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Just a story I found off the internet. I'll post parts two and up if anyone's interested in reading this. :p

Part one

Author: Flaming Dynamo

Sasha was worried. She as the pensive type. She never knew what to do, but she knew she was lusting for something. She was a virgin and her body was aching. When she saw a guy, she wanted his cock. Her friends had described to her what sex was like and she had seen porn before. She wanted it badly. It did not matter with who.

She never had a boyfriend. It was the nervousness that did her in. Sasha wanted a cock so bady she hardly got any sleep. Her grades dropped and nobody knew why. Sasha knew.

Sasha spent hours outside the boys locker room watching the guys exercise and show off amongst each other. She felt this uncontrolable urge to touch herself. Her hands went to her tits and when it really got bad she rubbed her crotch, but did not dare actually touch herself in that naughty place.

She thought nobody saw her or at least knew what she was doing. But, Bobby knew all about it. From the first day he could see the way Sasha looked at him and his friends.

He approached her one day and she quickly composed herself.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"...Nothing..." answered Sasha bowing her head.

"I've seen you touch yourself when your here. Are you horny? None of the guys have fucked you before."

"I...I...yes I'm horny," she shamefully answered.

"Let us see if you really are."

Bobby grasped Sasha's arm and took her into the boys locker room. They winded through many rows of lockers with guys in various states of undress. They all watched Sasha closely.

"Follow me guys," called Bobby.

She was scared and was afraid of what was going to occur as she was being pulled along. In the back of Sasha's mind she knew. Her body began to get hot and her tits pounded and strange sensation flared from between her legs.

Bobby pulled Sasha into the shower room. The showers were communal and there were no stalls. Her threw onto the ground in the center as all the guys in the locker room joined them.

Sasha tried to hide herself from the leering eyes of these men that she knew and fantasised about.

"Take off your blouse," ordered Bobby.


"Take off your blouse, bitch. I won't say again."

Sasha fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and slowly slid off her blouse.

"Now, get rid of your bra."


"I'm getting sick of this. Take off the bra or I let them take it off," he motioned to the crowd of guys.

This drew murmurs from the crowd. Then Sasha did as she was told and let her breasts tumble of her bra and put it with her blouse. The men began to hoot and holler at the sight of her tits. Sasha felt so humiliated. Yet, the strange sensation between her legs grew more intense. She was dirty, so dirty.

"Now, I'll say this once, bitch. Unzip your skirt and take it off."

Sasha quickly obeyed not wanting to make Bobby angry.

"That's a good bitch. Now, take of your panties."

Sasha moved slowly to do this.

"Now, bitch!"

She swiftly took off her panties and kicked them from her ankles. She felt embarrassed showing her most sacred part her body to these men and their eyes.

"Rub your tits and pinch your nipples for the guys," Bobby ordered.

Sasha's hand wented to her breasts and she rubbed them and cupped them. A feeling in her grew and grew. She was becoming more and more depraved. Her body was enjoying this, while mind felt low and ashamed to see these men watching her pleasure herself.

"Now, pinch your nipples like I said."

Sasha obeyed and found a new area of pleasure that was much more powerful. Her nipples hurt more as she pinched them for longer and longer, but she loved it.

"Good, bitch. Now, open your cunt lips and show us all what your like inside."

Sasha nervously moved both hand to her crotch and felt her "cunt lips" as Bobby called them. Her touch made her moan and the men snickered and houled. What a slut Sasha thought. She again tried tried to spread her cunt lips. She pulled them apart for everyone to see.

"Now turn all the way around while you do. Every guy here deserves a good look."

Sasha turned arounded slowly. Each guy grinned at the sight of her cunt. Her body was rocking with pleasure as her ind began to love the shame that she felt.

"Do the same with your ass cheeks. The guys wanted to see your puckered anus."

These dirty words made her feel dirty. Again, the guys stared at her anus. Except this time Sasha could not see them which excited her.

When was done revolving, Bobby brought her a razor and shaving cream.

"Get your back and spread your legs wide," he demanded.

"What ar-."


Sasha did as told. Bobby spread shaving cream around Sasha's cunt.

"I'm going to take care of this hedge you call pubic hair."

He slowly drew the razor across he crotch reaving an area of no hair. He did this again and again untill all that was left was the lining of Sasha's cunt.

"Stay perfectly still, bitch, or I'll cut you."

He ulled the razor along her cunt lips slowly. The side it rubbed against them and had to uses all of her power to contan the leasure.

"There. Now, your cunt is perfect, bitch. Unzip my pants."

Sasha got on her knees before Bobby and unzipped his pants.

"Now, slide them and my boxers down to my ankles and help me remove them."

Sasha acted accordingly. When she raised her head she was slapped in the face by Bobby's cock. Sasha felt lower and lower. She felt like a slut.

"Get on your hands and knees lke the bitch you are," ordered Bobby.

Sasha slowly did so, but feared what she could not see. This was the first cock ever. She had never seen one in real life let alone touched it.

Bobby's hand felt between Sasha's legs and pushed fingers along her cunt lips and found what Sasha would soon knows is her clitoris. He rubbed his firnger arond it and upon it. Sasha let out a loud moun. The guys all around cheered.

Bobby drew is hand from between her legs and raised it in the air.

"This is one horny virgin bitch."

The guys loved it.

His hands went to her hips and he pushed his cock head till it just touched her cunt lips. he slowly spread the lips apart and inserted himself into Sasha's tight virgin pussy.

Sasha let out a loud wail. but, Bobby was not finished. He pushed further and further until he popped her cherry and took the innocence that kept Sasha from being the slut she wanted to be.

Bobby fucked her in front of anyone. Her perverted nature was coming out to Sasha's mortification and deepest desire. She loved seeing them watch her.

She came just as Bobby shot his load into her.

Bobby got up and watched is cum drip out of her cunt. He smiled.

"Do whatever you like with her, just make everyone gets a turn. There kis plenty to go around. Have fun boys," Bobby orated.

The next two hours were out of Sasha's deepest and most perverted dreams. Cocks were everywhere and did not even see any of the faces they belonged to. One of the guys ordered her to open her mouth. Sasha obeed and was fed a mouth full of cock. This became a new act to further use Sasha's body. another guy spred her ass cheeks and shoved his cock deep into her anus. Sasha screamed and moaned until the pain began to feed her pleasure. She began to take three cocks at a time. Cum was being shot all over her face and body. I was caught in her hair and down her tits and steaming out of her cunt.

After two hours had passed, Bobby called an end to the gangbang. Sasha lay on the floor in a pool of cum. He took her by her hair and held her up.

"I guess we finally see the slut you are. Are you a dirty cumslut?"

Sasha resisted the hand in her hair. Bobby jerked her hed very hard

"Are you a dirty cumslut?!"


"Say it!"

"I am a dirty cumslut."

"Are you cock hungry whore?"

"I am a cock hungry whore."

"Are you a filthy cunt bitch?"

"Yes, I am a filthy cunt bitch."

"The piss like one," Bobby said as he trew her to the ground.


"Piss, now, bitch!"

Sasha squated a got ready.

"No! If your a filthy cunt bitch, then you'll piss like one. One hands and knees and leg in the air! And tell us how much you like watching you piss."

Sasha got on all fours and then raised her leg.

"It makes me horny when you watch me piss, watch as piss like the bitch I am."

A yellow stream flowed from Sasha's pussy into their air and on the ground. With the release of the piss sasha would never return from her nymphomania.

Bobby lifted Sasha to her feet.

"Shows over guys contact me latter."

He turned to Sasha.

"Well, now we know what a slut you are. I don't want to see anymore shyness. You'll fuck whoever asks and even those that don't. Is that understood, bitch?"

"Yes, Bobby."

"I am not Bbobby to you. You will address me and every other man as sir."

"Yes, sir."

"You may leave."

"Thank you, sir."

Sasha moved to take her clothing. Bobby kept the panties and bra.

"No more of these for you. I expect all of your panties, bikinis, and bras. G-strings are the only allowed undergarment."

"Yes, sir."

Sasha dressed and moved to leave.

"Oh, and bitch."

"Yes, sir?" she answered.

He passed her the shaving cream and razor.

"Don't forget to shave."

(to be continued?)

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I thought it was a great story...Post some more Deathnote

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Just a story I found off the internet.

Part two

Author: Flaming Dynamo

The word was out around school. Sasha fucked all the guys in the locker room last week. People whispered as she walked by. "Skank," she heard, "slut," "whore." It was so humiliating. All of this done against her will, but why was she so excited. Why was she getting wet when she heard those words.

"Come here," Bobby ordered from his car.

Sasha was afraid of Bobby. He was the one that forced her into this situation. It was his fault she was raped by all those guys. She approached slowly anyway, much to her mind's protest.

"Come on, Slut. Get over here."

"Yes, sir?"

Bobby had required her to call him and any other man sir.

"Get in the car."

Sasha obeyed without question. She had been humiliated enough by Bobby. She did not want her teachers or parents knowing. Bobby drove off quickly. He tossed a cell phone in her lap.

"Call your parents. Tell them you are staying at school late to study and a friend will give you a ride home. You got that bitch?"

"Yes, sir."

Sasha made the call quick and returned the cell phone.

"Good job."

Bobby pulled over quickly into the parking lot of a bar. Bobby told Sasha to get out. He walked around the car.

"Lean over the hood."

Sasha did so even with people walking in and out of the bar and driving by.

"Pull up your skirt."

She felt Bobby's hand slide in between her ass cheeks and feel his way to her anus. With his middle finger he put preasure on the closed hole. His finger slowly pushed through, but was then removed. Sasha let out a small yelp, holding back her true pain. With this a couple pointed at the two and shook their heads. Sasha was getting wet.

"You like it when they watch, don't you, slut? You like it even more when they think you're a dirty whore. Don't worry you will have many more chances to have people watch you deprave yourself," Bobby had a large grin on his face. "Turn around and lie back on the hood."

Sasha did as she was told. Bobby examined every inch of her crotch.

"No underwear, good. Shaven, good. Very good, slut, I will let you give me even more head for you obidience."

"Where are you taking me?" Sasha ventured.

"Turn around."

Bobby drew back his hand and slapped her ass. This time Sasha let out a full squeel.

"You'll learn soon enough. But, I need some money come with me."

He walked to the bar and Sasha followed.

"Wait here," he ordered as the entered the door.

Bobby walked across the bar. He stopped at a table and began talking with those that were there. After a few minutes Bobby pointed toward Sasha and the others looked over too. They all then got up and began to walk toward Sasha. The group was made up of four bikers. They all towered over Sasha

"Come with me," Bobby whispered in her ear.

Sasha and the group walked to the back of the bar, past the bathroom and the meat locker until they reached a room that had the same kind of door as the meat locker. They all ventured inside.

"Guys, this is the slut I was telling you about. Wait till you see her without her clothes. Tight too."

Sasha knew she was been rented out. The bikers dropped the pants and weilded their erect cocks. One of the bikers moved behind her and took a knife to the back of her shirt. He peeled away the shirt. He did the same to her skirt.

Sasha stood there nude while they surveyed her body.

She felt a hand squeeze her ass cheek.

"Please, don't," Sasha said meekly.

But he persisted. Another began feeling her breasts. He pinched Sasha nipple and twisted it in his finger forcing a moan out of her.

"Ooo, you like this don't you, slut."

He pinched harder. A drop of cum dripped from Sasha's pussy.

"Wet so soon? Here, if you wanted it so bad you should have asked."

The biker shoved his index and middle fingers into her cunt. Thrusting them in and out. Sasha began to cum instantly.

Sasha didn't know what was wrong with her body. She hated this. But, she was so wet. Maybe she did like it. This was so humiliating.

Sasha felt two more fingers reach under her legs and force their way into her cunt.

"Stop it...please," she managed to get out amongst her moans.

"Why? Your pussy is loving this." With this the biker held up two fingers with cum dripping from them. He forced them into her mouth for her to taste.

"Watch out guys," the biker called causing the others to remove their fingers from Sasha's pussy.

The bikers pushed her over to a table and she landed on her back. Two of the spread her legs and another stepped between them. Sasha felt the head of his cock touch her pussy lips. This made Sasha squirm and do everything to get away.

"Why do you resist? Your cunt is begging for this," the biker said.

Then he shoved his cock deep into her. Sasha's pussy was being split in two. She could not help but moan loudly. Sasha thought, "Why am I loving this?" She came again and again.

"Cumming so soon. You really are a slut."

"No, please sto-"

The last biker pulled back Sasha's head and stuffed her mouth with his cock. It was so disgusting, but Sasha loved the taste. His taut skin against her lips forcing her mouth to its widest opening; it felt so good. Feeling his cock forced down her throat.

Suddenly, Sasha was blinded by flashes all around her that she could not recognize.

Then they drew their cocks out. One of the bikers sat on the table. He lift Sasha into the air and spread her ass cheeks. Slowly, he pressed in on Sasha's anus.

"No, please not there!"

His head popped into her anus. He slowly pushed her down opening her anus unnaturally.

"So tight. Feels good doesn't it, slut?"

The biker laid back on his back with his cock still pentrating Sasha's ass. The other biker resumed pounding her cunt.

Sasha squealed and moaned unendingly. She came all over. Her pussy was overflowing. The biker who was fucking her face drew back her mouth again and filled her gaping mouth. Again, there were flashes everywhere. The fourth biker stradled over Sasha's chest. He forced her tits together and began to fuck them.

"How do you like being titty fucked?," the biker called,"Your tits are nice and round. Your nipples are so hard. Geez, girl calm down. You're such a slut."

Sasha heard his words, but was focus on the intense pain surging through her body. She was being raped by men she didn't know to get money for Bobby. It was against everything in her, but she felt incredible.

The gangbang went on for an hour and a half. Sasha had been covered in cum and laid on the floor weak. However, she was still aware of evrything around her.

"Here is your three hundred dollars," said one of the bikers handing Bobby the money,"Don't do this to her anymore. She is such a pathetic slut."

"I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't have it. I didn't think she was this bad," Bobby lied.

"Well, sluts are sluts, I guess. Thanks for the fuck," another biker called.

"Anytime. If you're ever in the area and you want a quick one don't be afraid to call me. Oh, by the way, do you know any good tattoo and piercing shops?"

"Yeah, Benny's Basement is great one down in Providence. You gonna get a tatto for yourself."

"No, the slut wanted to know. Well, pleasure doing business with you."

The bikers shook hands with Bobby and left. Bobby walked over to Sasha and kicked her.

"Wake up, bitch. Time to leave."

Sasha got up and tried to cover herself to maintain some sort of modesty.

"Please, slut. I think you've lost all modesty possible."

Sasha realized what he said was true. She let her arms fall to her side and accepted that She had no dignity.

"That's better. Clean yourself up, we're leaving."

"Can I have a towel," Sasha said quietly.

Bobby quickly walked over to her and slapped her across the face bringing her to the ground.

"No, bitch. Lick the fucking cum off your body. Next time you forget to address me as sir I'll show everyone what a slut you are."

Bobby held up polaroids in both his hands. That was what the flashes were when she was getting fucked by the bikers. The pictures were of Sasha getting fucked in every hole. There was no way she could let those pictures get out. Sasha had to obey Bobby's commands.

Sasha licked all the cum from her body as Bobby said. Then Bobby handed her clothes. Sasha put them on and found them to be humiliatng. The tight yellow t-shirt hardly covered her lower breasts. The short cut jeans were like a thong and didn't even cover her ass.

"What if somebody sees me, sir?"

"What do you care? You like when people watch any way. Let's go."

Bobby grabbed Sasha by the arm and led her out through the bar. Everybody's head turned as they walked by. The men whistled and the women shook their heads. Sasha could feel her juices dripping down her thigh. She did like it when they watched.

{to be continued)

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Just a story I found off the internet.

Part three

Author: Flaming Dynamo

Sasha sat quietly in Bobby's car fearing where they were traveling to. She had lost all control. Bobby owned her now. She had been humiliated, hurt, and raped at his whim.

Sasha's pussy was on fire. She could not stop juices from leaking out of her. Her hands went to her crouch and clenched over her pussy trying to hold it in and to try to hide it from Bobby.

"Don't worry, slut," Bobby said, noticing anyway, "Your body still wants cock. We can buy a vibrator to help you."

His words made Sasha sink. She was some depraved whore who could not go without being fucked. Even now her mind strayed to Bobby's dick. She wanted it. She wanted to taste it, feel it, be fucked by it.

"Sir?" She hesitated

"Yes, slut?"

"May I...I suck your dick?"

"Yes you may, slut."

Sasha leaned over and unzipped Bobby's pants and took out his cock. She quickly consumed it, sucking on it deeply, loving every inch of it. Sasha could not stop herself. She felt Bobby reach his fingers into jeans and force his way into her pussy. The heat in her pussy began to abate as he finger fucked her.

Hours went by until the car stopped.

"Slut," Bobby shook Sasha's head trying to get her attention, "Stop blowing me. It's time to go."

Sasha lifted her face from Bobby's dick and looked up at him covered in cum.

"Make sure you clean me off," Bopbby ordered.

Sasha closed her mouth over the bottom of his cock and removed all the cum she had spilled. She sat up straightand tried to pull her embarrassing shirt down over her tits, which it hardly covered in the first place. Bobby handed her a paper napkin to wipe the cum from her face.

"Where are we, sir?"

"Benny's Basement."

"Why are we here?"

"We need to get you ready for tonight. I have some friends that want to meet you."

Sasha looked up at the store. It wasn't really a store. There was a long staircase down to old door above which was a neon sign that read "Benny's Basement". The surrounding area seemed like slums with suspicious people lining the street.

"Time to get out, Slut. Do not talk unless spoken to. Do you understand?" Bobby demanded.

"Yes, sir. I do." Sasha agreed.

"Good, slut. Let's go."

The two stepped out of the car and walked to the staircase. From down the street wistles and jeers could be heard.

"Nice ass, baby. Show us your tits." One man shouted.

Bobby stopped and said, "Well, give the man what he wants."

"Sir, please don-"

"Do you want me to give the pictures to your parents?"

Tears fell from Sasha's eyes as she lifted her t-shirt up exposing her breasts for all the street to see. The taunts and catcalls grew louder.

After a few minutes Bobby said, "That's enough. Time to go."

Sasha tried to pull her t-shirt down over her tits but Bobby stopped her.

"Leave it," he said.

The room was dimly lit. There were several built men with no shirts on at the far end talking. A couple had tattoos on their body, a couple had piercings, one had both. They all stop talking once they notice Bobby and especially Sasha.

"Can I help you?" one called.

"Are you Benny?" Bobby called back.

"I am," the man said as he approached. His eyes staring at Sasha's tits.

Bobby saw this and said, "Go ahead do want you want."

Benny grasped Sasha's right tit firmly, watching Sasha's eyes close, listening to her try to hold back a soft moan. He then pinched her nipple and rolled it it his fingers. Sasha winced and clenched her fists, but she stood there and took the pain.

"That's enough," Bobby said.

Benny relented and Sasha rested on her hands on her knees.

"What do you want?"

"Not what I want. She wants her nipples and clit pierced and she wants a tattoo," Bobby lied.

"Really? Where does she want the tattoo?"

"Right above her cunt."

"What tattoo? Drawing? Words?"

"One word: Cumslut."

Benny smiled, "I think we can do that. Do you have two hundred dollars?"

Bobby pulled the money he had made from letting Sasha be fucked by bikers earlier that day out.

"It'll be forty-five dollars for each piercing inculding the rings and sixty-five dollars for the tattoo."

"I'll also need to buy a vibrator, a butt-plug, a ball-gag, two crops, and leather straps," Bobby said.

"That'll be a hundred and fifty dollars for that, but I'll give you a discount of about fifty dollars."

"Perfect," Bobby said.

Benny told the other men to help Sasha onto the operating chair in the back. The chair seemed like a barber's chair, but there were shackles on armrests and footrests.

"Take off your clothes," Benny ordered Sasha.

She removed her yellow t-shirt and the thong jeans she was wearing and now had no defense against the leering eyes of the men in the shop. She sat in the chair and the shackles were firmly tied over her rists and ankles. They then leaned the back of the chair slight down. Then they swung the armrests away from the chair spreading Sasha's arms apart and opening her chest. They did the same with her legs and exposed her pussy to the entire group.

"Who is this girl?" one of the men asked.

"She's just some exhibitionist slut that wanted a ride here," Bobby answered.

Bobby stepped to her and forced his finger into her cunt.

"Look at how wet she is from all of you watching."

Sasha moaned, but pulled her head away.

"Get on with it," Bobby said.

Sasha entered a world of pain. Everything was blur. First she saw a needle being pushed though her nipple and then the other. Her tits burned with pain. Then they began her tattoo. Sasha's friends had tattoos on their ankles or shoulders and they said it did not hurt. But, Sasha's tattoo hurt more than anything she had felt before. It felt like as knife was cutting into her body slowly. Finally, after a few moments it was over, but Benny was not finished. He then shoved a needle through Sasha's clit.

They left her there for about an hour. The needles needed to set and Bobby wanted the tattoo to be undamaged. Sasha collapsed in the chair from the intense, seering pain.

When they came back, Benny had three rings in his hand. He opened each of them. For each needle that was in her, he replaced with a ring. The old pain was renewed and Sasha collapsed again.

Sasha awoke and heard the men talking to each other.

"I can give they name of a couple clubs in town," one guy said.

"That'd be great," Bobby responded.

"Hey, your slut is awake," another one said.

"Take off the shackles and make her stand," Bobby said.

The group obeyed and pulled Sasha onto her feet. Her knees were weak and every move she made caused the sting of the piercings to attack again. Bobby pinched Sasha's nipple and pulled on her piercing, which forced her to fall to her knees in pain.

"Get dressed, slut," shouted Bobby.

Sasha found her cloths, but had to lean over to get them. She slowly put them on trying to minimize the pain. When she pulled up her jeans shorts, she realized that the top half tattoo was not covered. When she pulled down her t-shirt, the piercings were hardly covered.

All the men in the room smiled seeing her embarrassment and discomfort.

"Here is your bag of tricks," said Benny, handing over a paper bag with all the sex toys Bobby asked for, "If you ever want to bring her by, we'd all love a chance to fuck her. I can give you merchandise free in return."

"That sounds like a good idea," Bobby said.

Bobby and Sasha left the store and got back into the car. Then they drove off to some place Sasha did not know.

On the trip therer Sasha braved the pain and examined her her new features. She felt her nipple and clit piercings learning what made them hurt and what didn't. Then she looked at her tattoo. She could remove the piercings, but not the tattoo.

"Now, everyone will know what you are. You will not be able to hide it anymore. Your teachers, you friends, your family will learn that you are not like them. You'll be known as a sick nymphomaniac. You'll be known for what you are, slut," Bobby said wickedly.

(to be continued)

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Just a story I found off the internet. Final part. ^_^

Part four

Author: Flaming Dynamo

"Where are we going now, Sir," Sasha asked.

"My friends are anxious to meet you," Bobby said.

"Your friends?"

This day had been terrible for Sasha. Bobby rented her body out to some bikers for money. With the money, he had Sasha's nipples and clit pierced and had the word "CUMSLUT" tattooed above her pussy. She stared a the tattoo for a long time. No matter how much she tried to fight it, it would always be true. She began to accept it. She was a cumslut.

After an hour Bobby parked the car in front of an apartment building.

"Take off your clothes, slut."

Sasha obeyed and removed her t-shirt, jeans shorts, and shoes.

"Now turn your head toward the window."

When Sasha did as she was told, Bobby slipped the ball gag over her head and pulled it against her mouth. At first she fought it, but Bobby could not be resisted. The ball opened her mouth fully and blocked any vocal noises she made. Bobby lifted Sasha's hair and tied the strap as tight as it could be forced. Bobby then opened the glove compartment and pulled out a dog collar.

As he rapped the dog collar around Sasha's neck Bobby said, "I bought this thing at a pet store. Now you have your collar, Bitch."

Then he took one of the leather straps and tied it to the ring on her collar.

"Walk on all fours until I say otherwise. Understand, slut?" Bobby said knowing what she would say.

"Yes, Sir."

Bobby stepped out of the car, vibrator and buttplug in hand. He opened Sasha's door and told her to get out. Sasha put one foot on the pavement and Bobby slapped her across the face. When Sasha removed her hand from her stinging face, there was a red welt where she had been struck.

"All four," Bobby said.

This time Sasha put her hand the pavement and then the other. She crawled out of the car, pathetic as ever.

"Turn your ass to me. Put your tits on the ground and raise your ass high in the air, bitch."

Sasha did as she was told. Sasha could hear something humming behind her. It was the vibrator that Bobby had set on low. He then rubbed the head of the vibrator on the lips of Sasha's pussy. When he reached her pierced clit, Sasha gasped. The pain of the piercing inflammed again. Bobby then shoved the vibrator deep in pussy.

"This better not fall out, bitch. If it does, you'll be staying out her all night" Bobby warned.

Then Bobby pressed the head of the buttplug down on her ass hole. She could feel it begin to widen and submit to its pressure. Her anus widen until the buttplug was secure and stuck in there.

"Now give me your leash, bitch."

Sasha grabbed the leash with her hand, but Bobby quickly spanked her on the ass. Sasha grunted. The buttplug made it hurt much more. When she recovered, she balanced the leash on her head and offered it to Bobby, making sure to stay on all fours. She just wanted to get out of the street as soon as possible. "Thank god it's so late," She thought.

"That's a good bitch," Bobby said taking the leash in his hand.

He led her to the apartment door and hit the buzzer. A voice through:

"Who is it?"

"It's me," Bobby said, "I have the pet you ordered."

"Come on up," the voice said.

Bobby opened the door and yanked Sasha along. They went up several flights of stairs. Sasha's nipple piercings hit the edge of every step, making her nipples burn with pain. They reached the top floor and Sasha collapsed in fatigue.

Spanking Sasha on the ass, Bobby said, "Get up, bitch."

Sasha obeyed and got on her already raw knees. Bobby patted her on the cheek and smiled. He then knocked on the door. A man in his mid twenties appeared at the door. He was wearing a collared shirt and khaki pants. He looked at Bobby and then at Sasha and smiled.

"Come on in," he said in a husky voice.

They entered what appeared to be a large room. Above them was a loft. To their left was a living area with a large television and a row of windows, which looked out upon the next building. To their right was a kitchen. Straight ahead were the stairs to the loft.

More men appeared about the same age as the first. All these strangers stairing at Sasha was humiliating. She was being treated and was acting like a dog. Her pussy was so wet. It was not just the vibrator, it was the same feeling she had before.

"Hello, Robert," one of the men said.

"Hey, Jack," Bobby responded, "I have the bitch I was telling you about."

"I can see that," another man said.

"Damn," the man who opened the door said, looking at Sasha's ass.

"What is it, Will?" Jack inquired.

"You have got to see this bitches ass. Damn, she's a slut," Will said.

The sinking feeling burst in Sasha's gut as the men took a look her ass and the toys she had been violated with. It felt so good. She wanted to suck the off so badly. Her pussy dripped with cum.

Moments later, they gathered in the living area. They passed around some beers and all had a good time while Sasha's stood diligently on all fours by Bobby.

"I think we should discus the rules," Jack said.

Everyone agreed.

"Rule one: the bitch stays here. We have all the facilities and equipment needed to take care of her," Jack stated.

Everyone agreed.

"Rule two: she has to punished for any misbehavior. Every misdeed will be recorded and she will recieve punishment right then and there. At the end of the month, the misdeeds will be tallied and she will recieve more discipline based on the count of misdeeds."

Everyone agreed.

"Rule three: we are the only ones to know. No family, no friends, and no girlfriends or wives."

Everyone agreed.

"I think those are the major rules of the group," Jack sayed.

"What about the bitch's parents and friends?" one of the other men asked.

"Robert's car will be cleaned to remove any evidence. When people start asking questions, Robert will say he say he talked to her after school and that she said she was going to a friend's house, which she told her mother when she called her. The focus will be shifted to her friends. Someone will either take the fall or the trail will run dry," Jack explained with devious tone.

"That is why it is important that the bitch stay here. No one can see her outside of this apartment, unless she is thoroughly disguised or she goes a same place," Bobby said sipping his beer.

"What about time?" asked Will.

"You mean time using the bitch?" asked Bobby.


"We all get one night a week. That leaves one extra day that will be used for gangbangs. Whoever shows up gets to join in. But, you must tell either Bobby or I before you miss your night if you have a prior engagement," said Jack.

Sasha listened as they decided her future for her.

"Who's night is it tonight?" asked one.

"Mine," answered Jack, "That means all of you leave now so I can have some private time with our new pet."

The guys finished off their beers and eventually they all left except for Bobby and Jack. The two of them talked for a minute, but Sasha could not hear them. The two got up. Jack went to the loft and Bobby grabbed Sasha's leash, patted her on the head, and then pulled her up to the loft.

Sasha was instantly frightened when she saw the loft. In the center was a cage with a padlock on it. To the right was an examing table with straps all around it. Covering the wall were all types whips, dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, anal beads, crops, straps, handcuffs, paddles, bars, and clothing. There was a stock in the corner, a x-frame, spanking bench, and a suspension rope.

Sasha froze where she was, she was so terrified. Bobby pulled on her leash, dragging her forward.

"Stupid bitch, get up and follow!" Bobby yelled.

Sasha did so reluctantly. Jack had pulled up two chairs. He and Bobby sat in both of them. Jack leaned forward and undid Sasha's gag.

"Jack..." Bobby said showing his dislike.

"This part is important, Robert. We and her especially need to hear her voice when she answers my questions," Jack said knowingly, "But, that does not mean we forget about discipline."

Sasha strentched her mouth.

"Yes, you are tired are you not?" asked Jack.

"Yes I am, Sir," answered Sasha.

"Already adressing her superiors as she she should? Bobby, you have trained her well in the short time you have owned her."

"Thank you," Bobby said with a smug smile.

"Answer yes or no," Jack demanded, "Do understand that you are dead to your family and friends?"

"No, sir."

"Well, you have disappeared. Your mother thinks you went to a friends house. But, no one will know for sure because uncharacteristic outburst in the locker room. Your family will learn what a slut you are."

"How?!" Sasha gasped.

"Unfortunately, it was taped. Some anonymous person will send the tape to the police as a clue in your case," with this, Bobby held up a cassette tape and the photos of Sasha and the bikers and dropped it into a manila envelope, which he sealed.

"No one knows where you are you slut and now your family will be ashamed of you. They should be. I've seen the tape and look at you now, on your all four begginging for cock."

Sasha licked her lips. She was hungry for some cock. She wanted more and Jack could see it in her eyes. He unzipped his pants and revealed his enormous dick.

"Do you want this, you dirty cumslut?" he teased.

"Yes, Sir, please," she said transfixed.

"Then you must follows the rules, forget your family, you will do as any man tells you. Is that understood?" He asked clearly and strongly.

"Yes, sir."

"Go ahead, you pathetic slut, suck my dick."

Sasha clawed at the ground to get at his dick. Her mouth engulfed it. With her hand tight around its base, Sasha sucked Jack's member dry. She sucked like every drop of his cum was the key to her survival. Jack pushed her back and rubbed his cock. With a groan he shot his load all over Sasha's chest.

Jack kneeled down a pulled the cum covered vibrator out of Sasha's pussy.

"You miss your vibrator don't you, slut?" Jack taunted, showing her what she had done with the wonton device.

"Yes, sir."

"What do you want?"

"Your dick, sir."

"Beg for it, you dirty whore."

"Please, sir, fuck my pussy with your dick."

With that, Jack pulled Sasha up. He lifted under her legs and drove his dick deep into her. Sasha moaned as pleasure erupted through her body. Finally, release.

He pounded her pussy deep and hard. Sasha's cum began to spill on the floor. Her pussy was punded to a pulp hen Jack paused for a moment. Sasha could feel the buttplug in her as being pulled out by Bobby. Bobby slowly inserted is dick into her anus. Then both he and Jack fucked her. Sasha was screaming and moan at the top of her lungs. The feeling was overwhelming. Her body felt so full. After several minutes the two men cummed. Sasha breathed heavily while cum leaked out of her Pussy.

"Come with me, slut," Bobby ordered.

On all fours, Sasha was lead to the cage in the center of the room. Bobby unlocked it and forced Sasha in. Once inside, Bobby closed the door and reset the lock.

"Get comfortable, slut, you'll be here forever," said Jack with a grin on his face.

Sasha found a bowl of water and some bread. She looked through the iron bars and watched as Jack patted Bobby on the back after they cleaned themselves up. They went down the stairs and then the lights were turned off. The door to the apartment opened and shut.

This was her life and she liked it. She had been subverted.

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