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Becoming A Whore: First Trick
by black saphire

Vivienna's heart pounded as she stepped into the plush lobby of the Sheraton. She looked around and was relieved that she wasn't drawing any attention to herself. Why should she, she thought to herself. After all, no one knew the reason she was there. She was just another face in the crowd. Relaxing a little, she walked over to the elevator and pressed the button. Her first 'call' was about to begin.

Jason had mentioned that he was a regular client. "Comes down for business every year, right about this time," was how Jason had put it. He had cautioned Vivienna that Peter Langford was rather old. He also said that one of Mr Langford's requirements was for a new girl each time. He apparently didn't like repeat performances.

Vivienna tightened her overcoat around her as she stepped into the elevator. She pressed the button for level 23 and breathed in deeply as the doors closed and the elevator started its ascent. In a matter of seconds, she felt the elevator slowing. The chime of a bell signified the arrival at the 23rd floor before the doors opened.

Her heels left a soft impression in the thick carpet as she noiselessly made her way to the suite at the far end of the corridor. She checked her call slip to make sure she had the correct number before pressing the doorbell. A deep voice answered from within.

"Its open. Come on in."

Vivienna turned the handle and walked in. The room was large and palatial. Large windows ran along the length of one side of the room. The view was stunning with the myriad colours of the city lights flickering below. The room itself was luxurious. Deep set plush carpeting, a sizeable sofa set and even a small study area with another couple of chairs and a large desk.

"Good evening my dear. Langford. Peter Langford." A tall, greying man proffered his hand.

She gave Peter a quick once over. He was tall but slightly slouched. He was clean shaven and his hair was black with streaks of grey at the sides and some at the top. There was a small bald patch on the top of his head. His eyes were bright with crows feet at their sides. His mouth was wrinkled at the sides too. Jason had been right. Peter Langford was old but there was something oddly attractive about him. Vivienna put his age at around 60. She also noticed the expensive designer clothes.

"Hi." Vivienna smiled, accepting his hand in hers. "I'm Vivienna."

Peter Langford was pleasantly surprised at her firm handshake. Not many women bothered with the formalities of a good handshake. This showed good upbringing and culture.

"May I take your coat?" He offered. Vivienna slipped off her overcoat and handed it to Peter. He proceeded to hang it on the coat rack, arranging it neatly as he did so. He turned to look at Vivienna.

"Very nice." Peter remarked softly. Vivienna was wearing a short, tight fitting, sleeveless black dress that showed off her figure nicely. "Would you mind turning a circle for me."

As she pirouetted, Peter gazed admiringly. The top of the back of her dress was sheer, showing of some skin, just until below her shoulders. The dress really didn't hide much, accentuating her slim hips and tight ass. Her ample bosom peeked out of the low cut front, showing deep cleavage. Her long legs were encased in smoky black stockings ending up in black stiletto heels. All in all, she made a very impressive sight.

Vivienna placed her hands behind her back. "Shall I take this off too?" she asked seductively.

"Plenty of time for that yet, my dear." Replied Peter with a smile. "Can I offer you a drink first?"

"A glass of wine would be nice." Vivienna answered, noticing the wine bottle on the table. She was somewhat taken aback that Mr Langford didn't want to get down to business straight away. At the same time though, she was flattered that he treated her with respect. Like a real lady rather than just a call girl.

"Sit down, make yourself comfortable." Peter laughed as he poured out the wine. "Let's chat. Let me get to know you. I'm too old to just fuck you all night.... Although I wish I could."

The last sentence was said softly but Vivienna still picked it up. She felt a flutter in her belly knowing that she had such an effect on this man. She sat down and took the glass of wine offered by Peter. She waited for him to raise his glass in a toast before taking a sip of her own wine. Peter was impressed at the behaviour of this girl. She was obviously well bred, knowing the proper customs of society. Not like some of the other girls he had been with – guzzling their wine before he could even clink glasses with them.

They chatted together while sipping on their drinks. Conversation flowed freely although Peter did most of the talking. He explained how he had married young, marrying his childhood sweetheart. Fate had dealt him a cruel blow and he was widowed at 40, losing his wife in a car accident. His two children were both married and living with their families in Europe.

He owned two companies with offices all over the world. Although he now left the running of them to his staff, he made it a point to visit each and every office at least once a year. That was why he was here.

"It gets kind off lonely." Peter smiled softly. "And I do really enjoy the company of women!"

Vivienna sidled up closer to Peter, "And what exactly do you like Mr Langford?" Her fingers lightly traced patterns on his arm.

"Many things my dear, many things." Peter said absently as his hand covered hers and their fingers intertwined. "Mostly I love pleasing a woman. Once you get to my age, it gets.... Well it gets difficult, if you know what I mean. But there's nothing quite like the look on the face and the moans of a satisfied woman."

"I'm not quite sure I understand."

"Well, let me be blunt." Peter laughed softly as he drew her close. "Its like this. I don't get it up that easily anymore. And when I do, I don't last as long as I used to. So, there are other ways to please a woman. My tongue, my fingers...you get the idea. What's of prime importance to me is your satisfaction. That gives me satisfaction. It comes with age my dear."

"So you're saying that you're more interested in me cumming than you are?" Vivienna murmured quietly.

"No, I'm interested in cunming too." Peter laughed. "But I'm more interested in watching you squeal and scream out as your body shakes in orgasm. Then I can squirt my seed – and I might just want to do it on your face!"

"You can do it wherever you want." Vivienna cooed as she felt a tremor of excitement course through her. Peter's fingers stroked her head softly, playing with her hair. He inhaled her sweet fragrance, a mix of soap and perfume. He glanced down at the deep furrow of her cleavage and he could feel a stirring deep in his loins.

Peter pulled Vivienna toward him and pulled her stockinged feet onto his lap. His firm hands gripped her feet and lightly squeezed them. He placed his thumbs under her soles, lightly massaging them and eliciting a response from Vivienna. He noticed her breath quicken and she pressed her body deeper into the sofa.

"Mmmm..." she cooed. "That's nice. You've got nice hands."

"Registered with the FBI." Peter laughed as his hands continued to work their magic on her feet. His fingers plied and tweaked her feet and then moved up to her ankles. Slowly, little by little, he massaged her legs softly. He would apply pressure at certain places on her legs and at other places he would just softly caress her. He heard her moan softly as his fingers touched the bare flesh of her inner thigh, just above where her stockings ended.

Peter spend some time caressing her soft skin, working his fingers ever so slowly higher and higher. Her legs opened wider, allowing him greater access and when his fingered reached the lacy gusset of her panties, he found them wet with her juices.

"Seems like someone is a little excited." Peter teased as his hands gripped the elastic band of her panties and gently pulled them down. Vivienna raised her ass and pulled her legs closer to make it easier for her panties to slide off. He raised her skirt over her waist and gasped softly as he noticed her shaved pussy. There was a small tuft of hair on her mound but everything else was cleanly shaved. The lips of her vulva were thick and protruded out, almost staring at him. He noticed beads of moisture on her vulva and Peter felt a lump grow in his throat.

Peter raised the hem of her dress higher and Vivienna raised herself slightly.

"Take off your dress." Peter urged, his hands already reaching behind Vivienna to lower the zip. Vivienna stood and let the dress slip of her shoulders and down to the floor. She stepped out of the dress, almost ****** a show of it. She bent forward at her waist, offering her bra encased breasts to Peter. He liked how her smooth, firm breasts spilled out of the lacy black half cups. He pulled the cups down over her breasts, his eyes gleaming as her nipples poked out erect at him.

He pulled himself toward her and placed his mouth on her left nipple as his hands snaked behind her back. In one deft motion, he unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. He inhaled the aroma of her perfumed body as he nuzzled on her breasts. His hands massaged her back while his tongue flicked against her hard nipple. His hands moved downward to cup her arse cheeks and pull her even closer to him.

He opened his mouth wider to take in more of her breast. He sucked hard, as if trying to draw milk out if it. His hands kneaded her butt cheeks and then he prised them apart. His fingers teased the rosebud of her puckered asshole as his other hand dipped lower to lightly strum her wet slit.

Vivienna's breath was quickening and she closed her eyes, enjoying the ministrations to her body. Peter's finger stroked her throbbing vulva and she gasped as he slowly slipped it into her slit. The inside of her pussy was hot and wet, almost creamy. He moved his finger inside, exploring her moist cavern. She was moaning softly now in response to his probing finger. Vivienna opened her legs wider as he slipped another finger into her. His other hand was still teasing her arsehole and she could feel hot flickers of flame starting in the pit of her stomach.

Peter curled his fingers inside her, locating the rough ridge of flesh on the upper pussy wall. He pressed against it and flicked at it lightly, as if scratching her insides. Vivienna tensed as a shudder of excitement shot through her. At that exact moment, Peter pressed his other index finger against her shitter and it popped in.

"Oohhh God!" Vivienna moaned. "What are you doing to me? It feels so good."

"Hush baby." Peter replied softly. "Just enjoy it. Let me do my thing."

He worked his fingers inside her, flicking them teasingly against her g-spot momentarily and then thrusting them in and out of her. He timed the thrust of his finger in her ass together with the stimulation of her g-spot. Her moans became louder and she began to bounce herself on his fingers. Peter bent to look down at her pussy and was delighted to see little rivulets of white cream running out of her and onto his hand.

"You're keeping me on the brink." She gasped breathlessly, her eyes closed. Her hips were thrusting against his fingers now. Peter began to finger fuck her ass faster. He pressed the finger against the thin membrane in her ass that separated it from her pussy. She moaned louder. Her body trembled slightly with each thrust of his fingers and Peter decided it was time to make her cum.

He jammed his palm against her pussy, applying pressure to her clitoris. His two fingers inside of her curled upward and started flicking incessantly against her g-spot. He increased the pressure of his fingers, being careful to only use the pads of his fingers. The finger in her ass was thrusting in deep and fast. Her stimulated g-spot was causing her pussy to leak out juices and his fingers were ****** a slushing sound inside of her.

Vivienna bit her lip as the feeling in her pussy began to get intense. She had never been stimulated to such heights with only fingers before. Peter was almost scratching at her g-spot now but it wasn't painful – just an intense pleasure. Almost involuntarily, a guttural moan began to emanate from her gaping mouth.

Peter stopped the scratching and now began to pull his fingers hard against her g-spot, almost as if he was drumming on it. Vivienna's moans became louder and she felt her whole body tingle right from her toes. Peter suddenly bent his face forward and sucked on her clitoris. That was all she needed and her thighs spasmed as her stomach glenched.

"Ohh ...Myyyy Godddd!" Vivienna cried out. "Ohhh Fuuuuuccckckkkk! Ohhh. Ohhh.. Aahhhhhhh!"

Vivienna shuddered in orgasm and her thighs spasmed uncontrollably. Peter withdrew his finger from her ass but kept the fingers in her cunt still working. She collapsed forward on to him and he used his free hand to steady her as he leant backward, accepting her weight. He rolled her off him to let her lie on the sofa. He extracted his fingers from her pussy, causing another moan to emanate from Vivienna's mouth. His fingers were wet with white cream covering them.

Peter brought his fingers to his face and sniffed at them. He smiled briefly before sticking each finger into his mouth and sucking her juices off. Vivienna felt another surge of excitement go through her as she watched Peter clean his fingers of her juices.

"Fruity." Peter announced matter of factly as he started to remove his clothes. Vivienna could see his true age now as she looked at his naked body. His chest hair was white with a few strands of black. The skin where his neck met his chest was wrinkly as was his abdomen. His thighs too had slight wrinkles on them and she waited with bated breath as he pulled his white underpants off.

His cock swung between his legs, half aroused. His balls were large and small tufts of grey hair surrounded them. The sacs sagged and were rather wrinkly. His cockhead was a purplish colour that reminded her of fine wine. The skin around his cock was wrinkled too. Age didn't spare anything, not even a lovely cock. Even at his half aroused state, he was long and thick and she knew she would enjoy it ploughing into her cunt. Vivienna raised herself and reached for his cock only to feel Peter's hand gently smack it away.

"I've not finished with you." Peter said mockingly as he knelt down to spread her legs. "A gentleman always eats his lady out."

Vivienna sighed and spread her legs wider, allowing her ankles to rest on Peter's back. She gently stroked his thin head of hair as she felt his hot breath nearing her wet pussy. She watched as he kissed her inner thighs and licked the skin along the crease of her crotch. He kissed her everywhere but on her pussy.

"God, your suck a tease." She moaned. "Lick me. Lick my pussy."

Peter smiled to himself as he carried on licking around her pussy but avoiding her slit and the nub of her clitoris. Suddenly he fastened his mouth over her clit and began sucking it hard.

"Ooohhhhhh." Vivienna moaned at the sudden and unexpected increase in pleasure. She felt her clitoris throb with the sucking motion and her entire pussy seemed to buzz. With his mouth still sucking her clit, Peter's tongue lightly licked at it, heightening the sensations even more. Vivienna thrust her hips against his mouth, urging him to suck her harder.

Peter released the clit from his mouth and swept his tongue up and down, licking her asshole and her gaping slit in one motion. Vivienna moaned louder. She moved her hands down to her vulva and spread them open, allowing Peter greater access to her pussy.

He liked that wanton gesture and he slurped hungrily at her pussy. He worked his tongue magically, dipping into her gash every so often and then sweeping across her clitoris. She was moaning hotly now as she felt her body building up to orgasm. Her eyes fluttered open and shut and she tried to concentrate only on the hot tongue ravaging her.

Peter sensed she was close and he paid particular attention to her clit, licking it fervently but then stopping just as he knew she would cum. He kept doing this, heightening her pleasure and then just as he knew she was at her peak, he licked with small strokes at the base of her clitoris. Her mouth flew open and she groaned loudly. He threw his hands up to her breasts and tweaked her nipples hard as her body arched upwards and she screamed out.

"Nyyeeaaggh......Oooohhhh Oooaaahhhh!"

Her body tensed and her thighs spasmed. She was gasping for air and then suddenly collapsed back on the bed. Her stomach muscles were clenching and tensing and her head rolled from side to side. Peter removed himself from between her legs and lightly stroked her thighs, letting her come down from the mind wrenching orgasm. His own cock had grown to full strength and he was now ready to fuck.

Peter kissed her thighs softly, working his way up to her breasts. He looked at the beautiful face lying before him and bent to kiss her.His mouth came down hard on hers and she could taste her own juices. He pulled her up firmly and guided her to the bed, pushing her back on to it. He raised her legs and positioned her so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. Vivienna raised her head slightly and saw his cock large and erect.

"Oh God!" she rasped. "Its even bigger than I thought."

Peter smiled and nuzzled his cock into position. His cockhead nudged her pussy lips and he slowly thrust into her. Vivienna caught her breath as the prick slowly sliced into her. She could feel the width of his cock stretching her and she moaned softly.

Peter always relished the entry of his cock into a pussy. He had always had a large cock but Vivienna's pussy somehow felt hotter and tighter. His fingering and sucking of her cunt had lubricated her nicely and prepared her for his long, thick schlong. He continued forcing his cock into her and he noticed with satisfaction that her mouth was agape and her eyes wide.

Inch upon lovely inch wedged tightly into her and she felt she would burst. Peter's cock was not only long and thick but it was extremely hard as well. She finally felt his balls slap against her ass and she squeezed her pussy muscles, thrilling herself with his hardness within her.

"Ohhh Wowww." she moaned.

Peter smiled again, knowing she was impressed with his cock. He pulled out of her slowly until the mushroom of his cock head almost slipped out of her and then drilled back into her sopping pussy. Vivienna moaned loudly again. Peter continued the slow in and out fucking and began to speed up slowly once he felt that she was accustomed to his girth.

He spread her legs wider and fucked her harder, thrusting into her tight pussy and causing her to grunt and moan with each thrust. He leaned forward and placed his hands under her shoulders, lifting her up slightly. The angle of her body caused his cock to scrape against her clitoris as he thrust in and out of her.

"Unnh..Yeessss...Oh Goddd!" Vivienna moaned loudly. She wrapped her legs around his back and her feet drummed on his ass in time with his fucking. Peter was still holding back a little and Vivienna sensed it.

"Mr Langford... Peter.....don't be gentle with me.....I won't break."

"Hot damn!" Peter exclaimed. He pulled back and rammed his cock hard into her with a slapping sound. He thrust wildly in and out of her, each thrust causing her to let out a grunt. Her breasts were being jiggling wildly and Peter grabbed on to them for leverage as he fucked her hard.

"Unnnh...Unnnh...Unnnh!" she cried out

Her eyes grew large and bug eyed as his hot cock rammed into her. Her insides felt like molten lava and her fingers clawed at his shoulders. Her long nails dug into his shoulders as she felt her body shudder and spasm.

"Ohh Goddd I'm cummmiinnngggg!" she screamed. Her hips thrust themselves upward and her body heaved. She whimpered as hot jolts of ecstasy engulfed her body. She felt her pussy clamping on Peter's cock and her juices seemed to leak out of her. She was moaned incoherently as her body took over – completely awash in orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, she realised Peter was tweaking her nipples, causing spasms to shoot through her with each tweak. She smiled weakly up at him before realising that his hard pole was still buried in her. Peter smacked her ass gently as he pulled his cock out of her.

"Turn around." He commanded. "get on your fours."

Vivienna turned over and raised herself on all fours. Peter pulled her knees to the edge of the bed and then spread them apart wide. He gently pushed her head forward and downwards and she moved her arms to lower herself. In this position, her ass was raised up high and for a minute she wandered if he was going to fuck her in her bung hole.

Peter placed his cock once again at her well used pussy and this time he thrust into her with one smooth action. Even with all the fucking, her pussy was still stretched by his thick girth and Vivienna felt the air forced out of her lungs. She felt him flex his cock in her, ****** his cock seem even bigger.

Peter began to grunt as he fucked hard into her from behind. His hands gripped her hips and he used them as handles as he fucked hard and deep into her. Vivienna gripped the bedsheet tightly as she felt her body beginning to respond almost immediately to the brutal fucking. She moaned loudly and fucked her hips back against him. Soon, she was practically doing most of the work and fucking back at him.

"Fuck...Fuck.... Fuck!" she cried out. "Fuck me Peter! Fuck meeeee!"

She slowed her hips down, her body tiring and her pussy starting to tighten. Peter sensed this and he picked up the speed. The hot slapping sounds of their fucking filled the room, serving to excite Vivienna even more.

Peter groaned loudly and he felt his balls tighten. He fucked harder into her, one hand reaching under her to rub her clit and the other to assault her breast.

"Gonna cum....yeah....Gonna cum!" Peter grunted.

"Ohh yess.....God Yesss.. Fuck me. Shoot it in my pussy..." Vivienna screamed out. Another orgasm beginning to shake her body. "Fill me ....Fuck me....Give me your seed..Ooooaaahhhhh!"

His cock buried deep into her cunt and started to spew hot wads of jism into her. She cried out loudly as each jolt ignited her own flames further. She could feel his thick cream shooting deep inside her and she squeezed her pussy walls, trying to milk him.

Peter shuddered as his cock spat out the last of its load and he sighed as he slowly eased his cock out of her, relishing the feel of her tight pussy. He stood back to look at the sight before him. His cum was dripping out of her ravaged pussy and down her thighs. She turned her head to look at him, smiling softly. He picked up a towel from the chair nearby and wiped up the cum dripping down her thighs. He cupped her pussy with the rest of the towel and gently guided her off the bed. Vivienna reached up and kissed him softly.

"That was amazing." She cooed. Her fingers reached down to caress his softening cock. "Think I can get more later?"

"We've got the whole night baby." Peter smiled. "Might take me a while, but we've got the whole night."

Vivienna smiled as she knelt on the floor and took Peter's cock in her mouth. A look of surprise came over Peter's face as he felt his cock stirring again........

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