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The Crime, The Victim, and the Criminal Ch. 1

Chp. 1 The Crime pt. 1
“I’m home Lincy honey.” Greg Mineras called out as he entered their house and hung his coat on the tree, the returning silence sent a chill running through his spine urging him to call out again, “I’m home honey…” his voice trailed off as he entered the living room to find the coffee table turned over, the light tree knocked to the floor, in the middle of the room a torn shirt and one shoe… “God one shoe.” Greg thought as he slumped to the footstool as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders and the feverish protests of his wife Lincy echoed, “No honey I can’t… I’ve told you too much already… I won’t tell you anymore and I won’t tell anyone else or he will know! I tell you he will know!” in answer to his urgings, “Honey he is just going to keep doing it if you don’t help the police; other women will have to suffer just like you have, anyway the police will catch him long before he finds out you told them anything.”

The suddenness of his realization; ‘she was right’ the clothing left behind as a grim reminder of the smash and grab rapist, and the cold emptiness of the house ripped Greg’s heart open. His face twisted in agony as his tears spilled down his cheeks and his stomach heaved in wrenching gags caused by his intense rage, and fear; helplessness and loathing, disgust of his own arrogance and the painful realization that his wife may soon be dead or worse tortured and kept at bay for the cruel entertainments of her captor, then turned into his concubine to breed more bastards. Gone, taken, just as she had predicted he some how knew, he some how knew.

Through his tears he gazed at the phone wondering; the call that took his wife as she predicted came from that phone, and would yet another call worsen her fate. He remembered the news flash that spawned his urgings and now confirmed, his wife’s warning that the police are powerless to stop him, inept compared to his cunning. As he hung his head in surrender he moaned out and thought to him self, “How could I be so dumb; not realizing the number of years this diabolical criminal has held all of the law enforcement agencies including the military at bay, while he picks and chooses his prey at his leisure, and taking them at his convenience.” Greg’s thoughts soon gave way to the echoes of that news flash.

“We have some late breaking news about the smash and grab rapist; in yet another one of his daring day time attacks he has taken another three victims today; one of them thought to be the youngest known victim yet, her information will be with held because of her age. The other two are Nicolia Grinnell age twenty-two and Yvonne La Naïfay age twenty-eight, their families have been notified. All three victims lived at the apartment complex and it is our understanding that all three victims knew each other, and as is all too often the case no one heard or saw anything out of the ordinary. We will continue our coverage and interrupt the scheduled programming as the case develops.”

Greg looked at the television’s blank screen a raging urge to kick it grew as the echoes of all of the news broadcasts over the years reran, and he wondered just how much information the police were sitting on, and if there were any other victims that had come forward. He thought how could this be; the police not having a clue as to the where abouts of the remaining victims, or exactly how many victims there really are, only the fifty-seven that have just popped back into where ever it was they were taken from. Many of them pregnant and close to giving birth; and none of them are talking at least none of their stories are hitting the news and the police were tight lipped with him. There has been some speculation the twelve that have disappeared after giving birth are again his prisoners; but all anyone knows for sure is they are gone, more are going to vanish, and no one can stop this crazed animal.

The police only know that over the six years he has been active there are at least sixty-three women reported missing by husbands, family members, and or friends. There is a strong possibility that not all victims have been reported and that there are more believed to be captives. The lengths of their captivity can only be estimated and range from a few weeks to several months, and longer. Because of the victim’s silence no reasons can be attributed to the differences in the time of captivity, nor has any light been shed as to how or why they are selected. The victims are from all walks of life; all are in their twenties with the exception of a few older women, and the latest victim being the youngest, and all are in good physical and mental condition at the time of their kidnapping, this was all the police would tell Greg.

Another quaking wrenching tremor raged as he vomited on the rug and then laid down in his own vomit and passed out oblivious to the knocking at his door. Filling Greg’s mind now were the horrifying images his wife Lincy recounted to him at night each time he found her shivering in the corner of their bedroom covered only by a throw rug; the mental pictures of frightened women, scratched by the animal they were mated to and degraded by their human tormentor, forced to have vaginal sex with their animal mate one minute and the very next suck a man’s dick while another fucks them, look up smile and ask for more.

The women were drugged; given animal names, and forced to answer to them, and the only time they were in a bed was when they were servicing another man or one of his other female slaves, and then it was back to the kennel to eat and maybe sleep for a few minutes. Lincy gave Greg only broken images from the half told details before going silent; the doctors all told him to be patient with her and not expect too much of a recovery too soon, and that the horrifying nightmares may never go away.

Greg was wrested from his nightmare by loud pounding at the front door; he felt the cold wetness of the vomit on the side of his face as he sat up and his eyes burned as if they had acid in them, again the pounding started at the door this time he heard them calling his name, “Greg Mineras are you or your wife in there, are you both okay?” a deafening silence filled the room as they waited for his response.

“Go away!” Greg called out and weakly adding, “I don’t want any company tonight.” Greg struggled to shout loud enough for who ever was at the door to hear, then moaned, “It’s late… it’s too late.”

“It’s the police Mr. Mineras. We would like to talk to you and your wife some more.” They insisted testing the doorknob.

“It’s late come back tomorrow.” Greg shouted struggling not to sob out loud and with conviction shouted, “Go away…! Come back tomorrow! It’s late! It’s too late…” his voice trailed off as tears ran down his cheeks.

End Chp. 1 The Crime pt. 1

Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 1

“What is it with these stupid females?” Mort Dray thought to him self as he continued the last few days of surveillance, “Don’t they listen to the news? I’m glad they don’t because it just makes my work a whole lot easier. It seams like the ruder they are, the stupider they are and the more I want them. How fucking stupid they are; walking around at night ‘alone…’ doing the same stuff, at the same time, all the time. The only thing I have to worry about is this hard dick of mine; shit the closer to the grab day I get the more he throbs, that is the only time I ever got close to getting caught is the time I jumped the prey early cause she was leaving on a surprise trip. When I looked into her eyes and watched them fill with fear and tears; I came and came hard right inside my pants, so hard I went to sleep for a few brief moments. I had so much sperm in my pants it ran down my leg and spilled onto the floor; and while I was cleaning up the mess, her girlfriend walked in through the open door, a door I forgot to close and lock, so I knocked her out with a single stroke to the cheekbone tied her up finished cleaning my mess and made off with a twofer what a treat. But so close to a fuck up.”

“God I love the hunt and stalk but it is the capture that wets my pants!” Mort sneered under his breath as he started the van and drove off to the next victim thinking as he left, “She’s the same only one very slight change from a phone call that lasted too long a very boring phone call. I just don’t understand how they can talk so long and say not one fucking thing worth saying. Let’s see how and what number two is doing, and then off to the third and last target. So far it is looking like next week is still on for the grab, I sure am glad I found these adult diapers so I don’t have to worry about my sperm leaking out and leaving a clue for the stupid pigs to find. Hey Mort ole buddy don’t get too cocky; some of them have smarts, and don’t forget they have fancy gadgets too.” Mort argued to his self as he drove on.

Mort churned his attack plans over and over in his mind as he drove but soon his thoughts drifted to the last poker game night… “Well Ned was the big winner the last time so he gets first pick of the litter.” Moe happily pointed out lacing his fingers behind his head beaming a smug smile while his pet loudly mouthed his member, and the other pets entered the room clad only in dirty t-shirts, no makeup, and their hair in ponytails he added, “This litter of pups was a lot of fun to train and they all learned well so be nice.”

“You with the black hair; no not you, yea you with the blow job lips, strip and come over here.” Ned sneered as he ordered.

“What do you mean Ned? They all have them pouty blow job lips man!” Reb and Jeb laughed out.

“Yea I know.” He laughed and then added as she stumbled, “I do like the way you have their eyes closed with that flesh like looking latex but could we put on our disguises at some point during the weekend cause I want to look into her eyes when I shoot off a load.” When his pet got close Ned barked, “Bend over and spread your cheeks I want to sniff your puss!” after taking a long exaggeratedly loud quaffing he sneered, “you’ll do. What is your name?”

“Doggy.” She replied coyly placing her hand on his thigh near his swelling penis.

“We will do that tomorrow when we start round two.” Moe assured.

“Don’t you just love the way the cock guards make’em sound?” Ned teased asking, “Why are you called Doggy?”

Reb butted in asking, “If they were such good learners why the cock guards?”

“Cause I likes the way it makes them sound and besides the blow jobs feel a whole lot better!” Moe eagerly answered.

“Cause I like to fuck doggy style and I love suck’en dick!” She eagerly answered when Moe stopped talking. Smiling dreamily and wriggling her hips Doggy added, “I really love being mounted by Brutus my Dane Bernard mix mate. Just thinking about the weight of his hot hairy body on top of me, his powerful hairy haunches rubb’en my ass cheeks as his huge wet cock with that mammoth knot is being shoved into me causes me to go into heat. See…!” Doggy pulled her shimmering wet hand from between her legs and held it in front of Ned’s face close to his nose and teasingly added, “If it gets hard, wet, and cums I want that thing in me!” She looked up and beamed a smile at Ned and asked, “You like what you smell? You want me to suck you off or let you fuck me now?” and got down on all fours and gazed up at Ned from over her shoulder beaming an eager smile and licentiously swaying her hips side to side.

“Yea pull my dick out and start sucking and put your hand in my pocket, and rub my balls.” Ned directed watching as his pet for the weekend loosened his pants freeing his already hard penis and start mouthing his purple knob and then Ned urgently ordered, “‘Christ…!’ get the whole cock down your throat! I want to feel the head of my dick sliding up and down deep inside your throat!” and with a garbled moan the full length vanished.

A big pot hole bounced Mort back into his van from his daydreaming and he realized he had arrived at victim number two’s neighborhood and there she was; just like clock work sunning in the backyard with the front door wide open, with only the screen door closed, or if it was raining she would be sitting in the swing under the awning, “How fucking picturesque.” He thought as he parked and began massaging his penis Mort quietly sneered, “In fifteen minutes she is going to go inside leaving the backdoor wide open stuff her mouth with cake and coke watching her stupid fucking comedy show so loud that everyone can hear it while she turns into a fucking fat blimp.” Soon she rose went inside a few minutes later plates could be heard clanking and the TV started blaring.

“She’s going to be too easy.” Mort sneered as he drove off adding, “Boy is she in for a rude wakeup, no more rude than she is.” He argued with him self, thinking as he headed for victim number three, “She hasn’t had a single visitor or phone call all week just went out for dinner twice.”

As he pulled onto the freeway his mind quickly drifted to the poker game… “I’m next!” Reb shouted as he watched Doggy swallow the full length of Ned’s thick long cock and then ordered, “You! No tits, get over here, strip and put your hand in my pocket and hold my cock!”

She hopped straight to where she heard the voice and tripped over Ted’s intentionally placed foot, but got right up and begged, “Please say something!”

“Get over here!” Reb barked louder and before he finished she was bounding to his side stripping then sitting and fumbling as she searched for his pocket and when she found it Reb sang out as he squeezed her nipple, “Gaaawwd…! Daaammn…! Girl those are some of the biggest nippies I have ever seen on such small titties!” and then he asked, “What are you called?”

“Fanny.” She said with a broad smile and she looked up as if she could see Reb through the opaque latex.

“That is…” Reb was cut short.

“I’m next in line!” Ted shouted and barked, “You with the hair not you the plump one.” He affirmed and sneered, “yea you! You are mine get that shirt off and sit down next to me.” And she was naked sitting by his side by the time he finished taking his next breath and as he meshed his fingers in her hair turning her face to his he asked, “Your name what is it?”

“Lassie.” She said with out hesitation as she placed her hand on Ted’s swollen penis and started squeezing and milking it.

“Why that?” He asked while he twiddled her nipple.

She coyly answered in a fake southern drawl, “Cause my clitty looks like a bitches clitty, and plus I begged to be mated to Brutus because I love the way he mounts me when ever he wants and he wants me all the time.” as she rubbed her pussy grinning in Ted’s direction.

“Stand up and show me.” Ted directed. Lassie stood and parted her thick matting of dark pubic hairs giving Ted a clear view. He whistled as he looked and liltly commented, “Shit boys it does look like a bitches clit. Lassie you have one of the biggest clits I have ever seen.” And squeezed it causing her knees to warble a little, and then commented teasingly, “You don’t have very much hair and you don’t smell very hot either.” then stuffed two of his dry fingers into her very wet opening causing her to wince a little.

“No hurting she been a good little bitch Ted.” Moe explained and then added, “All of these new doggies have done their learning well, and quiet willingly, anyway you know the rules that’ll be a fifty dollar fine to the pot for the first winner.”

“A good little bitch huh?” Ted grunted as he through in his fifty looked at Moe and asked, “Will you tell me more?”

“When she’s in the kennel with Brutus she stays right by his side between her and Doggy ole Brutus gets more than his share of fucken.” Moe assured adding, “You know Ted; Brutus has become very protective of her too, even I have to be nice to her at the kennel.” then directed, “Tell him Lassie!”

As Lassie looked up her face turned a bright red, a wet smile beamed across her lips and she began massaging Ted’s dick and talking in a deepening voice, “Oh yes he won’t let any of the other dogs near us Brutus growls if they get too close. He watches over us when we eat and drink, and the three of us sleep on the same rug, eat and drink from the same bowls. He always seams to know when I am thinking about his having his huge cock knot inside me; and as soon as I get wet he starts licking me between my legs, and when he mounts me god I just start trembling, and he buries his gigantic dick inside me with two quick pumps… My god…! Just thinking about being tied to him makes me quiver and melt inside. I get a little jealous when I watch him mating with Doggy, but he looks like he loves humping her so much, well I just start getting hot myself.” As she went silent Lassie stared at Ted’s growing member.

Just then the door opened and a very pregnant woman walked in carrying five one-liter bottles and announced, “Ladies it’s time for your vitamins.” And groped her way towards the party as she looked through her white lace blindfold, able to see only fuzzy outlines of the people and handed each pet a bottle. They all sat and waited, bottle in hand for the command.

“Boys you all know ‘Lady’ she has just been moved up to house mother and soon she will be leaving us.” Moe sang out smugly.

“Chug-a-lug girls drink it down.” Sang Lady as she watched. All of them making ugly grimaces as they drank the sickening dark amber tea down, their faces twisted and their breath raspy sounding as they gasped in disgust from its taste, and when finished they held their bottles up for Lady to pick up; their faces still twisted, mouths still gaping, and tongues sticking out.

“That’s my good girls.” Lady sang as she picked up the empties and left.

Picking up where he left off Ted sang “Yea I guess so I can smell your heat now.” then directed, “Turn around and show me your butt!” Lassie quickly spun around on all fours and lifted her butt in the air showing Ted her frothy cream covered pubic hairs puffy red labia and her dilated vagina.

“Now that is what I call a hot box!” Ted excitedly brayed as he got to his knees and stuffed his cock inside Lassie’s pussy and started humping.

Jeb sounding disappointed chimed in saying, “Shit I guess that leaves me with you; ‘strip…!’ and let me see what you look like at least you have really black hair and hairy legs.” As she stripped a smile started to beam from his face and Jeb began rubbing his bulging crotch then exposed his large hardening dick braying, “Well boys it looks like my luck is changing already cause I likes’em hairy; and she is the hairiest bitch I’ve ever laid eyes on turn around a few times! Now get over here and let me smell your pussy!” Jeb spun her around as soon as she got in reach, pushed down on her shoulder making her bend over across his lap, and as she bent over Jeb brayed noting, “Jesus woman your legs and butt are hairier than mine are!” and then licked two of his fingers and stuffed them in her pussy, pulled them out and took a long very loud sniff and then barked, “Sit girl; play with yourself I want to hear you get wetter. You better hope that I’m not the low man for the first round because if I am you are going to get wolf-packed. Now what are you called?”

“Tessy.” She replied smartly and then asked, “What do you mean, wolf-packed?” and continued fingering her clitoris and labia making sloshing sounds as her juices began to soak her long black pubic hairs.

“You didn’t tell her Moe?” Jeb asked as he looked at him and then explained, “We all get sucked and fucked by the low man’s bitch at the break; but don’t worry even if I lose you look like you can handle all of us you even look like it will be fun for you.”

“Well yea usually.” Moe kicked in adding, “But this weekend we have a returning guest and not only will she be the one getting wolf packed but later this weekend she will be getting married to Jake and then mounted by both Jake and Big Red for the between games entertainment. I think we are all going to get a big laugh out of the ceremony, and I know we are all going to get juicy hard ons when they start fucking the new bride, so I want you boys to save your loads so we can all give Messy Missy a full dose of sperm.”

Reb pulled his member from Fanny’s mouth the same time Ted yanked his cock from Lassie’s pussy and Reb echoed, “Messy Missy…!” A smile stretched from ear to ear on all four faces as they looked at Moe and Reb added, “She is one hot bitch! I have never seen a bitch get as wet as she does, it is just like splashing in a puddle.”

“Jesus she smells just like bubble gum when she gets hot, and her juices taste just as sweet!” Ted excitedly remarked.

“Damn that woman soaked my whole front, from my face to my knees while she was fucking me!” Jeb excitedly kicked in.

“Yea that bitch took to fucking dogs like a water moccasin takes to water, and there’s more.” Mort teasingly paused as they looked on and added, “She is in heat this time so one of the five of us is going to get her knocked up when we shoot our sperm into her.” A smile beamed as he started to shuffle the cards and then teasingly added, “You know what else boys? I ain’t let her mate in two weeks so she is going to be one hungry bitch in heat!” and then put the cards on the table.

“Well come on let’s get this game started!” Jeb excitedly urged taking his cut of the deck and the others followed in turn. Winning the cut Ned started shuffling, gave the deck to Reb on his left to cut, and began dealing. Quickly they organized their hands.

“I can open with a two dollar bet and I’ll take two cards.” Ned announced smugly.

“A passing cop car with it’s lights flashing raced around Mort’s van and caused a chill to run up his spine when he realized that he failed to pull over and slow for it. The tension eased when he saw the patrol car speeding off the freeway and down a dark side road, “Off to a wreck, or a reported break-in, or disturbance of some kind.” Mort mused as he sped towards his turnoff, relieved that his turnoff was much further and in the opposite direction.

“Boy am I glad they invented latex glue and cellophane wrapping paper.” Mort sighed to him self as he turned onto the next and last victim’s neighborhood. They had instituted a neighborhood watch like so many other neighborhoods have over years, right after he started his reign of terror so vehicle identification became an important issue. He used latex and cellophane because they are not only the best tools ever invented for camouflaging ones vehicle, but also the easiest tools to use. “There she is!” he sneered as he passed her house, “Always on the phone when she gets home sometimes leaving all three doors wide open as if there wasn’t a thing to worry about.” Mort’s dick began throbbing as he thought, “That bitch is mine…!” rounded the corner and drove off without stopping because as always nothing changed; the side door to the garage was open as were the front and back doors he noticed as he drove away. His timing was perfect too; the patrol had just passed by and it will take another thirty-two minutes before they pass by again and, as always the street is empty except for a stray dog or cat. Mort thought, “I’ll just stop at the top of the hill and watch.” as always the patrol was on time.

Mort brayed out loud as he headed for the freeway, stopwatch ticking, “Even the watchers are stupid not varying their route and schedule. Smiling smugly as he drove confident with his surveillance, heart racing with eager anticipation, and his dick was so hard it ached.

This was going to be his first planned threefer; ever since the surprise threefer he had dreamed of pulling off a planned threefer, the fantasy churned in his mind constantly. Click went the stopwatch button as Mort passed his check point and he anxiously snickered, “Seconds… only four seconds difference over the last time nothing to worry about at this point.” a soft grin floated to his lips as he drove on.

“It was easy to orchestrate a single grabbing.” Mort mused to his self as he drove, “and almost as easy orchestrating a double-bagger; but a triple-bagger is bold even for my conniving and plotting mind.” He was ready to get home to his brood of eager-to-please pups and pick one for the nights entertainment. Mort thought as he traveled the long road back to his farm, “Careful ole Mort ole buddy your arrogant self-confidence along with this aching hardon will be your undoing. What else you going to do grab four or five the next time huh, and then seven or eight the time after that? No this threefer is it; when I pull this off I am going back to taking them one at a time maybe a few twofers, it is just too confusing keeping all three schedules straight.” And into the night he drove thinking about which one he was going to fuck in her home when the time came, knowing that number three was just way too much of a risk.

End Ch. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

Chp. 1 The Victim pt. 1

Lincy lay on the floor struggling to catch her breath trying desperately to remember what had just happened after she opened the door to go to work. She knew she was in her living room but everything was weaving back and forth from a gray fog to a blur of walls, tables and chairs. She could feel her arms stuck behind her back as she gasped for every breath, when suddenly her stomach exploded and her mouth spasmed open from a retching gag and she could no longer breathe just gasp unable to fill her empty lungs. Lincy coughed and gagged trying desperately to breathe; a few spurts of vomit spewed from her mouth, her eyes filled with tears and as the convulsions eased her lungs filled with air, and her eyes focused on the human figure dancing around her like an insane Indian.

The words “NO! Oh god…! NO…!” exploded in her mind and panic swept across her body as she realized that she was being captured again; captured by the same evil bastard that had taken her the first time. The foreboding warning from her captor roared through her mind, “Stay away from the pigs! Do not…! Tell them anything!” and emphasizing the word anything with a sharp crack to the buttocks with his willow switch and just as he let Lincy drop to the ground added, “I will know if you talk.” echoed as she felt her pants and panties being pulled down to her knees, and then her shirt being ripped off, followed by another kick to her stomach. As Lincy gagged convulsively she felt herself being dragged across the floor by her foot and thrown over the foot stool; and then she felt a painful slap to her genitalia by a hand covered with an icy cold gel that splashed over vaginal opening and thighs causing her to shudder, and then the dull head of her attacker’s penis being jammed between her legs. The suddenness of large turgid penis filled Lincy’s body with a terrible retching ache as it’s girth plunged through her vaginal sphincter, stretching her soft skin as it plunged deep into her vaginal well with a thump, and as the weight of her attacker fell upon her back his hot sperm exploded onto her cervix followed by his animal like gruntings and warm drool running over her ear, across her neck, and down her face. She felt his hot semen squishing inside her as he plunged his softening penis into her again and again until it was to soft to push in and slipped out.

Just as quickly as it started the attack stopped; a gag was stuffed into her mouth, the rope around her wrist tightened, a sharp jab of a pin prick in her arm, and then her body was stuffed into a large box. In the darkness she could feel herself being rolled along the floor and becoming very dizzy and sleepy, she could feel the warm sperm seeping out and over her anus pooling under her fanny as she sat. She felt the herself bouncing down the stairs and over the stepping stoned walkway, and then being lifted into a vehicle, she felt the box and found it was lined with canvas, a bag. She knew it was a bag when he pulled it from the box in the van, a dirty old mailbag. With a yank it was drawn shut; Lincy could hear the lock snap and with the snap her heart sank into the depths of her aching stomach, as the shock settled in her mind she realized another ordeal was about to start again only this time it was going to be worse… much worse.

“You stupid cunt! I told you not to talk to the cops! I told you I would know it if you did!” Mort Dray angrily sneered at Lincy and started driving off and swatting her with a long willow switch and shouting, “Shut up…! Shut up…!” with every swat as he kept his van from veering off the road and stopping only when his arm got tired. With each swat a different picture flashed in her mind one or two of each of her family members flashed in her mind; her niece, sister, uncle, or her best friends, and all of their pets. Pictures taken at times when they were all vulnerable. She lay there and prayed she was the only one of her family to be taken.

Lincy knew from her first taking that she had better not cry out or make any noise at all no matter how much the welts burned, because it will just make Father angrier, and the beatings will rage on for a much longer time. She knew it was him; he made his threat good, she was stuffed in a dirty canvas bag for a second time, being beaten as she was being carried off for a second time. Lincy thought as she stifled her screams what might ‘not…’ happen if she cooperated to the very fullest with Father, even more than the first time, then remembered what happened to the ones he called stubborn cunts. They were always covered with bleeding welts and scratch marks; given very little to eat, hardly ever washed, and were always being humped by the caretakers or by the hounds, or just simply left alone in a separate cage for days at a time.

“Father might only rape me for months, using me for his poker playing buddies?” her mind blanked from the burning pain when he started swatting her again. The swollen welts burned as she regained her consciousness her thoughts raced again, “Maybe he’ll only leave me in the dog kennel for a few weeks at a time letting his animals mate with me or maybe wed me to one and use me for between game entertainments. But no…” Her mind froze and she held her breath as the van stopped and she heard voices passing by. The temptation to yell through the gag and kick the side of the van caused her stomach to quake but knew, Father was waiting for just that very thing and then the van started again Lincy’s mind started churning over her awaiting fate, “It is certain I will be kept in solitude for weeks; longer than before while they wait for that awful potion to take effect, and then kept in the kennel for months watching and filming me being ravaged by his dogs. Father is going to send me to his breeding farm and get me pregnant and bring a few bastard children into the world before he kills me or turns me loose. Freedom; at best only a ‘maybe’ ‘staying alive’ only a distant chance but closer only through complete and total submission to Father’s whim and fancy.”

The memories of her first few hours in the isolation cage became crystal clear; the questions he asked her if she wanted to live, and do you want to take the easy way or the hard way, and then being whipped for not answering fast enough, or convincingly enough and the awful tasting liquid she was given when she promised to be a good girl swearing that she wanted to take the easy way. Lincy remembered the loud banging on the walls of her cell every time she started to nod off, and how completely tired she was. The darkness created fearful thoughts of pain and death; no water to drink or food to eat only the awful tasting stuff Father called tea, and chuckling as he said, “This will help you take the easy way. For what seemed like days and finely ‘He!’ opened the door, Lincy’s eyes burned as he spoke.

“Your life has changed, you belong to me now. I am going to fuck you, my dogs are going to fuck you, and as time goes along all of my friends are going to fuck you. You can be a human again but; after I have spilled my seed in your belly I am going to throw you in the kennel so all my dogs can fuck you when ever they want to, and you are going to learn how to be a good bitch, an obedient bitch but most importantly you are going to learn how to be ‘my…!’ bitch. Then you can be a human again.” Mort scowled as he delivered a painful swat to Lincy’s buttock and growled, “Your still dressed!” and then released a hail storm of burning lashes onto her buttocks and thighs shouting as he swung, “Strip! Strip bitch!” Lincy choked back her screams as she stripped as fast as she could. When she started to pull her panties down he grunted, “Stop! Wait! Spin around slowly a few times so I can have a good long look at you! It’s good you didn’t scream because I would’ve thrashed you even harder. The faster you learn the easier it will go for you!”

Lincy sobbed, sniffled, and trembled as she spun slowly around; showing her captor her tormented body covered head to toe front to back with whelps many of them weeping blood and all of them burning as if on fire. She was glad to be in the fresh air even though she could no longer smell the stench of urine inside her cell she knew it was reeking and just as she started to get dizzy Mort directed in a harsh but softer voice, “Come here and drink some more of this tea!” as he handed her a plastic bottle of dark amber liquid and added, “Just drink it all straight down and ‘don’t…!’ spill any!” Lincy pensively took the bottle and drank it down chugging until all of the rancid tasting stuff was gone and as the last few drops were drained Mort ordered, “Now look at me and take those wet white panties off and hand them to me… nicely.” Lincy quickly peeled them down and then held them out looking at Mort the whole time.

“It is good you peeled them down when you peed!” Mort sneered as he sniffed at them adding, “had you soiled them I would have beaten you till you passed out, now back into you new home.”

Thump went the van jolting Lincy awake for only a few seconds. The sign in the room; the room she knew she was heading for loomed into her vision, “I aim to please you Father and give to you my ministrations smiling.” As she lay in the inky blackness of the canvas bag half asleep half awake but thinking, “For the second time I will read that sign.” The big black bold letters were burned into Lincy’s mind since the time her body first betrayed her; opening her entrance, and soaking her thighs with her Bartholin fluids, giving her cum to the crude fumblings and pawings of her rapist. Each time after that, her arousal to the sound of his footsteps or his voice became easier even turning into a thirsty yearning for his touch. Now as then Lincy felt her Bartholin fluids welling up inside as the van traveled down the road and her mind spun like the tires as she remembered being mounted and fucked by Father as if she were a dog, and then given to his dog, a dog he called Big Red. As Lincy’s heart raced she remembered Mort saying, “Read this.” as he held a big round jar so she could see it.

“Sc…Scent of bi… bitch.” She stuttered.

“Read more!” He barked as he slapped her across the face.

“Guar an… guaranteed to make any male dog be…be…believe his bitch is in heat.” Lincy’s voice trailed off as she realized what was in store for her when Mort opened the jar with a broad smile beaming ordered, “Here stick your finger in this and rub it on and inside of your cunt.” Mort directed; Lincy just sat there frozen until he barked, “Do it bitch!” a loud crack echoed as the palm of his hand slapped her face again only harder.

With a reeling jump she put her finger in the smelly oily ooze and then into her pussy crying, “I’m sorry Father I’m sorry!”

“More!” growled Mort adding, “I want you to give ole Red a good fuck’en tonight!” with a smile he said, “You want to right?”

“Oh yes Father.” Lincy promptly replied and winced in anticipation of a slap.

With a solemn look on his face Mort cautioned, “You stay on all fours and take you’re fucking like you want it and I will ease up on you a little. Remember dogs don’t talk either bitch so no more talking and even if you don’t want me to ease up on you, you better be good to him cause he is a good ole dog.”

Lincy was bounced out of her fitful sleep as the van passed over a large crack in the road; as she awoke with a jolt she tried to stretch her aching body, but the canvas bag was much too small for even the slightest respite from her pain. The sound of the engine and the whirl of the tires quickly put Lincy back to sleep remembering that night vividly.

“Now you stay down on all fours just like a dog.” Mort directed and then ordered, “Stick your tongue out and walk around like a bitch in heat” as she complied Mort walked around, watched, and then coached, “You let him have his way with you If he wants to sniff or lick your ass you let him and I want you to lick and sniff his ass just like a dog. Now what are you going to do?”

“I’m goin to let Red have his way with me Father.” Lincy smiled as she replied adding, “I am going to act just like a bitch in heat as best I can. I am going to take what ever ride that big boy gives me and like it.”

“That’s right now don’t let him mount you too soon either when he hops up, you scamper out from underneath, every time until I slap my leg and say mount her. Now he only weighs ninety pounds or so and you look strong enough to handle that, but… you are going to feel like you are being fucked by a phone pole when he stuffs that cock into you…”

“I’ll take it Father.” Lincy interjected adding, “That’s why you call him Big Red.”

“That is right Missy; your making a good showing tonight will go a long ways towards you getting to be a human again.” Mort smiled as he talked and petted Lincy’s ass just like he were petting a dog then sniffed loudly at her ass and sang as he stood, “Damn girl you smell good and ready!” then went to the door opened it and called out. A big American bloodhound bounced into and all around the room jumping up and licking Mort’s face and then Lincy’s.

One sniff of Lincy’s butt and she became the center of attention as Red licked, sniffed, and whined pacing madly around Lincy trying to mount her right off but as ordered she scampered or sidled out from under his towering body. Her eyes grew wide and a knot formed in her throat as she saw his huge red member sliding out from his sheath. Red pranced around taking occasional sniffs and licks from all over her body; but soon focused on her now juicy pussy when he realized she wasn’t going to let him mount her so easily, and began eagerly licking while making groaning noises. After several minutes passed Red hopped upon Lincy’s back she squeezed her eyes closed and hesitated but when she felt her labia being probed with his cock she scampered out from under him just like she was told to do, again and again he mounted her and she would scamper from under him he would chase after her licking Lincy’s genitals. She stopped and yelled out every time Red’s tongue raked across her clitoris; and tremble while Red fed on her juices as they oozed from her vaginal opening, and again Red would try to mount her and Lincy would scamper off, again and again the dance went on.

Lincy’s disgust with her body’s betrayal slipped farther away as her arousal turned into a burning lust, a shameless burning lust. Sweat formed in sheets across her trembling body; long gelatinous stringers dangled from Red’s jowls as he eagerly licked the creamy juices flowing down her thighs. Lincy’s heart started pounding in her throat and an orgasm began to rage inside when Red climbed on again. This time she heard Mort slap his thigh and the command ‘mount’ the very sound of his hand slapping his thigh caused her urine to gush as the giant beast lumbered onto her.

Lincy felt Red’s front legs squeeze tightly around her waste as the weight of his hot hairy body fell upon her back and skillfully placing the pointy tip of his swelled penis into her dilated vaginal opening; while he shuffled about adjusting his position, Red’s huge cock was slipping in and out of Lincy’s vaginal well. Her whole body tensed as his hot hairy haunches straddled and pressed against her buttocks, and with a loud growling grunt drove it in. Lincy yelled out and began bucking underneath the beast and making strained gruntings because of the terrible aching pain from the suddenness and depth of the penetration as it nearly filled her vagina. Red’s tentacles flailed about as he wildly pumped his huge cock inside her, pounding her entrance with his monstrous knot straining for full penetration. Lincy voiceless screams gust from her mouth as she convulsed from her first orgasm, bucking into the long powerful thrusts of her beastly mate. A very loud and deep guttural grunt sounded from Lincy as Red’s monstrous knot popped in through her vaginal sphincter; and Red started grunting quite loudly in time to his short and rapid thrusting, with in a few minutes both animals were motionless as they panted desperately trying to catch their breath.

Red was the first to move as he tried to withdraw his swelled member by giving a few sharp yanks causing Lincy to grimace and shout with every yank. Finely he stepped off to the side and there they were butt to butt; ole Red’s tongue flailing as he panted with his eyes half closed head sagging, and Lincy’s sweated body and heaving breasts as she gasped for every breath. Red soon started kicking at Lincy’s buttocks and scratching her cheeks with his paws as he continued trying to extricate his organ; he would kick and scratch for a few seconds, and then started frantically yanking, finely causing Lincy to orgasm again and as her vagina dilated his member sprang free followed by an explosive gush of urine. While Lincy squatted and peed Mort moved behind her wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her back onto all fours; before she finished peeing he shoved his rock hard dick into her dilated vagina, and began taking long, fast, and deep strokes quickly spilling several more thick ropes of hot cum inside her vaginal well. During the last few squirts he stood squeezed some sperm onto her neck and hair; and then smeared some behind each ear, then placed a collar around her neck snapped a leash to it and grunted, “Heel girl!” and headed for the door adding, “It’s time for you to meet the rest of Red’s buddies. Afterwards we’ll give you your new name.”

Lincy remembered praying to her self, “Please Father wash me off before throwing me into the kennel, I don’t want to smell like I’m a bitch in heat!” as she was lead across the yard a terrible panic swept through out her being, and when Father opened the gate she started peeing uncontrollably. As he unsnapped the leash she could feel hot urine running down her legs and Lincy started shivering and then Mort ordered, “Get in!” The gate closed behind her with the dog scent still leaking from her vagina. Lincy’s body began quaking as the hoard of animals looked in her direction all of them sniffing at the air and licking their jowls as they walked towards her.

Lincy was awakened from her nightmare by the painful whipping Mort had started giving her when he heard her moaning, the painful whipping stopped as soon as it started, and Missy’s voice her first room mate sounded inside Lincy’s mind. “Drink this straight down.” She directed as Missy handed her a plastic bottle of Father’s dreadful tasting tea and then added, “I only have a few seconds to talk; you’ll cause us all to be hurt if you do not submit to Father.” Missy cautioned as she looked around the room and added as she slipped into bed with Lincy, “You best call him Father and treat him like he is golden because he is. You never know when he is watching! For now you are my… love toy and I will tell Father if you don’t play nice, because he will know… he always knows!”

The van swerved sharply waking Lincy from her stupor as she rolled across the floor; she realized she had soaked herself from her belly button to her knees dreaming about Big Red mating with her, again her disgust returned but she quickly dispatched it saying to herself, “I will survive this by loving every little thing I am ordered to do! When Father gives me that terrible tea I will drink it as fast as I can and ask for more!” and with that she began to enjoy the feeling she had deep in her loin, as if that huge knot was still inside her bouncing on her special spot, or his tongue raking across enflamed clitoris, or his hot breath blowing across her neck while they mated. As she drifted to sleep again she said over and over, “I will survive this any way I can! I will survive this any way I can!”

End The Victim pt. 1

Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

Mort Dray thought about last months poker game with the boys, to ease the monotony of the long drive, “Boy I can’t tell you guys how much I missed our poker game last month.” Moe heard himself as he crowed while watching Bessie’s head bobbing while she worked over his swelled member.

“Yea we did too!” Jeb and Ned excitedly confirmed and Jeb added, “That was the last time I got laid too! I’ll see your five and raise five. I’ll take two.” As he threw two cards into the pile and then pushed Tessy over the footstool, eased his penis into her vagina, and delivered a few long slow pokes.

“The news says you got a threefer on your last little foray. I’ll see your five and call. I have a pat hand.” Reb sang foxily and added between chuckles, “Yea a white chick in her early twenties and black chick in her late twenties and a sixteen or seventeen year old piece of candy.” And then pulled Fanny’s head up saying, “Don’t make me cum I’m save’n it for Missy’s egg.”

“Yea Moe what about her…!?” Jeb and Ned asked in unison with excited curiosity, with their pets benignly resting their heads on a thigh each, and then asked, “Is she…”

“Yes boys… she is a virgin!” Moe interrupted as he answered their question handing them a picture of her naked body and adding, “She hasn’t even had a boy kiss her yet as near as I can tell from the phone taps in the building.”

“I’ll give you fifty thousand for her right now!” Ned shouted adding, “I’m out, too rich for me.” And tossed his cards into the pile, and pulled Doggy onto his lap and slipping his hard pole into her womb, and fingering her clitoris.

“Not even for five hundred and fifty thousand.” Moe calmly claimed adding, “You’re still out bid for seconds.” Moe grinned and then brayed, “She is mine first boys no ifs ands or buts! She has already had her big cry and surrendered to me. She has become use to me watching, as her housemother changes her diapers and bathes her, she sits in my lap when I am in the main house. I watched on the monitor the other day as the housemother suggested that she propose to me and by the look on her face she is ready. Here’s your five and I call, I’ll take three.” And added to the pile of discards.

“You trust her to leave her little thing alone?” Jeb asked as he pulled his cock out of Tessy adding, “I’m in for five, call, and I’ll take one.”

“Yes I do!” Moe assured adding, “The bitch wants to live even if she is knocked up and made to do things she don’t like. It’s on you Jeb.” Moe sat back as he pulled Bessie’s mouth off of his reddened dick.

“A hundred grand!” shouted Ned asking, “Does that put me in the lead for seconds?”

“I’m in for ten. Moe tell us more about that fresh piece of candy.” Jeb coaxed after betting.

“Oh man…! Hell yes Moe go ahead and tease us a little more about that piece of candy.” Reb pleaded as he sat back in his chair adding, “I see your ten and kick it ten.” All of them now paying close attention to Moe whiles their pets sat at their feet.

Mort Dray smiled smugly, “Twenty to me, fine I’ll see it and kick it twenty.” And then closed his eyes and rubbed his bulging pants and then dreamily continued, “Her housemother gives her some light tranqus along with my special tea, so she feels really good when I am around. It was a bit of a battle but the drugs made it easier; she actually believes she is in love with me now and she just hasn’t worked up the nerve to propose yet, but she will. She eagerly watches when the other women suck my dick and looks in their open mouths watching my sperm squirt out coating their tongues and throats, then watches as they swallow. I ask her to practice French kissing with them so she gets a taste for sperm; she thinks it so she will know what to do when it is her turn. When I fuck them I make her clean them up so she gets a nose full of wet sex. The last time little Candy watched, she got so hot I could smell it on her and had her housemother change her diapers so I could see and sniff the wet spot… creamy very creamy. Yea boys she is in love with me she is going to ask me to marry her and she is going to cum and cum hard when I finely do stick my dick in her sweet… little… pussy. I tell you that there is a damn good chance she will pop the question tonight, I thought she was going to this morning but I think it caught in her throat.”

“Two hundred!” Reb shouted and asked, “You will… make her obedient?”

“You got top bid for seconds and she already is quite obedient.” Moe answered assuredly and then urged, “Let’s play poker! You guys in or out? If you’re in it’s twenty to you both to see my hand.”

“Call.” Jeb and Reb shouted in unison as they threw in their money with Reb braying, “I got a ten high flush in clubs!”

“Ha what are the odds? I got a ten high flush in hearts!” Moe said.

“Shit boys I only have seven high flush in spades!” Jeb paused, then crowed loudly, “A straight flush,” and then brayed, “Reb that makes you the loser for this round.”

“No matter to me being second or third I like feeling that sperm squishing around inside that hole while I pump, it just makes me hotter.” Reb beamed a smile as the others looked at him quizzically and added, “Shit guys I know it’s weird but I like it.”

End Chp. 1 The Criminal pt. 2

Chp. 1 The Victim pt. 2

Lincy felt a sharp pain as she bounced on the ground after being pulled from the vehicle still enclosed in her canvas prison. She could hear the familiar barking from the kennel over the loud throbbing in her ears from her racing heart as she was being dragged across the ground. Soon a chain rattled, a door squeaked open, and her buttocks exploded with burning pain from the pummeling it was getting from the switch in Father’s hand. Lincy could feel a scream welling up in her throat as the pummeling became more violent; but knew she must not make a noise not even a whimpering sigh as she bit down on the dirty gag in her mouth, and then the whipping stopped but the intense burning raged on. Lincy could feel all of the burning welts up and down her legs and back and wondered if he… ‘Father’ broke her skin? Was she bleeding? Her thinking was soon interrupted with another loud crack as the tree limb forcefully tore across her thighs causing her to cough so hard the gag popped out of her mouth; but Lincy just sucked the dirty canvas bag deep into her mouth and bit down as her eyes filled with tears and her breath gust quietly from her nose forcing snot to spray out.

“You…!” Sneered Mort as he delivered another swat, “I thought you were smarter than that. But nooo…wah! You gotta go act like a dumb fucking cunt and make me come after you afore I was ready to!” Mort Dray grunted loudly as he began swatting the canvas bag threatening, “I should beat you to death leave you in the bag until feeding time and feed you to my dogs.” He paused his punishing and wiped sweat from his brow and then asked, “You going to be a good little bitch like last time and take the easy way or…?”

Lincy took several deep but quiet breaths and with decisiveness in her voice replied, “The easy way Father the easy way! I want to be your good little bitch Father I really do! I promise…!” Lincy pleaded and listened as he unlocked the lock on the bag’s ropes.

“We’ll see… We’ll see!” He sneered and then ordered, “Drink this!” and stuffed a thin tube through the opening adding, “Drink until I tell you to stop!” Lincy quickly found the tube and began sucking; right away she recognized the taste, only this time it was much stronger tasting and made her gag as she swallowed the nauseating concoction. She continued to suck and swallow even as she began to feel bloated and dizzy and then finely a slurping sound and bubbles filled her mouth. As Mort threw her bag and all into a cell he growled, “It’s good you drank it all but…! It’ll go harder on you this time. Maybe you live maybe not; maybe you keep all your fingers and toes maybe not, but you are going to get knocked up, and most likely more than once, you look like good breeding stock.” The door slammed and the chain rattled as it was dragged through the handles and then he growled, “I told you not to talk to the pigs, I told you I would know, and you did it anyway just like a stupid cunt!” And the lock snapped shut, and Lincy heard his foot steps fade away; an over powering urge to vomit swept through her but she kept the rancid potion down, it felt as though the whole box was spinning.

Lincy thought listening to him walking away; she knew by what he called her as he left, what was in store for her because the last time she was held captive by Father. What separated the women he called stupid cunts from the other captives was their bodies they were always bruised and battered, scratched and bleeding, and they were all in different stages of being pregnant. We were all constantly being gang raped by his poker buddies, his hired hands, as well as all of his dogs. We were all made to stay in the kennel forced to eat and drink from dog dishes and sleep on blankets; and just like the rest of the dogs we had sit by the door when we had to go potty and wait for someone to let us out if we were inside. The other girls so dirty looking, so painful looking, and so very scared looking.

The bloated feeling and dizziness soon faded so Lincy quickly stripped out of her clothes while still in the bag rubbing her cream soaked panties all over covering her body with her scent. She knew she had better be naked and smell like sex before he returned leaving her clothes in the bag holding onto only her panties, knowing that Father was going to want her to hand them to him so he could smell them.

It was too dark to see anything when she finely climbed out of the bag and peed in the corner. Lincy could feel the welts left by the whipping and some of them were weeping blood, and those stung as she touched them. She thought how nice a drink of water would taste and soften the dried paste that lined her mouth but knew to just be quiet. She could tell by the growling, fighting, grunting, and moaning that Father still kept victims in the kennel maybe more; but it sounded like only one was being mounted, and judging by how wet the squelching sounded all the hounds had taken a few turns each and her body like Lincy’s was betraying her with arousal and orgasm, the smell of sex hung in the air like a thick fog. Lincy’s own urges started to surface as she quaffed deeply the scent.

She remembered well the multiple matings the first time she was thrown in with the dogs with the scent of a dog in heat smeared all over her behind. Yes the very same kennel watching the animals fight for first place, how disgusted she felt at first as she looked at the cameras placed through out the kennel knowing that some perverted bastard was watching her getting fucked again and again by almost every dog there. Lincy remembered how grateful she was even though the water he used to douche her vagina was cold, she could tell it was medicated and relieved when Father put some soothing salve on and in her blistered vagina during those first few days. As the days stretched on the rancid tasting mixture started getting easier to swallow; the animal’s appetite eased a little, but they were all still mounting her through out the third day. Lincy’s guilt and shame faded with each passing day; she even acquired a taste for the rancid concoction and eagerly waited for it by the gate when she wasn’t being mounted and humped. Lincy wondered if that tea had something to do with her fading morality and the eager urgency she felt when another hound started sniffing her butt, and the disappointment she now felt after realizing that the last few days not one animal has mated with her.

She looked around for the first time and saw the kennel was huge; Lincy became horrified as she saw there were other women all scratched and covered with whelps from the bastard’s whipping. She gasped in surprise when a hound finely started licking her butt and then filled the air with her boisterous and gleeful laughter as the beast continued his ministrations turning her body hot and sweaty. Her gleeful laughter turned into loud groaning grunts when the hairy beast mounted her driving his monstrous cock into her quickly burring his knot within her womb, with in a few minutes the hairy brute’s thrusts turned convulsive, and Lincy cried out in voiceless gasps as she bucked into his thrusting haunches, a few seconds passed and both animals were quiet the beast’s tongue flailing as he panted and Lincy salaciously sliding her buttocks side to side in an effort to reengage him for another humping, but he was done and with a sharp yank a loud wet sucking squelch sounded as his member pulled free. He gave Lincy’s vaginal opening several licks and then started cleaning his own organ, grabbed a drink and went to sleep in the sun. Lincy looked around the kennel with a smug smile on her face thinking how good that felt.

It was then she noticed other women in the kennel women she could talk to in away. Lincy scampered right over only to be disappointed the two that were free ran away from her and by the way they acted, they fled to their mates. She was shocked when she saw the third woman licking her dogs penis while he sat tongue flapping as he panted; her eyes grew wide as she noticed the woman’s juices running down her thighs, Lincy’s mouth started to water as she thought about licking the creamy juices, then suddenly the hound stood and she turned her butt towards him and he mounted giving her several powerful thrusts causing the woman’s eyes to roll back showing the whites. The sounds that erupted from her throat were animalistic as well as orgasmic and she quaked to her pounding the whole time. With a plopping sploosh he yanked his cock free; gave her pussy a few licks and then cleaned his cock, and lapped some water and went to sleep just like any other male.

Lincy adapted quickly to the daily routine of being given her daily dose of tea; then being washed with freezing cold water, and then fed cold scraps in a dirty dish, pissing and shitting with the rest of the animals. It was the matings she had begun to long for so much so she ached, the heavy weight of the hot hairy beast on her back, and how full her vaginal well felt as the large globe pistoned inside her. She had grown use to the burning and itching of scratches that covered her body, her nose was inured to the stench, her vagina was healed, and she was glad fleas weren’t biting her, but her craving for vaginal penetration was unsatisfied.

Lincy remembered an even ruder shock; few days later some men in masks brought another dog back to the cage and stood around watching one of them said, “I bet you he goes straight for his bitch.”

“Looks like you are right.” The other resigned as the mammoth animal padded straight to a woman that was sleeping; waking her with a tongue bath as he eagerly sniffed and licked her all over. She quickly rolled onto her back, a warm smile beamed from her face, and the whole cage filled with a new scent her scent as she spread her legs wide. His penis was swelling and poking out from his sheath and spraying her with his scent as it flailed to his bouncing. He stood straddling her licking her face whining and yipping as if asking her to roll over and she did roll over between his legs as soon as she was on all fours he gripped her waist tightly. Lincy was amazed at how easily he slipped his huge cock into her not one exploratory poke just slipped it in and with a little jab buried his humungous knot in her womb. Lincy’s own juices were flowing now as she watched the two animals how he just stood licking her neck and her just breathing heavily.

“What is he waiting for? Why isn’t he humping her?” The small man asked the other.

“Ole Titus likes to soak his bone for a while.” He answered and added, “Come on we got more work to do.”

He was right Titus stayed tied to her for at least forty minutes pressing his haunches tightly to her buttocks and giving her several hard pumps and then stop every few minutes until he exploded into a frenzy of growling grunts as he pounded her buttocks with his hairy haunches and then went limp, with drawing his flaccid penis licking her vaginal opening and then cleaning his own organ.

Lincy caught herself crawling towards a dog that was sitting by his self, but stopped when a woman she had not yet seen jumped right onto and knocking him to the ground. The two of them wrestled about then scampered off barking and play growling at each other. Lincy became sad because none of the dogs were really mated to her, not like these four women were to the four dogs they were with. Lincy watched the four women and four dogs and learned they were four couples, discovering that the only dogs mating with her were obviously stags, and wondered what or how she could become a mated to one.

The days melted together and the nights were long and cold and filled with longing for a warm body to snuggle with, but left only with a raggedy blanket to keep her warm. She learned to roll onto her back quickly when any of the dogs growled at her for getting to close to their food, bones, or mates. The food she was given never changed awful tasting and cold. The only time she could drink from the same bowl the rest of the dogs drank from was when none of the other animals were there.

One day she caught herself looking at one of the dogs as he licked his penis and felt an aching yearning stirring inside her womb and wished one of them any or all of them would mate with her and disappointed that not one of the animals noticed she was even there much less mounting her. Another day she watched two of the other women being seduced by their animal lovers; as they licked the women’s genitalia Lincy’s passion raged, shame and disgust had long since vanished, and when they mounted and drove their huge penises into the women’s gaping vaginas Lincy exploded with passion and her juices ran down her legs but still none of the other dogs even noticed that she was hot and eager to mate, but a hired hand caught sight of her frothing vagina, sweated body, and signaled by slapping his thigh for her to come. Lincy wanted to mate with any one or all of the brutish hounds not him but knew she had to obey and made her way to the gate, putting her head through the opening as he snapped the leash to her collar, opened the gate and lead her to a dirty mattress under a sheltered dining area. He patted the mattress ordering her onto it and stepped behind her; she felt him get down on his knees between her legs, put one hand on her shoulder and tucked his penis into her wetted opening with the other.

Lincy was so glad it was big enough to feel she sighed out loudly, and started moaning when she felt it thrusting into her cervix. She loved the slow and deep methodic thrusting even though it wasn’t as big as the knots she was use to having plunged into her she could feel her climax climbing. He was already tied to her longer than any of the other dogs ever were when he said, “Roll over girl.” Lincy obeyed as soon as he pulled out of her and when her back hit the mattress his penis slipped right back into her the new position caused Lincy to orgasm quickly and again as her human lover kept up his methodic thrusting soon she felt her vaginal well filling with his hot sperm as it gushed against her cervix. He lay there for several minutes Lincy felt his warm semen spill onto her anus and pool under her fanny when his penis started to soften. He jumped up and said, “Up lets go back.” And lead Lincy back to the kennel she gladly obeyed she felt so good even the kennel looked good.

She just stood on all fours in the middle of the cage and felt the warm sperm ooze down her thigh; another dog quickly caught the new scent, and wondered over to see who it was and started licking Lincy’s thighs and vagina. The lapping tongue soon carried Lincy into an orgasmic cloud and the hound aroused by the smell of human sperm mounted her and much to her delightful surprise the hairy beast stayed mounted with his gigantic cock buried deep in her womb; pumping for a while and then stopping, the enjoyable dance went on for several minutes. There was quite a crowd of workers watching when the hound started spilling his seed with convulsive thrusts loud grunts and then turning limp for a few seconds and with a yank pulled free gave Lincy a good licking then gave his own member a licking and went off to sleep.

Lincy had lost all sense of time until one morning she felt her period starting, and then she realized she has been in the kennel for three weeks. She wondered what would happen when she started bleeding. She found out the next day while she was drinking from the water bowl; one of the bigger dogs started sniffing at her vaginal opening she spun around and started to quickly crawl away until he nipped at her thigh and knocked her to the ground with his big hairy paw. Lincy quickly rolled onto her back and let him sniff at her now bloody opening, he barked and growled at the other dogs as they came around and then start sniffing, snorting, and licking again.

The big black dog’s tongue felt wonderful as it raked across Lincy’s labia; stretching the soft pliant skin as it clung to the rough textured surface of the warm red tongue. The cramps disappeared as Lincy’s insides began to quiver and melt; she began to slide away as fear filled her mind at how intense her craving was, but the animal placed his huge front paw on her stomach and his hind paw on her thigh, and continued to lick up the red discharge, stopping only to bark and growl at the other dogs when they got too near and then continued to feed on Lincy’s blood. The animal’s tongue incited a raging thirst within Lincy’s womb causing her heart to beat inside her cervix and her clitoris to pound in time. She could feel her labia as well as her vaginal walls engorging with hot blood; even after the dog stopped licking her and lay across her breasts nose in her arm pit, sleeping after slaking his thirst with Lincy’s fluids her desire burned slowly within as she rubbed his neck finding his name tag ‘Bruno’. She found herself saddened that she could not reach the animal’s member to massage it so he might want to mate with her; but glad to have the warmth of another body mingling with hers. His huge body was quite warm as it laid half on top of her. She was relieved that the other dogs were staying clear so she drifted off to sleep thinking about mating with Bruno.

Lincy was awakened by Bruno’s tongue raking across her arm pit and up the side of her breast; she shuddered each time the tip of his tongue flipped across her nipple, his hot breath sent chills across her whole body as it blew across the soaked hair of her arm pit. He was standing now and Lincy could see his huge wet red member as protruded well beyond it’s sheath and the knot was already starting to swell. Lincy knew the juices now pooling around her fanny were not just blood but Bartholin fluids as well; and again she felt her heart beating inside her cervix and clitoris, a knot swelled in her throat and stomach as Bruno started licking between Lincy’s legs again this time the licking was feverishly eager and sounded just like he was drinking from his water bowl.

When Lincy’s beastly lover looked up she saw his jowls were covered with a scarlet colored gelatinous glaze with long stringers dangling from them. When he barked one of the stringers flew off and landed on her belly the other wrapping around his snout; the loud bark caused her to urinate profusely, and again he sounded only this time it was more like a whiny growl and his head cocked to one side. Lincy knew it was time, and she eagerly rolled onto all fours keeping her knees far apart; her licentious laughter filled the kennel as the big black hound started enthusiastically cleaning up her thighs and buttocks with his rough wet tongue. Lincy’s boisterous laughter turned into loud gruntings and gasps as Bruno lumbered onto her back wrapping his front legs around her waste and skillfully placing the pointy tip of his huge cock in Lincy’s vaginal opening. A series of loud grunts and groans erupted from Lincy when the black dog gave a single thrust burring his huge cock up to the knot inside her womb, and just stood there licking her neck and ear but keeping his knot pressed firmly onto Lincy’s vulva and stretching her lips.

A loud sucking plop sounded as he yanked it out and a gush of urine spewed out until he shoved it back in hard causing Lincy to yell out, “Oh…! God…! Yes…!” Again he kept his horrendous knot pressed firmly against her vulva during Lincy’s squirming and bucking while he licked her shoulder and again he yanked it out only this time her vagina remained gapingly wide open and she held herself still and waited her breath gusting as she panted. This time when he plunged it back in a very loud wet squelching sound filled kennel along with Lincy’s loud grunting and moaning, and he began a fast rhythm of long and deep strokes pressing his swelled knot firmly onto her vulva each time.

His pistonning member and his hot hairy haunches rubbing her buttocks swept Lincy quickly into an orgasmic cloud. She didn’t even feel Bruno’s knot squeeze into her womb she just started moaning louder and bucking harder when it started rubbing on her special spot, by now her thighs were glazed over with her sateen juices as they were squeezed out with each inward thrust. Lincy’s loud moans and sighs turned into voiceless screams as her breath gust from her mouth when the beast’s thrusting turned sporadic and forceful as he spilled his seed in her womb; the two of them stood there motionless panting until he gave a sharp yank and with a loud squelching sploosh withdrew his softening member. An amber mixture of juices ran down Lincy’s legs as her elbows buckled and she laid her head on the ground leaving her buttocks up in the air while her lover licked at it and his own penis.

Lincy crawled over to the water dish and started drinking and then ate some dog food before she realized what she was doing and stopped, noticing none of the other dogs were bothering her just watching so she ate a little more drank some more water after her lover finished and then crawled to her blanket lay on her side and was soon joined by her new lover and Bruno laid across her side and the two of them drifted off to sleep.

Lincy was awakened by loud banging only to find that she was still in an empty dark box, and not spooning with Bruno but awaiting her fate at the hands of her angry captor; listening to yet another victim being mauled by the dogs in the kennel. Lincy’s body began to melt inside as she sat in the dark cell listening to the sounds from the kennel and remembering how good it felt and how much she wanted to feel that huge cock and knot thrusting inside her womb. Lincy longed for the smell of Bruno and the heat from this hot hairy body that would make her sweat as he clung to her waist, and how hard she came when Bruno ran his tongue across her privates and my god that huge knot… when it entered her vagina and rubbed against her special spot how she exploded. Lincy listened to the sounds coming from the kennel; the captive’s moaning, and dogs barking and whining as they stuffed their cocks into her, and yes the prisoner was gasping as another orgasm swept across her body, and she sounded so very tired.

Lincy wondered if she was tied to the stand or trying to curry favor by holding her self up to the animals as they mated with her; and she thought how quickly and how gladly she would trade places with her just for a drink of water from the same water bowl the hounds use. It had been only a few months since she was in that very same cage allowing those same hounds to mount her and how heavy they were on her back with their front legs were wrapped so tightly around her waste while they mated with her.

Suddenly a steel bar pounded the metal wall wresting Lincy from her daydreaming; a dirty looking tube was shoved through the slit in the side and with out being told to Lincy started sucking the nauseating fluid into her mouth and swallowing, and just as she felt about to burst bubbles filled her mouth and she knew she finished the whole dose. The urge to vomit was almost overpowering; much more intense than the last time, as she struggled to keep it down, urine began to spew out surging with every heave, and as the gushing flow turned to a trickle the dry heaves eased. Lincy leaned in the corner of the box as sweat poured off her body she slipped down the wall; her nipples felt so tight they hurt, her clitoris was throbbing so hard it ached, and her womb felt as though some one had put a balloon inside and was blowing it up. Soon the dark room began to spin and Lincy began to dream.

Lincy began to dream about the first time she was wolf packed by Father’s poker buddies; he came in and ordered, “Open your mouth wide and keep it open.” while he pushed some soft feeling rubbery stuff over her teeth saying, “This is to protect your teeth some, protect my friend’s dicks some, but mostly I like the way it makes you sound when you speak.” And laughingly added, “Don’t bite or you will drive needles into you gums.” and chuckled as he glued her eyes shut with latex, then he dragged her around by her hair all the while braying to the boys, “Look here see what I got!” and then throwing her into the lap of one of them sneering, “Suck his dick bitch and you better make it feel real good too!”

It tasted so salty and smelled of stale sex; and after only a few seconds another man got behind her and started pushing his penis into her while the others sneered goading them on and telling them to hurry up and cum. Lincy’s body had already become wet as the yearning burned inside her womb; how betrayed she felt by her own body but that rapidly faded when she started to orgasm. The wolf packing went on for hours it seemed; and when she was finely thrown back into her cage every muscle in her body ached. Her face was crusted with dried sperm; wads of it lay drying in her hair, her thighs felt sticky, and her genitalia felt crusted on the outside, raw and burning on the inside as if her flesh had been burnt with a torch. That was when Missy or one of the Missies anyway came by.

“I am your mother so call me Mother.” She announced while removing the latex blindfold. As Lincy looked at Missy she could see she was very pregnant like about to pop and then Missy added, “I am going to be leaving soon but remember do not piss Father off! Just look at me! I messed up by being a stupid stubborn cunt, and he is going to come for me again after I’ve given birth!” and then she whispered very quietly, “He is here.” And then in a loud voice she said, “Father tells me you are going to be a good little bitch is that true?”

“Oh yes Mother, I want to be Father’s good bitch!” Lincy excitedly replied knowing that that was what she was suppose to say, but she knew she was lying but at the same time she knew it to be true.

“Well I have to clean you up but first drink all of this tea.” Mother directed as she held up a dirty looking gallon jug filled with Father’s nauseating juice and a rubber tube hanging from the opening. While Lincy sucked from the tube Mother began to finger her pussy making her need to piss and bad. When Lincy started to bloat, little trickles of pee seeped out.

In a deep but soft voice Mother said, “Baby if you need to piss just go a head and piss.” With that a tentative trickle started and promptly turned into a full and forceful flow.

A loud slurp sounded as the last of the tea was sucked out, “That is my good girl!” Mother excitedly comforted as she put down the jug and calmly informed, “Now the soap and hot water will sting at first but you have to be cleaned and if you are good, really good I will put some soothing balm on your burning cunt. Oh…! My…! Poor dear that thing looks so sore…! so very sore!”

Lincy winced at the pain of the hot water and soap, but it hurt a lot more when Missy dried her; and when she applied the salve, it felt so good it took her breath away and made her feel warm all over and in a mater of minutes she felt like she was floating; as Missy kissed her she remembered the first time Bruno Frenched her causing her to gag as his tongue slid all the way down her throat. Another loud banging sounded waking Lincy with a startle and shit she was still in the dark box.

End Ch. 1 The Victim pt. 2

This is my first attempt at bondage and rape; I do not take pleasure in reading about rape in the newspapers but watching it in the movies is different. This is purely fictional and chapter two is being worked on as this story is being posted.

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The Crime, The Criminal The Victim Ch. 2

Ch. 2 The Crime pt. 1

Greg Mineras stared at the door handle as the police jiggled it working their pick into the lock, a knot formed in his throat and grew larger with every clank and twist and as his conviction exploded in his mind Greg shouted, “You can’t just barge into my house; I didn’t call you and I know you do not have probable cause for entry! I am calling my attorney as we speak and I have his home phone!” he paused and listened for the sounds that they were leaving. Panic was filling his mind as he listened the sound of their voices being drowned out by the echoes of Lincy’s warning, “we can’t tell them anything specific he will know… he will…! know.”

“You can’t call, your phone is dead; your work place called us saying they weren’t able to reach you, and that you have never been late, not once in fifteen years.” The voice called back.

Greg’s mind blanked and the room spun has he leaned against the wall next to the door; thinking how could this be and as he looked through the curtains his mouth gaped from the shock at seeing daylight when not ten minutes ago he walked in from the dark night only to find another nightmare waiting. His stomach turned icy cold as he listened to one of the officers telling his partner, we have a verbal go-ahead to force the door. With fearful resignation Greg unlocked both locks and slumped into the hallway chair and sobbed as the certainty of the police presence and renewed involvement on the case will bring harm to his kidnapped wife. He thought as sure as the sun will rise the evil fucker knows the police are here and prayed for a slim possibility that maybe he knows I didn’t call them, as they rushed passed him and entered the main room.

A retching chill raced through Greg’s body as he heard the female police officer call, “We have a confirmed crime scene here, over.” A loud crack sounded in Greg’s mind as if he could hear the whip as it lashed across the skin of his beloved. He could see her face twisting in pain as her skin blistered from the stinging willow limb, his own skin burned from the thought.

“C. S. I. U. squad is moving and the F.B.I. special agent will be notified.” The radio squawked.

“Do we have to wait for them or can we question Mr. Mineras?” She snapped into the radio.

“If he knows something anything yes.” Squawked the radio.

“I think EMS should be dispatched…” Greg could hear nothing more when the female detective went outside he was too tired and confused to care; all he knew his wife was gone, and it was his fault, he talked her into coming forward. His mind raced to recall what has been said and what could he say just to placate these meddlesome dolts and send them off to their donut shop and coffee clutch or traffic stops, or what ever it is these keystoners do.

“Mr. Mineras I’m detective John Green and she is Kimberly Clearson. We have just been assigned to the on going investigation, and lieutenant Clearson is the new lead detective assigned to your case we are both very sorry for your ordeal…” detective Green apologetically announced while Kimberly was outside talking on the radio.

“I want you all to leave, my wife is just out she’ll be right back.” Greg shouted angrily and waved his arms in the air motioning towards the door, just then Kimberly Clearson entered the room.

“Yes I am sure your wife turned the furniture over broke the lamp and as she left threw her shirt and shoe into the middle of the room and went shopping,” Kimberly paused and her face softened as she put her hand on Greg’s shoulder and in a soothing voice, “Please let us do what little we can; your house is now a crime scene and we have to process it. These guys no matter how good they are they always screw up and leave something…”

“Yes sure!” Greg grunted angrily and shrugged his shoulders shaking her hand off and then in staccatoed bursts added, “There isn’t any one here for you to shoot…! you can shoot me I don’t give a fuck…! and oh yes…! how many victims are there really…!? And how many of them stepped up…!? can you tell me exactly how long has this been going on…!? and for how much longer do we have to fear for our safety…!? My wife begged for you to protect us.” His eyes beamed a hateful glare saying far more than he could with mere words.

“We don’t know how many victims there are, and I can’t tell you how many have stepped up, but Lincy was not alone with her bravery. I hate to tell you this but this bastard is good, and he does have us stumped for now, but he will drop the ball and we ‘will…!’ pick it up. We sent cars by on a regular basis ever since our interview.” Detective Clearson assured sounding as sincere as she could.

“At least you are honest.” Greg sighed and in a voice rife with disgust asked, “What have you done to make you qualified to head my case?”

“I’ve arrested two serial rapists and assisted with the arrest of a serial murderer…” She said with a ring of pride in her voice as she was cut off.

“You’re going to tell me it was solid crime scene analyses that cracked it?” Greg’s voice was ubiquitous with doubt as he interrupted and angrily added, “Spare me your track record I already know that very few of the serial what evers, are caught by police work mostly just plane blind luck!”

“You are right.” the lieutenant acknowledged. “Greg think; have you noticed anything that didn’t belong?” lieutenant Clearson pried.

“No…! No…! I’m not talking!” Greg interrupted shouting loud enough to be heard on the other side of town and standing with a twisted face he added, “I didn’t call you…! I’m naw… au…!” and crumpled to the floor like a wet rag.

Kimberly grabbed her radio nervously saying, “We have a civi down. The husband just dropped!”

“We are three minutes from your location.” Squawked the radio.

“His pulse is rapid breathing seems shallow and his skin is cold and sweaty!” Kimberly broadcasted.

“Get his feet elevated and cover him up sounds like shock is setting in!” crackled the reply.

Kimberly and John quickly wrapped Greg in a blanket and put his feet on two pillows.

“Did he say anything?” John asked as they tucked the blanket under Greg.

“Nothing of value; basically told us to go fuck ourselves,” Kimberly said and sympathetically added, “He is as scared as she was, but still she remembered more than she let on and he knows more than he is saying. The other victim that went on vacation Jessy, the redhead she said the whole thing was a blank that she was drugged the whole time she was imprisoned.” Kimberly paused as she looked around the front room deep in thought then asked, “Have we found her or her boyfriend yet? I’ll bet Mrs. Mineras was drugged too.”

“We’re here.” Popped the radio.
“Six years and what?” John muttered in disgust and then replied, “No. It’s just like they’ve fallen off the face of the earth.”

“Look in that drawer by the coat rack maybe there is an address book with doctors names in it.” directed Kimberly and thoughtfully added while surveying the room, “Kid napped; drugged, beaten, raped repeatedly, and imprisoned for months with several of them showing up seven or eight months pregnant. They all refuse to talk at first and then begrudgingly reveal bits and pieces of the story.”

“Yea that sums it up pretty much. Here we are,” John acknowledged and went on, “in case of emergencies; baby sitter, dentist, doctor… here we are Dr. Curtis, Fairview clinic the number is 1-424-215-4151, or in emergency call 1-424-215- 5588.”

Just then the medics entered the doorway and their gurney banged against the last step triggering the wheels to fall and with a quick push down the wheels were relocked and as it neared Greg, Tina the lead medic directed, “Please stand back and let us in!” Both medics quickly went to work hooking Greg up to their electronic sensing devices.

“I got a pulse!” Tina called out adding, “it’s weak and irregular.”

“Ninety-five over sixty and holding, sat eighty-nine ninety-three per.” Added Harold.

“We have a possible CVA one eye stare fixed the other wondering, sending stats now and securing for transport.” Tina snapped into her radio.

“Ox sat low increase oxygen and use mask.” Crackled the radio.

“We have him on positive pressure mask at hundred percent.” Replied Tina as they scrambled for the door.

“I’ll ride in with him you secure the scene and wait for CSIU.” Ordered Kimberly and followed the medics to the bus.

With a rattle and a bump the gurney was secured and the bus’s doors were slammed shut by Kimberly and they headed to the hospital. Greg regained consciousness intermittedly as the ambulance sped toward the hospital, he tried to speak but his mouth wouldn’t work.

“Your safe Mr. Mineras we’re taking you to the hospital now.” Tina informed him and then asked, “Do you understand me? Just nod if you can’t speak.” Greg nodded and then passed out. It seemed like a life time was passing as Greg kept drifting in and out of consciousness; because every time he came to he was still in the ambulance with it’s siren howling, and the dreaded cop sitting next to him, the medic checking this, that, and the other thing. Greg tried to move his arm to signal with his hand but it wouldn’t move; then the electronic devices would sound and things would go dark then nothing till he opened his eyes finding that he had floated to the top of the bus and was looking down on him self as the medic was trying desperately to revive him he was still mute as he tried to tell her that he was on the ceiling then an electric jolt hit him and the darkness enveloped him once again and he could look up into her face but only for a moment and then blackness and Lincy’s voice echoing their conversation when she returned from her first and last interrogation.

“I’m not going to tell them every thing; I told them that I was beaten, blindfolded, tied up and gagged. I didn’t tell them about the other victims or the workers taking turns with us.” She paused as her face twisted with disgust and with a fiery glare in her eyes as she breathlessly went on, “Or tell them about all the different potions he made me drink or about all the times he ‘stood…!’ there watching his dogs fuck me.”

“Did you tell them that you thought you were being followed at times?” Greg pressured Lincy.

“Noowa…! I didn’t talk about that and just how is all that going to get him caught?” Lincy said exasperatedly and then her face turned red and sweat beaded on her forehead and her voice wavered from anguish to passion and back, and as she began to recount the anniversary party her eyes betrayed her just as her body was starting to sweat and the room filled with the scent of her arousal, her eyes turned soft and she rubbed the sofa quietly smiling as if musing over a wondrous memory.

A sharp bounce roused Greg from his nod in time to hear the buzzers, bells, and whistles going off. The medic was injecting one of the tubes with something and then started pounding on his chest. The noises started to blend when another jolt shot through his body and he watched as the medic listened to his heartbeat. The lieutenant was still watching like a vulture; how he wished she would get bounced onto the road. Greg looked at the medic her mouth was moving, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying, and the darkness slowly crept in.

The end Ch. 2 The Crime pt. 1

Ch. 2 The Criminal pt. 1

Mort Dray’s head bobbed up as he caught his self starting to nod off as the drive stretched on, and the urge to sleep over took him. He shook his head trying to shake the sleep from his mind when Mort noticed a sign saying as he passed it gas, food, lodging next exit right one mile he thought, “Yes! Coffee… a break will work; I’m off the schedule, there is no need to rush into a car crash.” pulled off and into the parking lot and then reminded him self, “We can’t do this after the grab.”

Mort pleased to find such a pleasant female wait person so late or early as the situation dictates pouring him a cup of coffee, left a menu, and scurried off to her chores. He sipped the hot coffee, amazed at how good it tasted given how empty the place was and began relax, before he knew it he had drained the mug and was rubber necking for his waitress.

From his left he heard, “I see you looking around I’ll be right there.” Mort turned towards the voice and there walking along the counter was the tall big boned heavy set woman headed his way, a broad smile on her thick pouty lips, and a full coffee pot in her hand. A quiet chuckle slipped from his mouth as he thought about Tiberius the biggest of his hounds and what a couple they would make.

In a sultry tone she asked, “What you laughing at?” and beamed a bright grin as she posed ready to pour the coffee.

“I’m not laughing I was taken aback by how good looking you are, and how much you remind me of a friend long since passed.” Mort shot back as he set his cup on the counter. He noticed her name on the tag said Janet, and wondered how a woman as full bodied as she is didn’t show a bit of flab even in her round face.

“Well at least you didn’t call me an angel, idol, or a flower.” Janet commented dryly as she filled the mug and then filled another took a drink and smiled asking, “What brings you around these parts this late or early? If you don’t mind me being nosy.”

“I have started a job two states over and I intend on consolidating some personnel.” Mort replied pleased with his self for not lying.

Just then an older couple walked in and obviously tired from driving they too had the white line stare. Moe’s mouth watered when he caught a whiff of her sweaty underarms; his interest in this well endowed woman was whetted when he caught a glimpse of her unshaven armpit, and the large meaty nipples that sat on her full breasts, and how they bulged through her flannel shirt when they perked. He watched as she gave them menus and waited to take their order; and was amazed at how nice her demeanor was when she explained they could get the same things only cheaper if they ordered their food differently, and then vanished into the kitchen.

As Moe stared into his coffee he began to replay last weeks game…
“Hey guys what do you say to hearing about Moe’s surprise threefer before starting tonight’s mid game entertainment?” Ned asked and looked around the room to see how his suggestion was received.

“Yea Moe how about it!?” Ted, Jeb and Reb excitedly chimed in together.

“Well only if you guys promise not to shoot off your loads in your pets before giving Messy Missy a good dosing.” Moe chortled as he spoke and then pushed his pets nose into his curly hairs stuffing his huge member all the way down her throat and held it there until she started to struggle for air and when her head bobbed up she was gagging violently and her face was twisted. All five of them laughed as Bessie coughed and panted catching her breath, and quickly went back to mouthing Moe’s organ.

“No problem!” The four of them replied as they sat back from the table, stretched and stood.

“Lets shuffle into the lounge and I will tell you the tale.” Moe musically assured as he stood with precum dripping from his gland, and walked towards the doorway with his pet in tow, then stopped, grabbed a pair earphones and put them over her ears and directed, “Boys you can bring your pets too but you have to put the earphones on them before I start the story because I don’t want to take a chance and have them take the story beyond these walls. You wouldn’t do that would you my sweet little pups?” Moe asked as he looked at the women next to his buddies.

“Nooo…! Never Father…! We promise not to tell any one ever!” Four of the five girls eagerly avowed, with Mort’s girl remaining silent because she didn’t hear the words only the noise Moe made when he talked. The men quickly complied to his request, covering their pet’s ears rendering them deaf as well as blind and into the lounge the group sauntered.

Lassie carried a potty pail groping her way around to everyone and let the men as well as their pets pee in it; then groped her way along the wall taking it to the door leading to the outside, and sat there quietly waiting for it to open. The hisses filled the room as the boys opened their beers, sat down and watched as Moe let Lassie out side, the room was so quiet that the music could be heard coming from the earphones, and a soft scratching at the door when Lassie wanted back in. The boys were soon seated in the chairs with their pets at their feet and their heads resting in their master’s laps.

Mort looked around the room lifted his beer and toasted, “To our tight little group may we last for years to come.”

“Here, here.” They chimed in unison and all of them took a long chug-a-lug from their bottles nearly draining them.

Moe belched, cleared his throat, and started the tale, “It wasn’t going to be a three-bagger I just wanted the one twenty-two year old she really pissed me off one day so I set out to teach her a lesson.”

“What’d she do Moe?” Jeb interjected with a chuckle.

“The cunt was talking loudly on her fucking cell-phone!” Moe choked out and then added, “I even asked her politely to take it out side; but she just gave me that bitchy-cunt look and flipped me off!”

“Oooppss…! Gaaawwd damn That was a big mistake!” the four of them chimed and chuckled as they looked at each other and the breathing sex toys at their feet.

“Shit I just quietly finished my dinner, went outside and waited for her to leave. Boys I started stalking her right then I had all my gear; I followed her to the liquor store, to her girlfriends place and yea she is a pussy licker, she stayed there for three and a half hours. I took a few pictures of both their cars and her friend’s place and pet cat; then followed her to her home, and waited for her to go to sleep.” Mort paused as he slurped from his beer.

“I cruised her for the rest of the week; to the bakery, the café, all five restaurants, both girlfriends, and the three bars she hangs out in. You know most of the wait staff are sick of her even though she tips, and that’s because she is so rude to them. I skipped a week and started at what I figured was the mid point of her routine.” Moe paused as he noisily slurped the last of his beer a gloating smile beamed from his face and he added, “I nailed it dead on; a bar called ‘Baby’s Pool’ nine forty-five in the PM the first week and this week was nine thirty, so I skipped to Friday and parked at her second girlfriend’s house and sure enough eleven thirty almost to the minute she drives up and the stupid cunt even parked behind my van.” Moe paused as he watched Jeb stuff Tessy’s face onto his ass and fart.

“Ouh that was baaadah.” Reb and Ted baaed while Ned laughed loudly as Tessy gagged a few dry heaves casting panicked looks about the room.

“Jeb…!” Moe shouted struggling to stifle his laugh and hide his smile and continued, “That’s going to cost you fifty to the next pot.” And then he pulled one of the earphones from Bessie’s ear saying, “Remind me Jeb owes fifty to the next pot.” As he stood he was quietly snickering and walked to Tessy freed an ear informing her, “Tessy honey I fined him fifty for that shitty thing he did.” She smiled and gave his ass a squeeze in acknowledgment and tried to get a mouth full of cock while he was in reach. All five of them let out an uproariously loud round of laughter.

“Shit I’m surprised she is still upright! Christ Jeb has the shitiest farts I’ve ever had the misfortune to smell!” Ted roared out as he laughed.

Soon they quieted and chuckling Moe asked, “Who’s ready for more beer?”

“I’m dry, I’ll take another, me too, mine is warm.” They all chimed out.

Moe gave a wet tongue kiss to Tessy biting her lip firmly and shouted so she could hear through her headset, “We’re all thirsty, fetch us more beer.” And gave her buttock a loud cracking swat with his hand.

“Oooo…! That felt good Father give me one on the other side please!” Tessy exclaimed as she bent over in anticipation. Another sharp slap rang out and Tessie groped her way to the fridge fetching the boys more beer. As she passed it out the boys were all either getting their dicks sucked or pounding their peters into their pets wet pussies grunting exaggeratedly.

“Remember boys any one of us could get ole Messy Missy knocked up so save that first load.” Moe admonished as he too pushed the full length of his cock down Bessie’s throat making her gag a little as her nose was pushed into his pubic hairs again but this time he let her up as soon as she tried to get up. Moe looked around and noticed that they were all looking at him and no longer humping the brains out of their pets so he started the story again.

“Yea I had the appliance man disguise in full swing the washer box in front of her door and just like always she was late for her morning shift at the gym and when her door flung open I fired the first barrel of my beanbag gun squarely into her chest, right on the breast plate knocking her back on her heels and fired the second shot into her belly and dropping her to the floor gagging.” He paused as he slurped his beer and went on.

“I tell you boys I started creaming my pants as soon as I fired the first shot; my dick hurt so much I forgot to lock the door… “ah gain,’ and yanked her gym pants and panties down and stuffed my slippery hard dick right into her pussy, and shot off a load in two pumps. I had just pulled my pants up when her young friend happened through the open door; luckily I had the syringe ready to go so I slapped her sharply, stunning her and gave her part of the dose and gave the rest to the rude bitchy cunt, not quite enough to knock either of them out but enough to keep them quiet. I felt bad about giving Candy a black eye but you got to do what you got to do.”

“I had just finished tying the two of them up when her black girlfriend popped in; much to my surprise she had her own key so when she closed the door behind her and saw me she started to scream, well I had to give her a stroke on the cheek bone and another to her stomach, but shit all that did was wake her up and she started yelling louder. She shut up as soon as I bounced the third one on her jaw bone; but that is when I found out she was an amateur boxer and a good one too, hell she landed three to my face, then a good two to my stomach, and as she started her foot work gave another few pokes to my…” Moe stopped to catch his breath.

“God damn…! Moe! a fighter.” Jeb said his voice filled with amazement.

“Shit Moe don’t stop now!” Ned and Ted chimed as they sat up in their chairs.

“Some of those women boxers can be tough.” Reb said adding his two cents worth, then remarking with a chuckle, “Shit I would’ve liked to seen your face Moe when she started fighting back.”

“I have to admit for a few seconds there I thought I was going to get knocked for a loop; because she planted another right, right, left to my jaw and all I could do was act like a swinging gate.” Moe said and paused to clear his head gulp more of his beer then started his tale again. “She had some good foot work; and she wasn’t afraid to close with her opponent either, for awhile I couldn’t plant a single punch, but she had a weak left arm and she dropped it slightly when she used her right. I was getting nervous now she was doing all the hitting, dodging most of my pokes, and I was at the scene much longer than I had anticipated. I finely got my stride and started blocking her jabs and delivering a blow to the face each time, and then I let her see a shot with her right hand and when her left sagged I popped her a good one. Her knees wobbled and both hands sagged just enough to see, and then I popped another left, left, right, and then a hard right and dropped her to the floor.” Moe paused as he panted from the excitement of his near miss with capture, slurped more beer and took a deep breath and began to gloat as he mused over his accomplishment.

“Well I finely got them all tied up and injected with enough juice to keep them quiet while I loaded them up. I was really nervous as I stowed them in the van because I was there so long like almost ten minutes longer than I wanted to be but when I got behind the wheel, and headed down the road I knew I had the grand prize, three for the price of one. There you have it all; I’ll wager Candy is going to propose to me tonight, Cocoa is still fighting we have two more rounds to complete the best of five and she is going to lose, and the bitch that started it, well she is still in isolation. She is going to break soon; I shoved the feeding hose down her throat yesterday, and started a slow drip of some of my potion… a round of very concentrated potion too.”

“What is the score?” Ned asked as he scratched his scrotum and stretched his shaft.

“Cocoa has two rounds and I have one but that is going to change tomorrow night.” Moe confidently exclaimed adding, “you all can watch the match.”

“So you never planned that threefer?” Reb questioned.

“Not for a second; it just happened.” Moe confirmed.

“She just popped in and started kicking the liven shit out of you?” Ted asked his voice rife with amazement.

“God damn Ted I honestly thought I was going down!” Moe paused as he rubbed his face adding as he air boxed with his fists, “Had she spent more time on the heavy bag she might have taken me and I told her so.”

“And she is still fighting you for a walk?” Ned quizzed, “And she thinks she is going to win? And the bitch?”

“Yea, and yea.” Moe said smugly adding, “I let her take the first round then I took the second and gave her the third, and when I left I told her to practice good because we are going to play both rounds tomorrow night. The bitch well the day after I started the potion I had her strapped to the rack and thrown into the kennel; she still has some fight left in her but the potion has took hold and soon she will begging anyone or animal with a dick to mount and fuck her.”

“Shit Moe my nuts ache just thinking about her struggling to lay down and the rack holding her in the perfect position for a fucking.” Jeb excitedly assured, as he rubbed his sack and then asked, “You think it will make her hairier like it did to Babs and most of the others?”

“It is hard to say for sure,” Moe took a long chug from his beer, “Now your pet Fanny there it took in her fast, why her body hair started growing the first week and by the third week well she is well into changing, while others take a lot longer and still others it doesn’t do anything to.”

“All I know is that is a love potion.” Ted interjected adding as he stroked his long hard shaft, “It not only makes them obedient but makes them hot; wet, and very fuckable!” and then he pushed Lassie’s face into the seat and rammed his cock into her loin grunting like an animal as he savagely pumped it in and out, stopping as the sweat formed on his back yanked it out turned towards the group panting saying, “No where can you find a woman that gets that wet that fast.” And with his shiny wet hardon bobbing hoisted his beer to his mouth and noisily chugged it dry.

End Ch. 1 The criminal pt. 1

Ch. 2 The Victim pt. 1

As exhaustion caused by sleep deprivation over powered her mind Lincy drifted off into a sleep filled with horrifying visions of half animal half human beings carrying around dirty plastic jugs with tubes in their mouths and drinking Father’s potion. Her skin burned as she remembered the thrashings delivered by father and his cronies. Her vaginal muscles flexed and spasmed as she felt an invisible cock pistonning inside her, her back felt as though a hairy beast was upon her, and felt it’s tongue dancing in the depth of her throat. Though she could not see them but she could hear the sounds of animalistic sex; the slurping tongues, their guttural gruntings, the smell of dog sperm, and skin being slapped with hairy haunches. Along with the echoes of a thousand moaning sighs the vision of all of Father’s hired hands and the hounds that have mated with paraded through her mind.

She briefly remembered the first time she was captured and imprisoned in a room like this one only it was lit and she could see pictures of her family members and their pets taped to the walls and the angry warnings, “I can get’em, I can get’em any time.” Just the suggestion of harm to her loved ones and the brutality of her first beating was enough to instantly inspire an intense willingness to obey. When father ordered her to drink from that filthy tube the first time Lincy did so without hesitation. She wretched with every swallow as she sucked unctuous fluid into her mouth. The salty, sweet, gelatinous ooze coated her throat as it slid down, her body shuddered, and sweat rolled off in sheets.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and held by one of the beasts while another shoved a tube down her throat and as her belly began to bloat she snapped from her sleep gasping in fear. The whelps that covered her dirty skin were burning and some of them were blistered and weeping. She thought, “How long have I been here now?” She tried to remember what her husband looked like and sobbed as she couldn’t even remember his name.

Lincy lay there drifting in a half sleep hazy awareness of the screams coming from one of the women that chose to fight Father’s will and potion. She remembered watching through the peep hole as four men whipped her laughing the whole time, and tied her to a post and bench. It would let her move around stiff legged as it swiveled around the post, but would not let her cover her privates and forced her to stay on all fours. They all giggled like impish boys as they strapped her to it as well as laughing while they beat her some more with their whips. Her loud hate filled ravings filled the air as the four of them took turns raping her. Lincy remembered how one of them asked for the bitch scent, and how loudly he laughed as he scooped up the gooey mess and then stuffed it into her. As they left their laughing could be heard over her cursing.

The growling and barking of the hounds grew louder as they caught the scent and drew near. They fought amongst their selves for first rights; her ravings turned into fearfully loud screams as she struggled awkwardly bouncing her body in an effort to keep the hounds from mounting her. Then one of the hounds took a mouthful of hair another grabbed her ankle and like a pack of feeding animals holding their prey to the ground, they held her still legs splayed. Her screaming turned into shrill panic filled shrieks echoing throughout the barnyard. As the leader mounted she let out one long scream empting her lungs as he wrapped his front legs around her waist the first time and began feverishly grinding his hairy haunches against her buttocks. The afternoon air was filled with a loud grunting sound and then just a staccatoed series of grunts could be heard as the beast pounded his cock into her womb. Her cries and groans turned to fading moans as the attacks went on into the night; each of the hairy beasts in turn were relentlessly mounting her and shoving their huge cocks into her and spilling their seed. All Lincy could think of was the terrible ache deep in her groin and how badly she wanted to mate with any or all of the dogs in the kennel. Any male with a hard cock would do, but the scent of the dog sperm filled the air around her and was driving her mad with desire.

Several loud metallic clangs rang as someone started drumming on the side of the box with metal bars or pipes wresting Lincy from a short and agitated nightmarish sleep into the hot metal box room. It felt like it was bouncing and spinning; a pounding headache raged, her lips swollen from being parched and her mouth was blistered as well. Lincy’s heart was racing, she couldn’t catch her breath, and deep in her groin was a terrible throbbing ache; not from needing to pee but from the nonstop desirous churning of her spasming vaginal muscles, her womb craved to be filled with a hard dick, and hot sperm. Her Bartholin fluids were seeping out and into her pubic hairs and slipping down her cheeks as she lay on the floor. Her skin yearned for any beast’s hot hairy body shuffling on her back so much so she could feel smell his breath and felt its heat blowing across her neck.

She could barely hear someone calling out to her over the metallic echoes inside her mind, her throat was so pasty she couldn’t respond verbally, and just barely mustered the strength to slap the wall with her limp hand. As Lincy struggled to open her eyes her vision was blurry, the whole box was lit by the small open hatch in the big door, and as the noise in her ears quieted she recognized the voice calling to her as ‘Father’s…!’

“You best be sticking your head through this hole or I gonna come in there and whip the liv’en shit out o’ you!” his voice growled. Lincy grunted loudly as she struggled for the opening and falling in her topsy tervy spinning world. She tried to call out when she got to her knees but her voice stuck in her throat and just as the chain rattled through the eye bolts she lunged for the opening, poking her head into the blinding afternoon sun, grunting and gasping, croaking, like a frog through her painfully parched throat.

“Girl you did that just in time.” Father growled as he put a chain around her neck. He gave her a few sharp slaps across her face with the back of his hands causing her knees to weaken, a thin line of blood to run from her blistered lip, her ears to ring, and then in a threatening tone warned, “You better not drink this I’m just gonna wash your mouth and throat and then if you’re good give you a little drink.” And then another loud slap sounded and he growled, “Hold your mouth open!” Lincy hung in the porthole her cheeks stinging from the slaps as he stuffed a brush with a foul tasting goo on it and brushed her mouth and shoving it far enough down her throat to make her gag as he scrubbed it and then sprayed warm water into her freshly bushed mouth rinsing it out. Lincy fought off the urge to swallow as the warm water splashed across her parched throat and tongue; she started to cry as the pain from burning blisters in her mouth eased, and when a little cool water began to dribble across her neck cooling her down some she started sobbing blubbering loudly.

Another loud crack echoed across the yard and the gelatinous stringers of saliva spiraled to the ground. “Are you going to be a good little bitch?” He asked in a rough threatening voice as he painfully squeezed her face. All Lincy could do was buck into the metal door and make garbled croaking groans as she nodded her head in eager assurance of her willing obedience. The whelps from her last whipping still burned and drained but all she really wanted was to please father even if he wanted to beat her some more she thought, “Oh please father let me please you!”

“Now don’t drink this either.” He growled as he sprayed more water into her mouth washing another coating of slime from her mouth and squirting some down Lincy’s throat causing her to gag and cough, urine shot from her urethra as she convulsed. She shivered as more cool water ran through her hair and over her face making her urinate in uncontrollable gushes, and she licked at the water as it curled over her lips.

“Okay now you can drink some.” Father said with a warming voice, and Lincy started swallowing the warm water. “Not too much!” Father snapped as he yanked the hose away.

“God…! Please…! Father mate with me! I want to feel you inside me!” Lincy gasped pleadingly after her voice returned adding, “Please Father mate with me and make me your bitch again! I will do what I can to make it feel good!” she begged as tears streamed down her face.

“In good time my sweet dear, but right now you don’t look too good.” Father noted as he ran his fingers through her matted hair and then asked, “Are you going to be sick?” as he opened the cell door.

“I’m sorry Father but I don’t think I can hold this down much longer.” Lincy lamented as she staggered through the door her urine was free flowing down both legs as she passed through the door and dropped to her hands and knees. Lincy’s body was covered with sweat and long stringers of sticky saliva dangled from her mouth and dropped to the ground as she trembled and moaned.

“That’s okay dear you don’t have to, just let it out… let it all out.” Father consoled her. Lincy looked around with a fearfully distressed look on her face then stared at the ground. A thick greenish black stream of vomit exploded from her mouth as did a blackish stream of watery feces gushed from her anus. Lincy groaned and coughed as she convulsively expelled the contents of her stomach and bowels; trembling and sweating between surges, and after several minutes the liquid squirting from both ends turned nearly clear and the flow from her bowels stopped but her rectal muscles were clearly spasming as her anus would gape and push outward and then suck inward. The greenish clear bile vanished as her retching turned into dry heaving and even that slowed.

Between gasping gags Lincy pleaded, “Please Father… forgive me Please! I tried to keep it in me… I swear I did but I just couldn’t!”

“There, there dear you weren’t going to keep it inside you no matter how hard you tried; but because you tried so hard I am going to reward you with a special treat in a little while.” He consoled as he sat and began putting together another dose of herbs, and bodily enzymes for Lincy to suck through the tube until she was told to stop. Lincy’s vision had cleared but was still blurry as she watched Father picking seeds and grinding them she beckoned, “Father?” then winced from fear of being slapped or whipped.

“Yes my dear sweet Lincy for the next few minutes you can speak so ask me all you want.” He sang softly and then asked, “Have you thought of that special something you want as a reward?”

“Yes I want you to mate with me so I can have your baby!” She fervently sighed and added seductively, “I am ovulating I’m sure the timing is perfect.”

“Yes we will but not right away.” He kindly assured and began petting her like a person would pet their dog and then softly supposed, “I would’ve thought that you missed Bruno.” Lincy’s body shuddered and tensed as he mentioned the dog’s name. She had fallen in love with him the first time he mated with her in the kennel. Her scent filled the air as tendrils of her Bartholin fluids coursed their way down her thighs, and moans erupted from deep inside her throat, and seductively he asked, “You want him don’t you?”

“Oh god yes father god yes I want him so it hurts!” Lincy agonizingly cried out as she curled up around his feet, dirt sticking to her sweated body when she started rolling over and over, rubbing her body in the dirt like an animal.

“What would you do for me or give me?” He teased further.

“If I knew what it was I had you wanted I would give it instantly. I would gladly suck your dick any time any where.” Lincy pleadingly assured and nuzzled the inside of his thigh and pushed her face into his bulge.

“Even nurse a family of puppies?” Father posed.

“If I had milk in my breasts I would let any one or any animal you wanted me to, suckle milk from my breasts.” She assured fervently looking up into his eyes and then sadly added, “But my breasts are dry, I have no milk to offer.”

And then Father countered, “But if you did?”

“If I did I would nurse them all until my milk dried up.” Lincy guaranteed as she proudly held her breasts out.

Father whistled and breaking twigs sounded instantly. When the figure of a black dog lumbered into sight urine exploded from Lincy as she filled the afternoon air with joyous shrieks of laughter, at the sight of her lover Bruno. She began spinning around her whole body glistened from sweat as the two animals romped about they made gleeful whimperings, shared licking, and sniffing. The mating ritual was in full swing, Lincy vaginal opening was dilated in eager anticipation, and every time the hound swiped his tongue across it Lincy would shriek impishly, and when she sucked his sack into her mouth he would let out a long loud growling whine. Lincy was in orgasmic rapture even before being mounted; but when he did finally climb onto her back her gasping grunts sounded as though they were driven by panic, and exploded into loud raspy groans when he plunged his cock and knot into her hungry womb. Bruno’s growling grunts quickly exploded into one long groan as his body tensed and then his thrusts turned into convulsive plunging accompanied by his deep throaty grunts as he spilled his seed into Lincy’s womb and then both animals were motionless as they panted.

Bruno never released his grip around Lincy’s waist and just kept his haunches pressed firmly into her buttocks forcing his cock deep into her vaginal well while the last of his seed seeped into her belly. Lincy’s skin was deep red and shinny with sweat as she gasped for every breath, her face was wringing with passions as the beast’s penis throbbed in her belly. In just a few short minutes Bruno caught his breath and began to piston his member inside Lincy’s vaginal well making loud wet squelching noises, he was making the same strained grunts Lincy was as she bucked into his thrusts, his hairy scrotum was being coated with their shared juices as were the insides of her thighs with each plunge.

The crescendo of his long thrusts increased to a feverish rate as his head arched back; Lincy’s body quaked from the powerful thrusting haunches as they meshed with her buttocks, her breasts flinging back and forth to their heaving bodies, and both animals were now gasping loudly. Lincy started voicelessly screaming and she forcefully bucked her buttocks into Bruno’s hairy haunches as the throws of ecstasy swept her away inciting her mate to flinch and groan as his sperm surged into Lincy’s womb, and when the last few spasmodic thrusts stopped again both animals were motionless as they struggled for their very breath. Bruno released his grip and with a sharp yank pulled free making a very wet sucking squelch as it pulled out, and then alternated between licking his own organ and cleaning Lincy’s.

“Here Lincy come here girl.” Father beckoned and slapped his thigh and as Lincy neared he cajoled, “Good girl now sit.” And as she complied he asked, “If I let you share a run with Bruno you promise to tell me when your breasts fill with milk?”

“Oh yes Father!” she cried out overwrought with excitement and pleadingly added, “I promise to tell you at the first sign!”

“Good then I’ll move the two of you into the small run with the pregnant bitch whose pups you will be nursing.” He said as a matter of factly and as a smile started to beam he pointed out, “Look ole Bruno has another boner already.” And sure enough as Lincy looked at him she saw his swelling penis sticking well beyond it’s sheath, his tail wagging frantically, and his head cocked to one side as he let out a few quiet whiny moof-moofs, and Lincy giggled impishly in response.

“Okay girl beg.” He ordered and Lincy knew to sit on her knees hold her arms behind her head close her eyes and open her mouth. She heard his zipper slide open and the cloth rustle as he pulled his penis out, and she knew to suck when it entered her mouth and to put her hands on his buttocks and work its full length. She pressed her nose into his curly hairs as she kept it in the depth of her throat and felt it turn hard and as her stomach heaved for breath let it slip slowly out.

“Faster work it faster!” Father barked as he slapped her face once hard enough to make her ears ring and cheek sting; but she went as fast as she could, even kept the pace when her jaws started to ache, but knew he was getting close because she could taste his precum and felt her throat turn slick, “Okay!” He strained and Lincy knew to suckle his gland, massage his testicles, and milk his shaft vigorously. The inside of her mouth filled with the slickness of his preejaculate, she felt it change from a watery flow to a thick ooze copiously coating her mouth and throat. Suddenly he let out a loud gasping groan grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved his cock half way down her throat; she could feel the torrential surges of hot sperm gushing down her throat, and as his grip on her hair eased she knew to look into his eyes, suckle the head, and milk the shaft until he made her stop. Lincy’s jaw ached so bad she could barely keep her eyes open when Father raised his hand and was about to deliver another stinging slap when Bruno let out a loud bark and growl.

“I guess he is still protective of you.” He said as he just petted her ear and with a threatening tone added, “Don’t break your promise!”

“I won’t Father I promise.” Lincy assured and seductively added, “I do really want to please you and if going some where and letting you beat me will please you then that is what I will do.”

“Well maybe once in a while just as a reminder, but for now open your mouth.” He ordered and added as he shoved the tube down Lincy’s throat, “This is too strong for you to drink outright.” Father paused as he watched Lincy struggling with her gag reflex as her stomach filled and looked into her tearing eyes as they watered and listened to her struggling for her breath. Lincy felt her stomach start to bloat and urine began to flow out and she started to feel that familiar pounding behind her clitoris, and the ringing in her ears and then Father pulled the tube out chiming, “All gone. That was a good girl.” He cajoled and ordered, “No more talking except to tell me what your tits feel like, and from now on you are Bruno’s bitch Sadie.” Father put a collar on Sadie snapped on a leash and the three of them headed for the small run with Bruno’s nose in Sadie’s butt licking her crotch and trying to mount her the whole way there.

A big black, brown, and white long haired dog was drinking from her water dish as the group neared the pen and she looked very pregnant, and by the way her titties looked this wasn’t the first litter she had had. This smaller kennel had green grass to walk and lay on rather than dirt or gravel and would be much easier on Lincy’s knees, she had almost forgotten about walking up right. The chain rattled as it was pulled through the eyes and after the gate squeaked open Sadie scampered right in with Bruno close on her ass. The pregnant bitch walked close and both Bruno and Sadie stopped as she gave their butts a getting to know you sniff, she even gave Lincy’s pussy a few slathery licks, but when she started licking Bruno’s bone Sadie’s belly turned icy cold as jealousy started to rage but subsided as soon as Katie sauntered over and laid down in the shade.

Both Bruno and Sadie found the water bowl and quickly drank their fill and began roughhousing as they renewed their mating dance; first he would mount her without so much as a lick and Sadie would swing her butt away from his clutching front paws and then try to mount him and he would knock her to the ground and as Lincy’s juices began to flow her scent filled the country side. A crowd of ranch hands gathered to watch the roughhousing and Sadie didn’t care she just wanted Bruno’s huge bone inside her womb again but continued to thwart his efforts to mount her until he grabbed a mouth full of hair and held her head to the ground until he got his leg around her side and released his mouth full as he shuffled into he saddle and skillfully found her gaping vaginal opening and with a single thrust plunged his hot red cock deep into her womb.

Several cheers erupted from the crowd as Bruno’s throbbing cock and swelled knot vanished into Lincy’s gaping vaginal opening, and the cheering grew as he renewed his feverish thrusting; cheers like ‘ride her hard boy’ and ‘that’s it that’s it’ and the run of gasping hisses like yeses as they slapped their hands together and without a hint his rapid thrusting stopped, he maintained his tight grip around her side and his haunches pressed firmly to her buttocks.

“Okay boys he is going to soak his bone for a good hour before he dumps his load in her cunt so back to work.” Sounded from the middle of the crowd and it quickly dispersed. Lincy or Sadie knew by the way he was licking her neck and ear that the man was right and held herself open in eager anticipation of the next few slow thrusts to start. When she felt his penis get smaller she knew he would start his rhythmic thrusting and stop as soon as his cock swelled and turned rigid keeping his seed inside him till he was ready. Repeatedly his powerful hairy haunches rocked Sadie’s body as they pounded her buttocks and then he would stop and lick her cheek or stick his nose into her hair and breathe in the scent as he caught his breath. Both Sadie and Bruno started grunting loudly when his powerful thrusts turned convulsive and his sperm surged into her womb making Sadie scream out in a throaty series of gasping groans, and again both animals were still as they panted catching their breath.

Bruno was the first to move giving his member a few yanks as he tried to pull free and while he yanked Sadie just giggled impishly, and with a few more stronger yanks he managed to pull free making a shlopping sploosh sound as his softened member popped free from Sadie’s grip. He gave her sperm soaked vagina a thorough licking and then cleaned his own genitalia, and the two of them stretched out in the fading afternoon sun and went to sleep with Bruno’s body nearly covering Sadie’s.

End Ch. 2 the Victim pt. 1

Ch. 2 The Crime pt. 2

Greg was drifting in and out of consciousness as the ambulance raced to the hospital. When he was conscious he was disgusted with him self for getting angry with Lincy for not responding to his urging to talk to the police and now sick at heart because of his urging she is gone. When he was unconscious he thought of her nightmarish existence and could see the animals humping other women and father there with his whip like some underworld demon tearing the flesh of his victims open with every lash hideously laughing at their torment while they kissed his feet. The vision of his wife’s sweated body being bounced between two sweaty hair covered men; one with his dick in her mouth, the other ramming his dick into her pussy was sickening.

The blinding light from the medic’s penlight brought Greg back from his nightmare. When his eyes focused he could see the dolt woman detective writing in her notebook and the concerned medic checking the readings from all the sensors attached to his body, and then she looked into his eyes and smiled. Greg could see her mouth moving but couldn’t hear what she was saying; but her soft looking eyes were all he needed to see and the outside world vanished all but the guilt of causing his wife’s torment.

The sound of Lincy’s voice woke him he knew he was dreaming but so glad to be with his wife if only dreaming. It was the night she told him about the anniversary party and he heard himself promising, “I won’t tell or say anything you don’t tell first, I promise!” and then he flashed to the first time he caught her having sex with the neighbor’s dog a huge lumbering animal he remembered being saddened because she was so turned on so sweated her scent filled the yard. The only reason he felt sad was because he could no longer satisfy his wife. The only way Lincy wanted to have sex was mating like an animal and the only time she turned amorous was when she watched other animals mating, but that night they had a threesome and she was as hot as she ever was for him. That was the night she told him the story and her voice filled his mind.

“It was the first time I was taken to the main house; I was drinking from the water bowl just after one of the dogs finished mating with me. I could hear loud music coming from the house. One of the workers left the house and was walking towards the kennel. He rattled the gate and when I looked up he motioned me towards him, snapped a leash to my choke chain collar and started whipping me with the leash god how it burned and blistered my skin. I started screaming, “I’ve been a good little bitch for father and all of his friends you too,” and as I moved toward his feet the beating stopped and he growled, “Are you going to stay a good little bitch?”

I groveled at his feet and pleadingly assured, “Yes I am going to be a good bitch for father!” and gasped to catch my breath and asked, “Do you want to fuck me now or do you want me to suck your dick?”

“There isn’t time now but later I am going to get a piece of you.” He snarled then jerked the chain choking me as we started in the direction of the house and he gruffly added, “Your master sent me to get you for the anniversary party.” And off to the house we walked him tugging the leash and choking me all the way to the door.

As we neared the house the music became loud, and the men were boisterously laughing and talking and the women were screeching, laughing, and gasping licentiously. When the door opened and we entered the hall way I gagged from the stench; the smell of stale sweat, sperm, and urine was overwhelming. The scene shocking as the men and dogs alike were pawing the women, and all of the women were dirty looking. Their hair matted to their face with what looked like semen, their pubic hairs were glazed with sperm, and dried dirt stains ran down both legs. Their backs, buttocks, and thighs were covered with whelps from the whippings and scratch marks from the animals they were mating.
A very pregnant and very filthy woman entered the hallway from a side room and had a plastic gallon jug filled with father’s potion in her arm and holding a tube close to my mouth she sneered, “You know what to do!” I sucked until the jug went dry; the potion was much stronger than it had ever been and I instantly became dizzy, my eyes and nose burned, and the urge to vomit was nearly overpowering, fortunately it passed quickly. The nausea lingered, my heart pounded, and the ringing my ears was deafening. My nipples turned so hard they ached terribly, and my clitoris began to throb as my labia turned hot, and my vaginal muscles started churning and little squirts of urine ran down my legs.

My vision was blurry but when we entered the main room, I could see good enough to tell there were about thirty men all of them were wearing disguises, there were about fifteen or twenty dogs, and maybe twenty or twenty-five women all of them filthy like the women in the hall and all of them being ravaged either by men, or by the dogs, or by each other. All in different phases of sexual intercourse, some of the men not moving and some of the dogs butt to butt with their sex partner, while others were just getting started, and still others were busy cleaning themselves or licking the fresh semen from the women’s pussies or off the dicks. Some of the women were either drinking potion or they were being given an enema. Every human being was covered with sweat and I was beginning to sweat like the rest of them.

There was father sitting on the over stuffed couch with his harem; one of them sitting in his lap and it was easy to see his huge tool sliding in and out of her as she pumped, another had her face buried in his crotch clearly sucking on his scrotum, three of the six were quite pregnant, and one was just standing next to father watching. He waved his hand and the worker started jerking the chain choking me as we made our way towards father. Once there he handed my leash to father and disappeared into the crowd. With a sharp tug I fell toward father, I quickly stood back up and kissed father sliding my tongue deep into his throat. He grabbed a hand full of hair and pushed my face down the same time the woman riding his cock hopped off and was soon nose to nose with the woman sucking on his sack and feeling huge wads of sperm being shot down my throat. It wasn’t until my body started starving for air that he let go of my hair, and as I pulled back I wrapped both hands around his huge shaft and milked it and suckled his flared gland swallowing the last of his sperm as it oozed from his softening penis.

I heard him call out, “Here Cesar come here Cesar!” Cesar is a German Shepard, Wolf mix that bounced to the couch with in seconds of being called and gave father several licks and then found my butt and as he stuffed his nose between my cheeks father sang, “That’s it boy she’s your bitch tonight lick it and fuck it, lick it and fuck it!” My stomach exploded with excitement and my body started to tremble, as his tongue slid across my wet pussy. Father’s cock turned hard in my mouth as the sounds of licking turned into sloshing and with a hop he mounted me, smartly sticking his huge cock all the way into me and bouncing his horrendous knot against my vulva and with another powerful thrust forced his knot through my vaginal sphincter. A thick rope of sperm shot from his cock as the beast’s haunches began slapping my buttocks. My orgasmic cries were stifled by the size of Father’s cock and his gooey sperm sliding down my throat. Cesar’s thrusting turned explosively forceful in just a few minutes and his seed soon filled my vaginal vault. He lay draped across my back briefly before giving a sharp yank and with a sploosh pulled his cock free, and was gone after giving my fanny and his penis a few licks.

The juices felt ‘soooo…!’ good as they pooled around my cervix and coursed their way down my legs, and it felt good to know father was pleased too. The young blond walked towards me leaned down and attached a leather chew toy to my collar and licentiously tittered, “You belong to Cesar this week so you stay on all fours and do ‘not…!’ talk.” She laughed impishly as she swatted my buttocks ordering, “Now get out there and fuck, fuck, and fuck!”

I quickly padded my way into the crowded room looking for Cesar I wanted him to mate with him again. I was following his scent when one of the men grabbed me by the hair and stuffed my face into a woman’s sperm soaked bushy pussy her feet gripped my head, and she started grinding my face in her very hairy and wet pussy. The man that grabbed me plunged his huge cock into me while the woman latched onto my head with both feet and hands, he was taking long and very fast thrusts. Father’s potion was working its magic as the rapid thrusts started making me orgasm, and in only a few short minutes I was having my elated cries of ecstasy stifled by the woman’s gaping vagina. He stopped and abruptly pulled out of me and stuffed his penis down the woman’s throat. When I looked up I watched his anus winking as he squirted his seed in her mouth and followed the rope of sperm from her chin to her hairy belly button and knew I had some in my hair.

I scampered off when she let go of my head frantically looking for Cesar when another dog crashed into me knocking me to the floor. He held me down with his front paws while he announced to the riotous crowd with several loud growling barks surely he was saying, “Look at me I’ve got the bitch now!” and proceeded to bathe me with his wonderful, wet, leathery, tongue; and went it swiped across my clitty I let out a loud impishly wicked laugh and my urine gushed out across the floor. When he lumbered over me I could read his brass name plate “Brutus” and gasped when I saw his cock extending far beyond it’s sheath with his essence squirting on my belly and that horrendous grapefruit sized knot swelling within it. As soon as I heard that long whinny growl I knew it was time to roll onto all fours, and rubbed that cock with my butt. Wrapping his front legs around my waste he quickly found my sweet spot and painfully plunged that huge dog dick into my vaginal well. I screamed out and quaked from the agony brought by the suddenness of the penetration. His thrusts were short and sharp as he tried to force his knot into my womb, and with each staccatoed burst he came closer to sinking his huge globe. I almost passed out when it thumped it’s way into my well; my breath caught in my throat, my heart stopped beating for an instant, and the room spun into a blur. The next thing I knew my vaginal well was bloated with his seed and we were butt to butt with him madly jerking and dragging me behind him as he tried to free his softening penis. Finally with a loud squelching sploosh his cock pulled free followed by a torrential gush of urine.

Greg’s eyes flashed open as his body was jolted by another electric shock and as the darkness ensued he could hear water dripping from a faucet and bang another jolt ravaged his body. He looked and found he was still in the ambulance the female dolt cop was still writing in her note pad. His eyes filled with tears as the medic waved her flashlight checking his pupils he wanted to go back to his dream and be with his wife one last time before dying if that is what he was about to do.

End Ch. 2 the Crime pt. 2

Ch. 2 The Criminal pt. 2

Mort watched Janet as she worked filling the salt and pepper shakers checking the sugars; his cup was empty for only a moment and was filled then she went back to her chores, and checking on the couple having breakfast, Janet had a very pleasant air about her, focused on her job but talkative.

When she topped off Mort’s cup he asked, “How long have you been here…Janet?”

“Oh god I couldn’t say right off hand.” Janet paused as if thinking and continued, “I just woke up here one day.”

“That sounds like a long story Jan if you’ll excuse the familiarity.” Mort warmly responded.

“Not really.” She shot back and headed for the register the older couple finished and were looking like they wanted the check. As he watcher her race off, his mind drifted back to the last poker night.

“Well boys!” Moe crowed as he stood and stretched, “I think all of our balls are ready to pop so what do you say to messing with Messy Missy!” and he gave Bessie two sharp loud swats to her buttock and motioned for the dog door. There were now three distinct red hand marks on that buttock that could be clearly seen as she hustled for the little door and when she opened it kissed at the air. The rest of the crew followed Moe’s lead and started stretching, yawning, and milling around with their pets heeling at their feet getting their circulation moving again.

Suddenly in bounced messy Missy wagging her imaginary tail taking wide swings from side to side blindly groping her way as she sniffed at everybody’s butt, cock, and pussy. Unexpectedly the room filled with gregarious laughter as they watched Missy frantically swaying her hips from side to side.

“She’s pittling allover herself just like a little pup!” Ned Gasped out between belly roars. Sure enough there for all to see were little squirts of urine spraying allover the floor as Missy wagged her imaginary tail.

“Auw She’s just glad to see us boys!” Ted uproariously kicked in between laughs adding, “Where in the world can a person find bitch that willing and eager to be fucked!?”

“My God…! Moe I don’t remember her being quite that hairy!” Reb excitedly recalled adding, “Her hairs are much longer and darker and her skin is darker!” He smiled as he watched her sniffing and licking his scrotum and then added, “That magical potion of you’res has really taken hold with this bitch.” He was right Missy had thick trails of long dark body hair running from her armpits and thinning as they neared her waste, from her neck down her spine. Her buttocks and thighs were covered with the long silky black hairs, and the thick mass nearly hid her genitalia. Her shiny hair ran from her vagina half way up her stomach forming a vee as it reached her large breasts which remained creamy white and smooth capped by two large nipples.

“My god Moe she is in heat I can smell her wonderful puss now.” Jeb excitedly remarked his eyes fixed on her wriggling butt. Her vulva were quite red, her labia was a darker red and very puffy and splayed, and her thumb sized clitoris was very erect and pulsing. Her vaginal opening was winking open and closed; when it opened beads of her sweet cream could be seen, and when it closed those shimmering beads would hang from her clitoris and then drop to the floor or get flung onto her thighs and form tendrils as she wriggled.

“Come here girl!” Moe called and as she bounced to and sat by his feet Moe directed, “Okay now everyone separate and go to different sides of the room Missy has a new trick.” The boys all got another beer as they shuffled to their side of the room and the pets padded their way to the other side. The room filled with the hisses from the bottles opening and the loud slurping followed by gaseous belching and soon the room became quiet.

Moe snickered, “Okay girl find the couples!” then slapped his hands signifying start. Missy went to Jeb first sniffed his butt and scrotum and then sniffed the pet’s butts until she found Tessy took a mouthful of hair and dragged her to Jeb. She repeated the sniffing and licking with the other three couples and when finished she went back to Tessy’s butt and started eagerly licking it then mounted her and began to play act at humping her and then she started crawling allover her and squirting urine in her hair, on her back, buttocks and legs and then slurped the full length of Jeb’s rigid shaft making loud gurgling noises as she slurped it down her throat. The room soon filled with the scent of a woman in heat and Tessy began to lick, bite and suck Missy’s clitoris and labia.

Jeb looked up with a puzzled look on his face and asked, “How did she know I was first Moe?”

“I gave her a pair of your dirty cum stained shorts.” Moe answered with a chuckle grabbing Bessie by the hair and shoving his hard dick down her throat several times and stopped before ejaculating.

Jeb quickly grabbed Missy’s arms and pushed her face into the seat cushion moved behind her pulling her hands to her face and stuffing his nose into her hair ordered, “Okay Tessy tuck him into her sweet spot!” and soon began grunting and groaning loudly as he thrust his cock into her taking long, fast, and deep strokes with Missy doing her best to buck into his thrusts and just like a hound his thrusting turned spasmodic and sweat poured off his skin as his gruntings turned throaty. The room soon filled with the smell of fresh sperm when he pulled out and with a satisfied look on his face he said, “Moe it’s your turn.” Pulled her up from the cushion sat and stuffed his cock down her throat as Moe bellied up behind her.

As Tessy placed Moe’s gland in Missy’s opening he pumped it in hard and groaning loudly said, “Shit Jeb the best part of you just splashed onto my balls.” And the room filled with loud roaring laughter. Everyone was laughing so hard they didn’t hear Moe grunt as his sperm surged into her cervix.

“Hey Ned if you can pull yourself away from Doggy it’s your turn.” Moe chortled as he sank back into his chair and ordered, “Lick him clean Bessie.” And his pet went to work licking the sperm from his sagging shaft.

“Yea Ned if you pump her hard enough you might get more of Jeb’s best as well as Moe’s on your balls too.” Ted gasped out as he laughed at his own joke.

As Ned bellied up for his turn Jeb said hastily, “Wait a minute I’m getting ready to shoot another load.” And he yanked his member from Missy’s mouth and sprayed sperm allover her buttocks just before he shoved it into her love well with Tessy directing his aim and spilling the last few squirts in her womb. Ned took his place right after Jeb groaned as he gave her a few more pokes, sighed. and pulled out. He slumped back in his chair and watched Ned as he started playing in the copious sperm oozing down her thighs.

Ned started rubbing the thick accumulation of sperm allover Missy’s inner thighs when Reb yelled, “Quit playing in your food and get on with it.” Again the room shook from the boisterous laughter.

“Auw shit guys you made me laugh so hard I lost my boner.” Ned groaned between laughing, grabbed a hand full of cum and jacked off till it got hard again and gave it to Tessy to guide into Missy’s sweet spot. When placed he went at it taking fast and powerful thrusts slapping her buttocks every time he hit bottom, and when he came, loud animalistic noises rumbled and Ted moved in right behind him slapping her buttocks several times till her cheeks were red and then skillfully slipped his rigid shaft straight in with a thump as he meshed with her buttocks pushing her head into Jeb and knocking the chair against the wall, without warning Missy began grunting and gasping around the cock in her throat, sweat poured off in sheets as she started bucking hard against the thrusting member within the thralls of orgasm. Her mad bucking pushed Ted quickly into his groaning climax with sperm splashing out and onto her buttocks and running down both of their thighs with every thrust and soon Ted slumped panting and catching his breath and then pulled out.

“Hell Ted I thought the bitch was going to buck you into next week.” Reb crowed as he moved in for his turn and as he started working his hard dick inside Missy’s vaginal well he brayed, “Oh man I can feeel the best of everyone squishing all around in there while I pump away.” Again everyone burst out laughing even Reb laughed so hard at his own joke he shot his load before he even knew he was fucking.

Jeb started moaning and grunting as yet another load of semen spilled into Missy’s mouth, she made quiet gurgling sounds as she swallowed the thick soup.

“Which door you want Moe the front or the back door?” Ned asked loudly as he kneeled on the floor taking the place just vacated by Reb.

“Oh I want to give her back door a good juicing.” Moe crowed as he walked up with Tessy guiding Missy over Ned and then guiding both woodies each to their desired tunnel and Missy started bucking into both hardons Ted bellied up to her mouth and shoved his throbbing dick into her open mouth and down her throat.

The grunting, groaning, and panting lasted much longer as the three of them gave Missy a thorough fucking; Missy’s moans and grunts were stifled by Ted’s cock in her throat. It was Ted that came first grunting and knees quivering as he spilled his seed into her mouth. Missy was quickly slurping and cooing as she swallowed each thick squirt. Moe was next to start groaning louder than he needed as he bucked his cock into her anal cavity filling it with semen and Ned moaned out shortly after Moe collapsed sandwiching Missy between the two spent bodies with sperm oozing out and onto Ned’s belly. Moe pulled out first and then Ned rolled Missy onto the floor and cleaned his belly with her hair.

All five of them gazed at Missy’s sperm covered body smiling as they looked; her hair had a white rope of cum in it, her face had dried semen caked on one cheek with some on her neck, with her back and buttocks showing several misses. Her vaginal hair had so much sperm in it, it was pasted to her vulva and thighs with them being stained with cum all the way down to her knees. The room was silent for the first time since they started wolf packing Missy; all five of them were ogling Missy’s sperm covered body with their pets at their side and breathing deeply as they rested.

“I think we should give ole Messy Missy a break.” Moe announced adding, “She did a really good job.”

“Yea let the girl have a rest and give our seed a chance to take.” Reb chimed in.

“Okay Missy go to your bed.” Moe sang with a snicker. Missy went straight to the doggy door and looked at it waiting to be let out.

With a chuckle Ned said, “Looks like more of the best part of someone is leaking onto the floor.” Everybody looked as Ned rose and lead Doggy to Missy’s butt and ordered, “Lick it up girl.” And doggy cleaned the floor and as she looked up Ned added, “There’s another stringer oozing out.” And Doggy slurped it right down and started licking Messy Missy’s messy pussy tonguing more sperm out and down her throat. Ted opened the door and Missy ran out.

“I got to hand it to you Moe that potion of you’res is great.” Jeb sighed as Tessy licked his scrotum.

“Yea it is almost like she is a dog!” Chimed Reb as his eyes sagged.

Janet’s pleasant scent wrested Mort from his daydreaming and as she teasingly noted, “I see you’re back.” and asked, “Would you like something else?”

“Oh…! I ya…! Yea… Yes I would.” Moe stuttered as he was caught off guard.

Janet waited a few moments then asked, “Do you know what you want?” she paused waiting for an answer and then baited, “Honey you want some pie or maybe some bread pudding?”

“You got some cherry pie.” Moe yowled in an exaggerated southern accent.

Playing along Janet replied in the same exaggerated accent, “Well hell yes I baked it myself just this afternoon.” She paused and giggled and with a saucy look on her face asked, “You whaunt it hawt baby?”

“I likes my cinnamon rolls toaster oven hawt and a big slab of your cherry pie icebox cold with a pile of vanilla ice-cream please maaum!” Moe sang out then asked, “May I please have a little more coffee?”

“Why shore honey child.” Janet sang and then laughed a healthy belly roar laugh stopping abruptly as another late night couple walked in looking like they had just ran a mile in one minute. Moe’s nose started to pick up the distinct scent of sperm as it wafted from the couple. He watched them nonchalantly as they laughed and giggled quietly and heard Janet asking them if they wanted coffee, the male said yes and the female said excitedly that she was hungry and took the menu Janet handed her. Moe eyes stared as Janet put two slices of pie onto a plate and covered them with a huge pile of ice cream poured more coffee into his cup and marched off to take an order.

End Ch. 2 The Criminal pt. 2

Ch. 2 The Victim pt. 2

Lincy instinctively knew where the tube was and to suck the tube sticking in through the hole when she heard the metallic drumming on the wall and when she had drained the contents she laid back down and just waited. Soon the overstuffed feeling in her stomach vanished, the gate opened and Sadie cautiously crawled out of the kennel. All she could see was gray blurry figures either standing or moving around weather they were human or animal vegetable or what she couldn’t tell. She could smell Father was close by with some of the dogs from the big kennel as well as a few of the women. The smell of sperm both human and animal began to permeate the area when the wind shifted causing her to salivate profusely and yearn to be reunited with Bruno. She jumped a little when someone grabbed her by the leg stuffed a hose into her rectum and panic started to set in when a woman took hold of her head and forced another hose down her throat. Both her bowels and her stomach began to bloat as they filled with a heavy warm mass. Just when Lincy thought she was going to burst the tubes were yanked out.

A torrential gush of urine exploded from Lincy/Sadie as she started to black out. A long thick wad of gooey gelatinized mass sprang from her vagina and than an involuntary grunt from her bowels ejected another massive wad from her rectum, leaving her to pant and gasp as her whole body tingled and shivered. She quickly squatted as more urine gushed onto the ground creating a huge puddle and as the gusher slowed to a trickle her whole body turned warm and the bloated feelings vanished.

The scent of cooking meat soon accompanied the lingering smell of spent sperm inspiring a ravenous hunger that again filled Sadie’s mouth with saliva and her stomach growled loudly. “Come girl.” She heard and crawled towards the sound as she neared the source she instantly recognized her scent it was the pregnant woman and Sadie knew by the smell of milk the woman was nursing and no longer pregnant just like the bitch in her small kennel only she was nursing the eight yipping puppies she had given birth to. When Lincy sat at her feet the aroma of her lactating nipples made her want to suckle to quell her ravenous appetite. Sadie tried to remember when the bandage on her head was put on as the woman unwrapped it. When she was done Lincy now being called Sadie could see, but her vision was still quite blurry, and she was so glad it was gone she began to suckle at the woman’s clitoris knowing that that was expected of her.

“That’ll be enough of that!” Father snapped and then grunted, “Sit!” as she sat she looked around and saw Jake a Dane Bernard mix humping another dog, a real dog much to her surprise, and that female appeared to have some Bloodhound Labrador, and Dane mixed in with the primarily Wolf bitch. A regular hinz fifty-seven and watching them going at it made her want to mate as bad as she wanted to eat. Lincy had caught sight of Jake humping the bitch just as his seed started gushing into the her womb a few seconds later his body went limp. After he caught his breath he started trying to yank his penis but was hopelessly tied to the bitch and stepped off and was now butt to butt with her, kicking at her haunches much the same way he did when he finished with Sadie. Watching the two animals tied caused her groin to yearn for penetration and she felt her juices running down her thighs as sweat beaded across her body. When Father came into view Sadie’s vaginal muscles started surging and little squirts of urine splashed on the ground as she started squirming and she quickly forgot about her hunger for food, her desire to mate with Bruno, and wanted ‘his…!’ penis inside her.

“Father my titties are leaking milk now.” She informed as she kept her promise hoping to curry his ministrations.

“That is good we will start you nursing those pups later.” He happily acknowledged. “You want a ride?” Father cheerfully sang out and Lincy jumped up and bounced over to him whimpering. When at his feet she spun around and invitingly wriggled her fanny at his face.

“Now tuck him in girl.” He whispered as he knelt down and wrapped his arms around Sadie’s waist while she gently wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, placed his dripping gland in her opening and guided his meaty loaf, into a thoroughly dilated vagina. Loud wet squelching noises sounded as he pistoned inside her and in just a few seconds Lincy was yelling out voicelessly as her orgasm raced throughout her body, as her climax subsided Father stopped and pulled out before leaving his seed in her womb. Concerned that he did not fill her womb with his sperm Sadie started frantically licking his scrotum in an effort to reengage him, but Father just petted her saying ‘good girl’ over and over easing her fear a little.

“The boys have caught her scent Father.” Announced the woman adding, “They both look like they want her!”

“Yes Bessie my potion has taken hold in little Sadie’s groin she really got wet and came straight away. Well girl want to give the boys a ride?” Father teasingly asked and motioned towards the two huge brown and black dogs standing at attention tails frantically wagging. Sadie bounced and spun around gasping an eager reply prompting Father to say, “Well go ahead girl and have a good ride.”

As Sadie bounced towards the two dogs Mort pulled the other woman to the table and pushed her across it sliding his erection deep into her wetted loin taking long and very slow strokes. They both watched the animal antics as the three of them roughhoused barking yipping and playfully growling at each other. It was not long before both male dogs had her pinned to the ground and eagerly licking her from head to toe; both of them licking, sniffing, and snorting at her armpits, face, and breasts and taking turns sniffing and licking her genitalia. Sadie’s screeching laughter echoed across the vast yard as the dogs sprayed her with their scent and then licked it off. They let her up just long enough to spray them with her scent and then knocked her back to the ground and pinning her while they fed on her juices. The loud laughter was turned into loud gurgling when one of Sadie’s playmates started shoving his tongue deep into her throat again and again as he fed on the juices in her throat, while the second animal licked her sweet loin, both of them were showing a lot of hot red meat, and their large hairy sacks flailed about as they pranced around the writhing woman.

The dog that was Frenching Sadie looked up and let out a loud barking growl, the other dog backed off right away, and Sadie quickly rolled onto all fours facing her bottom towards her first lover. After taking several licks across her loin he mounted Sadie, deftly finding her sweet spot and with two quick thrusts plunged his huge cock and globe into her hungry womb. She let out a trail of staccatoed grunts as the hairy beast feverishly humped, keeping his nose planted in her hair and his hot breath gusting across her neck. Sadie’s breasts flailed from the beast’s wild ride. She began to scream out with pleasure as her climax raged. The brown and black dog started to hump convulsively emitting a loud throaty groan as his seed gushed into Sadie’s womb it seeped from her vaginal opening running down her thighs as both animals stood stoically panting gasping for every breath. The male being the first to move giving a yank and pulling his softening member from her womb making a very loud wet squelching noise and Sadie fell to the ground rolling onto her back, a very soft and warm glow beaming from her face. The first dog gave Lincy several cleaning licks and proceeded to clean his tool.

“Their huge cocks pass in and out of her quite easily now.” The woman noted as she lay out on the table with Father’s penis buried deep in her womb watching the second animal mount Sadie, eagerly plunging his wet red dick deep into her gaping vagina and vigorously hump spilling his seed quickly then pulling out.

“Yea her vagina has gotten much bigger.” He noted as he watched the two dogs feeding on the juices leaking out and then added, “She is almost ready to mate with Tiberius.” The woman groaned out and her body tensed at the mention of his name. “I see you still want him.” Father chuckled adding, “If you are a good little bitch I will let the two of you have a night together.”

The first animal stood up whining with his head cocked to one side and took a tentative step towards the panting Sadie then another and another till finally he had his snout in her gaping sperm soaked pussy and Sadie started letting out with loud musical sighs and lifting her feet high into the air as the animal fed hungrily on her juices, he too soon barked and again he straddled her body and she quickly rolled over and pushed her buttocks into the animal’s swelling cock wriggling her hips. After sever rapid thrusts missed their mark; one found home and the beast let out a victorious growling groan, and began to hump Sadie with an enthusiastic crescendo and quite quickly he started with a loud throaty groan then spasmed forcefully several times and was done even before Sadie could cum herself. She was not worried for as long as Father was planting his bone she was going to be able to work over the two of hers.

A twinge of disappointment flared when Sadie watched Father pull his still hard dick out but was quickly quelled when she saw him get the full douche bag and put the tube into his woman’s butt releasing the contents and then started mating with her again. For what felt like hours the two hounds mated with Sadie while Father and his woman mated; if they didn’t mount her when she wanted them to she just found one laying on his back and sucked his cock until he started to whine, and when she let him up he mounted her straight off but taking a much longer time to spill his seed. It was when she was sucking one of her hounds she heard Father groan loudly so she stopped and scampered for the table with the teased dog’s nose firmly in her butt as she swished it side to side.

“Well you better give him some since you have him turned on.” Father directed as Sadie neared the table, and so she stopped swishing and he mounted her with a bounding leap and pumping his boner deep into her womb. Sadie looked up at Father gazingly with her soft face, big eyes and warm smile while the hound noisily pounded away at her pussy he tensed and after a loud groaning growl he went limp.

“Sadie squeeze your muscle tight around his knot and tie with him and make him work ‘hard…!’ to pull free.” He ordered and an impish smile beamed as she complied just as the beast tried to yank free. Again and again he yanked trying to pull free and when he stepped to the side and was then butt to butt he began kicking at her buttocks and scratching both cheeks and thighs in a vain effort to free his trapped member.

“Next time he kicks let him go.” Father directed and laughed loudly then filled another jar with his potion and when the animal’s paw scratched she let him spring free and sat at Father’s feet breathing heavily watching the jar fill. It was much darker looking and thicker looking, and she hoped it wouldn’t make her vomit.

“Now open wide.” He directed holding a fat tube to Sadie’s mouth and when she opened in it slipped all the way down her throat causing her to gag just a little.

“Now lay down.” He softly coaxed.

As Sadie’s stomach began to fill her eyelids turned heavy and her eyes started to burn and then blackness; just the cool grass on her skin, the ringing in her ears, and the bloating in her stomach no other sounds and no other feelings.

When she awoke Sadie was laying on her side with two puppies greedily suckling at her swelled breasts, their teethe hurting as they gnawed and nursed. Bruno was drinking from the water bowl and the puppy’s mother was busy nursing the other six. Sadie’s mouth gaped when Bruno turned towards her and looked at her tongue flailing as he panted.

End Ch. 2 The Victim pt. 2

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Ch. 3 The Crime pt. 1

Greg Mineras lay motionless in his hospital bed his pasty white skin and pale lips coupled with his glazed eyes gave the appearance he was one step away from death. The nurse taking his stats looking into his eyes had on the back of her nighty looking scrub top the images of an eye, a heart, and the word ewe. The translation did not require a degree in code breaking to read “I love you.”

“Why on the back?” he wondered as he floated around the ceiling watching her as she backed out of the intensive care unit a soft smile on her face and looked up as though she could see him. “There they are eating chocolate covered dog nuts and telling dirty jokes over stale coffee. Anyone could walk in kill me and walk out with those oafish pigs none the wiser, and the only things they would care about would be all the paper work, and the five day rip for not doing their duty. Christ…! Shit…! How could I have been so stupid!?” As he flipped the group off, he gasped as he fell.

Bells and buzzers were sounding as his eyes gaped in exaggerated blinks betraying his terror; he was struggling to yell out in panic around the tube in his throat. The nurse came running back into the room followed closely by the doctor and both of them measured this, that, and the other thing, and then they poked him with needles and checked his IV tubes. The nurse was petting him gently and saying something but Greg could not make it out; and with a blink darkness blocked everything, another blink and a blaring white light filled the room, with another blink he was in the living room watching his wife Lincy flitting about preparing to go work. The door burst open as an ugly beast crashed into their living room; Greg tried to yell but his voice was mute and when he tried to run a pain shot up his legs. When he looked down his feet were nailed to the floor and his stomach was impaled by the coat stand. Greg was unable to move, shout, or help his wife in any way. Just stand there and painfully watch as the scaly beast pounded Lincy into a pile of helpless flesh and then ravage her privates with his scaly green penis.

Greg wretched in pain, as another flash of light filled his eyes he awoke back in his hospital bed coughing and gagging as the nurse tried to coat his raw throat with a cotton swab that had been dipped in a soothing kind of liquid. The tube used to help him breathe was gone but he was still unable to talk in comprehendible words just croaks and coughs, only now he could hear the nurse.

“You’re going to be fine just relax.” Rebecca Rose calmly remarked in her obviously southern born and bread voice. “That’s my boy.” She sang as Greg began to respond to her deep but feminine voice and then softly directed, “Don’t try to speak just yet, your throat is quite soar from the tube we put in to help you breath.” Rebecca Rose kept her hand lightly placed on his chest and in a calming voice said, “You gave us a bit of a scare but all of the tests are in and the doctor is sure you just had a panic attack… granted it was the worse one I’ve ever seen but not the worse one the doc has ever seen, but a panic attack just the same.” She paused because Greg’s heart rate started to rise and his breathing turned labored and Greg grimaced as he coughed obviously trying to speak.

“I told you not to talk just yet.” Rebecca Rose softly rebuffed and as a warm smile began to beam she leaned down and whispered, “If you must… just whisper quietly I’ll hear you.” and then dipped another cotton swab in the pale green jelly and swabbed his throat again and wiped his lips with a damp cloth.

The itch in his throat was soon replaced with a warm glow, the muscles in his throat relaxed and his salivary glands became quite active and when they settled down he whispered quite raspyly, “Why the words on your back?”

“For people like you.” She softly replied and after noting a puzzled look on Greg’s face she smiled quite warmly and asked, “Weren’t you floating?”

“My wife… my wife…” He coughed and struggled to breathe between the words.

“I know something terrible has happened to you and your family.” Rebecca Rose paused and looked warmly at Greg, cupped his cheek and softly whispered, “You have to get better so you can help Lincy get better.” A smile stretched thinly across Greg’s mouth and was soon interrupted as one of the officers entered the room.

“Is he ready to answer questions yet Ms. Uh Ms…?” He asked in an oafish tone. An obvious chocolate stain on his mouth and white crumbs clung to his dark green shirt.

“The doctor will call detective Kimberly Clearson and or special agent Renee Davies certainly not you!” Rebecca Rose sharply scolded as she shooed him out of the room adding in a very cross tone, “You are only suppose to be guarding the door to the room not the room and most assuredly not the nurses lounge.” And when she got him in the hallway her voice elevated to another level one that Greg was unable to place with her angelic face, “And the coffee and doughnuts that you all so greedily consumed belong to the hospital staff, now either of you bother my patient or the remaining few crumbs or cups of coffee I will have the director talk to the mayor ‘his…’ close friend about the inappropriate behavior of the police assigned to guard Mr. Mineras.”

The verbal thrashing Rebecca Rose delivered to the over weight and over paid sentry gave Greg a little bit of humor and entertained himself imagining the look of distress that must have washed across their faces when they found out their boss was friends with her boss. It seemed like hours had passed since Rebecca Rose scolded the police and vanished but made her return known.

As she impishly peered from behind the doorway a warm smile beaming she asked, “Have they…” and she motioned with her head towards the nurses lounge and pushed her nose up with her fingers snorted and then continued, “Bothered you or our snacks?”

Greg coughed convulsively from the laugh as he tried to answer her with a little humor only to be softly rebuffed by Rebecca for his effort. “No talking…! I told you.” Her voice softened to a whisper as she placed a finger to Greg’s mouth, “You have been in and out for a while, so your throat will need a little time to heal.” Rebecca Rose busied herself with taking his blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygenation of his blood and then checking his pupils for response to light, his reflexes to pain and pressure, and then writing all of her findings in his chart. With all that business, aside she looked searchingly at Greg.

“I guess you told’em off good.” Greg quietly whispered and was ravaged with an acute cough and his throat filled with mucous. Rebecca quickly grabbed the suction tube, extricated the large fibrous wad looked at him, and just shook her head in disapproval Greg placed his hand on top of hers and gave it a weak squeeze.

“You have had quite enough excitement for your first few hours back.” Rebecca Rose softly remarked as she used her free hand to fluff the blanket and cup Greg’s cheek and softly explained, “It’s time you had a nap.” After Greg gave her hand an understanding squeeze she added, “Let me give you a little something to help you take that nap.” She inserted the syringe into his IV tube and slowly pumped the amber looking fluid into the tube, looked at Greg and held his hand warmly watching him as he started to drift. Greg started feeling quite dizzy and warm; a giddy lightheaded feeling followed and he cast one last glance at Rebecca and was asleep and dreaming.

He found his self on a white sandy beach and the sun was blisteringly hot; the surf was roaring as the waves tumbled in ending with a loud hissing sound as they dissolved along the sand. He wanted to run into the water and swim but his legs wouldn’t move. He looked off into the distance and there was Lincy her long shiny black hair blowing in the soft warm breeze walking towards him. Her scanty bikini betrayed her hairy privates. Even as far away as she was, her treasure trails were visible. Greg felt his penis start to engorge with blood and turn hot, his testicles felt like balloons covered with static electricity. His stomach was turning tight, and as if a magnet hung from the sky, he was being lifted up from the sand. The closer Lincy came the faster she walked and the warmer Greg began to feel, her scent filled his nostrils, that of hot rose hip tea brewing on the stove. Greg’s heart exploded as four black tentacles stretched from the waters edge and grasped Lincy with their suction cup lined arms pulling her into the water as she screamed scratching at the loose sand. Greg jumped to his feet only to be knocked to the sand by a webbed hand and he croaked as the fingers tightened around his throat, Lincy’s sweet aroma was replaced by the stench of ammonia as the beast looked Greg in the eyes and sneered, “You…!” blowing his acrid breath in his face “You…!”

Greg’s eyes opened with rapid and wide blinking and he coughed as he gasped for air. He felt a snapping slap across his face and a white masked face of another nurse loomed over him as he looked up, and then another slap bounced across his face. Lincy’s sweet scent returned as the nurse held a soft fabric to his nose, so fresh was the scent Greg suddenly knew it was Lincy’s panties. So strong was the scent his mind filled with her memories. The nurses eyes glared over the white mask as she spoke, “You keep your fucking mouth shut…!” she paused as she looked around grabbed Greg’s penis tightly and sneeringly added, “Or this will be the last you hear of your sweet little bitch.” Lincy’s wet panties were then thrust into his nose a slap across his face, and she was gone only his wife’s scent still lingered as Greg’s eyes welled with tears. He felt the bed start to bounce, the buzzers and whistles began to sound and the bright white walls of his room faded into darkness.

Greg felt his body quake as an electric shock coursed its way through him, and stars circled around his eyes. Another jolt raced through and the white room appeared briefly. When he opened his eyes next he was again floating like a gas filled balloon, looking down as they scurried about desperately trying to bring him back. As he looked at Rebecca’s shirt top, it had a different message a U. an R. and an OK sewn into it. Greg didn’t want to believe he was okay his Lincy was gone; he wanted to float away but couldn’t get under the doorway and wink blackness filled his consciousness.

A terrible itch in his throat woke him and as he looked around the room he found the tube had been stuffed back down his throat and felt quite groggy and his eyes burned. The nurse was different the doctor was different but the room was the same. A feeling of relief washed over Greg when the new nurse neared and he could see she wasn’t the evil one he last remembered.

“Doctor… Mr. Mineras is awake.” She coolly informed.

“Well Mr. Mineras it’s good to have you back, you gave us quite a fight this time now squeeze my finger… Aw you can do better than that.” Greg gave it a second squeeze as hard as he could. “Much better!” he soothingly acknowledged and then informed, “Now we are going to give you a little something to relax you so we can take that nasty tube out, you’d like that yes?” Greg nodded his head just as he felt a soothing warm rush into his body. “Now take in a deep breath and exhale when I say okay now.” He directed. Greg coughed and convulsed as the tube was extracted and then took in a deep breath and let it out slowly and for the first time in a while, he began to feel alive.

“Mr. Mineras we have done an electro encephala gram, and taken an M.R.I. of your cerebellum and brain stem. We’ve run a constant E.K.G. and have run every one of the blood analysis we have available and can find nothing wrong with you that would account for you lapsing into coma as many times as you have. Now doctor Louan Daoh Mien, your physician Debra Van Raines, and I all think you are experiencing panic attacks because of the second abduction of your wife a little while ago. So just try to relax, I know it seems like a long time since this ordeal has started so it will be difficult at best, but you must try. Okay?” Greg nodded his head coughed when he tried to speak and then looked around the room.

“I think we’ll keep the ********* drip at its present level and start to titrate back the Prednazone five ‘mgs.’ and the ****** one ‘mg.’ every four hours, and stop the nitro for now. Keep Mr. Mineras on oxygen for now and check his stats every two hours.” doctor Louan Daoh Mien rattled off his instructions and then left.

“Now Greg…it is okay for me to call you Greg?” Yvonne Smyth asked. Greg nodded his head as he watched her fussing with his blanket and pillow. She was a very buxom blonde, a little extra weight but very well distributed. Her red cheeks and bright blue eyes gave her a very cheery looking disposition, and her accent was unmistakably English. “Well Greg luv we are going to get you healed up and don’t you worry about those nasty coppers we’ll keep them away until you are good and ready for them.” She paused as she took his temperature. She heard Greg as he quaffed her scent and with a wet smile cooed, “You like that luv well you be a good boy and we’ll let you dabble your fingers in Yvonne’s pudding.” Her sexual frankness was surprising to Greg but made him beam a smile that went well beyond his ears, and for a few brief moments forgot why and where he was. Greg tried to speak but coughed instead.

“Be a good luv and no talking just yet.” She warmly admonished and then hinted with her fingers by placing them close to the vee of her legs and wriggling them, then wrote in his chart for a few minutes looked up and smiled and softly said, “I’ll be with you for most of the night luv and then Rebecca will take over.” Yvonne pressed a few buttons on the tree his medications hung from, Greg started to feel light headed, and with a swish, she was out the door and Greg’s eyes closed.

Rebecca was the nurse that roused him from his sleep as she fussed over the tubes hanging from his arm, his nose, and from his penis. She was checking all of the readouts and when she saw he was awake asked, “What did you think of Yvonne?” Unable to speak he just grinned a very broad grin. Greg sighed as Rebecca started washing him with the warm sudsy cloth after weighing the contents of the bedpan. A broad smile beamed from Rebecca as she washed Greg’s penis causing it to turn quite hard. His breathing was just starting to rush when she stopped.

“I see she let you in on one of her many secrets.” Rebecca said with a soft laugh and gently stopped Greg’s fingers from wandering over the back of her thigh and placed her hand close to his organ in an obviously teasing gesture and watched, as it became flaccid softly whispering, “You have to get your strength up now dear you are not my only charge.” With a swish, Rebecca left to finish her rounds.

The end Ch. 3 The Crime pt. 1

Ch. 3 The Criminal pt. 1

Mort Dray roared with laughter as he walked toward his van somewhat stunned by the joke Janet his waitress had told him. It was the first time a woman had told him his… favorite joke, “What do you do when a pit bull starts humping your leg.”

They both roared when he answered, “Fake an orgasm.” He leaned against the side of the van and mused over her response to his answer.

“What if it’s real!” she sang out between laughs.

And they both roared even louder when Mort said, “Then give him a sloppy wet kiss!” It was a shame that an edgy customer had to spoil the moment by snapping his fingers and holding up his cup demanding more coffee and when Martha neared his table, Mort could hear him giving her the what for, for telling a “filthy…! joke like that in a restaurant.”

Janet won an even closer place in Mort’s heart as he remembered the way she dealt with him asking if he wanted anything else and that his meal and coffee was on her, for disturbing him. She teased him with some pie and ice cream or bread pudding. Mort started steaming when the asshole took a piece of pie ala-mode and then complained because the pie wasn’t hot enough; that was the last straw that bastard had just earned his self a free ride out to his farm. Another smile beamed from Mort’s face as Janet brought him yet another piece of pie with even more ice-cream on it all the while she was giving him warm furtive glances as if she wanted him to take her into the back room and slip poor mommy a bone. When Janet neared Mort’s table coffee pot in hand, he reached for his wallet.

“Oh no baby it is already covered!” she cooed obviously bending over far enough to give Mort an eye full of her fleshy firm breasts.

“I didn’t see it get rung in.” Mort said as he declined her warm offer.

“Come on baby let me treat you.” Janet countered as she moved towards the register and began ringing up his tab and then pulled enough money from her tips to cover it and then impishly queried, “Is that better now?” as if she knew that other waitresses just cheat the owners and Mort didn’t want that.

“Well okay.” Mort begrudgingly surrendered. A sly smile beamed as he added, “You have to have dinner out… on me… at a fancy place!” Mort warmly lured as he smiled.

“I’d love to baby…what is your name?” She asked as she stood combing her hair with her fingers.

“I like to be called Moe but you can keep calling me baby if you want.” Mort said warmly.

“Moe… you mean like Moe, Larr…?” Janet smiled a puzzled smile as Mort interrupted her.

“Yea like him.” Mort snorted and then asked, “Do you have a pet name?”

Just then, the customer that was having a bad hair day earned a lot more points with Mort as he interjected, “You all should join a lonely hearts club!” and stomped his way to the bathroom.

“Pay him no mind… Moe.” Janet said in a girlish tone, ran her fingers across his shoulders lustily sizing them up, and then noted, “You look like you spend a lot of time working out.”

Her face grew long as he stood up and then smiled, and warmly said, “Baby I have a schedule or we would be taking the rest of the night off.” Cupped her cheek softly and said, “thank you for the coffee, pie, and a nice time.” He smiled warmly then turned away.

He noticed a receipt was on the asshole’s table picked it up and asked, “Is this your number?” then bumped into the door as he shuffled backwards pushing the door open.

Janet yelled as he left, “Yea that is my number!” and stood there playing with the cheek, he touched.

Now watching from his van waiting for the little bastard to come out and get into his car then he remembered jerks full name with his card number he noted from the card sitting next to the receipt he grabbed. Mort was about to get into his van and leave when he thought, “Let us be thorough, and get his plate number, car color and type. As the ass pulled out of the lot Mort pulled out right behind him snapped a picture then turned away.

As he glided onto the freeway, his cock turned hard and he thought about the pleasures waiting for him at his farm. As Mort sped along the dark highway, the asshole became less than a distant itch, and Janet a larger part of his fantasy. The memory of her body odor filled his senses and the fleeting glimpses of her hairy under arms betrayed a very hairy pussy between her legs, led him to imagine that her legs were unshaven as well. His vivid imagining caused his cock to pound and a pool of precum to ooze under his thigh. It took a lot of effort not to rub off a nut while he was driving; but little Candy was waiting for him to come back and share wedding vows. Mort thought of Cocoa and how she was so eager to fight for her freedom; taking the terms of his wager of the best three of five rounds, and knowing she would lose the last two rounds, and begin her servitude to him. He thought about how Cocoa and Candy the last two of his three latest victims were so fortuitous for him and so very unfortunate for them that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time leaving Mort Dray no choice but to take them along with his intended victim.

Mort wondered if Rosalind his favorite German Shepard bitch had had her litter of puppies, and then there was Bessie the latest member of the breading farm he captured her fourteen months ago and knocked her up then sent her to the birthing house as her due date neared just before he left on this last trip. He laughed with a belly roar as he thought how she really believed she was carrying Thaddeus’s pups. He laughed at how a grown woman who had been to college could believe a dog could knock her up, and the thought of her torment turned his cock hot and turgid.

The miles ticked away and Mort began to see Janet’s hairy naked body on all fours being seduced by Tiberius his prized hound; he had all the best parts of the wolves, the Great Danes, the Saint Bernards, and German Shepards that went into creating his blood line. What a proud acting, intelligent hound, obedient to the nth degree. He was bigger than all of the other hounds around the farm so he was the alpha male all the other dogs followed his lead. Then a broad smug smile beamed brightly as he recalled the last time he watched Tiberius chase down one of his captives taking a mouth full of her hair and holding her head to the ground and her writhing body as she struggled against his large paws holding her to the ground, soaking her with his scent as it sprayed across her body and then with the wide swathes of his leathery tongue turn the struggling bitch into a moaning and eagerly willing mate. Mort squeezed his throbbing penis as he imagined her now on all fours anxiously waiting for Tiberius to mount her and mate. His penis started to throb, as he thought Tiberius would stay mounted for well over an hour, and the echoes of the wild bitche’s, gruntings, and moanings filled his mind.

Then he recalled how little Candy appeared and how she struggled; forcing Mort to hit her really hard three times before stopping and melting into his tight grasp. The sounds of the surrendering sighs she made after he injected her with his drug cocktail as it began to course its way through her body echoed in his mind. As he took the time to rummage through her purse, he noted her age and how innocent she looked for eighteen. He could see her small vagina and thin labia when he pulled her white panties to the side. He watched her sateen cream seep out as he ran his fingers along her soft hairless mons. A warm reminiscent smile beamed as he recalled leaving her pants and panties tied around her ankles as he taped her up; and how her eyes filled with tears as he violently raped her friend in front of her. Their muted moans echoed as he watched himself closing the van doors.

Cocoa happened along just as he was going to leave but no, she had to have her own key. By her own word, she wanted to give her girlfriend’s pussy a good licking before going to work. Mort’s heart raced as he recalled how hard she fought nearly felling him before he was able to get the upper hand but still it took several well placed jabs and punches to fell her and still she didn’t lose consciousness she just couldn’t move. Again, Mort smiled as he remembered the first three rounds in the promised contest for her freedom how well she fought and how well he controlled the outcome leaving her with two victories him with one. A broad gloat beamed as he thought of how she really believed she was going to win, making the taste of victory all the more sweeter.

Along wet drool slipped passed his lips when he sighed while maneuvering onto the long dirt driveway leading to his farm, signaling the end of a long and tedious drive. His captives, his pets, the boys, and the awaiting orgy filled his mind and then Mort said to him self, “there comes Caesar like always some how or another he knows when I am on the driveway and there he is ready to greet me and run with the van or truck as it heads to the farm. There is Thaddeus, Lucious, and T-rex all running down the drive. There is Sabrina waddling along; she has a few more weeks before she gives birth to Tiberius’s pups, and here comes Leanne, Artemis, Phoebe, and Kynthia what a wonderful site and not a one barking just madly wagging their tails and the rest of my hounds are either caged or on guard duty and that is a good thing.”

Mort Dray was home at last, at long last the weeks of stalking his next round of victims made him weary but when he opened the door the animals yanked and pulled at his clothes and he just rolled out onto the ground and they all struggled for a place and a chance to lick his face and sniff at his pits. Feverishly they sniffed at his crotch, armpits, and cuffs of his pants. There was Mort’s brother Hank coming with their cousins Ralph and Gordon in close tow. After the animals let him up and all the back slapping ended, the menagerie walked up the long narrow densely foliaged lined path leading into a wide open area and there was the farm hands Lon, Tom, Andy, William or Will, Bonno or Boner sometimes hard-on and Hairy Harry or Bushman, all standing looking at Mort Dray as he wandered into the main yard.

In the main pen next to the fence were his captives; Jessy the redhead, Tessy a very hairy auburn haired sassy bitch, Lassie a full bodied auburn haired bitch that could get wet with a warm breath, Fanny a skinny blond that has learned to fuck all who happen to belly up to her bottom, Annie a pleasingly plump but not fat brunet, and Doggie a very hairy brunet with pouty lips and lush breasts and round fanny. They were all his steadies that he gladly shares with his hounds, and farm hands. The hounds all have their favorites and have claimed them as their own as well. There was Missy one of the recaptures, waiting in the main pen close to the gate to be let out and her mate Brutus running to join the crowd. Judging by how sweated she was Brutus must have given her a good fucking just before Mort’s arrival. Brutus had just pushed through the dog gate and Missy was pacing up and down the fence itching to get out and join in with the procession. In the far pen was Josie with Claudius senior and Claudius junior they too showed signs of wanting to run with the rest of the animals but their door was stuck and unable to leave.

There came juicy Lucy his special pet running on all fours eagerly wanting to welcome Mort back home. Lucy was now a trustee and allowed to run free. When she reached Mort’s feet she rubbed her body all over them, hungrily sniffed at his crotch, and eagerly tugged at his pant legs with her teeth. The whole area filled with the scent of her arousal and as she began rolling over repeatedly, they could see her pubic hair was soaked with her frothy white juices. Finally stopping she lay on her back, legs out stretched and just looked at Mort. He dropped his pants to his feet and he dropped to his knees pushed her knees to her shoulders and stuffed his face right into her gelatinized pubic hairs and smeared the manna all over his face slurping loudly as he drank what he could and with a loud cracking slap he left a bright red hand print on her buttock. Lucy jumped onto all fours and scampered a few steps then stop twisting to the left then taking a few more steps and twisting to the right. Each time she twisted her vaginal opening would gape and a new flow of juice would start coursing down her thighs.

The whole group stood watching her dance as she held herself open for Mort’s penis. He quickly forgot young Candy his betrothed and Cocoa as he mounted Lucy much like his hounds would mount a bitch, and skillfully found her vaginal opening with his first thrust, and without pause, or plan he pounded her buttocks with his thighs and quickly ejaculated making loud animalistic noises as his drool dripped into her hair. There was a loud ruckus when he pulled out and stepped back as the hounds vied for licks and seconds. Thaddeus was next as he climbed on, then Lucious giving her a third dose of sperm, all of the hounds were enthralled by juicy Lucy’s scent and gathered around in a mating frenzy as they waited their turn in the saddle. Phoebe was busy licking the cream from Mort’s penis with Artemis sniffing at his anus and licking his hairy cheeks. Mort laughed and joined the men as they watched the hounds taking turns with Lucy many of them high fiving and emulating the dogs by hunching their hips Mort just petted Phoebe. After several minutes, the mating frenzy slowed, and the group headed for the main house to start the much-anticipated evening events. All of them were eager to watch Mort wed Candy and claim her innocents. They wanted to watch the last two rounds of the bout with Cocoa. The padre had been there all day taking his pay for the services he was about to render and Cocoa had been working out on the heavy bag for long hours all week preparing with determination to win her freedom.

As they passed the pen he looked Missy and Mort ordered, “Get her cleaned up and bring her into the main house.” Then cast a broad smile at her and Brutus. As he neared the door he turned to watch her crouched on all fours as they hit her with the icy cold water, soap, and scrubbed her with the coarse brush. Brutus was looking on as he had taken a real shine to her and has become protective of her. Now he has to be bargained with for the use of ‘his…’ bitch. Often just a big meaty bone for him to chew on will suffice or the scent of another bitch in heat will often be enough of a distraction. Missy too had fallen for Brutus and wanted nothing to do with the men; she submitted because she knew she had better or suffer the dire consequences. The signs were obvious when she sat next to him after mating her face was so soft looking, the way she would lick inside his jowls and suck on his tongue, or when he was mating with another woman or female dog, her saliva would start to drool out when he ejaculated and her Bartholin juices would ooze down her thighs filling the air with her scent. He could be inside the main house boning one of the new captives and Missy would know exactly when Brutus spilled his seed.

If there was another hound in the cage, her scent would arouse him and she would resist his advances until they became forceful and then in an effort to escape injury submit. It was obvious that once that knot was plunged into her vaginal well her sexual hunger took over and she loved every second of her wild ride, and when he pulled out she would lay on her back, legs up and submissively spread wide hoping to get more of his ministrations.

The end Ch. 3 The Criminal pt. 1

Ch. 3 The Victim pt. 1

Lincy or Missy as Father and the hands call her was now back in the main pen with five of the other captives. At any one time there would be at least eight to ten hounds being kept in there with them. She was glad that Brutus was there with her as he kept the other dogs away from her when he was there, and was very attentive to her amorous needs. Mating with her often throughout the day and night; some times he would go fast quickly losing his semen while other times he would stay inside her hot wet womb for thirty or forty minutes sending her into an orgasmic rapture filled with multiple orgasms. The only times they didn’t sleep together were the times Brutus was in the main house partying with Father and his crew or chasing the scent of a bitch in heat.

It was a swelteringly hot day as Lincy drank from the water bowl after eating the last of the scraps of food. Her body covered with sweat and the dust was clinging to her skin; her hair was uncombed and matted to her neck. The fresh teeth marks on her neck showed signs of healing as did the scratches that covered her back and buttocks. She was glad to be out of the birthing house after giving birth to Father’s child for the first time. Her nipples had healed from her baby’s suckling as well as the four sets of puppy teeth that nursed from her breasts. Brutus had been gone for the last several days; she wasn’t sure how many she just knew her groin ached from his absence. In fact, all of the hounds have been gone for several days now. Some of the women had started sharing ministrations with each other in their absence. Lincy had her eye on this one brunet she was becoming very hairy as Father’s potion was beginning to take hold, and Lincy found her scent very arousing.

Lincy’s body trembled when she caught the scent of Father’s potion and when she caught site of the female trustees pulling the cart laden with the ten jugs of potion she pressed her face obeisantly against the wire as did the other women captives. They all knew to be obedient and eagerly drink the noxious fluid as fast as they could, and not vomit any of it. Lincy’s vision blurred and her ears rang as she drank from the plastic tube. Her skin turned hot, sweat started to bead and drip, she felt the muscles tightening around her clitoris, her vaginal walls swelled and turned hot, and her nipples began to tingle. Everyday at the same time they would come and give them all a dose of potion. Everyday it was the same she would gag and retch, and as she drank, she became amorous, dizzy, and then pass out.

Lincy saw Toby sitting alone at the end of the run as the effects leveled out; sweat beading on her back and running down to her anal cleft, Lincy salivated as she looked on catching the smell of her sweat and Bartholin fluids wafting through the air and moved closer to her. The way the pens were built made it impossible to walk upright even if they could it was absolutely forbidden; so her hands, knees, fore legs, and tops of her feet had developed thick calluses from crawling around on all fours as the men laughingly called it. The dirt mixed with round and sharp gravel toughened the hide that it abraded. Missy could see Toby was quietly crying when she drew near and instantly felt concerned and sat next to her keeping her shoulder touching Toby’s.

“I don’t remember my real name do you?” She whispered between sobs.

“No. I have forgotten my name and I can not remember what my husband looks like nor his name.” Lincy somberly related as she scootched closer and sighed, “I just remember being married.”

“Do you still remember telling your cycle by the moon.” She sadly hissed as she tried to be quiet.

“Yes I start my period when the last of the crescent moon wanes.” Missy calmly replied adding, “I started my periods again last month.”

“I’ve missed mine for the last two months!” Toby gasped out the last word. “The only males that have been fucking me are T-rex, Clyde, Jake, and Big Red.” she quaked as she uttered their names sobbingly then angrily hissed, “Those four legged bastards were really going at it too! Until they wondered off.” She rubbed her mons and tried to act like she was disgusted by the acts but the scent now wafting through the air told a different story. Father’s potion was working just as effectively on Toby as it was on every other female captive. Besides making their senses quite acute it caused their body hair to grow and made their body odor much more pungent. The aphrodisiac properties were quite intense and caused a deep aching in their breasts, clitorises, and vaginas.

“Oh honey you know a dog can’t make you pregnant.” Lincy tried to console her.

“That awful tasting conglomeration he makes us all drink what… what if it is messing with our genes!” her voice filled with panic and her breath quickened as she added, “Just look at how hairy I’ve become.” Lincy knew she was right about the hair she too was becoming covered with long soft black hair, it was running up her back and forming soft waves along the backs of her arms, sides and covering her belly button. Her legs were completely covered with thick black hair too.

“Toby, resistance isn’t going to help you get through this!” Lincy said quietly waiting for her to say something and then added, “Toby just be strong we all have to be strong.” and she started to kiss her face when she heard her rapidly sniffing at the air Lincy caught the scent also.

“Their back, I can smell them.” Toby said her voice becoming passionate. Lincy looked toward the front of the pen and there they were squeezing through the doggy door, tails wagging and tongues flailing as they padded along. Lincy eagerly looked for Brutis but he was not to be seen and none of the other hounds were padding into sight either. T-rex, Clyde, Jake, and Red were quickly padding there way to where they were sitting all four stopped and took a long drink from the water bowl. T-rex was half wolf and Dane covered with a thick coat of gray, brown and black fur, Clyde was a full blooded blood hound his skin was so wrinkled coupled with his short red hair made him as ugly as he could be, Jake was half Dane and Saint Barnard he too had a thick coat of hair that had white, and red, with tan patches, and Red was half blood hound and wolf covered in a frosted black long haired coat. Lincy tried to scurry off but Jake grabbed a mouth full of hair, pushed her head to the ground, and held it there. Lincy continued to struggle breaking free only to be caught again and knocked back to the ground. She could feel his hot breath blowing across her neck and feel his drool sliding down her cheek He was toying with her much like a cat would toy with a mouse letting her try to scurry off, but he soon knocked her to the ground, stepped on her with one of his big paws, and sat. His cock was beginning to poke out from his sheath in front of her face while he sniffed at her hair, armpits, and butt.

The other three hounds already had Toby belly up; T-rex was licking and smelling one armpit, while Clyde was spraying his scent all over her as well as the other dogs. Red was eagerly sniffing and licking her vagina. Lincy stopped her halfhearted struggle and watched as Jake licked his swelling organ and then he licked her face; she could hear him sniffing her matted hair. She felt him push her head with his other paw as he scootched closer. Lincy could feel the heat on her face as it emanated from his wet, red, member and she began licking the hairy sheath and his surrounding belly. She felt his essence gushing across her cheek and course along her neck soaking into her hair when she sucked on his scrotum. His tongue started slathering across her face when she sucked his huge cock into her mouth swallowing the salty sweet juices as they flowed out.

Lincy rolled on her back spreading her legs wide when Jake stood and started tentatively sniffing and licking her feet, thighs, arms, belly, and face; covering her whole body as he moved his nose and tongue from here to there and back. Then he straddled her and started covering her body with his potent smelling scent eventually his nose and tongue found her wet genitalia causing her to yell out as it slithered across her clitoris repeatedly. Her euphoria was interrupted by Toby’s loud grunts. Lincy looked just in time to see Clyde’s huge red globe plunge into her womb, and her buttocks vanish under Clyde’s hairy haunches. Lincy’s skin became sweated as soon as she heard the loud wet squelching as Clyde’s huge cock pistoned inside Toby’s vaginal well.

Jake was straddling Lincy and nudging her face with his snout. She knew it was time to roll onto all fours; as soon as her buttocks brushed Jake’s belly his weight fell on her back and he wrapped his front legs tightly around her waist and with three very quick and powerful thrusts found and parted her labia with the full length and with the next thrust forced his swelled globe into her vagina pressing her mons to her thighs. A loud groan sounded deep inside Lincy’s throat as his huge red globe squeezed through her vaginal sphincter. His stroking was feverish her whole body quaked with each pounding thrust with his knot pulling out and plunging back in as he rushed to his climax. With a series of convulsive jerky thrusts, he released the torrential gush of hot sperm splashing against her vaginal vault and then gushing from her opening and down her thighs. A few moments of him being draped across her back he snapped back to life and with a few sharp rearward yanks and a very loud wet squelch sounded he pulled free.

Lincy fell to the ground and watched Clyde yank his gigantic knot from within Toby and as Jake slathered his tongue over her genitalia, she watched Red mount and skillfully enter Toby with his wet red dick. Red’s member wasn’t quite as big as the other two but he was much more enthusiastic with his thrustings, making Toby’s breasts flail to his rapid pistonning. Lincy’s mouth filled with saliva and her womb quivered as she caught the scent of Brutus’s seed being spilled, she knew he was somewhere close. Lincy rolled onto all fours, she felt her labia engorge and turn hot and her vaginal muscles flexed repeatedly. Jake began feasting on her renewed flow of Bartholin fluids and after a few minutes mounted her again. His thrusts were paced this time starting and stopping frequently this mating lasted nearly an hour. Long enough for several of the farm hands to gather around, gawk, and jeer as the hounds continued their mating frenzy with the two women. They went about their chores when the animals all lay down and nodded off. Lincy was on her side and Toby was on her back legs limply hanging in the air, and before Lincy’s eyes closed, she watched Toby’s juices flowing from her gaping vagina. Jake was lying across her belly and Red had his nose in Toby’s right armpit, Clyde was in the other and T-rex had his nose in Toby’s hair.

Lincy was the first to stir heading for the water bowl and Jake began licking up the juices still flowing from Toby’s womb. Lincy sleepily curled up inside the doghouse she and Brutus shared and quickly dozed off; sleeping until Brutus returned jostling her as he licked and sniffed her head to toe then lay across her body licking her face until she went back to sleep, and they slept until the rambunctious return of Mort in the predawn hours.

The end Ch. 3
The victim pt. 2

Ch. 3 pt.2

The Criminal

Brutus was the first to stir and Missy following him closely as he ran to the fence and anxiously paced the length of it. Both Lincy and Brutus watched the crowd of humans and animals gathering The animals in the other cage were eagerly hoping that the gate would be unlocked allowing them to join in on the greeting.

Lincy’s womb quivered when she watched Artemis roll onto her back and Father massaging her very pregnant belly and her rows of wriggling titties, a drool slipped passed her open lips when he began fondling the hounds genitalia. Her ardent passion quickly turned into burning jealousy when Lucy scurried into the scene. She remembered how she became Father’s favorite bitch when Lincy was moved into the birthing house. Her vagina gaped hungrily when she watched him mount her, drive his thick cock into her womb, and her saliva drained from her mouth when she caught the scent of his sperm when he started ejaculating. Lincy ached to join in on the ensuing mating frenzy that was just beginning, and began to moan when the hounds started vying for seconds and mores.

Brutus sensing his mate’s arousal started eagerly licking her genitalia. Soon long viscous stringers hung from his jowls as his tongue repeatedly snaked out and slathered across her mons stretching her engorged labia. He shimmied onto her back and began teasing the gaping vagina with short, rapid, shallow pokes, and when Missy growled out, he plunged its full length into her. Loud wet squelchings sounded as he began feverishly pistonning his gigantic cock inside her vaginal well, and within a few minutes his sperm gushed onto her cervix and spilled down her thighs and before the procession could pass the main pen Brutus yanked free and eagerly pushed through the dog door leaving Missy sitting by the gate.

Warm feeling washed over Missy when Father’s eyes caught hers and she quivered when she heard him say her name. She filled with joy when the gate opened and watched Brutus running freely in the crowd, she didn’t mind being left behind, as she knew she was going to the main house possibly for the whole week. She was so ecstatic that she was pissing all over the ground and didn’t mind the icy cold water the hands sprayed over her or the coarse brush they used to soap and scrub her with. She didn’t even mind the way they laughed when they douched her out with the same icy cold water; or how two of them made her suck them off, or them shooting their nice tasting sperm into her mouth. When they were done with her, they gave a sharp swat to her buttocks and ordered her to, “run to the main house.”

Missy scampered as fast as she could and when she pushed in through the doggy door she was greeted by a pregnant woman who was just starting to show. She put a choke collar around her neck and then led her into a crowded room. Several of Father’s captive pets were there, and several of Father’s trustees in various stages of being pregnant one had a wet belly as she was lactating. The trustees were hoisting them up on the table, exploratively massaging their breasts, probing the vaginas with their fingers, and smelling them as well as their armpits.

“This one is ready for mating.” One of the women called out then put a sleeveless cut off t-shirt with the letter O on it.

“Yea so is this one,” Chimed another, placing the same kind of shirt with the same letter.

Another yelled out, “This one is pregnant!” and slipped a shirt with the letter P on her.

They were all given a full gallon of Father’s concoction before being set on the floor and allowed to run to the next room. Missy was in the back of the line and watched as the women poked, prodded, squeezed, and put shirts on them with either the letter P, for pregnant, O, for ovulating, or NS, for not in season. When Lincy finally got her turn she got an O; and when she got her helping of the concoction it made her feel more bloated than usual as if she was given a lot more to drink this time. Her insides started to quake and quiver, her skin turned hot and sweat beaded, and like the rest of the women urine started to squirt in short staccatoed spurts. Her and the four pets that were ovulating had their collars clipped together and were led through the main room straight to Father’s table. As they neared; Lincy could see all four of his poker buddies with their pet squeeze toys, there were his six of his trustees sitting close to him all of them showing signs of being pregnant and two of them were lactating. His bride to be little Candy sitting in his lap his arm was around her and she was kissing his hand. Close to the table were two big screen TVs; on one was the padre sucking the dick of an older teenager as he got ready to perform the wedding ceremony, and on the other was Cocoa sparring in the ring awaiting her fight with Father.

“Look there is the padre Candy you ready!” Mort’s voice bellowed as he spoke pointing toward one of the TVs.

“Oh yes Father I missed you so much I have been rehearsing my vows all week long!” She eagerly replied sounding so sincere almost pleading. Her face had a rosy glow to it as she nuzzled against Mort’s hairy chest, and then she went back to nursing the drink Father had given her.

After finishing her drink Candy called out, “You Lucy!” when Lucy looked up she started tugging her chain and ordered, “Give Father’s penis some attention it has gotten soft.” She watched as Lucy began to suckle and warmly directed, “Make him hard but do ‘not…!’” and she jerked the chain, “make him cum. That sperm is mine tonight!” She watched as his cock turned hard and listened to her slurping sucks.

“Look!” Ned excitedly shouted as he pointed at the screen and there was the young man’s body flexing as his sperm filled the padre’s mouth there was no sound coming from the TV but it was obvious he was in mid orgasm.

“Woman! Check sweet Candy to see if she is ready to be married!” Mort Dray excitedly ordered. As she stepped from behind the chair, her nametag read Mother Becca. That meant that she had obtained trustee status, as had the other five.

The pregnant woman laid Candy on top of the table and began exploratively feeling both of her breasts and after suckling them both she took the key hanging on a gold chain around her neck and unlocked the belt that kept her rubber panties from being pulled down then unlocked the leggings that clung tightly to her thighs ensuring that her virginity would remain intact during Father’s absence. Mother Becca then stripped them away unpinned the diaper and sniffed it deeply before throwing it towards Mort. Mother Becca spread Candy’s legs wide and put her nose inside her satin blonde curly hairs, parted her thin labia with her thumbs. The room became quiet as she loudly quaffed the young woman’s aroma; taking several loud sniffs then suckled her little bud of a clitoris, and took several more loud quaffs.

“Oh…! Yes…! Little Candy is really ready for ‘youeew…!’ Father!” Mother Becca excitedly proclaimed with a bright smile beaming.

“Give this little maiden a good dose of my potion and bring that preacher in here!” Father yelled as he squeezed Candy’s nipple then laughingly bellowed, “Just how many times has the lad paid him today?”

Ted brayed, “Not for sure but I think the ole preacher has gotten six of his lauodes!” and then mockingly stroked his dick and acted as if he too were coming.

“At least that!” Laughed Mother Becca standing next to Father watching Candy suck the potion from the jug. The crowd roared as Tiberius entered the picture and started tugging on the padre’s pant leg. He tied the young man’s hands behind his back before allowing the pooch to drag him away.

“You know how to separate the priest from the teen?” Shouted Ted.

“No!” Yelled three of the people as they laughed.

“A big bucket if ice water!” He yelled out straining to deliver the punch line before laughing his self silly. The whole room roared with riotous laughter as the padre followed Tiberius into the room pant leg in mouth.

He was dutifully dressed in his uniform; his white collar nearly lost to his putrid white skin a striking contrast to his black garb. His glazed eyes and twisted teethe; matched his tall skinny body and thin lips that filled his pock marked face, that long pointy nose with its flaring nostrils was a perfect match for those scraggly bushy eye brows and his unkempt salt and pepper hair.

“Why did you tie him up padre?” Mort asked as the room quieted down.

“He jackoffs!” he quickly replied and looked around the room smiling as every one laughed at his mater-of-fact answer and when they quieted he queried, “You must be Sweet Candy the bride to be; tell me why do you want to get married?”

“I love Father and want to belong to him for as long as he will have me.” She sang out smiling then warmly added, “He wants to marry me, and I want to bear his children.”

“I can see you will make a good wife and mother maybe someday we will call you Mother Candy.” He said as he looked about the room raised his hands and lowered his head.

“It is truly grand our wonderful leader has found yet another woman he wants for his wife and member of his harem; let us bless this union with his eighth wife. Do you Candy swear to honor this union?”

“I do swear to honor this union!” She quickly and warmly responded as she smiled at Mort.

“Do you vow to love your sisters of wedlock as you love Father?” He crooned as he laid his hand on top of her head.

“I do so swear to love my sisters of wedlock as much as Father!” Candy sang in a deepening voice as a tear rolled down one cheek.

“Do you swear to give yourself over to his wishes and desires to value his smallest of ministrations?” His voiced stretched out as he yelled.

“I do swear to fully give myself over to his wishes and desires to value his smallest of ministrations.” She crooned her face showing ardent passion as she continued gazing at her betrothed. Candy’s face was now wet with sweat and reddish in hue.

“And to the sisters of wedlock that came before you and now willingly share you with their husband will you honor and obey them?” he crooned out his hands folded close to his penis.

“Oh…! Yes I do so swear to fully give myself over to their wishes and desires to honor, obey, and to value their smallest of ministrations.” She pleadingly responded and kissed Father’s hand.

“And do you Father swear to tend to sweet Candy blessing her with many children?” He asked as he cupped her chin and looked into Candy’s eyes.

“I do swear to keep her close to me when ever I am at the farm and bless her with as many children as I can give sweet Candy.” Mort said sounding sincerely as he replaced the padre’s hand with his cupping her chin.

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your new husband.” He announced as he folded his arms across his chest and bowed his head.

Candy stood reached up pulled Father down to her face and kissed him passionately as he stood with her in his arms, and when she broke the kiss he sucked her upper lip into his mouth gripping it with his teeth stretched it let it pop free and snaked his tongue into her mouth slid one hand to her anus and began rubbing it with his fingers. A small trickle of urine dribbled as the kiss lingered and his fingers continued swishing across her anus.

Mort laid her across the table and broke the kiss calling, “Mother Becca come kiss our new bride.” A small drool slipped down her chin as she neared and bent over to kiss Candy. As their lips sealed loud wet gurgling sounds could be heard as they suckled each other’s tongues and lips in a lingering kiss.

When Mother Becca stood up Mort called, “Mother Annie come here and welcome our sweet Candy.” As the very pregnant woman neared her face turned very soft and warm looking she leaned over and showered Candy’s face with several wet kisses then lingered with her tongue deep in Candy’s throat as she squeezed a nipple and then rubbed it with her lactating nipple. When she placed her hand just below her navel Candy reflexively lifted and parted her legs.

“Mother Tessy and Mother Doggie come and prepare sweet Candy to receive me.” Mort crooned as he held her foot to his mouth and nibbled her toes causing Candy to breathe hard.

Both women looked to be at least six months along as they walked up to the table and a revenant hush swept across the room as they each took the small pliant mound with its bristling nipple into their hands kneaded it and twisted the nipple listening to Candy’s stifled moans as Mother Annie’s kiss continued to linger. They began suckling on Candy’s bristling nipples stretching her arms above her head, took the crotch of her knees, and held them to their breasts. Father he stepped closer to Candy’s overhanging buttocks his huge penis now standing straight up with a shiny glaze oozing down his thick meaty shaft.

Becca fixed cameras hanging from the ceiling and peering between Father’s legs from under the chair seat on Candy’s splayed puffy red labia. On the big screens her sateen juices could be seen clearly as they seeped from her opening, her tiny bud of a clitoris was centered in both screens. Becca slipped behind Father and started massaging his already turgid cock with one hand and his large hairy scrotum with the other. Candy’s gasping breath caused Mother Anne’s cheeks to puff out as she continued stifling Candy’s passionate wailings and gently holding her rocking head. Small squirts of urine arced to the floor as Mort peeled back Candy’s clitoral hood exposing her urethral opening and small taut clitoral bud and he teased it with his thumb. Her creamy colored buttocks were turning pink and her skin began to bristle with goose fresh, and her sateen juices covered her brownish anus and the insides of her mons glistened.

Candy’s writhing body was jostling all three women as they held her to the table top then all motion stopped only Candy’s quaking stomach flexed as Mort rubbed his swelled gland in circles teasing her labia and clitoris. The table squeaked when Candy’s body winced violently as the first few inches of Mort’s penis slipped through her vaginal sphincter, and when more of the turgid shaft slipped in Candy began pushing her self onto the slowly thrusting penis. The creamy white juices coating her anus turned to a soft rosé color, the girth of Mort’s cock pressed her mons tightly to her thighs. The juices coating his penis turned red when he started pistonning it; shallow at first then taking deeper thrusts and then stopping as Candy’s writhing body lay still her sweat beading across her body as she trembled. A torrent of urine erupted as Mort pulled out; splashing on the floor as it arced downward, fouling the lens under the chair, and Becca cleaned it off right away.

The three women shifted Candy face down onto Mother Anne’s big round belly as she lay down on the table. She cupped Candy’s face with both hands and resealed their lips noisily slurping as she suckled. Mothers Tessy and Doggie kept Candy’s arms stretched above her head and her legs spread wide. Candy’s back arched and her anus winked as Mort’s meaty hard shaft sank back into her vaginal well and began slowly pumping. Mort’s muscles tensed and flexed as he skillfully worked his tool inside Candy’s womb. Not once did he go in deep even when his climaxing caused him to bowl over, he just released his sperm into the middle of her vaginal well keeping his cock in until it turned soft and fell out. There on the big screen was Candy’s genitalia covered with a rosy glaze of blood, Bartholin juices, and Mort’s sperm. Artemis began licking Mort’s soft dangling cock coated with the same red colored gel. Jessy and Tessy began licking Candy’s rosy juices from her genitalia and buttocks making her laugh licentiously. The room was still silent as the new mates savored their moments.

“Come here Candy.” Mort beckoned as he sat back in his chair and Candy took her place in his lap. The long procession began passing giving the newly weds a kiss; some lingering and some quick, humans and hounds alike all in the same line.

“Well Candy you choose the first one for mating.” Mort directed as he looked at Fanny, Lassie, Cody, Missy, and Tessa all of them had Os on their shirts.

Candy looked at them all and then said, “I want Lassie to go first.”

Mothers Tessy and Doggie unchained Lassie and laid her out on the table and Mort called out, “Ned you got first call here.”

“Moe may I please wait for the next one?” Ned plead.

“Next one’s you’res Ned. Ted how about you?” He queried.

Mother Becca met him at the table and started sucking his soft penis and massaging his scrotum, he stood there looking at Lassie spread eagle while Becca turned his dick stiff and continued sucking until she felt his precum coating her tongue and throat. Becca stepped behind Ted and she started massaging his turgid shaft as they moved close to Lassie. When with in reach she placed his gland on Lassie’s swollen pinkish labia and bumped him with her thigh pushing his purple gland in and Lassie lifted her legs up high and wide. Becca continued massaging Ted’s penis and coaxing it inward until halfway in; then her massaging turned fast and she manually caused Ted to ejaculate in Lassie’s vaginal well, and like Mort he waited for his penis to soften and fall out with a thick stringy rope of sperm clinging to the gland which Phoebe quickly captured with her tongue as it fell to the floor and then proceeded to clean the rest of is flaccid penis and goo covered scrotum.

“Okay Mothers Tessy and Doggie get ole Missy up on the table for her insemination, Ned it is show time!” Moe brayed out loud. Ned walked with quick long strides as he bellied up and stuffed his already hard cock into her gaping pinkish wet vagina and vigorously pistoned it taking long full strokes and in quick order his hot semen gushed against her vaginal vault and Missy quaked with each gush and like the others he too waited for it to soften and fall out. His pet toy started licking the thick gel from his soft shaft as soon as he sat down and Artemis lapped up the oozing sperm coating her anus.

“Well sweet Candy what now; do we keep them here, or send them back to the pens?” Moe asked. Lassie fell to Mort’s feet kissing them showing him how much she wanted to stay and Missy started nestling to Candy’s belly and licking her thighs.

“Father honey I think Missy needs more of your seed in her belly so lets keep her here, and get Cody ready, I want to help inseminate her.” Candy Directed while gently stroking Mort’s flaccid member.

“Reb it is your turn!” Moe sang out then ordered; “Okay Tessa and Doggie get Lassie swaddled and cart her off to the pens.” He paused and smiled as he watched and listened to Candy noisily suckling Doggie’s meaty clitoris.” Then added, “We’ll know by Monday if it took.” Then he watched as the two women put the final tight wraps to Lassie only her face showed as they put her on a wheeled table and carted her off.

“Well I think I will be off to my reward,” he padre crooned as he stretched and squeezed his hardening cock inside his pants giving it several long strokes.

“Wait a minute preach don’t you want to get one of these bitches knocked up?” Yelled Reb as he humped at the air.

“Aw let him go.” Chimed Moe adding, “He’s in a hurry to milk a little more of young Tommy’s sperm.”

“We all move in our own ways.” Countered the padre and scurried out through the door he came in.

“We best get Tessa and Fanny impregnated.” Mort said as he played in their hair then shouted as he asked, “Who wants to do one beside me?”

“I will!” shouted Jeb as he ran up to the table stroking his hard dick. Jeb stood to Mort’s right with his throbbing penis touching Tessa’s clitoris while Moe teased Fanny’s vaginal opening with his flared gland. The girls had their touching arms and legs wrapped together as the two men plied their vaginal openings. Moe started and Jeb followed they both worked a long slow stride. Jeb had to stop numerous times in order to hold his seed as long as Moe could, so he was nowhere near as rhythmic as Moe.

“Are you ready Jeb?” Moe hissed as he strained to retain his sperm.

“Oh yeeaass…!” Jeb rasped then groaned, “I’m really close man!”

“Okay go…!” Moe groaned. The tabled squeaked loudly as it rocked from the two men pumping hard and fast; the liquid in the glasses sloshed over the rims and the platters slid back and forth. With a loud groaning, they stopped and their bodies flexed and flexed as they hissed loud gasps and then slumped over placing their faces between the two women’s breasts. Little Candy and Missy walked to Mort and petted him. Jeb’s play toy wrapped her arms around his waist and licked the sweat from the small of his back working her way down over his anus and started sucking his hairy scrotum.

“Ladies get these two swaddled and back to the pens.” Moe brayed his voice sounding slightly fatigued, as he played in the seeping sperm swirling the warm seed onto two of his fingers and sucking them clean. “Bring me my brew!” He yelled and Mother Becca brought a gallon jug with a very nasty looking liquid inside and he hungrily drained the jug. His face turned bright red and sweat beaded the hairs on his belly were pasted to his wet skin; his eyes glazed and he groaned out then belched loudly, a long, wet, groaning belch and shuddered.

“Goddamn that shit has a kick today lets get this party on the mad swing.” He brayed out loudly and as a bright smile beamed he sexily added, “It’s time we give Cocoa her big fight. What do ya say boys and hounds.” All that could speak cheered him as he bent Candy over the table, plunged his thick cock into her, and gave her several hard and fast pumps pulling out long before he came. Soon all the screens throughout the house had the feed from the cameras in the gym there was Cocoa resting but looking quite concentrated. The door opened and in pranced Mort Dray his thick dick’s outline bulged inside the baggy trunks tied to his waist. Mother Becca laced up his gloves and sat near his corner. “Hey there you ready to win your freedom?” Mort said teasingly as he shuffled his feet and boxed at the air dancing the boxer’s dance.

“There is going to be two hits tonight… me hit’en you and you hit’en the mat.” She said with conviction. The bell sounded starting the first of two rounds. The players danced throwing swings and jabs but no one making a hit just watching their opponent move. Cocoa made a fast shuffle with her feet threw a quick left, left, right connecting with the left and right. Mort back stepped as he shook off the hits, then faked a left and delivered a solid right. She blocked the incoming left dodged the next right stepped in and delivered two body blows and popped his chin with a surprise right upper cut. Just as Mort had predicted Cocoa’s left hand was starting to drop as the end of the three-minute round neared. Just before the bell sounded, Mort delivered a right that glanced over the top of her left glove and connected solidly with her cheekbone; causing her to stagger as her knees weakened for just a second, and the bell sounded.

They both did the boxer’s dance to their corners. She had one of the trustees spraying her with water and Mort had Mother Becca. Cocoa’s trustee was ordered to do right by her, there was to be no cheating. Mort promised a fair fight, and a fair fight she was going to get. He was just the better fighter so he knew exactly how hard he could hit her to shake her and not knock her out; he knew he was going to win but she was going to think the victory would hers the whole time right up to the final knock down. Mort was clearly the winner of that round having delivered the most devastating hits, so they both had two wins each now.

The bell sounded and they both pranced into the middle of the matt; again the shuffling foot work and exploratory jabs and swings, blocks and dodges, the stepping back and stepping in as the contestants vied for the right time and place. The sag in Cocoa’s left arm was slightly lower now as the right punch had weakened her; so Mort opened up for a left and by how fast she took it planting a solid hook, Mort knew she still had her wits and her timing was still on. He ducked and dodged a few more and then opened his left again and ‘pow…!’ she nailed him good this time. He reeled slightly did a quick shuffle faked a right and her left dropped below her shoulder and he popped her good! Cocoa’s left dropped to her side, she struggled to lift it, her knees warbled, and her head sagged to one side. Cocoa was nearly out but still on her feet and she kept trying to hit him with her right. Mort bounced anther right off her left cheek and plunged a solid jab into her solar plexus and she crumpled to the mat. Mother Becca stepped into the ring and started the count, but the bell sounded before she finished the ten count.

They waited for her to move and then Mort asked, “Do I win?”

“Yes you win.” Cocoa weakly and breathlessly replied her voice sounding solemn.

“I didn’t hear you…! Did I win?” He asked louder and angrier this time.

“Yeeaass…!” She wailed out and between loud sobs added, “Yeeaass…! You win…! You win…! What do you want!?”

“Becca pull her left glove off.” He directed and then very firmly ordered, “Now you put that choke chain around your neck put your gloved hand in the loop on the rope pull your trunks down to your ankles and put your other hand in the other loop on the rope.” She gasped as she saw the chain and shuddered as she slipped it over her head; she jumped as Becca snapped the lock to the collar and froze as she looked at the loops on the rope knowing her freedom was vanishing as she inched her way towards them. Cocoa sobbed loudly as she slipped her gloved hand into the first loop; and then she started gasping and sobbing violently as she slipped her trunks to her ankles, her face was wet with both sweat and tears. Her mouth was contorted as she wept, but slowly she placed her free hand into the last loop and trembled as she waited listening to Mort Dray.

“Now you do what you are told no matter who tells you.” Mort sternly ordered and then angrily barked, “Becca!”

“You drink this… and you drink it fast, you suck it down! You swallow it until it is all gone.” Becca sternly ordered and stuffed the tube into her mouth.

Cocoa sucked and swallowed several large gulps her body retched and she yelled out, “Yuck…! Oh god that is awful…!” she let out a long wet belch then puked with some very violent retches and when she stopped.

“Drink more…!” Becca angrily growled and stuffed the tube back into her mouth again and she spit it out. As soon as she did Mort began lashing her buttocks with a willow switch. Crack… Crack… Crack sounded as he lashed her from the bottom of her thighs to the small of her back. When she opened her mouth and wailed Becca stuffed the tube back into mouth and down her throat and began pumping the concoction into Cocoa’s stomach.

“You…! do…! As…! You’re…! Told…!” Mort grunted the words with the last five lashes. Some of the welts were bleeding all of them were raised, round, and wide with a burning red color to them. Cocoa’s wailing sobs turned into incoherent gurgling as his concoction flowed into her belly. She would retch, belch, and then vomit. Becca would catch it in a bucket, pour it back into the jug, and serve the mixture right back to her.

Mort was now doing his most favorite thing watching his captive’s genitalia engorge in response to his wonderful potion and its aphrodisiac qualities. Mort placed the stool under her belly when her retching stopped and her body began to waver. She was now limply draped over the stool and urine was starting to trickle, and then as predicted her purplish pink labia became covered with a creamy white gel, her ebony mons gained a rosy sheen, and with a pop, her labia splayed. A nice round hole showed at her vaginal tuck. There was satin gel sliding out from the tuck and down along the inside of her labium then hang on her clitoral hood and fall just as another shimmering pearl would ooze out. Just as his cock turned hard her, vagina gaped; she shuddered, and gasped then let out a loud wet belch as her stomach began to bloat. Cocoa’s anal sphincter began to spasm quivering and winking. Sweat was now beading across her body and draining from her armpits.

“Look Father…!” Becca excitedly called as she showed Mort the empty jug and then she lifted her hand from Cocoa’s mouth that had held the tube in place; hanging from it was Cocoa’s viscous saliva and she gleefully added, “She is really ready for you Father… I can smell her. Go ahead and give her some of your sweet meat Father!” Becca let the tube slip from Cocoa’s mouth and began massaging Cocoa’s breasts and milking her nipples. Incoherent mumblings and moaning was sounding deep inside Cocoa’s throat as she fell deeper into the drug-induced stupor.

Mort slid his hard dick into the now gaping vagina, as it found her depth incoherent moans and cooing sounds grew louder. He worked it for several minutes and then pulled it out with a yank saying firmly, “I’m goin to give this load to sweet Candy!” and with long quick strides headed for the door shouting over his shoulder, “Strip, tie her up, and take her to the box!”

“Please Father may I feed on her fluids for a while?” Becca pleadingly asked her smiling face was showing a little blush on her cheeks and sweat was forming on her brow.

Mort stopped at the door turned around smiling a very lewd smile his hard cock was poking straight out with a thick coating of Cocoa’s viscous juices and replied, “Sure just don’t be too long… I’m going to want you too.” and closed the door behind him.

As he neared, the table both Candy and Missy watched. Candy knew he was coming for her leaned over the table and waited legs spread wide. She yelled and grunted painfully when he shoved the full length of his throbbing cock into her womb and she gasped loudly when his sperm exploded inside her cervix, and after he delivered the last few convulsive thrusts he shouted, “Lets get this party on the hump…!” Mort stuck his face into Candy’s curly blonde hair kept his tight grip on her upper arms and continued to hump until his softening penis fell out.

The big screen TVs started showing random selection of audio video feeds of the party and the surroundings as well as selected footage of the farm and the goings on; from the animals and their bitches, to them mating with the captives, to the farm hands snagging a few of them and carting them off to their quarters. The hands that were on duty started throwing left over steaks and bone in roasts around on the floor, while others carried platters full of food and put them on the many tables scattered throughout the main room. All of the males began taking helpings of food and drink; the four-legged ones were gnawing on the meat and bones, the captives were grabbing whatever scraps they could forage. Some of the men were eating from plates and drinking from glasses while others were acting like animals.

All the males quickly lost interest in the food and drink and began pawing the females; the four legged ones, to the two-legged ones. All of them licking, probing, poking, kissing, and biting, and soon none of the humans had a stitch of clothing on. Counting all the males there were as many as twenty-three and only about eight available females, so there was a lot of doubling and tripling up going on. Some of the women were being dragged around by their hair as the hounds vied for their turns; while others were being mounted as they slurped on hard dicks, and still others were being boned in all three holes with the hounds licking the copious juices as they oozed here and there. Soon the smell of Sweat, fresh sperm, Bartholin fluids, and urine hung heavily throughout the whole house. The wet squelchings of pistonning cocks and slurping mouths; were accompanied by the animalistic pantings, groanings, and gruntings caused by the melee of meshing bodies.

The whole house was rocking to the feverish matings of all the animals. They rolled from one set of arms into a different set of paws; and back into yet another set of arms. The women would be sucking one man’s dick and when he came, she might find a dog dick being shoved into her face or when the man licking her pussy went to another one, a pooch might take his place. The groups of men hovering around a couple of women waiting their turn looked just like a bunch of hounds hovering around a couple of women waiting their turn. As one looked around there were smears of drying fluids along the floor or on the cushions the hounds would do what they could but not all of the juices got licked up.

While the orgy continued Mort and his two sex partners were being catered to by the two remaining mothers both were lactating. Mother Tessa and Mother Annie were very busy kissing, licking sucking, massaging, tugging, squeezing, and twisting, the pleasure tools of their charges. First they would make Moe cum in sweet Candy and then in Missy or some times they would split the ejaculate between the two women, then give him some time and stroking let Mort and sweet Candy suckle at their breasts drinking their milk. After a few minutes of rest, they would start all over again.

The end chp. 3 The Criminal

Pt. 2

Chp. 3 The Crime

pt. 3

Greg Mineras noticed the cute smirk wash across nurse Smyth’s face when doctor Louan Daoh Mien stuffed his lubed finger into his rectum during one of his many exams he thought, “I will have to feel that gooey jelly for the rest of the day. Yvonne Smyth is surely getting a thrill out of this I bet she wishes she was the one doing the fingering.”

“Well your smooth in there no ridges, tight rings, or lesions.” Dr. Mien informatively said as he pulled off his latex gloves then looked at the charts saying as if talking to him self, “one thirty nine over seventy, ninety nine at one hundred percent, heart rate steady at ninety seven per.” He paused surveyed then looked at Greg, “All your chem. levels are at acceptable levels. How have you been sleeping?”

“Well okay for being in a hospital where they wake you if they get an itch. Hey Doc I’ve never heard of anybody getting pneumonia from being intubated for a few days.” Greg questioned.

Greg watched as nurse fiddled with his meds and when he started to feel light headed Dr. Mien explained, “Greg take a deep breath and let it out slow.” While Greg exhaled he continued, “It has been much more than a few days the fact is, you have been out for most of the eighteen months you have been here.” He paused while Greg blinked his eyes and looked around the room and when his met the doctor’s he added, “Mr. Mineras you’ve been in and out seventeen times this last one the longest nearly seven weeks, and there is no organic pathology to account for these long stretches of coma.”

Greg interjected asking, “So that is why I feel so weak?”

“Yes. Do you remember what we were talking about, the panic attacks?” Dr. Mien asked.

“Yes. So my wife has been gone for nearly nineteen months and tell me are the cops any closer to finding her.” Greg sarcastically asked.

“I can’t answer that.” Dr. Mien frankly replied and added, “I’ve had my hands full with you and when they find your wife I will take good care of her too.”

“I thought I’ve been her for only a couple of weeks and now I find out that I’ve been here for nearly two years; that I nearly died, my wife is still missing, next you’ll say the cops still want to talk to me!” Greg stopped as he started to black out but no buzzers or bells sounded.

“Just take care of your self for now Mr. Mineras. I can’t begin to understand your dilemma and I am not going to insult you by saying everything will be fine.” He paused as he put his hand on Greg’s shoulder and then somberly added, “but we can be hopeful. Greg I have to catch up with my rounds I will look in on you before my shift ends. Is there anything more I can do for you?”

“Well if it is all the same to you, you could give me another taste of that stuff you gave me just before you dropped the bomb.” Greg glumly asked.

“Well nurse Smyth can you arrange that for Mr. Mineras?” Dr. Mien asked.

“Yes doctor.” She sounded so serious with her reply and when the doctor left she asked, “Do you remember me?”

“Yes…!” Greg excitedly responded then asked, “I’m sorry but did you ever give me some of Yvonne’s finger pudding?”

“Oh…! No not now luv they’re too many people on the ward! I could give your fanny a bit of a washing luv would you like that.” Yvonne asked saucily.

“Please Yvonne that stuff feels so yucky sticky.” Greg replied as he squirmed. It was as if she had a warm washcloth in her hand all along because she had Greg on his side and was done washing his anus and buttocks before he could say whoa. Greg watched Yvonne empty her syringe into his IV, as the warmth started coursing its way through his veins she smiled and asked, “Is that enough luv?”

“Maybe a little mooorreah…!” Greg just starred blinking slowly as his eyes flitted about the room and his breathing turned rhythmic.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said with a soft giggle tucked him in and as she made the door whispered loud enough for Greg to hear, “I’ll be back luv with a bowl full of Yvonne’s hot finger pudding.”

Greg watched the walls his head felt like it was slowly spinning; one wall looked like it was going up while the one across from it appeared to going down, the other two were going side ways in converging directions. When he looked at the floor, it was sloped away from him while the ceiling had a big bowing belly in it. The crisp lining around the clouds had a dancing line of stars, hearts, and little crescent moons each following the other as they danced over the sun lit edges of the clouds. Tinkling bells played a melody he couldn’t name or place where he heard it but he knew the song. Slowly the clouds changed from a creamy white, to a stormy gray and they started to race by; and as they changed from the stormy gray to a warm pastel red they slowed and their edges became blurry. A tear filled one eye as Lincy’s face appeared in the big soft red cloud and then so many months melted together. He was glad to have the memories to fill his mind, but sad just the same as their life together had been cut short… twice by the same bastard.

“Hello luv.” Yvonne cheerily called from the door and the bright smile melted to a sincere look of compassion as she stepped closer to the bed she asked as the doctor slinked in behind her syringe in hand, “Oh Greg dear luv what is it?” and she leaned close to comfort his head.

“I love my wife…!” He wailed as she held him close to her bosom, “I miss her and feel so fearful for her and so very helpless.”

“Oh luv you just cry it all out we all know how much you love your wife.” Yvonne warmly affirmed then held him until the dose the doctor injected into the IV tube took effect.

“Well he has gotten a little better.” Dr. Mien remarked as he listened to his heart adding, “Out breaks like this have sent him back into coma.”

“He really misses his wife.” Yvonne sadly related as she gave him a sponge bath and then agreed, “He has picked up bit of a stride. Will we be able to keep those coppers away from him another day or two?”

“I’ve already made the notation at the station as well as the main desk, immediate family only for the next few days.” He paused as he reread the chart checked for reaction to light in both eyes then added, “I don’t want him getting upset we could still loose him… he is still very weak from this last coma. I want his range of motion and muscle therapy increased to four twenty minute sessions a day.” And with a last concerned look, he left calling over his shoulder, “Call me if there are ‘any…!’ changes.”

Yvonne gave Greg’s face another wipe with a clean damp towel and just as she was about to leave Greg groped for her hand and held it as tightly as he could and with his half open eyes begged, “Please Yvonne can you stay just a few more minutes, I need to feel a warm body.” He sounded sedated but he was fighting to stay conscious and dreamily added, “You smell so good to me!” Yvonne allowed him to wrap his arm around her upper thigh, his hand came to rest on the fleshy part of her inner thigh, and with in a few minutes he was sound asleep. She looked at the outline of his penis and smiled as it started to soften.

“Luv you stay awake for five minutes tomorrow and I’ll give you more than just a feel.” Just before she left, she took a long quaff and knew there was some precum under the blanket then went about her rounds.

Greg knew he was dreaming when he awoke on the beach with the sun baking his skin and the salty aroma of the ocean wafting through the air. The screech of the gulls mixed with Lincy’s laughter and he rolled onto his side and tried to open his eyes and watch his beautiful wife playing in the sun but all he could see was a blurry mixture of blues, reds, and greens surrounding Lincy her features undistinguishable. His eyes began to burn with tears and his voice was mute when he tried to callout and then the acrid stench of ammonia filled his nose. Greg felt a sharp pinprick in his ear and his head being jolted from the hand slapping his face. As the blurriness cleared there was the nightmarish face again staring at him from over the white mask, through hate filled eyes and her sneering voice sounded as the mask puffed, “Don’t act like the stupid bastard you are or you’ll never smell this again!” and Greg’s assailant stuffed a pair of freshly moistened panties into his face.

Greg’s eyes filled with tears as he recognized the sweet scent of his wife and how his longing to hear her voice and feel her touch filled his mind and soon gave way to the fearfulness he felt for her and her nightmarish ordeal she was going through and with his voice weak, Greg stammered as he pleadingly assured, “I swear I’ve said nothing to everybody and not a word will I say just ‘please…!’ just please bring my Lincy back home!”

“You keep your fucking mouth shut!” Growled the fake nurse and with a swish, she was gone.

The end chp. 3 The crime

pt. 2

Chp. 3 The Criminal

pt. 3

It was around dawn the spent men started lounging around the windows or in front of the TVs watching the hounds dragging the women into the back yard; their numbers grew from twelve or thirteen to twenty one or two. There were three or four hounds to each of the women and boy did they look like they were in love. A hodgepodge of flailing tongues, wagging tails, and humping dogs. The women were either on their backs being given tongue baths, or they were on all fours being jostled about as the different hounds vied for the next place in line, or they were being feverishly humped. At one point, all eight women were being madly humped and all of them were making loud wet squelching noises, as the hot wet hard cocks were rapidly being plunged in and yanked back out repeatedly. The hounds too started to slow and their active numbers shrank as they dropped out.

As the sun climbed into the sky the revelers were all sleeping in a couple of piles in the main room, or outside under the trees, with a few couples scattered about. Occasionally either one of the hounds or one of the two legged hounds would find a open hole and give it a poking, but for the most part the first part of the party was over and just a pile of sweated, cum covered bodies remained. The tables scattered across the room still had scraps of food, and half full bottles and glasses; here a plate and there a bowl, a glass here and a bottle there. The revelers had really made a mess; the house was rife with the stale smell of both female and male sweat, urine, and cum, as well as a hodge podge of food and drink.

Soon a man stirred to go outside causing a ripple effect soon everyone was stirring and finding there way into the afternoon sun. The women squatting pissing, the men finding a tree and pissing, and the hounds covering up the humans’ scents with theirs. Mort, Candy, Missy, Mother Tessa and Mother Annie were stretched out in the master’s bedroom. Missy was suckling on Candy’s budding clitoris as she slipped Father’s organ in and out of her sore looking vagina.

Mort’s cock suddenly stiffened and Candy asked, “Please Father give this seed to Missy.” Missy rolled onto her belly when she saw Father looking at her and knew he was close. When Candy jumped off, she tensed when Mort fell on her stuffing his ejaculating organ right inside her. He grunted loudly spraying spit all over Lincy’s back as the last of his sperm gushed out and his body went limp. He rolled onto his back and ordered, “Mother Tessa and Annie get Candy and Missy swaddled up and cart Missy back to the pens…!”

“No…! No…! Father let me help you have sex with any of the women here I just want to give you pleasure!” Candy interjected excitedly pleading.

“You be a good girl and do as you are told. I will spend the night with you tonight.” Mort softly admonished then kissed her little feet and watched them being wrapped up tightly. He kissed them both on the forehead and watched as Missy was being wheeled out.

Mort Dray stood on the porch overlooking the main grounds stroking his semi hard penis and watching the animals playing their games as they romped about. The four-day orgy had them all moving a little slower then usual and he beamed a hearty smile as he recalled being told the insemination had taken in all six women. He knew the six women would soon start showing signs of being pregnant. They brought the total up to thirteen of the twenty-seven captives were now impregnated. The illegal baby trade was netting him more than he ever thought it would, but he still bread and boarded dogs, trained them and sold them. A warm smile beamed as he watched Brutus and Ester starting their mating dance the warm weather had caused Ester to come into season; the last litter she had, netted him over five thousand dollars. He smiled broadly as he watched Ned and Reb getting the vaginal and seminal juices licked from their groin by Ophelia, and Sabrina both female Wolf and Dane mixed.

Juicy Lucy kissed him on the foot and rubbed her face along Mort’s leg as she drew closer to his hairy scrotum. Her licking and kissing began to sound wet as she neared his cluster. Mort looked at her darkening hair that was beginning to cover her alabaster skin. Mort quivered as she suckled his hairy scrotum. He cast a lingering gaze watching Luscious leisurely mounted Lassie, a loud wet squelch sounded when he thrust his large cock into her womb. Without moving, he held her tightly and just slowly licked her neck and ear. There in the bright sunlight next to the tall Oak tree were Artemis and Tiberius standing butt to butt their tongues flailing as the two hounds panted from exhaustion after mating, Artemis had just came into season too and Tiberius had been trying to bone her all week and took the opportunity offered as Luscious was busy mating with Lassie.

A loud wet gasp sounded from Lucy causing Mort to look down and there was Thaddeus eagerly tonguing her vagina and buttocks. A bright light flashed in Mort’s mind blinding him and when it dimmed he saw his van parked on the side of a road and he was standing next to it looking at a patrol woman and then a loud voice rang out, “you’ll take her and find a new friend.” He opened his eyes just as his sperm gushed into Lucy’s mouth oozing down her chin and watched as Thaddeus’s forceful humping turned convulsive and his grunting turned desperate and loud. Lucy’s cheeks puffed around Mort’s shaft as she gasped from her orgasm. The three of them quieted and remained motionless while they savored the moment.

Lucy fell to the ground when Thaddeus yanked his softened cock from her vaginal well, her eyes rolled back while his tongue slathered across her vagina lapping up the thick congealed juices. Mort looked at Thaddeus, he looked back his ears cocked forward licking the sweet glaze from his jowls.

Inside Mort’s mind, he watched a flower blossoming with each of his victims and his pets’ faces appearing on the peeling petals. His pets bouncing and playing or giving him sugar, and his victims with the dazed look of disbelief as he bounced his fist across their cheekbone, and then their look of total submission. Candy’s scent drifted from the bedroom, brought Mort back from his dream, and he headed to the bedroom. He saw mother Becca enticingly holding her free nipple dripping with her milk and he watched as Ned noisily suckled from the other then he too started suckling and swallowing her sweet tasting cream. When Ned started making her suck his cock Mort slowly walked into the bedroom and there was Mother Tessa fingering Candy’s vaginal folds while she drank from her weeping nipple.

“She is really close to cumming,” Announced Mother Tessa in a warm soft voice. Mort looked at her, smiled and watched while Candy’s toes wriggled with excitement and looked at her juices weeping from her vagina. He listened as Tessa noisily slurped them up. Candy’s back arched as he slid his turgid fat cock into her womb giving Candy a few deep thrusts and he let out a few loud and quick breaths while expelling his sperm. Candy’s body jostled Tessa’s as she writhed from pleasure within Tessa’s grasp.

“That was beautiful Father the two of you came at the same time.” Tessa salaciously observed and kneeled waiting for him to withdraw his penis so she could lick it clean. Phoebe padded into the room and waited next to Tessa and when she started licking the juices from Mort’s penis Phoebe began to feed on the sperm oozing from Candy’s open vagina. Mort began vigorously masturbating and quickly started ejaculating into Tessa’s open mouth, and as his climax eased he groaned, “Take it all, take it all the way down.” And sighed loudly as she slid the full length of his softening shaft into her throat. When Tessa started to quake from not breathing he pulled out saying, “Look!” and there was Phoebe laying on her back and whining.

“I think she wants me the give her a little sweet and low.” Tessa saucily remarked.

“I think you are right let me watch.” Mort salaciously agreed. His penis turned hard briefly, as he watched Tessa’s tongue slithering over the Phoebe’s genitalia and massaging the hound’s rows of wriggling titties. He laughed as Phoebe let out a loud groaning whine of approval and lick at the air.

Mort walked out to the porch and sat in the hot sun closing his eyes he saw the blossom again only this time Carol the waitress he just met, her face was in the middle with Candy’s face on all of the surrounding pedals. Then a blinding light shined and he saw the little mole on Carol’s neck and remembered she had been one of his original victims. Mort’s penis turned quite turgid and ached as he remembered how easy and how quickly she learned her lessons. She was so willing to please that he never had to punish her. Then the world spun and warbled and with a sudden jolt stopped and in his head he heard “go now!” a wet smile washed across Mort’s face and he yelled out, “Jerry gas up the van!” and as he rushed into the house yelled at the door, “Jerry double up on the meds, ropes, and gags!”

The end Ch.3

The Criminal pt. 3

Ch. 3 The victim pt. 3

Lincy was sleeping on the grass and partially covered gravel when a loud metallic clanging woke her. She started to jump to her feet but the top of her cage knocked her back to the ground and she sat there blinking her eyes in disbelief but thankful she was no longer in the isolation box. She was surprised to see that Brutus was nowhere to be seen as she thought he was licking her ear just before she was rested from her sleep. The evil laughter filtered through the hedge row that separated the isolation cells from the rest of the farm; though she could not see what was happening she knew all too well, the sounds of the woman violently vomiting reminded her of both her first and second stays. Her skin where the welts use to be itched, when Lincy heard the sharp cracks of the whip, soon the smell of rancid feces filtered through the hedge as did the woman’s pleading sobs as she begged for the torment to stop. Lincy started to cry for her as she remembered how much like her the strange woman’s pleading sounded.

Then the sounds of the continuing orgy filtered from the house and back yard made her wish she was still there. Lincy knew that there was only four or five women to service the nearly thirty males two or four legged males and the thought of having several cocks waiting for their turn made her ache deep inside her womb and she pressed her face to the wire fence. She started sniffing madly at the air hoping to catch Brutus’s scent but the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Then Lincy saw three of the hired hands walking in the direction of her cage she knew they were coming to test her and see if Father’s sperm took hold.

“Come on out here you,” ordered the man opening the cage door.

“Get over here and suck this hard cock.” Ordered another as he unzipped his pants and pulling out his already hard dick, Lincy quickly obeyed, crawled over, sucked the man’s penis into her mouth, and eagerly started bobbing her head up and down. They all looked on and jeered as she gagged when the hand shoved his long fat cock deep into her throat.

“Hey give me that tester she pissed when you gagged her!” excitedly remarked one of the onlookers as he held it next to her urethra ordered, “Now make her gag again.” He quickly buried the length of his shaft causing Lincy to retch and dry-heave. “Perfect!” Brayed the man testing her. After a minute passed he announced, “The bitch is knocked up so we can fuck her if we want.” Lincy knew Father’s seed had taken in her belly long before the three of them happened to the cage. She was full of both rage that he had gotten her pregnant again and glad that she was again pregnant and able to pleasure Father in any way she could.

“Come on hurry up I want to cum in her mouth too you know!” the third man impatiently prodded and then added, “This bitch belongs to Brutus and we didn’t bring any food or dog bones.”

“Will you shut up I am close!” grunted the man shoving his cock into the back Lincy’s throat. Then his movements turned jerky and strained as spit sprayed from his mouth, a long grinding animalistic groan sounded and Lincy made slurping noises as she swallowed his ejaculate.

“My turn man, come on let me get some!” excitedly claimed the impatient hand and then ordered as he stepped in close after the first man backed away, “Now don’t spill a drop!” and slipped his hard cock into her sperm coated mouth.

“‘Oh man…!’ The bitch is creaming, mind if I fuck her while she sucks you off?” excitedly asked the man standing behind her jacking off.

“Sure go ahead,” answered the man now getting his penis sucked. Both men were pumping as fast as they could cumming in just a few minutes laughing at the sounds Lincy made as she swallowed the one man’s sperm.

As they locked her back in her cage and walked off one of them bragged, “Hey we came at the same time!”

“No fucking way you came way before me because you started after me.” Argued the other and walked away.

“Just keep on walking here comes Brutus.” Alerted one of the men and kept walking.

“Did you unlock the dog door?” Asked the tester.

“Of course not Mort said to leave it locked.” He sarcastically replied.

“Man that is one horny bitch look at her pace!” Remarked the tester.

“Yea she can’t see him but she knows he is up wind from her!” excitedly remarked the first man.

Lincy was pacing up and down as she anxiously waited for Brutus, and when she caught sight of him she started pissing all over the ground as she danced in circles. He quickly started spraying his scent all over the ground and fence when he couldn’t enter the pen. Lincy hungrily watched as he licked his red meaty cock. He just sat and looked at her with his tongue flailing as he panted. She watched as he sniffed at the ground next to him and Lincy knew to lie next to him but couldn’t but lay down as close to him as the fence would permit.

Lincy awoke with a start found Brutus gone and then another shrieking scream sounded. Lincy knew what was happening the orgy was ending with one of the new victims being taken from the isolation box tied to a pole and raped by Father’s hounds while everyone looked on. When the shrieking turned into blubbering sobs begging them to stop Lincy knew that one of the hounds had mounted her bitten and bleeding body and plunged his huge cock into her. The muscles around her clitoris turned taut and she squeezed her clitoris when the scent of Brutus’s sperm drifted into her nose. She could hear the loud wet squelch sound as he yanked free, and her loud grinding groans as another hound lumbered onto her back. Lincy closed her eyes and could see exactly what was happening because she had watched other victims being initiated as well as being a victim and going through the initiation twice.

A drool slipped through her lips as she caught the scent of Thaddeus’s semen and then Claudius’s, and T-rex’s seed soon wafted through the air. Her loin turned hot as she listened to the noises the hounds made, the jeering cheers from the hands, and how the groans from the victim turned into moans and sighs of surrender. Lincy’s thigh glistened with a thick viscous coating of her vaginal juices as she eagerly sniffed at the air searching it for the parade of different smells coming from the hounds spilling their seed, and her longing for it to be spilled in her womb grew.

Gone from her mind was the humiliation of having dogs fucking her, gone was the shame of having all those jeering onlookers gawking at her while she obediently performed her duties, and the disgust of having so many different men taking turns at filling her with sperm. Gone were the memories of her husband and her love for him was just a faded thought, but his scent was etched into her mind. She had forgotten what her house looked like only what the yard looked like, and where the trees were and how many. She remembered which of her neighbors kept dogs as pets and she could smell them all of them.

All Lincy wanted to do and all she thought about now, was to give pleasure to anybody man or beast and take their seed anywhere they wanted to put it. Her love for Brutus had grown and longed for him when he was away. The scraps of food left in her bowl had begun to taste good. The square box she shared with Brutus felt like her home and the caged pen felt like her yard. A drool ran down her chin as she watched Brutus licking his wet, red, penis and her groin filled with longing when he looked up at her. They both looked at the van as it started down the driveway and a tear slipped across Lincy’s face as she watched Father driving off.

The end chp. 3

The Crime, The Criminal, and The Victim ch. 3

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