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10-17-2006, 04:20 PM
Using His Sister
by Dalejr

Nick Melburn strutted through the halls of his high school, trying to act like the "big shot" he wanted to be. As an 18 year old senior, Nick expected to be more popular but, as he waved to person after person, he was ignored. He just couldn't make friends and his strut soon turned to a defeated walk with his head down and his shoulders hunched. He would give anything... do anything... to be popular.

"Hey Nick," someone shouted from behind the teenager.

Nick spun around to see Jerry Macks briskly walking towards him. Jerry was a wide receiver on the football team and very popular. Was he the one who called Nick's name? Jerry had never given him the time of day in the past.

"Nick, how's it hanging?" the football player asked when he was a couple of feet away.

"Um, uh... okay, I guess," Nick sputtered.

"Hey buddy," Jerry said jovially as if they had the friendship the lonesome teen always desired, "I was wondering if you can do me a favor." Before Nick could even respond, the popular boy continued, "You have a sister named Susan... right?" Nick nodded his confirmation. "How 'bout setting her up with me?"

Nick was speechless for a moment and then responded, "Susan is in college. She doesn't date high school boys. She's 20 years old and...."

"Yeah, yeah, so what? I'm 18 and will be in college next year... on a full football scholarship. So what's a couple of years? Huh? Listen, will you set it up?"

"I-I-I c-can't. She'd never go for it."

"Look, a bunch of us are going to the Joint after school. Do you wanna come along?" Jerry asked, changing the subject.

The Joint was a combination arcade/junk food place that was a very popular hangout. It was the break Nick was looking for. With Jerry as his "sponsor" he might become more popular.

"S-Sure... yeah, I'd love to," Nick said enthusiastically.

"Good, I'll meet you outside the gym after school and we'll go over together. See you then," he said as he disappeared as quickly as he arrived.

At the end of the school day Nick waited apprehensively by the gym. He wanted desperately to believe that one of the most popular boys in school would meet him there, but it was already 5 minutes past the hour and he was about to give up hope. Standing hunched over kicking a broken pencil around on the floor, Nick's head jerked up when he heard his name.

"Nick, c'mon, let's go," Jerry said boisterously.

The lonely teen followed the football star to the Joint where he disappeared into the noisy crowd. But Jerry made an effort to bring Nick into many of the conversations and activities. The others were hesitant to include the "loser", but with Jerry's coaxing Nick seemed to become part of the "in crowd" and he had the best time of his life.

When everyone was leaving, Jerry turned to Nick and said, "Don't forget to set me up with your hot sister, OK?"

Nick looked dumbfounded but simply nodded his head and said, "Sure," and then, as he walked home alone, wondered how.

* * * *


Nick was taken aback by his sister's outburst. He asked her if she'd go out with one of the star football players from his school. By the time he regained his composure he heard Susan's bedroom door slam shut.

Nick was incensed. For the first time in his life he hung out with the popular kids and had a great time. He wanted to do it again, but his damn sister was the key and she wasn't cooperating. He had to get her to go out with Jerry... no matter what. He wracked his brain and then came to a conclusion.

Nick quietly stood in front of his older sister's door. His hand hovered above the doorknob, trembling with trepidation. Could he actually do what he had planned? Could he go through with it? Do it to his own sister? His hand shook more and more as beads of sweat accumulated on his forehead. Then, with a burst of energy, Nick opened the door and stormed into his sister's bedroom... changing her life forever.

"Wh-What? Nick, what are you...? Get out of my room!!"

Her younger brother ignored her and went straight for her dresser. He opened the second drawer from the top and began digging through her colorful panties. Susan jumped from the bed and tried to close the drawer, but her much stronger brother pushed her so hard she fell backwards onto the bed, arms and legs flaying. While attempting to regain her poise, Susan froze as her brother found what he was searching for.

Nick held up her marijuana, and other drugs and paraphernalia. Susan tried to grab them, but Nick once again pushed her back onto the bed.

"How'd you know they were...?" the flustered girl started to ask and then said aghast, "...you've been messing with my panties. You're a sick boy, you pervert!"

"Susan, I need you to go out with Jerry."

"Are you out of your mind? I don't date high school kids. Jesus, I'm 20 years old and in college. I date men!"

"Look sis... just this one time. Please?"

"No fucking way!"

Then after a brief pause Nick said, "Then I'm telling Mom and Dad about this," waving the drugs.

"You can't. My god, they'll kill me. They'll stop paying for school. Please don't tell them."

"I won't if you go out with Jerry."

"FUCK!! All right, I'll do it. Fuck you, Nick! I can't believe you're blackmailing your own sister."

"And you're going to act like you like the date."

"Yeah right!"

"Really. If Jerry thinks you didn't want to go out with him then the deal is off. I won't get to hang out with the popular kids and then I'll tell Mom and Dad. Do we have a deal?"

Susan thought about it for a while and felt one date wouldn't kill her. She'd act the part and be friendly with the high school punk. She agreed to his terms.

* * * * * The day of the date with Jerry, Susan looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She usually dressed up and tried to look older and sophisticated, but there was no way she was going to do that for an 18 year old high school kid... no way. So she put on a pair of worn jeans and a knit sweater, with hardly any makeup on at all. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She still looked stunning, but more like a high school student than a college student.

The doorbell signaled her "date" had arrived, but she was going to be as uncooperative as possible. She waited on her bed until her brother announced Jerry. "Thank god Mom and Dad aren't home," she said under her breath before drudging down the stairs.

When she turned the corner to the front hall, Susan suddenly stopped. She stared at the boy before her. At 6'3" and 205 pounds of muscle, Jerry was a formidable figure. His longish, dark wavy hair, blue eyes, cute smile, and tan complexion made him quite handsome.

"Hi, I'm Jerry," the high school senior said very confidently, extending his hand.

Susan shook the boy's hand and felt its strength. He didn't squeeze her hand hard enough to hurt her, but his handshake was very powerful. Susan felt a tingle throughout her body. Then she remembered he was two years her junior and abruptly pulled her hand back.

"Nice to meet you," she lied, and then quickly added, "let's go." She left out the last part going through her head, "...and get this over with."

The evening was a drag for Susan. They went to a low budget horror movie, not suited for the more "mature" woman. During the movie Jerry's hand kept wandering over Susan's body and she kept pushing it away, thankful of the darkness. When the movie ended Susan believed the date was over and she'd be taken home. During the car ride her mind was occupied on many things, none of which involved Jerry.

"Hey, where are we?" the startled Susan asked when the car pulled into a secluded area.

"Just thought we'd get to know each other a little better," the smug teen replied.

"No way! Shit, I haven't parked in years. Take me home!"

Jerry ignored her and leaned over her body, pressing his mouth to hers. He tried to force his tongue inside her mouth, but Susan locked her lips and tried to push the football player away. Jerry's hand cupped Susan's breast and roughly mauled it. Susan tried to protest, but when she opened her mouth Jerry stuck his tongue inside and began moving it around... searching for Susan's tongue.

Susan couldn't believe what was happening. She was parked like a teenager and a boy, younger than her, was forcing himself upon her. His tongue found its way into her mouth and his hand was squeezing her breast. She struggled to get free, but the boy was too strong. Then she felt her sweater being lifted and her bra pushed up over her breasts. Jerry's mouth left hers only to drop lower and cover her tit. When he began sucking her breast and flicking her nipple with his tongue, Susan pounded on his back with her fists. Jerry finally pulled away.

"What's your problem?" the football star, used to getting his way with girls, asked.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Susan screamed.

Jerry looked at the older girl next to him. In the moonlight he could clearly see her large naked breasts heaving in either anger or passion... or both. He was not used to a girl rejecting his advances. After all, he was Jerry Macks, an All-American wide receiver.

"Nick set this up," Jerry whined. "He said you wanted to go out with me."

Susan thought back to her brother's threats. She did agree to make believe she enjoyed the date, but she never considered having sex. Jerry was still in high school, for god's sake. He was a kid, like her baby brother. But if she pissed Jerry off he would take it out on Nick and then she'd be in trouble.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Susan apologized, "it's just that you came on so strong. Why don't you just take me home?"

"Bullshit! I have a fuckin' boner that needs attention. You're not leaving me like this."

Susan thought about her options. She was in the middle of nowhere, miles from home. Her brother was blackmailing her and she knew that if she didn't please this high school brat she would piss Nick off.

"Okay, get it out. I'll take care of your, um, problem," Susan gave in.

Jerry immediately pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. Susan actually gasped when she saw his hard-on... it was at least 8 inches and very thick. For a moment she wondered what it would feel like inside her, but then she forced the thought out of her mind. Giving a teenager a hand-job would be degrading enough. She wrapped her hand around Jerry's cock and began stroking it. She noticed Jerry staring at her still exposed breasts and was about to pull her sweater down, but then thought it would get him to cum faster and end her ordeal so she let him look.

"You give a shitty hand-job," Jerry said.

"I beg your pardon," Susan said indignantly.

"I've had better hand-jobs from junior high school girls. And you're a college chick. Use your mouth... suck me off."

"I will not!"

"You will... or else you'll be sorry."

Susan wasn't sure of the threat's intent -- was he going to become physical or was he going to be mad at Nick -- but she didn't want to find out. All she wanted was for this "date" to be over and behind her. She leaned towards Jerry and held his cock vertically in front of her face. "It is a nice big one," she secretly thought.

Susan opened her mouth and slid it over the huge organ. She lowered her face towards his lap, swallowing several inches of the throbbing meat. Then she clamped her lips tightly around the warm flesh and dragged them upwards towards the tip. Up and down... up and down her head moved, bringing moans and grunts from Jerry.

Pulling her head up and looking at Jerry, Susan said, "I don't eat cum. Tell me when you are ready... okay?"

The teen nodded his acknowledgement and Susan stuffed his cock back into her mouth. She sucked on the head for a moment and then swirled her tongue all over it. When Jerry began humping his hips upwards, Susan grabbed the base of his cock in her fist and quickly moved her mouth up and down the remaining part of the shaft. She knew he was close and couldn't wait for him to tell her he was ready.

Jerry's movements became more erratic, his ass bouncing off the car seat. Susan's eyes glanced upwards at the teen's face -- it was scrunched up as if in pain. She knew he was about to cum and quickly moved her head upwards. But just as quickly, maybe a bit faster, Jerry put his strong hands on the top of her head and pulled her towards his crotch.

Susan felt the massive hands halting her retreat so she put both hands on the car seat for leverage to push away. Unfortunately, when she removed her fist from the base of Jerry's cock, it eliminated any control she had over the depth of penetration. The strong hands on her head pulled her face downward into Jerry's lap. Susan's eyes widened when she felt his hard cock slide into her throat. She gagged, but then instinctively began breathing out of her nose. Jerry's hips continued to jerk upwards, smashing his pubic hair into her nose and his cock down her throat.

Susan felt the cock throbbing and knew what was coming. She desperately tried pulling free, but she was held tightly in place. Then she felt it... the first hot slimy load of sperm enter her throat. She gagged and began choking when the second load entered her throat. Thankfully for her, Jerry heard her gagging and slightly released his hold on her. Susan pulled back but, when Jerry's cock left her throat, he once again held her firmly in place. The third discharge filled her mouth with hot cum. When the fourth erupted inside her mouth, Susan was forced to swallow what had already accumulated. Load after load flooded her mouth and then was swallowed. Just when Susan thought it would never end, Jerry's cock stopped ejaculating. Susan pulled back and collapsed into the passenger seat. She was coughing and sputtering, cum spewing from her nose and mouth. When she finally caught her breath she looked scornfully at her teenage ravager.

"You fucking bastard!" she yelled, discharging more cum onto her lips and chin. "I told you I don't do that."

Jerry just smiled at Susan and then said, "Tough, that's the way I like it."

"Fuck you!!" she screamed.

"No, it's time to fuck you," he quietly retorted.

Susan became deafeningly quiet and then said, "No... you can't fuck me. That I won't allow. No way!"

"I never leave unless the girl cums. What kind of gentleman would I be if I did that? So you have to cum... and then I'll take you home. I can bring you off or you can do it yourself while I watch. Your choice."

"I don't want to cum. I had enough," she responded indignantly.

"I would love to get my fingers inside your pussy, but if you want to do it yourself... well, that's your call. So what's it to be?"

There was no way Susan was going to let this arrogant high school kid touch her again so she said, "Okay, I'll do it myself."

"Great, but I want to see it all. Leave your tits exposed and pull your jeans and panties down to your ankles. I want to look at your body when you do it."

Susan was about to argue but relented. She submissively arranged her clothes so that she was naked from her shoulders to her ankles. She put her finger in her mouth to moisten it and felt the slimy remains of Jerry's cum. Her wet finger found her clit and began rubbing it. When she felt the moisture between her legs, Susan moved her finger down and slipped it between her pussy lips, sliding it up and down. Then, on one downward motion, she slipped it into her cunt and began moving it in and out. Soon thereafter, a second finger joined the first. She was now finger-fucking herself in a car while a high school boy watched. She was utterly humiliated.

Susan's aroused scent filled the small compartment of the car, and the squishing sounds her fingers made thrusting in and out of her pussy were obscene. She opened her eyes and glanced at the boy next to her. He was once again fully erect and pumping his large cock. He was jerking off watching her masturbate. How degrading! But she wanted this ordeal to end so she closed her eyes and went back to work. As she got more and more aroused, her knees moved further and further apart, giving Jerry a great show.

Jerry watched the beautiful college girl masturbate. He was rock-hard and moved his fist up and down his shaft. He still couldn't believe an older girl was masturbating for him in his car. While she finger-fucked herself, her other hand was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She began to moan. Then the hand left her breasts and located her clit. While jamming two fingers in and out of her juicy pussy, Susan rubbed her clit in circles with her finger.

Susan felt her orgasm approaching. She moved her fingers in and out quicker and mauled her clit, just the way she liked it. Her eyes were clenched as her body prepared to explode. She rammed her two fingers completely inside her pussy and began thrusting her hips upwards in the classic fucking motion. Her climax hit her hard and she bit her lip in order to suppress the scream.

While her body was shuddering, Susan felt something wet hit her face. Before she was capable of opening her eyes, she was hit again. When her eyes opened she saw a white rope heading her way and then she felt it hit her chin. Jerry was cumming and firing his hot cum through the air and onto her face. When she pulled her hands from her pussy to protect her face, Jerry re-aimed his cock and began shooting hot cum onto her belly and pussy. Instinctively, Susan moved her hands back down between her legs for protection, so Jerry changed his aim once again -- first landing a glob of cum on her breasts and then her face. Each time Susan moved her hands, Jerry aimed towards an unprotected area, eventually depositing cum all over her face, hair, breasts, belly, thighs, and pussy.

When he stopped cumming, Susan straightened her bra, lowered her sweater, and pulled her panties and jeans up over her cum-covered body. Her clothes stuck to her wet skin. She was so ashamed that she sat silently as Jerry drove her home, cum dripping from her face. Using the sleeve of her already ruined sweater, Susan dragged her arm repeatedly across her face, trying to remove the sticky sperm, but knew she wouldn't get it all off.

When they arrived at her house, Susan stormed out of the car, slamming the door behind her. She snuck into the house and quietly made her way to the bathroom where she saw herself in the mirror. She was a mess! Her hair was streaked with white cum, her face was crusty with it, and her sweater was soaked in cum. She lowered her jeans and saw her wet panties clinging to her pussy. She even still tasted the cum in her mouth. Susan cupped her hands in her face and burst into tears.

"Hey Nick, I had a great time," Jerry said exuberantly. "Thanks buddy."

Nick's life seemed to be changing for the better. He was now popular in school, thanks to Jerry -- the All-American wide receiver. Well actually, thanks to his sister for going out with Jerry. The only problem was that Susan wasn't speaking to her brother. But Nick didn't mind that much... after all, they weren't very close before the "date" with Jerry anyway. Of course, Nick had no idea how much Jerry humiliated his big sister -- shoving his huge cock down her throat, cumming in her mouth, forcing her to masturbate in front of him, and cumming all over her nude body.

"Nick, this is Coach Borland," Jerry introduced the man next to him.

Frank Borland was the high school basketball coach. He was in his late 40's, with thin gray hair, and a slight paunch hanging over his belt. He extended his hand and Nick shook it energetically. He loved basketball and always dreamed of being on the team.

"Thanks Jerry," the coach acknowledged the football player as he walked away, and then turned to Nick saying, "Jerry's told me all about you. Have you ever considered playing basketball for us?"

"Have I!! Wow, I sure have!! Do you think there's a chance?" the astonished boy asked.

"Well, I think so. You may not get a lot of playing time, but you'd practice with the team and maybe play some minutes when the game is a blowout. Are you interested?"

"You bet!! Oh boy!!"

"I'd be sticking my neck out if I let you on the team," the coach said seriously. "I'd expect something for that."

"Uh, sure... is there anything I could do?"

"Well, now that you mention it... yes. Jerry told me all about your sister and I would like to meet her... you know, like on a date. Do you think you could arrange it?"

Nick went sullen. How on earth could he get his 20 year old sister to go out with an old man? Hell, she wasn't even speaking to him after her date with Jerry, and he was young and good-looking.

"I'll see what I can do," he finally said to Coach Borland.

"Good, then I'll see what I can do too," the coach replied, smiling from ear to ear.

"NO FUCKING WAY!!!!" Susan screamed at her younger brother; the first words spoken since the "Jerry date".

"Déjà vu," Nick muttered under his breath. But after a heated argument and the threat of telling their parents about Susan's drug use, his older sister submitted once again. Nick told her that Coach Borland wanted to meet her in his school office Friday afternoon after school let out. Susan thought it was just as well so that there was no possibility of her parents seeing her go out with an older man.

On Friday afternoon, Susan drove to the school and followed her brother's instructions to Coach Borland's office. She knocked on the door and entered when the voice on the other side acknowledged her. When she saw the old man she almost turned and ran. In all her years, she dated only the best of the best. At least Jerry was strong and handsome. This man was old... older than her own father. But she obediently stepped into the office.

"Coach Borland?" Susan asked in almost a whisper.

"Call me Frank," he said rather forcefully. "Come in... come in."

The coach got up from his chair and walked over to Susan. They shook hands and then he told her to make herself comfortable on the couch. While she walked there, the coach silently locked the office door.

Coach Borland sat next to Susan and patted her knee saying, "Nick is lucky to have you for a sister. He's going to be on the team, you know."

"Coach Borl...."

"Call me Frank," the coach said as his hand now squeezed Susan's thigh.

"Okay, Frank... are we going out?"

"I thought we could get to know each other first," he said, sliding his hand higher up her thigh and giving it a squeeze for emphasis.

Susan wanted to push the old man's hand off her leg, but just shrugged it off. Since giving into her brother's demands and Jerry's orders in the car, she found herself more compliant. The once forceful woman had become subservient. So when Coach Borland leaned towards her, pressing his lips against hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth, Susan relaxed her lips and accepted his tongue. While they kissed, Frank's hand slid back and forth along the inside of Susan's thigh.

Frank's hand left Susan's thigh and cupped her firm breast. Although she did not stop kissing the coach, she grabbed his hand and pulled it off her tit. Frank seemed to comply with her wish as he vacated her breast, but his hand turned around and grasped Susan's hand, pulling it into his lap. He positioned it palm down and rubbed it on his cock. Susan broke the kiss and tried to jerk her hand away, but the coach securely held it in place.

"What are you doing?" Susan complained. "Let go of my hand."

While continuing to force Susan's hand to massage his cock, the coach asked, "If I let go, will you continue to do this?"

"No way!"

"You are right. I don't think that will accomplish much." Susan sighed with relief, but then the coach added, "Your mouth would be better."

"My.... Are you kidding?" Susan said in amazement.

"Nope. Jerry told me what a great cocksucker you are."

It was as if someone punched the college girl in the gut. Her forlorn face showed her dejection. Her will seemed to drain from her body and mind. She dumbfoundly watched as the coach opened his belt and trousers and pulled his pants and underwear down his legs and over his feet. When he pulled his polo shirt over his head, he stretched his arms over the back of the couch and straightened his legs as he spread them. He was naked except for his white socks and sneakers. Bewildered, Susan stared at the nude body next to her. Although once an athlete, Coach Borland was now an old hairy, flabby man. His limp cock lazily lay across his thigh.

"Let's go, sweety, suck my cock."

Susan wanted to storm out of the office, but she knew that it would lead to another argument and she just didn't have it in her anymore to fight. Instead, she submissively got on her knees between Frank's spread legs and picked up his thick, wrinkly cock. She looked up and saw the smug look on his face as she stuffed his cock into her mouth.

Susan sucked and licked the limp cock until it began to stiffen. She sucked harder than she ever had to before to get it to rise. When it was semi-erect, Susan began wanking it while sucking. Finally, after a good 15 minutes, the coach's cock was hard.

"You are a great cocksucker," Coach Borland said as he smiled down at the young girl. "Now take your clothes off."

Susan had a hard time getting up from being on her knees so long, but managed to stand in front of the nude man. She began unbuttoning her shirt while he leered at her. Dropping the shirt to the floor, Susan then opened her very tight jeans and pulled them down her hips. They caught on her panties and pulled them down a little too, but the college girl ignored that, rationalizing they were to come off anyway. She kicked off her shoes and removed her jeans. She stood back up in only a lacy bra and a pair of panties that actually showed the top of her pubic hair. She looked at the coach and he was lazily stroking his erection, still sneering at her. She felt so cheap.

Reaching behind her, Susan unclasped her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her firm tits jiggled slightly from the movement. With her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, Susan pulled them down her slim legs and tossed them aside. She was now standing in front of a stranger -- a man older than her father -- totally naked.

"Okay sweety, come sit on this," Coach Borland said, holding his hard cock vertically.

Susan climbed onto the couch, a knee on either side of Coach Borland's body, and positioned herself over his erection. She reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. She tried pushing it inside her, but she was not aroused and therefore not wet. She bounced up and down in short movements, causing the head to enter her and then come out. Then she moved his cock along her slit several times, trying desperately to create some lubrication. But the coach was impatient. He grabbed her hips and waited for her to stick the tip inside her again. When she did, he pulled her body down onto his lap.

"UUMMFFF!!!!!" the poor college girl screamed from the sudden pain. "What's the matter, sweety?"

"Well, I'm... ugh... not read... ow... ready," Susan said in between grunts.

"Then you better get yourself ready real quick because I'm gonna fuck you real hard."

Susan heard the threat and realized she needed to lubricate herself or be hurt. She knew it would be humiliating, but she slipped a hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. She just had to get wet. While sitting on the old man's cock, she frigged herself. She looked up and saw Coach Borland looking at her active finger with a smirk on his face. Every once in a while he'd jerk his hips upwards for effect. Susan was embarrassed, but she kept rubbing.

The coach got impatient and lifted the girl up and then pulled her back down... up and down... up and down. He was using her body as a fucking machine... no emotion, no tenderness... just fucking. Thankfully Susan's masturbation did the trick because she slid smoothly up and down his now slick shaft.

Susan watched the old man as he used her body. His eyes were closed and he was sweating profusely. He made disgusting grunts each time Susan's body was lowered onto his cock and wheezing noises when she raised up. She felt no enjoyment; just disgust.

"Oh god, oh god," Coach Borland exclaimed, "I'm ready. My god, oh shit! Aaahhhhhhh!!!

Susan was pulled down onto the coach's lap and watched his body shudder as he came. His hot cum filled her pussy and she felt used. But at least it was over with and she could take a long, hot bath and wash his old sperm and sweat from her young body. Coach Borland pushed Susan off his lap and she tumbled to the floor. She felt his sperm drip from her pussy, realizing how much he actually shot into her. She was looking for her panties when he stopped her.

"Get me hard again," the coach ordered.

"Wh-What? Aren't you done?"

"Nope, just starting. Now get me hard... suck me again."

"Suck you? You just came inside me. I'm not going to do that."

"Yes you are... or else Nick's not on the team."

Susan thought about that for a moment and then realized that if she got the coach angry then Nick would tell her parents about the drugs. She gave in -- which was becoming more and more common for her lately -- and told him to wash it first.

"Suck it like it is. Eat our cum off my cock. DO IT NOW!!"

Susan jumped at the last command. He was so loud and forceful. She crawled between his knees and looked at the slimy, limp meat resting on his thigh. She picked it up and it was slippery. Her face moved towards the slick dick and she fed it into her mouth. When the combined smell and taste hit her, Susan pulled away and started dry-heaving almost to the point of vomiting. After gagging a few times, she finally calmed down. The college girl looked up at the old man with pleading eyes, but she didn't see any reprieve in his cold stare.

"Go on, suck it," he ordered.

Susan once again moved towards the dirty dick and lifted it up. She held her breath and gobbled up the entire soft cock, then pulled her head back, dragging her lips and tongue along the slimy shaft. When it popped out of her mouth she began gagging again, thinking she was going to puke... but again she didn't. She tasted the combined mixture of his cum and her pussy juice and made a sour face. But she understood her role. She stuffed the cock in her mouth and pulled her head back again, cleaning more of his cock. After doing this a few times, Coach Borland's cock was clean enough to keep in her mouth. Now Susan began sucking and licking in earnest, feeling it begin to get hard. After about 20 minutes of rather strenuous work -- such that her jaw was getting fatigued -- she brought the old man to a full erection.

Taking her mouth off the old man's hard-on but continuing to move her fist up and down the saliva coated shaft, Susan looked up at Coach Borland and pleaded, "Please don't cum in my mouth. I don't think I can swallow any more of it... I'll be sick. Please don't."

"I have no intention of cumming in your mouth, sweety," Coach Borland said, "I'm gonna fuck you again. Go to the side of the couch and lean over the arm... I'm gonna do you doggy style."

The college girl was so pleased that she was not going to get another mouthful of cum that she quickly did as she was told. She braced her hands on the arm of the couch and bent over from the waist, spreading her legs. She had really become very submissive.

Coach Borland slowly got up and walked around the girl, his very stiff cock leading the way. He grabbed his dick with one hand and wrapped his other one around Susan, placing his palm on her belly. He guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and pushed it into the cum-filled hole in one thrust. He moved it in and out several times, coating it with their juices. Then he pulled out of Susan's pussy and pointed his hard-on at her puckered little asshole. Using his hand for stability, he pushed the head into her virgin hole.

"NO! NO! What are you doing? My god, not there!" But the coach ignored her complaints and kept pushing his cock into her asshole. "Please, it's too big... it hurts. Don't... uh, uh... not there. Please, I'll do anyth.... uh, oh god."

The old man's cock was fully embedded inside Susan's tight orifice. He waited a moment, enjoying the warmth and tightness of this never before invaded hole, and then slowly pulled out. As Susan gasped for air, the coach pushed in all the way again. He grabbed her hips and began seriously butt-fucking her. The poor college girl kept telling him to stop... that his cock was too big... that it was hurting her. But he ignored her pleas and kept ramming his hard cock in and out. Eventually, Susan gave up complaining and rested her head on her forearm, letting the old coach use her ass.

Since Coach Borland had already cum once, his age caused this fuck to last a long time. He kept plowing his hard cock in and out of Susan's ass for at least 45 minutes. Poor Susan thought it would never end. She felt the sweat from his brow falling upon her back and it disgusted her, almost as much as his cock in her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him each time he pushed into her -- his pelvis slapped obscenely against her ass cheeks. Then his thrusts became more rapid and erratic until he thrust all the way inside her and held her very tight.

"Aaahhh," the old man screamed, "I'm cumming in your ass. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!"

Susan felt his hot jism spurt into her anal cavity. His cum was still seeping from her pussy -- down her thighs -- and now he was depositing more of the unwanted fluid up her ass. The coach leaned forward against her back and held her tight as he continued to pump his cum in her. Susan felt his sweaty face on her back and cringed. Finally, he stopped cumming and pulled his softening cock out. Immediately, Susan felt his hot cum pour out of her expanded asshole and onto her pussy and thighs. She now had the old man's disgusting cum in both her holes and flowing down her soft skin.

Susan waited for the coach to recover and then asked, "Where can I wash up?"

"Sorry sweety, you'll have to get dressed and leave as you are. I can't chance anyone seeing you like that."

Susan pulled her panties over her slimy legs and covered her crotch and ass. It became saturated immediately and clung to her skin. She knew it would be uncomfortable to walk. When she finished getting dressed she headed for the office door.

"Meet me here Wednesday at 8:00 pm," she heard Coach Borland tell her.

Susan spun around and glared at the old man saying, "Why? What for?"

"Sweety, you'll see... just be here at 8:00 pm on Wednesday."

"What if I say no?" she asked... rather than simply saying no.

"You don't have a choice," Coach Borland said in a very commanding tone. "You'll do as I say." And then when he saw Susan begin to say something he interrupted her, "And no buts... DO YOU UNDERSTAND??"

In a very timid voice, one that Susan didn't recognize, she submissively said, "Yes."

Susan arrived at the high school exactly at the appointed time. She noticed the parking lot was busier than usual and, when she saw the school pennants in some people's hands, she realized there must have been a basketball game that night. She made her way to Coach Borland's office and knocked on the door. When the coach told her to come in, she entered the office.

"Perfect timing," the coach greeted her.

"Perfect? For what?" Susan asked apprehensively.

"You'll see. Just sit down and wait."

Susan looked at the couch she was fucked on the other day and hesitated, but then shrugged and sat down. She quietly crossed her legs and waited... for what she didn't know, but the coach told her to do it so she did.

After about 10 minutes the door opened and a very tall lanky boy entered. Tommy was still in high school and only 18 years old, but was 6'8". Susan couldn't help but stare at the "freak of nature". But her thoughts were interrupted by Coach Borland.

"This is Tommy... our star center. Boy did he have a great game today... 35 points, 22 rebounds, 10 blocked shots. Hell, he probably won the game for us single-handedly. You know, we give a game ball to one player each game. But I didn't think that was enough so I came up with another reward." The coach watched Susan staring dumbly at him, not caring about his team or the players. But then her eyes got real wide when he added, "...You."

"What are you talking about?" she asked incredulously.

"After each game... the player who is most deserving gets a game ball... and from now on... he gets you too."

"Gets me? He gets me? What does that mean?"

"Well sweety, it means anything he wants. So after each game you will come to my office and pleasure the most deserving player. Is that understood?"


"IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!!" the coach shouted in a tone that even made Tommy jump back.

Susan hung her head down in total submission. This once strong-willed, proud college girl had been turned into a weak, submissive creature. She slowly nodded her head.

"Good," Coach Borland said, then added, "...and don't believe what they say about Black's being well-endowed. Wait 'til you see what a 6'8" white boy has between his legs." Susan automatically turned and looked, causing Tommy to blush. "Oh, and be nice to Tommy here. If I'm not mistaken he's a virgin." Tommy turned an even deeper shade of red.

Coach Borland watched the other two. Susan sat on the couch, mostly looking down into her lap. Tommy stood in the middle of the room, rocking from foot to foot. The coach finally said, "C'mon Tommy, she's yours to do with as you please. What would you like?"

"Um... I'd really like to see her naked body."

"Then tell her to strip. Go on, she'll do whatever you say," the coach informed the boy.


"Her name's Susan," Coach Borland blurted out.

"S-Susan, stand up and... and take off your, um, clothes," the teen said bashfully.

Susan looked at the high school boy and then at his coach. Coach Borland glared at her, sending a cold shiver down her spine. She slowly got up and removed her top. Then, without further ado, took her bra off. Tommy began panting and rubbing his crotch after seeing his first pair of naked breasts -- and those of a college girl. Susan kicked her shoes off and, unceremoniously, pulled her pants down. Standing before the two of them in only her panties, Susan pulled her panties off and stood naked.

"Oh boy... oh boy," Tommy babbled.

The teen walked over to the college girl and put both hands on her tits. He squeezed them a little too hard and Susan cried out. Realizing his mistake, the virgin boy fondled them more gently, occasionally playing with her nipples. Before long, Susan's nipples stood out erect.

"Oh god, she's hot," Tommy exclaimed. "I'm gonna cum. Oh god, suck my cock."

Susan instantly dropped to her knees, pulling the boy's sweatpants and underwear down. Susan felt something hit her on the top of her head and looked up. She gasped when she saw the monster cock of the giant teenager -- it was thin, but at least 14 inches. When Susan grabbed the boy's cock with both hands, Tommy began moving his hips back and forth. His cock slid between Susan's two fists and, in a matter of seconds, began spurting his cum all over the girl's face.

The force of the unexpected cum hitting her face caused Susan to fall backwards, landing on her back. Tommy stood over her, replacing her fists with his own, as he jerked off. The amount of sperm he produced was amazing, and most of it landed on the college girl's face and hair.

Susan felt something rubbing across her face. After she scooped out the cum accumulated in her eye sockets, Susan opened her eyes and saw Tommy's still hard cock. The giant teen was on his knees towering over her little body, straddling her head, rubbing his cock in the mess on her face. He told her to suck it so she submissively opened her mouth and let him shove his cum-covered cock inside. Her lips closed around the head and she began sucking and running her tongue all over it, swallowing the fresh sperm as if she'd done it all her life. Tommy moaned with each lick and his hips began jerking back and forth.

Susan felt Tommy's dick slam into her throat and gagged. She grabbed the giant cock in order to control its depth. Tommy kept pushing forward, jamming his cock in the older girl's mouth and slamming her own fist against her lips. Susan increased her sucking and licking, trying to finish the boy off so as to end this abuse. She didn't have long to wait. Tommy began moving even faster and then froze. With her fist against her lips, holding the huge cock in place, Susan began swirling her tongue all over it.

Susan was unprepared for what happened next. A massive amount of cum filled her mouth. She instinctively tightened her fist around the cock to stop the flow, but it only stimulated Tommy more and he grunted as another load of equal amount shot from his huge cock. There was little room in Susan's mouth for the new load. She swallowed quickly and opened her mouth as wide as she could to release the excess. Unfortunately, her fist acted as a dam and only a little of the sperm escaped. Susan quickly swallowed, just in time for the next load. The high school boy kept ejaculating and the college girl kept swallowing... over and over again.

When Tommy finally stood up, Susan groaned. It was not a sound made from sexual pleasure, but one made after eating a very large dinner, like at Thanksgiving. Her hands went to her fully belly and rubbed the slight swell... her belly was full of sperm. Little gurgling sounds came from her throat as the remains of Tommy's discharge lingered in her throat and mouth. Little cum-bubbles formed at her lips as she breathed, and excess cum dripped from the side of her mouth and down her cheek.

"Coach, can I eat her?" the basketball center asked his coach.

"Tommy, she's yours to do with as you wish... anything. If you want to lick her pussy, go right ahead." Susan looked over at Coach Borland in amazement. He told the high school boy that he could do anything he wanted to her. Even though her face was covered in the boy's cum and her belly full of his sperm, the words still seemed unbelievable to her. But when Tommy pushed her knees apart, Susan submissively spread them.

The boy got down on his belly with his face close to the college girl's pussy and just stared. It was the first one he had ever seen. He used his fingers to explore the new territory, poking and probing; here, there, and everywhere. At times Susan would moan or her body would jerk. Tommy found her hole and stuck his long finger into it, surprised at how wet the inside was. When he began to finger-fuck her, Susan's moans became more incessant. Then the teen noticed the "extra flesh" at the top and squeezed it.

"Oh god!!!" Susan exclaimed when he pinched her clit.

Tommy liked the reaction and mauled her sensitive clit, pinching, rubbing, and stretching it. Susan was groaning and bouncing around on the floor as he did it. Tommy felt a power over the older girl... controlling her feelings. An idea came to him so he leaned closer to her and flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh-my-god!!" Susan shouted. Then Tommy captured her clit within his lips and sucked it as he lapped at the flesh with his tongue. "Oh Jesus... oh-my-god... oh, oh, oh... please stop. Oh god, oh god." Susan's body was now bouncing around, but Tommy kept at it until Susan screamed out, "OH SHIT!!! Aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!!" as she came hard.

Tommy kept licking Susan's sensitive clit while the girl's body thrashed about. He couldn't stay on target so he swiped his tongue between her lips, sometimes brushing against her clit on the upward stroke. Susan kept moving around and trying to push him off her.

"STOP!!" the college girl wailed. "I can't... oh god... too sensitive... stop, oh god...."

When Tommy pushed his tongue inside Susan's hole, her hips began bucking upwards, smashing her wet pussy into the boy's face. Tommy felt he had enough of eating her and got up on his knees. Susan's body continued to thrash about on the floor. Tommy took hold of his gigantic cock and tried to enter the college girl, but his inexperience showed and he missed his target. He poked and stabbed at her pussy, but couldn't locate the opening. He searched the area with his finger and stuck it inside Susan. She jumped at the contact. Then, using his finger as a guide, Tommy slid his cock next to the finger and into her cunt. In one motion, the high school boy pulled his finger out and thrust his cock inside. Susan, her body still overly sensitive from the cunt lapping, jerked upwards, lodging a few more inches of the enormous cock inside her.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Susan exclaimed. "Don't fuck me... you're only a kid. My god, you're so big," she yelled when Tommy sunk more than half his cock inside her. But he kept pushing more and more into her. "Oh my god, you're so deep. I feel you touching places... oh god, oh god."

Susan felt the boy's huge cock penetrate her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his body. With desire she never experienced before, the college girl used her legs to pull the high school boy's cock into her. Tommy gave in to the force and rammed all 14 inches inside the girl.

"Ooohhhhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhhh," Susan sighed.

Tommy pulled out and pushed back inside the squirming college girl. He supported his weight on his hands and kept thrusting his hips into the girl. Susan kept moaning and groaning as the largest cock she ever experienced plowed in and out of her cunt. Tommy felt a tightness and warmth that he never knew existed. He felt his entire cock tingling and soon felt the familiar sensation of the beginning of an eruption. The high school boy thrust into the college girl one more time and then released his sperm into the tight pussy. Susan felt the hot cum smash into parts of her inner body for the first time -- Tommy was deeper than anyone before him and he discharged more cum than anyone else had. Susan's body quivered with each spurt and then waited for Tommy to continue, but he suspended stationary above her.

"Don't stop! Fuck me more! Oh please... don't stop. I'll die if I don't cum. Fuck me... please, fuck me," Susan wailed.

Tommy had no intention of stopping. His 18 year old cock remained hard inside the older girl's warm, tight cunt. He simply needed time to catch his breath.

Coach Borland, who had been watching the sexual display while gently stroking his hard-on, walked over to Susan and kneeled at her head. He slapped her face a few times with his cock until she opened her eyes.

"Suck my cock... maybe that will get Tommy going again," the coach told the girl.

Susan turned her head and looked at the hard cock. She felt lust she never felt before. Grabbing the coach's cock, Susan stuffed it into her mouth and began sucking it. The slurping noises she made were obscene. But Susan was a different person than a few weeks before. She was lying on the floor in the coach's office with her legs wrapped around a high school boy with a 14 inch cock buried inside her cunt while she sucked and wanked an old man. She was servicing two people at the same time and wanted nothing more than for the boy to fuck her again. To her delight, Tommy began thrusting his cock in and out of her.

Susan lost control of her body. Holding Tommy with her legs, her lower body bounced off the floor while the 6'8" giant boy towered over her little body. Her head was moving back and forth on the coach's cock while her hand rubbed it. She removed her hand from the coach's cock and reached around him, pulling him towards her. As he moved forward, his cock entered her throat. Susan began breathing from her nose and urged the coach to continue. Before he knew it, Susan's nose was buried in his pubic hair... his cock inside her throat. Susan wanted both cocks to go into her deeper and meet somewhere inside her body. She was overwhelmed by a sexual frenzy she never could have comprehended.

Then it began. Susan's body shuddered as her orgasm hit. She moaned on the cock in her mouth and throat as her body jerked uncontrollably. Coach Borland saw her spasming body and felt her throat contract around his cock. It was too much for the man and he let loose a flow of cum into her throat. This caused Susan to gag, like she was drowning, so the coach withdrew his cock from her throat. But to his surprise, Susan grabbed it and held it inside her mouth as he spurted his cum. Her mouth filled and then she swallowed the old man's cum. She was possessed. The girl who didn't eat cum was gladly swallowing all that the coach could offer. Tommy watched this sensual display and felt Susan's cunt clamp down on his cock. He let loose his own discharge, shooting hot cum into the depths of Susan's womb. Susan, feeling her body swallowing cum from both sides reached a second orgasm, if anything, more powerful than the first.

Tommy and Coach Borland both pulled away from the quivering college girl. When they pulled out of her two holes, each made a unique popping sound. They watched the girl moaning on the floor, cum over her face and dripping out of her mouth and pussy. By the time Susan recovered, both Tommy and Coach Borland were fully dressed. She continued to lay on the floor totally naked with her legs spread.

"The next game is Friday night," the coach told Susan matter of factly. "Be here at 8:00 o'clock."

Susan simply submissively nodded.

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kool. good story.

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Thanks Hawk...glad you enjoyed it.