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Richard P
01-06-2013, 11:42 AM
Sandiís Erotic Interludes. 24.

Chapter 24. Alex. (May 2001)

Alex was a member of a Russian trade delegation touring the region looking at various local companies; hubby's amongst them. The delegation was staying at one of the hotels in town and hubby, whose company was one of the first to be visited, had arranged for us to meet Alex in the bar that evening. It was apparent from J's excitability that he envisaged more than just a drink!

When introduced to Alex I found him to be a really well-built guy, who spoke good English but with a strong guttural accent which I'm certainly not going to attempt to replicate here. I've no idea what hubby had told Alex about us but during the introductions the guy seemed to be undressing me with his eyes.

The conversation at our table seemed forced and stilted, as though we were waiting for something to happen. Eventually Alex stood up, and holding his hand out to me said, "Coming?

I looked at hubby and he told me to go ahead and enjoy myself.

"What about you?" I asked him.

"I'll wait here. The delegation will be in the hotel for three nights, so assuming youíre happy I'll be able to watch another night."

Well the big Russian took me up to his room and immediately began undressing. For some unaccountable reason I was feeling a bit nervous and uncertain. Should I follow suit or would Alex want to undress me? God he's big though I thought, on seeing the barrel-chested Alex without his shirt. I ran my eyes over his torso, the rippling muscles of his upper arms, while he continued to undress.

"Oh my god!" I couldn't prevent the exclamation on seeing Alex's cock.

It was huge! Most definitely the biggest I'd seen.

"Big eh, you like?" He grinned aware from my response that I did.

I was on my knees in a flash, grabbing his thick cock by the root to run my tongue lovingly along its length and round the glans. The big Russian stood grinning down at me, hands on hips and feet apart, while I kissed and licked his cock. It was only when I turned my attention to his equally large and heavy looking balls, licking and kissing them, that Alex began to respond by uttering strange mooing sounds. Turning my attention back to the guy's cock I took it into my mouth with some difficulty.

My God I'm going to be fucked by this monster I thought, sucking on Alex cock. He was forcing his big cock further into my mouth and my lips felt stretched to breaking but I continued sucking almost desperately at it. Tasting pre-cum I stuck to my task but almost gagged when Alex came, forcing his cock right down my throat to release a thick torrent of cream.

Lifting me to my feet, Alex then placed me face down over the end of the bed and pushed my skirt up over my waist. Next he ripped my panties down and as he yanked them off I thought for a minute he was going to mount me straight away. Instead he sat on the floor and pulled my legs backwards onto his shoulders, one each side of his head. I squealed with delight when his tongue bored into my cunt to lap round and round. His hands were on my bottom and I knew instinctively where his fingers were heading when I felt them exploring my flesh. As expected a finger drove into my anus while his tongue continued its gorgeous work on my cunt. Sucking at my clitoris, fingers drilling in and out of my anus, Alex brought me to a very noisy and violent orgasm before deftly picking me up to lay me full length on the bed. Then he mounted me.

My scream of delight when the guy's huge cock powered into me must have been heard the length of the corridor I should think and my ecstatic cries continued to ring out all the time he fucked me, culminating in another gigantic orgasm.

His cock thrusts continued and Alex pushed my top up before reaching around to unclip my bra, something he accomplished with ease. He seized my bared breasts, sucking and biting at my nipples, while continuing to fuck me lustily.

Suddenly he withdrew, flipped me over and raised me up onto my knees. It all happened in an instant and I barely had time to draw breath before the big cock powered into me again. Grabbing my dancing breasts Alex held on to them while fucking me, this time keeping going until he came, loud grunts breaking from his lips, cock jerking and discharging deep inside me.

Rearranging my clothing later I had to search the room for my panties, eventually locating them in the corner but they were torn and not worth putting back on. I smoothed my skirt down as best I could but it still remained creased from being bunched up around my waist for so long and it was the first thing hubby commented on when we rejoined him in the bar. I don't know about Alex but I was really thirsty so hubby went off to the bar to fetch drinks for us. A grinning Alex groped and squeezed my thighs under cover of the table while we waited for our drinks. In fact he couldn't keep his hands off me and when we left, having arranged to meet him again tomorrow evening, Alex came out to the car park with us and put his hand up my skirt while J opened the car door. While hubby sat in the car patiently waiting, I stood with legs apart enjoying the feel of Alex fingering my cunt and thinking happily that I'd have his huge cock again tomorrow.

J wasn't as patient when I told him about the size of Alex's cock though; he could barely contain himself at the prospect of watching me being fucked by such a monster!

We arrived at the hotel early but Alex soon appeared in the bar and greeted us with a smile. No polite small talk tonight though, we went straight up to his room. This time I began undressing directly we were inside, the guys watching, and Alex slowly taking his own clothes off as he did so. Naked, I sat on the end of Alex bed waiting while he finished undressing and hubby's tense excitement was plain to see as he too watched, eager to see the cock I'd been so fulsome in my praise of. Alex slowly lowered his underpants well aware of the effect he was having. Hubby's mouth dropped open and he leaned forward to the edge of his chair when Alex revealed his mighty organ.

"Good God!" Hubby exclaimed standing up. "You had that inside you yesterday."

"And she will again today," Alex smirked.

Directly I saw his cock I spread my legs without thinking, a sort of automatic response I suppose. Alex bundled hubby aside to get at me, kneeling on the carpet and putting my legs up over his shoulders like yesterday but face up this time. His tongue bored unto my cunt and I lay back on the bed squealing. Again like yesterday I felt Alex's fingers seeking for, and locating my anus to probe inside. Hubby was beside the bed then, cock in hand. He couldn't see everything that Alex was doing to me but had a good idea by my wild and vociferous response.

After bringing me to orgasm Alex got to his feet, a big grin spreading across his face when he saw hubby masturbating. However it was J, quickly shedding his trousers and underpants, who suggested a comparison. The guys stood facing one another and the difference in cock size was plain to see, as was hubby's excitement when he realised that Alex cock was more than twice the size of his own.

"Fuck her, fuck my wife now. Let me see you do it to her!" J urged, his voice breaking with emotion.

Again the laughing Alex thrust hubby aside, almost contemptuously this time, before turning towards me. I quickly shuffled backwards until I was full length on the bed and reached out to him, spreading my legs wide as I did so.

There was something of a swagger about Alex now as lifting my ankles to double them back, he mounted me.

"Put my cock inside her then husband," Alex grinned down at me as he said it.

With my legs pinned down by his shoulders Alex ran his hands through my hair so I knew the fingers spreading my cunt lips must be hubby's. I felt the fingers guiding Alex cock into me and realised that J must have had to reach between the guys legs to accomplish it. Again Alex looked pleased with himself, his cock sinking deeper inside.

"Good, now stroke my balls husband while I fuck your wife," Alex snapped over his shoulder.

He was fucking me lustily now, stifling my ecstatic cries with his mouth pressed to mine. J stroked Alex balls the entire time the guy was fucking me and probably contributed to him coming quicker than he might otherwise have done.

When it was over Alex stood laughing while hubby masturbated, staring fixedly between my thighs and muttering about how open my cunt looked after the pounding it had received from Alex big cock.