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01-23-2013, 02:18 PM
The Turning
by Adagio

I have been raised by my aunt, due to circumstances..Still not explained..

Just until recently allowed a certain bit of privacy..That being to shut the bedroom door, but leaving it cracked..In fact my aunt had the lock mechanism removed years ago..

Grace before every meal and church every Sunday..Reading the scriptures on a daily basis and monitoring of the TV shows..

No music of the day's generation..No magazines allowed in the house, even those of news and popular everyday life..

Although puritanical and strict i love her..


At the age of puberty, i was watched..It was explained to me by a deacon from my aunt's church..At 12 i was gullible..I wasn't to touch my genitals..It just wasn't the right thing to do..

I was to tell my aunt if i had illicit dreams..First i was explained what those were..

My aunt kept a sharp eye on me but she couldn't be with me in school..

I found places and time to masturbate, usually late and into the early morning when auntie was asleep..

My best friend was actually a girl and still is.

She is a couple years older then me and now in university..

We practically grew up together and she is my closet confidant..

It was just fortunate that she was allowed in the house, Allison is her name..She is three years older then me..

We never did more then just practice a kiss..

My hormones were racing..

She would bring in magazines stuck between her school binder..Magazines of men, magazines of women..All taboo

"What does it feel like to wear girl's panties, Allison"..

We never decided on if i like boys or girl pictures best..

Chapter 1...

I have reached 18..

"I'm going to do it Allison, my aunt cant stop me now".

I raised my tee-shirt to show her how i had devised a way to make my nipples perk out..

Actually no more then the ordinary paper clip..

"I want you to go with me to the piercing shop and hold my hand"..


I heard a car door shut in the drive way..It was Allison to pick me up and drive to the piercing studio..

My aunt was in the kitchen doing something as Allison came through the front door..

"Hurry, take this package and go to the bedroom"..

I immediately took the package and went behind the bedroom door..I open the bag..
A note in the bag said, "put these on, let's go and don't let public opinions dictate what you can or can't do"..

I listen, to make sure my aunt was still in the kitchen..I changed into the panties..

At the piercing studio, everything was explained to us by a woman who took my driver's license identification..

After those formalities, i chose chrome bar bells..

She led us to a small room where there was a chair that resemble a dental chair..

She told to me remove my shirt and sit..

As i did she washed her hands thoroughly, used a hand sanitizer then put on white latex gloves..

She lowered the chair in a recliner position as Allison took my hand..

She swabbed my right nipple with some alcohol and then placed an ice pack on it..

Reaching to a tray she removed a small set of flat tip tweezers..Removing them from a small plastic bag..

I was watching and getting edgy but Allison looked down at me and smiled..

The silk panties felt so good..

The tech removed the ice pack and measured my nipple to locate the center..

In her left hand she pulled my nipple with the tweezers as she took a small tool off her tray with her right..

"Take a deep breath"..It was that quick..

It was so quick, i let out a yelp and it was done..

Allison and the tech reversed places as the procedure was repeated on my left nipple..

I was raised into a sitting position and a mirror was handed to me..

It looked as if a plastic toothpick was through my nipples..
Putting the bar through my nipple was worse then the needle, but it was over..

I stood up and looked at my self on wall mounted mirror..I liked what i saw..

I settled up and Allison and i left..


The soreness went away and i was thrilled with my pierced nipples..

I wasn't about to tell my aunt..I had seen no reason to even mention my new triumph to my her..I am 18, but she would force me into doing something that i don't want to..I love my aunt..


School had now started for the new semester and i was on the track team..

Allison had told me that she was seeing someone and i was happy for her..

Allison had help me get a part time job, part time and week-ends..It was at Mama Elle's Consignment's, about two blocks from home..

I wanted to save up for a car..

I began to take notice that i associated with the girls at school, more so then the guys..I was far from the norm, so to speak..

I now wore panties every night under my trousers while studying..I felt as if a new person, wishing to step out of