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Marital Bliss.

Jan and Pete Mahoney had been married for twenty years and for the first seventeen of those years they had considered their marriage to be good; but of late they had both began to feel the other was taking them for granted and to be honest began to fear that they were drifting apart. Two healthy children did not help matters as they never seemed to get time alone together anymore; what with Ronnie being seventeen and Sarah being sixteen; it just seemed that the parents were always at the childrenís beck and call. If it wasnít Ronnie needing a lift to soccer practise or Sarah needing taking to her amateur dramatics group it was something else which robbed the hapless parents of what little time working allowed them to spend together; for Pete was a supervisor in fire detection and as such had to constantly try to find new clients for his company and Jan was a nurse which involved awkward shift patterns. All this being said the couple still felt life had been good to them; they owned their own home; had a decent car no money worries although they could always use that extra dollar no matter where it came from.

Even their bedroom seemed to have become grand central station as the kids never seemed to knock before barging in to borrow this or that; Jan just assumed this was the way of close knit families and so she never tried to change things. Sure over the years they had both tried to keep their marriage fresh by spicing up their love life; whether it was dressing up and pretending to be someone different and trying to seduce the other one or even agreeing to carry out each otherís fantasies on those rare occasions when the kids would be away on school trips etc.

One such episode involved Jan playing the part of an easy woman and being picked up in a bar; now the plan was for Jan to dress like a slut and go sit at a bar in the local drinking hall and Pete would come along and try to seduce her into going to bed with him. The plan was fine except that it did not take into account anyone else getting involved; but in reality two other men took a fancy to this sexily dressed woman sitting alone.

Here is how it played out; Jan wore a wrap around skirt which stopped half way down her thigh with a white semi transparent blouse and quarter cup black bra; she chose to wear no panties and her crowning glory was her six inch high heel shoes. So she almost toppled into the bar as she carefully walked towards the bar, immediately she was aware of all the menís eyes scanning her body and it sent a strange tingle down her spine. Carefully selecting a stool she was extra careful as she sat on it as she did not want to openly display the fact she was not wearing panties.

No sooner had she sat down then two men rose from separate tables and walked over towards her sliding onto the stools either side of her; the man to her right offered to buy her a drink and Jan found herself accepting only to find that two drinks arrived one from the guy to her right and the other from the guy to her left. Thanking them she made the excuse she was waiting for a girl friend to arrive; she thought this would put them off and leave her free to continue her plan with her husband.

Suddenly she saw Pete enter the room and instead of coming over to her he walked straight past and sat at an empty table. He was clearly watching with interest as his wife was obviously being chatted up by these two men who seemed intent on feeling her as they talked to her. The man to her left had his hand caressing her arse as the man to her right was trying to stroke her leg. Jan was trying her best to put off these two men when it suddenly dawned on her that her husband seemed to be relishing her predicament.

Something inside her said that if he wanted a show then she would give him a show to remember so she turned to the man to her left and whilst keeping her eyes firmly on Pete, she openly kissed the man in front of her. Seeing this Pete was surprised as he never knew his wife to be so wild with strangers; he was even shocked all the more when the man behind his wife slipped his hands under her arms and began to feel her tits so openly. Jan did not seem to react and Pete thought she was simply allowing the men free reign to feel her all over.

Walking over to his wife he offered her a drink and the two men told him to fuck off as they were taking care of the lady; Jan suddenly spoke out telling them that if Pete went away then so did the pair of them. So now Pete slid his hand beneath her bottom and began to gently rub her clit. Jan stifled a low moan as she seemed to wiggle her ass on his fingers; with Glassy eyes she leaned over to whisper to Pete that maybe he should book a room for them.

Interested to see where all this would lead; Pete walked out of the bar and over to the reception desk where he booked a room for him and his wife. Returning to Jan he could clearly see as he walked towards her that one of the men had his hand up between her legs and he could only imagine what those fingers were currently doing. Showing Jan the room key he smiled as she winked in his direction and she quietly said that maybe the party should continue in the privacy of the hotel room that this third man had booked; (the third man being Pete her husband.)

With the two strangers on either side of her; Jan followed Pete towards the lift lobby and almost impatiently wait for the lift to arrive. Once inside the lift and almost before the doors had fully closed the two men simply pulled Janís skirt aside to expose her naked freshly shaved cunt. Pete immediately shot his hand forward and between her legs to find his normally sedate wife was soaking wet and as his hand made contact with her cunt she began riding his hand.

Jan seemed oblivious to her surroundings as they reached the floor of their room; in fact it seemed to Pete that the two men were holding her up as they walked towards the room. Once inside the room, both men quickly stripped Jan of her few clothes and she simply sprawled wide legged on the bed as she beckoned the men present to undress. Pete was impressed as the two men seemed really well endowed and he himself was larger than average. Jan could get hold of the cocks quickly enough and she was soon swallowing one manís nine inch cock; (Man they later found out was called David.) and she leisurely stroked Rayís eight inch cock (the other man present).

Pete bent his head between her spread legs and began licking at her cunt sucking up all her juices; while he stroked his own seven and a half inch cock. Soon Jan was begging for someone to fuck her cunt hard and David agreed and lay on his back as the other two men lifted Jan on top of him. Jan almost screamed as the thick nine inch cock spread her cunt lips and sank deep inside her.

Without waiting Ray climbed behind Jan and after trying to slide his cock into her over stuffed cock filled cunt and so he changed his angle a little and soon contacted the tight crinkled entrance to her arse. He applied more pressure until his cock head pushed past her anal ring. Jan seemed to expel all her breath as the thrust of Ray pushed more of his cock up her arse. Soon both men began thrusting and Jan felt she had died and gone to heaven as the simulations now attacking her body seemed to cause sensations she had never felt before. She grabbed Peteís cock and began to suck it as if it was a large lollipop; in fact she sucked him so hard and fast that he found it impossible to resist and quickly unleashed his torrent of semen into her eager panting mouth.

Now Pete; spent and exhausted sat in a chair and watched as his wife turn whore enjoyed the double assault of the hard cocks wedged in her glistening holes amid her buoyant screams of pure lust. But that had been two years ago and they never tried anything like that ever again.

Now it had even reached the stage now where Pete never seemed to kiss his wife goodbye any more when he left for work; but the same could have been said for Jan. It all came to a head one night when instead of their usual cuddle before going to sleep; Pete had simply turned away from his beloved Jan and was soon snoring away. That night Jan laid awake for what seemed like forever trying to work out where everything had gone wrong and why Pete no longer loved her. Next morning Pete behaved as if nothing was wrong but Jan could not let it go that easily; she found herself snapping at him and even the reassuring hug he gave her did nothing to calm her fears.

That evening with Ronnie at the Scouts and Sarah at her rehearsal; She challenged Pete as to if he was seeing someone on the side; a blazing row developed and in floods of tears she swore Pete no longer found her desirable. Pete pledged his love and desire for his wife but could not offer any reason as to why they had slid into this situation; it seemed that they had simply began to take each other for granted.

Over the next few days it seemed a strange atmosphere existed in the house so much so that even the two teenage members of the family had began to notice and become inquisitive. Jan and Pete hated having to fend off awkward questions from their own offspring and so when a friend suggested they see a spe******t they agreed ven before finding out all the details.

The friend recommend Dr Robert Janus; a sex therapist. Pete queried as to whether they actually needed a sex therapist but the friend told them that when she had gone through similar feelings he had been absolute magnificent and professional in successfully sorting out their problems.

So with in trepidation Pete took the number and with Janís agreement phoned the number given as he made an appointment in three days time.

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Another excellent story Niteowl. Made me hard as a rock.

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The thought of the first visit to the therapist.

Pete and Jan had both been looking forward to the meeting with the Sex therapist Dr Robert Janus; but for entirely different reasons. Pete expected this man to be a typical doctor and investigate the physical reasons for the breakdown in their marital bliss whilst Jan just wondered what made a man; even a doctor; turn his talents to becoming a sex therapist?

As the day neared; both of Jan and Pete had weird dreams about the appointment. Jan dreamt that she was naked on an examination table and something was holding her cunt wide open whilst the good Dr was probing her anal opening with his index finger while asking her crude sexual questions; like what feels better a cock sliding into your overly wet cunt or into your tight clinging opening of your arse? Whilst Pete dreamt of being held in a chair with apparatus attached to his cock whilst the doctor asked him personal questions gauging his reaction by how hard his cock got! The outcome of these separate dreams was very similar in both Jan and Pete had wet dreams without the other knowing.

For Pete this wet dream was his first since being a spotty teenager of fourteen and dreaming of his tutor at school who was in her mid thirties and a real sexy looking woman; the last time Jan had such a wet dream was the day before she married Pete; imaging how her honeymoon would be. Not that she was a virgin when she married and by the way she and Pete had often had sex before they were married.

Both felt embarrassed to admit to the other that they had these wet dreams and it was almost comical as they both tried waiting for the other to get up so they could change the bedding. In the finish it was Sarah who helped her father out by asking Jan where she had put her Games kit; so Jan suggested that Pete hurry up and take a shower whilst she sorted Sarah out.

As soon as Jan was out the room; Pete threw back the covers and was a little puzzled that his wet dream had left two stains on the white sheet. Not really thinking her screwed up the sheet and tossed it into the wash basket; before diving into the shower. No sooner had Jan heard the shower start then she was there throwing back the top covers only to find the bottom sheet was missing. Red faced and extremely embarrassed she wrapped her dressing gown even tighter around her body and went down to start breakfast for Pete; she now feared awkward questions from Pete over breakfast and was confused when it was never mentioned.

All day she thought that Pete would phone her and ask her about what had caused that wet patch on her side of the bed; but no call came; even stranger all day Pete puzzled how he could have made two wet patches on opposite sides of the bed and not have disturbed Jan. Again that evening at home there seemed an air or nervous tension as Jan and Pete both walked around as if treading on eggshells.

There was even more embarrassed silence as Jan and Pete sat facing each other watching TV; unable to broach the subject because of the presence of the two teenagers. Neither of the parents could actually work out the real reasons for the furtive looks between them as they both assumed that the other were wanting an explanation of the telltale wet patches whilst in reality both were struggling to excuse themselves from having made the wet patch in question.

Eventually when they retired to bed; other things had begun to play on their mind as tomorrow night was the appointment with Dr Janus and their imaginations had begun to work overtime again. As they lay in bed it was Pete who tentatively broached the subject of the forthcoming appointment when he asked what Jan thought would be the process of that appointment.

Jan had been having wild thoughts about that very subject but could not exactly tell her husband of her dirtiest thoughts; so she suggested that it would probably follow the guidelines of a normal doctor’s appointment where they would be asked what they thought were wrong and what symptoms they were displaying to lead them to think this was the problem.

What Jan was actually thinking was that it would probably verge on a gynaecological examination for her to start with and then some awkward personal questions about her likes and dislikes and she even assumed he (the Doctor) would probe her about her experiences. This aspect raised a few problems in her mind; should she tell him truthfully of the things she had done before meeting Pete or should she merely tell him of the things they had done together to keep their marriage fresh.

Pete too had a few gremlins in his past which he had managed to keep the lid on during his marriage to Jan and he too felt it may not be in the best interest to open that long closed box. He had never told Jan of his very early sexual activities and how he had been abused by a friend of the family. It had left him reaching his sixteenth birthday wondering whether he was gay or heterosexual or at the very least bi sexual. Then he had met Jan and shut those doubts out of his mind and embraced the Heterosexual lifestyle whole heartedly; only once had his old feelings about another man’s cock risen and that was as he sat watching his wife satisfy the two large cocks of Ray and David and he had felt a touch of jealousy.

Not jealous of the two magnificent cocks but of the pleasure they were giving his wife whilst he sat missing out. In fact it had taken all his will power not to go and kneel beside the bed and try to lick one or other of those cocks as the exited his wife’s clutching holes.

Pete casually asked if Jan wanted to make love before going to sleep; she tried to belie the frustrated feelings and the pent up passions the anticipation of the appointment were creating in her cunt as she quietly replied, if you want to!

Pete too had difficulty in hiding his rampant cock as his mind played over what he anticipated as being awaiting him tomorrow night. Jan asked him if we are going to make love can we try it doggie fashion tonight. She figured that way she would not allow Pete to see her blushing face as she imagined all sorts of things that could happen at the appointment.

Pete seized upon the chance for more or less the same reasons only he asked her if in this position she may not fancy it as anal sex instead of vaginal. Jan had grown to like anal sex almost as much as she did taking it up her horny cunt so she made a compromise with Pete that he should start off fucking her normally and then at some stage he could switch to fucking her arse; but she would bury her head in the pillows so as not to make too much noise to disturb the kids.

So it was settled and no sooner were they in bed; then Jan moved on to her hands and knees and parted her knees slightly; she shuddered as she felt Pete’s hot breath on her ass cheeks and wiggled her cute arse as he began to lick her cunt lips from behind. He made sure to take his tongue in such a wide sweep as to include rimming her anal ring too and immediately Jan lowered her head into the pillows and began moaning softly. As Pete’s administrations continued her moans became louder and throatier until she was begging him to begin fucking her cunt hard.

Pete moved up her body until his hard aching cock touched the silky wet lips of her cunt and he began to push forward; his angle was such that he missed her opening and his cock slid along her cunt crack and in doing so it rubbed gingerly against her swollen hard clit sending delightfully electric shocks emanating through her body. Jan thought Pete had done this deliberately and begged him to do it again; never one to openly disappoint his wife he slowly withdrew his cock and repeated the process only this time pulling up at the very last minute causing a longer harder contact of cock shaft against her clit. Pam swore into the pillow and begged him to keep doing that if he wanted her to give him her arse to fuck as he saw fit.

For over twenty minutes Pete systematically ploughed his cock against her cunt crack without entering her wanton cavern; with each forward thrust he applied extra pressure to her clit and was rewarded with her first orgasm; just as she was coming back down to earth from this orgasm he changed the angle of approach slightly and successfully pierced the entrance to her red hot cauldron of a cunt and immediately sent her passions spiralling skyward all over again.

For a further thirty minutes he fucked her cunt with a mixture of hard thrusting strokes and softer gentle probes; but before his wife gave out to her second orgasm he withdrew fully and placed his cock head against her tight puckered anal opening. Pam turned her head sideways and hissed, ram it up hard; take me like a fucking whore. Pete dutifully obliged and his first hard forceful thrust sent more than half of his rigid aching cock deep into her clutching anal cavity. Pulling back until just his cockhead remained buried inside her anal ring he then thrust equally as hard and sent his full length into his wife’s tight grasping arse.

After only moments of thrusting like this he could not stop the tight tingling feeling exploding in his balls as red hot streaks of semen shot up through his cock and splattered against Jan’s juiced up colon walls sending her once more into raptures. Pete collapsed on to her back panting like an asthmatic in the throes of an episode; so much so that Jan became concerned that he may be having a heart attack. As they both lay there recuperating she smiled as she ribbed him that she had never felt his cock so hard as she had just now; he retaliated with that she should talk for her cunt was scalding hot like never before and her demanding he literally rape her arse was unheard of.

Soon the both lapsed into a deep sleep with Pete spooned up against his wife’s back, his now soft cock trapped between her legs. So deep was their sleep that they did not see the bedroom door gently close as Robert eased his pyjama bottoms back up his legs and he walked to his bedroom with both a rock hard cock and the images of his dad butt fucking his mother fresh in his young memory. He even contemplated calling in on his sister to tell her what he had seen but thought she may well tell her parents about him having spied on them.

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Please continue this story. It has the makings to be a really good story.

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Chapter three.
The Dr’s appointment.

After work Jan and Pete eagerly prepared for the forthcoming appointment; deciding to shower separately they both took their time making sure every inch of their bodies was thoroughly washed and fresh. Jan even took the time and trouble to shave her cunt three times to make sure it was in perfect condition; they both assumed that the appointment would include some semblance of a physical examination.

Choosing what to wear was far from easy for them both; should Pete wear a suit or simply a tracksuit, he decided on the later for ease of divesting his clothes. Jan was far more concerned should she wear a sensible trouser suit or a dress; or even a skirt and top. She pondered whether it would be better to wear a suspender belt and stockings, tights or self supporting stockings. Eventually she decided on a mid length skirt; quarter cup bra and blouse, French knickers and self supporting stockings; then if she needed to expose her genitals she could leave the stockings in place and slide her panties off in a trice.

Somehow the pair of them felt extra horny as they walked from their front door down the drive to their waiting car; Pete quickly opened the passenger door for his beautifully sexy wife and was delighted to see a flash of naked thigh and panty as she slid into the seat. Slipping himself into the driving seat he patted his wife’s knee before starting the car and smoothly moved off and joined the light traffic heading towards town.

The conversation in the car was strained as both tried to put out of their mind what may be waiting for them at Dr Janus’s office. Even the music on the radio station seemed to inspire erotic feelings within Jan as she nervously glanced at her husband trying check whether he was aware of just how aroused she was becoming.

Pulling into the car park Pete suddenly felt a little embarrassed as he wondered what would be the best way to hide the semi hard cock he now sported. He decided to carry his overcoat instead of wearing it and he figured he could fold it over his arm in front of his bulge. Jan began to fear that he wet panties would have left a stain on the back of her grey skirt and decided to wear her overcoat to hide any such stain.

They approached the large white stoned building and pressed the buzzer marked ‘Dr R Janus Therapist’; waiting for the response but avoiding looking at each other. A female voice answered the buzzer and asked for their name; having replied they were told to push the door and take the elevator to the fifth floor where they would be met.

The walk from the buildings front door to the elevator seemed a marathon to both Jan and Pete and a couple of times Pete nearly suggested that the call it all off and go home but not wanting to appear a sissy he kept quiet. Calling the lift seemed to take forever until the door slid open and soft music played inside the elevator car. Both Jan and Pete stared at their feet as the doors closed and the elevator smoothly moved off to the selected fifth floor.

Eventually the lift slowed and the doors opened and there waiting for them was a smartly dressed woman in a starched white nurses uniform, she introduced herself as Rosie a state registered nurse and assistant to Dr Robert Janus; and would they be so good as to follow me.

As she walked down the hallway Pete could not help but admire her shapely behind as it seemed to hypnotically sway from side to side as she walked; even Jan noticed and subconsciously began to sway her own hips as she walked just feet behind this smart young nurse.

At the end of the hallway the nurse indicated that Jan should enter the female changing room and once undressed place the white gown on, opening to the back; and enter the side door which led to the Dr’s office and Dr Janus would be with them shortly. Then walking passed the next door she indicated that Pete should enter the male changing room and likewise once naked put on the white gown and similarly opening to the back; enter the Dr’s office.

Jan quickly removed her clothes and once naked she could not resist just checking her appearance in the full length mirror on the wall; she inwardly thought her 42 year old body had aged pretty well, for there was little or no sag in her 38C breasts, no more than normal sag around her stomach after all she had borne two children. Turning slightly she smiled as she thought her arse had not spread like a lot of her friends and she could quite easily pass as seven years younger than she was. So she was standing there naked for nearly five minutes before she finally put on the hospital gown and nervously walked towards the door marked Dr’s Office.

Pausing almost like a school child waiting to enter the headmaster’s office she actually trembled before she gingerly knocked on the door. Expecting someone to tell her to enter she remained standing their until she recalled that the doctor would be with them shortly; so in all likely hood the room would be empty so she tried the door and then entered.

As she looked around she was impressed; the office was spacious and almost divided into two sections, the main section contained a large almost ornamental desk which would not look out of place in a financial office; a luxurious double leather settee facing the desk and a back of filing cabinets behind the desk. She walked over to the settee and as she did so she glanced at the other section of the office which was the exact thing you would expect to see in a gynaecologist’s examination room including the tiled floor and examination table. She carefully sat on the settee noting the leather felt cold against her skin at the gap in her gown.

Just then she was startled as the door opposite where she had entered suddenly opened and in stepped Pete; he smiled in her direction and carefully walked over to join her trying to hide his semi hard cock. Once he seated himself beside his wife; he too made comment about the cold feel of the leather of the settee against his bare skin; then he too glanced around and gulped when he saw the examination side of the office.

A door on the side wall suddenly opened and in stepped a white male in a white lab coat; he paused and then introduced himself as Dr Robert Janus MD. He stepped up to Pete and shook his hand Hello Mr Mahoney; may I call you Peter? Pete simply said Pete please. Pete it is then the Dr responded. Then shaking hands with Jan he asked and what do you prefer to be called? Jan please, she replied.

Very Well let’s get started; I assume you have no secrets from each other and therefore will be happy to discuss things all together, he said. Pete and Jan both gulped but said of course Dr. “oh please call me Rob if I am to call you by your first names.” Dr Janus insisted.

I propose that we talk about your early lives first and I assume there will be things which will be news to your respective partners but remember these things have happened before you both met each other and have in fact made the person you met the person you fell in love with; therefore you should not criticise each other for what you may hear here today! Dr Janus stated.

Both Jan and Pete looked at each other and smiled as Pete said, it sounds right to me!

Rob began by asking Pete when he first lost his virginity; and was a little surprised when he received the question instead of a straight forward reply; Depends what you mean by losing your virginity? Pete responded. Rob asked him to explain; well if you mean when did, I first have sex of any kind then that would be a different age to when I had my first sex with a lady; Pete offered.

Ok then tell us all about the first time you had sex of any kind? Dr Robert Janus prompted. Well, I was fourteen and a male school friend invited me over for what is commonly called a sleep over now; but in them days it was more like we are making an early start tomorrow so it would be useful if you were already here when we woke up. He continued; well in the middle of the night the school mate held me down and forced his thingy in my mouth telling me he would get his older brother to fuck my arse if I did not suck his cock for him! I knew he was well capable of doing exactly that so I sucked his cock and after he had filled my mouth with his load; he sucked me off saying that now I could not tell anyone as they would think me a queer.

Dr Robert Janus then asked, did you hate that experience or did you rather enjoy it? Pete bushed as he admitted he kind of liked it because he agreed to stay over at that house a few more times knowing and hoping that it would happen again. Jan turned to him and tenderly placed her hand on his as she asked, why did you never mention this to me, darling; I thought you had a particular fetish about me wearing a strap on and you sucking it when we played role games; it now explains so much.

Pete thanked her for being so understanding and went on to explain; when at sixteen I finally made love to a female I decided that was what would be expected of me so I closed my mind to other men’s cocks; that is until our role play which ended up with David and Ray and I found myself wishing I could have sucked one or both of their fine cocks and even would have agreed to taking one up my arse if I was asked too. Jan shot him a scolded look, if only you had said for I would have loved to see you spit roasted on those two fine cocks.

Now it was Pete’s turn to squeeze Jan’s hand in a thankful response. Dr Robert Janus turned to Jan and said what about your first sexual experience Jan, when was it and who with? Jan blushed when she heard this question; I will tell you when but would prefer not to say who was the other person! She stuttered. Ok then start by telling us when; Dr Janus prompted.

I was sixteen; and it happened at home; let’s just say I was prepared by a female and then had a cock enter my cunt whilst sucking on a breast. Dr Janus looked at Jan for a while and said; tell me if I am right in saying that this female was your own mother and your father provided the cock! Jan suddenly could not bear to look at anyone and she stared at the floor she found herself nodding silently. Pete reached over and gently took her chin in his hand and kissed her lightly and tenderly on the lips; as he pulled back he whispered it’s all going to be alright; love; from now on no more secrets, ever!

Dr Janus then suggested that they had talked enough for now but warned them that they would explore these things in future appointments; Pete then uttered, I thought one appointment would be enough! The Dr asked peter to go over to the examination table and to lie on his back with his legs in the stirrup for he wanted to examine him. Nervously Pete went over to the table and climbed onto it; as he put himself in the position requested by the doctor he suddenly became aware that his now hard cock would be visibly sticking up making a tent in the gown. Dr Janus seemed to sense his concern and told him not to worry it was quite common for men to get erections in these circumstances.
The doctor then raised the gown and folded it over on to Pete’s stomach; exposing all his lower half; then he did something Pete was not expecting as he called Jan to come over; He explained himself by saying as we said earlier no secrets. Jan watched avidly as the doctor took various measurements like the thickness of his upper thigh and his hard cock; the length along the top of his cock and then the length from the tip of his ball sac to the tip of his cock. All these measurements kept Pete’s cock twitching; turning to Jan he asked if she had any difficultly in taking his full length into her mouth and when she said no why; he asked her to be so good as to show me how you take his full length then.

Embarrassed she leaned into her husband and for the first time in years allowed someone else to watch as she prepared to give Pete a blow job. The doctor suddenly placed the flat of his hand on the back of her head and applied gentle pressure holding her head down till her nose was touching her husband pubic area.

Without Pete hearing he whispered into Jan’s ear that she sucked like a whore and he bet it felt just as good for Pete as it does for her. She was startled and in reacting she tried swallowing which of course caused her throat to ripple against the tip most sensitive part of Pete’s cock and he groaned. This groan almost reinforced the whispered accusation of the doctor in Jan’s eyes.

When she was allowed to rise from his cock; the doctor winked at her and smiled as he said just the reaction I expected. He added that she should wait until the examinations were over before judging his actions properly. Next Jan watched fascinated as the doctor slowly inserted his index finger into Pete’s anal opening; Jan was sure Pete would object but he did not instead he closed his eyes and groaned again.

I think you would like to experience a cock up your arse again; wouldn’t you, Pete? The doctor enquired. Pete without opening his eyes simply nodded. Have you ever asked your wife to finger your rear hole or to even have her slide a rubber cock up it? Dr Janus asked. Suddenly Pete shot open his eyes; and violently shook his head. But you so clearly like having your boy pussy fucked so why deprive yourself and your wife of these exquisite feelings; besides it would probably open so many more opportunities to enhance your marriage.

Pete suddenly realised that the doctor was correct; like when Jan had the two men on the hotel bed he could so easily have been fucking her with one of the men fucking him as he did so. Just as quickly the Doctor pulled his finger from Pete’s open anal ring and asked Jan to slide hers up instead. As she did so the doctor described a point deep inside Pete’s anus which when she found it would reveal itself as the male equivalent of the woman’s g spot and by massaging that area she could entice delicious orgasms from her husband’s jerking cock.

When she found the spot in question; she noticed how Pete suddenly groaned and his cock twitched madly; that’s the place the doctor told her; now pull your finger out and now try to find that spot again on your own. Five minutes later she achieved the same reaction again and the doctor patted her back saying well done.

Instruction them to now switch places and again the patient lying on the table had their pubes exposed; this time though the doctor went to the cupboard and brought back a large black dildo; greasing the dildo he eased it into Jan’s cunt and after several hard thrusts; he instructed Pete to explore Jan’s arse with his fingers and sure enough he taught Pete about the female anal g spot. Once Pete had managed to locate and stimulate it he had Jan begging to be fucked hard back there.

Dr Robert Janus then told Pete to remove his gown and try to do the same with his cock as his fingers had just been doing; without hesitating Pete dropped the gown to the floor and moved in close to slide his cock into his wife’s hot little arse.

No sooner had Pete begun fucking his wife’s arse he felt an old familiar but long lost feeling of another man’s hard cock slide into his hand. Glancing down he saw the doctor with his trousers around his ankles and his hard cock in the palm of Peter’s left hand and without thinking he closed his hand around it and began stroking it firmly.

Robert then whispered into Pete’s ear and instantly Pete nodded his head and at the same moment parted his legs. Pete was in sheer heaven as he felt his anal ring being prised open by the doctor’s hard cock and once fully home the doctor simply stopped moving and allowed Pete to shuttlecock between fully embedding in his wife’s cunt and having his own arse fully of throbbing cock.

The action did not stop until Pete flooded Jan’s cunt and had a load of semen buried deep in his own arse. In the afterglow of their orgasms Jan and Pete both agreed to further appointments to fully explore their missing sexual escapades.

Reluctantly both Pete and Jan dressed and walked towards the exit door and as they passed the nursing station there were aghast to see the dishevelled appearance of the upright nurse they had first met when arriving; then Pete noticed the small monitor on the corner of the desk and he recognised the interior of the doctor’s office. The nurse followed his gaze and then when she attracted his attention she blew him a kiss and said she was looking forward to their next appointment.

When they arrived home; Sarah rushed to meet them at the door and gasped that they should have a word with Ronnie as he had been a right brat all night. Pete went up to Ronnie’s bedroom and walked in without knocking just in time to see him shooting a thick wad of spunk into his mum’s panties. Gobsmacked was not the word to describe Pete’s reaction he was simply lost for words; but Ronnie was not so quiet; for he called his dad a lucky so and so for being able to cum into the real thing.

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This will be the penultimate chapter.

Chapter Four.
Things are rationalised.

Later in bed Pete decided to approach Jan about the things that had occurred; both at the doctor’s surgery and later at home. “Darling, how did it feel for you at the Surgery?” he politely enquired.

“Ooh! It was OK;” she shakily responded, “Although it was strange to perform such an intimate act in front of a complete stranger!” she added. Pete could not believe that she had not been aware of what the Dr had done to him as he pleasured his wife’s arse; but he decided to be honest w2ith her.

“I thought the sexiest moment was when the Dr slid his cock into my Arse whilst I was buried in your sweet anal rose!” he whispered. Jan suddenly looked aghast as if she had been startled in some car’s headlights. Before she recovered enough to offer; I thought you suddenly found a second wind as you Fucked me so beautifully, now I see it was because he was fucking your arse and guiding your pace into me!

“No; no, my love!” Pete quickly interrupted; “When he slid his cock into my arse he did so on my with drawl stroke from you and then held himself so still that I was fucking you as I fucked myself on his cock; so the passion was all my own!” he declared.

“Tell me Peter; did you actually like having a cock up your ass whilst fucking me?” Jan asked.

“I can honestly say it was the most exhilarating experience I had ever felt! Sort of like experiencing exactly what you were experiencing at the exact same time!” he confessed. “Dearest, Knowing what I have just told you; does it make you think less of me?” he nervously asked.

“No dear, in fact as we are being so truthful it was the best experience of my life to feel your hard cock stretching my anal ring with such force and vigour!” she reassured him. With that Pete felt his cock twitch in eager anticipation of another session of passion with the love of his life.

Snuggling up to Jan’s back he whispered in her ear; by the way do you know you have a secret admirer! Jan giggled and then asked who could fancy an old granny like me? As Pete’s now hardening cock pushed against the back of her thighs; he whispered once more, I caught Ronnie our own son; filling your dirty panties with his semen!

Jan was genuinely shocked but recovered quickly as she said I knew someone was doing it; but I thought it was you my dear lover. Pete laughed and said, no my dearest; it was your teenage son and it just goes to show what bringing them up to be forthright and honest can do; for he told me that I was the lucky so and so that got the real thing.

Suddenly Jan turned to face Pete and said; what are we to do about that; after all it’s almost full incest even though he is only cumming in my dirty panties. Well you chose to raise them so liberated and you cannot tell me that you are not secretly turned on that you can cause such actions in such young men? He teased.

That’s beside the point; what are we going to do about it? She asked again. Well that’s up to you! He retorts. After all it is you he is after not me? Pete finally adds. We better get him in here and talk to him; you tell him it’s against the law and morally wrong! Jan decides.

I suggest we better put some clothes on before we get him in here or he could well have the wrong idea to start with! Pete chided.
Ten minutes later both in their nightwear; they call Ronnie into their bedroom. Sit on the edge of the bed; Ronnie! Pete tells him. Your mother and I want to have a word with you about your unhealthy interest in her! He continues.

But Dad it is not unhealthy; after all you have taught us that sex is good and we should not be afraid of disclosing our feelings, so how can it be unhealthy to desire such a perfect specimen of womanhood. Ronnie declared.

Thank you for the compliment Ronnie, Jan responded but for a son to want to fuck his mother is incest and that is unhealthy! Jan stated. No it’s not; mother; after all I don’t think it is just dad that has made your nipples stand out so stiff against your nightgown! Ronnie observed. For the first real time Pe3te noticed that Jan’s nipples were harder than he had seen in years and he also noticed that she was breathing funny. Well not so much in a funny way but more as a woman excited to the point of sexual arousal may breathe.

Jan looked at Pete for help but all she saw was him grinning at her; he is correct in that your nipples are aroused more than I have seen in a while. He teased. Pete that is not helping matters; Jan responded and besides look who is talking about being aroused, if your cock gets any harder you will be poking holes in the ceiling with it. She retorted. Both Ronnie and Pete followed her gaze and sure enough Pete’s cock was tenting the front of his pyjamas. Pete looked at Ronnie’s own tent and smiled before adding like a chip off the old block.

Suddenly there was a deafening silence as all three of them looked at each other. It was the brash of youth which moved first as Ronnie stood up and walked slowly to the open door of the bedroom. Jan and Pete smiled at each other thinking that he had accepted their talk in a real grown up way.

When Ronnie got to the door he slowly closed it before turning and untying his pyjama cord and letting his bottoms fall to his feet. His boyish exuberance and recuperative powers simply made his cock bounce but it never lost its hardness and he slowly began to walk towards his mother leaving his discarded bottoms where they had fallen. Jan blushed slightly as she once more looked towards Pete for help but he simply smiled and said he did not mind sharing her charms once more just as they had the night in the hotel. Jan protested that the other guys had not been her own flesh and blood; her son and was totally different. But Pete managed to silence her by simply saying but a cock’s a cock no matter who it belongs too.

By now Ronnie was close enough to Jan that she could almost feel the heat of his cock and she offered little resistance when Ronnie began gently pulling at the hem of her nightie. She simply raised her buttocks off the bed and closed her eyes as the soft material was dragged up and over her head. No wanting to be left out Pete stood up and quickly lost his own pyjamas; top and bottoms.

Suddenly Jan gasped as she felt her son’s hands close around her nipples and through half closed eyes she gasped for Pete to let her see him sucking some cock. Suddenly Ronnie did not feel so brave when he heard this but he was not about to give up the object of his desires. To him it felt surreal to have his mother’s nipples in between his fingers whilst his own father began sucking on his rock hard cock.

Pete let go of his son’s cock long enough to tell Jan to stretch out on the bed and get Ronnie to start licking her soaking wet cunt. Jan was happy to do so as the sensations her own son was sending through his twisting of her nipples was driving her insane and she now wanted so much more. Twenty minutes later she saw her husband swallow a thick creamy load direct from her son’s cock and marvelled at the fact it never lost his hardness and seemed ready for even more. For Pete he had the delight of watching his son’s awkward attempts reap a rich reward in causing his own mother to cum over his tongue as it lavished caresses on her clit. Suddenly Ronnie pulled away and said he wanted to fuck his mother in the doggie fashion like he had witness his dad do so recently. No sooner had he said it then he almost regretted it as both mother and father both stopped abruptly and demanded to know how often had; he been spying on their love making.

Ronnie rather awkwardly admitted that he had seen them make love several times sometime on his own and other times with his sister watching beside him; he quickly added that when Sarah had been with him she had always refused to allow him to even touch her. Suddenly as if with a renewed bravado; Ronnie said, “Come on mother whore get into the doggie position so I can slide my cock up you!”

Jan was about to complain when she felt a strange feeling come over her and she asked Pete to talk dirty to her while she fucked her son in that horny bitch position. Pete was shocked for it was the first time he even thought of calling his wife a whore, Slut or slag but she seemed to be turned on even further by it. There was Jan on her hands and knees while her own seventeen year old son was hammering his hard cock into her well stretched cunt as her husband called her all the wanton names he could think of and while doing so Pete was pinching, pulling and twisting her hardened nipples as if they were going out of style.

Jan felt a massive orgasm begin to build and had to bury her face into the pillows to stop waking the dead with her animalistic grunts and groans. Ronnie thrust forward and held his cock buried deep inside his mother’s cunt as he unleashed his second load of the night; sending scalding hot semen washing all his mom’s cunt walls. By now Pete’s cock was aching from lack of activity and Jan said that as Ronnie had given her such pleasure it was only right that he now give his father a dose of that pleasure and he should suck the old man’s cock. Ronnie nearly baulked at the idea of this but as his mother reassured him it was no different from his father having sucked his.

Despite Ronnie’s amateurish ministrations of cock sucking; the mental fact that it was his own son doing it soon had Pete spunking into Ronnie’s throat and for Ronnie he discovered that he rather liked the taste of another man’s spunk. Just then the bedroom door flew open and in dashed Sarah; grabbing her mother and sobbing that she had been left out of this special family event.

Jan calmed her sobbing and managed to find out that Sarah was still a virgin and she asked if Sarah wanted her own father to be the one to turn her from girl to full woman. Sarah instantly nodded her head and Jan explained that tomorrow night would be her special night; she would be the centre of all the attention just like Ronnie had been tonight. That night became the first of many as they slept four to a bed in the master bedroom and they fucked as a family on numerous occasions as well as attended several more appointments with Dr Janus.

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Chapter five.
Back to a perfect family…..nearly.

Next morning Pete woke up to the unusual sensation of a wet mouth around his cock and through bleary eyes he looked down to see his own son, Ronnie, feverishly working his mouth up and down on his hard cock. Turning his head towards where his wife normally lay; he saw his wife and daughter smiling as they watched the exciting events unfold; both slowly stroking each other’s cunt’s.

He could not believe his ears; when he heard his darling sixteen year old daughter say; wow mum is that all going to be mine tonight! Then he remembered the events which unfolded last night; how instead of stopping his son’s infatuation with his wife he had not only watched as they fucked but also had his cock sucked to climax by that very son.

Even worse in Pete’s mind was the fact that he has secretly wished his son had slipped that fine upstanding hard youthful prick into his aching arsehole; he swore he could feel his anal ring throb at the very thought of being stretched wide to accommodate such a virile prick; even now in the morning light his anal ring twitched as he indulged in such dirty thoughts. As if in a dream he thought he heard his beloved Jan say; Ronnie dearest; daddy likes to take cock up his arse too and if you are really good then maybe he will educate you into those special feelings too.

Ronnie looked up and smiled and asked if Pete really took another man’s cock up his arse and what did it feel like to be fucked like a slut; at the very mention of being called a slut Pete actually shivered. Before Pete could answer Jan said; oh it feels like you want a take a shit in reverse and when a cock spurts up there it’s like fireworks going off. Suddenly Pete was told by his own son to get into the same position as Jan had been in last night and then Ronnie climbed behind him between his legs and began pushing his hard cock into the crack of his father’s arse; Pete had to adjust his son’s aim and guide the throbbing cock to the point of it’s desire. Now Ronnie’s cock began to push past Pete’s sphincter muscle and into his dad’s arse.

Jan nudged Sarah and pointed to Pete’s cock; Sarah took the hint and slid down beside her father and took her first tentative taste of a rampant male cock; with Jan’s help she was soon sucking like a seasoned professional hooker and was rewarded when her father began bucking his hips in an involuntary manner as hot spunk filled the young girls mouth. She swallowed quickly noting its salty taste but liking it none the less. Jan clapped noisily as she watched her daughter eat her first spunk meal and just knew it would not be her last; just as Jan began to move to get off the bed, she was stopped by Sarah and suddenly found her legs being prised open by her daughter’s hands as she dipped her head between them and began eating her cunt. Jan was surprised because her daughter seemed a seasoned expert at the sensations she was feeling below. Taking hold of her hair she gently pulled her head up with the intention to kiss her but as her lips came free she heard her daughter say; Kathy my school friend and I often do this to each other so I know what I am doing here mother.

Now Ronnie was hammering his cock into his father hot arse and whilst doing so had his hand wrapped around his dad’s cock jacking it off despite having seen his sister suck it to a climax only moments later; Pete was amazed that his cock had not softened in the slightest and he was once more beginning to feel the need to buck like crazy with his hips. The bedroom permeated with the smells of horny sex; the scents of hot wet cunts and freshly milked spunk hung heavy in the air.

Jan broke the spell; when she looked at the bedside clock and declared that the kids would be late for school if they did not get a move on; Ronnie gave a few more hard thrusts before embedding his cock deep into his dad’s rear and Pete groaned that his arse fucking son was filling his rear with hot fresh spunk. As Pete collapsed forward Ronnie sprung from the bed and taking his sister’s hand he said come on sis, let’s go shower together.

Pete raised his head and smiled weakly that sounds a good idea; love, why don’t we do the same. Jan laughed and said, by the looks of you; you could not even stand to take a shower let alone be any good to me in one. Hand in hand Jan and Pete went off to the master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom and stood together under a hot shower; they took their time and soaped each other in all their intimate places delighting in using the shower head spray to tease those still erotically tender spots like Jan’s clit and Pete’s still gaping anal ring.

For all four members of the Mahoney family the time passed by so slowly today; no more so than for little Sarah Mahoney; as she eagerly anticipated what tonight would hold in store for her. She knew her mother would keep her word and little Sarah and her 34B breasts would be the centre of all the family attention. Finally for her the last lesson of the day; maths which she hated with a passion; finally faded into the past and the home bell signalled the start of her womanly adventure.

She was met at the gates of the school by her brother Ronnie who teased her in front of his friends; she was not really bothered by this because he always tried to embarrass her in front of his schoolmates. But today she thought he almost went too far taunting her that she would feel like a different woman tomorrow; his friends obviously could not see the reference he was making but she knew exactly what he meant. She finally shut him up by saying that tomorrow she may feel different but he would still be a moron.

When Sarah and Ronnie arrived home; Jan sent Ronnie off on some errands and led Sarah up to the master bedroom; leading her into the en-suite bathroom she suggested she take a hot bath and pamper herself a little. Being allowed to use her mother’s bath and bath salts was a real treat for Sarah and her mother hung around explaining a few things to her. You know there will be a little pain tonight, darling, after all; your daddy will have to force his cock through your hymen; but it will soon be replaced with an indescribable pleasure and the knowledge that you will be a full blown woman forever afterwards.

She spoke at length about the young girls needs afterwards and about precautions against unwanted pregnancies; also she suggested it may be nice for her to shave her pubic area for the special night and then decide if she wanted to keep it shaved or not; she pointed out that she herself had decided to remain shaven since her first fuck. Sarah looked down at the short blonde pubic hairs and ran her fingers through it; before saying; but mum shaving down there, won’t it make me appear more babyish and not like the woman I will become. Her mother laughed as she lovingly said but baby you will always be mum and dad’s baby and it would be so special for daddy to take your virginity with you looking as much like his baby girl as you can. This time Sarah laughed and said I never thought of it that way before; I will shave just for daddy.

Jan showed Sarah how to safely shave herself down between her legs and afterwards applied talcum powder to ease that razor burn sometimes she herself felt after shaving afresh. Now Jan allowed Sarah to go and select her own choice of clothes but advised her to wear things that were easy to remove. When Ronnie came back he kept hovering around almost spying on his sister; and secretly wishing he could be the one to take her virginity but he knew that was reserved for his father.

About 8.30 pm Pete finally arrived home to find his baby girl dressed in a pretty pale blue party dress which flaired out with lots of lacy underskirts. He swore she was not wearing a bra beneath it tight fitting top as he could clearly see her nipples hard underneath the material. After eating he excused himself and went up and showered before come down to the living room wearing his dressing gown. Taking his place in his favourite chair; he was so pleased when Sarah came to sit on his knee. As she settled down she felt his flesh touch her backside and his hard cock seemed to nestle between the cheeks of her arse; she giggled as both she and her father realised that there was no underwear between her naked cunt and his stiff cock.

Pete rested his hand on her back and allowed his other hand to fall onto the top of her thigh above the party dress. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear and she again giggled as she turned and kissed her father but not as a daughter often kisses her dad; no this was far more like two lovers kissing. Jan stepped forward and asked Sarah if she could be kissed like that and as Sarah agreed and reached up to kiss her mother as a lover her father leaned in and nibbled her earlobe sending shivers down her spine and straight to her already slick cunt.

Jan then suggested that we all begin to get comfortable and Sarah and her father watched as Ronnie and Jan quickly divested themselves of their clothes; once naked both Ronnie and his mother asked what was going on as neither Pete nor Sarah had moved. Sarah then said, Mum you told me that I would be the centre of attention tonight and so I would like you and Ronnie to each remove one item of my clothing which you must be able to see; then daddy is going to undress the rest of his baby daughter.

Ronnie went first and removed the actual party dress, revealing that Sarah was not wearing a bra and her puffy little nipples stood proud from her smallish mounds of tit flesh; Jan then removed the first outer layer of the frilly under lace and then Sarah stood up and demanded Daddy remove your dressing gown. Pete stood and removed his gown to reveal he was naked beneath; now daddy, remove the rest of your baby girls clothes. Pete slid down the next three layers of frilly under lace and groaned as he saw for the first time his daughter’s freshly shaved cunt.

Daddy dearest, kiss your little girls cunt while mum here kisses my anal ring and bro you can suck on one of my nipples but you must all stop when I tell you. Sarah added gleefully. For ten minutes she stood the ministrations of all three mouths on her body and finally panted for them all to stop. Sarah fetched the cushions from the sofa and spread them in a line on the floor; settling down on to them she opened her legs and asked her dad; please make me a woman. Proudly Pete crawled between her legs and placed his cock head at the entrance to her cunt; he began to tell her this may hurt but she stopped him dead by saying mum had already educated her what was to come and she was ready for it. Just as Pete was about to push forward Sarah asked to hold her mother’s hand and she reached out without asking and gripped her brother’s rigid cock.

As Pete pressed home his cock; sarah delighted in squeezing both her mother’s hand and her brother’s cock; Ronnie was soon squealing as his cock turned and angry shade of red and then all of a sudden the pain Sarah felt was gone and sheer exhilaration took its place; quickly she released her grip on her brother’s cock and told him to stick it in her mouth; as he moved to do so she asked her mum to lick her cunt as her dad fucked it. Jan had to explain there was no room for her to get her head in whilst her father fucked her but she would suck on her nipples until she came all over her daddy’s cock.

For twenty minutes She sucked the life blood from her brother’s cock until he gave up his large load of semen and she felt a rising passion begin as a small tingle in the lower spine and build into a screaming torrent as it ripped through her belly. Her father hung out as long as he could before flooding her new plunged cunt with his hot seeds and no sooner had he pulled out than her mother was down there lapping the blood stained semen from her cunt while Sarah demanded that Ronnie suck clean her father’s virginity taking cock. This time Ronnie baulked at the idea of sucking the blood streaked cock but quickly Jan was there to do it and then return to lapping up her daughter’s leaking cunt.

That night all four of them slept in the master bed and at last Ronnie got to fuck his sister although whilst he fucked her he had to take his dad’s cock up his own virgin arse. Ronnie did though manage to take his sister’s anal virginity that night too and Sarah sucked hard on her mother’s tits as she watched her mother take both Pete’s cock up her cunt and Ronnie’s cock up her arse. It was almost 4 am before the exhausted quartet finally drifted off to sleep in a tangle of arms and legs. Good job tomorrow was Saturday and they could all have a lie in.

Jan and Pete had three more appointments with Dr Janus before telling him that they were now sorting out their issues and everything was a thousand times better; but they never disclosed the fact their newest lovers were their very own children.

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