everything I ever wanted. I'm not dead yet, but I feel like I'm in
heaven. These last three months have been fantastic! You have to meet
him." Max said enthusiastically.

"I'm very happy for you, Max. Very happy." I said with a sigh.

"You say you're happy for me, but there's sadness in your voice. What's
wrong, Roger?"

"Nothing's wrong with me. I really am happy for you." Taking a deep
breath, I went on. "It's just that I always thought we'd find love
together or with each other. Silly, right?"

"Well...I don't want to sound harsh, but yes. We had fun together and we
helped each other through the beginning awkwardness and confusion. But
we never committed ourselves to each other. There will always be a
special bond between us, but one of friendship not love." Max paused, as
if contemplating something. "Besides, where's the Roger I know that told
me I could get anyone I wanted. Well I did and so can you. You just have
to listen to your own advice sometimes."

"Yeah, you're right, Max. I should listen to my own advice. I just hope
I can find someone as fantastic, gorgeous, and as well-endowed as

"You will, buddy. Just make sure that you're not as oblivious like I

For the next few minutes we talked about college life, work, and plans.
Thanksgiving was tomorrow. Joseph's parents planned a huge banquet for
family and friends. Joseph invited me but I declined. I would have been
the third wheel. My own family was getting together, but I just didn't
feel like being around family, especially not if it would cost me 500
dollars to go back home to Ohio from Massachusetts.

'I guess I'll just stay here and play with myself.'

Smiling to myself, I got up and headed to the bathroom. I stripped naked
and looked at myself in a full-length mirror. A little under six feet,
5' 11", brown hair, gray eyes, developed chest, killer biceps, great
legs and an 8 1/2-inch cock. 'I have nice body, so why don't I have

Watching myself in the mirror turned me on. My cock quickly filled with
blood and my balls tightened in anticipation of releasing its cargo.
Spitting onto my cock, I massaged it. Using my free hand, I reached up
for my sensitive nipples and squeezed them. The sensations that shot
through my body made me weak-kneed, so I moved and sat down on the
toilet, continuing my ministrations. Pre-cum leaked out of my cock,
making my cock too slippery to hold. But holding my cock, wasn't what I
wanted to do. Switching hands, I stroked up and down, sending my senses

Knowing that I wasn't going to last, I used my pre-cum covered finger
from my free hand to massage the area around my anus. Heat radiated from
it, throbbing in anticipatory pleasure. My cock grew harder knowing my
finger was there. As I swirled my finger around, I increasingly added
pressure, while my hand jerked my cock to new heights of eroticism.

"Aaahhh!" I screamed as my cock exploded. Tsunamis of cum shot out,
bathing the floor and I in cum. My cock echoed my yell of pleasure by
shooting more cum all over me.

Completely exhausted from my orgasm, I simply sat there and enjoyed the
afterglow. 'That was fantastic! I've never had an orgasm like that! I
wonder why?' Suddenly it dawned on me; it was my finger that triggered
my orgasm. My anus had never been touched let alone massaged. My body
was begging to be fucked! I needed a cock! 'Easier said than done!'

Returning from the land of orgasms and contemplation, I noticed the mess
around and on me, so I started cleaning up. 'That orgasm definitely wins
the award for the messiest.' Smiling, I took a shower.

Five minutes later while drying myself off, there was a knock on my

"Just a minute!"

Wrapping my towel around my waist, I opened the door. There stood
Corbin. Corbin Peterson is a sophomore who also happens to be my English
Lit research partner. Although very handsome and built, he thinks he's
god's gift to women. Every week he has a new girl, sometimes two. The
funny thing is the women don't care. Sometimes he dates two at a time
and they gladly share him. Must be because he's hung like a horse. I
know from personal experience because I sucked it once. He loves it when
someone worships his cock, man or woman. Since he has yet to meet the
woman who can deep-throat him, he settles for guys who can.

"Hey, Roger! Can I come in?"

"No. I really don't feel like going over English with you right now."

"That's cool because that's not why I came by. If you know what I mean."
He said grinning.

Pulling him inside, I closed the door.

"Why don't you get one of your women to do that." I said.

"Because you're the only one who can do it right. Besides you're cuter."

"I don't want to suck you off, Corbin. The last time I did it, my neck
was sore for a week. Just because I'm gay, doesn't entitle me to suck
you off whenever you're horny!" I said angrily.

Corbin looked as if I had slapped him. "I was only joking around. I
didn't mean to get you angry. Jeez!" Seeing me relax, he started
grinning again. "The reason I came by was to see what you're doing on

Looking at him, I searched his eyes for inkling of a trap, joke or
otherwise. Seeing that he was sincere, I told him. "Nothing. Maybe I'll
go to some restaurant and have dinner. I really don't know right now."

"Well I'm having a dinner at my place and all of my friends are invited.
Since you're not doing anything, you could come as well."

"I don't know. If you're going to be there, I'd rather die." I said with
a straight face.

Sensing my joke, Corbin laughed. "I guess I deserve that. But seriously,
consider coming to my little get-together." Grabbing a pad I kept next
to the phone, he wrote down his address. "This is my address and phone
number. My dinner starts at six. Please come." He said handing me the

"I'll think about it. I'll give you no guarantee." Taking the pad from

"That's not a yes, but it's good enough for me. I'll see you tomorrow.
And sorry about the joke." And with that he left.

'Corbin inviting a guy to his dinner party? Something smells fishy! I
wonder what he's up to?'

After he had left, the rest of the day went by quickly. Every class I
had lasted no more than half an hour because of the holiday. Since I had
no work and no one to hang out with, I decided to check my e-mail.

Upon entering the computer lab, I was stunned to see every single
computer occupied. 'Great! This was a waste of time!' But before I could
turn around and leave, someone waved at me.

'Who is this guy? I don't think I've ever met him.' Looking around and
behind me, I found no one. 'I guess he is waving to me.' I pointed to
myself and he shook his head and beckoned me to come forward with his

Moving towards him, I scrutinized his face. 'What a handsome guy! If I
ever met him, I'd definitely remember.' A full face with a pair of blue
eyes that spoke of innocence. His nose was slightly of kilter, as if
he'd broken it in the past, adding more mystery to him. His hair, black
as a raven, gave off a shiny gloss. His smile could make anyone weak.
'Oh, I'd definitely remember this guy!'

"Hi! Do I know you? I don't believe we've ever met."

His smile quickly disappeared to be quickly replaced by a thin line,
while he thought of an answer.

"No, but we're in the same General Chemistry section. Mondays and

"You do realize that each section of General Chemistry has over 400
students. Even if you are in my section, we've never crossed paths." I

"Yeah, that's true." He sheepishly said. "I just wanted to give you the
computer since I'm done with it. I figured you didn't come in here for


As he rose from his chair, I looked his body over. And I wasn't at all
disappointed! The shirt he wore strained to contain his chest, clinging
to every bulge and ripple. I was surprised the fabric hadn't ripped at
the seams. Thank god for stretchable fabric! His abs were cut deeper
than mine and Max's, with ridges that were as deep as the great canyon.

But his chest was nothing when I looked down further. The bulge in his
pants was huge! It too strained against the fabric of his jeans, trying
to breathe. 'This guy is hung! Maybe even more than Corbin! That's just
not possible! Corbin's a good 9-inches. What is he!?'

Suddenly his cock twitched! I gasped and looked up at his face. His
entire face was red with embarrassment. He quickly grabbed his coat and
headed out of the lab.

I wanted and tried to go after him, but my shock was too great. 'His
cock twitched!' I mentally screamed. 'Was it because of me or was he
just horny?' Completely confused, I absentmindedly sat down. 'Maybe it
was just my imagination. But it was, why did he run out?' My
contemplation was cut short with the shake of my shoulders.

"Hey! Monroe! Snap out of it!"

Realizing that I was just sitting there doing nothing but staring into
space, I turned red. Looking over, I saw Craig crouching next to me.

"Are you all right, Monroe? You seemed pretty out of it for some reason.
What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just was thinking about something. I'm sorry." I said

"Hey, no need to apologize. I just saw you staring off into space and I
got worried." Concern left his face and was replaced with a grin.
"Besides I want to use the computer."

I smiled back at him. "Bastard! Yeah, you can have it. I really don't
feel like using it anymore anyway. Thanks for caring, Craig."

"Hey, no problem! People like us gotta stick together." He said with a

'People like us. Craig, you definitely are unique!' Craig Wilson was the
only gay person I know on campus, aside from myself. Unlike me, he's
very open about his sexuality. Ever since we met, we've been fast

On the third Saturday after the fall semester began, I was completely
bored so I decided to check out the campus gym. I wanted to work out
some frustrations I had since leaving the relative sanctity of home and
my best friend.

A four-floor gym that had every machine imaginable to the iron pumping
man. The first floor harbored a swimming pool, while the next three
floors contained everything else. 'Impressive!'

Deciding to start with a low impact workout, I went over to the free
weights and did some curls. As I used the weights, I let my eyes roam
around the floor. Seeing that there weren't a lot of men and none
interesting, I concentrated on my workout.

Finishing with the free weights, I put them back only to see someone
staring at me through the mirror in front of me. When he saw that I had
noticed him, he immediately averted his eyes. 'Who is this guy?'

Curiosity getting the better of me, I walked over to where he was.
Needing something to break the ice, I asked him to spot for me.

"Sure thing. You never can be to careful these days." He said.

Dropping the weights he was using, I led him towards a weight bench
tucked away in the corner. Once out of prying eyes, I turned and
confronted him.

"Okay, who are you and why were you staring at me?" I said in an
authoritative tone.

His response surprised me. Instead of using words, he grabbed my face
and planted a kiss on my lips. Using his other hand, he fondled me
through my gym shorts. Completely shocked, I pushed him away.

"What are you doing? No, better yet! Who gave you permission to kiss me
and fondle me like that?" I said, barely controlling my anger.

"Well, I thought that's why we came back here. I checked you out, you
noticed, and here we are."

"Is that what you thought? The only reason I brought you back here was
to question you. I didn't agree to any fondling or even sex. What do you
think I am some whore?"

Staring at me, he sighed. "I guess my intuition was off. I could have
sworn you were gay. Usually I'm not wrong about these things. Oh well,
you win some, you lose some."

Completely baffled, I sat down on the weight bench. "You thought I was
gay and cruising for sex."

"Well you were kind of obvious. You checked out every guy in the gym in
just a couple of seconds. Only professionals do that. So that's why I
thought you were gay and cruising." He said matter-of-factly.

"I didn't know I was so obvious. I was just looking to see if there was
anyone who piqued my interest."

"So you are gay? I knew it! My intuition is always right!" Clapping his
hands together. "So what's your name?"

"What's yours?" I rebutted.

"My name's Craig Wilson and very gay. How about you?"

"Roger Monroe. I'm gay as well, but not exactly out. I take it you are."
I asked.

"Oh yeah! Everyone who's anyone knows I'm gay. People are pretty cool
about it. Especially the straight dudes who need professional blowjobs."
Craig said smiling.

"Are there any others here on campus?"

"Not that identify themselves as gay, but there are plenty of sexually
confused men. Some of them say they're bi, but I know better. But until
they figure themselves out, I'll be there for 'relief'."

Tension being broken, we both laughed at his comment.

"So if you're not into cruising, why are you here?" Craig asked.

"Why else, to use the gym. I definitely wasn't cruising for sex, just
looking. I'm not the kind of person who is into one-night stands. I'm
looking for a relationship." I said.

"Well, suit yourself. I personally like having one-night stands. No need
for a commitment." Shrugging his shoulders. "Besides what's the harm!"

"I see your point. Do you always cruise for guys here in the gym?"

Shaking his, Craig explained. "Not usually. Usually they come to me.
However, today I was kind of bored so I came here to see if any of these
'iron pigs' needed some 'help'. When you asked me to spot for you, I
thought I had gotten lucky."

"Sorry! I had no idea I was leading you on like that."

"No problem! It was I who assumed that you were here for something other
than a workout."

"Since I'm not going to offer you anything physically, how about I offer
you friendship instead?" I asked.

"Well it's not a juicy cock or a piece of ass but I accept, Monroe.
Friends!" He said shaking my hand.

"Monroe? Why not just call me by my first name?" I asked puzzled.

"I prefer your last name. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, Craig."

Realizing we were still in the gym, I looked around to see if anyone had
eavesdropped. The gym was empty except for one guy and us. Craig noticed
who it was and called him over.

"You know him?"

"Yeah, he's one of my regulars although I can never take him all. He's
got a nine-inch cock that's just incredible."

The statuesque man came over. His body gleamed with a thin sheen of
sweat. Built like a truck, was the only way to describe him. His pecs
were huge, like slabs of marbles. His abs were not visible, but you knew
his abdomen was solid as a wall. His lycra workout shorts were literally
painted onto him. His cock stuck out like a foreign body part, stuck
against his thigh. His shorts left nothing to the imagination. 'Wow!
What a hunk!'

"Roger Monroe meet Corbin Peterson. Corbin meet Roger." Craig said.

Smiling, he nodded his greeting. "Nice to meet you, Roger. Are you a
cocksucker too?"

Completely taken back by his question, I simply gaped at him.

"Sorry about that! I should learn never to introduce any of my friends
to Corbin. He always asks that." Turning to Corbin, "Dumbass! Is getting
your cock sucked the only thing on your mind?"

"That and fucking pussy. You know that." He said smiling.

Recovering, I decided to answer his question. "Yes, I'm a cocksucker.
Would you like that monster sucked?"

"Is that a stupid question or what? Of course I would!" Corbin said

Craig looked at me. "I thought you weren't here for one-night stands."

"I've changed my mind. Besides you said that you couldn't take all of
him. I know that I can."

"Really? I've got to see this! But we can't do it here. Let's go back to
my place."

With that we headed out of the gym and to Craig's place. On our way,
Craig asked me to explain how I was planning to throat Corbin's cock. I
explained that my best friend from back home a nine-inch cock I was able
to throat him, so Corbin shouldn't be a problem.

Once Craig had shut and locked the door to his apartment, Corbin didn't
hesitate to strip off his shorts and tanktop. His cock sprang out and
smacked his abs, ready for action.

"What are you waiting for? Come over here and suck it!" Corbin boomed.

"Not just yet. I'm going to make this the best blowjob you ever had!" I
said grabbing his cock. He moaned.

"Craig, do you have any oil or body lotion?"

"Sure do. I'll get it for you." Craig said running further into the

Using his cock, I pulled Corbin towards the bedroom and pushed him onto
the bed. Craig ran past the bedroom, only to come back and hand me a
bottle of baby oil.

"Perfect! Now we can get busy!" I said grinning ear to ear.

Opening the bottle, I splashed the baby oil onto Corbin's body. Using
the oil, I gently massaged him. Up his arms onto his chest. When I
reached his pecs, I kneaded them like dough. His nipples hardened which
I circled with my fingers, eliciting moans from deep within him.
Traveling south, I massaged his abs and headed towards his cock.

Rock hard it stood, proud like a soldier. Nine-inches of male prowess!
'Mmmm! I can't wait to take that into my mouth! But not right now!'

Bypassing his cock I headed down to his thighs and legs. Up and down I
stroked. His muscles relaxed as my fingers touched them, dissolving any
tension from the day's workout. Spreading his legs, I massaged his inner
thighs. Corbin's moans were those of a wounded animal.

Looking over at Craig, I noticed that he had removed his shorts and
underwear. He stood near Corbin's head with his own cock at attention as
he jerked it while watching my ministrations.

Stopping, I stripped naked as well and flogged my own cock. Before I
could get anywhere with my cock, Corbin begged for me to suck him before
he exploded.

Releasing my cock, I decided to end his misery. Firmly holding his cock,
I licked the head. The smell and taste of pre-cum overwhelmed my senses.
I dived down onto his cock, taking all nine inches in one deft swoop.

Corbin screamed in ecstasy and shot into my mouth. The strength of his
cum blast sent cum straight into my stomach. Cum overflowed out of my
mouth and onto him. I milked his cock for every last drop of cum,
eliciting more moans and spasms from Corbin.

Suddenly there was another scream. Releasing Corbin's cock, I turned to
see Craig's cock explode. His cum arched through the air and landed on
Corbin's cock and my face. I opened my mouth to catch whatever I could.

This scene turned me on so bad that I shot without even touching myself.
Spasms wracked my body as my cock exploded with it's own mind. Drenching
the sheets underneath me, my cock released all of the pent up energy of
the last three weeks. 'What a workout!'

Once we had regained our senses, Corbin left to take a shower. Craig
crawled next to me and kissed me.

"That had to be the hottest thing I have ever seen! I've got to try that
sometime. I'm sure that Corbin won't ever forget that!"

"I sure hope not! I don't do that all of the time." I said.

"You are so hot, Monroe. When Mr. Right walks into your life, he'll
never leave." Craig said smiling.

"I hope you're right about that."

'I wonder if that guy from the lab could be Mr. Right. With a body like
that, I wouldn't mind. But I don't even know who he is.'

For the rest of the night, all I could think of was the guy from the
lab. 'I have to find out who that guy is. Else, I'm liable to go crazy!'
Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink.

At ten in the morning, I went to the lab, secretly hoping that he'd show
up again. I stayed there fooling on the computer for about three hours
with no luck. 'I need to find him! I don't think I'll be able to move on
with my life if I don't find him.'

Fed up with the lab, I headed back to my room. Frustrated and confused,
I moped around the room with no purpose in mind. Unexpectedly, there was
a knock at the door.

"Come in it's open!"

Corbin walked in, smiling. "Hey, buddy! Just wanted to see if you're
coming to my dinner party. It's going to be a blast!"

Looking at him, I sighed. "Look, I really don't feel like being around
people tonight. So I'm not going."

"Come on, Roger. It won't be the same without you. Besides today is
Thanksgiving! You should be around friends."

"Corbin, leave me alone! I'm not in the mood!" I said angrily.

"Jeez! What's wrong with you? You know you can talk to me."

I simply looked at Corbin and laughed. "You are actually going to
listen!? You of all people! Who only thinks about his cock and how many
women he's going to fuck! Give me a break!"

Corbin drew back at my harsh comments. "I know I can be arrogant and
vain, but I thought I was your friend. I didn't know that you thought so
badly about me. You think you know people." He said turning to leave.

"Wait! I'm sorry I said those bad things. It's just that yesterday I met
the man of my dreams and I have no idea who he is. I've been in such a
bad mood since then and I took my anger out on you. I'm so sorry. Can
you ever forgive me?" I pleaded.

Looking at me, Corbin smiled. "It's okay. Besides everything you said is
true. But you shouldn't beat yourself up about this. If you saw him
once, you'll see him again. Things tend to work out that way." Grinning
ear to ear, he said, "What you need to do is get out! As a matter of
fact, I'm having a dinner tonight. You should come! It'll get your mind
off of your problems for a while."

Realizing what he said, I laughed. "Okay, I come. But I can't say that
I'll enjoy myself."

"You will. I promise you!" With that he left.

'Oh well. Might as well get dressed.'

An hour later, I was ringing the doorbell to Corbin's place. He lived in
a two-story walkup not far from the campus. The rent was cheap while the
place was huge. I'd visited before on a trip of 'relief'.

Corbin opened the door himself, who smiled when he saw me. "Great you
came! Come on in!"

Inside his apartment, there were more people than I anticipated. Some I
knew from my classes while others where complete strangers. Most of his
guests were women who he had previously dated. 'It boggles the mind how
the women he dates could care less about each other. Weird!'

As much as I thought I wouldn't have a nice time, I found myself
enjoying myself. 'Corbin was right! All I needed was to get out. Good
food, music and friends is what the doctor ordered.'

Half way through the dinner party, the doorbell rang. Thinking that
everyone who was possibly coming had already arrived, I found it quite

"Roger could you answer the door. I'm kind of busy right now." Corbin
asked from the kitchen.

"No problem!" I yelled back.

Opening the door, I nearly fainted when I saw who stood there. Mr.
Right! Instead of fainting, I dropped my glass of bourbon onto the
marble entryway.

"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost!" He asked.

"I, I, I..."

He suddenly broke out into laughter. His laugh was music to my ears.
Completely mesmerized by him, I didn't even notice Corbin standing at my

"What happened? Are you two okay?" He asked concerned.

Coming down from his humor high, Mr. Right answered first. "Yeah we're
both just fine. Roger just dropped his glass. No one was hurt, except
for the marble tiles. Somehow I think they can survive." He said with a
dimpled smile. 'Oh, God! He has the cutest dimples!'

"I'll bring out some towels and gloves when I come back. We'll clean up
this mess before anyone can get hurt."

Grabbing my arm, he pulled me inside. "I don't know what's wrong with
you, but it's got to stop. You're making a fool out of yourself in front
of all my guests." Corbin said through clenched teeth. "Now, why don't
you go to the bathroom and freshen up."

In the bathroom, I splashed cold water on my face. 'You've got to be
better about this. He's not going to like some babbling idiot.' Drying
my face, I made up my mind that I was going to ask this guy out on a
date, even if it killed me!

Coming out of the bathroom, I rejoined the party. My friends asked if I
was okay, while the others simply threw me glances of disapproval. 'The
hell with them! They have no idea what kind of turmoil I'm going through
right now!'

Being in a hostile environment only added to my turmoil, so I searched
for a safe, quite place to go to. 'Corbin's bedroom! It's the only place
not occupied.'

Entering his room, I was startled by both Corbin and Mr. Right. Corbin
was leaning against the wall, while Mr. Right sat in a chair.

"Just who we were talking about. Roger Monroe meet Logan Temp. Logan
meet Roger." Corbin said while heading for the door. "Good luck!"

"Good luck? What do you mean by that?" I said suddenly hysterical.

"Just be yourself, Roger. Everything will be fine." Corbin said closing
the door after himself.

Realizing that I was in the room, alone, with Mr. Right, Logan, made me
light-headed. My mouth suddenly became dry, my tongue heavy. 'What am I
going to do?'

"If it helps, I'm nervous too." Logan said breaking the silence.

Baffled by this gorgeous man, I struggled to find words. "I...I'm...
Roger." 'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He already knows that!'

Logan started laughing. "I know! I've known your name for quite a

Realizing what he just said, my nervousness dissipated. "Quite a while?
You mean, you knew my name even before we first met in the lab."

"Yes." He said cutting eye contact. "The truth is I had become
interested in you the very first time I saw you in Chemistry. Of course,
I had no idea how you'd act towards my interest." He paused for moment
and looked at me, silently asking for permission to continue. I simply
nodded my head for him to go on. Sighing he continued. "I tried so hard
to ask you out, but I was too chicken. Then one day I was heading over
to Corbin's place, when I saw you talking to him in front of his
building. I was so nervous, I wasn't able to even walk up and say 'Hi!',
so I went back home. Later I called and asked Corbin everything about
you, especially if you were gay." He paused and searched my face. "All
he told me was your name."

'Thank you, Corbin! You are a really good friend.'

With relief across my face, Logan went on. "With no help from Corbin, I
had to fend for myself. Whenever I saw you, I studied you. You were an
enigma until I saw you talking to Craig, the campus queer. You two got
along so well, it just made sense that you were gay. But that wasn't
enough, I needed more proof." Breaking eye contact, he turned and looked
out a window. "It wasn't until yesterday that I got that proof. When I
went to check my e-mail, I had no idea that you would show up. Corbin
had invited me to his dinner party via e-mail. As an incentive to come,
he told me that you were going to be there. Needless to say, I didn't
hesitate to RSVP. Just thinking that you would show up ignited my lust
for you."

'Shit! If I had known that someone as gorgeous as you were coming here,
I would've been the first one here!'

Turning back around, he smiled. 'Did I just say that out loud!?'

"Then you walked into the computer lab. With a semi-hard on, I realized
that this was my chance to see if you were at all interested, so I waved
you over. When you checked me out, I nearly melted! I was so turned on,
I couldn't even control myself. That's when my cock twitched." Blushing,
he continued. "I was so embarrassed, I simply ran out as fast as I
could. I got the proof I needed but at the price of humiliating myself.
I felt like such a jerk! I figured I didn't have a chance with you after
that debacle, so I thought about not coming. However, Corbin convinced
me at last minute to come." Moving away from the window, he sat down in
front of me on Corbin's bed. "And now here we are. So before I can
chicken out, I'd like to ask you out. I know nothing about you and
vice-versa, but when I see you my heart goes crazy! What do you say?"


"No...but why?" Logan asked.

Realizing that I had upset him, I explained. "Ever since yesterday
afternoon, I've hated myself for letting you run off. When I checked you
out in the lab, I was immediately turned on. In my eyes, you were a
walking god. Then when I saw the outline of your cock, I went into
shock. I love big cocks and the outline of yours was huge! Then when you
saw my face, you ran off." I sighed but went on. "I wanted so much to
see you again. Not just because you were gorgeous, but because I wanted
to be near you: to smell you and to feel you. I would've gladly given my
soul away to spend a single minute by your side." Looking at Logan, I
saw tears in his eyes. He smiled, silently urging me to go on. "After my
little accident, I made a promise to myself that I would ask you out. I
need to be able to say to myself that I made the first move and got
rejected or got accepted. So here goes..." Standing in front of him, I
kneeled and grabbed his hand. "Logan, will you go out with me? For
better or for worse. Or till someone better comes along." I said with a
half grin.

Staring down at me, Logan squeezed my hand. "Are you kidding!? I've been
waiting for this moment for the last three months! The only way I'd say
no is if you're actually a woman!"

We embraced and kissed each other. Our tongues darting into each other's
mouths, sharing the lust we bore for each other. But our lust didn't
stem from a mutual "like" of each other, but from something deeper,
love. 'Logan is the one! I can feel it!'

Before our kissing could lead to other "activities", Corbin knocked and
came in with his eyes closed. "I hope you two are decent!"

We laughed and spoke in unison. "Yes!"

Opening his eyes, he let out a kept breath. "Really! I thought you'd
guys would've been busy by now."

"As much as Logan and I love each other, having sex in your room with
over thirty people outside that door, isn't exactly the atmosphere we
were thinking about." I told Corbin, while Logan nodded his ascent.

"Pity! I know I would!" Corbin said with a grin.

Remembering that Logan knew Corbin, I decided to ask a question. "So how
do you two know each other?"

Corbin spoke first. "We come from the same city in Maine. We've known
each other since Junior High School. As a matter of fact, we used to
fool around with each other. Right, Logan?"

"Yep! Corbin has always liked having his dick sucked. I was the first to
suck him, too. But he also likes some male ass on occasion."

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "Corbin likes male ass! You're
kidding right!"

Corbin smiled. "I really have to be in the mood. Like the first time you
gave me a blowjob. You don't know how much I just wanted to bend you
over and fuck you for teasing me. That's why I ran to take a shower
after I came. A cold one, that is."

"I had no idea. Does Craig know? You know he'd love to get fucked by

"No, I never told him. Craig's a nice guy, but he could never throat me
like you could. Besides, I'm not a guy who craves ass all the time. I'm
like a werewolf, I need male ass at least once a month."

"So where have you been getting your "fix" since I've known you?"
Looking at Logan, he spoke.

"Not from moi! The only time Corbin's fucked my ass was when he popped
my cherry. Every since then I've been as tight as the Virgin Mary."

Grinning, Corbin told us. "From a guy I met through a personal. During
the summer, he looked for a guy who had a sizable cock. I was kind of
horny one day, so I answered. He was able to throat me and take it up
the ass. Ever since then we've been seeing each other once a month. He's
satisfied and I'm satisfied. It's a beautiful relationship."

"Interesting!" Looking up at Logan, I put my hand on his crotch. "Do you
think I'll be able to take you?"

"I really hope so! Corbin says you can throat his cock without gagging.
We'll see about mine." Grabbing my face, he kissed me.

"Okay guys get your own room! I need this one for a lady later on."
Looking at his watch, he gasped. "It's almost midnight. Got to start
sending people home and cleaning up."

After Corbin left, we stood up. "Let's go help him. After all, if it
wasn't for him we wouldn't be here together." Logan said.

I nodded. "I agree. Let's give thanks! After all, it is Thanksgiving."

Laughing, we went and helped Corbin.

For the next two hours, we took care of Corbin's place and guests.
Before we could clean up, we had to escort a select few home. Corbin had
served alcohol, thinking that people would know their limits. Looking at
the twenty drunken individuals, he realized how wrong he was.

We decided that we'd escort them home in pairs of two, while the other
helped Corbin's current fling clean up. Corbin and I took the first five
home. During the walk, one of the guys said that I was a "hot looking
dude". He then to my surprise kissed me. Before I could push him off, he
passed out.

Corbin reached out and caught him, with a weird look on his face. "Son
of a bitch!" Without another word, Corbin threw Adam over his shoulders
and carried him the rest of the way.

The last fifteen were taken home without incident. Logan and I walked
the next five home. The last ten were all from the campus, so all three
of us took them. All of them were safely delivered onto their beds or
into the arms of their roommates, who saw to their care. All in all,
everyone was safe and sound. We were all proud!

We headed back and finished cleaning up. Corbin complained about the
mess, but Logan and I simply enjoyed the time we spent together. His
current fling stuck by Corbin, bating her lashes and flashing cleavage.
'I know who's getting some, tonight.'

Once we were finished, Corbin drove us to our respective rooms. I grew
anxious knowing that Logan and I were leaving each other.

"Can I see you tomorrow? We could go somewhere...anywhere. I don't

"I'll pick you up after 10. I've already planned the day." Logan said
before leaning forward and kissing me. "I'll think of you till then."

"I will also."

Heading towards my room, I skipped and hopped with joy. 'Today has to be
the greatest day of my life! Logan is great! Gorgeous, hung, and he
loves me! What isn't there to like!'

Closing the door behind me, I started to undress for bed. Seeing the red
light blinking on the answering machine, I saw I had two messages.
Pressing play, I listened.

"Hi, sweetheart! It's mom. Just wanted to call and wish you a happy
Thanksgiving. Since you didn't call, your father and I figured you went
out. You don't get out as much as you should, so I hope you enjoyed
yourself tonight. Well, I have to go. Your father and uncle are busy
fighting over carving rights. Love you!" 'I did enjoy myself, mom. But
not for any reason you may think of.'


"Hey, Roger! It's me, Max. We hope you're having a good time tonight.
We're having fun, but it could've been even better if you had come. Oh
well! Maybe next time. Anyway, gotta go. Joseph sends his love. Call me
Sunday night. Later." 'Wait till I talk to you, old friend.'


Shutting off the lights, I jumped into bed. 'I just can't wait till
later today. I wonder what he has planned.' Closing my eyes, I drifted
off to sleep with visions of Logan dancing in my head.

"Fuck me! Make me scream!"

Looking around, I realized I was in Corbin's bedroom. Hearing moans and
smelling sex, I turned around. I saw Corbin lying on his bed with his
legs up in the air, exposing his ass. The guy, who had kissed me
earlier, Adam, was rimming him. His body was a real contrast to Corbin's
bodybuilder body. He had a gymnast's build with a thick cock. His body
also had a light sprinkling of hair in the right places, while Corbin
had no body hair except above his cock. In my opinion, complete

"Stop teasing, fuck me!" Corbin yelled.

Adam raised his head and smiled. "No problem, baby! You're going to have
the ride of your life." He then turned and looked straight me. "Enjoying
yourself?" Stroking his cock, he aimed for Corbin's pucker. "I know I

With a thrust of raw energy, Adam forced his hard pole deep into Corbin.
I cringed; feeling the pain that cock was dishing out. Amazingly, Corbin
was enjoying the punishment Adam gave him. The look on his face was of
pure pleasure. 'Could anal sex be this good? He definitely looks like
he's enjoying himself.' But then it hit me. 'Corbin isn't into anal sex!
He's always the top! This is completely wrong! What's going on here?'

Suddenly the floor beneath me disappeared, sending me plunging down into

"Hey, Roger! Wake up!"

Opening my eyes, I saw the face of my best friend, Max.

"What the hell!?" I said jumping up from my bed and feeling myself.
Finding everything in its place and in one piece, I looked around. I was
in my dorm room, familiar surroundings, except for one thing, Max.

"Max? What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be in New
York with Joseph."

He sat up on my bed and grinned at me. "I changed my mind and came here
to be with you. You were so right about us. We should be together,
spending the rest of our lives with each other. It was meant to be."

"Meant to be? I don't think so!" Feeling threatened, I put distance
between us. "Joseph is your soul mate. You said it yourself the first
time you told me about him."

Shrugging, he spoke. "I was mistaken. Joseph isn't the one. You are. I
realized that after the last time we talked. I was simply in denial.
Will you ever forgive me for being so blind?"

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about! Joseph is your Mr.
Right and Logan is mine."

"You're not the one for Logan! You're too good for him. He doesn't even
know how to treat perfection. After all, he thinks he's perfect. He
pales compared to you. You're a god!" Max said with angry passion.

Angry with Max, I exploded with rage. "What the hell are you talking
about? I'm not perfect! I'm not a god! And I love Logan! Why don't you
just leave me alone!?"

My anger triggered a device sending the whole room into a blur. All of
the colors and light simply blurred and disappeared, leaving in its wake
complete darkness and Max. Completely confused and scared, I tried to
back away, only to find myself the same distance from him when I started

Max cocked his head and studied me. "As much as you think that you're in
love with Logan, you still have unresolved issues." He started walking
towards me and separated into five people: Logan, Corbin, Adam, Craig,
and Max.

All five stood in front of me and scrutinized me. Max spoke for

"You have sought refuge in all of these men, except for Adam and Logan.
With Max, you explored your gayness and had fun. But you couldn't accept
the fact that it was only fun and nothing serious, even after he told
you about Joseph. You secretly hoped that Joseph was a mistake so that
you two could get together. But the powers that be saw otherwise."

Pointing at Craig, he went on. "With Craig, you found another person who
you could trust to tell that you were gay. You found an ally in an
otherwise hostile environment. But after you sucked off Corbin, nothing
else sexual passed between you. You were disappointed, but not

Moving over to Corbin, he went on. "After all, you did get Corbin's cock
to suck whenever you felt like it. But that wasn't what you wanted, was
it? You secretly wanted a relationship with him, but he leaned more
towards women when it came to that."

Reaching Logan, he stood by his side. "Then in came Logan. He was the
answer to all of your questions, the fuel for you fire, and the one. But
if he's the one, why are you having this weird dream?"

Without pausing for my answer, he drove on. "Here's the right answer.
You're scared. Scared about the future." Pausing, he smiled. "Well I'm
here to tell you, stop! Stop worrying about everything! Logan's the one
and that's that! Move on with your life! Get fucked or be fucked, but
move on!" Grabbing Logan's groin, he grinned even more. "Personally, I
think you should get fucked, but it's your life."

Releasing Logan, he snapped his fingers and the four vanished. Looking
at me, he stomped his foot. "Well? What are you waiting for? Wake up!
It's almost ten. Logan will be here any moment."

Finally finding my voice, I spoke. "You explained everyone, except Adam.
How does he fit in this dream or my life? And why was he fucking Corbin?
Corbin doesn't take it, he gives it."

"Why don't you ask them? I don't have to tell you everything, do I?"
Grinning, Max vanished.

"Roger! Are you awake? It's me, Logan."

I awoke with a start. Blinking my eyes, I looked at my watch. 'Nine
forty-nine. Damn! I overslept.' Realizing that I had just heard Logan
calling, I got out of bed and opened the door.

There stood Logan with a bag in his arm. "I knew you overslept. I wanted
to do the same thing." He said coming into my room. He put down a bag
and looked at me. "Even early in the morning you look great."

"Yeah, right! What's in the bag?" I said closing the door.

Walking over to me, he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a light
kiss. "Breakfast. I figured since it was pretty late in the morning
already, I'd just bring something. How do bagels with cream cheese

"Great, but I need to brush my teeth and shower first. I hope you don't

"Mind? Hell no! Can I join you? We could wash each others backs..."

Pushing him away, I headed to my dresser. "I know you want to do more
than just wash backs." Having found a clean pair of briefs, I turned
around and looked at Logan. "One second thought, why don't you join me?"
Pulling down my briefs, I mooned him. "I really need help in washing
those hard to reach places."

Smiling, Logan took off his coat and shirt. "I would gladly volunteer my
services, especially if it means I get to see you without those briefs

Wagging my ass, I smiled. "Hurry up then! The longer you waste
undressing, the faster I finish."

In less than 30 seconds, Logan was standing in front of me naked. No
word I could think off could describe him. Without a shirt, his chest
literally glowed! The depth and extent of his musculature was
unbelievable. His chest bore a light covering of hair that only accented
his cut muscles. 'He is so fucking sexy!'

But the creme-de-la-creme had to be his cock. Completely flaccid, it
measured at least five inches long. It looked good enough to eat. 'I
wonder how big it gets.'

Beckoning Logan to join me, I immediately got down on my knees and
engulfed his cock. It quickly filled with blood and expanded. I licked,
stroked, and ate his cock. Logan moaned in response to my oral skills.
Anyone who saw me would have thought I hadn't eaten in days.

Letting go of his cock, it slapped his belly with a hard "smack".
Pre-cum flowed freely from the huge cockhead. Staring at it, I grew
hornier. His cock was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Rock solid, it
stood ten inches tall and had the width of a small juice can. I was
simply amazed! 'Will I'll be able to throat this?'

Logan grabbed his dick and stroked it, sending strands of pre-cum
towards the floor. I forced him to release his own cock.

"Leave all the work to me." I said.

Using my tongue, I swirled his sweet pre-cum around the head. Logan
moaned and grabbed my head.

"Take it! Take it into your mouth! Suck me!"

Opening my mouth, I allowed his huge cock to penetrate it. The head
managed to pass my teeth, but the rest of his cock was another matter
all together. 'Relax, Roger. You can do this!'

Taking a deep breath, I dove down on the huge schlong. His pre-cum
helped slide a few inches into my mouth, but it wasn't enough. Hitting
the back of my throat, Logan's love tool had reached its limit. My
throat couldn't and wasn't capable of accommodating such a wide-load.

'If I can't deep-throat him, then I'll do the best I can do!'

Removing his cock, I proceeded to use my mouth and tongue to massage his
tool all over. Logan purred in delight, pushing me to pleasure him
further. Suddenly his cock grew hotter and stiffer.

"I gonna cum!" Logan managed to get out between moans.

Quickly taking his cock back in my mouth, he exploded! Cum discharged
out of his cock like greyhounds after a rabbit. The force alone sent my
head reeling backwards and off his cock. Cum flew onto my face, hair and
onto our chests.

Logan stood there with his hands wrapped around his cock, trying to
control his cock. He looked like a firefighter with an out of control
firehose. The look of pleasure and concentration was beautiful. I had
never seen someone enjoy an orgasm like he was.

Once his orgasm faded, he fell to his knees. Crawling over to him, I
brought his face up to mine, only to see that he was crying.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" I asked with concern.

"I'm not crying because you hurt me. I'm crying because I'm happy." I
wiped tears from his cheeks. "You has the greatest orgasm ever and it's
because of you. My love!"

Smitten by his words, I too started crying. "I've never heard such words
of praise. I love you."

"I do too."

We held each other until we stopped crying. We then showered together,
washing off all of his cum. Logan offered to return the favor but I
requested a rain check.

The rest of the day went just as well. We went to two museums, one on
art and the other on history. We then went to the movies and hopped just
for the hell of it. Security really hated us.

After escaping the long arm of the Movie Police, we headed for Friday's
and had dinner. As we ate we talked about our families and out
respective times being gay. Logan had known since he was sixteen. He
didn't act on any of impulses until his eighteenth birthday where he
convinced Corbin to fuck him. After that, Corbin fucked anyone who
begged to be fucked.

"It was like releasing a monster! He just wanted more and more." Logan

"So he wasn't always dating a different girl every other day."

"Oh no! Up until he popped my cherry, he was the straightest arrow you
could've possibly found. He spent all his time and energy lifting
weights, not screwing around. But once he fucked me, he couldn't get

"What about your parent's? Do they know you're gay?" I asked.

Shaking his head, he spoke. "No way. I don't think they'd understand. I
will tell them one day, but not anytime soon. What about yours?"

"Nope. I think my parents would both die if I told them. I don't know
when I'll ever tell them."

Squeezing my hand, Logan assured me. "Don't worry! We'll be there for
each other when the time comes." I simply nodded my head.

Finishing dinner, we decided that tonight we were going to have sex. The
problem was where. Since the dorms were still occupied, making too much
noise would only attract attention. This morning's escapade went
relatively unnoticed because of the many Thanksgiving hangovers. But
tonight was a different situation.

"I know!" Logan exclaimed. "We'll stay at Corbin's place."

"Corbin's! You're kidding, right! He always has someone over." Looking
at him incredulously.

"Lately, he's always spent Friday nights at someone else's house. I
don't know who but I do know he's never home." Grinning, he pulled out a
key. "Besides, I have a key and he has the proper equipment."

"Proper equipment?" I asked.

"Enemas. We're going to need two tonight and Corbin always has a supply.
So were covered!"

Smiling, I kissed him. "I guess we are. Let's go! My whole body is
itching for sex!"

Entering Corbin's apartment, we found that he wasn't home. 'What a
relief!' Wasting no time, Logan pulled me towards the bathroom, where he
found the enemas.

"Let the fun begin!" Logan said.

Undressing each other, we fondled each other in turns. When I took off
his shirt, I licked and squeezed his nipples. Logan hissed in delight.
When he took off my shirt, he licked and lightly bit my nipples. The
feeling was fantastic.

Getting down to our underwear only heightened our lust. Kneeling, Logan
fondled my cock through my briefs. Using his saliva, he sucked my cock
and balls right through my briefs. One by one, they were licked until I
was ready to cum. He then stopped and removed my underwear.

Throwing my briefs to the side, he took my heated cock into his mouth in
one fell swoop. Then the fat lady sang and my balls tightened, sending
waves of cum barricading out my cock.


Logan sucked and swallowed everything that poured out of my cock. He
reminded me of a hungry child sucking the cream out of an eclair.
Nothing escaped his airtight seal.

Bracing myself on his shoulders, I let my knees go out from under me.
Logan released my cock, grabbed my waist, and let me fall to rest gently
on my knees.

Blinking my eyes to remove the haze of lust, I saw him looking at me
with a smile on his face. I reached out and brought his head forward and
tongue kissed him. I tasted my seed on his lips and tongue. From his
mouth, it tasted far better than it ever did.

While kissing, I squeezed his cock through his underwear. Already
semi-hard and leaking pre-cum, it quickly grew to its maximum girth.
Using both hands, I tried to release it from its confinement, but Logan
stopped me. Breaking our kiss, he shook his finger.

"Not just yet! I want to deposit that load up your ass! No where but
there! But..." Standing us both up, he reached over for the enemas.
"First thing's first."

For the next fifteen minutes, we cleaned ourselves inside and outside.
After giving ourselves the enemas and blessing the toilet, we showered
getting rid of the day's impurities.

After drying ourselves, we headed to the bedroom.

"Lay on your stomach, Roger. I want to get at that ass of yours."

I laid down and waited for Logan. Joining me on the bed, he kissed me on
the cheek. He then moved towards my ear and blew in it. Shivers of
ecstasy flew down my spine and into my cock. It immediately expanded
with lust.

"Oh! That feel's good!" I said.

"You haven't felt nothing yet!" Logan said moving down my back.

Reaching my ass, he massaged my asscheeks. "Your ass is so beautiful.
But I bet you asshole is even better looking." Spreading my asscheeks,
he exposed my hole. "Ah! Just as I thought, beautiful!"

The next thing I felt was his tongue circling around my hole. Around and
around he went, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"Oh, Logan!" I moaned.

His tongue spiraled around in circles until it spiraled directly onto my
hole. He then applied pressure to my anus using his tongue. Slowly but
surely, his tongue penetrated my asshole. The pleasure I felt was

Going as far as he could go, he replaced his tongue with a finger. At
first, I tensed at the feeling of the intruder, but Logan's finger
simply ignored my disapproval.

"Logan, stop it hurts!" I yelled.

He continued to push his finger. "Just a little while longer, Roger."

Suddenly, pleasure shot through my body! I simply melted all over the

"Ugh! Logan...whatever you're doing...keep doing it...ugh!"

He chuckled. "I knew you'd change your mind. All I had to do was find
you prostate."

The pleasure that coursed through my body was indescribable. It
completely made me oblivious to any pain and the intrusion of two more

"I think you're ready for me. Just relax, okay." Logan said soothingly.

Using pre-cum and some KY, he lubed up his rocket of pleasure and my
burning asshole. Placing his cock at my anus, he pushed. Pain shot
immediately shot through my body, but I simply thought of the ultimate
pleasure that I'd get. Relaxing, the head was able to penetrate the
outer muscle. Logan simply stayed still as I got used to it.

"Roger, I want you to push out. Like you were going to take a shit,
okay? When you push out, I'll push in. Okay?"


Bracing myself, I pushed out. I felt his cock move deeper into my bowels
as I pushed. The pain I felt was dull like a fading black and blue as
his cock stretched my anal muscles.

Suddenly, pleasure struck! It was like a damn broke! Waves of pleasure
emitted from the bowels of my rectum. His cock had found and was passing
my prostate. The simple sliding movement his cock made was enough to
send me over the edge.


My own cock stuck in between the bed and my chest simply exploded. Cum
shot out and pasted me to the bed. Meanwhile, Logan used my orgasm to
force the last of his cock into my ass. It felt simply heavenly.

"Shit! Your ass is so damn tight! Time to change that!"

Flexing his cock, I lost all and any coherence I possessed. Pleasure was
all I knew as Logan began to thrust like no tomorrow. In and out, short
and fast, long and slow. It didn't matter how he pounded my ass, just
how deep and how much pleasure he could give me.

For what seemed like hours, Logan fucked me to my hearts content. We
changed positions so many times that I simply lost count, but not
pleasure. We ended up with me on my back, legs in the air, and my man
ramming into me.

"SHIT! I'm gonna cum baby!" Thrusting into me one last time, he shot.

Deep in my heated bowels, I felt his liquid love coat me. Pumping my own
rock hard cock, I too managed to shoot.

"AAAHHH! Fucking A!"

My cock came like I had been celibate my entire life. Ropes shot out,
covering us in a layer of cum.

Exhausted, Logan dropped onto me. "You are such a good fuck! You can
have my cock anytime, Roger. I love you!"

"I love you, too! And I'll take that cock offer, thank you very much!" I
said kissing him.

Resting in each other's arms, we basked in the afterglow of some great

"Did you hear that?" Logan suddenly asked.

"Hear what?"

"Shhh! Listen!"

Silence reigned until we heard a "smacking" sound. Logan removed his
cock and motioned for me to follow him.

"Easier said than done, Logan." I whispered. "My entire body is sore."

Nodding, he moved over and lifted me up in his arms. "I never did carry
you over the threshold." He whispered slyly.

He moved out of the bedroom as quietly as he could. The bathroom light
was on which I thought meant something, but Logan admitted in leaving it

Placing me on my feet, I used Logan for support. "I'm going to be sore
for weeks, but it was worth it." I whispered grinning.

Smiling, we headed down the hall. The sound grew louder as we approached
the living room. It was the undeniable sound of sex. 'But who was having
sex? Did Corbin come home only to find us screwing on his bed?'

Turning the corner, we came face to face with the origin of the sounds.
It was Corbin and Adam fucking! And just like in my dream! Adam was
fucking Corbin!

Our mouth's simply dropped to ground. Corbin was on his back taking it
up the ass! 'Had hell frozen over while we were having sex!? What was
going on?'

Just then, Adam pulled out and exploded all over Corbin's chest, while
his cock erupted and sprayed cum all over the two of them. Gasping for
air, Corbin suddenly became aware of being watched.

"Like the show? I know I did!" Corbin said.

Adam turned around to see whom was he addressing, only to smile when he
saw us. "It's about time you guys finished. We got in, you two were lost
in each other."

Corbin sat up and kissed Adam. "Imagine my surprise when I brought Adam
over for some fun and instead find the both of you having some heavy
duty sex. I was shocked and extremely turned on at the same time. So we
came out here and entertained ourselves."

Breaking out of his shock, Logan spoke first. "But Corbin, Adam was
fucking you! Since when do you take it up the ass? And why Adam?"

"Tonight was the first night. When I saw how much Roger enjoyed having a
cock up his ass, it made me horny and curious. I wanted to know what was
so pleasurable, so here we are." Pointing at Adam, he went on. "As for
Adam, he's the guy I've been seeing since the summer." Grabbing his
hand, he kissed it. "And it's taken me this long to realize that I love

Finally, I understood everything: Adam's come-on line, Corbin's
reaction, and my dream. Smiling, I spoke. "Tonight we all found and
enjoyed the greatest thing in the world, love. Dreams do come true!


Logan and I are possibly the happiest couple we know. We now live
together in the same dorm room until we can afford a place of our own.
Of course whenever we have sex, we have to keep it down. Shitty
architecture! But bad architecture doesn't stop us from having great
sex. We just try to keep the noise level down, while Logan tries to be
gentler, especially if he expects me to be able to get to class the next

Corbin and Adam are now a couple and are also living together. I always
figured Corbin would have met a nice girl and settled down, but instead
he's found a nice guy. I guess that once you have gay sex, you can never
go back.

As for our parents, we suffered some heartbreak. Logan's parents
completely disowned him. He never hears from them and it breaks his
heart. Life can be cruel. Meanwhile, my own parents kicked me out the
house when I told them, but later down the line they became accepting of
Logan and I. It's a pity that I can't say the same for his parents.

And of course, Max and Joseph share in our joy. Life can be so good!


Author's Note:

I'd like to thank all of the people who encouraged me to write this
story. I don't think I would have ever written this story without your
support. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as the first.

In my story, my characters do not use condoms. In my fictional world(s),
there is no such thing as AIDS. In the real world, AIDS is a major
threat, so please protect yourself and your life partner. Use condoms.

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