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02-07-2013, 04:29 AM
Daily Journal - December 28, 2012

I've been making 'special' lunches for my wife for years.

She likes to give head, but won't spit or swallow! I almost had her convinced, then she discovered flavored condoms. Once in a blue moon, she has a bit too much wine and I can 'accidentally' blow my load in her mouth. Since she's drunk, she can't move as quick, so it's easier to stay on longer! But that doesn't happen enough.

So, now I offer to make her lunch for the next day: I'm a good husband and she swallows a creamy load, almost daily, Monday to Friday! :D

I've been on cloud nine the last little while because of my latest brain storm!

The mother-in-law has huge tits! She's only about 5'4, but she has Double D's! That and the fact that she's a proper, church going, conservative, gossiping, Holier-Than-Thou type that drives me crazy and makes my cock hard! I've got some great hidden video of her tits! I'll have to share it with you one day! LOL

Well, she came over for a bbq one night and I caught myself watching her eat her hotdog. I'm telling you, I think she has an undiscovered talent! The thing that made me damn near pass out though from the loss of blood as it filled my cock, was her upper lip! She had mayonnaise on her upper lip and that's when it hit me! I would pay money to see her eat my cum! But how could I get it done? It's not like I could say, "Excuse me, could I borrow your hotdog for a minute?" Then take it into the bathroom; wank all over it; then bring it back out for her to eat!

I'm not sure when it occurred to me I could freeze it. I started saving the odd load in a little Tupperware cup in the freezer. I had used the odd frozen-cum-cube in the wife's lunches a couple times.

Well, I finally got my chance with the mother-in-law! We invited her over for drinks over this past new years holidays. Her and the wife enjoyed frozen daiquiris, so I said I would be there waiter for the evening. They didn't have to get up, I would take care of everything! ;) I'm nice like that!

I got them their first drink and some nachos. The wife had made vodka chocolate-pudding-shooters; her and the mother-in-law had them all the time! I was going to doctor her first drink, but I was nervous as hell she or my wife might walk into the kitchen and catch me! The nachos were gone and they were asking for another drink! My mother-in-law's own words "We need another drink! This salty taste is making me thirsty!" With the liquid-courage of my own rum and coke, I thought to myself "You want a salty taste in your mouth?! You got it!" ha!

I made my wife a drink then back into the kitchen to make the 'special' drink! I poured a couple ounces of vodka into the blender, and some strawberry daiquiri flavor, then went to the freezer. I came back with the ice-cube tray and the little frozen cup with my personal ingredient! I put a couple ice-cubes in the blender then popped the top off the frozen cum. Wow, there had to be about 5 loads in here! She was in for a special treat! I squeezed the sides of the cup and the cum-cube plopped in! "What's taking so long?"

I turned around and there, in her black dress pants and scoop neck holiday blouse was my mother-in-law. I tried to hide the cup in my hand, my eyes wide, I said "Oh, almost done!"

She walked right up; put the lid on the blender and said "Let me show you how to do this!" She pushed the grind button and the blender started up. It was really shaking so she held the bottom with one hand and the top with the other. The shaking was going right through her arms and straight to her cleavage! I couldn't believe my view; her boobs were shaking like dollar night at the titty club! HA! She was oblivious to that and to the fact that she was mixing her own Strawberry Cum Daiquiri!

I must have been staring, because she shut off the blender and I snapped out of it. She poured the drink into her tall glass and inserted a straw. She took a long draw on the straw, looked up at me and said "THAT'S how you make a perfect daiquiri!" Then walked into the living room.

After the first drink and the shooters, she took her time drinking this one and it melted right down to liquid. The odd time, she would pick up her glass and take a drink; I could see a white, hazy something floating in her drink, then disappear up the straw. She drank it all; the cup was empty. I asked her if she wanted another drink. She said, "No. I think I've had my fill tonight."

I smiled as I drove her home that night, thinking: I'm definitely on to something good here! Now, I've always got a frozen treat ready, just in case she stops over!

02-07-2013, 05:26 AM
Now that's funny!!!