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10-18-2006, 05:42 AM
Sand Dreams
by sxysouthernwriter

A deep midnight blue sky, with the bright new moon out, it's clear as a whistle out. The stars seem to glow like fireflies, they sparkle on the water. As they walked by the edge of the water, behind them left their imprints in the crystal clear sand, but each step would last longer in their life than the imprints on the sand would.

A mist starts to appear out of no where, just about waist high. The cool breeze sends chills down the spine and goose bumps appear along her arm. You can hear the leafs rustle as they swing back and forth gently in the tree tops.

They sat down on a soft blanket and curled up next to each other watching the sky. A shooting star falls from the heavens. As they sat there, holding each other they realized that their wish had already came true.

Their love was like a dance, ever step and move is like an emotion that carries them. Starting out slow, finding out ever detail and although the dance seemed the same; he dips her all of a sudden and all the mystery comes flooding back; their love never getting old. It gets stronger with every move.

She was plain, pale and all the while the most beautiful person inside and out he had ever seen. Her eyes captivated him. They were addicting and he long for them. They took his breath away, made him weak in the knees when he saw her looking at him with those deep hazel eyes.

Like deep sea green-blue in the middle, with a dark blue circle around them. His a mud puddle brown. When they come together it's like the earth and water connecting and making a earth shattering lake, both needing each other to survive.

As their eyes meet it sparks a passion within them, something they can't deny, and they wouldn't. Their love burns so bright and it's so pure.

He grasps her face and moves in for a kiss, laying her back. As their lips met for the first time they knew they were destined to be together. Their soft lips pressed against each other a passion eroded within them. Her lips taste better than any wine he had ever drunk.

He glazes in her vase beauty; looking at her in all her glory. He start to under dress her. Undoing each button slowly, then gently touching her skin with the back of his hand moving his way down.

He kisses and gently nibble on her neck as his hands wander all over her body. He kisses and nibbles on her chest as his hands slowly slides up her inner thigh.

He lightly runs his fingertips over her panties teasing her. His fingers gently massage her and his tongue tickles her breast. He looks up at her making sure she is ready for what is in store for them. She looks at him with her wanting eyes and he knows she is ready.

He slides her silk panties off. They slide down her legs with ease. He pitches them to the side. Her hands run through his black hair that shined when the moon light hit the strains. She move it back away from his forehead.

He starts to kiss down her stomach. He plays with her bellybutton with his tongue and his hands starts to spread her legs wider. His mouth moves closer. He lightly blows on her wet lips. This sends shivers down her body.

He looks up at her and whispers if he can taste her, she replies yes baby. He runs his tongue up and down her lips. He gently parts the lips with the tip of his tongue as it moves up and down.

He finds her hard clit and deeply kisses it. He sucks on it, in and out between his lips. He holds it with his teeth and rubs it with his tongue. Up and down; back and forth.

He opens her lips with his fingertips and rubs his tongue in circles around them. He presses his mouth into her pussy forcing his tongue in deeper and deeper. She feels his tongue playing deep inside her.

He rubs her clit with his fingers and he wanders inside her with his tongue. Her pussy begins to contracted around his tongue as he slides in and out. His fingers begin to rub her clit harder and faster.

Making love to her with his tongue...deeper it goes and harder with every movement. His other hand moves up her body playing with her hard nipples taking over her body. As she hits the peaks of passion he tastes her sweet cum.

He slides back up her body. He penetrates her; begins to rock back and forth. Her legs wrap around his hips. They sway back and forth like the waves of the ocean. With the rocking comes the pleasure that brings them closer together. Making them one..heart...body...and soul.

As the sun starts to rise, they had one of many nights of wonderful love making they had ever had. He lays there watching her totally given out. He watches her chest rise and fall. With every breath she takes gives him a sense of completion.

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