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11-01-2006, 03:04 AM
by Torachan

Alan Manning jumped a bit as he heard the knock at his office door. "Professor Manning?" He heard Laci ask.

"Come in," he said. And in walked the girl, the woman of his deepest desires. She was highly intelligent, having started college almost two years early. She was the only eighteen-year-old sophomore he knew. Alan had known her since her days as jailbait, since Sociology was his department, and that happened to be Laci's major. He did feel a little guilty about lusting after a girl twenty seven years his junior, but that always went away whenever he laid eyes upon her.

She was medium height, not skinny by any means, but she wasn't fat either. She was just the way Alan liked women: Soft, delicate, and curvy. Her straight red hair was always smooth and shiny, and her deep blue eyes always seemed to burn him like fire, but send exhilirating thrills up and down his spine at the same time. She was killing him today, in a little school girl outfit, right down to the plaid skirt, white button up dress shirt, and it was even complete with the knee high socks.

"Well, are we ready to study, Professor?" she asked, sitting down in the chair next to his desk. God he wanted her. Alan was so happy when her grades in his classes 'started slipping,' because he knew she knew about his private tutoring program, and sure enough, she came to him two days after her first bad mark. He was so turned on by the thought of private time with Laci, that he went home and fucked his wife raw. Every time he shot his load into the psycho bitch, he had to bite his lip to keep from shouting Laci's name. That was four months ago, and aside from jerking off, it was also the last sex Alan had.

And now, here Laci was. Bending over her textbook, she was blissfully unaware of Alan's surging cock. He could see down her shirt, right to the lacy pink bra encasing her sumptuous tits. He mumbled something about writing herself out some questions for review, as he oh-so-quietly undid his zipper. Alan had made sure it was extra cold in the room today, since it was the first truly hot day of the summer semester, and as he hoped, Laci's nipples were solid hard, and poking against her shirt. Slowly, Alan started pumping his eight and a half inch long, four inches round tool, as he imagined sticking said dick right between Laci's tits, and pumping away, until he blasted her sweet smooth face with gobs of his sticky cum-

"Professor, did you hear me? I said I'm going to go get a drink of water." Laci was saying. He jumped. Of course, she wanted water. He told her to go ahead and go, and while she was up, he quickly snapped his pants back up. He rushed to his door, and rigged it up to lock as soon as Laci closed it again, and he was back in his seat, like he had never left it by the time she returned.

"Shut the door, Laci," he said casually. "There's something we need to discuss before we continue today."

"OOOkay..." Laci said, doing as she was told, and sitting back in her seat. She looked so innocent, so sweet. She had no idea what was about to happen, but Alan couldn't take it anymore.

"Laci, I'll get right to the point: Have you been telling fellow students that we're having sex?"

His question had the exact response she was hoping for. She looked utterly shocked, and immediately began sputtering an angry protest. "Of course not! I'm a smart person, I don't need to screw anybody for a good grade. Professor, why on earth would you ask me that?"

Alan tried his best to look worried, and he let out a huge, very real sounding sigh, "Some of my other students are apparently just upset that they're failing then, because I've been accused of having an indecent relationship with a student, the student being, of course, you."

Laci looked near tears at this news. She was going to hug him, he knew it. Laci was a hugger, and sure enough, she got out of her chair, and bent slightly to give him a hug. "Professor, I will fix this, I promise," she said, under the impression he was sure, that his hand on the back of her knee was merely him returning the hug.

"Of course," he began, sliding his hand slowly up her leg, while his other hand grabbed her arm to keep her from running. "As long as they're talking," he continued, his roaming hand sliding around her thigh, and creeping up the front of her skirt. He reached the hem of her shirt, and in one fluid motion, he pulled her down so she was straddling him, his hand went up her shirt, and he wrapped his free arm around her to keep her from running, "We could always give them something to talk about."

"Professor, this is wrong, I don't know what you're trying to do, but I will not take part in it, not willingly," Laci protested, trying in vain to push him away, as he reached around to her back to unsnap her bra. His fingers found their mark, and her clasp came undone with one flick of his fingers.

Alan lightly ran his fingers back along Laci's side, and finally, after waiting too long, began rubbing her nipples. She moaned. He smiled, and pinched one of her nipples softly, and was pleased to see Laci bite her lip to keep from crying out. He risked removing his other arm from around her waist, but made sure he was still playing with her nipples, just to give her further incentive not to run. He pulled his hand out from under her shirt, and unbuttoned the cumbersome garment as fast as he could. And there they were. Laci's beautiful tits.

They were soft white mounds of flesh, complete with blush pink areolas, and tiny little pinpricks of nipples sticking out, begging to be sucked, tasted, worhsipped. At long long last, Alan put his mouth on her left nipple, and tasted her flesh for the first time. It was heaven, she tasted just like he expected her to, soft and a little salty. He couldn't get enough. He flicked his tongue over her left nipple and continued to tweak and massage her right breast with his hand.

Laci was moaning and wriggling her little ass in his lap. The harder he assaulted her breasts, the faster she humped his lap. She was getting into it, that was good. He needed to get her even more fired up if she was going let him fuck her, and damn right now he wanted nothing more in the world than to plow right into her and feel her cum all over his throbbing manhood. But he needed to make her ready.

While he was still sucking and rubbing her tits, he took his free hand, and slid it up between her soft, creamy thighs, and started rubbing her mound through her silk panties. She was soaked through, and at his touch she moaned even louder, and actually began whimpering. Alan put his other hand under her skirt, never stopping his sucking of her nipples, and found the tiny strap that connected the front of her panties to the back, and in one quick motion, snapped that sucker, leaving her pussy free and open for play. With one hand, he grabbed her hair and gently pulled her head back. As he started kissing her neck, two of his fingers found her swollen clit, and began massaging around it in small slow circles.

"Oh GOD!" Laci cried out, wrapping her arms around him, and digging her nails into him. It hurt a little, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his cock. He was going to keel over dead soon if he didn't get his dick inside her, but he had one more thing to do before he could.

Alan stood up, still holding Laci with her legs wrapped around him, and he gently leaned over his desk, laying her on top of it. He got down on his knees in front of her spread legs, and inhaled deeply, taking in the invigorating scent of her arousal. Her little shaved pussy was begging to be tasted, so he ran his abnormally long tongue all the way up her slit, and flicked it over her clit several times. He trailed his tongue back down, and slid it as deep into her heated box as it would go. She was so tight! If she was this tight around his tongue, then when he finally penetrated her... he couldn't think about it, or he'd blow his load right there.

His beautiful Laci tasted so good he could have spent all day with his tongue buried in her snatch, but that would come another time. She was bucking her hips up and down and begging him not to stop, so he started darting his tongue in and out of her snatch, while he massaged her clit furiously with his thumb, and reached up and began playing with her nipples again as well. "OH God, Professor, I'm gonna cum, please stop or I'll cum all over your desk!" She cried. And sure enough, she was beginning to quiver. He had half a mind to stop, but he had to taste her cum, he had to, so he sped up his tongue fucking to be simultaneous with his almost vibrator speed clit rubbing.

In a matter of seconds she clamped both her hands over her mouth, and let loose a muffled roar, as her whole body shook, and her juices exploded into his mouth. She was delicious, but he didn't lap too much up, because it was time. It was finally time. Alan climbed to his feet, and undid his fly. He pulled his pants and boxers down, freeing his throbbing prick. He grabbed Laci's legs, and pulled her a little closer to him. Slowly, he pushed just the head inside her hole. It was warm and wet, and already he could tell it would be a tight fit. He wasn't sure how long he would last, but he was going to have her. Now.

"Laci since the day I saw you I've been dreaming about this moment," he told her, pushing his cock into her inch by inch. She was well lubricated, but he still went slow, he didn't want to hurt her. "I've waited two years to feel your sweet hot snatch wrapped around my prick." He was halfway in, and she was moaning once more, every single centimeter of his huge prick was rubbing her g-spot as it passed, and she was damn near close to cumming again. "Every time I got a hard on, it was because I was thinking about pistoning my cock in and out of your dripping snatch." He was all the way, in. She was so damn tight, he wouldn't have been surprised if she were a virgin. She was an active athlete, so that would explain, the lack of hymen, but he wasn't about to complain. She felt wonderful. He began pumping, slowly at first, but he picked up the pace very quickly. He definately wasn't going to hold out long.

"Oh yes," she was crying. "Fuck me professor, fuck me like you mean it! Make me cum on your huge cock!" Laci was starting to talk dirty, and it was making Alan crazy. He began drving his tool into her faster and deeper. Her tits were bouncing up and down with each thrust. He grabbed her thighs and started really plowing into her. She was cumming again, he could feel her juices flowing over his cock, and it was too much.

With two more, hard, fast, slamming thrusts, he drove his prick all the way into her pussy, and exploded inside of her. His cock was pulsing against her g-spot again, and much to his disbelief, she had another orgasm while he was cumming inside of her. He thrust a few more times for good measure, and collapsed, panting, on top of the best fuck he'd ever had. "And you said you wouldn't do this willingly," he joked to Laci, who laughed. They laid there together for a few minutes, coming down from their respective highs. Laci was humming contently, sure this was, although a great experience, a one shot deal.

Alan smiled. She didn't know it, but she belonged to him now. He would see to that. The tender, tight young pussy he was softening up inside of was his, and soon he would see to it that she knew that as well.

11-01-2006, 07:44 PM
Great story. Is there going to be a part 2?

11-01-2006, 08:21 PM
great story thanx for finding it.

11-01-2006, 10:33 PM
Great story. Is there going to be a part 2?

Well thats a very good question...I will have to investigate that possibility....

Thanks for reading it.

06-28-2009, 08:51 AM
good one thanks

03-16-2010, 01:09 AM
A nice story.