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02-11-2013, 08:47 AM
Daily Journal - February 8, 2013

It's been a while since I could add to my journal. I haven't had much out of the ordinary to report.

I've had the opportunity to spice up my wife's lunch most days. I did have one weekend where she had to work and I was able to freeze up 5 loads. Then on Sunday evening I made up a macaroni dish with spaghetti sauce and hamburg and added my own 5 loads of protein; she was all ready for work on Monday!

The real excitement was this past Friday! We were going to have a quiet evening at home when my wife got a call from her best friend, Lisa. They had a great chat and my wife invited her over for a visit. After she hung up the telephone, she felt bad that she hadn't asked me first. Did I have anything planned for tonight? No, I told her, it will be nice for Lisa to come for a visit as my wife didn't get much time to visit with her. I told her not to worry about it, they could visit and I would wait on them! My wife told me I was the greatest husband in the world as I did a silent, mental inventory of any creamy loads I may have ready to go!

Lisa showed up and we said our hellos. I've always found Lisa hot for a 42 year old mother of 3. She has smaller breasts; maybe B cups, but her ass more than makes up for it. Her hips and ass are almost too big for her body, but I love the shape and I always imagine she would be a joy to ride!

I got them settled into the living room and asked if they wanted wine or a drink or... Lisa interrupted me with a simple look on her face "Bill, you know I'm driving." Here we go, she was already starting "I'll just have my tea, thank you." Without another look at me, she turned back to my wife and started talking again.

I walked out to the kitchen; I had wondered how long she would last before she started. She had always had a hate-on for men. Something from her childhood, my wife had once explained. I didn't give a shit; she was in for a treat tonight!

I made them both teas and I offered to make them a snack. Back in the kitchen I got the little round nacho chips out, the cheese and the salsa. I laid the chips out evenly on a round, pie plate and grated the cheese into a bowl. I spooned out some salsa into a small bowl and went to the fridge. Way in the back, under some stuff was my little frozen cup of cum. I checked it and there was only about 2 loads. That would never do. I wrapped it in a hot dishcloth to help it melt faster and found another little cup with a lid and stuck them into my pocket.

I walked through the living room and the ladies looked over at me as I passed, I held up my cell phone and said "I've got to make a quick call." I walked down the hallway to my office and closed the door. I turned on the computer and went to Lisa's facebook page. I had surfed her Florida photo album one-handed a number of times! The picture of her on all fours, building a sand castle all alone on the Florida beach always sent me over the edge. The picture had been taken from behind and to the left slightly. Her ass was framed just nicely in the photo! It didn't take long to have a fresh load all warmed up and in the cup. I headed back out to the kitchen and the ladies never even looked at me.

I mixed in the frozen and the fresh load of cum into the small bowl of salsa. I spread it over the plate of nacho chips and then sprinkled it with cheese. A quick shot in the microwave and it was ready. I took it into the living room and set it on the coffee table. My wife thanked me and the ladies dug right in!

I got a drink from the kitchen and joined them in the living room. It was heaven to watch Lisa gobble down my special nachos! They were spiced with 3 creamy loads and the ladies couldn't get enough! When they finished, Lisa actually thanked me and said the nachos were really tasty! She just had to know what brand of salsa I used, because she didn't recognize the taste!

She left shortly after and my wife thanked me again for waiting on them. I told her it wasn't a problem at all; it was my pleasure!!