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Captured Lust
by redtalon11

It had been a busy week. Michelle was walking out to her car, deep in thought, distracted. She was glad it was finally the weekend. She'd been running her tail off all week trying to impress a new client and hadn't seen her boyfriend, Dave, since last weekend. Smiling at the thought, Michelle couldn't wait to see him. He had called today. He sounded mischievous, playful. Dave had told her he had a surprise for her but refused to tell her what it was. Michelle blushed a little at this; she liked his surprises. They usually involved something romantic or sensual or playful. Since she'd started dating Dave, she'd discovered all kinds of new things about herself. He had this way of bringing out her innermost fantasies, even the ones about fetishes she didn't know she had, and making them come true.

Only last week, when she was lying in bed with him, she had revealed to him that one of her deepest fantasies was to be kidnapped and forced to sexually service her captor. She absolutely loved role-playing with him. She loved how he never came out of character and insisted that she do the same. Especially the roles where he dominated her in one-way or another, she loved that. They had even gone so far as to establish a safe word for her to say if the role-playing got too intense for her or she just didn't like what was happening. She'd never had to use it. 'Yet!' she thought. It made for some interesting evenings... 'Hell! It made for some freakin' hot nights!' She smiled and giggled a little at this.

Thinking about all of this was starting to turn her on... so much so, she dropped her keys trying to unlock her car. She picked them up, unlocked the door, slid in behind the wheel and was just about to start the engine when she felt something cold and thin press against her throat. A raspy, deep voice said into her ear, "Don't scream, or it will be the last thing you do." She gasped and started to panic. 'Oh my god! Oh my god!' she thought. She knew she couldn't move; the coldness on her throat was the blade of a knife. Her eyes darted to the rear-view mirror and she saw him. He was dressed all in black including gloves and a mask that covered the top of his head and face that concealed his identity. This mystery assailant had her and there was nothing she could do about it.

He told her to start the car and drive, which she did. As she pulled out of the parking lot, she asked him where they were going.

"Shut up." He said rather calmly, yet menacingly, "Just do what I tell you to do." And that's when Michelle recognized the voice. 'It's Dave!' she thought, 'Holy shit! This is his surprise!' She was just about to tell him off for scaring the living daylights out of her when she realized what he was doing. 'Hmmm... this could turn out to be fun. Let's play along and see where it goes.' She thought to herself.

They drove and Dave... er, her assailant gave her directions. "Turn left here."... "Turn right at the light."... and so on. While they drove, he whispered in her ear, telling her what he thought of her, what he was going to do to her.

"You're going to do exactly as I tell you my little slut", he whispered into her ear, "and you're going to like it. I know you. You like to obey and you'll obey everything I tell you, isn't that right.... Michelle?"

She gasped a little and looked at him, shocked, in the rear view, giving him a slight shake of her head... but she was thinking, 'Yes, that is right, but I'm not going to give in that easily'

He saw her reaction, chuckled a little and said, "Yessss... that's right Michelle. I know who you are. I know all about you. And I'm going to turn you into the best, most obedient little fuck slut you can imagine."

Michelle's mind was reeling at all of this. Dave had never talked to her like this before but then again, they had never played roles this intense before either.

He rubbed the knife lightly up and down the skin of Michelle's neck. She could feel the edge of it as he raked it gently across her skin. She liked this feeling, of the cold blade against her skin and the edge pressing against her neck. All the while Dave continued talking to her; telling her about his plans for her.

"I'm going to teach you to be my slut Michelle. I'll tease your pussy until you can't stand it anymore, until you're so hot for me you'll plead for my cock. You'll be begging me to fuck you, fuck you like the slut you are. That's right," he said, "You're a slut Michelle and you're going to learn what it is to become a true slut. You're going to learn to appreciate being a little cum slut and beg me to make you cum, beg me to fuck your pussy, beg me to allow you to suck my cock. You're going to learn to love being my slut Michelle and you're going to want to be the best little fucktoy you can for me when I'm done with you."

His breathing became heavier as he talked. Michelle was acting terrified but in the back of her mind she was also curious. Dave's voice, even though it was threatening her, also instilled a sense of calm in her. It made her feel comfortable, like she knew she could trust it, trust him. It also made her hot.

Michelle was so occupied with the knife in her throat, the voice in her ear, and her own rapid thoughts that she failed to realize where she was as her kidnapper instructed her to pull into the driveway to her right.

He reached up with his free hand, pushed the button on the remote above Michelle's head and the garage door opened in front of her. She pulled right into her very own garage, a little astonished as she realized that he had directed her to her own home. He told Michelle to get out of the car. He followed closely from the back seat pulling a large black bag out behind him and slinging it over his shoulder. He then grabbed her arm tightly and, showing her the knife again, told her to unlock the door and go inside. She fumbled with her keys a little but she quickly did as he said and they entered her house.

They walked in through the kitchen and proceeded into the living room, his hand upon her strong and forceful. She struggled a little against him but his grip was too firm and, besides, she was still uncertain just exactly what was going to happen.

"Just do exactly what I tell you to do, Michelle, and everything will be just fine, ok?" he said from behind her as they stopped in the middle of the living room.

"Y-y-yes." She stammered nervously, eyes wide open and wondering what was next.

"Good. Now we'll just see what we've got here."

Dave moved around to face her, taking the knife and tracing the outline of her cheekbone lightly with the tip. 'Michelle looks frightened,' he thought, 'she's playing along very well.' He took a step back from her, holding the knife up where she could still see it, and told her to undress. She looked hesitant but after a moment, she started to unbutton her blouse. Dave smiled. Michelle was wearing her sexiest, laciest bra under her conservative business clothes. He knew she had put it on that morning anticipating seeing him tonight. She looked up at him as she dropped the blouse... tentatively. He leered at her and said, "Keep going. You're not done yet. I want to see all of you." Michelle unzipped the side of her skirt and shimmied out of it. Her panties matched her bra. They were very lacy, French cut panties that showed off her hips and ass very nicely. She was wearing light, thigh high stockings too, along with the 3" high heels she hadn't taken off yet. She looked very sexy standing there in front of him... but he had a different look in mind for her tonight. He pulled his bag around, opened it and looked inside. He pulled out a red, lacy demi bra, and a red, leather halter-top, threw them at Michelle and told her to take off her bra and put them on. She caught the items, looked at them and said, "I'm not going to wear these!"

Dave looked at her through his mask and said menacingly as he pointed the knife at her, "You'll wear anything I tell you to wear or you'll be very sorry." She paled at this and reached behind her back to undo her bra. She released it and shrugged it off, revealing her round, firm breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately as the cool air in the room blew across them. She dropped her bra and pulled on the red one her captor had given her. It fit perfectly but only covered half of her perky tits. Her dark areolas and hard nipples showed above the lacy material and the bra forced them up so they stuck out nicely. She put the red halter-top over her head and fastened it behind her, covering up her exposed breasts. The leather felt strange against her rigid nipples but good all the same. She looked down and noticed the combination of garments gave her an unusual amount of cleavage and showed it off nicely.

Dave then reached in his bag again and pulled out a black garter belt, a pair of black, fishnet stockings, a black leather mini skirt and a pair of black 6" heels. He threw these at her too and told her to put them on. She pushed off her panties and rolled her stockings down her legs. Dave was enjoying the show as he caught a glimpse of her bald pussy as she removed all of her underwear. Michelle grabbed the garter belt and put it on. Then she sat down on the couch and started putting on the fishnets. She rolled them up her shapely legs and attached the clips of the garter belt to the tops of them. Then she grabbed the mini skirt and stood up. She pulled it on, having to shimmy into it because it was a little tight over her hips, and zipped it up the back. Leaning over, and showing Dave a great view of her exposed cleavage, she slipped the high heels onto her feet and then stood up straight to show her captor her outfit.

Dave smiled wickedly. Michelle looked phenomenal in her new sultry outfit.

"Turn around. Show me what you've got my little cum slut." He said.

Michelle looked at him shocked but recovered and began to slowly turn. She took her time doing it to tease him, looking over her shoulder at him when her back was turned. When she completed her turn, Dave told her to pick up her old clothes and take them into the bedroom. She did as she was told, bending at the waist instead of squatting down so he could get a good look at her backside as she picked up her clothes. She then stood up and walked slowly into the bedroom. Dave followed her carrying his bag with him.

He told her to drop her clothes into the laundry basket by the door, which she did, and then told her to lie down on the bed. Michelle sat down on the edge of her big queen-sized bed but didn't lie down. She wasn't going to be so easy to control, she thought. Dave laid his bag down next to the bed and went over to Michelle.

"I told you to lie down!" he said forcefully. He grabbed Michelle by the shoulders and pushed her back on the bed, turning her so she was lying correctly. He placed the knife against her throat again and then reached down to grab his bag and lift it up onto the bed. Dave reached inside his bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He slapped them onto Michelle's right hand, fed them through the bars on her headboard and then captured her left hand in the remaining cuff. Dave reached into his bag again and pulled out some leather binders. They had leather cuffs on the ends, one he secured around her ankle and the other end he locked around the bars of her footboard. He did the same with another one from his bag to Michelle's remaining leg. Now Michelle was bound hand and foot to her own bed and completely helpless, her hands above her head and her feet spread apart with a little bit of play due to the length of the leather straps. She could bend her legs and place her feet flat on the bed but she couldn't do much more than that.

Dave looked at his handiwork and smiled. Michelle squirmed a little, pulling at her restraints, testing them. He took the knife and ran the tip lightly over Michelle's cheek, down the side of her neck and across her breastbone. The sensation was getting Michelle hot. She liked the feeling of the cold steel on her flesh. He made circles on her exposed chest scraping the tip across the insides of her breasts. He then moved down to her stomach, tracing a line down to the waist of her leather skirt. He took the tip of his knife across the leather until it reached her legs. He rubbed the side of the knife along the inside of Michelle's leg so she could feel the coldness of the steel but careful not to cut her stockings. Michelle squirmed a little at this. She was enjoying it.

"Hmmmm... we won't need this anymore," he said indicating the knife, "besides, I've got better things to tease you with my little slut."

He reached in his bag and pulled out a flogger with a leather wrapped handle and several leather tails extending from it. He ran this over her skin from top to bottom, caressing every inch of her with it's many, long leather fingers. Michelle stifled a moan as she started to get very turned on.

Dave heard this and said, "Yes! That's it. You're already starting to see things my way. You like this don't you."

Michelle shook her head no.

"Yes you do, you just won't admit it yet," said Dave, "well, we'll just have to convince you that you're a wanton little slut won't we."

Dave pulled a vibrator out of his bag. It was long and silver and shaped like a torpedo thought Michelle. Dave turned it on and it started to hum quietly. He took the vibe and touched Michelle's right breast with it, circling her nipple through the leather halter. Her nipple got even harder than it was and poked up against the material. Dave moved the humming stimulator over to her right breast and did the same. Michelle was getting really hot now. The feelings in her tits were shooting straight down her stomach and culminating in her now engorged clit. She could feel the moistness growing between her pussy lips and her hips began to squirm a little as the sensations grew and grew within her. Dave moved the vibrator down her stomach and stopped over her pussy, pressing into the leather skirt between her thighs. Michelle gasped at this. She could feel the leather touching her mound vibrating and it felt very good. Little shocks were coursing up and down her sides and down her legs as Dave teased her with the vibrating phallus. He reached down with both hands and pulled her skirt up, exposing her thighs and now glistening bare pussy. He ran the vibe up and down her inner thighs, teasing her with it as he said, "You want this inside you don't you Michelle. You want this in your pussy. You're aching for me to put this inside you aren't you."

Michelle shook her head and said "No!" but it was getting harder and harder for her to resist. She did want it inside her but she didn't want to give into him yet. Dave smiled and continued to tease her pussy with the vibrator.

Dave took the vibrator and set in on the bed, leaning it up against Michelle's pussy so that the length hummed against her labia and the end buzzed over her erect clit. This drove Michelle wild! She started moaning as the vibrator stimulated her clit.

Dave watched her squirm as he began to disrobe. He pulled off his gloves, then his shoes and socks as he watched Michelle getting off on the vibe. He continued with the rest of his clothes but he left the mask on. When he was done, he climbed up on the bed and, lying opposite of the way Michelle was, he grabbed the vibrator again and started working on Michelle's pussy with the tip of it. He rubbed it up and down her entire pussy and then concentrated directly on her clitoris, rubbing circles around it and then pressing the tip against her throbbing nub, holding it there until Michelle let out a loud gasp and moan as her first orgasm began to build up inside of her. Dave recognized the signs that she was about to cum and pulled the vibe away immediately. He saw her head pop up and look at him as he did this and could tell she was upset that he had stopped before she had cum.

"Uh uh uh! Not yet my slutty little nymphet. Not until I say you can cum," said Dave.

Michelle pouted at this but she didn't say anything. She just plopped her head back down on the bed again and moaned.

Dave grabbed the flogger again and started running the tendrils over her thighs and pussy mound.

"Do you want me to make you cum Michelle?" asked Dave.

"No!" said Michelle.

Dave started rubbing the vibe along her inner thighs again.

"Do you want me to touch your pussy with this Michelle?" he asked.

"No" she said weakly, not really meaning it.

Dave ran the vibe up and down along the outside of her lips.

"Tell me you want me to use this on you Michelle. Tell me you want me to make you cum."

Michelle shook her head but her hips began to arch up against the vibrator, following it as he moved it.

"You want me to make you cum with this vibrator don't you Michelle." He moved it in-between her lips. "You want me to rub your clit with it don't you." He rubbed it up and down over her opening.

Michelle gasped and started to gyrate her hips against the vibe. She couldn't take this much longer. She was aching to cum. She wanted that vibe inside of her so badly she could taste it.

"Just say it Michelle. Just say 'Fuck me with your vibrator!'. Tell me you want me to make you cum. Tell me you want me to fuck you like the little slut you are Michelle."

Michelle shook her head violently back and forth but she was reaching her breaking point. She wanted him so badly that she was about to say anything just to get him to make her cum. The vibrator buzzed and hummed on her pussy making her wetter by the minute. It was very slick with her juices now and Dave was drinking in her musky scent. He leaned over and licked her clit with his tongue as he pressed the tip of the vibrator against her opening.

This was the last straw for Michelle. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips against his face. She wanted that vibe inside her now. She moaned again.

"Say it Michelle. Say you want me to fuck you. Say 'Fuck me like the slut I am!' Michelle. Say it!"

Michelle moaned again and cried out, "Fuck me like the slut I am!"

"Again Michelle! Say it again!" cried Dave.

Michelle bucked on the bed, pulling against her restraints and screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me like the slut I am! I'm your slut! Your filthy little slut! Fuck my pussy and make me cum like the slut I am!"

Dave grinned widely and pushed the vibrator inside Michelle's pussy as he sucked her clit into his mouth and licked it for all he was worth. Michelle screamed again as her orgasm exploded immediately, cresting like a gigantic wave over her and sending her into spasms of pleasure that rocked her entire body. Dave let the vibe buzz just inside her pussy for a minute more while her orgasm lasted but then pulled it out. 'That's a good start,' he thought, 'but that's just the beginning.'

When Michelle finally came down her pussy was aching to be fucked. She wanted Dave inside her so badly. She was starting to think that she would like to be his slut just so he'd fuck her, fill her pussy with his cock and make her cum again.

"See," said Dave, "You are a slut, my slut, and I'm going to bring out all of the slut inside you Michelle. Isn't that right?"

Michelle shook her head again but her eyes had a lustful look in them and he could tell what she wanted.

Dave moved over close to Michelle so that his cock was close to her face. He took the shaft in his hand and placed it close to Michelle's mouth. He rubbed it against her cheek and said, "This is what you want isn't it Michelle. This is the cock you want inside of you. This is the cock you want filling you up and making you cum, isn't it."

Michelle shook her head again but she was eying his cock with desire. 'Yes,' she thought, 'I want that cock.'

Dave took the vibrator and placed it on her inner thigh again. He leaned over and started to lick her clit again, lightly and intermittently. Michelle moaned. She felt her pussy tense as the feeling of pleasure grew in her again.

"You want this cock don't you Michelle. If you want it, then take it. Take my cock in your mouth and suck on it. Suck my cock like a good little slut and maybe I'll think about fucking you with it. Take my cock Michelle and show me how much you want it."

Michelle looked longingly at Dave's cock but she didn't open her mouth. She did want it but she was trying to resist. She could feel his tongue on her clit again. She could feel the vibe buzzing her pussy lips. She wanted something inside her so badly. She looked at his cock. 'Yes!' she thought, 'I want that cock! I want that cock inside me. Inside me anyway I can get it!'

Michelle opened her mouth, leaned her head over and sucked Dave's cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue along the side of it as she sucked it down her throat. Dave moaned and leaned in closer to her so she could get more of his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmm... yesssss... that's it my little cock slut. Suck my cock!" said Dave as she circled his head with her tongue and then sucked it once again straight down her throat. Dave leaned in and began to suck her clit again. The feeling made Michelle moan as she started bobbing her head up and down over his cock. She loved this and Dave knew it.

"You're a good little slut Michelle. You suck cock like a pro. Do you want my cock inside you my little slut?"

Michelle looked him in the eye. She hesitated for just a moment but then she nodded her head, her mouth still full of his throbbing cock.

Dave grinned evilly and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Michelle tried to follow it with her mouth but the cuffs kept her from going too far. Dave got up and moved around to face Michelle. He knelt between her legs, took the vibrator he was still holding and placed it on her pussy again.

"Is this where you want me to fuck you Michelle? Is this where you want my cock?" he asked her rubbing the vibe up and down over her.

Michelle looked at him and said, "Yes! Yes! That's what I want! I want you to fuck my pussy. I want your cock inside me!"

"Mmmmm... yes, you do don't you," said Dave.

He took his fingers and felt Michelle's pussy. He traced them up and down her entire slit and even all the way down to her puckered little asshole, which he discovered was soaked with her juices too. This gave him an idea.

"Hmmm... to be a proper slut Michelle, you should have all your holes fucked nicely." And with that, he reached over to his bag again and got out some lubricant. He covered the vibrator with it and rubbed a generous amount on Michelle's crack. Then he took the vibrator and rubbed it up and down over her anus, teasing it. Michelle's eyes grew wide and she said, "No! I've never had anything up there! Don't do that!" But Dave just smiled at her and continued to do what he was doing. He pressed the tip of the vibrator against her backdoor opening and pushed until it poked in an inch or so. He could see Michelle wince a little at this but she didn't say anything else. He moved the vibe around a bit and felt her hole relax a bit so he worked another inch or so of the phallus in until the widest part of it was inside her. Michelle grimaced as the vibrator stretched her virgin hole. She felt a little pain but she tried to relax, knowing that was the only way it would subside. Dave held it there until he saw Michelle's face slacken a bit and then started to move the buzzing cock back and forth inside her, working more and more of it in with each passing moment. Michelle's ass relaxed and the pain went away. Now the vibrator inside her started feeling really good.

She let out a moan and said, "Mmmmm... yeah! That feels sooooo good!"

Dave continued to fuck her ass with the vibrator until he had the entire length of it up her backside. Michelle had her head back and was moaning again as he pushed the humming phallus into her.

Dave left it humming in her ass as he moved up to face her. "Do you want my cock in your pussy Michelle?" he asked her.

She looked at him and nodded.

"Are you my little cock slut Michelle?"

"Yes!" she said breathily.

"Say it! Tell me you're my little cock slut!" said Dave.

"Yes! I'm your little cock slut!" cried Michelle.

"Tell me you want my cock! Tell me how much you want my cock you little slut!"

"Oh god I want your cock! I want your cock inside me! I want you to fuck me with that fabulous cock of yours!"

"Beg me for it slut! Beg me to fuck your pussy!" yelled Dave.

"Oh fuck me! Please baby, fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard Pleeeeeaaaaassssssse!" screamed Michelle!

Dave placed his rock hard cock at Michelle's pussy and shoved it in. Michelle gasped as his cock stretched her pussy open and pushed inside of her. She was so wet and so turned on with the vibrator humming in her ass and Dave's cock thrusting into her pussy that she let out a loud moan and reeled at the overwhelming sensations.

Dave thrust in and pulled out, beginning a rhythm as he worked more and more of his hard cock into her. He could feel the contours of her walls, her muscles clenching around his cock. He could also feel the vibrator humming through them as it buzzed inside her ass, causing her entire pussy to vibrate too.

"Oh god, yes! Oh fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Yesssss!" cried Michelle as she lost herself in the sexual bliss.

Dave could hear a squelching noise each time he pulled his cock out of Michelle's sopping wet pussy and another with each thrust back in. She was so wet that it was flowing down her ass and drenching his own cock and balls. She was panting heavily as he fucked her and the look on her face was pure heaven. He reached up and pulled her halter-top aside and sucked her tit into his mouth as he continued to fuck her pussy. Michelle moaned again at this and thrust her chest up toward his face, pressing her tit further into his mouth.

Dave pumped his cock into Michelle faster and harder, causing her to moan even louder. He sucked tit and licked her nipple furiously, causing her to buck and pull violently against her handcuffs.

Michelle couldn't hold back any longer. She exploded with a mind-blowing orgasm that sent every muscle in her body shaking and spasming with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. "Oh my god Oh my god! I'm cummmmmmminnnggggggggg!" Michelle screamed.

Dave continued to pound his cock into her as her pussy clenched around him like a warm, wet vice. The combination of her orgasmic tightness, the vibrator buzzing against his cock and the sight of Michelle screaming like a true cock slut sent him over the edge. He could feel his own orgasm welling up inside of him as he reached the point of no return. He erupted inside of her like a volcano, spewing gushers of cum all over inside her pussy and crying out himself.

"Aaaaarrrrgghhhh!" he yelled as his muscles clenched and he blew load after load of hot jism into Michelle's luscious pussy. She screamed again as she felt his hot jism covering the inside of her pussy. Another orgasm swept over her and she went into convulsions once again. Still pumping his cock into her, starting to come down from his orgasm, Dave felt her tense up again. He had never felt anything quite like this before. Michelle's orgasms and the hum of the vibrator in her ass were causing him to get hard again almost immediately. He continued to fuck his cock into Michelle's pussy at a steady rhythm as she continued to cum over and over again. As one orgasm subsided, another one crested inside of her body, one right after the other.

For half an hour Dave continued to fuck Michelle until, finally, he had a second orgasm that nearly blew his mind. He exploded inside her again and collapsed on top of her. They were both extremely hot and dripping with sweat. Michelle had lost count of how many orgasms she had and, at this point, she didn't even care. Her ass was still vibrating and she felt as if it were nearly numb. Dave pulled his spent cock out of her pussy and rolled off of her. His cock rubbed against her clit as he pulled it out and she orgasmed again. She cried out with pleasure. Her pussy was so sensitive that a mere touch set her off on another orgasmic rollercoaster.

Dave reached down and pulled the vibe out of Michelle's ass as she finally came down from her latest explosion. He dropped it on the floor next to the bed and rolled back over to face Michelle. She was panting heavily with her eyes closed.

"How was that Michelle? Do you like being my little slut now?" asked Dave.

Michelle opened her eyes, looked Dave in the eye and said, "Oh yes! I love being your slut!"

"Do you want me to make you feel like that again my little nympho slut?" asked Dave.

"Yessssss... oh please baby. I'll do anything for you if you do that to me again." Said Michelle earnestly.

"I think you mean that," Dave said with a sly smile.

"Oh baby, I do, I really mean it. I'll be your little slut forever if you continue to do that to me," smiled Michelle.

"Mmmmm.... You got it Michelle. You're mine now!" Dave said as he winked at her. "Now, let's see... what shall we do next?"

"Next!?" cried Michelle, "What do you mean next?"

"Well, we've got the whole weekend ahead of us. That's a lot of time to fill and I've only just begun showing you all the ways you can be my little slut." Dave smiled wickedly and leaned over Michelle.

She looked back at him a little incredulously, wondering what was coming next, as he kissed her passionately on the lips.

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hahaha yes I am a bumpin fool today...thanks for viewing this

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Thank you Davesmistress.
It's always been one of my fantasies to be tied up and be forced to cum, just like the girl in this story. I also loved the anal sex part. It got me extremely wet and horny reading it and I wanted to thank you before I took care of my wetness.
Thank you again, your such a good writer.

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thank you for the story really enjoyed this one

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