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While this is a hot story...I do not believe there is a part. 2...but I will keep looking.....

Stripped, Stoned and Stuffed
by Red Solitaire

The opening story in a series about a petite wife, a voyeur husband, and a drug with mysterious powers.

Mary and I were married in July. By September, I was sexually bored. Mary just wasn't that interested in sex, and seemed more to "tolerate" it than enjoy it. I suppose that came from her upbringing, in that she was the only daughter of a very conservative, Bible-thumping minister. She must have been brainwashed to think sex was a sin, and not to be explored or enjoyed. Her father was strict, too, even maintaining his control over her after she and I married. She knew she had to be "pure" and completely respectable to avoid incurring her father's wrath.

Oh, my little wife was cute, though, very! At 4'10" and 100 pounds and only 18, she had a small figure (32B, 20, 34) and looked much younger. She loved me, and at least made some effort to humor my need to experiment with sex. I was surprised that she went along with my little "game" of having her put her hair in pigtails, wear little girl outfits and take her strolling through the mall or a park to watch other men's reactions. Yeah, pretending she was my daughter and using her to turn on strangers was "twisted", I know. But, no harm in the fantasy, I thought, and it definitely turned me on. When she would wear a little tube top and short skirt, bobby socks and sneakers, I swear she looked like she a nicely developed 13 year old. Watching other men grab their bulging crotch after they looked at her little butt, twitching as she walked... well, it stirred something in me. But, I wanted more. I wanted something "forbidden".

Mary worked at a nursing home as a candy striper. She looked like a little preteen girl in her uniform, and was always getting groped and felt-up by old men as she passed their beds or bent over in the day room. She would complain to me about it, and gripe about how those "dirty old men" kept looking up her skirt or down her blouse every chance they got. I encouraged her to put up with it, reminding her that looking at her and copping a feel was about the only sex life these poor old guys had. Actually, I secretly liked hearing her reports about her encounters at the nursing home. I would get a hard on as she told of old Bill Jensen slipping his hand under her skirt from behind and stroking her panty covered, hairy slit, before she could jerk away. I would rub my cock as she mumbled how 80-year-old Howie had snuck up behind her as she was bent over making his bed, and humped his fat dick against her butt as he reached around and grabbed her little boobs. This was no turn-on for my conservative, sexually repressed wife, of course. But the mental images I conjured up of old men jacking off while she bent over, leaned down or was careless with her skirt when she stooped...well, let's just say I knew what my ultimate turn on would be. My favorite fantasy, even before we were married, was to think about another man, or several men, wedging their cocks up my tiny wife's cunt or down her throat. Oh, I wrestled with some guilt, alright. I mean, I was her husband; I shouldn't be having these thoughts. Still, I couldn't shake it. Right or wrong, I wanted it to happen, and happen again and again!

Mary's boss at the nursing home was a doctor, Sam Nathen, who was in his fifties, I'd guess. Once, as we lay in our bed, Mary told me that she was uneasy around Dr. Sam, because he kept staring at her crotch, or boobs or butt. He never touched her, she admitted, but it seemed pretty apparent that he liked petite women... especially those that looked very young and naive. Still, he was her boss, and one day Mary suggested that a proper thing to do would be to invite him to dinner at our home. She planned the evening, prepared a nice meal and was upset with my suggestion as to how she dressed. Thinking a demur blouse and slacks were the proper thing for a minister's daughter to wear, and wanting to avoid encouraging any unwelcome advances from her boss, Mary was not happy with my request that she dress as a little girl. I reminded her that pleasing the boss was a good idea when it came to job security and raises, and I pressured her as much as I could by using the one approach that seemed to work every time. "If you really love me" I would begin... and she would always relent. It worked this time, too. I had her wear a short, loose skirt that came down just below her little butt checks. She pulled a thin, white blouse over her budding boobs covered by a sheer white bra. The effect was perfect, because the dark shadow of her thick, brown nipples was just barely visible through the blouse. If she bent a bit too far, I could glimpse her butt covered by her plain, brief, white panties. The pigtails and white socks and sneakers were icing on the cake, and she looked for all the world like my preteen daughter when she answered the door. "Good evening, Doctor Sam" she said.

"Well, and whose little girl are you?" joked Sam, as his eyes drank in the body of my young wife. As Mary led him to our living room, I watched his eyes as they were glued to her ass, hoping to see her little skirt flip up. When she carelessly leaned forward to remove a pillow from the couch, he saw the white band of panty covering her butt and crotch. He glanced at me, wondering if I had noticed him ogling my wife. I think I floored him, when I smiled, nodded and gave him a "thumbs up" gesture. The good doctor knew immediately, without me saying a word, that I had no objection if he looked at my wife's little body with other than proper intentions.

Mary went to the kitchen as I poured Sam a drink and handed it to him. "Say, Todd" he said, "what did that thumbs-up gesture you gave me really mean?" I told him that I wanted him to enjoy the evening, including the sight of my sexy wife. I bent forward and told him, quietly, that if the truth were ever revealed, it turned me on to see other men lusting after Mary. The good doctor's eyes narrowed, and a look of dirty, sleazy lust came over his face. "Well, Todd, let me ask you something. Do you ever fantasize about watching other men fuck Mary?" He had definitely struck a nerve and broken any remaining ice between us. I told him that I had enjoyed that fantasy every since I had started dating Mary, and in fact, I'd like it to become reality. I also told him about Mary's strict upbringing and conservative nature, and how I wished I could find a way to make her submit to my fantasy. "Todd, my boy" said the doctor, "I think we might have some fun with Mary". Sam reached into his pocket and showed me a vial of pills. He explained that these were an experimental drug, not available by prescription, that he got from a chemist researcher friend of his. The drug, he told me, would put the patient into a deep sleep. The really remarkable thing was that when the patient would wake up, she would not realize she had been unconscious. Time, to the patient, would "pick up" again in her mind, right where it "left off" when she went under. My mind quickly realized that he was saying that with these pills, Mary would be unconscious for several hours, then wake to think she had not even been asleep, nor would she know what had been going on while she was under.

"I'll be honest with you, Todd", said the doctor. "I'd love to pretend your wife was your little daughter, and I'd love to fuck her while you watched. What do you say.... Are you game?" Oh, I agreed, for sure! Sam did not have to coax me, at all! The doctor dissolved a tablet in Mary's drink, before she returned from the kitchen. As she came into the room, he handed the drink to her and encourage her to join him in a toast. Here's to bottom's up", he said. Raising her eyebrows at this odd turn of phrase, Mary took a long sip, and then another. Almost immediately, she began to sway unsteadily on her feet. Sam walked behind her and put his hands under her arms to sort of drag her, already nearly unconscious, to the couch. Mary's head slumped over on the couch, her skirt hiking above her crotch, and within seconds, she was limp, sleeping, and oblivious to the world.

Sam wasted no time. He unzipped his pants and pulled his thick, hard, heavily veined cock out, stroking it in his hand. He flipped Mary around to place her face down on the couch cushions, her chest on the couch and her knees on the floor, so her ass was up in the air. The doctor had no desire for foreplay. He pulled down Mary's panties, knelt behind her, rubbed his cock against her pussy until it was a little slick, then wedged at least four inches of his dick deep into her cunt. I was so turned on by the suddenness of his actions and the sight of him fucking my helpless wife, I could hardly stand it! I pulled my own cock out and sat on the floor behind the good doctor to watch him fucking my Mary, doggie style. She didn't move, whimper or gasp. She had no idea another man's cock was beginning to spurt cum into her womb. As the doctor slapped and bumped against Mary's upturned butt, his ass cheeks clenched, he groaned loudly, and he twitched and spasmed as he squirted spurt after spurt of his sperm inside her. As he finally relaxed, he slumped backward to the floor, his wet cock making a soft slurping sound as it pulled out of Mary's cunt. "Your turn" he said, without even looking at me. I needed no encouragement. Instantly, I knelt behind Mary and humped my cock into her pussy. The doctor's cum made her cunt syrupy slick and allowed me to easily bury my six inches deep inside her. As I humped and pumped away, I noticed a flash and then another and realized the doctor was taking photos of me. The doctor's cock was hard again from watching me fuck little Mary. Before I could cum, he pulled me back roughly and told me to take pictures of him fucking her. I obliged, and took the rest of the roll of him grunting, sweating, humping and fucking my tiny wife from behind. When he finished, I began again. It only took me seconds to cum, I was so turned on. My cock began to spasm, my balls tightened, and I could feel the cum shooting through my dick deep into Mary's pussy.

Spent, I sagged backwards, sitting panting on the floor next to Sam. We both watched our cum oozing out of Mary's stretched cunt and slowly forming little ropey globs on the back of her thighs. "Now then, Todd, we'll clean and straighten her up, make sure there is no traces of cum or sweat to make her wonder what happened, and in a few more minutes she will suddenly wake up as though she had never been unconscious." True to his prediction, as we finished arranging Mary in a clothed, clean and sitting position on the couch, her eyes suddenly opened. "We are glad you could join us for dinner, Doctor Sam", she said. "Let's enjoy our meal, now." She rose, and walked ahead of us to the table, completely unaware that only minutes ago, she was being fucked from behind by both of us. "Oh, my God", I whispered to Sam, "I can't believe it!" "Believe it, my boy", he whispered back, and he winked a leering wink at me that hinted there was a lot more to come.

After our dinner, I walked the doctor to the door. "And she has no memory or clue?" I asked? "That's right" he assured me. He asked me if my fantasy had come true. I told him that what we did was the most exciting sex I had ever had. I admitted that the only thing better would be to watch more than one man fuck her when she was asleep. Sam leaned toward me and hissed "Well, you have the pills, and I have the pictures. And you will bring Mary to the nursing home, next Friday at 7pm for an appointment in my office OR the photos go to her father!" Suddenly, I was not in control. Suddenly, my wife (and myself) were being blackmailed by Sam! Suddenly, I felt a chill go through me that made me worry that Sam had plans for little Mary, whether I liked it or not. Mary joined us at the door, just as Sam was leaving. He thanked her for the dinner and abruptly bent down to hug her, kiss her on the cheek, and quickly squeeze her butt cheek. When he left, Mary told me she thought he was definitely "fresh" and she was glad he didn't stay longer. She said if he had, she would have worried he might have tried something. Little did she know what was on the photos he had in his camera. And little did she know what he had in store for her

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