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Sandiís Erotic Adventures. 20.

Chapter 20. Duncan. (June 2000.)

Hubbyís first humiliation.

I have no idea how hubby met Duncan but think it might have been during a business trip. Anyway the plan was this. On the Friday we would drive to Duncan's house, a journey of approximately fifty miles, where hubby would watch Duncan making love to me. After a restaurant meal hubby would then drive home leaving me to spend the night with Duncan, returning to collect me sometime during Saturday. The plan worked to perfection, despite an unexpected refinement made to it by Duncan. But more of that at the appropriate place.

I felt a bit nervous during the drive knowing next to nothing about the guy I was to spend the night with. I'd seen a couple of photos of Duncan but that was it and when he opened the door to us I was surprised to see his flaming red hair. It looked a far brighter red than the ginger haired guy in the photos and I was subsequently surprised to find the same flaming red hair covering his body. Duncan was a very hirsute guy!

Much older than us, Duncan was a twice married and divorced guy of fifty four.

Quietly confident from the beginning Duncan told hubby to close the door while taking me in his arms for a kiss.

"Hmm yes, you're as attractive as J said. I think we're going to have fun," Duncan smiled, still holding me in his arms.

"So, you want to watch me seduce your wife do you?" he turned his smiling face to hubby.

"Yes," J's voice sounded strained as he added, "Yes please."

"Good, you've remembered your instruction to treat me with respect. Never forget I'm doing you a favour."

"No of course not, I'm very grateful to you."

Duncan eyed hubby speculatively, a wry smile on his face, while slowly caressing the back of my ears. My body was already tingling under his delicate touch and I knew that the encounter was going to be something special, for both hubby and myself.

In the lounge Duncan asked if I'd like a drink, not including J in his invitation, and I said I'd have a sparkling water if he had one.

"Of course, I'll have the same," Duncan said before instructing hubby to fetch them from the fridge.

J promptly scuttled off to the kitchen, and I mean scuttled, Duncan commenting that he liked to see a well trained husband. We were kissing again when J returned with the drinks on a tray, his hands seeming to shake a little.

"Good boy," Duncan said in a patronising tone. "No alcohol for me tonight, I want to keep a clear head to give this lovely girl my full attention. I want to return your wife to you fully satisfied and satiated by my love making, or to put it more crudely, well and truly fucked."

His hands were moving slowly over my body then and he smiled to feel my nipples hardening beneath my clothing. I wore a belted skirt, the buckle of which Duncan undid to ease my blouse free from the waistband. Looking into my eyes, a half-smile on his face, Duncan slowly undid all the buttons and opened my blouse. Then he slid it over my shoulders, down my arms, and finally tossed it across to hubby standing nearby. Next he did the same with my bra, deftly unclipping it, and once off again tossing it to hubby.

"You can hold your wife's clothes while I strip her," he grinned at hubby who was beginning to look flushed. "Perhaps it's one of the few things you're fit for!"

Before continuing though Duncan took my breasts in his hands to raise them one at a time to his lips. While he licked and kissed my nipples I couldn't resist a quick grope of his crotch and was rewarded by feeling a promisingly large bulge!

"Like the feel of it Sandi?"

"Oh yes, very nice."

"Bigger than hubby's?"

"Possibly, I'm not sure."

"Actually I know it is because I've seen J's pathetic little dick during our transactions. Isn't that right?"

Hubby's affirmative reply was barely audible and with a laugh Duncan deftly removed my skirt and handed it to J. before standing back to look me over.

"Very very nice, you're a lucky man," Duncan remarked to hubby as I stood before him in just panties, stockings and suspender belt. "But wasted on a wimp like you, a confessed cuckold. You're pathetic."

Duncan contempt was palpable now but I knew that this was exactly the sort of treatment hubby was hoping for, though admittedly I found it difficult to comprehend.

Moving quicker now, Duncan began undressing; pausing to tell J that there was something he could do for him.

"What's that?"

"Take your wife's panties off ready for me and escort her up to my bedroom," Duncan said, staring into hubby's face.

Was this a test, a sort of battle of wills? If so Duncan won because hubby lowered his face, his voice sounding strained as he said, "Of course, as you wish."

Duncan's triumph was plain to see as he continued undressing while watching hubby drawing my panties down and off.

"Which way's the bedroom please?"

"Turn right at the top of the stairs but in future address me as Sir, I'm your superior in every way. I'll be up when I've finished my drink."

"Very good Sir," J almost stumbled over the words in his eagerness to say them.

In Duncan's bedroom I climbed onto the bed, hoping he wouldn't be long. Hubby, looking particularly tense with nervous anticipation, whispered that Duncan's dominant approach was proving to be everything he'd hoped for following their intimate discussions.

"Encourage him to abuse and humiliate me even more," J urged much to my astonishment.

"Good, spread your legs Sandi and let me have a good look at you," A naked Duncan arrived in the room and took up a position at the foot of the bed.

I spread my legs really wide and he slowly rubbed his cock.

"Very nice indeed. I must say I'm looking forward to sliding my hard cock deep inside your wife's very wet and inviting looking cunt," he told hubby who moved closer to look between my thighs.

"No no, it's not for your eyes today. Go and stand in the corner out the way."

Duncan laughed to see hubby obediently turn away.

"So, now you can see it what do you think Sandi. Is my cock bigger than hubby's?"

"Oh yes, much," I replied, perhaps exaggerating. If hubby wanted humiliating so be it! "In fact you look incredible all round. Your body is in much better shape than J's, and your cock is both longer and fatter than his. I really want it."

I raised my hips as though pushing my cunt at Duncan. He laughed and there was an edge to Duncan's voice now as he said to hubby, "Your wife's mine for the taking and I'm going to fuck her now but there's a slight change of plan. You can clear off and wait downstairs."

"Can't I watch?" Hubby pleaded. "Sir," he quickly added as an afterthought.

"No, just do as you're told and bugger off out the way."

They stared at one another and again it was J who looked away first.

Duncan, laughing triumphantly as a dejected looking hubby slinked away, called after him, "Close the door on your way out wimp."

Sex with Duncan was everything I could have wished for and I was vociferous in my response, Duncan commenting that at least J would be able to hear the pleasure he was giving me.

* * *

Duncan rode in the back of our car with me, giving hubby directions to the restaurant and on arrival insisted on J holding the car doors open for us to alight.

"Just to make sure you know your place wimp," he told him.

After the meal a waiter brought the bill to him but gesturing towards J, Duncan said "Mr P**** is paying."

Hubby paid the bill seeming to enjoy doing so though it hadn't been part of the arrangement. Following Duncan's instructions he again opened the car doors for us to climb in and did the same back at Duncan's house without being told to. He was about to follow us to the door when Duncan snapped, "Where do you think you're going?"

"To watch you and Sandi making love Sir," There was a hopeful note in hubby's voice.

"Oh know you're not, you've served your purpose for now so bugger off home," Duncan snapped and a crestfallen J turned back towards the car.

"Don't return until at least lunchtime on Sunday."

At that hubby stopped and reminded Duncan that the plan had been for him to return on Saturday.

"Yes well there's been another change of plan. I want to spend all day tomorrow and Sunday morning pleasuring your lovely wife, feel her mouth round my cock while I lick her out, and generally give Sandi a weekend to remember. Now clear off you pathetic wimp, we're keen to get to bed aren't we Sandi?"

"Oh yes," I practically purred, turned on by Duncan's words.

After the weekend Hubby confessed that Duncan's humiliating treatment of him had surpassed all expectations. Even the fact of being ordered to do the weekends accumulated washing up and then clean a couple of pairs of Duncan's shoes on the Sunday afternoon before the drive home excited him!

Duncan had asked, nay ordered hubby to drive me to his house again in four weeks time and there's little doubt we'd go. I fact we could hardly wait!

In fact we drove to Duncan's house a further seven Friday's, with hubby being sent away with his tail between his legs each time after depositing my case in the hall. In the process J was invariably subjected to a torrent of abuse and humiliation before being sent on his way. Then on his return on Sunday afternoons hubby would be given a number of demeaning jobs to do, not least of which was cleaning Duncan's toilet!

Throughout our adventures with him Duncan treated hubby with complete contempt but which J revelled in, strange as it may seem, despite the fact that he never did get to watch Duncan making love to me!

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Nice stories Richard. While I am not into being cuckold myself, after reading some of your stories I think I would like to meet one and fuck his wife. Actually reminds of a situation many, many years ago when I was a young stud living in a young single apartment complex. We were having a party at the complex and a man brought his wife (very unusual since it was a young singles only complex) and about 5 - 8 of us took her to an apartment and all fucked her on a couch while he crouched behind a big chair in the same room naked and jacking off. If I was a better writer of tales I would post it.