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10-29-2006, 04:46 PM
Raw Craving
by Demira

I lay lonely in my bed thinking of him, always him... His face, his touch, the velvet sound of his voice as it whispers across my skin. Gentle as the caress of a soft evening breeze, but possessive, consuming. I am his; no qualms, no fears, but does he know? My body begins to squirm voicing its frustration. I know. I need him, that is what runs through my mind as my fingers gently touch my clit, just hard enough that I can feel it, but gentle enough that it only teases, making me wetter, more aroused than thoughts of him already had.

Listen to me sweetheart, let me tell you my fantasy, let me share what we could have if only you'd take the next step.

You told me to wear my black teddy and my black lace thong, the set you gave me earlier this year. Knowing it would excite you I added my thigh high fishnet stockings and my red lace garter. You told me to go to work like that and wear nothing but my trench coat over it. Every sensible part of me told me it was ridiculous when I heard your order, but I obeyed, half scared that someone would know and half anticipating what would happen. Why you would change our usual "I'm horny baby, you free later?" routine escaped me. The sex has always been wonderful, with occasional deviations to spice it up, but its never been what it could be. We fell into an easy cadence almost like a dance; where each knows when the other has had enough. But I crave the tension, I thrive on the excitement.

I step into the room and you're waiting for me, sitting behind your desk in that pose that seems to say you are completely at ease and in control. I'm still a little nervous but so excited and hot I hardly notice. My whole body is tingling with sexual energy, my senses heightened. I stand in the doorway and slowly unbutton my coat, not bothering to close the door as I shrug out of it and let it fall to the floor. I turn around and bend down much lower than needed to retrieve it from the floor and hang it on the back of the door before finally closing it. You stare transfixed, not bothering to hide the blatant appreciation showing on your face. I'm not sure what you're thinking, are you surprised I actually showed up as you instructed, maybe you just want me, all these thoughts are running through my mind as I turn to face you fully, letting my eyes meet yours as I slowly walk toward you.

"Stop," you say quietly. I stand still a bit taken aback. My mind starts racing, I assumed you wanted to spice things up but then we'd get right down to fucking. I assumed wrong.

You look me over in a possessive appraising way that makes me shiver, your eyes drinking in each subtle nuance of my appearance. I watch you get up and slowly walk toward me; I am unable to move, pinned by the intensity of your gaze.

I reach out to touch you and you raise a brow. My silent plea is stopped as you say "'Do not touch" in a quietly commanding tone. I let my hand drop back to my side. You remove a black silk scarf from your pocket and move behind me. Being careful not to touch me you tie the scarf over my eyes. Suddenly I realise I can't see a thing. "Shhh" you coo, soothing away whatever anxiety you think I might have. I stand still awaiting your touch, but it doesn't come, seconds pass by and I feel you take my hand and move me toward the back of the room.

You gently set me into your chair and pull my hands behind, tying them there with what feels like soft cord. I feel you shift and bend down to secure my ankles each to a leg of the chair. I whimper slightly, waiting for whatever comes next. For the first time I realise there is music playing, so faint I only know it's soothing with it being muffled by the scarf over my eyes.

I feel something light brush my breast, gently whispering across my skin; too light to be your hands but what it is I'm not sure. You stroke it up the side of my neck and down my arm, soft and gentle like a feather.

Your lips gently brush my forehead as you trail your fingertip down my other arm, adding a new sensation for my heightened senses to revel in. I tilt my head up hoping for a real kiss. My whole body is burning to feel you on me, inside me, taking me fast and hard. Instead you're soft and gentle as your lips finally brush mine. I won't let it stop there as I suck your lower lip softly and nip, then slide my tongue over yours hoping to set you on fire even half as much as I'm burning for you. I grin slowly in triumph against your lips as I feel you stop your other movements for a moment to kiss me hard and deep, devouring my mouth as my tongue meets yours. Abruptly you pull away, leaving me breathless and whimpering for more.

"Just a moment sweetie" you say softly as you lift my ass just enough to slide my thong to one side. I feel your fingers as they gently touch my pussy lips, then linger just enough to brush my clit. I squirm and whimper with desire as you draw away and replace your hand with your tongue.

Gently at first, then a little harder; you flick your tongue from side to side across my clit. So nice and slow, it drives me crazy as I thrash against the chair. You stop and turn your attention to my clit, slowly lapping at it in long slow strokes from bottom to top. I moan and buck against your mouth and you roughly and quickly slide a finger into my sopping wet slit. It feels so amazing that I don't want you to stop, thrusting my hips back against you, my body screams for more. Then suddenly you withdraw, after a moment I feel something else being pressed into my cunt, it isn't your cock, but it's long and hard and covered in ridges. You move slightly and turn it on, it hums softly as it vibrates sending sparks of pleasure through my body. As you thrust it in and out of me I still want more, it just isn't enough! I whimper. "Baby, please, please fuck me!"

"I am" you quietly respond. You hear me growl as I thrust against the vibrator and moan in frustration. Finally you take the vibrator out and turn it off, slowly you untie my ankles and then my hands. I reach for you but you push my hands away; "Not yet" you say. I'm pulled along after you and pushed down onto the couch that I know is off to the side of your desk, you tell me to scoot up and lay back. I comply, still blind to what is going on around me.

You slip a finger into my cunt then back out again and slowly slide your finger down to my ass. I groan as you slowly work it into my tight asshole, getting soaked with arousal. I feel myself start to relax and enjoy it as you slide a second finger into me stretching me wider, then you abruptly stop and pull away. I feel something hard against my ass and gasp as you start to nudge it in, it's wet and slick and I feel it start to hum and vibrate as I writhe against you. Slowly you push it in, it hurts a little at first but I'm so wet and hot that I barely feel the pain and just want to be filled. I groan as I imagine it's your cock instead, pushing forcefully into my tight ass. You slide the vibrator deep inside me and then move over me on the couch, I feel the head of your cock against my cunt and I rock my hips against it. You groan and position the head at my entrance, sliding it into me in one swift motion. I moan and call out your name, you feel so exquisite. I'm filled, completely full and owned.

You thrust slowly into my wet pussy and I start moving against you trying to match your rhythm. I'm so aroused and wet that it doesn't take long before I start to feel myself getting close. You're so hard and thick, that coupled with the vibrator up my ass means I won't last long at all and you seem to know it, slamming your cock into me even harder.

I hear your breath start to come in short gasps as my release builds, your cock feels so good that I can't control myself. "Make me cum!" I groan. You tense as you grab my ass and pull me tight against you; slowing down for a moment you slide your cock in and out of my cunt in long slow strokes. Feeling the vibrations and squeezing down hard I can tell you're getting close as I start to feel my orgasm build.

Breathlessly I chant "God baby, I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over you hard cock! Cum for me now baby! Please cum for me!" I slam back against your cock, completely out of breath as I begin to cum, my whole body shuddering and thrashing beneath you. I feel you tense, shooting your hot thick cum deep inside my cunt as I moan and squirm on your cock. It feels like everything just disappeared and all that remains is the lingering high, nothing but the glow of pleasure. I slowly start to come down from my high as I feel you shudder at the end of your own.

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Very very nice...thanks :)

10-30-2006, 12:34 AM
Glad you enjoyed...thanks all for reading it....