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02-08-2013, 12:22 PM
Me and my girlfriend nikki did sex couples of times in a week. We love all types of sex kissing, licking , 69, asslicking etc. One evening when nikki came to my apartment, She had another beautiful girl with her named tanya. Tanya was 24. nikki was 27 and i was 28. She introduced me to her " she is tanya." I asked "hello, how are you tanya?". Tanya replied "i..i am fine". Then nikki gave her a chair to sit and asked me to come in another room. There she told me that Tanya is here for fun and sex, From today she will be our third partner in sex. I said"ok". Then we took our drinks.
nikki was sitting near tanya. She was rubbing her hands on tanya's thighs slowly. Then she said " tanya don't feel shy, i have told my boyfriend about you and why you are here too. So you can remove all your clothes in front of him". But tanya was looking confused. Nikki kissed on her cheeks. Nikki asked me to come closer to tanya. As i went, nikki unzipped my pants and took my half erected cock in her hand. She asked tanya to touch the cock. Now tanya held my cock in her hand. Her hands were very soft and with the soft feelings of here hands made my cock more hard. nikki said" suck it tanya. suck the pink cock head". Tanya did the same. now she was looking more confident. I removed all my clothes and so did nikki. Nikki had a very attractive pairs of e cup boobs. her pussy was hairy. She asked tanya to stand up. as tanya stood up nikki removed all her clothes. But i must admit that tanya's boobs were more big and firm than nikki's. Now we all were naked in the room.
tanya was standing in front of me. i started to kiss her on her soft lips while nikki was holding my cock in her hand.Then i was on my knees, my lips were on tanya's pink pussy lips and i was doing a french kiss with them. She moaned softly. I started to rub my tongue on tanya's pussy lips softly. Nikki was licking her nipples. Then they both started lip kissing. I inserted my tongue in tanya's pussy and started rotating here and there. She again moaned "mmmmmmmm.........". I asked nikki to lick her pussy. nikki started to lick her pussy. While i went to another room and from fruit tray i picked three bananas. I came back. I peeled one banana and started rubbing on tanya's pussy lips. She moaned loudly "ooooooohhh..........aaaahhh....aaammmmmmmm..". then with a little force i inserted about 2 inches of banana in her pussy and started moving in n out. She was moaning continuosly. Head of peeled banana was covered with pre-cum of tanya. I removed banana from her pussy and start licking her precum in front of her eyes. Then i inserted that banana in nikki's mouth. She also licked it perfectly. Then i asked tanya " would you like to lick your own love juice?". She said "p..please give it to me.". I told her not to eat this. I put banana in her mouth but instead of licking she started to suck it like cock. Now i was moving the banana in her mouth like i was fucking her mouth with banana. I asked nikki to peel two more bananas. She peeled. Now i inserted one banana in tanya's pussy and one in nikki's pussy. Now tanya was playing with two bananas one in her mouth and one in her pussy. I asked him to play with the banana in the pussy. I took that banana that was in her mouth, I asked tanya to close her eyes. Now she was fucking herself with a banana. I asked tanya to open her mouth, I inserted banana and asked her to suck. She started sucking banana. Then i remove banana from her mouth nd asked her to again open her mouth. She did the same. But this time instead of banana i inserted my erected cock in her mouth. She held it tight with her hot wet lips. I again tried to remove that but tanya was not ready to release my cock from her mouth while she was also taking banana in her pussy. Nikki came and helped me to remove my cock from tanya's mouth, Now nikki was sucking my cock, She was also playing with a banana in her pussy. I asked nikki to give me her banana. she did it. now i asked tanya to give me her pussy banana. She also did it. both the bananas were covered with the pre-cum of both girls. i licked both bananas and then i exchanged the bananas of both girls. I gave bananas to them and asked them to lick them and eat them. They both did. While nikki was sucking my cock and i was feeling that very soon i will shoot a very big thick load. So i asked both girls to come beneath my cock so that they could taste and swallow my load. They both were rubbing tongues on my cock head. My cock was out of control and it exploded heavy load of cum right in their mouth which they swallowed like honey.