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10-30-2006, 11:23 PM
Professor's Office Hours
by sxs1582

Preface: These two characters know each other-- they're having an illicit affair and decide to live out one of her fantasies-- or his fantasies, whichever you prefer.

Story: She walks briskly into class a few minutes early and sits in the front row. She pretends to look over her notes from the previous class. She sits up straight, her eyes down, swinging her crossed leg rhythmically. She has a big secret and she's deathly afraid some one will surmise. She's wearing a short, flirty summer skirt and her legs are bare, no tights. The professor comes in and class begins. He notices that she is sitting in the front row, notices her posture and her big black mary jane wagging at the end of her long, bare, tightly crossed leg. He notes the slight flush on her face and the way she won't look up from her papers. To make her look at him, he asks her a question. She squirms noticeably in her seat, re-crossing her legs. As she is answering, he interjects, "I'm sorry, Miss Jones, could you speak up a little," and she has to answer the question again while the professor examines her.

She's blushing and she feels hot and flushed when she finishes. "Well, that's only half the answer. What about the ..." And, as he proceeds to complete her answer, he watches her closely. He's enjoying her nervous antics, the way she presses her legs together so tightly, her slightly arched posture--seemingly attentive but unable to look him in the eye, obviously distracted. When he is through, he reassures her somewhat derisively. "Don't be troubled, Miss Jones. This isn't the final." Then he turns out the classroom lights and puts a video on the monitor, excusing himself for a few minutes while he gets last week's quizzes from his office. She stays in her seat as long as she can but can stand it no longer. She leaves the classroom and heads for the women's bathroom. She sees the professor returning to class and he tells her he needs to speak with her in his office immediately. "Can it wait till after class, Professor?"

"No," and he opens his office door and ushers her in, closing the door behind him. "You were going to the ladies' room, weren't you?"


"In the middle of class?"

"Yes." Now he is standing very close behind her.

"Couldn't wait?" And he reaches around with his hand, finds the v of her crotch through her skirt, and presses it firmly with his three fingers. (God! He knows!)

"No sir," she says, feeling the pleasure of the dildo pushed deeper into her slippery pussy. Shame and relief at being found out make her head swim and her pussy ache. "Shouldn't we be getting back to class, Professor?"

"I think we should address your problem. You're wearing dildos in you cunt in my class and slipping out to fuck yourself during the videos."

"Yes sir. Just today sir." Now his hands were under her skirt, rhythmically pulling at her panties and making the rubber cock screw her deeper. She wants to turn around and take his cock out of his pants but does not dare. She's already in enough trouble-- but, god, she's hot and she needs it! If only he had just let her go to the bathroom and get off.

"All right. I understand. A healthy young woman like yourself. Sometimes you can't help yourself. So go ahead." He removes his hand from her crotch and pats the edge of his desk, indicating that she should sit. "Get yourself off. This is much better than a toilet, isn't it? Then you can go back to class with your mind clear and ready to pay attention." He guides her to a sitting position , placing one of her feet on a chair and the other on the bottom open drawer of a filing cabinet, legs spread in front of the mirror on the back of his office door. He lifts the front of her skirt and pulls aside her stretched, soaking panties to reveal the dildo firmly wedged in her tight cunt, moisture soaking her dark, curling pubic hair. "If you need it so bad, fuck yourself now." And he guides her right hand to her cunt and wraps her fingers around the broad, flat base of the silicone dildo, making her pull it out and push it in, like a teacher giving cursive lessons. She seems a little reluctant-- she's wondering if he's going to screw her. "You know how," he says softly, still manipulating the dildo. "Go ahead and screw yourself. You need it so bad-- now do it. Make yourself come-- shameless little slut." He removes his hand from hers and steps back, letting her do it herself.

She starts off a little slowly, wondering if he'll come back to her, then fucking herself deep and hard, her legs spread shamelessly wide, her pussy wet for the fucking she's giving herself at his command. She can't take her eyes off the mirror. She looks up and sees him watching her-- observing her coolly like he does in class, a big hard on in his trousers. "That's right, my little tart, screw yourself silly. You have to come so badly." And now he is right beside her again, whispering nasty encouragements in her burning ear. "Rub your clit. That'll make you come." And she starts to stroke her clit. "Get it good and deep." And she shoves the dildo deep into her cunt and comes, stifling her cries of pleasure and release to breathy sighs and moans. He's watching her coolly. She begins to withdraw the dildo but he tells her to leave it in. "Get yourself together and get back to class." And he picks up a stack of papers and walks out of his office, closing the door behind him.

When she returns to class the video is still on and the professor is sitting in the empty desk next to hers in the front row, watching the video. She sits down and takes notes, feeling his eyes on her legs and the dildo in her cunt. At the end of class he hands back the quizzes. She wonders at her low grade and leafs through the pages to find the word "slut" scrawled across the last page in red ink. As class is dismissed, the professor says he wants to see her in his office. She leaves the classroom and waits for him in the hallway outside his office. When he gets there he does not say anything but simply opens the door and closes and locks it behind them. He immediately takes his dick-- which has been hard for the last 50 minutes, out of his pants. Knowing she is going to get screwed, she lets him bend her over his desk, lift her skirt and tear her panties off. He pulls the dildo out of her pussy and says, "Suck on that. It'll keep you quiet," and pushes the rubber cock, wet with her come juice, into her mouth and holds it there while he slides his dick fully into her dripping cunt.

A muffled cry escapes her as she feels his steel-like cock, much larger than the dildo, penetrate her quivering snatch. He wastes no time and, grabbing her hips tightly with both hands, braces her prostrate body against his merciless thrusts, the dildo gagging her grunts and moans. In no time he's squirting his load into her tight little cunt, his balls pumping stream after stream of hot jism deep into her. After a moment's pause, he pulls out, still hard but waning, and, removing the rubber cock from her mouth, helps her up. He picks her torn panties up off the floor and wraps the dildo in them. Handing the bundle to her, he says, "I hope you begin to pay more attention in class. If you continue to get C's on your quizzes, you'll need some extra help. I'd hate to see a bright girl like you do poorly . Feel free to take advantage of my office hours." Then she gathers her books and walks home without her panties on.

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nice story.

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