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10-17-2006, 03:52 PM
Triple Play
by rthnck

How do I make my wife's triple-penetration fantasy a reality without involving other people? The question had seared through my brain as I lay in bed recovering from another energetic night of passion, admiring, in the dim light, the outline of my beautiful and very naked wife, happily enjoying her post-orgasmic sleep.

And now, here it is, a month later and my unsuspecting wife is ready and waiting for me to ravage her. I step back to admire my handiwork. She is kneeling on the bed with her head and shoulders on a pillow and a leather blindfold covering her eyes. My gaze is focused on her upturned buttocks lewdly displaying her tight puckered hole and hot, wet pussy. Her wrists and ankles are securely cuffed to a spreader-bar that ensures she will stay wide-open for what she assumes will be my nice hard cock. Already I can see the lips of her pussy getting wetter by the minute. The scent of her arousal begins to fill the room.

I trace my finger down between her cheeks and smile at her sharp intake of air and moan of anticipation. My tongue begins it's exploration of her moist folds, preparing her for a whole new experience. I take my time, tracing the outer lips and then delving deeper into her labia, tasting her excitement until at last, I am smothered in her flesh with my tongue buried in her sweet hole. My fingers sweep over her clitoris and I watch with delight as her hands clench and unclench in ecstasy.

The tight pucker of her asshole beckons and I lavish the appropriate attention to this tightest of holes. With fingers and tongue, I slowly open her up while continuing to tease and stimulate her pussy which is literally dripping with anticipation. But saliva is not enough for this evening's plans and before too long she is breathing deeply again as the cool touch of the anal lube bathes her quivering hole. I massage the lube all around and marvel as her tight hole appears to wink at me, opening and closing and sucking at my questing fingers. Soon enough, I have three well-lubed fingers sliding into her ass while my other hand cups her juicy pussy, flicking delicately at her distended clit. I know that she is climbing toward her first orgasm as the heat from her pussy warms the air between her wide-spread legs.

My fingers continue the reaming of her ass as I reach back to slide a chair into position. She moans in disapproval as my hand leaves her pussy.

"Fuck me now," she pants desperately. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep!"

I chuckle to myself. She has no idea. My cock is so hard right now, that it hurts.

The lube glistens on the double-penetration dildo that is now positioned behind my thrusting fingers. The light reflects off the metal shaft connecting the dildo to the tool-box fucking machine secured to the chair. I remove my fingers and slide the dildos forward filling her pussy with the larger one as the smaller one neatly slides into her well-lubricated asshole. I watch as both holes clamp down tight on the hardness now filling her.

"I want YOUR cock! Now!" she hisses. But even as she says this, her hips are pushing the dildos deeper into their respective holes. Her knuckles are white on the spreader bar and her toes are curled.

I scramble onto the bed and left her head off the pillow. Pre-cum cascades down my cock and she opens her mouth wide and plunges forward, desperate to fill it. My hand trembles on the control for the machine.

With an audible gulp she fills her mouth with my hard shaft and I surge upward to push it to the back of her throat which serves to impale her on the shafts embedded in her pussy and ass. At that moment I toggle the control and the machine surges to life and begins to slowly fuck my wife with robotic precision. Even with her moans muffled by my cock in her mouth, I know that she is getting what she has always fantasized about. All of her holes filled with cock. Airtight. She is trembling all over as her orgasm approaches like a runaway freight train. I keep one hand on the back of her head and ravage her mouth while I slide my other hand down her side to flick at her stiff nipples.

She lifts her mouth off of my cock and long panting moan fills the room. I hold her head with both hands and push myself deep into her mouth, cutting off the noise.

The machine plows into her pussy and ass relentlessly and as her orgasm peaks, I toggle the speed to "high" and revel in her excitement. My cock is slick with her saliva and I match my pace to the machine. The dam breaks and the orgasm of a lifetime begins. My cock is buried in my wife's throat and she is struggling to get even more of it into her gulping mouth as it swells with my approaching orgasm. She is babbling incoherently as her extended orgasms sweeps over her. There is no rest. No delay, just a continual pounding of all her holes. Her back is slick with sweat as she struggles to keep sucking while orgasms sweep up and down her body.

I am fucking her mouth savagely as the first jets of cum fill her gulping throat. Another orgasm rips through her as she struggles gamely to take everything I can give her. She swallows my load and pulls back so that she can taste the next spurt but as my orgasm continues, I push her back down on my pulsing shaft shooting it right down her throat. The third spurt fills her mouth and she opens wide to let it pour over my shaft so that she can lick it off.

I toggle the machine to "slow" as her tongue raps around my cock and tiny orgasms continue to pulse through her trembling body.

Her mouth releases my cock and I lean back and hit "stop". Fantasy fulfilled.

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