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anal lover
02-10-2013, 10:31 AM
It was my first tuition. My teacher's name was Miss amber. She was a stunning beauty in her late twenties and i was in my early twenties. First day when she came to my house, She was looking hot in her tight shirt with tight skirt. Her boobs wanted to come out of her shirt so big and round they were. She was teaching me but i was paying full attention to her body especially her boobs. She knew that but she was trying to concentrating on my studeis. For some days this activity remained same until she one day asked me "Do you want to learn some other subject? I am watching you from some days that you have no interest in studies." I was speechless. She asked me again " What you see in my body everyday? tell me the truth or otherwise i will talk about this to your parents". Now i was afraid and spoke the truth. I said " I like your big boobs so i daily try to see them. But never succeded". She laughed.
She asked " Have not you seen the boobs of any girl?"
i said " no mrs. amber".
She asked" why you want to see them?"
i said "because i like big boob".
she said "i know you are in your young days but you should also remember that this is time for your studies".
i said" i know miss, but your body does not allow me to concentrate on my studies".
she was now more serious. so she asked"do you also remember me when i am not with you?"
i said seriously "yes miss".
she again asked "what do you think about me when i am not with you?"
i said"at night you are always in my dreams and sometimes..........."
"and sometimes what.....?" she asked
i was hesitating in speaking that.
she replied"so you mean you do sex with me in your dreams?"
i answered with hesitation"yy...yes miss".
she asked "what you do to me?"
i said "everything miss".
she asked "what do you mean by everything, explain it to me now"
"means that i suck your boobs and fucks you daily in my fantasy while masturbating" i said.
"you masturbate for me daily" she said.
i said "yes miss. you can punish me for that but i cannot speak lie with you."
she said" o.k. so your punishment is......that you will show me today what you do everyday, now."
i said" but miss........"
she said "or otherwise i will have to talk to your parents".
I said" o.k miss"
she said "i wanna see you full naked first. and then you can start your fantasy".
i have had no choice so i removed all my clothes except my underwear.
she ordered again "i said no clothes".
i agreed and removed my underwear. now i was completely nude in front of her. My big cock was hanging.
She was staring at my big cock and big balls.She pointed me to sit on sofa.
i was sitting on the opposite sofa. Then she asked me to open my legs a little wide. i did that.
now she asked"start your fantasy".
I closed my eyes and started jerking my cock slowly. But even after 5 minutes of jerking, it was still hanging and had no erection at all. The reason for that was i was very nervous. She judged that and asked me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes. She asked me" are you feeling nervous?"
i said"yeah."
she asked again "why?"
i said "i don't know".
She asked "do you want to practically do your fantasy with me".
i said "if you agree only then miss".
she said "but there is a condition until i told you to do a thing you will not do it without my permission".
i said "ok"
She then came close to me while i was sitting naked. She asked me to close my eyes again. i closed my eyes again. "now you will not open your eyes till i told you".
i said "ok"