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Umm Umm boy this makes me crazy....;drool

Bad Boy!
by normique

"Hmmmm. So my boy toy slave has been bad? Of course, you know you must be punished. Your orders are to go into the secret room. You know the one that is our play room, the one with the spanking tables, the sex swing, whips and restraints? Yes that one!"

"Up against the far wall you will see wrists restraints and ankle restraints fastened in place, spaced wide apart so your arms and legs will be spread. Strip naked and place your wrists and ankles in the restraints and they will automatically lock in place. Do that one hour before you know I will be home. I want you to think about what your punishment will be while you're waiting for me. Look around the room and see all the sex toys and various punishment devices that might be used on you as discipline for your transgressions."

You see various dildos, whips, clips, vibrators, cock rings, and cattle prods. In the corner is a mechanical cock pump, next to it a spanking table with wrist and leg restraints. A large paddle hangs nearby. The table has a hole in it for cock and balls to be placed for easy access by Mistress. Various bottles of ointment and lubricant are placed around the room.

You've been spread eagled over and hour now and are wondering when I will be there when you hear the door to the play room open. You see me come in and smile at me until you see the look of disfavor on my face. You know from past experience that I am not happy with you. Your smile disappears and is replaced with a look of trepidation. I walk up to you and stand before you making sure the restraints are fastened correctly and that you cannot move.

"You have done well by following my instructions, slave, but you must be punished for your misbehavior. I'm going to blindfold you now and your instructions are to not make a sound unless I ask you a question. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mistress, I understand."


I place the blindfold on you and a ball gag into your mouth and fasten it behind your head. You are completely helpless and at my mercy and somehow that arouses you. I see your cock begin to stiffen and it amuses me. Using my index finger I slowly rub it from root to head.

"Well, well, what do we have here, slave?

"My cock, Mistress."

"Is that what you call it? This little worm, you call a cock?

"Yes, Mistress."

"I suppose it will have to do for now. Perhaps it will grow before your punishment is over."

"Yes Mistress."

SMACK! You feel the side of your face burning where I slapped it hard. "Did I ask you a question, slave?"

"No, Mistress,"

"I told you not to say a word unless I asked you a question. Your punishment will be doubled now. I see your cock is growing; you must enjoy being slapped around."

SMACK! The other cheek is burning where I slapped it hard and I smile when your cock twitches.

Several minutes pass and you wonder if I'm still there and what will happen next. You think you hear clothes being taken off and falling to the floor, but you're not sure. You suck in your breath when you feel a hand on your cock.

"Your punishment, slave, will be not to come until I give you permission. If you understand, nod your head yes. Good boy! Now we shall proceed."

You hear a something scrape across the floor, a stool perhaps; it stops in front of you. Suddenly you smell my Chanel # 5 and feel arms placed along side your head. My mouth kisses you softly then with demand, passionate kisses, my tongue in your mouth exploring before pulling away.

"Now, slave, open your mouth and suck my nipples until I tell you to stop. MMMMmmm that feels so good. Suck them hard! Harder!!! Now nibble them."

You feel me withdraw my tits from your mouth and rub them down your chest, across your belly and your hard cock. I place your cock between them and order you to fuck my tits and then I suddenly pull away. Your cock is hard!! Suddenly, you feel my warm wet mouth sucking just the head and you moan.

"Did I tell you you could moan?"

"No, Mistress, but it feels so good."

"Just for that I'm going to put the nipple clamps on you!"

You feel the clamps pinching your teats, then I screw them down hard and place light weights on them. You're trying to move away but that just makes them tighter.

"That isn't enough punishment for you! Out comes the cock pump."

You feel the sucking hose being fitted around your hard cock and breath deeply for what is to come. The whir of the machine comes on and it slowly begins to suck you as I sit back and watch you trying not to come. I turn the power up a little at a time and it sucks harder and faster. Your hips are trying to fuck it.

"Don't you come, slave! Don't you do it!!! If you come you'll go on the spanking table."

I decide to turn the sucking machine on high; I want to see you tormented for being a bad slave. It's sucking your cock fast and furious and hard, pulling come from your prostate, up your shaft and out your hole as you scream and come from the intensity of the suction. You came so hard you're panting and limp, but the machine continues sucking your still hard cock.

SMACK! You feel my hand hard against your face, one side and then the other, smacking you hard!

"I told you not to come!!! You will be punished severely for disobeying me, slave!!"

I shut off the machine, place the tube in your mouth and turn it on reverse, shooting your own come into your mouth.

"Swallow it, slave, swallow all your come, then lick the inside of the tube with your tongue! Eat every drop!!"

After you have cleaned up your own come juice, I remove the restraints from your wrists and ankles, then place a collar on you with a leash and order you on your hands and knees, leading you to the dreaded spanking table.

"Lay on the table face down with your cock and balls sticking through the hole."

I tie your wrists to the front legs of the table and spreading your legs wide tie them to the back legs with your cock and balls dangling through the hole. The blindfold is removed but the gag ball is left in place. You feel me spread your ass cheeks and tape them open, and then you feel cold lubricant running down your ass crack and into your asshole just before the big butt plug is shoved up your ass and anchored in place. The tape holding your cheeks is removed and I turn on the vibrator of the butt plug. It massages your prostate like a woman's G Spot and your cock springs to life again. I show you the large paddle.

"This is what I'm going to punish you with, slave. You will have 15 smacks and if you utter a sound, 15 more will be added."

Walking to the other end of the spanking table the paddle comes down on your ass hard and I see you wince, but you make no sound. Two...three...four...five hard whacks. I let you rest for a moment before the paddle comes down for the sixth...seventh....eighth...ninth time...tenth time. Letting you rest again I see that your ass is red with welts but you have not made a sound. Your cock is hard. I remove the gag ball from your mouth.

"You like this spanking, slave?"

"No, Mistress, it hurts."

"You lie! I see how hard your cock is!!!"

The paddle comes down harder and harder until all whacks have been administered to your ass. It's swollen now with big red welts and beet red. I remove the butt plug and go to the head of the table and show you the large dildo.

"Because you lied to me you're going to experience an ass fucking. Let's see just how hard your cock can get shall we? I asked you a question, slave!! Answer me!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress, let's see how hard my cock can get."

More lubricant is applied and you feel the bulbous head of the dildo at your hole pushing past the sphincter into your ass. Suddenly it is shoved all the way in and your cock gets harder. You feel it begin to fuck you...pulling almost all the way out...all but the head and back in slowly...in and out...in and out....in and out....in and out...in and out.

Suddenly a warm mouth is licking your hard cock. It feels so good! The mouth takes your cock inside it and begins to suck. Your ass is being fucked and your cock is being sucked. You're tied down and at their mercy. The mouth is sucking you harder than you have ever been sucked before! God, how am I going to keep from coming, you think!

The dildo stops and Mistress walks to the head of the table. Who is sucking, you wonder?

"How does your cock feel, slave? How do you like being sucked by a man?"

A man, you think? A man? Oh god, a man is sucking my cock!

"It feels good, Mistress. May I please come now? Please? I can't stand this much longer."

"No, you may not come now, you must pleasure me first. Conrad, stop sucking his cock, untie him and help him up."

Conrad helps you stand, but you are sore and stiff from the beating. You watch Conrad go to Mistress and place her in the sex swing. She instructs him to tie her legs high and spread wide on the swing, and then she lays back in anticipation of a good fucking.

"Come here, slave! You are to fondle my tits, squeeze them hard and then lick and suck my nipples."

"Yes, Mistress, like this?"

"Oh yes! Yes! Pinch my nipples, both at the same time. That's it...oh yes! My pussy is getting wet. Stick your finger in my pussy, that's it, now two fingers; fuck me with two fingers. MMmmmmmm....you are doing well, slave. Suck my tits at the same time. Harder! Bite them! Ohhhhh...yes!!!! "

"Now eat me. Spread my pussy lips and lick me. Excellent! Excellent! I know I taste good and you know how much I love to be fucked with your tongue so do it! Ahhhhhhh....yes, you do that so well slave. Now my clit...lick it...lick it harder with the flat of your tongue. You know how I like it."

"That's it....I can feel my juices running out my pussy and down my ass crack. Lick it clean. Now suck my clit, softly at first. MMmmmmm, .so nice...now harder, suck it harder...harder and faster! "I'm going to come!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!! So good...it feels so good...keep sucking...make me come again that way.

You feel me shudder with both orgasms and are pleased that you can make me come, but your cock is throbbing and needs release.

"Mistress, please let me come now. You're so lovely and your tits are so good to suck and your pussy tastes so good and your hard little clit is wonderful and my cock needs to come. Please give me permission to come."

"Not yet slave, first fuck me with your cock, slip it in now and fuck me hard. Hold the swing and fuck my pussy. Make me moan and whimper. After I come again, you may come."

You hold the swing by its ropes and impale me with your hard throbbing cock all the way to the hilt. Your Mistress moans.

"Fuck me, slave! Fuck this pussy and fuck it hard!! Now faster...faster...faster ...don't you come yet...not yet...this feels too good. I want to feel you pound me. I don't want to come yet; I just want you to fuck me hard. Let me hear and feel your balls slap my ass with each stroke. That's it!! Oh, I LOVE TO BE FUCKED!!!!!! You're fucking me so good!!! Now lean forward and suck my tits and use your finger on my clit while you hump me. Oh yes!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You feel me shudder and shudder with my orgasm as I scream; my pussy muscles grabbing your cock and sucking come out.


"Pound me hard and come slave."

You reach under the swing and grab my ass and fuck me hard, pounding my pussy with your hard cock.




"Now, slave, suck your come out of my pussy. Stick your tongue in there and lick me clean, my ass crack too, then you may untie me."

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