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It has been a long night. The sounds of passing cars were all she heard as she awakened on the side of the road. What has happened to me? where the hell am i? she thought to her self, her legs so weak that standing was not an option. Anna, Anna? where are you, she heard someone calling to her just before she passed out..

Anna, can you hear me? if you can, i want you to blink your eyes. I am blinking she called out, but the gentlemen just kept repeating it. Anna if you can hear me i want you to blink your eyes. God damn it i am blinking! can't you see me blinking you asshole!

she's not responding to any thing we need to get her there fast. get the helicopter here stat. What is going on? will someone answer me please what is going on? what happened to me? why am i here? please some one answer me. Every thing just went dark i can't see any thing..

The chopper landed just before Anna passed away. they rushed her in on the stretcher, there they had pronounced her doa.

Roger had called all around looking for Anna but he could not find her any where. Where the hell is she? she's always home by now. His last option was to call the hospitals. He feared what he might find out but had no choice, as he picked up the phone he heard Anna calling to him.. Anna thank God your home i have been worried sick about you. Where the hell have you been? When he turned around to look apon his beautiful wife of 11 years she was not there. What the hell Anna stop playing Games with me. where the hell did you go. Anna..Anna! where are you?

Anna.. wake up now huney.. Anna wake up. A quite whisper in the morgue. Anna opened her eyes to see a beautiful women standing before her naked she had never seen her before, she was truely an amazing sight not a single flaw in her skin, her hair so long and black, when she stood straight up Anna could see every curve on her body..

Now get up slowly Anna, we don't want to frighten any one here.. Here?.. where is here, Anna said in a quite whisper.. Anna you are in the morgue. What! i'm where!.

Shhhh! we must move fast before they come back and see you here with me.
who? before who see's me here with you?
come...Anna come.. take my hand..

well i'm not going any where with you huney.. i'm going home to Roger.. he's waiting for me. I'm supposed to be home it's our anniversary..

You can't go home Anna. It's too late, you belong to us now Avion has sent me to bring you home..
My home is with my husband. that is where i'm going! before Anna could say or do a thing this beautiful women layed one hell of a passionate kiss apon Anna lips, sending Anna into a whirl wind of emotions.. Through her body she felt a tingling sensation that was indescribable, a warmness she had never felt before over welmed her, just then she had forgotten all about Roger. And that was the intention of that kiss to make Anna forget all about her life before.

Anna, come on where the hell are you, Roger kept calling out to her. looking every where in the house for her, to no avail Anna was no where to be found. I know i heard her call to me.. i know i did.. just as he began to think this he heard her voice again. Roger please i need you.. I need your help.
Anna.. is that you or am i hearing things again..? it's me Roger.. i need you to go leave that house. why Anna? this is our home... why? Roger just listen to me. leave.. and leave now..

Anna the children are sleeping.. where are you.. i hear you but i can't see you any where.. what the hell is going on..

Roger remember a long time ago when we met, where we were, when we met.. yes i do.. why? wake the children and go there you will all be safe there. Safe!.. Safe!.. Anna what the hell is going on!... just do it Roger, just then a huge clash of thunder had gone over the house.. Damn it Roger listen to me Leave.. LEAVE NOW!

in a mad dash Roger wakes the children Ashley and Micheal, come on just get your blanket and your pillow we are going on a trip.. where Daddy..? wheres mommy.. just get up huney and get your blanket and your pillow... Micheal just a baby was easy to get out.. already wrapped in his blanket and bundled up from when he had put him to bed earlier.. They made a dash for the door and up to the family mansion.. why Anna told him to go there was a mystery to him but he knows his Anna and he knows she would never stear him wrong. So he did as she asked..

To be continued..

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Wow great first chapter.....very different and interesting......thanks

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Something just did not feel right. As Roger was driving down the road he felt something strange in the pit of his stomach, he knew that Anna was a clarvoyent, her mother was and her grandmother as well. but why would she use it to communicate with him, and why now? And what was the deal with that clash of thunder just before leaveing the house. Just after Anna demanded him and the children to leave the house.

as he passed by the old brick church, he could sense that there was something wrong and he could not place what it was. He knew he had to remain calm for the childrens sake, and for Anna.. just a few more miles he says to Ashley, as he looked over at the children they were both fast asleep. like there was nothing wrong.

Time had seemed to come to a hault, usually Anna was beside him when he went back to the mansion. He did not want to go there with out Anna, he just did not get a long with her mother, that evil old hoot is out to get me Anna i don't know why you are sending us there. especially when you are not with us..

But Roger.. I am with you..
Wholy shit Anna don't do that to me... shhhhh Roger your going to wake the children and i dont have much time.. what do you mean Roger asked..

I need you to get to my mother she'll know what to do.. just hurry and get there..

Avion a masculine man, handsome but very masculine stood before Anna, all in black such a wonder he was to look apon. I have called for you Anna, i have been calling for you for 23 years, yet you never came.. why haven't you harkened to my call. Anna now just as beautiful as she ever was with almost a childlike face just gazed forward, not saying a word. Do you remember Mia, my love? Mia brought you to me.. turning around to face her was Mia, that beautiful women again.. I remember.. a kiss Anna thought to herself..

oh that kiss the taste of her will never leave my lips, Avion you did not tell me she was so beautiful, i just about lost her though, her love for Roger is strong, i just hope we got to her in time. Before she was able to channel into the other side. Oh i'm sure we did Mia.. she would not be here had she channeled. it's not possible.

Anna was getting confused this was all she knew Mia. Mia was the only one she ever knew.. so what would they be talking about.. and why cant i speak. why don't i have a voice.. what is this feeling inside of me... i do not understand...? i have so many questions but i can't ask?

Avion and Mia just stood there gazing at Anna.. moving slowly toward her together as one.. almost as if they were one person.. Oh Anna we have waited for you for so long.. as Mia touched her body, Anna could only feel pleasure, she knew nothing else. Anna could feel every touch as if it were just meant for her alone, Mia's dark hair flowed in the breeze, as her lips touched Annas she fell weak in the knees. callapsing into her arms.. Avion come on you got to help me here, i can't do it all on my own.. help me.
just then Avion's masculine arms swooped Anna up, and placed her down apon the bed. she lay there in deep sleep.

To be continued.

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wow very good start. I am impressed. Please continue to chapters I anxiously await more from you. Way to go!!!!!

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You mother Anna what does your mother have to do with this, you have not spoke to her in almost two years. why are we going there.. Roger something has happened tonight, i'm not sure what but mom will beable to help me, and us..

just as Roger pulls into the drive way, he feels that nausiating sensation all over again, he stops the car and takes a deep breath before going up the rest of the drive way.. This place still gives me the creeps.. i hated it when i mowed this lawn 23 years ago and i still hate it now.. if it had not been for you living in the damn mansion i would have stopped mowen the lawn, and never came back.. but Anna you took my breath away when you came down to the garden, your blonde hair flowed so perfect.. your eyes i was lost in.. oh how i remember that day when i met you.. Do you remember it Anna... do you? dead silence took over Anna was gone again..

I don't like this.. not one bit! Ashley huney.. wake up.. Daddy can't carry you and your brother, i need you to walk huney.. Ok daddy where are we..? we are at grandmas baby. Mommy called and wants us to come up to grandmas for a while.. Oh ok daddy.. can i sleep in mommy's old room... sure baby.. i don't think mommy would mind that at all..

The door was opened before Roger could get to the door.. always gave him the creeps when it would do that.. Mom... Mom? it's us mom.. Daddy where's Grandma?

Is that you huney.. do i hear my Ashley... Oh yes Grandma it's me.. oh my have you grown... come on huney it's late lets get you into mommys old bed.. Your brother can sleep with your daddy in mommys brothers room.. if you don't mind mom i'd like to sleep in the same room with Ashley.. could we get that roll away bed out.. sure huney sure...

to be continued.

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Anna sleeping soundly, awakes to Mia's touch, once more she is over taken by that sensation.. but this time was different. Mia kissed her in other places. Places that Anna felt were not supposed to be touched by another women, but the feeling was so warm, her body just seemed to quiver in time to her kisses like it was supposed to be mia's. Before Anna could do any thing she came to an orgasim her body went into convoltions, Mia just drank it all in. Her moans got more intense as Anna filled her mouth with her moist wetness. Avion sat in the corner just watching Mia take her. never saying a word.

WHY CAN'T I STOP THIS...? what is happening to me... just then Anna started to remember the night before.. she remembered walking down the road, she was going to get the baby some diapers from the store.. oh my i have a child...her mothers voice came to her, but she did not know the voice and she could not speak to reply, so she just ignored it.. just then Mia's kiss enevitabley made her weak again and she was soon in a deep sleep once more..

to be continued.

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The children were tucked in and Roger and Helen had the roll away all set. Roger i know theres something wrong, i can feel it.. Anna's in danger. And so are you three. What do you mean mom.. Anna has been communicating to me through clarvoyence.. she has not done that since she lived here when we would sneak to see each other.. i don't understand.. what is happening here..

SHHHH... come with me Roger it's time you know every thing.. EVERY THING!
WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYTHING? Roger lower your voice.. don't you dare wake them babys!.. just come with me!

Fine.. the walk to the library was taking too long.. why the hell do you have to stay in this damn huge mansion, Helen. Adam is gone now, and you are still liveing in this damn mansion... Roger, this mansion has been in this family for over 200 years and i can't leave it.. if i did then all hell would break loose..

not realizing what she had just said has already started... hell was breaking loose..

right after those words crossed Helens lips she fell to the floor, mom!! you alright.. NO Roger i fear that this is worse then i thought... Did Anna tell you any thing.. at all.. no just that i needed to get to you. And you would know what to do to help us..


sit down Roger... pulling out this old leather bound thick book mom sits down next to me.. opens the book... Roger she says in a frail voice.. We are not clarvoyents like every one has been led to believe for 200 years..

WHAT? THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU? we are what you call the keepers, we keep things from happening. we watch over the earth and all who inhabit it. Anna is the last to be born with this gift.

Opening the book up Helen begins reading words out loud, utumnia,entoyio,lavasious, umtato, umbedio.. just then Anna appears before them... what the hell is going on...

ANNA, it's me, can you hear me? i'm calling to you.. where are you baby.. do you know where you are.. mom she's going away, bring her back here damn it bring her back here...

Roger she's not going a way it's Avion. Avion and i bet Mia is involved in this..
who's mia.. my word if you don't tell me all i'm gonna go absolutely mad.

to be continued

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Anna, me sweet, ohh my sweet love, how beautiful you are.. why must i have to wait to touch you, damn this curse.. i can only look apon you, my desire is burning to be inside you.. Mia is the lucky one.. she may have you when ever she pleases but I, I MUST WAIT.. with in his frustration you could see Avion changing..Avion...NO MUST WAIT.. FOR NOW SHE IS ONLY MINE..

Mia why, why do you torment me so.. i watch you with her i see the way you look at her when you taste her, while you take her, her body lulled by your touch.. the way she moves with you it infuriates me soo..

Oh my Avion to touch her is bliss.. but to touch you... that is where my place is.. taking hold of Avion, Mia slipped out of her gown, and kissed Avion, Avion just melted in her embrace, with a fierce ness Anna had never seen before, Avion was deep inside Mia, their love making was like nothing Anna had seen before, would they know she was no longer in a trance, that she was awake, and she was watching them, she could see Mia's long dark hair blowin in the moonlit breeze as she rode Avion, her body, so perfectly gliding back and forth, forward and backwards over Avion, that she started to become wet by it.. they were so beautiful she wanted so much to be a part of that to feel Mia's toungue across her vagina penetrating her with each thrust of mia's toungue.. Anna watched every curve of Mia's body, every inch of her she took in..

Mia turned to take a breath when she noticed Anna had come out of the trance, she quickly put her gown back on and with a blink of an eye she was beside Anna..oh my love, you saw us didn't you? Anna could only shake her head with that comment.. as if to say i was watching.. Mia took Anna's hand and with a soft gentle voice she called to her.. touch me Anna, here, she placed Anna's hand apon her vagina, you feel me.. warm to your touch, taste me Anna, taste me.. as she guided Anna down her navel Anna could not contain herself she tasted every part of mia's body.. her toungue she ran ever so fiercely across her clit that Mia moaned in great pleasure...

MIA STOP... STOP.. YOUR TORMENTING ME.. kiss her make her go out.. she's gonna fall in love with you.. WITH YOU.. damn it mia.. you know the reason why she's here.. you know she is meant to have my seed.. you can not give her that.. make her sleep...

fine Avion, fine, later my love i'll come back to you later... mia's passionate kiss left her weak and out again...

to be continued....

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Roger, Mia is lucifers wife, she is evils seductress, sent here to seduce mankind to her will, why do you think marriages fail, and people divorce. It is by her, and her alone.. they need Anna.. she is the last of our family line.. the only one left to keep any evil from prevailing.. I am old and they know this, my time here will soon end, and Anna is meant to take my place when i have gone...

when you were here 23 years ago mowing the grounds it was because Adam and i knew we needed to protect her.. if she had true love on her side then Avion and Mia we might beable to keep them from bringing lucifers son into the world.. that is why we sent Anna to the Garden that day, You see Avion is lucifer himself.. in Avions body.. he is beautiful beyond compare.. and this is what they are using to lure her in... now we must find out where Anna is.. and how they got to her... what had happened..

Well Anna had started to communicate to me through clairvoyance, on our anniversary, she had left to walk to the store to get micheals diapers, when she didn't get home like she usually did i started to panick.. i called every one, and no one had seen or heard from her not even steve, the cleark at the store.. so it had to have happened some where between that time and now.. what would have happened mom?

well they have taken her in human death, you must retrace Anna's steps.. from when she left the house.. where would she have gone.. and follow them.. you must go now though.. we haven't much time left.. i will be with you... just go... GO NOW ROGER, NOW!

Roger quickly kissed the children and left... Oh Anna which way did you go.. which route...

Roger?.... Roger..... help me.. please. please help me.. i can not speak where i am.. mother told you to retrace my steps didn't she? Anna where are you huney..

I don't know roger i don't know... Roger here... stop here... right by that old damn church.. this is where i was Roger, this is where the abulance picked me up... i tried to tell them i was alright.. but they wouldn't listen, they would not tell me what was happening to me... every thing went dark roger, so dark.. this is all i remember my love this is all...

The breaks squealed as Roger came to a stop... now what Anna..? now what..? i woke up right here roger.. whats that on the ground, roger fell to his kness... it's your wedding rings.. Anna.. why did you take them off...
i didn't take them off Roger, i didn't.. Anna i miss you soo... where are you?

ROGER? ROGER? where are you? mom i'm here Anna is too... thats not Anna, Roger... that is her spirit.. she has passed on you found her rings didn't you?
yes mom i have.. it's time to come back to the mansion, i have much work to do.. Anna has passed on in human life but her spirit is strong because of you ashley and Micheal... you are what is keeping her life safe so to speak.. she just does not know it yet.. and we must make her see... we must make her see you three.. in order for us to bring her back... and prevent lucifers son's birth...

All of this has got Roger so confused he knew Anna's life was complicated, and knew how much he loved her and hoped that their love for each other would be strong enough... he feared for Ashley and Micheal, what kind of life would they have if lucifers son was to be born.. what would happen to them.. and what would happen to his Anna... HIS ANNA..

to be continued...

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it only gets better from here...

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I'm confused... Anna's 11, but she and Roger have kids? No quotation marks = more confusion. ("~_~)

Nice story you've written, though. Thanks for sharing this! <(^_^)>

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annas not 11 huney... she's 38 she met roger when she was 15.

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As Anna lay in deep sleep, memories of her life start comming back, she hears micheal crying out for her, she's running through the forest to get to him, Micheal is holding his arms out to her but she can not reach him, as she runs. She's not going anywhere, in a panic to get to him she awakes.. unable yet to speak she lulls herself back to sleep with her intense crying..

Roger held onto Anna's rings as tightly as he could, as he drove himself back to the mansion, tears filled his eyes as he remembers how she felt in his arms, how he had longed to have her back home with him and the kids..
her face is all he can see.

pulling into that long drive way again, Roger like usual, takes his deep breath and continues up the drive, still holding Anna's rings.. he places them apon his pinky and walks through the already opened door... DAMN THIS DOOR TOO CREEPY... Mom i'm back, how are the kids? there still fast asleep huney.
now come we have much work to do...

Roger follows mom down the hallway to a door that he had never noticed before, wow in 23 years i never knew this door was here.. he says to Helen..
Roger are you ready for this? For what mom? when you picked up Anna's rings you have started a journey that might be hard to travel, if we cannot get to Anna, and she does fall inlove with Mia and Avion, we are all doomed, these rings are our only chance to get her spirit back with her body.. The moment you touched them her memories have started to return to her..now Mia and Avion will find out, by Anna comming in and out of Mia's kisses..Mia's kisses will start to weaken, they will now begin to have less of a hold on her..

I am ready mom, lets do this, now what do i need to do...? Give me the rings, we must use them to call to Anna, hopefully we will be able to give her all her memories in time for them to join her body and spirit to gether as one. This must all take place, the night of the consumation, The consumation, mom your loseing me here... On hallow's eve Avion will make love to Anna, and plant his seed with in her womb, We must join her memories and spirit with her body before he has any orgasims, if we fail, she will concieve his son.

Rogers heart sank to the bottom of his stomach, just the thought of satin himself having his wife sickened him... and to know he is tring to get her pregnant was too much for him to bear.. now we must begin Roger..

behind this door is our pathway, we must journey it together to when you two met til they took her. alright mom, i'm ready..

openin the big leather bound book again Helen begins the channel.. untuno, unbedio, unsatio, untime. the room began to sway the thunder rolled and lightning began to crash through the room, their lifes started flashing through their eyes, Roger could see Anna walking down the long brick walk way to the garden, he being only 18 and Anna 15 he could see her long blonde hair flowing in the breeze, his heart skipped a beat just as if he were there again, oh my she's beautiful he began to say out loud, Thats good Roger feel it.. feel it all over again, i have to speak to her.. would she even talk to me..?

hello i'm roger, I'm Anna, what are you doing in the Garden nobody was supposed to be home... i'm picken apples for my mother, she needs them.. would they mind if i helped.. i don't know arnt you supposed to be mowing.. well yeah but, if you need help i'd rather, just then time flew by to when Anna and Roger first kissed each other..two years after meeting in the garden.. being Anna was only fifteen Roger did not feel right kissing her, but he wanted to so desperately. in front of the cheribum in the garden Taking Anna hand Roger leaned forward to kiss Anna, an embrace that he never wanted to end, he could feel his heart melt, and the fearce beating of his heart... so intense...

to be continued..

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Mia returned to Anna as she said she would, above her she looked apon her body just watching her breath, when she had noticed that Anna's Breathing had changed, She was breathing at more of a faster pace then she had been, something was different. Mia began to lay beside Anna. Her hand
she slowly placed apon her thigh, gently gliding her hand up under her gown Mia slid her finger into Anna's moist wet vagina. Slowy she pushed her finger in and out to lull Anna Awake.

But Anna had not responded to Mia's touch like she had normaly done, she stayed in deep sleep..Mia had not known that Roger had Anna's wedding rings. Something she and Avion over looked.. Helen and Roger had already started the journey. In Anna's dreams she was taken back to the first day she met Roger...

Anna noticed Roger's gaze toward her, the way he had looked at her took her breath away, my daddy won't like this if he knew this man was looking at me she said to her self.. Roger introduced himself to her, and all she could do was look into his crystal blue eyes.. her heart sank down and she felt embarassed, she had begun to blush.. just before she knew it time flew and she was standing in front of the cherubum in the garden, Roger had taken her hand and embraced her with a kiss that she thought she didn't want to end.

Mia's touch did not seem to reach Anna as it had before, mia leaned over the top of Anna traced her neck with her toungue, slowly tracing her body with her kisses, bringing herself to Anna's thighs, she tasted Anna like she had done before, only then did Anna respond to Mia, her body thrusted in motion to mia's touch, taking Mia by her hair she buried her face into her, in heated passion Anna took over, she in turn gave Mia all that mia had given her, she tasted her with her tongue in a vigourous way almost animal like.. she took Mia...

Mia moaned in pleasure like she had never done before.. Avion had walked in to the room he saw what was happening and this infuriated him... MIA! get away from her... and come with me.. come with me now..

not realizing her kiss would not contain Anna for long Mia Gave her that kiss once more and walked a way with Avion... Avion began to speak to Mia in his normal backward toungue...ehs sah nugeb ot lennahc, ouy did ton teg eht sgnir, TAHW EVAH UOY ENOD! OUY LOOF! Avion i have i told you i have..

could this be why she has not responded to my touch, did i forget the rings. do they have them? do Roger and Helen have the rings... no i know i got them.. i took them off her body near the church i know i did.. just before i had taken her life. before i took her breath from her... i know i did.. i know it...

to be continued..

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The night seemed to go on for ever, but Roger knew he had to be strong, he could not lose his faith in Anna'a love for him, his love for her, he had no doubt, was strong, just now. He know's his love for her is stronger then it has ever been.

"how could i have been so selfish all these years, i took so many things for granted, now i stand to lose the one thing that holds my heart. Oh Anna, i'm so sorry i didn't go with you to get those diapers."

"Roger you can not think like this".. the sound of Helens voice woke him from this train of thought.. "if you start to doubting any thing about you and Anna, you are endangering all of you. You are giving him ammunition."

"Now focus".. Helen began to read from the book again, "etagivan, hcraes, unpetio, untatio.." it seemed as though every time Helen would read from the book, some things would appear and disapear from with in the room.. every thing that left the room, was something that belonged to Anna.. first it was her locket, that had a picture of Adam and her mother holding Anna, within it was a locket of Anna'a hair.. Anna Had worn this since the time she turned
18, it was a gift to her, from her father... soon after his death the locket had disapeared... Anna could never find it..

"My Anna i'm so sorry that dad is gone." Roger sat down beside her in the Garden next to the cheribum, at the same place they had first kissed..
"Roger how am i going to go on with out him? there was still so much i wanted to learn from him," "we will be alright Anna, we will be." Roger who will give me away when we get married.. who." the tears filled her eyes as she began to tell Roger that she was with child, and that her father would never beable to see the baby.. Roger was so excited by that news, even though Anna's father has passed on. he could not help but be over joyed that they were having a child of their own... " i had almost forgotten all about our loss's, you were the stronger one then, Anna now it's my turn to be strong for you , i promise Anna i will not lose faith in us.."

Soon the channeling that Helen had begun brought Roger to the hardest Day in both of thier lives, the loss of Adam jr.. "Why must we relive this part of our past mom? You know what happened to Anna then, wont this be a bad idea?" "calmly Helen responded to him, Roger she must regain all her memories, this is just one of the pain ful ones that will help her remember that she is a keeper, and a mother, and a wife, She did not fail Adam Jr.. she will relive this time in her life. she needs to Remember this time in her life.."

to be continued..

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Mia and Avion had their thoughts only on preparing Anna for the consumation, that they failed to be sure to take the only thing that linked her to her life. In not taking her wedding rings all five of the keepers can be linked in death and life.. Anna's son Adam lost at a young age was taken at this age to look after his sister Ashley, and his Brother Micheal. His power is to keep the children in sleep as Roger and Helen attempt to channel.

As the room begins to get dark Adam jr appears to Roger with his open arms you can see Ashley in one arm and Micheal in the other, fast a sleep they are safe in his arms.. As long as Adam holds their spirts, Avion can not touch them. To use them against Roger and Helen, they would have to get them from Adam.

As Anna lay sleeping more of her memories make themselve clear, she remembers her 18th birthday, the day her father gave her her locket, "Anna, honey, This is a special locket.. you know that your mom and i love you very dearly, do not let this locket fall into the wrong hands" just as Anna remembers her fathers words, she turns the locket over to find an inscription that she had never noticed before.. " ONLY IN DEATH WILL THIS LOCKET GIVE YOU HEALTH, STRENGTH, COURAGE, AND THE STRENGTH OF YOUR FATHERS HAND, TAKE THIS LOCKET OF HAIR FOR IT IS A LITTLE OF ALL OF US, WEAR IT WITH DIGNITY APON YOUR HAIR.


" Mom i can not do this, i can not go through this again i can not watch us lose Adam again.."

" Roger! Do you want Avion to have Anna, Ashley, and Micheal,? if you do we will stop this now.. and live in damnation for all eternity. If Lucifers son is born, and takes his place as antichrist then this life as you knew it is over.!"

"NO MOM I DON'T, I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH!... oh my Anna.. "

Anna's breathing had started to get paced, as labor began. She and Roger knew there was danger for Adam jr.. in child birth, Adam had developed at a much faster rate then most mortal fetus's. But Anna just had to deliver, it was her destiny to give birth to the keeper of the children of the world, just as it was prophetic that she should be the one to bear the evil one In due time.. the pain so severe Anna could not bear it. she had known the risks but was not going to turn her back on her family...

she pushed with all she had inside of her calling out to her father, " oh Father what is this that has been done to us all, why must i be the one, why...?"
her fathers words were comforting when Adam was finally born.. what a beautiful sight they did see... The heavens opened up and she saw her daddy in all his glory.. "Anna i'am here.. this is your destiny this is what we were born on this earth to be, we are the keepers huney, ADAM I SEE,,, YOU CHOSE HIS NAME WELL... he is safe my darlin... you gave birth to the one who will protect your other children my baby you have done well... very well.." "Daddy, where will he go..." he will be with me until you have your other children... then he will be their protecter as i am yours and adams..."

to be continued..

10-31-2006, 04:57 AM
Ok your killing me here now....hahaha great story...I need more.

10-31-2006, 02:22 PM
ok hahah really drawking this out hehe u just want to torment me. Great new addition please please please keep em coming

11-02-2006, 04:38 AM
Anna and Roger watched as Adam carried the baby away... the light faded and Anna fell in deep sleep from exhaustion of child bearing..

Roger and Helen, both filled with tears, had to continue.. they knew they had no choice... they must complete the channel before it was too late. If Avion and Mia can get the children from Adam, then all hope is lost.. they had no idea that mia's attempt to get the children had already failed, and that mia's next attempt would be to get Roger to fall madly in love with her.

The room came to a complete hault and time stood still, as Helen channeled to that exact moment in time when Anna's breath was taken from her. As she walked toward the store, out of now where, she was taken back by a gust of air that swarmed her. Anna could feel someones hands around her neck, but could do nothing about it.. There was no one there..she tried to call out for help...yet no one heard. She felt a kiss.. a kiss pulling her breath from her, as the hands squeezed tighter around her neck.. Soon she was gone..

Helen began to float it seemed into mid air. Roger was astounded by this, he had never seen such a thing, he cried out in fear... " what is this?" Helen turned to Roger and said in another womens voice... " Do not fear Roger." her Face had changed, and she had taken on a the face of a beautiful younger women, her long Black Hair curled around her angelic face, as she came closer to Roger, she repeated these words over and over, " Regor emoc ot em, emoc ot em, emoc ot em." Roger felt a tug on him as if some one was pulling him toward her. "what is this? Who are you? you are soo beautiful..." Roger could not resist her he went willingly to her, she embraced him, warmly.

As she embraced him, Helen Called to him... " ROGER NOOOO! YOU MUST RESIST HER.. YOU MUST.. THINK OF ANNA, THINK OF ASHLEY AND MICHEAL.. RESIST.... HER ROGER... RESIST.." Helen fell to the ground, motion less.. as Mia took hold of Roger.. she could see her seducing him, and was un able to move.. quitely she said these words.. " now my time has come, only in death can we all be joined.. oh anna you must put the locket on. Channel i must channel... before i go... be fore i pass in this life.. OTANO AETHD UNATLA.. OTANO AETHD UNATLA... OTANO AETHD UNATLA.. "

Anna layed still for a moment, Avion could not wait any longer the time has come... the time has come for the consumation..

Removing Annas gown he looked apon her beauty, he layed beside her to take her.. he begins to touch her body, "ummmmmm... finally i may have you. the time has come.." He leaned forward to put himself deep with in her.. as he penetrated her, she began to moan and thrust her self forward.. with no control of her body, she moved in time to him.

With all his fury Avion thrusted in and out, deep inside her... His moaning became louder, with each thrust he made inside Anna, her body began to quiver with an uncontrollable desire for him... he had now begun to win her over.. she had started to awake to his touch... as she did so the thunder rolled in an evil eary way, the room was darkened, and his body had started to take on his natural form...

Helen continued repeating these words "OTANO AETHD UNATLA.." as she took her last breath, she called to Anna... " ANNA YOU MUST PUT THE LOCKET APON YOUR NECK... QUICKLY ANNA .... QUICKLY..."

Anna's spirit placed the neckless apon her neck... just as she placed it apon her neck, it appeard on Anna's body... "only in death" Anna heard repeatedly in her mind... from her father.. "only in death."

Avion moaned in extasy as he felt himself swelling... "SOON IT SHALL BE" as he began to orgasim... the heavens opened once more... the thunder rolled. and Anna's spirit cried out... JOINED NOW ARE WE IN DEATH.. THIS LOCK OF HAIR I NOW WEAR, BRING THEM NEAR" the darkness was soon swallowed by the light... and Annas body with her own voice calls out in these words.. "FOR EVER AND NOW SHALL IT BE, THAT YE BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, BURN IN HELL YOU EVIL BEAST BURN IN HELL...."

" NO............" Avion cried out...

months had passed as Anna's belly grew... a life within.. a fearce and evil one... to be..

The End..

11-02-2006, 05:41 AM
Oh no...you can not end it there.....great story mydaddysbox......thanks

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thanky you for your storie..

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i will poke and prod for more i think she could make a sequal.lol

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This is a good little fantasy tale for your enjoyment