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lila was my new student as she wanted to explore more and more in sex. and i was her sex guru. Sometimes she stayed with me for weeks. She was only 20 with a mind blowing body that can attract to anyone. She had a nice pair of boobs 40dd and her butt was 42. So she looked a bombshell. Her friend introduced him to me. she told me that lila wants to explore practical sex. So she joined me.
My first rule was that she could not wear any clothes in my apartment. So without any hesitation she removed all the clothes. Her virgin pussy was hairy. and her fantastic big boobs were firm with big light brown aerolas. I asked him what she wanted to learn first. She said " First make practical sex with me whereever you want. But please satisfy me first so that i can learn with concentration". I said "lila are you sure you are ready for this?". She said "yes" and smiled.
I was standing, i asked him to remove me clothes. she did. now we both were naked in front of each other. i caught him by her hand and took him in front of a standing mirror. Now we could saw our live reflections in it. I hugged him and started kissing her on her lips while rubbing her big nipple. She moaned a little. I asked her that we will play a game. She agreed. I put a blindfold on her eyes and tied her hands with a cloth at her back. We both were standing but now she could not saw me. I adjusted her facing mirror and i was behind her. I started to lick her nude shoulders softly while my fingers were playing on her big butts. Then i started licking her neck. Then i grabbed her both big boobs from behind and started rubbing her nipples. Now my cock was rubbing between her hips which she was feeling. I asked " would you like to..?". Without listening my words lila said " yes i like to suck your cock, now." I adjusted her on her knees and put my erected cock on her lips. She kissed my cock first and then she swallowed the pink cock head in her mouth. She was sucking it very badly. I asked her "i wanna insert my whole cock in your mouth. may i?". she said" oh sure teacher, you can do whatever you do. i am enjoying it". now i inserted half of my cock in her mouth. i grabbed her head with my hands and starting stroking slowly in her mouth. after some seconds my strokes became hard and i was penetrating full cock to her throat. my balls were touching her lips. then i removed the cock from her mouth. And adjusted her mouth on my balls. I ordered her to lick and suck my balls. After licking for some seconds she put my balls in her mouth. Now she was sucking my balls. But this act made my erection more powerful. She then asked "teacher may i suck your cock head again?". Without answering him i inserted my cock in her mouth. Then i asked "lila are you ready to swallow your teacher's hot cum?". lila "sure teacher". Now i started stroking in her mouth once again till i shoot my hot thick white load in her mouth. Which she swallowed like honey.
I untied her hands. She asked "teacher why you are making me free?". I said "What you enjoyed now.,now feel it with your hands". She said" thanks teacher". But she could not see still. i adjusted her on bed. She was lying now. i asked her to open her legs wide. she did. i started licking and kissing her thighs. then I put my lips on her wet pink pussy lips and started french kissing. She moaned and grabbed my head with her hands. She was burrying my mouth in her pussy. i inserted my long tongue in her pussy and started licking. now she was softly crying "offffffffffff...hmffffffffff................aaaaaa aaaahhhhhhhhhhh..................give me more..". Now my tongue was touching her clit. i was rubbing her clit with my tongue. She moaned "'ooeeeee....fffuckkkk.......ya .........do it more hardly...........ooo". I sucked her clit, now her clit was in my mouth and i was biting on it. Now lila could not control herself so she started jumping her hips in the air. I started to fuck her little pussy with my long tongue. Now she was going to release her love juice, i started to suck her pussy badly. and after seconds i was enjoying her first love juice. it was delicious. continue..

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