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Beth Becomes an Anal Babe
by GentleGeorge

Beth was enjoying all the attention that George was giving her. Over the last four hours since she arrived at his hotel room, the two Lit friends had been in a constant state of sexual excitement. George had ate her pussy, sucked on her clitty, fucked her from behind, and she had blown him. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had.

They were taking a little break, lying on the bed. George was spooning her, gently massaging her back and shoulders, rubbing her neck with both his hands. Beth was impressed by his staying power, and the tenderness of his lips on her cunt and clitoris. His cock, slightly hard, was lying in the crack of her ass, not rubbing so much as just touching her, gently.

She enjoyed the touch of his hands. He was rubbing her neck, and touching under her ears, and under her chin. His lips started to lightly kiss the back of her neck. He was such a good friend. It has been awhile since someone had touched her so softly and was so patient.

She pressed her butt back slightly, and felt his cock stir a little. It was now rubbing her down the crack of her ass. That felt good, she thought. George continued to move up and down her butt, slowly. She would sometimes press backwards, teasing him.

Meanwhile, George was continuing to massage her neck, back, and shoulders. She loved being the center of his attentions. She was at peace, but his dick was rubbing her ass, and it felt good.

Beth had never had anyone enter her ass. She had had several lovers who had tongued her there, and that had felt good. A friend had attempted to enter her, using lots of lube, but had never been able to push the head of his dick inside her. He claimed that she was way too tight. Another guy had tried once, he just pushed his dick inside her all at once, and the pain shot through her that she had jumped out of bed.

These thoughts were creeping into her head, and George was rocking her, massaging her, and his cock rubbing against her anus. It felt good, but rubbing outside her ass always felt that way. She had told George about her lack of anal experience, and felt that he would not pressure her into anything that she did not want or was painful.

George was nibbling her ears, and his body had moved slightly upwards. This caused the head of his penis to enter her ass, slightly. It felt good. George seemed unaware that he was now in her ass. He continued to massage her neck and back, and kiss the back of her head. And he continued to slowly rock against her butt.

Beth felt comfortable with what George was doing to her, intentionally or unintentionally. It felt good, having the head of his cock inside her ass. She smiled, as she felt little bits of pleasure from having him inside her. She said, “Oh George, that feels so good what you started doing to me a few minutes ago!”

“I’ve been massaging you for some time. I’m not doing anything different now. What are you talking about Beth?”

“You don’t know what you are doing to me now?”

“No, what am I doing to you besides rubbing your back and kissing your neck?”

“Your cock is in my ass, stupid!”

George suddenly stopped rocking. “I did not mean to do that!” He started to move backwards, but Beth pressed her butt into his pelvis, keeping his cock inside her.

“I like it George, keep it there.”

“Beth, but I have no lube on my cock or up your ass; it’s going to hurt if I push inside you more.”

Memories of her previous experiences flashed through her mind. “OK, but I don’t want you to leave my ass.”

“Let me put some lube on, and finger your ass pushing some lube there, and then we will slowly start to fuck you ass.”


George got up and got the bottle of Anal Ease from the night stand. He poured what seemed like a large amount on his hand, and quickly applied it up and down his cock. He poured out more into his hand, and started to move his hand to her ass. Before he did this, his head moved down between the crack of her ass, and Beth felt his tongue start to rim her ass. Beth enjoyed this, it felt so wicked, but it also felt so good.

George then replaced his tongue with a finger, and it slowly entered her ass. Because of the lube, it moved quickly into her. Beth continued to enjoy the sensations, new sensations that she had never felt before.

“I have my finger all the way in your ass Beth. How does it feel?”

“Oh it feels really good George.”

“Now I’m going to push a second finger in you. I will take my time; I’m watching your face to make sure I don’t hurt you.”

George pressed two fingers, side by side, slowly into her ass. He entered her about an inch, and then rotated his fingers.

“How does that feel?”

“Very good, oh, very good.”

George now pushed the two fingers in more. And then he pulled them out, slowly. He was watching Beth’s face, which continued to smile from the sensations in her ass.

“My fingers are now all the way in, and I have been moving them in and out. Does it still feel fine?”

“Oh yes, keep finger fucking my ass.”

“I will.”

George continued to finger her ass, moving slowly in and out. Beth continued to smile, and he could hear slight moans every few seconds. He pulled out his fingers, and moved back behind Beth, lying next to her, spooning her. He moved his cock against the crack of her ass. Holding his dick, he rubbed the head up and down the crack. He then placed the head against her asshole.

“OK Beth, now it’s your turn to control my entry into your ass. The head of my cock is at your asshole, and if you want it to enter, just press your butt back against me.”

Beth responded to his request, pressing back a little. She could feel his cock start to enter her a little. It still felt good.

“Good. Now Beth, I want you to press down like you do when you go to the bath room. When you press down, then push you butt against me a little.”

Beth squeezed downwards as he asked her, and pushed back against George. She felt his cock move inside her more.

“I’m now about an inch inside you Beth. Take your time; get comfortable with the feel of my dick inside you. When you are ready for more, repeat the pressing down and pushing into me.”

Beth was already comfortable with his dick inside her, and she wanted to feel more of him inside. She pressed downwards again, and pushed against his pelvis. She could feel herself opening up this time, and his cock slid into her more. Not waiting this time, she pressed again and pushed, and his cock slid more inside her.

“About four inches of me is inside you Beth. How does it feel?”

“Oh it feels different. It feels so good.”

Beth pressed down, and pushed. She continued this several more times. George did not move at all, keeping still, though he did stroke her shoulders and neck from time to time. Beth could feel something touching her ass outside. Was that his balls?

“Beth, I am totally inside your ass. Is it comfortable? Does it hurt?”

“No George. It feels gooooooooooooooooood!”

“I’m not going to move. If you want my cock to move inside your ass, you are going to have to push and pull. You move at your own pace. I am just going to lie here and let you fuck me.”

Beth was glad that George was such a gentleman. She remembered that creep who had pushed his cock inside her ass, and started to fuck her like he was in her pussy. George just let her start rocking, slowly at first.

Beth was rocking against George. It felt good. It felt different. She started to moan more and more. “Oh my God, Oh my God, it feels so damn good!”

George lied there, letting Beth rock back and forth. Beth’s ass was as tight as her pussy, and he was enjoying the tightness. More, he was enjoying that Beth was enjoying herself, moving back and forth, letting his cock move in and out. Sometimes Beth would stop in mid stroke, and move in a little circular motion. He knew she was enjoying all the sensations in her ass. He started to reach around so that he could frig her clitoris.

“No, don’t touch me there. I want to concentrate on this for a while.”

Suddenly, Beth started to rock faster. Her moans were starting to grow in volume. She was really enjoying this. Soon, she was screaming, “oh my God, oh my God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Beth’s ass was squeezing his cock. George quickly thought about a problem at work, so that he would not come. She was rocking him hard, banging him harder.

Then she started screaming. “You OK?”

“Yesssssssssssssssssssss,” was all Beth could say. And she did not stop screaming for almost three minutes.

“Another one. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Another. I am cumming and cumming.”

George rolled through her spasms, and kept concentrating. Let her have her orgasms this time. Next time, she would feel his hot spunk inside her ass.

Finally, Beth stopped rocking. She was grasping for air.

“Did you like it?”

“Oh George, I never knew it could be so good. George, you have turned me into an anal babe.”

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