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10-28-2006, 03:49 PM
by babe19

Alone in my room brooding. I could barley believe my dad actually punished me. Stuck in the house with no social life at all. My mom took some pity on me and allowed me my TV and VCR during my weekend of confinement. I just had a little drink with my friends and my parents freak out. My dad gave me the typical and overused, ďas long as you live in my houseĒ line. I mean, Iím not a wild child or anything, like my friend Jenny. She screws anything that moves and drinking is the least of her vices. Besides, Iím a little too old to be grounded.

So I sit in my dark room, with the glare of the TV casting long shadows on the walls. Then a knock at my door and my mom sticks her head in the room. Her and dad are going out to meet some friends. Theyíll be back late but will also check in by phone from time to time. I wonít have anyone over if I know whatís good for me she says and disappears. I watch the car pull away from the house and round the corner at the end of the block. ďIíll show them how bad I can be.Ē I mumble menacingly.

One by one I try to reach mostly everyone I know on the phone to no avail. Those I could reach had better things to do than sit around with me all night. With the last rejection self pity set in. Hell, Iíd even hang out with my older brother if he were home. I wandered from room to room wondering what mischief I could get into by myself. ďIíve got it!!!Ē Dadís liquor cabinet stood before me. I was determined to prove some demented point that what I had done wasnít as bad as they made it out to be. What better way than to get wasted. At least thatís the perverse rationale I used.

I broke out the rum and took it back to my room. I drank straight from the bottle. Keep in mind, Iím not a big drinker and it really doesnít take much for me to get tipsy. It was no surprise that I felt the effects after a few minutes. I got worse as I drank some more. I started feeling warm from the rum and pulled my shirt and pants off. Bored with what was on TV, I started surfing around the web and eventually made it around to some of my favorite porn sites. Sorting through the images made me hornier and hornier.

I figured I had the time, why not have some real fun on my own. I stripped off my bra and panties and pulled a video and vibrator from my stash. The video was one of the tapes I watch when I get in a kinky mood like now. With the tape in the VCR, I took my place on the bed and began to work myself up. First I rubbed my chest, pulling at the nipples. Then I made my way to my slit and wasted no time dipping my fingers into my slick cunt.

I rubbed my juices over my pussy and clit, then turned on the vibrator and pushed it into myself. I moved the toy this way and that in me, bringing myself close to climax, but holding off just before I cum. I find I have a more explosive orgasm this way and I become more perverted. My head spins from the pleasure and alcohol. All I hear is my rhythmic noise of blood rushing in my ears. Then out of the corner of my eye I see movement.

I jump startled at this unexpected shadow outside my opened bedroom door. That sudden shock caused me to lose my control over cunt and I began to cum. Like nothing I can describe, my orgasm moved through me. I fought to maintain myself, but I couldnít. A moan escaped my throat as the last of the convulsions took hold of me. My eyes all the while remained locked on the shadow in the doorway.

Slowly I gained some composure and called to the figure watching me. Thinking one of my parents caught me I was waiting for the worst. Instead, it was my brother emerging from the darkness. In my inebriated state I could barely make him out until he was right next to the bed. I felt the shame of being caught by him until I noticed he was half naked from the waste down. ďYou donít have to stop.Ē He says.

Strangely enough, I donít stop. Instead I make room for him next to me. His long dick standing proudly between his legs. He rubs his fist over it several times causing it to glisten with precum. I let my perverted lust control me and take my brothers manhood into my mouth. Delicious, salty precum flows from his tip every time I suck the head. I use one hand to play with his shaved balls and continue to fuck my pussy with my vibe. Chris runs his hands though my hair as I swallow as much of his cock as I could.

Tiny orgasms ran through my body until I removed the small vibe from my hole. No longer contented by the piece of plastic, I needed hot, rigid flesh in me. I no longer had control of the libidinous monster inside me. I rolled on top of my brother and slid his meat into my waiting cunt. The taboo act we were committing was itself enough to cause sparks of pleasure to course through me. My brotherís pole seemed to fill me completely. At first I was grinding on him, but that quickly gave way to me sliding up and down like I was on a see-saw. Soon Chris had me cumming on his dick, calling his name over and over.

My legs finally gave out, so Chris laid me on my side, he straddled one leg and held my other over his shoulder. When he was totally in me and began to pump, it was amazing. I repeated, ďOh, fuck me brother, I love you some muchÖthatís it fuck your baby sister.Ē I could feel him throbbing inside me and his dick began to swell more. He was about to cum. He saw the concerned look in my eyes and said, ďDonít worry, here it comesĒ The last few letters cut off but a grunt as he pulled out of me and quickly slid up my body to shoot load after load into my face and gaping mouth. My brotherís hot cum went into my hair and nose. Some splattered on my cheeks and the rest onto my tongue. I pumped what was left into my mouth and gave his dick one last suck for good measure.

By now it was close to one in the morning. Chris grabbed me a towel to clean up when the phone rang. My brother answered and assured my parents on the other side that he was taking care of me. He sat down next to me and asked if I was OK with what we did. I thought for a moment and said yes. I let him nuzzle my chest for a few minutes until I felt sleep start to take me. Chris took the bottle of rum and put it back in its place. The night remained a secret between usÖuntil now.

10-28-2006, 04:34 PM
thanx for sharing this story robin

10-29-2006, 12:20 PM
I like it. Sister knowing that someone is watching her. Jimmy

06-28-2007, 10:43 AM
very good story...
really liked the girl

06-28-2007, 09:39 PM
Thanks for reading it folks...Im glad I found it for you all to enjoy...:)

07-03-2007, 03:46 AM
liked the story, thanks!