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Richard P
01-02-2013, 11:06 PM
Sandiís Erotic Adventures. 21.

Chapter 21. Justin/Tony/David. (July.)

We rented a cottage in the Cotswolds for a long weekend break and the following encounter occurred on the Sunday afternoon.

It was a hot day and I was relaxing on the lawn when hubby returned to the cottage from his walk. It was plain from his barely suppressed excitement that the walk hadn't been uneventful and he told me that after lunch, just a light snack he suggested, we we're going to visit someone heíd had a conversation with in one of the pubs. J wouldn't tell me any more but from his demeanour I expected something special.

Our destination turned out to be a large detached house right on the outskirts of the small market town and where I was introduce to three young guys, Justin, whose parents house it was, Tony and David. The guys were sunbathing on the rear lawn and having accepted the offer of a drink I selected a vacant recliner between Justin and Tony.

It turned out that Justin's obviously wealthy parents were away on holiday so he and his friends had the run of the place; sort of house sitting.

Hubby sat almost facing me with his drink and I don't know what he'd told the guys but they certainly wasted no time. I'd barely had time to take a sip of coke before I felt Tony's hand on my knee, with Justin's sliding up the other leg and under my skirt. The weather was hot and I wore nothing but my panties beneath the short skirt and skimpy top, a top which David seemed intent on removing. I raised my arms to facilitate his efforts, Tony exclaiming, "Oh yes!" when my breasts came into view.

He promptly abandoned the knee to concentrate on my breasts, quickly arousing the nipples. My body was tingling with desire by the time Justin's fingers crept inside my panties.

"You were right," he told hubby. "Sandi's cunt is wet already."

"What do think of this Sandi?" David said slipping his shorts off.

David displayed an erection he was justified in feeling proud of and I reached out for it eagerly.

"Let's get her on the grass boys," Justin said abruptly and I was lifted from the recliner and placed on my back on the lawn.

David squatted over me and I took his cock into my mouth feeling hands, probably Justin's, pulling my panties down. They were off, and with skirt up around my waist I spread my legs eagerly, to be rewarded by the feel of Justin's tongue on my cunt. I knew it was Justin's when a naked Tony knelt at my head. I transferred my mouth to his cock, hearing hubby exclaim, "Oh yes, keep sucking them both!"

He'd moved closer for a better view and I had no problem about sucking the two cocks alternately, the guys growing more and more excited by the minute.

"Not slow in opening her legs your wife, is she? What about a quickie all round boys before we settle down to it properly?"

It was Justin's voice but before either of his friends could reply hubby excitedly exclaimed, "Yes, good idea. Let me see the three of you fuck my wife one after the other!"

While I took my skirt off and Justin stripped, his friends removed the padded sections from the recliners and spread them out on the grass. Naked, I stretched out on them glad of the extra comfort the padding afforded. The lads were each selecting a card from a pack of playing cards to determine who had me first and a glance at hubby revealed him looking as excited by the proceeding as I felt.

It was David who was to go first, the guy with probably the biggest cock of the three, and when he moved onto me I asked the others to kneel on either side so that I could play with their genitals. After a brief fumble David's cock slid into me and when his buttocks sank between my raised legs hubby said, "Oh yes!" his exclamation exciting the lads.

This was good. I held a cock in each hand while enjoying the third driving in and out of me, but it was inevitable that David wouldn't last long.

"Oh yes!" Again hubby's exclamation rang out when he saw David's buttocks jerking as he spurted into my depths.

David quickly withdrew and rolled clear so that Justin could take his place. This time the joyous exclamation was mine when the second cock drove into me. Urged on by Tony, very impatient for his turn, Justin didn't last long either.

Hubby's response was more muted now but I could see him masturbating while he watched the third guy fucking me.

There was an interlude then with Justin and hubby fetching more drinks from the house. Meanwhile I remained laying between the remaining lads, idly toying with their cocks, cocks which were rapidly growing again. Turning onto my side I began to lick David's balls while he played with my breasts. Tony joined in by stroking and squeezing my bottom.

"Your wife's incredible," Justin was saying to hubby as they rejoined us and saw what was going on.

"You don't need to tell me that," J, the only one still wearing any clothes, replied.

Any thoughts of refreshment had gone from the three of us sporting on the lawn as continuing to lick and suck David's balls I now experienced the exquisite feel of Tony's fingers teasing my anus. A finger slipped inside to probe deep before withdrawing, only to be joined by a second on re-entering my anus.

"Can I fuck your wife up the arse?" Tony blurted out suddenly.

"Certainly, if Sandi agrees."

"No problem, but I'd dearly love to experience three cocks inside me at the same time," My excited outburst momentarily shocked the lads into silence, but not for long.

"Shit, you're a randy bitch!" Tony exclaimed in my ear, plunging several fingers hard into my anus.

Next minute they were in animated discussion about who was going where, with Tony adamant that he was doing me, as he put it, anally. I listened, excited to be the object of their discussion and lust.

It was decided that David would lie down and I'd ride his cock while having anal intercourse with Tony. That way I'd get to suck Justin's cock, the only one I hadn't yet tasted.

It was a very quiet and tense looking hubby who watched us taking up our respective positions. As I lowered myself onto David's erection he ran his hands up and down my thighs. I moved up and down on his cock a few times until it was fully imbedded inside me and then bent over to kiss him. I remained in that position, bottom in the air, and my excitement grew when I felt Tony's hands spreading my cheeks. He used something to lubricate my anal opening and presumably did the same to his cock because it slid inside with surprising ease.

Oh my God, I'm being fucked by two guys at the same time I thought, excitedly looking for the third. Justin had to partly kneel, partly stand, over his friend before I could suck his cock greedily into my mouth. I had all three!

With the force of Tony's cock driving in and out of my anus I was constantly being pushed forward with the result that I had no control over David's cock inside my cunt and nor had he. I was just being pushed back and forth on it by the force of Tony bum fucking me. It wasn't long before I had to give up sucking Justin's cock and vent my feelings with ecstatic shouts which must have had the neighbours wondering what was going on!

Tony came very suddenly and to me at least, unexpectedly, his discharging cock buried deep inside my anus. Justin had disappeared from sight now but as soon as Justin's cock vacated my anus another, obviously his, slipped inside.

"Great, keep it going!" The exuberant exclamation was hubbies.

Firmly gripping my hips Justin drove his cock in and out of my anus with short sharp thrusts, much quicker thrusts than Tony's had been, and which clearly pleased my over excited husband.

It was an incredible experience all round. I had David's hands playing with my breasts, pinching and stroking the nipples, while hubby stimulated my clit with his fingers and Justin's cock continued to pound my straining anus. It was only when he too had discharged and withdrew that I could concentrate on riding the cock inside my cunt.

"Heh, look at your wife's arsehole now J. See how it's opened up and dripping our cum," Tony called, hubby's enthusiastic response evoking his laughter.

Riding David's lovely cock I experienced orgasm seconds before he did and collapsed on top of him, my heaving body wet with sweat.

The entire experience with the three young lads had been phenomenal and both hubby and I hoped for other multiple encounters in the future.