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Slaveboy's Punishment By Two Women
by Maxslaveboy

Late one evening Mistress Melanie phoned to say that she required me at 9.00a.m. the next morning. She was very definite in her instructions: "You are not to masturbate tonight. I want you in good condition for tomorrow as my friend, Kath, is coming around early in the morning. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Melanie, " I replied, "I quite understand."

"You haven't met Kath. She's good looking with a nice smooth skin. I know. . .I've roamed all over it." Here she laughed. "She's bi like me and she told me that she hadn't had a man for some weeks, so when I showed her the nude pictures I took of you, she was anxious for you to be here."

"I hope I will please your friend," I said.

"Oh, you will. Kath will see to that. She knows exactly what to do with a naked man. By the time she's finished with you, you will think she's been eating you - especially certain parts of you. She's a phallus worshipper! Make sure you're here on time and perfectly smooth - everywhere - for her inspection."

* * * * * *

When I arrived at my mistress's house the next morning I took off my shoes and left them outside the door before ringing the bell as I always do.

When Mistress Melanie opened the door she looked more sexy than usual with white high heels and a yellow silk blouse with short pleated skirt to match. Her bright red lips parted in a sexy smile as she said, "Come into the lounge. I want you to meet Kath."

As she led the way, her skirt swung from side to side with the swaying of her hips, and my penis started to show its appreciation under my tight shorts.

Mistress's friend was standing in the lounge when we entered. She was a few inches shorter than I with a very sexy body, a little rounder than Mistress Melanie and, as I got to know soon afterwards, she showed a very lively fantasy when it comes to using and humiliating a slave boy. Her dark hair was bunched up on her head with drooping ringlets at the back. She looked in her mid-thirties. "This is Mistress Kath. You will obey her just as you do me of course."

"Yes Mistress. Her word will be my command."

The visitor smiled at this and walked slowly towards me, hips swaying, looking me greedily up and down, especially down. "Mmmmm! You have good taste Mel. I hardly recognise him with his clothes on of course; I've only seen those pics of yours." At this the two women giggled together.

"What do you think of the clothes I made for him?" asked my mistress.

Her friend looked me over with those sexy eyes again. "Yeeeesss! Tight enough to show everything. And what's this?" She bent slightly and put her hand under the leg of my shorts to lift them where the initials "MM" were embroidered."

"A nice touch Mel. It shows clearly who owns him doesn't it?"

She let her hand stray over my crotch. "Mmmmm.. He's getting firm already. I think I shall enjoy my visit today."

My mistress then turned and walked towards the door. "Right. Let's go to the gym. That's where the day begins for Max. I strip him and he kisses my feet, then he starts his work."

"Interesting!" exclaimed the visitor. "Count me in."

As we entered the gym my mistress turned to her friend and smiled. "As you can see, Max is only wearing a top and shorts. As I have you to help me today we can take off one garment each. Now, Kath, which one do you want to strip off?"

Her eyes opened. She gave a little sigh and her eyes lowered to look at my shorts. "Oh, I'd like to take his shorts off please Mel."

My mistress laughed out loud. "Now why does that not surprise me? You man-eater!" They both swayed with laughter at the prospect of my humiliation.

"Right then Max," ordered my mistress. "Arms up. We should strip you naked in one second flat with two of us at it. OK Kath. After three. One... two... threeee!"

My top shot up and my shorts shot down. I stepped out of them and was standing there stark naked before these two sexily dressed women. I put my hands on my head and spread my legs open as I had been instructed. My penis was half way up.

Mistress Kath looked at it with an approving smile. She glanced momentarily at my mistress. "Yes, he's living up to his pictures Mel. Just a short way to go to full erection. Perhaps I can help."

With that she took hold of my penis and started to stroke it with one hand. I felt the gentle movement of her soft skin over my smooth penis. Instantly it grew harder. She looked up and steadily stared into my eyes, enjoying my humiliation.

"Mmmmm... Do you like that Max? You're getting really hard now. I see you insist on him being shaved, Mel. That's good. What I call very naked. I never like pubic hair in my mouth."

She then started to play with my foreskin, moving it on and off the top of my cock and running her finger around beneath it to stimulate me further. By then I was fully erect.

"And now, Max, your usual greeting," said my mistress. "You will kiss the feet of both of us today, of course."

"It will be double my usual pleasure mistress," I replied.

Mistress Kath suddenly picked up her handbag. "Mel, may I take some pictures of this?"

"Yes, of course," she smiled, "and then I'll take some of you. You'll be able to keep them in that special album of yours." They both giggled a lot at this remark. They obviously knew the sort of pictures the album contained!

Mistress Kath took a tiny digital camea out of her handbag and prepared to photograph my mistress being greeted by her naked slave.

I knelt down on the floor and my mistress pressed her sexy foot against my mouth as I kissed it and licked it with my tongue. Then she sat on a chair and I lifted her foot to suck her toes. Finally I pressed the soles of both her feet on my erection. She smiled graciously. Her friend carefully recorded everything on her camera.

Mistress Kath then handed the camera to my mistress and sat on a low table for her greeting. I noticed what sexy feet she had as I bent over and tenderly kissed them. She slid off the table and stood up. She ordered me to lie on my back on the floor to suck her toes. She stood over me and placed each foot over my mouth as my mistress continued to take more pictures. As she parted her legs above me to put each toe in my mouth I had a wonderful view right up between her mini-skirted legs. I could see she was naked beneath the skirt.

Finally Mistress Kath sat in a chair for me to press the soles of her feet against my genitals. She seemed to really enjoy this part and rubbed her smooth feet over my erection getting it harder and harder. Then she ran one foot up and down my shaft as she used the other to play with my testicles. She then instructed me to stand with my legs spread and my hands on my head while she took several photographs of me. She got down on her knees about two feet away from my crotch.

"Now, I want a close-up of your erection and those beautifully hanging testicles so I can get them up life size on my computer screen." They both laughed at my obvious discomfort and humiliation.

When I thought the greeting was over Mistress Kath said. "I would like to see him doggy style. Is that possible?"

"Of course," replied my mistress, and led me to a high table. "Get up here, doggy style Max," she ordered me, "and your knees far apart. Look straight forward!"

Her friend went around me and stopped behind my back. I felt her caress my buttocks and let her finger slide down in between them, using one finger to just penetrate me.

"He has a really sexy and sweet little ass," she said. Then she grabbed my balls and rolled them in her hand. My cock started to throb and I could feel the drips of precum on the top.

"Oh, look, this little slave of yours is horny already. Do you think he'll last the whole afternoon?" She bent down to inspect my wet cock. She took some drops of precum on her finger, sniffed it and licked it off.

"He has a good aroma. I envy you Melanie. You can enjoy him whenever you want. Will you let me empty him later by sucking him off and eating his cum?"

"Of course, darling. Anything you want."


"Yes, anything!"

I felt so humiliated and degraded at these two women deciding between themselves how they were going to use me.

"However," said my mistress, "there is just one condition."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"You've got to make love with me first." Mistress Kath laughed as she threw both arms around my mistress and kissed her full on the mouth for several seconds.

She looked her straight in the eyes. "Mmmmmm... You know how much I love eating your gorgeous body, Mel. Just lead me to the bedroom."

"Ok, slave", Mistress Melanie said, "now walk slowly in front of us up to my bedroom. You know how to sway your butt to please us!" I did as ordered and realised that by walking this way my erection grew even bigger at each step.

Halfway up the stairs my mistress told me to stop and turn around. So there I was standing totally naked with my hands on my head, legs wide apart and a dripping and fully

erect cock in front of two fully dressed women below me. They discussed my body in detail and compared me with some other slaves. They even grabbed my cock and balls to show each other details where I was obviously shaped differently from the other guys they had examined before. Finally, Mistress Melanie gave me a pat on my stomach and told me to continue to her bedroom.

When we entered, Mistress Kath ordered me to stand with my back to the bed and hold both arms straight out in front of me.

"You are to be our clothes hanger, Max," she said as she slowly slid the tip of one finger from the back of my neck down to my butt. "You are to stand there until I tell you to move. You must look straight in front of you. You must not look at us. You may listen and use your imagination, but must see nothing."

"Yes mistress," I replied as I realised how frustrating and humiliating this would be.

I heard both of them kicking off their shoes, then all I could hear was mmmms and aaaaahs and little giggles. Suddenly my mistress's blouse was flung over my arm. I knew that meant she was now topless. A minute or so later her skirt joined the blouse.

"Only one thing remaining," croaked her horny friend. I could tell from the direction of her voice that she was kneeling. I heard the sensuous rustle of silk on skin and a faint oooooohhh! Then Mistress Melanie's panties were placed over my shoulder close to my ear. I could smell her pussy. I instinctively moved my nose towards them to smell them better. Unfortunately Mistress Kath saw me do this and thought I was trying to get a look at them both.

"Did you see that, Mel? Max turned his head to try to peep at us. I instructed him to look straight ahead. Shall we punish him?"

"Slaves are always to be punished for disobedience," said my mistress.

I heard her move and, Several seconds later a folded silk scarf was tied around my eyes. Now I couldn't see a thing.

"Give me a hand with this bench Kath," said Mistress Melanie. "I've thought of a good way to punish him."

They took the clothes off my arm and led me to a low bench which I knew must be near the end of the bed. My mistress opened a door of her wardrobe and I heard her take something out. Her friend made me lie down on my back on the bench. The next thing I knew, a rope was tied tightly around each of my wrists and they were fastened one either side of the bench. Next my ankles were bent back at the side of the bench and roped in place. I was tied naked and helpless on the bench with my head hanging over the one end and my genitals hanging over the other between my widespread legs.

I could do nothing but listen as they both got on the bed. I knew my mistress must be completely naked, so the clothes I could hear being removed must be those of her friend.

I could then hear them starting to play around on the bed laughing and panting and sometimes I could only hear small licking sounds when I imagined that they were licking each others' nipples and other intimate parts of their bodies. Their licking and sucking of their pussies gave a certain sound that got my cock throbbing and I felt more precum trickling down my shaft. It was, as they had planned, a perfect way to punish me. Hearing what was going on without any possibility of seeing it and not able to touch myself. The only thing I could do was to swing a little left and right to tease my cock. After a long while I heard them getting very worked up and realised that they must have gone into a very passionate 69.

Their licking and sucking went faster and faster and they were panting heavily until I heard them coming in a wild grand finale . Afterwards there was silence and I understood that they were just relaxing on the bed. All I could hear was the sound of heavy breathing.

A few minutes passed and then I heard them get off the bed and walk towards me. I felt the heat of their bodies as their naked thighs lightly touched the sides of my head hanging down. My nostrils were assailed by the powerful smell of aroused, open, wet pussy. They leaned across me as they embraced and fondled each other, my head sandwiched in between their thighs.

"Oh, Kath! You feel so good. You tasted good too. There's just one more thing I want before I let you take Max."

"For you, darling, I'll do anything." There was a pause as my mistress turned around and then a gasp from her friend. "Oooooh Mel! A double dildo! Come on, let's do it, right here."

She bent down close to my ear and in a loud whisper said, "And you, Max, my darling slave boy must wait. You must not come. I forbid it until I have your erect penis in my mouth. Then you can shoot everything for me to feast on. I must deny you sexual satisfaction until then."

I was doing my best to control a hard-on that threatened to burst at any moment and I could feel the pre-cum trickling down my vertical member onto my engorged testicles. Then I heard the sound of the double dildo being inserted into their vaginas and felt it resting on my exposed neck.

They started to stroke, slowly at first with grunts and sexual murmurs. I could hear the sliding hands passing over naked flesh. As they increased their speed and intensity they squeezed my head between them and I could feel drops of pussy juice dropping onto my bare skin. Their movements became more urgent by the second as they lurched inside each other. I thought my balls were going to explode with unsatiated sexual desire, when, suddenly, with low, groaning screams they both climaxed together and I felt the juice pouring over my mouth and chin as the feminine smell of sexually aroused women swept up my nostrils.

Mistress Melanie fell back onto the bed and I could hear her heavy breathing, but Mistress Kath was in something of a sexual frenzy and had completely lost control. She quickly lifted her leg over my face to the other side forcing her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth. Then she leaned her naked body right down over mine and took my raging erection into her mouth licking and sucking me as she stroked up and down with her full, sexy lips.

Even as I forced my tongue inside her wide open vagina and sucked out her flowing juice, I shot my load into her enveloping mouth. She moaned in ecstacy as again and again she sucked me.

"Feed me more!" she cried out. I poured a second issue of cum into her, then a diminishing third ejaculation. My relief was fantastic. I felt drained and sucked dry as my tongue did its last few swirls inside her open vagina.

Her naked wet body sagged onto mine. "Oh Max. You taste so good. You really do."

My mistress stood up and removed my blindfold. I looked up at her gorgeous naked shining body and then, straight in front of me I saw the gleaming dark area of Mistress Kath's open sex.

She slowly lifted up my now flaccid penis and let it drop between my legs. "Somehow I don't think he's going to be of any use to us for the rest of the day Mel," she said with a giggle.

My mistress gave a short laugh. "No. But you seemed to enjoy the feast."

She stood over me and brushed her hand slowly over my damp hair. "And now, Max, you can consider your punishment at an end."

I'd been humiliated, demeaned and punished by these two women, but I suddenly thought - punishment? I could think of much worse ways of being punished.

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