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10-24-2006, 06:03 PM
I answered an ad in the newspaper for a nanny type job for the summer that to me was the answer to a prayer. I’m a full time college student, its almost summer and I need a summer job to get me through the next year. I went to the address given me, it turned out to be a mansion, it had ten bedrooms, interviewed for the job, which I found out was taking care of a twenty-two year old male who had been in a very serious car crash and lost his whole identity. He was able to make sounds, but not talk, had some motor skill problems and needed somebody to take care of him, twenty-four seven including bathing, changing and feeding him, in other words, he was pretty much like a baby or so I was told. Mrs. Chambers, the mother, stressed and I mean stressed that he had to be kept calm, nothing could be allowed that would upset him because he went a little nuts and the job paid one thousand dollars a week, plus a bonus at the end of summer.

She said she had to interview a few more people and as soon as she made a decision, she would call me. I asked if I could see her son before I left and she took me to his room. I was really taken back when I saw him, he was a very handsome guy, about six feet tall, dirty blond hair and he was sitting in a chair with a book in his hand, but not looking at it. His name was Ken; I walked over to him, knelt down in front of him and asked him how he was doing. He looked around until he saw his mother, stared at her until I took his hand in mine and then he slowly turned to look at me. He dropped the book, reached out with his hand, stroked my hair, got a half smile on his face and bent down, putting his head on my shoulder.

The mother came over, patted her son on the head and told me I had the job if I wanted it and if so, would I start right now. Of course I took the job, the mother sent the chauffer and maid to get my stuff from the dorm and I moved in for the summer. The mother gave me signs to look for, like when he had to pee or poop, when he was hungry, stuff like that. I was there about two hours, sitting with him reading too him, when I noticed him fidgeting in his chair and I knew it meant he had to pee, so I took him to the bathroom.

He stood in front of the toilet with his hands at his sides, then I remembered I had to just about pee for him, so I took his dick out. I was really impressed with its size, soft, it was six or seven inches long and I thought, what a waste, a cock that size and it couldn’t be used. I held it while he peed, was wiping it off, pulling the skin back and forth to get all the drops out, like my ex boyfriend had shown me, so there wouldn’t be a wet spot on his pants and it started getting hard. By reflex I guess, I gave it a squeeze, it got hard as stone, grew to about eleven inches and was more then a handful. I had to check it out, so I was moving it around looking at it, he started rocking back and forth and when I didn’t do anything at first, he started to get real agitated. I remember what his mother said, sure as hell didn’t want to blow this job the first day, panicked and started to jerk him off. He calmed right down, so I wrapped both hands around that beauty and stroked it until he arched his back and shot enough cream out of his cock to fill a small bottle.

He went back to his docile self, I cleaned his cum up and we went back to my reading to him, fed him dinner later and then it was bath time for my charge. I filled the tub, which was almost twice the size of a normal tub, sat him down in it and started to wash him. He was splashing just like a baby, I was getting soaked and decided it would be in my best interest to get undressed and in the tub with him. When I got out to get undressed, Ken was sitting with his eyes closed holding the washcloth to his chin and when I got back in, he was in the same position. I sat down with Ken between my legs, began washing him and congratulating myself for finding a simple solution to giving Ken his bath. He wouldn’t know if I was dressed or undressed so I thought, I wouldn’t have my clothes getting soaked and my back now wasn’t breaking from leaning over the tub.

I leaned him into me so I could wash his back, he grabbed my pussy, I grabbed his wrist to stop him and he started to throw a fit. I quickly thought, no one would ever know if I let him touch me, it would keep him quiet and it did feel good, so what the hell. I let go of his wrist, he pulled at my pussy lips with his fingers, rubbed my clit, sending hot flashes charging through my body right to my cunt and then he slid his finger into me. I was panting and moaning now, he was finger fucking my pussy fast and furious, the top of my head blew off along with my pussy, I grabbed him, screamed as the cum rocketed out of my scorched pussy and he shoved another finger into my grateful cunt. I saw his cock sticking up out of the water, grabbed onto it, jerked him off while he finger fucked me, I felt that magnificent beast swell up in my hands, my pussy went into convulsions and we both shot cum all over the bathtub.

I finished his bath, was drying him off while he had clamped his hands on both my tits, I put his mouth on my tit and let him suck it for a few minutes, which he seemed to enjoy immensely. I put his PJ’s on while he was touching my body all over, which kept him very calm and easy to manipulate and got dressed myself. At first I thought I must really be some kind of pervert, but then I was only doing what Mrs. Chambers told me to do, keep Ken calm and quiet and if we both benefited from it, what was the harm? When it got to be bedtime, Mrs. Chambers asked me if I would mind checking on Ken a few times before I went to sleep and then she would take over for the night. Coming up with another one of my, “right on decisions”, I told Mrs. Chambers not to worry, I’ll stay in Kens room so if he wakes, I’ll be right there for him and she thanked me, hugged me, telling me the bonus was getting bigger.

I was happy to hear that, figured I made a good decision and put Ken to bed. He had a TV in his room, which I watched until I got tired, never slept with clothes on and didn’t see any reason for them now, so I got in bed with Ken naked. He rolled over against me, his body was nice and warm, felt so good and I had the best nights sleep that I had in a long time. I woke the next morning, Ken was still lying against me, but he was awake and I could feel his hard cock pressing into me. I started to move away, he pressed even harder, made a strange noise and I thought I better do something about it, so I jerked him off. He came all over my belly, pussy hair and himself, so I took us into the bathroom to clean us up. After cleaning us both, I dropped the towel and bent over to pick it up, I was bent over from the waist down, instead of bending my knees and Ken grabbed me, put his cock against my pussy, which was still wet from jerking him off and pushed the head into my cunt.

It lit my fire for me, felt so good I wanted more, I pushed back against him and got more of it in me. It felt so fucking good; I was really on fire now, pushed back against him and got almost all of it in me. My pussy went off like a rocket ship, cum was pouring out of me and I heard his mother say, “She was so glad to see I was taking such good care of her son and that the bonus just grew”. She sat down on the toilet to watch, my pussy was so full of hot cock and felt so fucking good, I couldn’t have cared less if the world watched. One last push, my pussy was filled to the brim, I think his cock was kissing my tonsils, Mrs. Chambers started to rub my clit and my happy little cunt exploded like an H bomb going off. I was delirious with the feeling in my pussy; I felt that magnificent monster swell up inside my pussy, Mrs. Chambers was still rubbing my clit, the cock exploded inside me, bathing the inside of my pussy in hot cream.

I had never felt anything so exquisite happen inside my pussy before that I came so hard, I passed out. I woke up naked, Ken was sitting in his chair naked and there were two trays of food on a cart, so I fed both of us. I didn’t see any reason to get dressed at this point, so I put Ken on the floor and read to him. After reading for a while, I saw the magnificent cock getting hard again and this time I laid back on the rug, pulled Ken on top of me and put his prick at the mouth of my boiling pussy. He did the rest, pushed it in an inch at a time, making me lose my mind and beg him for it all and when he had it half way in, he made one big push, driving it to the hilt in my blazing pussy and I came, screaming like a banshee.

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My pussy felt so fucking good; I wrapped my legs around him, was driving my ass into him and lost myself in a fuck haze. He fucked me for quite a while, making me cum seven or eight times, I was out of my mind with joy and then I felt the magnificent beast swell up inside me. I was really going crazy now, because I knew what was a bout to happen to my cunt and it couldn’t happen fast enough to suit me. I felt Ken stiffen, I squeezed my legs as hard as I could while they were still wrapped around him, he went, mmph and sprayed red hot cream all over the inside of my pussy. I know they must have heard me screaming through the whole house because my pussy was in such pleasure, his cum was so fucking hot, that was all I could do was scream. I kept my legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t move away and lay there with his magnificent piece of flesh, buried in my pussy. At this point I would have done the job for nothing, my pussy had never felt so extremely well fucked in its entire life or had ever been so full. Ken fell asleep lying on top of me, so I just lay there until he woke up. Mrs. Chambers came in once to check on us, smiled a huge smile and told me I was a godsend and the bonus was getting bigger. I laid there pondering how this mindless cock could make me so fucking hot, I would fuck him on a stage in front of the word, just to have him inside me. I could feel Mr. Wonderful growing inside me; I wrapped my legs around Ken and started moving my ass, while he started pumping his prick in and out of my hot box. It didn’t take very long before I was squealing like a little pig and soaking everything in sight with my pussy juice. Nothing in my life ever came close to the feeling I got from his cock and I would have been perfectly happy to lay there with his cock in me the rest of my life.

I dropped my legs; he immediately grabbed them, pushed them back over my head and started riding my cunt for all he was worth. He was pumping my pussy so hard, our bellies were slapping together and I thought I was going to pass out from so much pleasure. I squealed like a stuck pig then, my ass came two feet off the bed and my cum squirted just like a mans cock does, I lapsed into a semi-coma, then he put my legs back down, closed them up, with his cock still in me so that now he was totally on top of me, my legs were pushed together, making my pussy wrap around his cock even tighter and he was fucking me slow and easy. I went nuts, I was begging him to do it harder but he continued his slow and easy pace driving my pussy into a sexual delirium and I was now pleading with him to fuck me harder. He picked the pace up a little, making me beg even more, then he started moving his ass around in circles, making his cock do the same thing in my pussy and I came with so much force, it pinned my ass to the bed. He still kept fucking me, I couldn’t have told you my name if my life depended on it because all the sense and feeling I had, was in my pussy. I still wanted more so I began telling him that if he would fuck me harder, I would be his whore for the rest of my life, I would suck his cock for him and he could take me up the ass if he fucked me harder. He picked my legs back up, drove that cock into me like it was jack hammer, I came so hard I think my pussy shattered into pieces and then he filled me with his, straight from the fires of hell, hot cream and I went into a purple haze.

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Very hot story chris....thanks....

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Great story, love to hear about the rest of the job