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Richard P
01-01-2013, 01:39 AM
Sandiís Erotic Adventures. 17.

Chapter 17. Alan. (July 1989.)

The first time hubby watched me having sex with another guy happened while we were away on holiday and the guy in question nearly twenty years older than I. Ironically it was a belated honeymoon! When we married in early May, a few days after my twenty fifth birthday, J was unable to get away due to work commitments so we delayed going on honeymoon until July.

I knew all about J's interest in voyeurism and cuckoldry long before we married as he told me about it early on in our relationship, feeling that if he married it would only work if his partner felt comfortable with, and willing to participate in, what some might view as odd or perverse activities.

It was three month's prior to our wedding that we were able to put J's tendency towards cuckoldry, although not voyeurism, to the test when a guy made a pass at me while I was away on a course. We were already living together by this time and when phoning J on the first evening of the course I told him about this guy Tom making a pass at me.

Well, my fiancťe as he was then, practically insisted that I succumb to Tom's charms and tell him all about it when I returned home at the end of the week long course. So I did!

Probably at least ten years older than me, the divorced Tom proved to be a phenomenal lover and I happily spent three nights in his hotel room rather than my own. Even over the phone I could tell that my future hubby was in a highly excited state as I related all the juicy details about my experiences with Tom each day.

Back home after the course I had to repeat the details over and over again and had the realisation even then that J seemed to derive more sexual excitement from hearing what I'd done with Tom than he did while having sex with me himself!

Anyway, following encouragement from J, I spent occasional weekends with Tom during the run up to our wedding. In fact the affair culminated with me spending the Friday night prior to our wedding on Saturday afternoon in bed with Tom while hubby to be was out on his stag night!

Standing beside me during the service J's excitement was plain to see but guests put it down to nerves rather than his knowledge that I'd been fucked by Tom barely 3 hours earlier!

And so to our belated honeymoon.

Alan was staying at the same hotel as us while working on some sort of spe******t contract in the area; I've no idea what type of work he did although hubby had more serious and technical discussions with him from time to time during the week. He arrived during the Sunday evening so as to make an early start on the Monday and it was when Alan came down to the bar after checking into his room that we got talking to him. After a time I said I was going for a walk as it was a nice evening but hubby declined to join me so went alone.

On my return perhaps forty minutes later I was met in reception by a very excited J. Once we were in the privacy of our room I discovered the reason for hubby's excited demeanour. It seems that after I'd left for my walk the conversational had turned personal with Alan telling hubby how he used his trips away from home to look for a bit of extra-marital sex. He wasn't always successful but he'd had his moments Alan boasted.

Well the upshot was that hubby had invited Alan to have sex with me while he watched, revealing it to be a fantasy of his. If I agreed J would fetch Alan whose room, a single, was just along the corridor from ours.

Needless to say a few minutes later Alan was in our room and, feeling a bit nervous, I was in his arms. We kissed, Alan's hands moving slowly and gently over my body, and seeing the excited look on hubby's face I relaxed. Alan began very slowly to undress me, casting occasional glances at hubby as he did so. When I was down to just panties, stockings and suspenders Alan asked hubby if he was still ok about what was happening.

"Oh yes, you're doing great!" Hubby's erect cock was out and in his hand by this time so it was a needless question really.

Alan moved to my rear so that I was facing hubby when his hands came up to cup my breasts. I could see the excitement on hubby's face as he watched Alan's hands squeezing my breasts, his fingers rubbing the nipples into an erectile condition. I saw him biting his lip, eyes widening when Alan's hand eventually moved down my body and his fingers slid inside my panties.

"Is she wet?" an excited hubby gasped.

"Very wet. My fingers had no trouble slipping inside your wife's cunt."

Hubby gasped again, his hand pumping away at his cock.

By this time any sneaking doubts I may have felt about the genuine nature of hubby's fantasies had gone, swept away by his very evident excitement to watch me with Alan.

My panties were off then and I was stretched out over the end of the bed with Alan kneeling at my feet.

"Your wife's cunt looks very inviting; I think I'll have a taste. Ok by you?"

"Yes yes, do."

He did. For the next however many minutes Alan licked my cunt, paying particular and exquisite attention to my clit, and I was vaguely aware of hubby hovering round the bed masturbating. Alan brought me to a noisy and sustained orgasm during which I heard hubby's voice, sounding almost hysterical, thanking the guy.

When Alan stood up I noticed hubby's hand was covered in cum!

"You obviously enjoyed that so you can watch your wife sucking my cock now," Alan told him, stripping off.

"Wow!" I exclaimed when Alan big hard cock sprang into view.

The guy smiled and continued stripping off while I glanced at hubby wondering if he was feeling envious of Alan's manhood, clearly bigger than his own. I don't know what he was thinking but hubby stared open mouthed at Alan's cock, a cock I couldn't wait to get to grips with.

"Magnificent. I think Sandi's going to enjoy that," J. said at last, his voice sounding hoarse.

I was on my knees directly Alan had finished stripping off. Seizing his cock by the root I ran my tongue up and down its length, Alan standing hands on hips watching me. Next I licked round and round his sensitive glans area, Alan beginning to moan.

Then I took it into my mouth, albeit with some difficulty at first.

"Oh God, that's great."

It was hubby's voice I heard while sucking Alan's cock. I ran my hands up and down the guy's thighs while sucking him until he suddenly pulled back and told me to lie down.

"Your wife's a bloody good cock sucker and now I'm going to fuck her," he said to hubby.

On my back, legs spread really wide, I waited in eager anticipation.

"Yes yes, please do. Fill my wife's cunt with your big hard cock," hubbyís hysterical voice urged leaving me in no doubt as to his feelings.

Alan was on top then and I felt his fingers spreading my cunt lips ready. Then it was in and driving deep as he kissed me. After a few slow thrusts Alan paused.

"There, the full length of my cock's inside your wife's cunt," he informed hubby.

"Great, fantastic, now fuck her like she's never been fucked before!"

Again hubby's voice sounded hysterical and Alan laughed as he resumed his thrusts. There was no doubt in my mind that the cock inside me was the biggest I'd ever experienced and I clung to Alan almost desperately as he fucked me. I was vaguely aware of hubby's voice from time to time as he roamed back and forth around the bed, urging the guy on. Then I was yelling ecstatically with the big cock continuing to surge in and out of me, soon releasing a torrent of cum into my depths.

"I don't know who enjoyed that the most, you or hubby," Alan said while dressing.

J. was slumped in the chair, his hand covered in cum, a now shrunken cock still hanging from his open fly.

"I hope you'll continue to fuck my wife throughout the week?" J's anxious sounding question indicated his own feelings about what he'd seen.

"Yes indeed, only to happy to oblige. I'll fuck your wife every day if you want."

"Oh yes do, that would be great, wouldn't it Sandi?"

Both guys had seen how much I'd enjoyed the experience so words were unnecessary.

So it was that I had sex with Alan each evening while my feverishly masturbating hubby watched. Normally Alan would leave for home directly he finished work on the Friday but this time he stayed an extra night, his room fortunately being available. Alan rang his wife to tell her that he had to stay over an extra night because the work was at a critical stage and had to be completed.

After breakfast on Saturday morning we left the hotel together. Loading our respective cars Alan teased hubby that he hadn't had much sex on his honeymoon, knowing we'd only had intercourse once, the previous Saturday.

"You looked to be having your own fun though."

"Yes, it was a brilliant week. To watch you fucking Sandi, and eight times at that, was a phenomenal experience for me. Thanks a lot."

Hubby's enthusiasm was clear to see and from my point of view bodes well for the future.