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02-04-2013, 02:14 PM
This happened between my beloved tiffy and me. On one saturday afternoon, we both were at my place. we were about to enjoy our whole afternoon and evening. Tiffy was a very young hot girl. with blue eyes and golden hair, her height was 5,-3" nice dd boobs and a nicely trimmed pussy. She gave me a ****** pill and asked me to swallow the pill. i told her that i dont need this. but she forcely said "today you need this". i said"ok". She gave me some juice to swallow that tablet. after i swallowed ******. she said" today is my day and i am in a very hot mood.so i will dominate you today. you are my slave now until i release you. and you will have to obey all my orders". i said "ok as you wish".

she removed her clothes and ordered me to remove my all clothes. Then she tied my hands at my back and put a blindfold on my eyes. now i could speak and listen only. then she whispered in my ear " now feel what i am going to do. you will never forget this".

Then i felt her hot tongue playing with my nipples. and after a few seconds her tongue was playing with my testicles and making them wet. my cock stood like a pole. then she started to jerk my cock while her tongue was playing with my cock pink head. this was making me more hard. suddenly she took my whole 9 inch cock in her mouth. cock was going to her throat. she started sucking it very badly. now i could not resist more and all of a sudden i exploded my hot thick cum in her mouth. and remain shooting until i was completely finished. but my cock was still half erected. she swallowed all my cum.
Then she ordered me to make a doggy pos but i refused because my both hands were tied at my back. she adjusted me on bed, she gave a big pillow under my mouth. now i was in doggy pos. i was afraid and tense. i thought perhaps she wanted to fuck my ass with a strapon. but then suddenly i felt her hot tongue rotating on my asshole. it was like heaven. then she inserted her tongue deep in my ass. My cock again erected. i was enjoying and then she took my erected cock in her hand and started jerking again like she was milking my cock. she again took my cock head in her mouth and started licking and sucking like a lolipop. she ordered me" now we will do 69. i will sit on your mouth. you have to lick and fuck my pussy and ass with your tongue." then she adusted me again, i was lying on bed. she sat on my mouth and took my cock in her mouth. my tongue was searching for hole, finally i got that. and inserted my tongue in that. then i heard another order "lick my pussy first, its my asshole". as i could not see, she adjusted her pussy directly on my lips. it was wet. i inserted my tongue in and started rotating hard. she moaned loudly.