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A Basketball Team Gangbang
by pussylove69

Anne was the waitress in the pub that they local basketball team regular visited after each match. Anne was 37 and quite a sexy woman. She had black, curled hair cut at her neck and green eyes that gave her the look of a wild cat. Her body was still quite slim, but not thin to the bone at all. She had all the sexy curves at the right places. A fine, nice piece of arse and attractively shaped medium sized breasts, that where still quite firm and the bit of sagging made them even sexier. She was a single woman and always in a good and funny mood. She never objected when one of the young guys from the team slapped her bum or something else.

The team consisted of ten players and all boys where between 18 and 20 – an age where guys were typically horny all day – and so were the team boys. They all were sportive and athletic. Anne loved the sight of their body.

In a good mood she had promised the team to take a shower with them after the match if they would win the next match, which was very important.

Obviously the motivation was really high and so Anne had to fulfill her promise and she was looking forward to do it. She watched them go into the shower of the dressing room of the sports hall and she waited a bit, before she sneaked into the dressing room. She listened into the shower and heard the boys talk about her; if she would really dare to show up and what they would do to her. In some way that talk made her really horny.

Finally she stepped into the shower room. There were big welcome cries. All boys were naked. Anne took her time to watch each boy. They were really all beautiful guys. So young and so well built. Some of them had big cocks, but also the smaller ones were sexy to her. She also loved to see the effect she had to the boys. Her stepping into the shower room and the anticipation seemed to be enough for at least two thirds of the boys to let their cocks start swelling.

“Hello, boys!”, she said. “You did a good play! And you know what I promised.” With these words she moved the straps of her summer dress over her shoulders and it glided down to the wet floor. She wore a bra and panty below. Slowly she moved her hands down her body, over her breasts and hips, down to her crotch. The effect was sensational to her. Now all boys had a hard-on or at least a half stiff cock. Again she took her time to enjoy the sight of the boys. Then she unhooked her bra, took it off and threw it to one of the boys. They started screaming, complimented on her. They were getting really turned on by this middle-aged sexbomb. Anne's nipples were hard already. She had long nipples, that looked very erotic, when she was aroused. She massaged her tits for a short time, before she finally stripped down her panty to show her big, dark black bush of pubic hair below.

Slowly she walked to the boys. All cocks were fully erect now.

Anne touched the boys at their chest, shoulders and faces and clapped some young arse here and there. Then she took some shower gel and started to wash herself. The 37year old woman started kind of very sexy, on-turning shower-show. She creamed in all her body very slowly, massaging her fine breasts and shampooing her black bush for a very long time. The young boys were watching with their mouths open and their cocks standing rock hard. She felt that she was not only wet due to the shower, but that her pussy was dripping of her lust juices too. She spread her legs a bit and one of her fingers glided into her cunt. She fucked in and out of it several times. The boy's eyes widened.

“Anybody wants to help me?”, Anne finally asked. She was very horny now. She wanted to feel some hands on her body – and not only hands.

Immediately all ten young boys crowded around her and twenty hands started washing her – mainly her breasts, arse, thighs and her pussy. Stiff cocks touched her body. She too used her hands and fondled their balls and cocks.

She played with the team like that for a while, before she was so horny that she really wanted sex now. “What if you would take care of a fine mattress, boys? We could play a bit?” She asked and stepped out of the shower. They towelled quickly and the boys led her into the sports hall where they quickly prepared a big sports mattress.

The woman knelt down and the ten 18 to 20 years old boys encircled her. Ten hard, young, beautiful cocks darted her face. Anne's hands reached out and slowly touched each cock, played with each prick, made each boy moan. She always caressed two peckers at the same time with her hands and started now kissing one with her mouth. The horny guys longed for her body now and started feeling out her breasts. There were no soft touches, no tenderness. The young, hot boys wildly fondled her tits. But exactly that wild, inexperienced way of sexual eagerness aroused the 37year old woman even more. She had done threesomes and foursomes before, but never had she been with ten men, and never had she been with so young bodies for a long time. Quickly and eager she changed from one penis to the other and tried to pleasure all the same.

“Take me, boys! Fuck me, all!”, she finally said in a horny voice. She could no longer resist her urges. Today she wanted them. She wanted all of the ten cocks to fill her, to satisfy her completely.

The young boys had lost all their shyness by now. Fingers and hands spread her legs and eagerly she gave way. She concentrated on one big cock now with her mouth and her hands still wanked two pricks. She felt one cock now between her arse cheeks and one at her pussy.

Breaking her lusty blowjob for a few seconds only she moaned: “Yes, yes come between my cheeks and make my ass ready for a good anal fuck!!! And you come and fuck my pussy!” She went back and sucked the cock deep into her mouth. Her commands were followed immediately. The boy led his penis into her pussy and started fucking her wildly and the other one roughly fucked up and down between her cheeks. The inexperienced boys couldn't hold it for a long time. One after another started cumming. The first was the one in her mouth. She felt how he pressed his pecker deep into her and then he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed a good part of it immediately. Oh she loved the taste of semen. What she couldn't take landed on her lips, as she removed the cock of her mouth. At the same time one of the boys she pleasured with her hands came and the spunk landed on her face, shoulders and tits. Only a very short time also the other boy came and his cum also hit her face, her neck and her boobs. She enjoyed that loads of young cum. The next to cum was her anal-boy. His semen was all around her arse and finally she felt her fucker cumming inside of her.

One of Annes hands longed to her back and started creaming her anus with the fresh semen. She prepared herself for taking the next penis into her ass. Soon she felt another hand at her bum taking over her work and then entering her arse. She loved a good anal fuck and moaned loud. But she wanted more – and she got more. A new prick started caring about her cunt, one hand was playing with her clit, three or four hands were at her breasts and she took another penis into her mouth and her hands were already working two new cocks too. Other horny boys had taken care about themselves meanwhile and their loads of cum landed on her body.

Anne started cumming when the next young boy sent his load into her mouth and she swallowed again. She came wild, loud and long. She cried out her huge orgasm, but she did not stop. So she came over and over again as each boy shot his load either into her arse, her pussy or her mouth. At that time each guy had cum at least two times and every drop of cum had landed on or in her body. She was full of semen all over now, as she finally lay on the mattress. She was exhausted. The boys stood around her cum-covered naked body.

“Cum on me one more time, boys and I will find ways to thank you all for that afternoon. Make yourself cum and shoot your loads onto my body. I love your spunk!”, she moaned with an exhausted voice. One of her hands was gently playing with her pussy. Semen was flowing out of her cunt and her arse. She enjoyed the sight as the ten young boys started playing with their cocks and as one after another came once again and ten loads of young, fresh cum landed on her black bush of pubes, on her belly, her breasts and her face.

She was still lying on the mattress and enjoyed what she had experienced after the exhausted boys had left. She took in the smell of sex, the smell of semen and pussy juice. She still tasted the semen in her mouth and her fingers played with all the cum that covered almost every inch of her skin now.

She felt dirty, but not in a bad way, but in a wild, sexy, lusty, slutty way. A way she liked.

Suddenly she heard a new sound. A backside door opened and a young girl stepped into the sports hall. She knew her. She was a classmate of one of the players. Her name was Erica. She was a pretty young girl, with brown hair and a very slim, young looking body with small breasts.

For a short moment Anne was shocked a bit, but she grew horny quickly again and a very arousing idea came to her mind.

The girl was stunned when she saw that elder woman lying naked and over and over covered with semen in the middle of the hall.

“What?….Excuse me, I….” She didn't know what to say, but couldn't take her eyes off the woman's body either. “Just come here, Erica. I gave a little thank you to the boys…so maybe you are too late. I think they have enough for today.” The young girl blushed. “No, no….I”, but she came close to the woman. Anne had taken a load of spunk onto her fingers. “Do you like what you see, Erica? I'm sure you like it, I see it in your eyes. Hmm it feels so good and it tastes so good. Just come here. I have something for you.” Erica was in a state of trance. She knelt down besides the woman. Anne reached up to the girls face and let her smell the still fresh cum, then she touched her lips and stroke them with her cum-covered fingers. The girl slightly opened her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

One of the 37year old woman's hand had reached up the 18year old girls skirt and had found a wet pussy beneath her panties. “Take off your cloth, Erica! You can enjoy all I have here. Lick me clean, girl!” The girl only hesitated a moment. She was in a state of highest arousal, her eyes were fixed to the semen-covered sexy breasts of the woman. Anne was caressing her pussy with one finger. Erica finally quickly stripped naked. She had wonderful young breasts, like little fresh apples. Her slit was shaved completely.

Anne took her hand and drew her onto her greasy body. Their lips melt. For Erica it was the first time to kiss a woman. For Anne it was not. Erica was obviously fascinated by both the woman's body and the cum all over it. Eagerly she started kissing Anne's face and licking the semen from it.

“Yes, Erica. Lick me clean. You can have all the nice semen. Taste it and go down on me, taste semen and taste my pussy.”

The horny young girl did as she was told. Inch by inch she went down the mature, but so sexy woman's body and licked the boys cum from her, she sucked her coverer nipples and licked the big black bush clean of semen before Anne pressed her young face into her crotch. Erica licked her. It was a first time licking, without any experience, but Anne came wild at the thought of this young, slim girl eating her cum-filled pussy. After Erica had done her, the girls body now too was covered with semen and now it was Anne that returned all the favour – but in a very experienced way. The 37year old woman was completely satisfied now and so she could take all the time to lick that wonderful young, girlish body with the blooming breasts clean and to kiss, lick and fondle the 18year old schoolgirl to a series of great orgasms and a great first lesbian experience.

Exhausted the two finally fell asleep at the mattress, that was sticky with semen and pussy juices as were their bodies.

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Thanks folks for viewing this....

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Not really my cup of tea but a nicely done story thanx robin.