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10-19-2006, 03:51 AM
Boss's Favorite Little Worker Ch. 01
by HornyBiBaby03

Becca was 30 minutes late to work. She was always late and always got away with it. The other employees and I hated the fact that our Boss favored her. It was obvious why he did though. She was beautiful.

She was short, 5'2, with long red hair with big long curls. She weighed 125 lbs but didn't look at all chubby. She was proportioned in just the right way. She could make it in the porno business without hesitation. Her thighs and waist were pleasantly thick. Her breasts were a perky full C, and her ass was round and plump.

I always stared at her, admiring her beauty. Wishing I had her sexy looks.

My name is Carmen. I'm a skinny, lanky female with nothing much to please the eyes. I'm 5'5 110 lbs, and have a small B cup breast. My hair was thin, straight, blonde and long beyond my shoulders.

I often spent many work days fantasizing about Becca, wondering what she looked like naked. It wasn't hard to imagine considering the fact that she hardly wore clothes to work.

Today she was swearing a short loosely fitted sun dress with nothing holding it on but 2 thin straps resting on her shoulders. You could tell she was wearing a thong or maybe nothing at all by staring at her round butt. There were no lines, just one round smooth surface. You could clearly see her nipples poking out of her slinky dress as a result of the chilliness in the factory.

I fantasized about her all day that day. I imagined her shaven pussy over my mouth. I imagined her ordering me to fuck her with my tongue. I was wet not even an hour after her arrival. I knew it'd be a challenge to make it threw the day, but I did (with tons of breaks to the bathroom to help calm my aching pussy).

When it was time to go home I was packing up my stuff from the locker room in the back when Becca walked in. She smiled at me and said "Hey Car."

I smiled back shyly with my head bent low, looking at the floor. My face flushed with embarrassment.

I finished packing my stuff and rushed out in a hurry to avoid any other conversation. I rushed outside and when I opened the door and the cool air hit me I was finally able to take a big sigh of release.

It was then that I'd realized I'd left my dildo, that I'd used during my 'breaks', in my locker. I knew that the cleaning crew would be cleaning there later that night, and I didn't want them to discover such a thing in my locker.

I rushed back in and just before I opened the door to the locker room I hear two people talking. I looked to my right threw my bosses window and saw Carmen sitting on bosses desk with her legs completely spread facing him. He had his cock out and she was stroking it slowly, looking at him.

I stood shocked in amazement watching her stroke his cock which was a surprisingly good size. I woke out of my daze to find her staring at me in the eye. She winked, and I ducked down fast before my boss could turn to see what she was looking at.

I raised my head a bit to see in again. I saw Becca down on her knees in front of our boss, sucking his cock.

I'd never been attracted to our boss before, but all of a sudden I found him to be incredibly sexy and I felt my cunt moisten inside my pants.

Mr. Sims was tall, 6'2 and thin with a medium build. He was in his mid thirties but surprisingly well fit for his age. He had short brown hair, and a dark tan. His chest was hairless, and he had a very well kept six pack to show off. His face wasn't near as good looking as his body. He had a large nose, and thin lips. His eyes were big and brown, but nothing mesmerizing to look at.

I watched them intently. Becca was so sexy sucking his cock. I could see the slutty look in her eyes as she gazed up at him. I could tell she was enjoying this as much as he was. Mr. Sims was moaning, his eyes closed and head back. He had his hand on the back of her head with a few locks of her hair wrapped tightly around his hand. He was pushing her mouth slowly over his cock. With each in and out movement she took more of him into her mouth. Soon she was taking all of him in. He had to be 9 inches and thick enough to please a woman. I could see her struggling with her gag reflexes as she took him down her throat.

Suddenly he was forcing her on his dick faster, moaning loud. It was obvious he was coming close to cumming. He kept pulling and pushing her head over his cock. He started thrusting his hips with the motion of her head, pushing his dick in and out of her mouth, down her throat and back out.

You could tell she was trying to object this sudden change of pace. She was struggling trying to get him to stop, but before she could conquer his strength he gave a loud groan and shot his loud into her mouth. She spit his cum out and a large loud of cream drizzled down her chin. She had tears in her eyes. I was guessing they were from the force he'd put on her throat. She looked surprised, this must have been the first time he'd been that rough with her.

He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her feet, kissing her roughly and biting her lip hard. She moaned. She had a surprised and fearful look in her face.

He turned her around and pushed her over his desk. He was going to fuck her doggy style and she knew it.

I felt myself getting more and more turned on. I loved the way Mr. Sims was treating her. I think deep down she was enjoying it. I knew I was. I felt my panties become wetter. I slowly and quietly unbuttoned my pants and slid my hand down to my pussy. I was soaked! I wasn't surprised by this. I started rubbing my clit and couldn't help but to let out a quiet moan.

I continued watching them closely. I had her tits pressed firmly against his desk. He slowly guided his dick into her pussy. It slid in with ease. I moaned in pleasure as he got it all in. He didn't waste time. He immediately started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. He was practically ramming it in and out, fucking her.

She was screaming loud, trying to look back at him. She looked over at me, and began watching me. I was rubbing myself more now, harder and faster, fucking myself with my own hand. I was fighting to keep my moans intact. She looked away as he began using more force. She began moaning and grabbing at the desks corners. She held on tight, her breasts squished against his desk, squeezing as he rammed himself in her.

He raised his hand and lowered it fast and hard on her ass, spanking her, telling her to beg him for his cock. She did as he ordered and started screaming for him to fuck her, to use her. He continued spanking her, causing her ass to become bright red.

He reached up and pulled her hair, pulling her head up. She screamed loud squirming to escape his grip.

Finally he pulled out of her a quick as he could and flipped her over, pushing her up on the desk.

He pulled her legs forward and placed them on his shoulders, and quickly in one big thrust forced his cock back into her.

I instantly began pounding her pussy again. Leaning forward to put pressure on her legs, fucking her nice and deep.

He reached out and started squeezing her tits. He pulled and twisted her nipples.

She was still holding onto the desk. Her head was back, and she arched her back. She screamed in ecstasy.

Becca-"Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk me, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fuck me fuck me."

With her begging and pleading Mr. Sims picked up his pace and began pounding and ramming her so loud you could head his balls smacking her ass. He quickly pulled out his dick, and she instantly sat up taking it in her mouth as he came once again.

She swallowed every drop of his cum. She was panting, worn out from the fucking she just received.

After Mr. Sims had caught his breath and put his pants back on. He turned to Becca, who was still on the desk. He pulled her legs forward so they were inches away from each other.

Mr. Sims-"Next time your late. Expect that virgin ass to have its cherry popped bitch."

She smiled at him and hopped off the desk pushing him away. She slipped on her sun dress, and went to the door.

As soon as she was out of the office she looked over at me, sitting on the floor with my hands still down my pants. I looked at her, embarrassed. She smiled and whispered "Be here next friday." she winked and walked off.

I quickly zipped my pants, and went into the locker room. I retrieved my dildo, and hurried out being sure not to be seen.

I couldn't wait till for next Friday to arrive.

10-19-2006, 03:53 AM
Boss's Favorite Little Worker Ch. 02
by HornyBiBaby03

I had been thinking about what happened the previous Friday all week. I'd fantasized about Becca every day at work. I'd spend the day staring at her, coming in day after day dressed in her skimpy hot clothes. I'd imagined myself being part of their religious after work fuck fests, having Becca all over me, kissing me, touching me. I even imagined Mr. Sim's cock inside me. Mr. Sims was the last person I'd ever imagined fantasizing about, but after last weeks events I'd found him to be irresistible to say the least.

Becca's words echoed threw my head that morning as I got ready to go to work. I took extra care in my appearance as I tried to look my absolute best. I took a hot shower using my best smelling shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I blow dried her hair, and found the sexiest outfit a girl like me had. I knew I'd never amount to Becca's beauty, but after 2 hours of pampering I did look pretty good.

I'd pulled my hair back in a hair tie revealing my sparkling blue eyes and soft pink lips which were covered in gloss. I wore a short skirt, loose around the waist, and a tight pink shirt which made my breasts look better than on a usual day.

I walked into work, not even 5 minutes late, and Mr. Sims immediately jumped my ass. He lectured me for another good 5 minutes on how being late wouldn't look good on my next job résumé when he fired my ass. My good mood instantly faded and I suddenly felt like an idiot. I even ignored Becca as she came into work that day, this time an hour late, dressed in an even skimpier outfit than usual.

Mr. Sims asked me to stay an hour late after work to make up for my being 5 minutes late that morning. After I was done I made my way to the locker room to collect my belongings only to find Becca sitting on the bench waiting for me.

It was the first time I'd had noticed her all day. My face became flushed at the sight of Becca's beauty. She looked outstanding. She'd worn a tight short pair of jean shorts that barely covered her plump ass. Her shirt was a white button up that was tied in the front revealing not only her tan stomach, but her breasts which her bulging out of the top. I questioned for a moment how the hell she could get away with being dressed so skimpy. I reminded myself how good she looked, and decided I didn't care how she got away with it even though I knew exactly how already.

Becca had a sexy devilish grin on her face and she was staring right at me. She lifted her hand and motioned for me to come over to her. I was too much in shock to move, so Becca lifted herself off the bench and made her way over to me.

She pushed her body against mine and placed her hands on my hips pulling my body into hers. She stared into my eyes before kissing me nice and long. I got lost in the moment, and started allowing my hands to roam over Becca's body. Rubbing her ass and sliding my hands up her shirt to squeeze her full breasts.

Becca forcefully pushed me off.

Becca-"Gawd you're a persistent little bitch aren't you. Well I'm glad you are here none the less. I told Mr. Sims about how you'd watched him fuck me last week. That's why he made you stay late; he wants you to join in on our weekly fuck fests."

Becca pushed me on the bench and told me to wait there. I did as I was told, still in shock. I sat waiting for quite some time. Thinking about Becca and how she'd kissed me and pulled my body into hers. I started to get aroused, and unbuttoned my skirt, sliding my hand beneath it and my thong. I decided I didn't care if Becca or Mr. Sims walked in on me, I was too horny to resist touching myself.

I rubbed my cunt, causing my juices to soak my pussy. I leaned back against the lockers as much as I could without falling off, and begin rubbing my aching clit. I took my other hand and slid it under my shirt, causing it to ride up my body and over my perky B cup tits. I began rubbing my nipples which were incredibly sensitive to any sort of touch. I moaned from the pleasure I was feeling both from my tits being caressed and from my clit being massaged.

Just as I was getting into it I heard the door to the locker room open and Mr. Sims voice echo over my moans. I quickly pulled my shirt down, and removed my hand from between my legs.

Sims-"Ooooh dont stop baby."

I sat up, my face blushing for the 100th time that day. Becca walked over and took my hands pulling me off the bench. She grinned, and started kissing me just as she had done before. She walked towards me slowly, still kissing me, pushing me up against the lockers. She took my hips in her hands just as she had 15 minutes earlier and grinded herself into me. She bit my lip hard making me moan. I'd forgotten about Mr. Sims being there until I saw him walk up behind Becca, watching us closely as we kissed, and staring up and down Becca's body. He squeezed her ass hard making her moan into my neck as she kissed and sucked on it.

She lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it to the ground, lowering her head to my breasts taking my hard nipple into her mouth, sucking and biting it.

She was bent over in a sexy doggy style position sticking her ass up in the air. She was obviously trying to tease Mr. Sims, but in the process managed to tease me. I stared at her ass as she flicked her tongue over my nipple. I grabbed the edge of the lockers with my hand gripping it hard.

I looked up at Mr. Sims who was watching my face. I noticed that he was now naked, his clothes scattered throughout the locker room from being thrown around. He had his hard cock in his hand stroking it as he watched Becca and me. I grinned at him, biting my lip in a sexy way.

He moaned and told Becca to get out of the way. She did so and he walked towards me, he took me in his hands and lifted me up. I squealed in shock and quickly wrapped my legs around his back. He held me up with one hand under his ass and placed his other hand on my neck as he lowered me down on his cock.

I moaned in pleasure never having had a real cock in my pussy before. It felt better than the various toys I usually used. Mr. Sims held his hand over my neck squeezing it a bit as he talked dirty to me.

Sims-"You like that don't you, you little virgin bitch. You like it don't you. MMM your pussy feels so good. I'm going to fuck you real good."

I loved hearing him talk to me like I was his slut, just as he'd done to Becca the week before. I moaned staring at him.

Me-"Oh fuck yeah. I want that cock. MMM treat me like your little slut Mr. Sims. Fuck my virgin cunt baby."

He moaned tightening his grip around my neck shutting me up as he began pounding his cock into me. He released my neck and placed both his hands under my ass cheeks, lifting me and carrying me over to the bench. He laid me down, positioning himself over me and began thrusting his cock in me as hard as he could. I closed my eyes screaming in pain, begging for more.

I felt warmth over my face and opened my eyes only to find Becca's cunt inches from my face. She was facing Mr. Sims watching him fuck me. I instantly put my hands on her hips pulling her down into me as I devoured her wet kitty. I moaned onto her clit as Mr. Sims fucked my pussy, my vibrations running threw her clit. She moaned screaming "fuck, fuck, fuck, gawd where'd you learn to, fuck, to fucking eat pussy, fuckkkkkkkkkk! Like that!".

I felt Becca's hand begin rubbing my clit as Mr. Sims cock thrusted in and out of my tight cunt. I moaned loud, my body tensing. She rubbed harder in small circular motions. I lowered my mouth from her cunt, lifting my head to watch her rub me as Mr. Sims fucked me.

I felt myself coming closer to an orgasm, my body tensing. I grabbed a hold of Becca screaming for mercy. I'd only had an orgasm from playing with myself in the past, and I could tell this was going to be nothing like that. I wanted it to stop, but at the same time I was begging it to come.

I tensed up. I began thrusting my hips into Mr. Sims pushing him deeper inside me. I let out a series of moans and screams as I released my hot cum letting it pour out of my hole and over Mr. Sims cock. It lasted for ever, my whole body quivered and shook.

Finally it was over and I plumped down on the bench breathing heavily. Mr. Sims was still fucking me, moaning, coming close to his own orgasm.

Finally he pulled out of my hot aching cunt and walked over to me, stroking his cock, spilling his loud on my tits. Becca first took his cock into her mouth to taste my cum which was literally dripping from his shaft, and then lowered her head to my chest, licking every drop of Mr. Sims cum off my body.

She kissed me, and we passed the mixture of my cum and his back and forth through our mouths until we both swallowed our share.

Mr. Sims, Becca, and I met every week after that and fucked each other senseless.

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very good, too bad I am not Mr. Sims

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Thanks Hawk...glad you enjoyed it...