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Richard P
01-01-2013, 01:18 PM
Sandiís Erotic Adventures. 19.

Chapter 19. George/Kev. (August 2009.)

It had been an unusually stressful meeting and driving out of town to begin my journey home I decided to find somewhere quiet and park up. Perhaps take a short stroll to unwind a bit or even better, masturbate, always a sure fire way to relieve tension! With that end in mind I turned off onto a minor road instead of heading straight for the motorway. Seeing what looked to be a disused track leading to derelict buildings I decided to pull in. The five bar gate was hanging off its hinges so I was able to drive through and park up well away from the road. The track itself looked unused with weeds and undergrowth encroaching on to it.

I had as usual changed into my flat driving shoes and so set out on a slow walk along the overgrown track. After about fifteen minutes of calming exercise, during which I walked past the collection of derelict buildings, I decided to head back to the car and put in practice the second part of my relaxation strategy.

As I approached my car I saw a large van parked behind it and two irate looking guys waving at me.

"You've blocked our road, stupid bitch," a guy shouted angrily as I drew nearer.

Apologising for the inconvenience I explained that I'd assumed from the general air of dereliction that the roadway wasn't in use.

Climbing into my car I started the engine and waited for them to move the van so I could reverse. They sat talking and seemed in no hurry now, despite the angry words earlier. I sounded the horn to let the guys know I was ready to go but it failed to have the desired effect. Instead they climbed back out and approached my car again.

"Stop that noise you stupid bitch. You've kept us waiting long enough so now you'll have to wait until we're ready to move, and maybe pay Kev and me back for buggering us about."

It was the older of the two, the one that had shouted at me, who spoke. He was a man in his mid-fifties, square built and muscular with the weather beaten face of an outdoor worker. Reaching in through the open window he turned the ignition off.

"What do you mean, pay you back. Do you want money?"

He laughed.

"Hear that Kev, the stupid bitch thinks we want money. I'm sure she can think of something else to give us, don't you."

He was leering at my legs, the hemline of my skirt inevitably high, and again reaching into the car the guy quickly removed my key from the ignition and slipped it into his pocket. His hand snaked back in through the open window and he squeezed my thigh.

"Know what I mean love? What say you get in the backseat with young Kev here and let him have a little bit?"

I feigned the surprise which I didn't actually feel, having guessed where this was heading almost from the start.

"What for?" I asked with a pretence of naivety which fooled no one.

"Don't play the innocent with me girl you know what we want, why else leave my hand where it is and sit there with your legs open."

I hadn't realised the latter but it was true, my legs had drifted apart under pressure from his hand.

He opened the door then and taking my wrist pulled me from the car.

"Give me a hand Kev, let's get the tart's knickers off and have her over the bonnet of the car."

I put up a half-hearted struggle as the men dragged me round to the front of the car and hauled my skirt up. They were rough and I feigned a gesture of helpless resignation as my panties were yanked down and off. The rough handling continued as I was pushed face down over the bonnet of my car. A hand forced its way between my thighs and an excited Kev's exclaimed, "You're right boss, her cunt's soaking wet!"

"What did I tell you," the boss, or as I subsequently learnt George, said jubilantly.

He deliberately moved into my line of sight so I could see him undoing and removing his trousers.

"This is what you need," he practically snarled, waving a fat looking penis at me before disappearing from sight.

I felt his cock nudging at my thighs and he snarled, "Spread 'em girl I know damn well this is what you want and you're going to get it, from both of us."

I shuffled my feet further apart and with a jubilant shout the boss drove his cock into me.

"What did I tell you boy, we're on a winner here!" he shouted as he began fucking me.

Suddenly stopping, his cock fully embedded inside me, the boss leaned over to snarl in my ear, "Kev's cock is rock hard and he's looking impatient for a turn so I'll let him take over before I finish off."

His cock was removed and immediately Kev's entered me in its place. His rough hands gripping my hips Kev drove his cock rapidly in and out of me.

"That's it Kev really give it to the bitch," his boss shouted.

He did too. My body was being forced forwards over the car bonnet with every thrust of the lads cock into me and I yelled repeatedly. The boss's jeering face appearing at the side of the car and he waved his fat erection at me.

"Don't forget you've still got this to come," he taunted.

Suddenly Kev came, his cock jerking in my depths. He withdrew and I felt the boss's rough hands forcing my thighs still further apart. Next his cock drilled into me but remained stationary and I felt rough hands spreading me buttocks.

"Nice looking bum hole."

I felt a mouthful of spittle dribbling down the crevice between my buttocks followed by more, this time delivered more accurately to my anus.

"Here you are Kev; put your finger up the tarts arse hole."

When the finger probed my anus I assumed it to be Kevís. With the boss resuming his thrusts and Kevís finger drilling my anus I yelled, knowing the bastards were bringing me to orgasm. When it hit me I squealed uncontrollably, the boss laughing as he continued to fuck me.

I was massaging my aching limbs afterwards when a heavily breathing George said, "We haven't finished with you yet, young Kev's hard again and raring to go."

They stripped me roughly then, although at least my pleas for them to be careful with my clothing were headed. Naked but for suspender belt and stockings, stockings which were already shredded from their activities with me on the car bonnet, I was bundled into the back seat of my car. Kev, naked from the waist down, slid in beside me while his boss remained outside watching.

"Let me see you riding Kevís cock like the tart you are," he snapped.

I straddled the eager Kev and lowered myself onto his erection, George reaching in to grab one of my breasts as I settled onto it. Kev seized the other one as I began to ride his cock. He was thrusting upwards, his hand soon dropping from my breast to join the other gripping my hips, as I continued the ride. George was in the front seats by this time and encircled me with his strong arms.

"Keep going tart, give Kev the ride of his life," he hissed, his hands now pulling and squeezing my breasts.

We continued like that until with a grunt and violent thrust Kev came, his seed flooding me and running back down his cock.

"Looking for these love?" George pulled my panties from his pocket as I was searching for them.

I held out my hand but after pressing my panties to his nose and inhaling George slipped them back in to his pocket.

"If you want your knickers you'll have to come back another day," he grinned. "Now piss off out of our way, we've work to do."

Returning to their van they reversed it out onto the road and I did likewise, to drive off with them grinning through the windscreen at me.

Driving home in my panty less condition I mused about his final sentence, I couldn't go back, or could I? The rough way the men had used me verged on rape and there was no telling what might happen if I did return.

Well I did go back, ostensibly to collect my panties, and got more than I bargained for but that's another story.