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10-21-2006, 12:27 PM
by Dreamlover

Mother Jackalyn felt an intense sexual ache in her stomach, which was a hot, almost uncontrollable desire, and this time there was no guilt about it. Of course the wine did the job and she was more than eager because tonight . . . will be the night of a very taboo scene. She pretended to clean the dishes over the sink as her two identical twin sons sat at the kitchen table, finishing their dinner and chatting about what eighteen-year-old boys usually talk about: fastidious cars, sports, prom, and sex . . .

However Kaniel and George are going to have themselves a nice surprise about how far sex can go tonight, Jackalyn thought with a little smile.

It can be fun to fantasize fucking their brains out without having them knowing. Wondering what George's cock would taste like while asking him what kind of soda he would like. Daydreaming how far can Kaniel cork her in the ass as she kisses him good-night. It can be fun but addicting. They were both well-built studs. Broad-shouldered, handsome, rock-hard chest, brunette with Apollo faces. Kaniel and George seemed to have almost identical lives together. Both of them were popular in school, same grades, same hair color, and yet she just learned some nights ago that the both of them dated the same girl.

But there are also certain personality traits that differ between them.

Kaniel was a little different with a bad-boy-kind of attitude. Love to curse loud, get in trouble a couple of times in school, drink a lot of his father's beers, but he had always been known to be an aggressive sort. George was a gentle one but he was still a charmer. He has a good sense of humor, loves to laugh a lot, and was terrific at flirting, even to his own mother. One time, whether he meant it or not, George complimented her body in a way that was . . . forbidden but sweet at the same time. "That's a fine set of legs you got there, Mom."

It was no surprise to hear this.

All the men throughout the small, cohesive suburb wanted her. Wanted her in many ways. She was aware of her cool ravishing smile which can break a heart like glass, aware of her DD-sized breasts, aware of her copious dark hair, aware of her robust ass, aware of her long, smooth legs, and her saccharine eyes. Of course, she was happily at ease with a successful husband and a family of two grown teenagers. But to hear a compliment from her own son did something to her . . . it had given her an idea to play. An idea that had became an obsession. An obsession that had became a plan. And a plan that will soon become a reality.

Oh, and guess what? Their father is currently out of state on a business trip just as Jackalyn expected and waited for. How perfect is that? She had never cheated on him, never even dream of cheating him, and why would she? Bobby was just as handsome as his two sons but their sex life had decreased dramatically in the past ten years and it came to a time where all her suppressed sexual longing exploded in one night. Oh, their Dad traveled a lot and that was going to become something of a great advantage for her AND them.

Something else had happened also. Last night, when she was showering in a hot, steaming downpour, she heard a noise and realized that one of the boys was watching through the knob, watching his own mother smearing her body with gurgling soap. Must have been Kaniel. Such a naughty boy he was. That was when she knew they were into her sextually. And that was when she decided to fuck their good sense out for sure.

"Mom, are you gonna eat?" George asked, looking over his shoulder. "You haven't even bothered making yourself a plate yet. "

"Yeah, what's up with that?" Kaniel said, joining him.

"I'll eat soon enough," she said, smiling to herself. "How was your food?"

"Great, Mom, thanks," George said, pushing the plate forward. "I'm pretty much done eating."

Kaniel nodded and pushed the plate aside. "Me, too."

She tossed her hair over and looked at them in the eyes dangerously with motherly concern. "Are you boys in the mood for dessert?"

"Hell, yeah!" Kaniel yelled, giving his brother a friendly punch in the shoulder. "What kind of dessert you gonna give us? Cheery pie?"

"No, it ought to be something else," George said with a disgusted face. "I'm getting sick of the same crap."

"It IS going to be something else," Mother Jackalyn confessed with a furtive smile. "A dessert you two puppies never had in your life. "

"All right, all right, Mom, stop teasing us," George said, chuckling uneasily. "So tell us what's the special dessert? "

It was almost time for the taboo to begin.

She could feel their eyes on her without having to look, feeling them drawing down on her full-sized carafes to her well-shaved thighs. How thrilling to be stared at from two cute studs. She felt her nipples hardened under her satin velvet robe, felt her long hair drooping down her back, and felt prepared to launch a full surprise attack tonight.

She stopped with the dishes and strolled toward them, lingering her eyes on them like a predator approaching its preys, and halted at the right distance. Not too far, not too close . . . yet.

She reached out took a fresh red apple out of a fruit basket, flashed them a come-hither smile, and untied her robe with one free hand, dropping it to the floor and revealing her entire half-naked statuesque figure to her little audience. Chair cranking back, George uttered a breathless gasp and curled his fists. Kaniel's wide eyes confirmed intense curiosity of a boy wanting to see more. Exposed to their eyes was a divine pair of melon-shaped jugs chock-full in a black nylon bra, her slender waist and her flat stomach bare under the brilliant kitchen light, but what was the most exposed was her private black panties. Smiling, she took the apple to her mouth and crunched a bite full, a great measure of produce juice leaking from her chin to the rift between her luscious breasts.

"I'm your dessert," she answered, swallowing her fruit. She realized she might be doing a lot more swallowing tonight.

"What the fuck," Kaniel breathed, mouth drooping opened.

"Come on, baby-poo, I think it's time you'd come out of the closet. I saw you that night when you were spying on me. My, darling, watching your own mother taking a shower while tugging your pee-pee."

George shot him a surprise look. "Dude, you were watching Mom shower?"

Mother Jackalyn turned to George, face coiled in a lustful anticipation. "Don't be such a hypocrite, tiger, I know you wanted me since you got your first pubic hair. " She stepped closer, feeling so confident this would work, and leaned toward him with a withering stare. Her large breasts hung down before his face, barely covered in the small bra. "Don't you want to see them?"

"Fuck, yeah," Kaniel said wolfishly.

"I know YOU do," she snapped, turning her yearning eyes on George. "But I was asking you, tiger. Well, do you want to see your mother in her birthday suit?"

George chuckled, hand grazing across his hair. "Uh, this got to be some kind of trick question--"

"Watch me, baby." Jackalyn freed her bra as she leaned close enough to smell his breath. Her withering stare never left his eyes. And his eyes was ogling on the ample erected nipples that poked out before him, just a pair of grapefruits waiting to be suck on. With only her panties left on her, she placed her hand around his neck as she sat on him, feeling a growing stir in his pant, hardening against her panties like a disturbed snake. She grinded a little harder, exhaling a breath as she relaxed her pose, and looked at Kaniel, who still sat and stared from behind. "Admit it, honey, how bad did you wanted to fuck me?"

A silence.

"Don't be shy, too, Kaniel, just tell me and maybe your dream might come true."

"Pretty fucking bad," Kaniel blurted out. "I wanted you for a long, long time."

She rolled her eyes back to George, amused than ever, pressing down on her crotch a little harder. "And you, sweetheart?"

"I . . . I was always jealous of Dad," George admitted, failing to make eye-contact. It was as if he was ashamed. "I always wanted to be the one to marry you. Just look at how beautiful you are. How amazing and perfect you were made. And, most of all, I know this is bad, but I always wanted to have . . . sexual intercourse with you."

Sexual intercourse? Such a naive term to what really was going to happen tonight. Mother Jackalyn was surprised and even more turned on to hear this. Too turned on because a profound ache was growing inside her, making her berserk with lust, and she decided this was the moment where the line will be crossed. This is the moment where the universe will no longer make sense anymore and everything that was normal will no longer matter. This is the moment when their innocence will be tainted and a road to Hell will be paved for them.

Fuck it, she thought, and slammed her lips against George, shooting her tongue in his mouth, feeling that warmth exchange. He responded with a flicker of his tongue. Then she felt Kaniel coming from behind, kissing down at the nape of her neck. An ecstatic shudder escaped her as she responded to him, arms rising in the air, killer cleavage stretching in the open. George saw this chance, leaned over, and mouth on one of her nipples.

He gave her huge mound a sweeping lick – sucking on the right tit, then the left.

"Suck it harder!" Jackalyn cried, throwing her head back. Kaniel blinded her with a hardcore French kiss that was both rough and good at the same time. She let out a groaning moan and returned a full, hardcore tonsil evaluation. She was also blinded with more desire as George sucked the air out of her nipples, like an overgrown baby hungry for a breast-feed, sucking and trying to swallow a load of fresh mother's milk.

"Mmfph, yeah, tiger, suck it like you did when you were just a baby." She whispered, feeling Kaniel's kiss grazing down to her shoulder. She could actually feel the creamy gland being drawn out of her round tit. "Christ, that feels so wonderful! Suck it harder! You, too, Kanny! Suck my other nipple, baby! Hurry, before I burst!"

Kaniel crawled around her, went on his knees, and mouthed on her other erected nipple. Now two of her own sons were sucking and licking at her mammoth tits, feeling the force draining out of it. She drew a long, rasping breath. "Mmm, yeah, Mommy loves it when her babies need milk. Mm, yes, Mommy loves it a lot."

"Mom, it tastes so sweet," George mumbled as a spiral his tongue around her nipple. She tensed and let out a stiff cry. A trail of white fluid was oozing down her breast to her naval, giving her whole chest a glistening pornographic appearance. "I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I learned to jerk off. "

"Do you think about me when you're jacking off?" she moaned. "Tell me, honey, do you think about giving your mother a good fuck?"

"Every fucking night," he whispered, kissing her breast and looking up at her. Kaniel was still working at her other tit. "I even dreamt of fucking you, Mom."

"In the ass?" she purred.

"No." George hesitated a little, then confessed. "I wanted to fuck your cunt. I don't know why but I always wanted to fuck you without any protection, so I can feel my cock grinding in your pussy."

"Yeah, me, too," Kaniel mumbled, and gave a hard suck at her nipple. Jackalyn let out a whimper and felt a short, deep tingling sensation drawing from her breasts to her vulva area. "I want to come inside you with everything I've got."

"Maybe your dreams just might come true tonight," she said with a demurred smile, spreading her legs apart as she grinded closer to George. Just thinking about their cocks trying to penetrate inside her was beyond exhilaration. Just thinking about them cumming inside her was unthinkable . . . but possible.

Deciding to cross the line even further, she pushed Kaniel's head aside, stood from George's lap, and took a step back, both hands cropping her wild hair. Her "Get on the table," she ordered. "Both of you."

"What? " George stammered.

"Do it or else I'll put on there myself!" She felt hornier than ever, ready to kill them with pleasure if she had to.

Kaniel climbed on the table and sat there, watching her in return with sober, lust-filled eyes. George did the same, climbing right next to his brother. There, watching the identical appearances between them, made Jackalyn even hotter.

"Now take off your clothes, boys. "

They both stripped off their T-shirt and jeans. She could see only their underwear and the large bulge in there.

" Now, which one of you want to have your cock sucked?"

Kaniel was the first to respond, raising his hand in the air like a nervous schoolboy. She let out a Britney Spears giggle and climbed on the table as well. "Than may your wish be granted," she cooed, going down on his crotch. She stripped off his underwear, tugging it down to his legs, and his rock-hard cock sprung out like a jack-in-the-box.

"Jesus Christ!" Jackalyn gasped. She had no idea it would be this big and no idea at all of the consequences for her need of a ramrod dick. George had his underwear taken off and his dick was just as wonderful, full-fledged in the air with a purplish hard-headed erection.

"Oh, fuck me," she whispered, rubbing at her clit. Both of their cocks stood ten inches high and it girth seemed to be as thick as a large beer can. Veins struck out like a monstrous muddle of drowning worms. And the head was the perfect resemblance of a mushroom made for sheer penetration.

"You like it, Mom?" Kaniel asked, grinning like an arrogant bastard.

She answered by dropping a hot slavering mouth at the side of his cock, licking down to his balls and then lashing up at the head. All the grinning arrogance on Kaniel's face died to a sudden look of shock and unbearable pleasure. Then she looked at him in the eyes, made an appealing smile, and impaled his entire shaft in her mouth, infusing it all in her throat.

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed.

Kaniel screamed. "Oh, GOD!"

The head of his cock was drowned in the depth of her throat. She pulled back and released his cock with a gagging smack and smiled at him, pre-cum already dripping at her mouth like overused balm. "How was that, teddy bear? "

"That was fucking awesome," Kaniel gasped in a breathless whimper.

"I'm not even close to done yet. Both of you," Jackalyn demanded, wiping the fluid from her chin, "get on your knees." She could taste some of his juice and she wanted more than just a sample. She wanted the whole pail to herself.

They both obeyed immediately, standing on their knees side by side with their dicks arching toward her. It was their raging snakes that caught her eyes again, making her sick with lust all over again. So this is what a sex addict feels like, she thought. This is what I'm going to become . . . an incestuous, adulterous, nymphomaniac whore of a mother fucking her own twin sons behind their father's back. Somehow this little revelation comforted her instead of distressing her with guilt. Committing an unlawful act of sex boosted her with enough sexual fuel to fuck an entire nation. She crawled toward her two men, like a female tiger in the need of a good fuck, grasped both of their Johnson, and began simultaneously jacking them off with her wet hands.

"You like that, boys?" she asked hotly, giving them a playful coochie-coo look. "Ooh, yeah, you like Mommy touching your private parts? "

George was breathing hard and loud, mouth hanging opened and chest heaving like a heart attack was in the work. She granted him a short, reassuring kiss on the cheek and tugged at his cock even harder. He let out a pleasure cry, and she realized that in his point of view that it must be difficult to hold in this long. It must be hard, she thought, watching a curvaceous mother like me jacking the shit out of her own twin sons while staring at them in the face. Must be real hard for them.

Mother Jackalyn decided to focus more on George, since he was a little weaker at this, and make things a little more interesting. Pausing for a moment, she spat a large amount of saliva on George's monster cock, lubricating it down to his thick balls, and then flicked her tongue at his head, giving him a little cock-tease.

Sudden pre-cum oozed on her tongue.

She did it again right under the head, licking nice and hard but quick. The veins in his cock pulsed and the entire penis was starting to turn to a purplish red, with the head swelling to a fist-sized ball, and that was when Mother Jackalyn did her magic.

She released Kaniel's cock and gripped George's with both of her hands, firmly squeezing it at the base until the head budged to a deeper purple. George threw his head back and moaned, grabbing at his mother's hair and clenching a fistful of them. "Oh, Mom, don't . . . don't—I'm not ready yet."

Ignoring his warning, Jackalyn hit the spot right when she gave his cock one sloppy lick, clenched his head with her teeth, and the released the pressure with her hands. A hardcore explosion whipped across the kitchen, like a shooting spree. She gasped as a hot blast of semen splattered across her neck and chest in a whisking burst.

Pulling her hair even tighter, George made a savaged grunt and shot second a white jet of cum. This one landed across her forehead. The true smell of raw sex was starting to fill the house. All of the muscles in his body flexed as a longer stream blast out of his cock, squirting over her chin.

She rubbed all of his warm seeds over her massive cantaloupes down to her hard-boiled stomach and stopped at her crotch. Touching it with her finger, she didn't realized until now how wet her pussy was. She looked at George in the eyes as a forth ejaculating explosion spouted on her right knee, right near her untouched slit. "Ooh, yeah, give it to me. Come on, big guy, gun me down with your hot stuff."

"I'm gonna shoot one more!" George groaned, crouching over. "Arg, here it come!"

And before that last blast could come out, Mother Jackalyn engulfed his entire cock in her mouth and squeezed it out for him. Throwing his head back for the second time, George let out a screaming climax as the last explosion ripped inside her throat, his ass contracting hard. That particular explosion emptied half of his nuts, therefore surprising his mother with a bang. Caught with the moment, she was able to swallow most of his load with strings of semen spilling to her neck. Slet out a satisfying moan, placing a finger in her mouth and sucking what's left of his stuff with one audible GULP!

Still holding his cock with both hands, George collapsed on the table and sprawled there in the pool of his own cum. "Mom, that was wonderful. Oh, shit, I never came so much in my fucking life."

Unfulfilled and hungry for more, Mother Jackalyn turned her attention to the remaining target and hinted a furtive smile. Kaniel was still standing on his bare feet, his erection long and hard.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked, reaching under her cum-splattered cleavage and pushing them toward her son. He stooped down on his knees, leaned forward, and sucked on her tit with his brother's semen on it. She felt a growing horniness gripping her composure.

Then Kaniel surprised her as he pushed her down on her back and ripped – literally RIPPED off her panties. Her wet slit was exposed, pubic hair glistening under the crude light like some final pornographic Taboo scene, and Jackalyn spread her legs wide apart. Kaniel leaned over her, aiming his budging python at the pit, and looked at his mother dead in the eyes.

"Go easy, please," she whispered seriously. "I haven't done it in a long time."

"You're fucking kidding me? You mean, Dad haven't been giving you good-night fuck every once in the while?"

"Not even a good-night kiss. And you two boys are going to make it all up to me for him."

Kaniel kept his eye contact as he allowed his weight to fall down just a few inches. Eyes flinching, Jackalyn felt the head grazing against her unprotected clit, feeling something like fat, wet larva poking for a hole. His pre-cum was intermingling with her damp slit, glands moisturizing her crack, creating a strong smell that was becoming strangely arousing.

As George sat there, recuperating, he watched with awe as the final line was about to be crossed. It was the moment when the three of them had to pause and let the ultimate taboo realization sink in their minds. Laying on her back, legs sprawled wide and perfect, both hands pressing at the rigid chest of her boy, Jackalyn waited for the final diffusion to take place while anxiously biting the bottom of her lips.

The last line crossed.

Kaniel uttered a depleted moan as the monstrous head buried inside his mother's genital outlet. Biting her lips even harder, Jackalyn responded with a crying "Ugh" and grabbed at his chest. The grave smell of sweat and sex was becoming so great that it was filling the whole damned household instead of just the kitchen. It was starting to have a stench of a polluted whorehouse.

Two inches sank inside. She lift her head and blinked her eyes at the sight of their forbidden intercourse, seeing that his tool was stretching her vagina apart, feeling that it was prying it open.

Kaniel broke out gasping. "Fuck, she's so tight!"

George was getting turned on again just watching this. "Fuck her loose, then."

"George!" Jackalyn cried, appalled to hear this comment from the Mr. Nice Son. Then she smiled and turned to Kaniel, raising her ass just a little. Four inches of his giant penis was penetrating inside her fuckhole. Her smile faltered. Six more to go until the nutsacks meet with her anal hole. Kaniel pushed deeper into her vagina, digging two inches, and Jackalyn locked her lewd eyes with his beautiful stare. Beads of sweat gleamed between the yawning crest of her breasts, splotches of white matters drying on her skin, and the melodious odor sticking stronger.

She couldn't hold in any other longer. "Fuck me in, goddamn it! Force it ALL in, motherfucker! Hurt me! Cripple me! Damage my pussy! I don't care! Just fill me UP with that cock of yours! Fucking do it—"

Her words cut out as Kaniel slammed all ten inches into her pelvis, filling her with the most pussyfilled sensation a woman could ask for. There was a quick shot of pain coursing through her, feeling like a virgin all over again, and a sudden release of pleasure overwhelming her senses. Kaniel grunted as she made a yelping noise that seemed to skyrocket his hormones. He started fucking her in with all of his willpower, grunting and pounding in that flesh-colored baseball bat, crippling his dear mother.

"Oh, yes, Kanny! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! God, oh Christ! Oh, hurt me just like that! Yeah, hurt me! Hurt me! Mmmppffh!" She let out a throaty scream as the entire table cranked across the tiles. Her own son was pounding his long, hard cock with awesome strokes. Pushing inside until the head felt to pale through her stomach and touch her rapid-beating heart, even feeling the balls squeezing underneath her. Then pulling until the head lynched in an arching, almost teasing interlock. Then slamming nice and hard until his balls slapped her smooth ass. This one seemed to hit the G-spot.

She arched her back, her pussy meeting him in a deeper touchdown. "Oh, Kaniel, you goddaaamnnn MOTHERFUCKEEERRRRRR!!!"

Screaming his name, she clawed at his chest with her nails and that got her in a position where she would be helpless. Kaniel yelled in anger, grabbed for her hands, and then pinned down her hands above her hand as he thumped her like a brutal fuckdoll. She watched in wonder, arms held overhead and completely powerless, as her big boy fucked her in an animalistic rage. She watched as the werewolflike transformation of a sinless child become a true motherfucker.

Her motherfucker.

This is when the uncontrollable began to happen. Her reflexes overcame her natural drive, causing her to gasp like a babygirl at each thrust and also causing her to buck her ass toward the banging impact. Every thrust Kaniel forced down was striking her most sensitive G-spot area, causing a premature climax to build and build and build until the dam burst.

"Oh, fuck!" she squealed, trying to break her arms free but unable to. It seemed her physical strength was deteriorating drastically as Kaniel's strength expanded, pinning her down in a missionary-rape position as he kept ramming her pussy sore. The peak of her orgasm was reaching to it limit. "Oh, yes, Kaniel! Oo, yes! Yes! Oh, god, I think I'm bursting! I think I'm bursting! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! OH! Uh! Uh, uh, ah, AH! Ah! OOOHHH! OOOOHHHHH!!!"

One of her legs performed an involuntarily kick in the air as her first wave of orgasm overtook her. Her pussyhole constricted for the briefest moment and then released with a wet outburst. Even in the midst of her climax, she saw something in Kaniel's fixed eyes. He seemed to be in a daze. But it wasn't until she felt his first burst of cum discharged inside her uterus and realized her own son was about to get her beyond the point of no return.

Kaniel's eyes widened and drove inward. "Urg!"

She was about to scream for him to take it out until all such logics was drowned under a pleasure she never dreamt of, knowing this was the lowest degeneracy against nature. Mother Jackalyn shrieked so loud that there wasn't a single doubt her next door neighbor heard it. Hands still restrained above her, hips caught in a spasm, Kaniel's hardcore series of eruption got her whole fuckhole filled until a deluge of semen began seeping down the crack of her ass. It trailed down to the wooden surface and pooled there as extra dose of ejaculation continued inside her cunt.

"You bad, bad boy," Jackalyn cooed between an intake of breath, moaning as the fifth hot blast flooded inside her vagina. "Now, you've gone and done it. Making a mother out of your mother is considered a very naughty thing."

"Be . . . quiet," Kaniel croaked, spewing a flying gist on her naval as he pulled his cock out. Free with her arms, Mother Jackalyn got on her elbows and watched as a long white stream of cum splattered her upper chest. She was starting to reek of a fresh whore.

"My, aren't you in the need of a fix. You come in gallons – not quarts. Oh, that's right, shoot your load right at my pussy again. Mm, yes, so warm."

For some reason, his seeds was boiling hot. A load of thick semen was running from her pubis to her vulva in a sticky trail. Three huge cords coated her left tit like a whipped cream attack on a sundae. With another rivulet of his love juice splattering on her abdomen, she realized there was a high chance that she was now pregnant since she had been ovulating. Ovulating hard in the last few nights.

I'm probably going to have a triplet, she thought, a cautious smile growing on her face, feeling not at one ounce of guilt. What a fucked-up, trailer trash of a mother I've becoming.

Kaniel was down on his back, cock convulsing in the air, ejaculating an obscene geyser of chunky jism down his rod. He looked as if he was trying to recover from a brutal seizure. Poor guy. Jackalyn crawled toward him, paused, and then forced her mouth on his Johnson, sucking in whatever remaining finale there was, causing Kaniel to blurt out a hoarse mutter. She let loose of his cock with a slurping execution, giving him a coquettish smirk, and started lapping and swallowing a spewing cargo of gist on his pole.

Moaning and cursing, Kaniel lost all such strength and dropped his head down in full exhaustion.

Mother Jackalyn turned her shameless eyes on George, who was still slumped back, and saw how cast-ironed his dick was, how strong he looked rubbing his cock in motion.

"Think you can handle more?" she asked, crawling toward him. She climbed over him, flinging one leg over him, and laid him back against the hard-wood table as she straddled him in a crouching position. Globule of reeking sweat and fresh semen dripped down on George's front, leaking on his chest, leaking on his full-fledged cannon. His head grazed against her clit in a smooth, arching massage that trigger a tingling sensation.

With sheen of cum dripping from her mouth, she leaned down and stained George with the world's dirtiest French kiss, granting him a twisted, methodical, half-crooked tongue massage. Sticky smacking sounds exchanged between them. She lifts her head and looked at him again, serious this time. "Do you really think you can handle me?"

"If I can't, I'll die trying," George answered, placing one hand over her head and held her thin waist with his other hand. For a quick moment, Jackalyn thought George was going to rise up and delight her with another kiss but instead stunned her with a sudden infiltrating dick attack. His entire cock ripped through her vagina, reaching far inside and touching the furthermost wall. There ten inches of granite flesh plowed her wet cunt open.

Making that unbelievable yelping noise again, she was being fucked from underneath, standing on all four like an animal bitch she was as her stud rapidly fucked her in the rear. It was hard to believe that the once Mr. Nice Boy was doing all the action.

"Arggh! You're still fucking tight!" George screamed, veins sticking out of his neck. "You're so wet inside, too!"

Gasping and opening her eyes, Mother Jackalyn landed on his crotch with a whimper. "That's because," she muttered, "you're fucking your brother's semen, darling."

"Oh, God!"

"Oh, yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck me, you big stud! Fuck me good!"

"Mom, can I come inside you?"

She grabbed her brunette hair and pinched a handful of them in a near-climax euphoria, feeling both of her muskmelon jugs bouncing up and down. "Mmm, I wouldn't mind, baby. Only if you can hold out for at least . . . well, I'll be fair. Five minutes. If you can, I'll let you do whatever you want with me."

He slammed harder, pumping his hips and maintaining strokes with precise brunt. He laid his hands on her tits and started rubbing them, fingering her nipples as his cock grinded in her violated abyss. Specks of white-splattered beads was all over her beautiful face and her gorgeous, massive breasts. She had INCESTIOUS SLUT written all over her.

George stopped with his rhythm and rested a while to regain his stamina. "You're so beautiful," he muttered.

She smiled and thanked him with a perverse kiss that left Kaniel's mark on his lips. Two minutes had passed since his constant fucking and now it was her turn to take control.

She began to ride him, grinding her ass back and forth at a motion that was beyond rapture. Her entire vagina felt overstuffed with semen and cock, therefore making squiggling noises as her ass rocked George. It was like giving birth all over again.

"Mother, you're gonna make me cum again. Not too fast. It hadn't been . . . five minutes yet."

"Don't worry, honey. When you feel like letting go, let it ALL go, okay?" She thrust down on him, clenched her pussyhole, and snapped the breath out of him.

"Oh . . . Oh, shit."

"Not yet, honey." She grabbed his hands and forced them on her marvelous tits, bouncing higher and harder. "Just wait until I'm ready."

She felt a presence behind her and that was when Kaniel's arrogant voice hissed next to her ear. "Maybe this will get your preparation."

That was when Mother Jackalyn became sandwiched HARD by her two boys: Kaniel from behind and George from underneath. A breathless moan escaped her as Kaniel's cock pummeled NOT in her anal hole but joining along with his brother right IN her pussy. Her cunt stretched in a way that was abnormal; so painful that it was ecstasy. All three of them cried out in a series of shouting and screaming. George must have felt the second invasion because his eyes had grown wide, tearful, and his body had tensed. Kaniel managed to force his entire girth inside his bitch of a mom, clogging up the windpipe. Mother Jackalyn felt both the urge to shit and cum at the same time.


"IT'S HURTS!" George cried, eyes shutting in pain.


Kaniel fucked her nice and hard indeed, bringing a stinging sensation as both cocks fucked her in. She knew this act was almost a bi-sexual one –almost but still in the ballpark. She also knew that there was no way in hell George would be able to hold in much longer with that other cock rubbing against him. The thought of both of them coming at once was thrilling to the bone.

Somewhere outside, even through her rapture, she heard a siren pulling out on the driveway. It was forgotten as soon as two flagpoles crushed deeper inside, enlarging her pussyhole like it was some kind of rubber sheet. As much as she tried to suppress it, violated as hell, she squealed and landed hard on poor George.

The entire table broke down flat to the floor, creating a shattering BOOM! but none of this falter their unlawful little orgy. It only mounted their sexual urges. With the fallen impact, George's cock was now impaled far into the dead-end point of his mother's cunt, hugging her tightly. Kaniel was still humping her from behind, pushing in and in and IN until hearing that satisfying grunt and a scream from the endearing Mother Jackalyn.

Repeated doorbell ringing and hard-knocking rattled at the front door. "This is the police! What's going on?!"

"I'm fucking MY MOTHER!" Kaniel snapped back, angrily plunging in his cock. He shoved three long fingers in her asshole and that need to shit was greater than ever. She made a gasping shout and cried as a little accident happened there. A different smell hung in the air, but never greater than that hard-to-describe sex odor reigned the house. In the back of her mind screamed in alarm about the police yet all such consciousness was started to drown again . . . by a flooding need to explode her ejaculation.

Boy, did she ejaculate. A wave of euphoric shudder gripped in her vagina, tightening the hole for just that moment, squeezing both of their penises together as a ripple of glitter shot out of her. A carnal sound groaned from her throat, and somewhere in the other side of the universe were rougher knocking.

Then it was boys turn to come.

George was the first to lose his stamina, ripping a load of hot jism in her jammed ass, causing a brimming overflow. "UNGHHHH!" he cried. First eruption walloped her innermost private fence. Second blast strained against Kaniel's cock. Even in the midst of his ejaculation, George surprised her even more after RAMMING his penis deeper into her well and shooting the third detonation. Kaniel cursed under his breath and held her from behind, hugging her tightly as he maintained a humping rhythm.

Jackalyn arched her back and cried out in ecstasy.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!" Kaniel screamed, thrusting faster and grunting louder. His hands clutched her heaving cleavages and squeezed. "Mom, I'm gonna cum in your cunt! I'M GONNA FUCKING MAKE A GRANDMA OUT OF YOU!"

"Do it, motherfucker!" she cried between a gasping squeal. Her hands reached down and grabbed George's hairy ass, feeling all the hardness in his buttocks there. It was amazing how one man's ass can tensed sooooooo much when in the state of cumming.

Still on a roll, George whipped the convulsing pole out of her pussy and shot a soaring jet against her wedged clit. He lurched up as the next ejection lashed out, his face curled into a daze trance, and embraced his mother. Now it was her turn to have an orgasm . . . again. Immediately without warning her breath burst from her lungs and a chill ran down her spine just before that divine release came. And when it happened, her entire vaginal muscles tightened Kaniel's rod to a chokehold.

Mother Jackalyn moaned his name like the world's sleaziest porn star in action, still sandwiched between her two sons and still fucking them good.

Out of the blue, Kaniel's balls constricted, froze still for a minute, and bombarded her deep in her stomach. His entire body shook hard behind her.This one felt to splatter her soul with fresh cum. Spittle of George's semen splashed between her anal hole and her stuffed cunt. More torrent of explosions blustered between her legs, like a mist of whipped cream spraying out. God, it was a becoming fucking mess there.

Somewhere beyond her attention someone kicked the front door open. Rapid sounds of footfall ran toward them and all stopped at once just when reaching in the kitchen. There Mother Jackalyn made out three uniformed policemen standing there with guns drawn out, yet their expression was in complete bewilderment, disgust, and awe.

"Holy Mother of God," one of the cops murmured.

Kaniel was still opening fire inside his hot mother fuckhole with a dreamlike expression of bliss. His hips was bucking against her rear in an uncontrollable beat. Going cross eyes, George was trying to hold in his ejaculation as his mother rubbed his white stuff all over herself. The entire table, the kitchen tiles, and their bodies was one great cum fiesta.

Mother Jackalyn collapsed on her side, sighing out with great guiltless satisfaction, and rolled on her back with a wistful look in her eyes. It was the look of carnal fulfillment. Kaniel shot a flying cord as far to her neck down to between the mountain ridge of her glistening coconut-shaped tits. She felt an unexpected penetration in her shithole, startling her with raw pain, and she made a whimpering shout.

His cock drilled deeper into her tight anal hole, reaching as far as her rectum, and she yelped as a heated explosion filled her up. She looked at her son with unnatural love, yielding to him as a dangerous blast caused her wince. George was knelling beside her, panting and still holding his rock-hard cock which was spewing a dying river of expulsion. Thinking of giving his penis a nice, wet kiss, she lift her head and lapped his cock with a cat lick. This caused one last eruption to spurt out in a thick beautiful line.

Eyes rolling back, George passed out on the side. Kaniel, on the other hand, still hadn't finished yet. With his long flagpole shooting loads after loads in her impaled asshole, there was that familiar look of exhaustion growing on his face, his eyes half-closed and his mouth hanging open. Smiling cutely, Mother Jackalyn decided to put on a little surprise.

She clenched her asshole as hard as she could, squealing as she did this.

The reaction was a big one. Kaniel's dazed expression changed to a look of rigid pain and the final discharge overstuffed her with eighteen-year-old worth of sperm. He took out what's left of his cock, which was a gooey-wet, red hose, and started rubbing the head against the clit. She moaned, arching her back and squeezing her breasts together, feeling that snake tickling her pussywall. Then one long and slow white gush deposited right there on her violated beaver. Groaning for the last time, Kaniel collapsed on the floor, spent at last.

Still laying back with sprawled legs, splotches of wet semen stains all over her skin, Mother Jackalyn tossed her disheveled hair back and batted a fervent, lust-filled eye on the three officers. They all looked to be young men in their late twenties at least. They were all good-looking in a way that was worth looking at while masturbating. And, most important of all, they all had a hard-on. She thought of the word "GANGBANG" with serious consideration and felt a yearning wave of extreme desire overcome her senses.

She smiled, spreading her legs further apart, and coaxed them to come over

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