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10-27-2006, 05:19 AM
Take My Wife
by tamol

I received an e-mail from a close male friend that mentioned something we had discussed prior it was nothing of any great importance but he also mentioned for me to note his e-mail address as it was a secret address, secret from his wife that is. He also asked me why my e-mail address was so called and I replied back that it was the e-mail address I use for writing erotic stories on the Internet.

He asked me for the address of the site that I use so that he could have a read of them, of which I gladly gave him.

An hour or so later I received another e-mail he said the stories were great and now he was feeling damn horny and that it was the wrong time of the month for him to get any satisfaction from his wife, so was there any chance he could borrow my wife to help him out.

I sat there looking at the e-mail and getting a little horny myself at the thought of him using my wife so I replied asking him if he really wanted to fuck her.

His reply came back that he would love to get inside her knickers and could I arrange for it to happen, he also said that his wife would be out the country in a couple of weeks time which would give us the opportunity.

In the past when we had visited them we always stayed in their spare room, the sofa bed was not the most comfortable and that gave me the idea on how to make it all happen. The date was arranged and I told Ted that we would have to pretend that his wife left the country at short notice and he had forgot to let us know.

We arrived on the Saturday night and Ted acted annoyed that he had forgot to let us know that Sue wouldn't be there, but it was too late so we decided that we might as well stay anyway.

We set off down to the pub and as usual Julie didn't drink so we got more and more pissed as the night wore on and whenever the chance arose we quickly discussed the plan of action.

At eleven o'clock we set off home, Julie was in a good mood as it had been a very goodnight and we locked arms as we walked down the hill.

"Either of you want a drink," asked Ted once we had returned home.

Julie nodded no and I nodded yes.

Fifteen minutes passed before I summoned up the confidence to say to Ted, "as Sue's away I think you should let us sleep in your bed instead of the uncomfortable sofa bed."

"That's okay with me as long as Julie doesn't mind," said Ted with a look of expectation on his face.

"We can't make you sleep on the couch, it wouldn't be fair" said Julie innocently.

"I wasn't intending sleeping on the couch," said Ted.

"Hold on, if you think I'm going to sleep in the same bed as you two, you've got another think coming," said Julie quite annoyed that I had even suggested it.

"I promise to behave myself," I said and Ted concurred.

"Okay but no nonsense from you two or there will be trouble," she said.

We made our way upstairs my heart was thumping in my chest, half the plan was working.

We began undressing in the darkened bedroom, Ted and I were both down to our underpants but were looking out of the corners of our eyes at Julie who had stripped down to her bra and panties.

Ted walked around the bed towards Julie and put his arms around her and unclipped her bra, "you wont need this," he said.

She went to protest but he touched her nipple and she went silent as he began sucking it gently.

"You won't need these either," he said as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down revealing her treasure.

He led her to the bed and she obediently climbed in pulling the covers over herself to hide her embarrassment.

We both removed our underpants and climbed in either side of her, my fingers headed straight for her exposed cunt and it seemed Ted had the same idea as our hands clashed. Instead of one of us pulling away we both slipped our fingers into her now wet and willing hole. Her breathing increased as one of us found her clitoris, she began writhing with pleasure as I felt her hand take hold of my throbbing prick and I assumed her other hand had hold of Ted's prick.

Her orgasm must have exploded in her as her grip tightened on my pulsating cock almost sending me into an orgasm.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Julie pleaded.

"Who do you want to fuck you first?" I said teasing her.

"I don't care just someone fuck me," she replied.

"No, come on who do you want to fuck you first?" I asked again.

"Ted, I want Ted to fuck me, I want to feel him come inside me, I want to be fucked and fucked hard," she said in desperation.

Ted climbed between her legs, I watched as his cock slipped easily into her willing cunt, as he began fucking her I could see his cock almost come out each time, before he pumped it back in.

I continued watching while playing with her nipples, I have never felt such extreme pleasure watching him fuck my wife, my cock was stiffer than I had ever known it.

She reached another orgasm just as Ted spurted his sticky come inside her hole, he collapsed onto her crushing my hand on her tit just before he rolled off.

"You still want some more fucking?" I teased again.

"Yes John I want you to fuck me now, I want your cock in me," she said.

I quickly got between her legs slipping my aching cock into her juice filled cunt, but the scene I had witnessed before meant I couldn't control my passion and came quickly after entering her.

"Is that it I need more, I need more cock, Ted can you do me again, please fuck me again," Julie begged.

Ted seemed to have very quick recovery as he once more slipped his cock into her cunt and began pounding between her open legs and within seconds she was once more coming.

Ted tired and rolled off which was my cue to stick it to her once again, this time I also tired quite quickly but not before she orgasmed once more.

As if on the same wave length Ted and I both moved so that our cocks were in line with her face and we began pumping our pricks until we almost came together spurting our creamy juices all over her face, on her lips and her cheeks.

We were all exhausted but even though Ted and I were finished fucking Julie she still took hold of our cocks and tenderly played with them until they were stiff once more. This time she climbed on top of Ted letting his cock slide up into her and began bouncing away. I couldn't resist the opportunity before me, I got behind her and pushed her head towards Ted's face until her arse was sticking up in the air and with a little force I stuck my cock in her virgin arsehole. We double fucked her, orgasms coming from all directions until all of us were totally exhausted and fell asleep our bodies tangled together.

Now every time Sue goes away we stay over and fuck the night away and Julie loves to be fucked in all her holes and as many times as possible.

My fantasy had come true I always wanted to watch another man fuck my wife, I only wish Ted's wife was as accommodating. I'd love to see her naked body and can only imagine getting hold of her tits and sticking my cock into Sue's wonderful cunt, but then I needed a new fantasy.

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hahaha great story robin

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Very nice story. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thank you for sharing that

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I loved it thks very much

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Thanks for reading it....glad I posted it...:)

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loved it