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10-24-2006, 02:53 PM
Sally's First Black
by Fourtsix

I watched my wife Sally as she emerged from the shower. Droplets of water glistened on her large breasts and fell from her short blonde hair. As she raised her arms to towel off her hair, I got a full view of her body. Like a sculpture by Rubens, she has strong calves and full thighs. She has a slightly rounded belly above the "v" of flesh that points to her pussy. She looks like a fertile and ripe field ready to be plowed by a hard cock. Many cocks have plowed that field and planted their seed in that round belly. Since we started swinging just a year ago, Sally has taken on over 20 strangers, pulling them into her and letting them fill her or cover her with their sperm. Tonight was going to be a new adventure for my 40-something wife. An equal opportunity slut, she was going to fuck her first black man.

"How does this look," Sally asked. She had pulled on a black teddy that covered her torso and arms with see-through lace. Her firm 38C breasts pushed against the fabric, the nipples tantalizing the eye through the material. "Oh yeah, you look hot," I replied, "But you had better put on that vest I bought for you a few years ago. This show is just for him and me." We were going to meet a gentlemen who had contacted us over the Internet. Like all of our previous sexual adventures, he was a stranger. We knew he would be black and he knew Sally would be a blonde in black lace top. It was New Year's Eve and we would be meeting in a local bar. We intended to end the year 2000 with a bang.

Sally pulled on some tight black pants, put on the vest, threw on a coat and we headed out of the hotel. Once in the bar we both ordered drinks and Sally ordered a stiff one (a stiff drink, that is, she would be dealing with stiff cocks later). Being a little drunk helps loosen her up for the initial meeting. It was only 7:00 pm so the bar was relatively empty. As we sat the table with our drinks, we saw a large black man walk in. He ordered a drink and surveyed the scene. After around 5 minutes he walked over and introduced himself. His name was John, what an appropriate name for a man who would soon be fucking my whore wife. John was a very interesting man and our conversation went on for around fifteen minutes. After he excused himself to use the bathroom, Sally leaned over to me, "I'm ready if you are." When John returned, we gave him directions to our hotel and the room number.

Once back in the hotel room, Sally took off everything but the teddy and waited for her John to arrive. In back the snap crotch on the outfit rode up between her ass checks a little bit and in front it barely covered the blonde hairs of her pussy. We heard a knock and I let John into the room. Sally walked up to him, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a deep tongue kiss. John was around 6' 4" and Sally is 5' 7." To see my wife in the arms of this large black man made my cock stiffen. Sally's right hand fell from around John's neck and down to his crotch, where she rubbed his cock. "Oooh, you're hard already," she breathed.

Then she started unbuttoning his shirt. Rubbing his chest, she turned from him to me, "Let me give my husband a little attention too." Sally walked over and started undoing my pants; behind her John was stripping as quickly as he could. After he was nude she walked back to him and pushed in down on the bed. Kneelling at the foot of the bed, she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking. I finished undressing and stroked my dick as I watched my slut wife giving head to this black stranger. His thick 8" cock slid in and out of her mouth. Sally stopped for a moment and beckoned me over. "I'll suck both of you" she said as she sucked my cock into her mouth. John stood up and we both stood above my wife as she suck first one cock and then the other.

"Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked John. "Why don't we let your husband fuck you first," he replied. "Then you sit back on the bed and I'll suck you while he fucks me from behind," said Sally. John settled back on the bed and Sally leaned on her elbows between his legs. Once again, the large black cock plunged in and out of her mouth, her blonde hair brushing his thighs. As she sucked, she raised her ass, spread her legs and I pushed my cock in her pussy. By now she was so wet that I slid in without any trouble. Soon Sally was bouncing back and forth between my cock in her pussy and his cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes John and I changed places. As I sat back on the bed with my cock in her mouth, I saw my slut wife spread her legs to let the black stranger shove his cock in her cunt. "Fuck her hard," I coached. John slowly rammed his cock hard into Sally's pussy, pushing her forward. She raised her head from my cock. With each of his thrusts she squealed in ecstasy. "I love to have cocks pounding my pussy," she said between squeals. "Unhh, unhh, unhh," she grunted as he thrust even harder.

"Would you like to be on top?" John asked. "Oh yes," Sally replied. John laid down on the bed and Sally straddled him, guiding his cock into her pussy. "Oh, that feels great," she said as she rode up and down on the long hard cock. "Suck your husband too," John prompted. I climbed on the bed so Sally could take my cock in her mouth. "Your wife is so hot," John gasped, "I would like to cum but this is just too good to end."

John and I took turns fucking my wife in her cunt and her mouth in various ways for around 30 minutes. "I think I am ready to cum," I told them both. "Sally, I want to cum on your face." Sally laid on her back and spread her legs. John settled between them, ramming his cock repeatedly in her pussy. Sally took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Seeing my wife on her back with her legs spread and a long hard black cock plunging into her was too much for me. I pulled my cock out, jerked on it a couple of times, and laid a stream of cum across her cheeks and lips. I spurted several more times, until Sally had cum running down both sides of her face. She wiped it with her hand and then licked her hand. "How do you plan on cumming, John?" she asked. "I want to cum all over your breasts," he replied, "but not yet."

For the next forty minutes I watched as this black stranger plowed into my wife's pussy from different positions. At one point she was on her back and bent nearly in two with her legs over his shoulders. They were going at it so hard that John was sweating. At another point she was on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist as he plunged into her. I walked behind him and watched as his dark cock plowed into my wife's white pussy. What a fascinating sight. I wished I could watch him shudder as his cock sent stream after stream of sperm into my slut wife's body. But he had asked to cover her breasts with cum and she was going to fulfill his wish. Finally he started to shudder and pulled out. Straddling her chest, John shot his semen all over my wife's 38C tits. He came and came and came, covering her white flesh with his even whiter sperm. "Thank you," he said as he climbed off. "No, no, thank you," said Sally as she rubbed his sperm into her skin.

Lying on her back Sally rubbed all of John's cum into her flesh as he dressed and left. Then the two of us talked. Her first black fuck had been an excellent way to end 2000. And a great way to begin my slut wife Sally's 2001 sex odyssey.

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thank you for the story

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Thanks for reading it cactus....