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Tale of Two Sluts
by SpiceyAngel

It was the horniest of times. It was the wildest of times. Connie and Debbie were lucky enough to reach their sexual peaks during the Sexual Revolution. They met in high school and became roommates in college. Both had been raised by strict parents that did not allow them to date. So once they were out on their own, they were finally able to discover all of the wonderful naughty desires deep inside themselves.

It all began innocently enough when a bad thunderstorm hit one night. Connie had always been terrified of storms since her Grandfather had been killed by a twister when she was a child. She asked Debbie if she could sleep with her that night. Debbie agreed, scooting over to let her best friend squeeze into the twin bed with her.

Their firm bodies fit perfectly in the bed since they were able to lie on their backs looking up at the ceiling as they talked. Debbie noticed that Connie was trembling in fear as the storm worsened. She turned on her side, draping her arm across her friend's and gave her a hug. She was surprised when a loud thunderclap rattled the windows, causing Connie to flinch and roll over on to her.

Debbie felt her nipples harden as Connie’s breasts pressed against hers. The warm soft flesh rubbing against hers through the flimsy t-shirts they wore was strangely arousing. She lifted her hand to her friends head and began to softly caress her long mousy brown hair. Connie’s lip curled into a slight smile as she moaned and rocked her body like a child trying to be comforted in her mother’s arms.

She gradually worked her way down past Connie’s shoulders, rubbing her tense muscles. As she began to relax, the slight friction of her breasts moving against Debbie’s became very stimulating for them both. Possibly empowered by fear or maybe hidden desires, their lips met in a seemingly accidental soft sensual kiss. When they parted moments later, Connie looked into her roommate’s bright blue eyes and saw that she too, wanted more.

Instinct kicked in taking over for the lack of experience they shared as their mouths once again joined. Their tongues timidly touched one another before lashing into a duel like dance of passion. As they kissed, their hands began to explore each other's bodies. Debbie squirmed when she felt Connie’s fingers slip into the top her panties. She gasped when her finger tips grazed her clit, touching her just the way she often touched herself late at night.

Debbie’s stomach fluttered nervously as her friend slid down her body, stopping when her face grazed her panties. Connie’s warm breath penetrated the cotton cloth, heating Debbie to her very core. She giggled when Connie pushed the panties to the side and inhaled deeply before nuzzling her peach fuzz with her chin. Her back arched in response, pressing her nether region against Connie’s mouth. She flicked her tongue against Debbie’s wet slit, taking a moment to ponder the wondrous new flavor that now saturated her mouth.

Connie twirled her tongue with the utmost gentleness, licking the delicate pink folds like they were flower petals. Each of the feather light touches, sending chills down Debbie’s spine as a warming sensation soared through her body. She panted in response as her friend’s tongue gradually picked up speed.

Debbie pulled her t-shirt up, exposing her breasts to the cool air. Her nipples hardened even more as she cupped them and moaned. She rocked herself against Connie’s mouth, humping her face with a steady rhythm. A loud cry of pleasure erupted from her throat just as Connie began to suckle her clit.

She tossed her head from side to side as the intensity grew. Her long auburn, curly hair flew about her face wildly as she thrashed against the mattress so wrapped up in her approaching climax that nothing else in the world mattered anymore. Listening and watching her roommate become more aroused was more than Connie could bear.

Connie’s lips locked onto her clit with a tight grip as she swung her body around, straddling Debbie’s Chest. She wiggled her ass backwards until her dripping wet pussy rested against her friend’s chin. Although she had been swept away into an orgasmic bliss, Debbie sensed the presence of Connie and wrapped her hands around her thighs pulling her close enough to touch with her tongue.

Which she promptly began to wiggle in rhythm with the pleasure she was feeling between her legs. They mimicked one another’s movements as they began to tongue fuck each other. Their muffled moans of pleasure grew louder as ripples of multiple orgasms began to rock both of them. It never occurred to either of them that someone might hear them.

Living on the second floor of the dorm, near the stairwell had its advantages at times but maybe not in this case. As they devoured each other well beyond any pleasure that they had ever imagined, the storm had died down. This allowed the joyful noises they were making, to float through the thin walls, down the stairwell to the security guards desk.

At first, Rick, the guard thought he was hearing things. He unconsciously held his breath as he listened, trying to identify the faint sounds. He double checked to make sure the front doors were secure before he went to investigate. As he opened the stairwell door, the sounds cleared enough for him to realize what he was hearing.

He wondered if one of the girls had managed to sneak a guy into the building when he wasn’t paying attention. A smile crept across his face when he suddenly remembered a rumor he had heard about the all female dorm, “That dorm has hidden cameras in each room. A friend of mine used to work there and get his rocks off watching the residents get naked.” His cousin had told him. At the time, he had dismissed it, thinking that it was his cousin’s way of messing with his head.

Now that the sounds of pleasure were awakening his sex urges, he knew that he had to find out if that was true. Since he had only worked there for a couple of weeks, he had not learned a lot about the electronic surveillance system.

The video monitors always showed the same hallways, stairwells and exits. He went back to the front desk and began to fiddle around with the knobs and switches. His cock throbbed unmercifully as a female voice reached his ears from the stairwell door, which he had left open.

“Oh my God! Yes! Don’t stop!”

“Mmm… Your pussy is delicious.” Another female responded.

His breathing deepened when he realized it was lesbians he was hearing. He wiped his sweat covered hands on his pants as he unzipped them to relieve the pressure. After an agonizingly slow five minutes of fumbling with buttons, he figured out how to switch the video feeds from room to room.

Most of the rooms showed motionless figures sleeping in their beds, as he rapidly switched from camera to camera. The anticipation became painfully intense as the minutes ticked by. He was afraid that by the time he found the right room, the action would be over.

A groan escaped his lips as the sight of a young woman straddling another’s face came into view. With lightening quick speed, he whipped his hard cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. There was just enough light in the room for him to see the detailed outline of the young women’s bodies.

When the girl on top lifted her face to squeal in delight, he recognized her. His stroking hand moved faster when he realized he was watching Connie and Debbie go at it. He had been admiring their firm voluptuous bodies since his first day on the job. Every time they arrived at the front door just after curfew, they flirted with him until he let them into the building.

He felt as if he were right there in the room with them as he watched them roll over and switch positions. Debbie was now between Connie’s legs eating her like she was trying to quench an insatiable hunger. Rick imagined that he was on the bed with them, sliding his cock deep inside Debbie’s upturned pussy. He tightened the grip on his hand, in an attempt to copy the feel of a tight young woman.

As Connie began to buck feverishly against her friend’s mouth with a wild orgasm, Rick groaned loudly and let his load loose. It shot over the video monitors, splattering on the floor about 5 feet away. His cock did not get a chance to deflate when he noticed the girls climb out of bed and creep out of their room. He switched the video feed and watched as they brazenly walked down the hallway naked to the shower room, disappearing from his line of sight.

He flipped switches for several moments before giving up on finding a camera view of the showers. Without a second thought about it, he left his post and crept up the stairs. As he tiptoed down the hallway, he could hear water running. Rick peeked around the corner before sliding into the room. He slithered along the wall, listening to the girls giggle and moan.

When he finally caught sight of them again, he froze in his tracks. They were soaping each other's naked bodies with wash clothes. He knew they could turn their heads at any moment, catching sight of him standing there. However, he did not care because he was so entranced by what they were doing.

His cock twitched against his leg, reminding him that he had forgotten to tuck it back into his pants. He wrapped his hand around it, stroking himself slowly as the women caressed each other's breasts. As Connie leaned forward, nibbling on Debbie’s hard nipple she tilted her head back and gasped. They moved closer to each other, sharing a hot tongue kiss as they ground their wet bodies against one another.

Rick decided that watching those two sets of tits rubbing together like that while they were kissing was the sexiest thing he had ever witnessed. His hand moved faster as they began to finger each others slits. Their lips parted as Debbie slid her lips downward, twirling her tongue against Connie’s breast during her decent.

She knelt before her as she slipped her tongue between Connie’s nether lips. From his vantage point, Rick was able to watch her rapidly slide it in and out as she lavished her clit with licks. He thrust against his hand in rhythm with Connie’s rocking body as she began to move against her friends tongue. When the intensity became too much for her to bear, she stepped back and motioned for Debbie to lie down.

The water poured over their bodies as they maneuvered themselves into a sixty-nine position again. Connie aggressively attacked Debbie’s saturated pussy, probing her wildly with her stiff tongue. He could not see what Debbie was doing with her mouth, but assumed she was following the other girls lead. When both women began to rock against another, letting out muffled moans, his suspicion was confirmed.

His balls ached for release as he watched the wonderful spectacle before his eyes. He gripped his shaft tight, hoping to hold back his pleasure until the women climaxed. There was no controlling his orgasm when Debbie suddenly hollered,

“Oh, yes. Fuck me hard!”

His cock quivered in his hand as Connie increased the speed of her wiggling tongue, sending Debbie into a powerful orgasm. An involuntary groan came from deep inside his chest as his staff erupted. Hot cream spewed across the room, spraying the girls. They did not seem to notice, too wrapped up in their own pleasure to notice the voyeur in the room.

When Rick had emptied his balls of seed, he stumbled from the room. He felt a bit light headed as he tucked himself back into his pants and hurried down the hallway. Just as he ducked into the stairway, the girls stepped out of the shower room. They caught just a glimpse of him then gave each other a knowing look.

The rest of the night was uneventful after the girls went back to bed. The next morning, Rick had already gone home by the time they left for class. During lunch they discussed how to handle him since he had apparently been listening to them, possibly even watching. They giggled as they poured over ideas of how to tease him without letting on that they knew.

That evening when he showed up at the dorm, Rick was surprised to see Connie and Debbie sitting in the lounge. Normally it was several hours into his shift before he saw them. They smiled and waved then went back to watching TV. Every once in a while, he would glance over at them to see what they were doing.

He noticed that Connie was wearing a very short skirt that seemed to be creeping upward each time he looked. Thinking it was just his imagination, he moved his gaze higher. She was wearing a tight blue button up sweater that seemed to be missing a button. He could see her hard nipples jutting against the thin fabric. When she leaned forward to pick up a book on a nearby table, he caught a glimpse of her soft breasts.

She raised her eyes and stared into his, then casually spread her legs a little wider. He gasped when he saw that she wore no panties. His cock surged to full size as he scooted his chair closer to the desk. He didn’t want anyone to see him sitting there with a bulging problem trying to burst out of his jeans.

Debbie stood up and walked over to a soda machine. His eyes followed her, taking in the view of her ass in the tight shorts she was wearing. When she bent over to get the can of soda out of the machine, her shorts slid up, revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. He bit his lip as a moan of agony erupted from his throat. She turned her head, smiled and returned to her seat.

Time seemed to go agonizingly slow before the girls gathered their belongings to go upstairs. They stopped just outside the door to the stairwell and shared a sensual kiss before giving him one last glance. He waited until the door banged shut before switching unleashing the monster size boner in his pants. The tip of it had grown a dark shade of purple from being swollen for so long.

He switched the camera view to Debbie and Connie’s room before starting to stroke himself. The girls were standing in the middle of the room, facing each other. As if on cue, they slowly began to undress each other, just as he began to masturbate. They removed each others tops before walking over to the bed. Debbie sat down and pulled Connie to her, directing her to bend over her lap. When she did, her short skirt slid up, baring her firm ass.

Rick and Debbie moaned simultaneously at the sight of her curvaceous ass. Debbie cupped her hand and began to massage Connie’s cheeks with it. A sexy smile crossed her face as she suddenly raised her hand and slapped it against Connie’s ass. The other girl squealed in delight as numerous hand spankings followed.

Sweat poured down Rick’s face as he moved his hand faster. He could see juice seeping from between Connie’s pussy lips, wetting the tops of her thighs. She wiggled her ass in response to each smack she received. Debbie spanked her until her cheeks grew a bright crimson red. Then she helped Connie stand up so they could switch places.

Before leaning over her friends lap, Debbie stepped out of her shorts. Rick thought her heart shaped ass looked good enough to eat as she bent across Connie’s legs. She jumped and cried out when Connie suddenly pulled a hairbrush out from under the pillow and smacked it across her milky white ass.

“Do you want more?” Connie asked in a firm voice.

“Yes.” Debbie responded enthusiastically.

Connie’s hand moved with swift, hard motions. Rick could tell that she was enjoying the spanking as much as Debbie was. A lustful look came over her face as she spanked her harder and faster. She continued until Debbie lifted her face and said,

“Fuck me.”

Debbie stood up on her wobbly legs and crawled onto the bed. She moved onto all fours, pointing her very red ass at the camera. Connie slid a finger into her friend’s slit and wiggled it. Then she pulled it back and replaced it with the hairbrush handle. Debbie responded to the feel of the cold wooden handle with a loud moan. As Connie began to slide the handle into Debbie’s wet pussy, she moaned louder and squirmed.

Connie moved it in and out of her very slowly. As it became slick with juices she began to move it faster. Debbie rocked her pussy against the brush, taking it in deeper with each stroke. Rick was watching intensely, anticipating what would happen next as he continued stroking himself. He had to stop and apply pressure to his cock when Connie suddenly leaned over and ran her tongue down Debbie’s crack from her ass to her clit.

Debbie’s entire body responded as her muscles began to spasm. She began to move faster, fucking herself harder and harder with the hairbrush handle that Connie was merely holding in place as she greedily lapped up her juices. She removed the hairbrush just as Debbie was swept away into orgasmic bliss. Her juices gushed out with such a force that Connie had to struggle to gulp them all down.

When she slid her face out of her friend’s nether region, Rick could see that she had juices spread across her face from ear to ear. She sat up and stared into the general direction of the camera as she spread her legs. Then she dipped her fingers into her wet pussy.

As she began to finger fuck herself, Rick resumed the stroking of his hard cock. He imagined that it was his cock and not her finger, going in and out of her tight hot wet hole. Her breasts jiggled as she moved against her fingers, bouncing harder with each thrust.

He whimpered and grunted as she lay back on the bed and moved her ass in a humping motion. His balls began to tighten and tingle just as she pulled her fingers from her pussy, and sprayed hot female nectar all over the bed. “Oh my God!” He thought as he rapidly stroked himself, pulling the hot cum from his loins. Wave after wave of hot his cream shot on the monitor, covering the images of the girls.

By the time he was finished, the mess he had made, was dripping onto the desk. He tucked his throbbing cock back into his jeans then hurried to the bathroom to get some paper towels to wipe up his load of cum before anyone happened to come along and see it. When he was finished washing the monitor, he settled back into his chair to see if anything else was happening. It appeared that the women had fallen asleep in each others arms.

After a quick check of all the other cameras, he decided that nothing else exciting was happening. So he tilted his chair back and dozed off. When he awoke in the middle of the night, he checked Connie and Debbie’s room again to see if they were still asleep. He noticed that neither of them appeared to be in the room. A flashback to the shower scenario popped into his mind as he stood up and walked to the stairwell.

When he pushed the door open, his eyes widened in shock at the sight he saw. Connie was sprawled on the stairs, with Debbie’s face between her legs. She looked directly at Rick and smiled before pushing Debbie’s head deeper into her pussy. He wasn’t sure what he should do, so he stood there looking stupid as his arousal grew.

Not being able to stand the pressure in his pants, he unzipped them and pulled out his cock. As he began to massage his muscle, Connie mouthed the words, “Stroke it harder”, at him. He groaned and moved his hand faster as he moved closer to get a better view of Debbie’s tongue licking her friend’s pussy.

He stepped past the girls and moved up the stairs to sit down above Connie’s head so he could have a better vantage point. He held his cock six inches above her face, stroking it vigorously as he watched Debbie devour her. Connie panted and moaned at the intensity of the oral pleasure she was feeling as Rick’s heavy balls swung wildly above her face.

She tipped her head back, watching him jack-off mere inches from her mouth. Rick hoped she would part her lips so he could shove his cock deep into her throat but she did not. Instead she just watched him as she moaned in joy as Debbie continued the tongue assault on her swollen clit. She cupped her breasts, massaging them and tweaking the nipples in response to what she was feeling.

She began to osculate her pelvis seductively as her pussy muscles quivered and contracted. Her back arched, lifting her ass of the steps as a powerful wave of pleasure shot through her body. As her breasts heaved up into the air, Rick shot his load off. He felt like a rocket launcher as wave after wave of hot cum erupted from the tip of his shaft.

It landed in various places all over both women who promptly began to rub it into their skin. He watched in fascination and lust as they sucked his cream from each others fingertips. When they turned to look at him sitting there covered in sweat with his softening cock lying against his leg, they giggled.

He grinned and said, “Please tell me that you’re bi-sexual. I don’t know how much more torment I can stand.”

Connie and Debbie looked at each other then said, “We are each other’s first.”

“Neither of you have ever been with a man?” He asked.

They nodded, confirming what he had said. Then they stood up and climbed over him, giving him an even closer view of their clefts. He groaned and leaned back on the steps as an overwhelming sense of frustration came over him. Just as the girls reached the top of the stairs, he could hear them whispering. Then one of them hollered down to him,

“Want to come to our room?”

He leapt to his feet and practically bounced up the stairs after them. His cock and balls jiggled wildly against his thigh as he hurried toward them. They laughed and led him to their room, telling him to take a seat in a chair by the window. He did as they asked, removing his clothes in the process. He couldn’t believe that his most frequent fantasy to be with two women was about to come true.

He wondered what they were up to when they approached him, carrying several items behind their back. A delicious sense of pleasure overcame him as he allowed them to tie his wrists to the arm of the chair. He thought they were planning on taking advantage of him, even though he was more than willing. The idea of being completely helpless to a couple of naked woman was more than stimulating to him.

By the time they had him secured to the chair, his cock was standing straight up again. He looked up at Connie who was staring at his shaft like she was trying to decide what to do with it. She leaned forward, lowering her mouth until it was almost touching the tip of his cock. He lifted his ass, hoping to get her to suck his length in. Instead she moved back a bit and softly blew air against his aching member.

He tugged at the ropes that bound him to the chair, thinking they had not tied him up very well until that point. When he felt no resistance, he gave the girls a questioning look; they grinned and walked over to the bed. He realized at that moment that they had no intention of fucking or sucking him. They had invited him to their room just to tease him.

He squirmed in his seat, trying in vain to break loose as the girls pulled a two headed dildo out of a drawer. His attention focused on what they were doing and he forgot about trying to escape. Debbie and Connie each laid down on one end of the bed with their legs spread wide then they scooted toward each other until their asses almost touched.

Debbie inserted one end of the thick flesh colored cock toy into her pussy. She watched as Connie slid the other end inside herself. Then they locked their eyes onto each others and began to take turns thrusting. Each time one of them moved, it pushed the dildo deeper into the other girl. It did not take them long to get a good rhythm going.

Rick closed his mouth when he realized he was drooling as the two sets of swollen pussy lips glided along the juice covered toy. He put his feet flat on the floor and tensed up his legs so he could move the chair closer to the bed. He scooted it until he was close enough to touch them if he had not been tied up.

The air was rich with female essence, which was driving him even madder with lust. His cock throbbed and ached as he watched them humping the dildo. At that moment, Rick decided that in his next lifetime, he wanted to come back as a double headed toy cock. The thought of feeling two pussies on his shaft at once was so intense that he managed to gather enough strength to slide one arm forward.

That was all he needed to be able to wrap his fingers around his manhood. When the girls noticed that he was masturbating, they moaned and moved their bodies faster. They changed their rhythm so that each of them was taking half of the fake monster cock in at a time. Each time they pulled back and slammed forward again, they let out a cry of pleasure that nearly sent Rick over the edge.

“Please untie me.” He begged.

“Why?” Connie asked as she let out a gasp of pleasure.

“So I can join in.” He responded as he tried to break lose from the chair again.

She answered him by partially sitting up and grabbing Debbie’s hands. They proceeded by using each other for leverage, fucking one another faster and harder. The room filled with sounds of their asses smacking against each other as they worked like a well oiled piston machine.

They erupted in squeals of pleasure as Debbie’s pussy muscles quivered from an orgasm which, made the dildo vibrate and set Connie off into a simultaneous orgasm. As they thrashed wildly on the bed, gushing juices all over it and each other, Rick was rocked with an earth shattering orgasm. It was so intense that his body went stiff as large wads of cum shot from him. He arched his back, pushing his legs against the floor so hard that the chair tipped over backwards.

Although he could no longer see the girls, he could hear them breathing hard. He bucked and kicked harder, trying to loosen the bindings that help him to the chair. When he ran out of breath, he looked up and noticed the women standing over him. He knew that he must look silly tied to that chair with his feet sticking up in the air.

He noticed driblets of cum streaming down their breasts and smiled in satisfaction that he had at least hit his targets. Much to his distress, the girls got dressed before untying him. After he rolled out of the chair and put his clothes back on, he looked at both of them until Debbie said,

“I guess this means we aren’t bisexual.”

Rick frowned and said, “If you ever change your mind, you know where to find me.”

Although he was disappointed that he did not get any sex from the lesbians, being allowed to watch and cum on them was satisfying to a point. It became a regular activity for the trio, doing it in various locations. There was eventually enough trust built up that they stopped tying him up and allowed him the use of both hands while he stroked himself.

The relationship the three of them was very unique. They became close friends and rented a house together. The girls drove Rick insane with horniness by walking around the house naked at all times. When he had friends over to watch sporting events on TV, the girls liked to go at it on the coffee table, making every guy that set foot in that house temporarily forget about anything else.

Rick and his friends were allowed to watch as long as they did nothing more than masturbate and cum on the lesbians. Rumors soon started to fly about their strange living arrangement which made it nearly impossible for Rick to get a date. After a year of built up sexual frustration, he moved out and got his own place. Not long after that he started dating on a regular basis.

The numerous flings he had never seemed to satisfy his urges. It always felt like something was missing. Deep down inside he knew what it was and decided to go crawling back to Debbie and Connie one day. When he rang the doorbell, it did not surprise him one bit when they answered the door naked.

They were surprised to see him and invited him to come in. When he sat down, he confessed to them that he missed them and wanted to move back in. They looked at each other, seeming to communicate with their eyes for a few minutes while Rick squirmed nervously. When at last the silence broke, Connie said,

“Give us one good reason that we should let you move back in.”

They couldn’t help but laugh when Rick grinned wickedly and said, “Because you reformed me and I’ve decided to become a lesbian.”

They talked it over and decided he could move in again. From that day on they went back to their routine, only wavering enough to let him join in on the tongue fun. He was allowed to lick their pussies but never touch them with his cock. When Rick’s friends asked him how he could stand that kind of living situation, he grinned and replied,

“Don’t knock it, until you try it!”

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"It was the horniest of times. It was the wildest of times."

Great way to start a story. I was hooked.

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Really hot.

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