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10-29-2006, 04:38 PM
I Am So Horny
by sabrina1

I am so horny! I keep thinking of his sexy body and all the ways he pleased me, last night Oh god I couldn't think straight. I drove home and I went to the bedroom and quickly threw off all my clothes and got into bed.

Instantly my fingers flew to my pussy, feeling how wet I was. I stroked one finger over my clit and another I dipped inside me. I started moaning, it felt so good and my eyes clamped shut. My breathing grew faster and heavier as I rubbed my clit harder and harder. My nipples tightened and my legs started shaking as I reached my orgasm on a loud moan.

I opened my eyes and gasped. You stood there transfixed, watching me pleasure myself.

"Hi baby," I said softly. "What are you doing here?"

You didn't answer, just walked to the bed and grabbed my arm. Reaching under the bed for the silk scarves I kept under there. You tied my hand to the post and then leaned over me and tied my other hand down.

"What are you doing my love?" I whispered.

"You tease. You knew I was watching and you wanted to drive me crazy. Well you did that and now you're going to pay." You said.

Sliding down my naked body you tie my legs tight to the posts at the foot of the bed. Then slid up and licked my pussy. I moan loudly, but you stopped, got up and left the room. Five minutes passed and I was left there tied up, not knowing what was going on. My body tingled in anticipation and I could feel myself getting wetter. Then the door opened and you returned. You have a box in your hands which you set beside the bed. Before I could see what was in it, you lean over and kiss me passionately on the lips. The next thing I know, your slipping a blindfold over my eyes.


"Hush," you said sharply.

I listen and hear you rummaging in the box and setting things on the bedside table. I hear the click of a lighter, and the clink of a glass being set down. Then the bed shifted as you sit next to me. I feel your warm breath on my neck as you began kissing all the sensitive spots you know so well. You kiss your way to my breasts, but instead of stopping to play with them, you continue down my belly, causing me to shiver, then slide your body between my legs and began licking. Your tongue strokes over my clit and it felt so good I shout in pleasure. Your tongue works on me till I am squirming, straining in my bonds wanting to press you closer, deeper into me. Then you stop and I cry out


But you laugh and get off the bed. My body is dripping with sweat and my chest heaving with my ragged breathing. I am so turned on. All of a sudden, I feel a drop of ice cold water hit my stomach and I gasp. Another drop hit my belly and dripp down my pussy, then I feel something ice cold on my knee, running up the inside of my thigh.

"Oh god..." I moan

Feeling it travel up first one thigh, then the next. It trails up over my pussy and around my navel, intensely cold and erotically sensual. You bring it up to my breasts and then run it around my nipples, hardening them with the cold. Then as you move to the other breast, I feel your hot lips suckling my nipple you’re your mouth and sucking deeply.

"omg baby!" I moan loudly.

You straddle my hips and I felt your hard cock through your pants and arch my hips into you. At last the ice left my body and I lay, shivering and wet all over my body. You began blowing on my stomach, drying up the moisture and causing me to moan all over again. Then I feel you lean over and grab something on the nightstand. I waited, then felt a drop of hot wax burn my stomach.

"OHH!" I gasped

Another drop landed on my nipple, the slight pain sending a rush of pleasure to my pussy. You let a few more drops fall over my chest and stomach, then peeled the wax away and kissed the red spots with your lips. I was ready to cum any second and began arching my hips into you, begging you with my body to take me.

I feel you slide your body away from the bed and I groan, you kiss me softly and stand up. I hear you walk to the door and then hear the door click shut.

You couldn't have left me now! Oh god I thought I'd surely die from frustration. I needed to cum so bad there were tears in my eyes. I begin murmuring

"baby, please come back. I need you so much. My pussy is dripping. Please come relieve me".

The bed moved and I stopped talking for a moment.

"hun?" I whispered.

I felt two hands slide up my legs and over my stomach, cupping my breasts. Then I felt a hard naked body press against mine and lips I'd kissed a thousand times trailed over my neck and chin to kiss my lips fervently. I moaned as I feel your hard cock pressing into my pussy. I am so wet, you slide right into me all the way. I climax right then and scream into your mouth, my body lifting sharply off the bed.

You remain still until I'd calm down somewhat and began thrusting slowly into me. My body shook and I moan as you fuck me so sweetly at first, then faster and harder as the passion grew. Then you thrust more quickly, lifting my body and cupping my ass in his hands as I feel my body tighten again.

"Oh god I'm going to cum again!"

You begin moaning softly as we savagely slammed our bodies together. You reach up and untie my hands and I fling them around him, digging my nails into your back as I begin moaning louder. My body convulsed hard and fast and I screamed your name as I came. Your moans follow mine as you begin shooting your hot cum into me. You collapse on me and I feel your softening shaft twitch inside me. I moan and hold you tight to me. Kissing me sweetly on the lips, telling me you love me and I smile, knowing you're proud of yourelf for driving me wild the way you did.

Sometime later, when our breathing had returned to normal, you untie my legs and I curl into you loving you with my body and heart.

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