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10-24-2006, 09:48 PM
Drugged Lust
by Goldeniangel

Brendan was excited to finally be trying out his experiment, smiling he handed his pretty lab assistant the drink that he'd offered her. Little did she know that inside it was a drug, one that he was pretty sure would make her so horny that she'd do anything he wanted as long as she could get sex. Of course, this wasn't perfected yet, he hoped to one day have it so that the woman would crave sex from one particular man, but as a test run this would be perfect. And truth be told, he'd been lusting after Brittany every since she'd first started working with him. With her long red hair and her ivory skin, perfect ass and tits, she was a walking wet dream; only 24 years old and just out of high school. He on the other hand was a slightly overweight, 45 year old who was slowly going bald. While she probably went out every night after work, he hadn't had a date in over 10 years, and he was getting really tired of saying hello to Rosie and her nine daughters every night.

Brittany was the perfect test subject. She'd made it very clear that she wasn't attracted to him at all, in fact she usually ignored him - never mind that he was supposed to be the boss. And he was more than a little attracted to her, plus she was a bitch. More than that, she was forgetful anyway; the additional drug that he'd added for this experiment would make everything seem hazy and dreamlike. There was a strong chance that she'd forget most of it, and what she didn't forget wouldn't seem in any way real.

With his own drink he popped a ******. Sure, he'd regret it if the drug didn't work on her the way he was expecting; but he was pretty confident in his research. And he'd regret it more if she was lustfully horny and he didn't get the full experience... after 10 years without a woman he rather doubted that his stamina would be up to as much as this drug should make her ready for. The antidote was on hand of course, for whenever he was out of steam, but he'd rather be able to go for 5 or 6 rounds rather than 1 or 2.

Watching her out of the corner of his eye, he smiled as she finished her drink and put it down. Only about a 20 minute wait now... and by the time the ****** would be completely kicking in. It was hard to concentrate on his work, but he did... after all, he was still working on refining the drug. He thought that if he tied the instinct for sex into a man's genetic pheromones then the drug would only kick in when the woman was around that particular man. Still not perfect, but somehow he'd figure out how to make it an on and off switch.

He became so distracted that he didn't even realize the effect that the drug was having on Brittany until she was suddenly at his side, pressing against him completely nude with her hands scrabbling at his clothing.

Shocked, and slightly angry at first, all of that disappeared as his ****** induced erection came springing to full life at the sight of her naked body. She was just as gorgeous as he'd always pictured in his head; full milky breasts with barely any sag at her young age, a firm curvaceous ass, and a mound of trimmed red hair. Absolutely a real redhead.

"I'm sorry, sir," she stammered as her hands continued to tear off his clothes, "I don't know what's come over me..." and suddenly she lunged for his mouth, kissing him passionately.

They swept the work off his table in the frenzy of their first lusts; her legs spread wide in the air as she scooted herself up there, at the perfect height for his rock hard dick. And rock hard he was, absolutely ready to split open that pink vagina with its patch of red hair. With her legs spread very wide around his pale, fleshy body, it was almost grotesque to see this older, unattractive man shoving his dick into her young and lithe body. Still, she wasn't bothered at all as her pussy was finally filled with a hard dick, she thrashed and clutched at him, her legs pressing against the fat of his sides and back as she fucked him back hard. Her breasts bounced and jiggled as he thrust, fucking her like a jack rabbit.

No real technique was needed, she was so horny; the drug made her so aroused that she was cumming hard within minutes of his entry. That fantastic elastic pussy clamped down on him and he gasped, barely able to believe his good fortune. Finally, all his science and brains had been good for something really practical! He came, gushing years of frustration into her pussy.

Brittany moaned as he pulled out, her arms and legs pleading with him to return to her embrace where her pussy was starting to leak his cum.

"You want me?" he asked her.

"Yes! Yes! Please, come fuck me, I need your hard cock, I need you to fuck me!" she moaned, gripping her tits and thrusting her chest at him, her breasts and nipples spilling from between her fingers. His mouth was dry from the lustful sight she presented and he really wanted nothing more at that moment than a return to her pussy... but he'd been wanting other things as well.

"Then come suck me," he demanded. Immediately she vaulted off the table and was on her knees in front of him, her hands gripping his love handles as she sucked his entire dick into her throat. His knees went weak as she swallowed him completely, not even bothered by her gag reflex - or at least not bothered enough to stop. Bobbing her head, his dick was quickly cleaned of their combined juices as she continuously swallowed him. Taking her head in his hands, he started humping her mouth like he had her pussy, fucking her skull with his dick. Her face pressed into the fat of his belly over and over again, her make-up smearing against his sweaty skin.

Pulling her from his dick, he pushed her back onto the floor and started to paw over her body, practically slobbering over her gorgeous tits and slim waist. When he finally mounted her, her slim figure was almost obscured from an overhead view by his thick waist; all that could be really seen of her was her hair flowing out from under him, and her legs sticking out obscenely on either side of his body. He fucked her hard, panting and grunting like an ox as he pummeled her pussy; it was still just as tight as it had been before. This time she came long before he was ready to again, it was pure joy to have her thrashing and screaming underneath him in ecstacy.

Since he wasn't ready to cum again, he decided to try a new position and had her get on all fours on the tiles. Although her pussy was now a dark pink and rather raw looking, she pressed it out towards him, begging to have his dick inside her again. He obliged, fucking her doggy-style as she pressed her forearms on the ground and her ass in the air, pushing back against him. Putting his arms around her to reach her tits was a bit of a struggle, but he managed it, tugging on her nipples roughly as he banged her. With his hands full of tit and her pussy spasming in yet another orgasm, he howled as he dropped his second load into her cream-filled pussy.

This time he didn't even have to ask, she spun around and started sucking on his dick like it was a creamsicle. He blessed the ****** that he'd taken as he easily grew to full mast again in a very short amount of time. This time he lay back on the floor and allowed her to jump onto his dick. She did so with gusto, riding him like a bronco, leaning forward and back as she ground her hips onto his crotch.

With his big, pale, flabby body, it was astonishing how much pleasure she was deriving from her activities; the drug made her almost blind to the unattractiveness of her partner - made more so by the way he was almost drooling over her bouncing body. As her tits flailed on her chest, he reached up to start groping at them again, working them over so that the nipples were red and chafed after all the attention they'd been getting this afternoon, and her pale skin was pink. He pulled her down so that he could suck on her nipples, biting them roughly, as she ground onto him. When her pussy started to convulse in orgasm yet again, he lost it with her this time, she felt so much tighter in this position.

Again she was on top of him with her mouth, cleaning all their juices from him - quite a mixture since a lot of his cum had leaked from her body while they'd fucked. Indeed, he could see more of it dripping down her thighs as she cleaned his cock for him. Getting up, he positioned her so that her hands were braced against the tabletop and her legs were spread slightly apart... but instead of going for her dripping, frothy pussy (looking angrily red), he started to press his slick dick into her asshole.

Brittany howled in pain as he pillaged her backside, but she didn't stop pushing back against him. Unable to believe the tight squeeze, he gasped and grunted, fucking her tight ass for all he was worth as she writhed in pain that was slowly turning to pleasure. Completely ignoring any discomfort that she might be in, he rode her roughly, slapping his body against her firm ass cheeks hard enough that the table inched forward with every thrust. Tears were streaming down her face, but she still pushed back against him, shoving him deep into her ass with every stroke.

To his shock, she even managed to orgasm around that pain, the drug making her body sensitive to any kind of pleasure. The feeling of her ass as it clenched even tighter around him, massaging his dick, was exquisite; and he reveled knowing that he'd taken her in her most private place. Grunting, he realized that this was probably going to be his last goaround, and was thankful that he'd decided to place himself in her ass. Deciding that he was going to make this worth it, he concentrated on not cumming as he ravished her asshole, despite its gripping pleasures. Eventually Brittany fell to her hands and knees, the table had moved too far away. He fell with her and when his dick completely speared her body she shrieked and was pushed down even more so that she was flat on the floor, her breasts squished against the cold tile. She sobbed in painful orgasm as his dick was completely buried to its deepest and began pulsing against the walls of her ass as he released his last orgasm into her tight cavity.

With his body completely squashing her into the floor, he reached up for the antidote... it was in the form of a shot. Pressing it to her arm, he injected her with the serum, and then they lay there as it slowly took effect, he enjoyed the last few moments of having his dick deep in her ass as it softened.

Finally she stopped wriggling underneath him, stopped begging to be fucked. Sighing regretfully, he pulled himself off of her and she turned to look at him with a dazed and confused look.

"Why don't you go take a shower in the locker room and get dressed again, Brittany, "he suggested firmly, "And then you can take a nap in the back room."

"Okay," she said, in a bit of a daze. She would remain that way until she woke up later, alone in the lab with sore tits, a raw pussy and an aching asshole, remembering the strangest dream.

As for Brandon, he held onto the drug for a rainy day sometime, and continued to work on his improvements.

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Great story...thanks :)

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hahah thats great thanx robin

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Very Good

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excellent, pardon the pun , but just what the doctor ordered. thank you