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Becky's Porno Bang
by RacerX

For the last seven months Becky, my sexy young wife, has been working as a cock-tail waitress in a swanky strip bar downtown. She is an extremely cute nineteen year old with long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a hot little body that looks fantastic in the nasty little outfits she likes to wear to work. She makes quite a bit of money and loves her job because it gives her a chance indulge in a little harmless cock teasing, and because I know what a sexy little show-off she is I don't mind. Besides like I said, she brings home a lot money.

She first hired in to work at the club as a weekend waitress, but in the last month or so she started going in for an extra day during the middle of the week because she said her boss needed her.

I didn't really think much of this at first, but after it started happening week after week and I began to notice Becky was dressing up in her sluttiest outfits and taking extra care with her make-up and nails and the like, I began to get suspicious.

It was on one of these particular nights when Becky had dressed up especially slutty in a short tight mini-skirt, with a sexy pair of white thigh-high fishnet stockings, and a frilly little see-through blouse, that I decided to follow her.

She came out of the bedroom dolled up like a whore with her long nails and lips painted my favorite shade of hot pink and had put on gobs of mascara and eyeliner. My first reaction was WOW! I mean she really looked hot! But instead of saying anything I just kissed her goodbye, watched her get in her car, then picked up my keys and followed her.

From the very first turn it was obvious that she wasn't going to work and as I followed her I noticed we were heading into a pretty seedy part of town. Soon enough Becky pulled up in front of a small, dirty house with several cars and motorcycles parked out front.

I pulled up and parked where I hoped she couldn't see me and watched as she got out of the car and headed for the door. She knocked, and in a moment a tall black man I recognized as her boss stepped out of the house and greeted her. She struck a sexy pose for him then turned around slowly, wiggling her curvy little ass and I couldn't believe my eyes when she turned back around and sauntered over, tilting her face up to his and gave him a hot nasty tongue kiss. He immediately slid both his big black hands under her shirt and began to pinch and fondle her ripe swollen nipples while she began to rub up and down over the enormous protruding bulge in the front of his pants. They passionately kissed and fondled each other for several moments before, finally, they broke the embrace and went inside.

I was raging with jealousy at her public display of lewdness, but somehow seeing her with this tall powerful black man was also strangely exciting. The thought of my sexy little Becky getting her tight little pussy pounded by his big black cock was more than just exciting, it was giving me a hard-on.

After the door closed, I got out of the car and jumped a fence behind the neighbor's house. My heart was racing as I snuck up the alley and I wasn't even really sure what I was thinking at that point. All I knew was that I wanted to know what was going on and the only way to find that out was to see inside the house.

When I arrived at the back gate I saw a large bush in front of one of the main windows and I decided to jump the fence and take my chances. I made my way quietly over to the window and found that I was able to conceal myself behind the bush. I also saw that the window was slightly open and that the shade wasn't pulled all the way down. Feeling fairly certain that no one had seen me I leaned down and looked into the room.

Strangely enough, instead of seeing Becky and her boss embracing on the couch as a prelude to sex, the first thing I saw was him holding a video camera and pointing out directions. There were two other black men in the room, both of them tall, dark-skinned Jamaican types, and on the couches and chairs along the walls sat maybe six or eight greasy looking bikers. Becky sat at a makeshift bar that looked like it had been set up as a stage and the two black guys were sitting on stools on either side of her.

I have to admit she was looking hotter than ever, sitting there with her legs crossed sexily and daintily holding up a cigarette in her little manicured hand while her boss gave directions and pointed the camera. It was hard to make out exactly what he was saying, but I got the general idea that they were about to shoot a video. He talked for a moment saying something about shooting the cock-tail scene at the end and then he finally nodded at Becky to begin.

She turned to face the tall black man on her right and leaned over to him holding her cigarette up to her glossy red lips.

"Mind if I smoke?" she said, smiling sexily and watching while he produced a lighter from his pocket. She leaned over towards him, placing her hand on his thigh, and as he lit her cigarette she let her hand wander up his leg till it was almost touching his cock. She took a small dainty puff, watching his face while she tilted her head back and sexily blew a thin plume of smoke into the air then dropped her gaze to his crotch.

Up to that point I had never seen my wife smoking, but if I was amazed to see her doing it so casually, what she did next almost floored me. Sliding her hand up his leg she began to lightly rub and squeeze on the fat bulging lump in the front of his trousers.

With the same coquettish air she delivered the first line, she leaned over into his face until I'm sure he could feel her breath.

"Mind if I suck your cock?" she said sliding her tongue suggestively all around wet glossy lips while she continued to massage the growing lump that already becoming a small tent.

He nodded and Becky slid down off her stool kneeling between his outstretched legs and tossed her long hair back over her shoulders. Smiling up at him, she took another dainty puff of her cigarette and watched while he undid his pants and slid his zipper down. He smiled down at her as she sexily tilted her head back and blew another thin plume of smoke up into the air, then he stood up over her and hauled out the biggest, blackest, tree trunk of a cock I had ever seen in my life! It must have been at least ten inches long and hung out from his body, semi hard and pulsing. Becky gazed at it wantonly, lewdly licking her lips then turned to her boss smiling at the camera and dropped her cigarette into the ashtray.

"Ummm, I just love sucking big black cocks," she coo'ed, reaching up and sliding her little manicured hand around the base of that monster. She began to gently tug the foreskin back and forth, her eyes glazing over with lust as she gazed hungrily at the length and width of it. She licked her lips wantonly and began to pull it's fat wet tip towards her open hungry mouth. Her lips parted and she gave the shiny black bulbous head a long wet open-mouthed kiss then slid her tongue out and began to slowly lick back and forth over tip. Her eyes closed and she took it into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she began to lovingly suck the top few inches.

She began to slowly bob her head into his lap, stroking the shaft of his big dick as she worked it into her mouth. She let it slip from her lips, watching the tip as she milked the thick black shaft with her little hand, squeezing up a drop of his salty pre-cum then she leaned forward and licked it off, pulling her nasty little tongue back into her mouth to taste him.

"Ummm, you taste sooo good baby" she moaned, looking up at him and I watched, unable to breath, as he gripped her by the hair and pulled her mouth back down onto his big cock and began to pump his hips into her face.

Holding her head tightly, he started fucking Becky's mouth with long slow strokes, sliding his cock in deeper and deeper and she was loving it. My slutty little wife began to moan continually, meeting his thrusting hips with hungry deep sucks on his cock, tilting and twisting her head as she clung to his thighs and took more and more of that big black fuckstick into her lips than I could have ever believed. She had at least eight inches of it in her hot mouth, and still wanted more.

I watched in total stunned amazement as Becky slid her hands around his ass and began to pull him to her. She pulled him off the stool tilting her head back like a total slut and slid up under his spread thighs and began to suck up on his cock. I saw her little hands squeezing his ass as she nestled up under him further, sliding between his legs as she pulled him to her, urging him to put his big black cock deeper into her mouth. He groaned and leaned over her, stepping a foot up on the stool and held her head. I could see the muscles of his arms flexing as he pulled her face deeper into his crotch until the fat head of his cock began to slip past the muscle at the back of Becky's mouth and slide down into her warm wet throat.

"Ohh yea, fuckin take it baby!" he grunted pulling her forward on his thick cock as it began to slowly disappear into her sucking lips. She clung to his ass, urging him forward until she had swallowed the entire length of his thick black cock and his big hairy balls were resting against her chin. He let go of her hair, letting her take control and she slowly let his massive black cock slide back out of her throat, leaving it wet and glistening with her saliva. She sucked hungrily on the head then pulled herself forward again, sliding all twelve inches of that thick black monster back down her throat again and I could see her fingernails digging into his ass as she sucked and milked at the base of his cock with her hungry lips. She let it slide back out of her mouth again then titlted her head back and looked up into his eyes with genuine lust.

"Fuck my mouth baby...just take me and fuck my mouth," she said pulling his hands back onto her head. He grabbed her, one hand on either side of her face and began pulling her head back and forth, thrusting his hips into her face, and fucking the entire length of his cock in and out of her wet mouth. I could hear her moaning every time his big cock would slip out of her throat, then he would push forward again, cutting off her air and slam his big dick down to the balls into her mouth. She sucked him hungrily in rhythm with his thrusting hips, swallowing his entire cock over and over, her impatience for his hot cum showing as she began to gently squeeze his nut sack and moan her approval of getting her nasty little mouth fucked.

The other black guy began to undress and as he pulled his pants off I could see that his cock was larger than the other man's. It was already completely hard and he stood there stroking it and watching my slutty little wife as she sucked and moaned, working her glossy red lips lips up and down on the thick black cock of his friend. The first man suddenly pulled Becky's mouth away and she reluctantly let him help her to her feet.

"Ohh no baby...I wanted you to cum in my mouth," she pleaded, reaching down to stroke his thick black meat.

"In a minute. First, lets get these clothes off," he said, sliding her little top off her shoulders and exposing her firm ripe tits. He slid her skirt down and then knelt in front of her and slowly peeled her panties off, helping her step out of them. From where I was I could see the wet swollen lips of her pussy, framed in the tops of those nasty fishnet stockings and I watched as he leaned forward and slid his tongue up into her sweet little pussy, making her groan with pleasure.

"Ohh yea baby, do it," she coo'ed lifting her leg for him as he began to lick and suck at her swollen lips. Just then the other man picked up a tube of lubricant, squirting some into his palm and began to grease the crack of Becky's ass with it.

"Ooo yea, feels good baby," she gasped, turning her head to look at the him as he began to work one his his big fingers up into her tight little asshole.

"Ummm yes...do it to me," she sighed, leaning over the counter and lifting one of her spike heels up onto a stool. She started to grind her hips around in nasty little circles while he worked he worked his up her ass and the other black man ate her sweet little pussy. She turned her head to look hungrily at the thick black cock of the man behind her and took it in her hand, stroking it's length and rocking her hips back and forth as he began to work another finger up her ass.

"Ohh yeaa, do it baby...come on," she pleaded, "Fuck me in my ass with your big black cock."

The man below her got up and they both led her over to the couch while her boss followed with the camera. The first man sat down and pulled her over on top of him, fitting his cock into the wet crease of her pussy and she groaned as the head slipped inside her, leaning forward to give him a hot nasty tongue kiss as they began to fuck. Her face was less than two foot away from me now and I could see the hungry way she was sliding her tongue into his mouth while she bounced up and down on his lap. She may have been acting, but my slutty young wife was also loving getting her tight little pussy fucked by this big black monster cock and when the second man stepped up behind her and started working his finger up her ass again she turned her head and looked at him with pure lust.

"Come on baby do it...put that big black cock in my ass," she pleaded,

"Oh yea that's it...give it to me," she moaned and I watched, amazed at my little wife as she arched her back and spread her long sexy legs as he grabbed his cock and pressed it into the crack of her ass, pulling her back on it.

She cried out and bit her lip as the fat bulbous head pushed past her tight little sphicter and began to slide up her ass. But there was no pain on her face, just pure sexual lust, ahe started working her ass around in nasty circles, taking both of their big cocks into her ass and pussy and moaning about how good it felt to have two big cocks fucking her. She was whimpering with pleasure and started taking longer strokes up and down, working those big cocks deeper into her where it felt so good and rolling her hips around between their big meat.

Then the guys began to take control and grabbed Becky roughly, pushing her up and down, alternately sliding their cocks in and out faster and faster. Her hands slid around to cup her titties and she began to squeeze them and pull at her nipples as she began to build to what was going to be a huge climax. They rocked her back and forth between them and began to build up speed, their hips smacking wetly against her until they ultimately were pounding into her with such force that her whole body shook and the first waves of a climax began to well up inside her.

"Oh yea fuck me...oh right there...oh yess...oh fuck it!...oh yes, yes, yes, yes...Oh fuck...Oh I'm gonna cum all over both your big cocks...FUCK ME!!...OHHHH YESSSS...AHHH...AHHHH!" she screamed, and I was almost worried the neighbors would hear as she began to spasm and slam her hips back and forth between them, clawing at her tits while she yelled out in pleasure. The man who was fucking her ass began to tremble and moan and Becky turned.

"No baby, don't waste it," she pleaded, and he quickly pulled out of her and tried to get up to her mouth but it was too late and instead he cupped his hand over the end of his spewing dick and began to jerk off into his palm. He groaned as spurt after spurt of his thick white gooey cock-juice pumped out of his cock and began to fill his hand. Becky turned her head to watch him, encouraging him with nasty talk while she continued to slam her pussy up and down on the other man's big black hard-on. The man behind her jerked an enormous amount of thick white cum into his cupped palm, squeezing out the last few drops then brought his hand around in front of Becky's face. She gazed at it wantonly and the man below her slowed his pace to watch her nasty little show as her boss moved the camera in for the close-up. I watched in horrified amazement as the man lifted his hand up over my slutty wife's face and she tilted her head back like a whore, her mouth open and her long pink tongue snaking out of her mouth to lick the air in anticipation.

He let a thick gooey glop of his jism fall straight into her open mouth and she nastily licked it all around her lips, savoring it like a sweet creamy treat then smiled nastily as she swallowed it all down. She opened her mouth for more and he wiped his open hand across her nasty lips and she slid her long tongue across his palm, licking up a huge glob of his jizz then swallowed it all with one nasty gulp.

Grabbing his hand, she hungrily began to suck on his cummy fingers, sliding them into her mouth one at a time to pull off the thick creamy cum with her lips and moaning about how good it tasted. Then the man under her began to, inspired by her nastiness started slamming his cock into her, making her whimper with pleasure and he she must have felt his big dick swelling up in her pussy because she quickly jumped off of him and grabbed his pulsing cock, jacking him off over his chest. He tossed his head back and groaned, jerking his hips forward just as a thick spurt of cum pumped out of his big dick. Becky leaned her mouth to his nutsack and began to hungrily lick his balls while she jerked and squeezed his cock. Great gooey gobs of sperm arced out of his dick and landed on his black skin. He groaned, shooting wad after wad up onto his chest and belly until his black flesh was covered in little puddles of thick white sperm.

Becky continued to jerk his cock until long after he had finished cumming then took his cock in her lips and lovingly milked out the last few drops before sliding her tongue up onto his belly and licking up one of his puddles of thick white sperm. She slid her tongue back into her mouth, moaning as she swallowed it down, then leaned forward again and licked up another gooey gob. Her boss moved in for another close-up as she moved her mouth from puddle to puddle, but watching her had gotten to him because he had his cock in his hand and was jacking off furiously. Becky didn't even seem to be aware of him or the camera, lost in her own little cum-lusting world as she licked up mouthful after mouthful of the the first man's sweet stuff. She was having little mini orgasms as she licked it up, tilting her head back and trembling with each nasty swallow until finally she had licked his entire chest and belly clean.

She turned her face to the camera and licked her lips nastily and saw that her boss was jerking off his big black cock off just inches from face.

"Ooo yea baby...gimme some more," she moaned licking the air in front of his cock. He groaned and she opened her lips just as the first thick white spurt shot out and landed on her outstretched tongue. She leaned forward and hungrily took the head of his big black cock into her mouth as he jerked the thick black shaft of his cock, pumping his hot load into my nasty little Becky's mouth. He groaned again and I could see his big balls throbbing as they pumped their thick load through his cock and into her lips. She swallowed over and over, drinking his warm sperm as it poured into her throat, moaning as she milked his cock with her lips, her cheeks hollowing as she pulled his thick salty load up from his balls. I could see her long pink tongue cupped under the rim of his cockhead as he continued to jack his big dick until finally he had finished cumming then just stood there and let her her lovingly work her lips up and down his big meat, until finally she was satisfied and let his big black cock slip from her mouth.

After that episode they took a break for awhile and Becky got dressed and fixed her make-up. Then her boss said it was time for the money shot and Becky got down on her knees and all the bikers that had been watching circled around her head with their cocks out and she began to suck them all, twisting and turning her head and hungrily moving her mouth from cock to cock until she had them ready to cum. T hen while Becky walked back over to the bar and sat down, her boss walked over and handed the bikers a large crystal champagne glass then filmed them while they all took turns jerking their cocks off into it. Becky was eagerly watching them and licking her lips in anticipation as they each shot their wads into the glass until it was almost halfway full of warm sperm. Her boss picked up the glass and sat it behind the bar then moved to the side and began filming Becky while she coquettishly applied a fresh coat of glossy red lipstick. She took out a cigarette and one of the other black men appeared behind the bar acting as a bartender and lit it for her. She took a small dainty puff and smiled sweetly at him as she tilted her head back and blew a thin plume of smoke up into the air.

"Can I get you something?" he asked

"MmmmHmmm," she said nodding her head and smiling coyly,

"Do you have cum cocktails?"

"We sure do," he said reaching under the bar and setting the glass down lightly in front of her. She picked it up and licked her lips lewdly as she gazed at all that thick gooey sperm it contained for her. Her boss moved around in front of her with the camera and she took a dainty puff of her cigarette then sexily blew a thin plume of smoke directly at the lense. She raised the glass up by her face and looked right into the camera.

"Mmmm, I just love cum cocktails," she cooed.

"You boys out there wanna see how much?" she said playfully as she raised the glass and began to slowly tilt it over her lips. She paused for a moment and winked at the camera, smiling sexily then tilted the glass and poured the entire contents onto her outstretched tongue, letting all that warm sperm fall into the back of her mouth, before she closed her lips and swallowed it all down with one long slow gulp.

"Ummm," she moaned licking all around the rim of the glass,

"That was sooo yummy."

Then she waved at the camera and smiled sweetly,

"Goodbye," she said, "See ya next time."

Everyone applauded then her boss reached into his pocket and tossed a long white envelope to her.

"There you go girl, you did real good." he said, turning off the camera.

"Thank you baby," she said opening the envelope and fingering through the cash.

"I loved it!" She said, then got up and began to dress.

I quickly and quietly got back to my car and drove home and waited for my nasty little Becky to arrive. I would have never guessed what a hot little slut Becky could be and when she got home that night, if I hadn't known already, I wouldn't even have been able to tell that she had been gang fucked by all those big-dicked guys. She must have taken a shower and fixed her make-up because when she walked in she looked hotter than ever, smiling coyly as she gave me a wet kiss then began to take her clothes off with a mischievous grin.

At first I was going to confront her, but I realized how turned on watching her had made me and soon enough she was on her knees in front of me and I was blowing my load down her throat just like I had seen all those other guys do. I fucked her that night harder than I ever have before, using my cock like a battering ram and even turning her over and fucking her ass unmercifully. Afterward she asked me what had gotten into me, and told me that she loved getting fucked like that. I decided to keep my mouth shut as she snuggled up and kissed me, telling me how much she loved me.

My wife may be a porno slut, but at least she's my porno slut...and DAMN she's good at it!

The End

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