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02-10-2013, 02:45 PM
Our greatest GILF Sandy is at it again when Brian pops over for an early morning visit!

A short story for those readers that have places to go and people to see! :)


Brian Cums for Breakfast!


Oh great, Brian is here. He is maybe 32 or 33, but Ike had met him ****** and they had become fast friends. Ever since Ike and I retired, he has discovered the internet! Brian had started coming over for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Which is fine...except for last weekend. I'm still not sure what happened. Holly, my best friend since grade school, tricked me! I was volunteering at the Firemen's Carnival and did I ever raise a lot of money! Thanks to Holly! I'm not sure if Ike knows what happened...but I think Brian does!
"Good morning Brian.", I said. "Ike just slipped into town to pick up something from the lumber yard, he should be back soon. Having breakfast?"

"Sure Sandy," Brian answered. Why was he smiling like that? I wonder...yes, last weekend, he did have a turn! Oh no....just relax Sandy...pretend like nothing happened.
"One breakfast coming up!" He's still staring at me...just stay calm Sandy...oh crap. I didn't even realize I hadn't put on my housecoat. With this nightgown my nipples stick out and it's almost see through.

Hopefully Ike would be home soon. Being in the house with Brian; knowing what happened last weekend was...what? Actually, it was kind of exciting! The more I though about last weekend the harder my nipples were getting.

"Here let me help!" Brian stood up and walked over. I was standing at the counter and he reached across in front of me to reach for a bowl. His arm brushed across both nipples, sending a chill up my spine! I jumped and he grinned, mumbling sorry. I wasn't thinking straight, my head was spinning! Concentrate Sandy! I gripped the bowl and begun to mix the eggs.

Brian stepped behind me and said, "Here Sandy, you mix eggs like this..." He was behind me, pressed into my back and reached around with his left hand and placed it over mine to hold the bowl. His right hand came around and held mine and the fork. He began to vigorously mix the eggs making my whole body and my breasts shake wildly! He was peering over my shoulder looking straight down into my cleavage! My breasts shook back and forth, my nipples getting harder and harder! This was too much! As my body shifted back and forth I could feel my ass rubbing back and forth across his rock hard cock! My pussy was throbbing by now! What was happening?! I was getting short of breath!

Then he stopped..."Here, you try now!" He let go of my hands and I thought I was going to faint with desire! I started to mix the eggs and I felt Brian grasp my hips, "You have to move your hips Sandy!" And he started swivelling my hips back and forth as I mixed the eggs. I could feel his strong hands swinging me back and forth, back and forth...my pussy was dripping now...I didn't know how much more I could take!

I didn't realize it, but as he worked my hips back and forth he had managed to slowly lift my nightgown up to my waist! His fingers had worked their way under the waistband and legbands of my panties! He had also slowly pulled me backwards away from the counter. Since I was still mixing the eggs, this caused me to lean farther and farther over!! This was just too much! I started a low moan deep in my throat and Brian knew he had me!

He yanked down my panties and had his pants down around his ankles in a heartbeat and before I knew it he was probing my moist vagina with his fingers! I arched my back in response! I couldn't help it! The pressure was building too fast! He started to ram 3 fingers into me and I pushed back into his hand with a steady rhythm!
He stopped and stepped away and I whimpered, "..no, please, <gasp> more, don't stop..."

He stepped back up; grabbed my hips and I felt him BANG into me from behind! His rock hard cock jammed into my waiting pussy and he started to hammer away! I couldn't stand it! I was moaning like a $2-whore! Driving my ass back into him as fast as I could! He reached around and started to pinch my nipples! Stretching them; pulling them; rolling them around between his fingers! It was driving me wild!! My body started to shake and twitch with my orgasm! At the same time Brian drove his full 9" deep into my pussy with a deep groan, filling me up with his hot cum! It was all I could do to stand...I felt drained and ready to collapse.
Then I heard the car!!

"Ike is back!" What would he say?! "Umm..Brian, maybe don't..um...."

Brian smiled, pushing the toaster down, "No worries Sandy, this is our little secret! Let's have breakfast."

I got the impression from his sly grin that this was far from over and he would definitely be back again; for breakfast!

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Nice. I like it!

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Nice. I like it!

Thanks Buddy!

More to come! These are a bunch of custom stories I wrote for a good, ****** friend that shares great pics of his wife with me!