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Sandi’s Erotic Adventures. 14.

Chapter 14. Cliff &Gerry. (Nov 2008.)

Desperate to do a wee the car had barely come to a standstill before I was out and dashing into a stretch of woodland beside the lay-by. A quick look around and it was skirt up, panties down, and breathing a sigh of relief I squatted. However, while wiping myself afterwards I heard the sound of clapping and looking up saw two grinning guys standing beside a large tree watching me. Mine had been the only car in the lay-by so I suppose I'd only given the area a cursorily look in my desperation to pee.

"You startled me!" I said standing up. "Thought I was alone."

"Evidently," one of the grinning guys said.

The second guy was unzipping then, commenting that as they'd watched me it was only fair that I watch him in return.

I was just standing there, panties still down around my knees watching the guy urinating, and thinking I must have been desperate not to have been aware of them before.

Meanwhile the first guy moved closer and slipping behind me said, "I don't need a piss so perhaps I'll amuse myself in other ways while waiting for Cliff to finish."

His hands came round to cup my breasts and I could feel the guy's hard cock as he pushed up to me.

(It turned out that the two guys, probably in their late twenties, lived in the village a couple of miles away and were out ferreting. They had all the paraphernalia, nets and ferrets, connected with the sport, if such it can be called.)

Cliff had finished by this time and approached us, his cock still hanging out. Maybe I was still in a state of shock because when the first guy, Gerry, hiked my skirt up I just stood and passively allowed Cliff's hand to delve between my thighs.

"Her cunt's still wet from pissing," he informed his friend.

"That or she wants fucking Cliff; I think we've got a right randy bitch here. Let‘s give her a good seeing to."

"I must continue my journey lads," I told them, not wanting to be thought too easy, but was ignored anyway, the guys stripping me naked. They even had my stockings and suspender belt off! Fortunately it was an unusually mild and sunny day for early November.

Unmoved and unconvinced by my feeble protests Cliff picked me up and carried me to a small clearing much deeper into the wood, Gerry following with my clothes but leaving their ferrets behind. I was deposited, none too gently actually, onto a patch of grass where I just lay watching the men stripping off. Naked, they stood either side grinning down at me, two big erections jutting out from their bodies. Cliff pushed his cock towards my face saying, "Lick my cock clean of piss and I'll do the same to your juicy cunt."

"We're both going to fuck you whether you want it or not, but I think you do, you're as randy as hell," Gerry informed me. "Either way you're going to do everything we tell you."

I was licking Cliff's cock then knowing it would be useless to resist, and not really wanting to anyway as I was experiencing a delicious sort of excitement in my helplessness. These guys were going to have me, roughly if need be. Holding Gerry's cock I continued to lick and suck Cliff's until he pulled away. He then lay down on the grass and I squatted over his face eager to feel a tongue on my cunt, any tongue! While Cliff licked me there I kissed Gerry's cock before sucking it. Soon though he pulled away and moving to my rear pushed my face down. His hands spread my buttocks and then, wonder of wonders; he began licking my anus while Cliff continued doing the same to my cunt. I was in heaven and the guys knew it. In no time at all I was yelling my joy as the intense stimulation caused me to experience multiple orgasms.

"Dirty bitch, you can do the same to me now," Gerry said kneeling in front of me and pushing his bottom in my face.

Palming his bum cheeks I spread them apart and applied my tongue to Gerry's anus. At the same time Cliff, who had wriggled from beneath me, was licking mine!

Next, he too knelt in front of me and I found myself licking both guys bum holes alternately.

Fired up now, the guys rolled me onto my back and I watched excitedly while they argued about who had me first. Gerry won the argument and I spread my legs really wide when he mounted me.

"The slut wants it as much as we do!" he shouted, making me squeal as he drove his cock into me.

Watched by Cliff, Gerry fucked me mercilessly and I yelled hysterically to feel his cock powering in and out of my cunt. Urged on by Cliff he didn't last long but directly he rolled clear the second guy took his place. Again I yelled ecstatically as a cock drove into me. Cliff licked and sucked my nipples while he fucked me, his thrusts slower than Gerry's, and I clung to the guy moaning happily. Cliff lasted a lot longer too and by the time he ejaculated inside me I'd experienced my own orgasm.

Getting to his feet Cliff began dressing and the already clothed Gerry rolled me over onto my tummy. He then began spanking me! I loved it and realising the fact Gerry laughed.

“So this is what you’re up to. We found the ferrets and wondered where you’d gone.”
The voice belonged to one of two guys who had appeared unnoticed and were obviously friends of Cliff and Gerry.
“Putting our cocks up this tarts cunt seemed more interesting than putting ferrets down a rabbit hole,” Gerry said.
“Hi Terry, Paul. Get stuck in, the tart will take another couple of cocks,” Cliff said. “She’s probably had more pricks than a pincushion.”
Exchanging grins the two newcomers rapidly stripped off and flipping me over onto my back Gerry snarled, “Spread your legs for our mates and then I’m going to take another turn.”
He too began undressing again and Cliff followed suit. It was turning into a gangbang!

Terry, trousers and underpants round his ankles, mounted me, his cock driving forcefully inside my already very wet cunt. I yelled and continued doing so as he fucked me roughly.
“Hear how the tart loves it,” Cliff said.
“Yea, she’s like a bitch on heat,” Gerry added.

Terry soon finished and rising to his feet I saw him wiping his cock on my knickers before my view was blocked by Paul coming down on top of me. Again I yelled my joy as a cock drove into me.

And so it went on. I’ve no idea how many times I was fucked by the laughing men but when it was over I received another spanking, this time from Paul after I’d been placed face down over a fallen tree.

It was when looking in my bag for tissues that I saw my open purse and realised they'd taken the £30 I knew to be in there, hence their laughter as they ran off. Presumably the spanking had been done to keep me occupied so that I wouldn't notice the theft until it was too late.

Raped and robbed? Well robbed certainly, but raped? Not really as the guys knew pretty much from the outset that I was willing but the rather forced nature of the sex certainly thrilled me and, strange as it may seem, more or less compensated for the monetary loss. They hadn't taken my cards or anything else from the bag so I felt that maybe the experience had been worth £30!

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