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10-15-2006, 04:22 PM
Ultimate Humiliation
by taken13

My wife Connie is 28 and we have been married for just over a year but have been together for almost 5 years. Connie is one of those women who is not a classic beauty but is very sexy and most everyone finds her attractive. She has bedroom eyes and loves to please me in any way I desire. She is 5' 6", weighs 115 and her body is exquisite and loves showing it off, especially her 34C chest.

One of the things I love to see is other men and women enjoying the pleasure of Connie's body. This is where our problems started.

Connie and I began going to this club, in southern NJ, where we could join others who have similar desires. One of the fantasies Connie has is to be taken by a man or women without knowing who they are or what they look like. This sensory depravation enhances her overall pleasure and intensifies her orgasms. I guess we could be considered regulars and always seem to have a great time that we can fantasize about until our next visit.

A few week ago, when we arrived at the club we went into the locker room to undress. Connie slipped out of her jeans and tee shirt and was left wearing her red thong and push up bra that made her tits look like they were going to pop out. I blindfolded her, handcuffed her hands behind her back and put a collar around her neck and proceeded to walk her around the club. As I took her for a walk I noticed a lot of stares at my lovely wife and found myself getting aroused at the many wonton looks.

One man in particular caught my eye as someone I know my Connie would go for. He was about 6'2" and was in great shape. He walked into one of the private rooms and I followed. I told her to kneel and wait for further instructions and the two of us left the room to talk. I told him he could have her for the night and she would do whatever he ordered her to do. I then watched him go back into the room and saw the door shut behind him. I was aroused for the next hour or so waiting for her to come out so we could go home and make love.

When we got home I begged her to tell me what happened. She told me that he never spoke but that his hands explored her body. First he touched her tits and rubbed them then we stuck his fingers in her mouth and continued to rub her all over. She said he was very gentle and she was getting wetter and wetter each time his hands touched her. Then abruptly, he stopped and took her bra off and removed her thong. She was now completely naked, blindfolded and helpless. He now took his cock and put it to her lips and she gladly accepted it. She felt him getting harder and harder in her mouth and felt the rhythm of his hips while he fucked her face. He then pulled out and bent her over the bed and entered her from behind. She said he was pretty big and within a minute or two exploded inside her. He then held her in his arms and they lay in bed until he began playing with her until she had a mind shuddering orgasm. He then left and I went into free her and to go home. She said she hoped to run into him again one day.

About a week later Connie came home and seemed a little upset but wouldn't tell me what was wrong. It took me a few weeks to finally hear what was so upsetting to her but I couldn't do anything to help.

She went to work that fateful Wednesday morning and was called into her bosses' boss office. He was known to be very tough and she could not figure out why he would want to see her. She was a secretary and didn't think he even knew who she was. As she was walking to his office she thought of being fired but then thought she was probably just going there to assist him because his assistant was out of the office. Boy, was she wrong.

She walked in, was told to close the door and sit down. He handed her a manila envelope and told her to open it. She did and gasped at what she saw. It was her. Pictures of her blindfolded and handcuffed and in various sexual positions. She started to speak but he held up his hand and told her to shut up. He then told her he was going to send these pictures to everyone in the office as well as her family and neighbors if she did not do exactly what he said. She nodded her head in agreement and she was told to strip. Right there in the office she was told to remove all her clothes. She was shaking and turned on but felt totally unable to do anything but exactly what he told her to do. He told her that she was one of the biggest cock teases in the office and now she would pay for it, and pay for it.

He told her to get on her knees and put her head between her legs and wait for him to return. She heard the door close and was too scared to move. When the door opened it she heard more than one set of footsteps but could not see anything. She was then blindfolded and told to sit up. She did and then felt a cock forcing its way into her mouth and she was ordered to suck it. In a minute or so she felt the warm cum explode into her mouth.

She heard rustling and the door open and close again. Her blindfold was removed and was told that she was now the company cocksucker and that she would never know whose cock was in her mouth. She was told to get dressed and get back to work until she was called again.

The humiliation she felt and feels as she walks through the office every day is overwhelming and all the while never knowing if the glances / stares at her are because they know what she has become.

10-15-2006, 05:22 PM
Robin, I have a question. Do you write these or find them? If you write them, Iam impressed. PM me, ok?..Gary

10-15-2006, 06:24 PM

Nice story! ^_^

10-16-2006, 03:21 AM
Robin, I have a question. Do you write these or find them? If you write them, Iam impressed. PM me, ok?..Gary

I wish that I could say I write them...I find them on the internet and bring them here for everyone to enjoy....

Glad that you enjoy them.....:D

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