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02-01-2013, 10:30 AM
This was my first anal experience with a married woman name"julie". she was my neighborer. she has a perfect round, firm sexy body. It happened by chance, she called me to her house. She was alone in the house. She asked me i could repair the handle of her door. I said" sure, show me". she guided me to that room. I saw the handle, just the screws were out. i took the screws and fitted the handle. she asked me for a drink, i said ok. we both took drinks. she was wearing a silk nighty of blue color and she was looking hot. i could easily saw her big aerolas,as they were touching her nighty. i felt some pressure in my pants, my cock started growing. i looked in her eyes,she was smiling. i asked him "may i go now?". she said "can't you stay here with me for night"?. I asked "if your husband comes then?". she said "oh don't worry, he will come after 4 days". i asked "why you want me to stay here today?".she smiled and said "dont you know?". now i was speechless. she came near me and started kissing on my lips. this act made me more strong. now i also started kissing him. now we both were standing. i, very quickly remove her nighty. now she was completely naked in front of me. i saw her beautiful naked body for the first time. her boobs were big with big brown aerolas. nipples were perfect. i also removed my all clothes. she saw my already standing cock. she took it in her soft hands and started playing with it. while i was sucking and licking her big aerolas. suddenly she was on her knees and started sucking my big cock. she started with lickink and kissing on cock head. then she started licking my balls, i was feeling that i could cum at any moment. then she swallowed my whole cock in her mouth th the throat while her hands were playing with my balls. i was near cum and i was out of control. i hold her head and started fucking her mouth. she was also enjoying. and suddenly i released fountains of hot cum in her throat, which she swallowed easily. but my cock was still erect and still she was sucking very nicely. we both adjusted our position in 69 pos. now i was on upper side ,i was penetrating my cock in her mouth while my tongue was playing with her clit. i was rotating my tongue hard in her pussy in every direction, she moaned loudly. her hips were jumping and in this way my tongue was going deeper and deeper in her pussy. and then she moaned very loudly"ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh goddddddd .......................fuck me .............ooooooo...".i asked her to made doggy pos, she quickly adjusted. i was behind her watching her both love holes. her ass was too sexy hot,perfectly round. i rubbed my finger on her asshole. she moaned again. i now put some spit on my finger and started rubbing on her asshole again. she shivered a bit. now i put some spit on my cock head and place my cock head on her tight asshole. she asked" are you going to fuck my virgin ass?"
i didn't reply and with a little force i adjusted my cock head in her tight asshole. she cried"ooooooohhhhhh my god,i havenot done this before" i with some more force adjusted my half cock in her asshole, and started stroking softly. she was in a little bit of pain but was also enjoying. in just seconds of time her asshole also became wet. now i was doing stroking quite comfortably. she had a very hot tight ass.now i bent on him and took one of her big boobs in my hand and started squeezing it. now she was in heaven moaned loudly"oooooeeeeeeee........ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ....fuuckkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........oooooooohhh i am going to cum , shoot your thick hot cum in my ass. fill my ass....................ohhhhhhhhh ..honeyyyyy.............oooooooooooooooooooooooo".i was also near cum. now i started to fuck her ass like a wild bull and with some hard strokes, i shoot my whole hot cum in her ass and filled her ass hole".

02-01-2013, 10:40 AM
A Good story but would read better with paragraphs and better presentation in spacing...... Good attempt for a first try.

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02-01-2013, 12:09 PM