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Video Voyeur Turns Exhibitionist
by Lord Seregil

Many, many years ago, when I was still in college, my girlfriend, Kristine, had taken off for Spring Break to Florida with her two roommates, Cindy and Mary. I went skiing with my friends instead. After the week ended, I met Kristine at her apartment to share spring break stories.

I was surprised to find out that Mary had filmed some of their trip on a home video camera. Video cameras weren't very common at this time (I said it was many, many years ago) so this was rare. We sat around the apartment the night before classes resumed and watched the video. Most of it was pretty boring and I was itching to get Kristine in bed so we could make up for the lost week. The girls, however, were content giggling and laughing over their drunken stupidity captured on film. I was just about to head to bed alone when the movie got better. The girls were in their hotel room and had been drinking heavily. All three were in panties and t-shirts so I started paying attention. The video turned into a nice little dance party before Kristine hopped up and turned it off.

"Sorry, Karl," she scolded, "That's enough for you. Mary's erasing the tape tonight so don't even think about seeing more." Disappointed, I feigned disinterest and headed off to bed. Kristine came in a few minutes later and I jumped her immediately.

"Oh no you don't," she stammered, "You're just horny from watching those two in their underwear. Besides, I'm still pissed that you went off with your buddies instead of me."

"WHAT?" I demanded. But there was no talking her out of it. My dick was pushing the limits of my underwear but there would be no satisfaction tonight. I was bitter but there was nothing I could do. I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up with the pressure of a full erection painfully pushing against my white briefs. The sun was up and the girls were all in class so I knew it was finally time to get some relief. I arched my back and slipped the briefs off my ass and over my engorged cock. It sprang out and slapped me on the stomach, flinging a heavy drop of precum onto my chest. I dipped a finger in the drop and used it to lubricate my swollen cock head. With my left hand, I firmly grasped my balls while I started stroking myself with the other hand. Immediately, memories of the few hot scenes I'd seen in the video the night before came rushing to mind.

"I wonder," I thought, "if Mary actually got rid of that tape?" Anxious to see if I might have gotten lucky, I pulled my briefs back over my hardon and, despite the pressure and pain, got out of bed and peaked into the living room. The apartment was empty so into the room I went with my hand inside my briefs to try to reduce the pressure. I checked the VCR and a chill went up my spine. The video was still in there.

Rushing to the front door, I locked it and looked out the window. The parking spaces outside the apartment were empty so everyone was on campus. I powered up the TV. Hitting 'Play' on the VCR, I dropped onto the couch to enjoy the show. The video started right where it had been stopped the previous night!

I stripped off my briefs and tossed them on the floor. My left hand again found my tender balls while my right hand gripped my cock just below the head. Precum was flowing freely out of me while I firmly but slowly stroked the my hard cock. Kristine and Mary were dancing in their t-shirts and panties while Cindy danced around with the camera. Mary kept her butt pointed at the lens most of the time.

I was in masturbation heaven as I stroked myself to this beautiful show. My right hand stayed firmly on the upper shaft while I alternated my left hand between my balls and the lower part of my cock. Several times in the first few minutes of watching the video, I had to roughly squeeze myself to prevent cumming too early. I wanted to see how far this little dance party was going to go before I came.

After a couple of minutes of dancing, Mary stopped shaking her butt at the camera and turned to face it. Cindy and Mary danced together for a bit while the camera bounced around aimlessly before Kristine finally grabbed it and took over the filming.

Kristine filmed the pair dancing together for quite a while but, sadly they never even touched each other. Eventually, Mary danced towards the camera again and Kristine finally got the right idea. She zoomed in on Mary's crotch as Mary gyrated in her little white panties. I got a wonderful view of her curly brown pubic hairs peaking out of the sides of those panties and felt the beginnings of an orgasm churning in my balls.

"Still too soon." I thought as I let go of my cock and again felt it slap my belly with a stream of precum making it up to my chest. I reached up with both hands and rolled my hard nipples until the approaching orgasm subsided. My cock throbbed but I didn't shoot. Once the feeling left, I returned my left hand to my balls and kneaded and pulled the heavy, bulging sac. I knew I couldn't take much more and would be cumming soon.

I again started slowly stroking my shaft and Mary continued to rock her hips for the camera. She was obviously proud of her butt as she kept turning around and shaking it at Kristine. A few seconds later, though, I saw what I was looking for.

Mary hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties while still shaking her ass. I knew that a single glimpse of that butt would put me over the edge so I started stroking faster. Right hand pumping my cock, left hand squeezing and pulling my balls, I spread my legs as far as I could. My right leg was on the back cushion of the couch and my left foot was on the floor. Spread this far, the cool air of the living room touched my now-exposed anus and felt wonderful.

Mary looked over her shoulder and flicked her panties down over her ass and back up again in a wink. The girls erupted with laughter but Kristine kept the camera on Mary. Her pale butt looked great but the view was too quick.

"Again!" Kristine shouted from behind the camera as she zoomed in closer. Mary obliged and gave another quick flash of her white ass. Again she was met with hoots and howls from the other two girls.

"Com'on, sexy," Cindy coaxed, "you can do better than that!"

"How's this?" Mary asked as Kristine kept the close-up of her butt. I was shocked to see her drop her panties to just below her cheeks, I was even more shocked at what she did next.

With her panties down and the camera zoomed in on her ass, Mary reached back and spread her ass cheeks with both hands. The view was spectacular. Her perfect little pink asshole was centered in the screen. A light ring of fine hair surrounded the puffy hole and flowed down to her pussy lips. Her panties shadowed her pussy so I couldn't see more than the bottoms of her lips but the view of her asshole was perfect.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I squeezed my cock hard, spread my legs further, and reached below my balls with my left hand. I circled my own asshole with my finger while preparing to ejaculate to the scene before me.

Kristine and Cindy were both hooting and hollering for the 5 seconds that Mary showed her asshole to the camera. She quickly snapped her panties up and ran to a nearby bed, diving on top of it and hiding her face while giggling hysterically. Cindy applauded while Kristine relentless zoomed in on her pantied ass again.

"Give us a wink, Mare!" Kristine cheered. Again, to my surprise, Mary, with her face still buried in the bed covers, reached back and slid her panties off her ass again. Kristine moved closer while Mary stuck her naked butt up into the air and spread her cheeks. With that beautiful asshole centered on the screen, she clinched her butt muscles and actually winked her anus. Her asshole pushed out a bit, making a visible ring of puckered flesh, opened slightly, and then clamped closed.

That was all I could take. I plunged a single finger into my asshole and stroked my cock furiously. I arched my hips up while the first stream of cum shot out of my cock. It landed on my shoulder and splattered over my neck and a couch cushion. I didn't care. The second load shot further than the first and landed somewhere over my head. Part of the stream streaked across my face and the thick cum ran into the corner of my mouth. More surprising, though, was what was happening between spurts. Semen was flowing freely out of my cock between each spurt and pooling onto my stomach. I'd masturbated thousands of times but have never seen cum flow out of my cock like this. The third spurt went high and splattered on my chest. I continued to pump my cock and finger my asshole while the cum flowed and flowed. A few spurts landed on my arm and the carpet. Some of the weaker ones just flowed down my fist. I kept stroking and squeezing until the orgasm subsided and I was left shuddering on the couch. I slowly pulled my finger out of my ass and looked down to survey the mess. There was cum everywhere. The pools of cum on my stomach had run down my sides and were soaking into the couch. I had drops on my face and in my hair. I was grinning ear to ear when I noticed the video had ended and the screen was simply full of static. That's when I heard it.

"How ARE you going to clean that up?" Mary's voice asked from behind me. I shot off the couch, and turned to see Mary standing in the doorway of the living room with her hands on her hips. She wore a long t-shirt and a huge grin. Her eyes were fixed on my still-hard cock bobbing in front of me while cum streamed down my body and dripped audibly onto the carpet.

"GODDAM IT!" I screamed as I raced to Kristine's room, snatching my briefs off the floor on the way. Mary's giggles faded behind me as I slammed the door and started to clean myself up with my underwear.

Thoughts raced through my head.

"Who will she tell?"

"Did she see me fingering my asshole?"

"What will Kristie do when she find out?"

"How much of a mess did I make and will it clean up?

I flopped down on the bed while thinking of the humiliation I'd be facing as soon as everyone found out. While I thought of a million scenarios, questions, and answers, I realized I was still quite erect and was absently stroking myself again. My turmoil was interrupted by a gentle knock on the door.

"Karl?" Mary asked.

"WHAT?" I shrieked in response before I realized how shaken I was.

"I just want to say that..." Mary began as, to my horror, she came walking through the door.

There I was, lying across the bed, still stroking my hard cock.

"...OH MY GOD," Mary said with wide eyes as she saw me, "you're doing it AGAIN?"

Exasperated and beyond embarrassment, I through my arms over my face and just laid there.

"Yes," I said with a sigh and then, sarcastically, "Would you like to WATCH again?"

"Sure!" Mary said excitedly, completely missing the sarcasm. She sat on the bed next to me and again stared at my hard cock. "Kristine said you were big and she was right. That thing's huge!"

I slowly pulled my arms away from my face and stared at Mary with amazement. She was serious. I glanced down at my cock still pointing up and throbbing.

"You're not grossed out or pissed or anything?"

"No," Mary grinned. "That was pretty hot. I've never seen so much..." she paused, searching for the words, "...stuff shoot out."

"Well that was a pretty hot video," I admitted, still amazed I was sitting there naked and talking to a girl who had just watched me masturbate all over her couch.

"I could tell you liked it," Mary said with a grin, not taking her eyes off my hard dick, "How long will it stay like that?"

"Well with you staring at it, it could be a while!" I said honestly. Sitting there with my erection in full view and under scrutiny was a major turn on for some reason and I was already feeling my balls tighten again with arousal. I really wanted to masturbate again so I decided to check one more time to make sure she really wanted to see me do it. "It probably won't go soft until I uh...you know...do it again." I winced a bit and looked into Mary's eyes. There was no look of disgust or offense; just curiosity.

"Cool!" she said with excitement and flopped her self more comfortably on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows, flipped her hair behind her ears, and whispered "I can't believe you can do it again so soon."

I grinned and reached held my cock in my right hand. Slowly, I stroked it from base to tip and watched Mary's reaction.

"Oh my god..." she said, shaking her head slowly. I stopped stroking but didn't let go of my dick.

"Want me to stop?" I asked quickly.

"No way." She replied. "It's just...I know guys jerk off all the time I've just never seen anyone do it out in the open like this...well, until I saw you the first time, that is."

I resumed stroking myself with one hand and my head propped up under my left arm. Mary had a different idea. "Turn so you're facing me," she told me, "I want the full view."

I turned my body on the bed so that my crotch was pointed right at Mary, with a leg on either side of where she sat. She had a direct view of my balls and the crack of my ass. I stroked harder and she started asking questions while she watched.

"How often do you do this?" she asked.

"A lot." I admitted. "At least twice a day." Mary just smiled at that one and watched me masturbate intently. There was a long period of silence before she looked up from my cock.

"You can do...other things...if you want. I saw how you play with yourself. Use your other hand like you did last time."

I just smiled and reached down with my left hand to cup my balls. Mary whispered "uh huh" and I doubled my efforts. Now jerking myself with two hands, I felt another orgasm building. Mary had slid closer to the point where she was leaning against my knee with her head just a foot or so from my crotch. She was whispering very quietly.

"Touch your nipples again." she directed. I let my balls drop with my left hand lightly tickled my nipples. My right hand was now flashing quickly up and down my shaft as the precum started to flow again. To my surprise and pleasure, Mary reached up and lightly ran a finger across my tight balls. I shot her a look to see what the heck she was doing but she was just staring at my cock and rolling my balls around with her finger and thumb.

"Yes..." I groaned as the orgasm welled up inside me. I thrust my hips higher into the air and spread my legs as Mary got more aggressive with my balls. She was rolling them around in her palm, lifting them against my cock shaft, and squeezing them firmly. "I'm going to cum again." I informed her.

Mary slid her hand below my balls found my anus with her fingertip. I responded by spreading my legs as far as they would go, exposing my ass to her. She circled my asshole with a finger a few times but then stopped. Reaching up with her left hand, she grabbed my fist and stopped me from stroking. I looked at her in despair but she had plans. She quickly rubbed a finger across the tip of my cock and coated it with slippery precum. She returned it to my asshole and slid it in a couple of inches while simultaneously moving my fist up and down my cock.

I didn't last long. With her finger up my ass and her hand helping me stroke, I ejaculated strongly. While it wasn't nearly as copious as my first orgasm, a few thick streams of cum shot onto my belly, over my hand, and even onto Mary's hand. Cum rolled out of my cock and coated both our hands.

Mary immediately pulled her finger out of my anus but left her other hand gripping my fist which was still squeezing my cock. After I loosened my grip and let go, Mary gave it a squeeze at the base and smiled.

"Our little secret?" She asked.

"Of course," I answered with a smile. What else would I say to a woman who had my deflating cock in her hand?

"Good," she said as she let go and gave my balls a final squeeze.

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